Session 1681

Express Appreciation


“In Both Litigation and Starting a Business, Express Appreciation”

Tuesday, December 21, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Anonymous, and Brother of Anonymous

(Elias’ arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

ANON: I’m good. I have someone I’d like to introduce you to, although you probably don’t need an introduction. This is my brother.

BoA: Hello.

ELIAS: Welcome.

BoA: Thank you.

ANON: My brother is going to ask some questions, and I’m going to ask some questions. We’ve been kind of creating a lot of things together. Before we go on to our joint creations, I feel like we’ve been talking about body images in previous sessions. I just want to confirm that I’ve actually made a bit of a shift in that area in terms of disconnecting the... (There is a beeping on the line) I wonder who is doing that?

ELIAS: Continue! (Chuckles)

ANON: Anyway, I can’t remember where I was at, but are there still more limiting beliefs in place that will help me broaden my awareness and create what I’m wanting to consciously create in that area?

ELIAS: Not other than what we have already discussed. But be aware of your concentration. That is a key factor. I am acknowledging of you that you are shifting your attention and allowing yourself to relax more in this direction and allowing yourself more freedom. Be aware of your attention and your concentration, and that shall be helpful.

ANON: Sometimes my attention is moving towards the discounting, and then I relax it and I feel like that’s kind of what I’m doing. Is that what you’re talking about?


ANON: I do feel aware of it.

BoA: Right now I’m going through a litigation where things are just starting to move again. I want to know what’s stuck, what’s holding things in place. I would like to bring it to a positive conclusion, and I’d like to know what’s up to prevent it from happening.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I shall express similarly to you as I have with your sibling. (Chuckles) The energy that you are projecting is being reflected to you.

Now; if you are allowing yourself to decrease your concentration and to express some type of appreciation and acknowledgment of the other individuals that are participating, that shall alter the energy that you are projecting and therefore allow you to move in what you perceive to be a more productive manner. But as you push, you also generate resistance, which creates a thickness and more difficulty. If you are allowing yourself to relax and not push energy, you may be generating much more easily and creating the outcome that you want.

Also, another factor is the concentration upon the outcome itself. In concentrating strongly upon the outcome, you also generate obstacles, for you are not paying attention to what you are doing now. Your attention is projected futurely to what your desired outcome is and not concentrated upon how you are generating energy now, which is quite significant. For what you do now influences the process and influences the outcome.

BoA: I’m not sure how I can participate less. (Laughs) I’ve just switched lawyers, and I’ve been very at ease in dealing with them.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of participating less. It is a matter of being aware of what type of energy you are expressing and projecting.

BoA: What am I projecting?

ELIAS: Concentration upon the outcome.

BoA: What I’ve been trying to do is to more concentrate on the things that I’ve created and the agreements that I had with the other person, and let that flow to the lawyers so that they can do whatever they need to do. I haven’t been concentrating on the outcome as much as I’ve been concentrating on what I actually did and what agreements I made with the other person.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but that also is concentrating upon the outcome. For you are moving your attention to what you perceive to be the past, and the motivation of that is to create the future in the outcome. They are intertwined together.

Therefore, in this concentration upon what you HAVE done, you are paying less attention to what you are doing NOW and what type of energy you are projecting NOW. In the concentration of what has been and what you already engaged, you reinforce an agitated energy of blame. But you are not aware of that energy that you are expressing now, for your concentration is not in the now.

That is what I am speaking to you of, being aware of what you are generating now — what you are doing or what you are not doing now that is influencing what you perceive to be stuck. If you continue to be concentrated outside of the now, if your attention is not present now, you are not paying attention to what you are doing now. You are not allowing yourself, in your terms, to move forward, and that generates this perception of being stuck.

BoA: So what should I be concentrating on now? I don’t understand what I should be concentrating on now.

ELIAS: What is occurring now? Are you engaging these individuals now?

BoA: Currently?


BoA: Like this minute or...?


BoA: Yes.

ELIAS: No! You are engaging myself.

BoA: Okay, I get it. (Laughs)

ANON: That was a booby-trap!

ELIAS: That is the point. Are you not making ready for your holiday?

BoA: Yes.

ELIAS: That is present. Are you not engaging your family?

BoA: Yes, of course.

ELIAS: That is present. You are engaging conversation with myself. That is present. You are not presently engaging the interaction with the other individuals.

BoA: Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with them, and I will be interacting with them.

ELIAS: And that is the morrow. That is not now. Projecting your attention futurely in anticipation is not being aware of the present now, which is significant.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you never project your attention futurely or pastly, for that is a natural action that you all engage. But what is significant is that you not project your attention to the exclusion of what you are doing now, for whatever you are engaging now influences the past and the future.

In that, in moving in a direction to create the desired outcome, in holding your attention in the now and allowing yourself to be appreciating in the present, what you do is you alter the past, which also thusly alters the future. In a manner of speaking, what you do is you alter what you perceive has already occurred, and therefore, the outcome also alters. You change the past of what you did not receive by expressing that appreciation, allowing yourself to relax and be aware of what you are doing now and what type of energy you are projecting. In that, what occurred pastly changes, and therefore, that allows the future to change also.

In this present now, you are continuing to create the other past of not receiving what you perceive to be due to you, and therefore, you have continued to not receive it. But if you are allowing yourself to be aware and present in the now, allowing yourself to generate that appreciation of what you are doing now, you may also begin to appreciate what you have already accomplished. That alters what occurred in the past and opens the window to allow you to generate what you perceive to be your desired outcome.

I am aware that this may seen to you to be conceptually confusing and even somewhat ludicrous, but I may assure you that this actually is the manner in which you all create. Your past is not as solid as you perceive it to be. It is continuously changing. Your future is generated by the now, and all that you do is interconnected. Therefore, even the appreciation of what you are engaging in this present moment — the appreciation that you may be expressing with your family — is influencing of what you engage with other individuals in other scenarios. It is all interconnected, for it is all your energy.

ANON: We were at the lawyer’s the other week, and Elias, you and I have talked about this, because I was kind of an instigator in this litigation. It’s a very interesting process for me, too, in learning where to not be instructing but be supportive, and how my brother and I interact together. We were at the lawyer’s last week, anyway, and just to use that as an example, because it’s tangible for both of us, I noticed a shift for me, when rather than me being a voice — I was aware that I was speaking out of turn; that sounds judgmental, but I’m not saying it in a judging way — my brother took the floor and he was the voice for himself. I felt that there was a real movement, a shift that happened in that moment.


ANON: Was that just between my brother and I, or was that my brother being more present in the now?


ANON: Was his energy, in that moment, proving? Was he projecting the proving energy?


ANON: Was that an example of a now-moment where he was appreciating what he had created?

ELIAS: Yes, and that is significant. For let me express to you both, in acceptance and in appreciation, I am not advocating of you to be allowing other individuals to be directing of you, and I am not expressing to you that you deny yourselves. That is not the point. The point is to be allowing your own expressions and to be, in your terms, asserting your preferences but to not be forcing energy, and to be present in the now, generating an appreciation of yourselves, of your accomplishments and of your interactions with the other individuals in some capacity.

I express in that manner for I am aware that in many scenarios it may be quite challenging to be genuinely appreciating fully of the other individuals. But even what you perceive to be some small expression of appreciation is enough to alter the energy, from that which is automatic in blame to one of cooperation — and the cooperation is significant. Cooperation, as I have expressed many times previously, does not require agreement.

ANON: The cooperation you’re talking about, though, is as being, as essence to essence. You’re not talking about here’s a chocolate bar, we’ll cooperate and split half-and-half, that kind of thing.

ELIAS: Partially both. You may be also cooperating in the actual interaction by not forcing energy and challenging or provoking.

ANON: For me, the impressions that I’m getting right now is that when I feel like I’m a victim or I go into the blame mode is when I’m not aware, consciously aware, of what I’m creating, what I’m doing in the now. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Yes. And at times, you are correct.

Now; that is also significant, for being aware of what you are doing and what you are projecting or what you are generating in automatic responses is significant, for this also is a manner in which you may be generating cooperation without necessarily generating agreement. If you are expressing defense, you are projecting an energy of opposing, and that is not cooperating. Whereas, if you are recognizing that you are expressing defensiveness and you turn your attention to you and evaluate what is being triggered within yourself that you are expressing this defense, what threat is being perceived that is generating the defense, in recognizing that, you may dissipate that and move your attention in a different direction, allowing yourself to acknowledge yourself and express an appreciation, which changes the energy that you are projecting from one of opposition to one of cooperation.

ANON: With yourself. You’re cooperating almost with...

ELIAS: Yes, which generates the cooperation with the other individuals.

ANON: Is part of this litigation that my brother is doing also a continuum to the business that we’ve been talking about doing together? Are these interrelated?

ELIAS: In part.

ANON: We’ve been talking about doing a business together, and we’ve been running into a lot of blocks, I guess, in doing it. I think a lot of it has to do with the foundation we want in place. It’s almost from a place of broadened awareness and freedom. But then we run into a lot of “shoulds” and “have-to’s,” and anyway, can you just give us a little bit of insight on this scenario that we’ve engaged in over the last little while?

ELIAS: Let me express to you the suggestion that you allow yourselves to engage imagination. It is an inspiring, motivating, playful and fun avenue of communication. In this, it may be helpful to you each in allowing yourselves to relax your perceptions in relation to the shoulds and the should-nots and the have-to’s.

In the moments in which you notice yourselves moving into the shoulds and the have-to’s, allow yourselves to engage playfulness. Move your attention and engage your communication of imagination, and not in a rigid manner but in a genuine playful manner. Create a game with imagination and allow yourselves to move freely in that game, regardless of whether it appears to be associated or related to the subject matter or not, for that matters not.

ANON: So the subject matter being kind of with our product, things like that, or how to form a business?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I just want to get this question out of the way in relation to this. In writing about it, I really appreciate what you just said, because I’ve been getting the impression for a long time that we just need to play. What we’re both doing is we’re both bringing in money as a limiting factor. If we don’t have money, we’re not going be able to start this. I think both of us are very interested in this, because we’re projecting back and forth and it’s kind of crazy-making. But one of my impressions has been that we just need to play with it as if money wasn’t a factor.

ELIAS: Correct. That is quite significant. For that is a circle that may become a snare, that you must incorporate the money first to allow you to generate what you want and thusly also generate money. In that circle, you create a snare, and you prevent yourself from engaging the doing. You snare yourself into the trap of continuing to be waiting and anticipating, and you do not engage the doing. The doing shall create the money, which in association with your perceptions and beliefs, shall encourage you to be doing more.

ANON: In line with our natural flow of energy.


ANON: I guess what I’m worried about, and I’ll just be honest about it, is I like business as a playing area for me if money isn’t involved. Play is separate from making money. I know that that’s inside of me or something, and that in this business, ultimately for it to work — and I know that this is limiting, but I don’t understand the way out of this trap that I’ve made for myself — whatever play we come up with, we still have to market it in the world in a way that makes money. That part, both of us are going, “God, do we ever NOT want to do that!” That’s not what I enjoy doing. My brother can speak for himself, but we’ve...

ELIAS: But if you are generating a playfulness and you are generating fun with whatever you do — whether it be a product or what you term to be a service, whatever you generate — if you are generating that in fun and in playfulness, and if you are appreciating of that and if you are sharing that with other individuals, they also shall appreciate, and you shall successfully create the money as a by-product.

BoA: So we shouldn’t be focusing on marketing as much as we should be focusing on creating the play and inviting others to engage in the play as well.

ELIAS: Yes, and that shall generate much more of an ease in your successfulness.

ANON: I feel like other people are needed in this piece. Is that...

ELIAS: It is not a matter of need. It is a matter of choice, and once again, sharing. In that sharing, what you do is you unfold the petals of the blossom. You have created already the beginning bud.

ANON: We have, haven’t we?

ELIAS: Yes. Now it is merely a matter of doing and allowing yourselves to playfully, in appreciation, unfold the petals and allow the blossom. In the appreciation of the blossom, other individuals shall also express the appreciation, and the money shall be a natural by-product.

ANON: Well, that’s been my personal impression. I feel like it’s there, like what we’re creating is amazing. Now I feel like I’m at a point where I need — not need to — but I’m choosing to, but I’m absolutely terrified of going into that realm. To be quite honest, in my past or whatever, I have created very little play. Maybe I feel afraid that I don’t know how to play.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And this is the reason that I offered the suggestion to be engaging imagination and creating a game with it, for that shall allow you to practice being playful and engaging fun, and allow you, in the familiarity with it, to incorporate that in what you generate as a business.

ANON: Another piece that shifted was my perception of dependence, how we’re interconnected with others. I wasn’t quite getting that, but I think that’s kind of settling in place for me now, understanding that I don’t have to create my reality in isolation, that it’s really important to engage with other people. I really love doing that, but to understand and still pay attention to me in the now as I’m doing that, and that’s when the dependence almost isn’t even an issue.

ELIAS: Correct, for it is participation, not dependence. Your choices are not dependent upon the actions or behaviors or choices of other individuals. You...

ANON: My brother and I have been working on that so much lately. I very much appreciate him as a being, because I can be totally honest. I can just say all the things in me, and I feel that reflected back in acceptance. I just feel like I’m growing and growing, and that’s allowing me to do that in other places in my life, too, without judgment. It’s just beautiful.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

BoA: It’s interesting to talk about the money and stuff. I haven’t been working for the past year — or I have been working, but haven’t been getting money for the last year since my sister and I have been working on the foundations of the business. It’s come to a point now where it’s becoming very uncomfortable to live in that situation. I’ve decided to seek employment to ease the discomfort and take off the money boundaries, the money limitations of my family. I have to pay my bills and stuff, right?

Right now, I’m on the verge of accepting a position with a company, and I know that the position is contrary to what I want. I want be able to spend time with my family, proceed with the business and so on. But it also gives me some income that I need to provide for my family. I’m just wondering what the benefit to me would be for accepting this position.

ELIAS: Have you already not expressed that? You already perceive what the benefit is. The payoff is that you shall allow yourself to generate money and that you perceive it to be a temporary situation — it is your choice.

Let me express to you, many times with many, many, many individuals, they generate a perception of what they do NOT have and what they lack and what they must acquire. And many, many, many times, that centers around the acquisition of money. In actuality, what they perceive as tremendous lack is not, actually.

In this, I am aware of what you are expressing in association with what you term as bills and financial obligations, and that you all incorporate these financial obligations, and in this present now, to meet those financial obligations, you must be generating money. But what occurs quite frequently with individuals is that they do not allow themselves to actually acknowledge what they already have and what they are already doing, for they focus very strongly upon what they do NOT have. If you do not have ENOUGH money, in your perception, you automatically express that you do not have ANY. In that expression, you reinforce this concentration upon lack.

You expressed to myself that you have not engaged employment throughout the time framework of one year. In that time framework, have you engaged your financial obligations?

BoA: Yes.

ELIAS: Yes. Do you continue to dwell in your home?

BoA: Yes, but it’s through borrowing from family members that makes me (inaudible).

ELIAS: I am understanding, but you are generating money. I am understanding that you perceive that to be acquiring and that you are not actually generating it, but in actuality you are.

I also am understanding of your discounting of yourself and your expression of discomfort, and at times, even guilt in that situation. But what I am expressing to you is not an encouragement or a discouragement for engaging employment. I am merely expressing to you an identification of how you discount yourself and how you do not appreciate what you actually are creating, which is also associated with what we have been discussing in relation to your involvement in this litigation. It is all interconnected.

ANON: Just to clarify. The discounting is connected with the litigation?

ELIAS: It is related, yes, for it is all interconnected. It is another avenue in which there is a lack of appreciation for what has been generated, what you are already doing, and what you are already creating. For the perception is that you are not creating.

BoA: I am very appreciative of my family members that have given or lent me money.

ELIAS: That is not the point. The point is the appreciation of yourself.

ANON: So if you look at it from a distance, how the money came doesn’t matter. The point is that he generated the money, without judgment.

ELIAS: Correct! Precisely.

BoA: Yes, that’s fine, and I understand. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue to generate that money.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and that is a matter of trust. It is also a matter of choice.

ANON: This is where it gets confusing for me. I’m in the same situation. I’ve done exactly the same thing as my brother, only my obligations are different. I don’t have little children. In looking at the business that we’re doing together, I’m seeing money as a very interesting energy that really invites me to pay attention. For me to go and get a job, I feel like I would be compromising, because I’m again going after money. But what I’m compromising is my movement toward this awareness and creating this joyful environment in the business that I want to create. For me, I know that that’s not my choice that I want to make. So it gets confusing, because my brother and I, I’ve been taking on stuff for him, and I know that I’ve been doing it and kind of...

BoA: I feel like I don’t have a choice. I know that as soon as you don’t have choices, you’re becoming a victim.


BoA: I can’t see the choices that I have, other than to go and engage employment.

ANON: Or are we intertwined in this? It’s a little crazy-making. I understand we’re very separate, and I know we’re getting a lot of information right now.

ELIAS: But you are cooperating with each other, and you are engaging each other and participating with each other. You are each creating your own reality, but you are also participating with each other.

ANON: As you’re saying that, I’m understanding in my tummy. I’m understanding what you’re saying there, because what I’m learning from this is very different from what my brother is learning, even though we’re engaging the same thing. We’re engaging the perception of the same element.

ELIAS: Correct. And in this venture that you want to be creating with each other, what shall you do?

ANON: Do you mean what product should we have, or how shall we engage this? To me, the next step is to do the imagination thing and just forget about money and just play a little bit. I’m scared of it, but I know that, for me, that feels like the next place to go. I also feel that whatever my brother’s choice is in terms of employment may affect that.

BoA: Is accepting this job and continuing the business, is that going to be mutually exclusive or...?

ELIAS: No. You may engage both.

BoA: I’m not sure how. My job is going to take a lot of my time and travel, and it’s going to make it more difficult to interact with...

ELIAS: These are choices. What are you doing now? Are you actually generating the business now? You have created the bud, but you have not engaged opening the flower. What do you perceive that you shall not be doing in association with actually flowering and doing the business that you are doing now? You have not actually engaged the DOING of the business, have you?

BoA: In a lot of respects, we have. One of the things that my sister and I have done in creating the business is kind of done a testing ground for our personalities and how we work together and what we would like to create in the business. So in that respect, we have done...

ELIAS: That is not the actual business.

BoA: It’s kind of the foundation for the business. We need to understand each other, and we need to understand... Well, I do, anyway. We’d like to understand each other and what we are creating fundamentally in the business, not specifically the product or the service that we are going to be providing. In that respect, we’ve done a lot. We’ve come a long way. But in the respect of creating a product or determining a service, you’re correct, we haven’t done very much.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: But we created the bud!


ANON: All that other stuff is the bud.

ELIAS: Yes, which is significant, and I am not discounting of that. But what I am expressing to you is to be viewing what you are actually doing in a clearer manner.

ANON: I feel like right now we’re waiting.


BoA: What are we waiting for?

ANON: Well... (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are waiting for the money, which shall thusly create the business, which is what I have been discussing with you: not to be WAITING.

ANON: Elias, just for reassurance, and I know that you’re not (inaudible) and all that stuff, but I feel like money will just flow. For me, I’m feeling a lot more connected with money. For some reason, I’m spending it. I have none coming in, but I’m not really worried about it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Which is reinforcing your trust of yourself and generating much more of an ease in your energy, which shall facilitate you generating much more successfulness as you begin to generate the actual business.

BoA: I’ve been doing something similar to my sister, but it’s been since I’ve had this job offer. It seems like the job offer has allowed me to create the room in me to be able to make money flow.

ELIAS: Correct.

BoA: Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Yes, which is another interesting point for you to being noticing, for that has altered your perception. In altering your perception, you alter your reality and you create differently. Perception is very powerful, even...

BoA: Because I’ve gotten the job offer, I perceive that I’m no longer destitute — sorry, that I’m no longer...

ANON: That’s fine — “destitute” is the word you guys have been using! (Laughter)

BoA: That was kind of a joke between my sister and I.

ELIAS: In that, you create differently, for you perceive your reality differently.

ANON: I guess, Elias, it comes down to he needs to let them know tomorrow. If it were me — I’ll speak for me — if it was me, I would feel the pressure of which one do I choose and that I’m blowing the option of one or the other. Like if I don’t choose the job and go on with the business, then there’s all kinds of pressure on the business to succeed. Right?


ANON: Is this job something that’s a natural flow that my brother needs to do, like there’s more benefit for him doing that than to proceed with the business at this time?

BoA: Or can we proceed with the business and with the job at the same time?

ELIAS: Yes, you can. It is not a question of black and white or either/or. You can continue with the business and also engage the employment.

ANON: I feel like he’s already made the choice. I thought that about a week ago. Is that a wrong impression or...?

ELIAS: He has engaged the potential. The actual choice shall be engaged in the moment, but has generated a strong potential in movement in that direction.

ANON: Is money the only benefit to that employment?

ELIAS: No, for as you are aware now, it has already served as an avenue to alter your perception.

ANON: It’s very interesting how we become very specific. We try to bring things down... Anyway, so there’s no right or wrong, basically. That’s the end of it.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: No right or wrong, and there are no missed opportunities.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a choice, and it is not a situation of either/or, you must move in this direction or that direction, and that if you move in either direction, you are, once again, losing some element.

ANON: It’s all beneficial.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: We’re out of time. I just have a really quick question. We talked a couple of weeks ago about me creating terminal illnesses or things like that, and you said there was a potential. I’ve been kind of noticing and trying to be in my body a lot more. Have I shifted that, or am I still kind of playing with that a little bit?

ELIAS: It is less of a potential. Therefore, I may acknowledge that yes, you have shifted somewhat.

ANON: Is there anything I can do to facilitate that, and can you give me an area of the body? Under my right arm feels like one place.

ELIAS: I would suggest engaging visualizations of your energy centers, and in the visualization, generate an alignment of your energy centers and relax in that, and that may be helpful.

ANON: I’ll give that a try!

ELIAS: Very well!

ANON: Wonderful! Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall anticipate our next meeting, and I shall be offering encouraging and supportive energy to both of you. Enjoy your now! (Chuckles) And engage your playfulness. To you both in tremendous affection and in appreciation, au revoir.

ANON: Bye-bye, Elias.

BoA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 4 minutes.

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