Session 297

The Creation of Critical Mass


“The Creation of Critical Mass”

Tuesday, July 14, 1998   © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Tom (Malhai).
Elias arrives at 12:21 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)   

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

TOM:  Good afternoon.

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this day?

TOM:  Well, I have a few, I guess.  I had an impulse to talk to you again, a sudden impulse, and have done it quickly here.  Sena sends her greetings.

ELIAS:  And you may return the greetings from myself.

TOM:  And her affection.

ELIAS:  And likewise.

TOM:  Okay.  I guess I have a question for her too, that she wanted me to ask.  Her question is about the perspective of the beliefs that are most affecting the situation with her ex-husband at the moment, in case she missed any, if you have any input you could give on that?

ELIAS:  Let me express that she may be examining and moving in the direction of noticing her own dealing with Acceptance 102, for there are many belief systems that are involved with the main belief system of relationships.  At this time period presently, many individuals are moving into an action of addressing to this same belief system of relationships.

Now; as I have expressed previously, belief systems are as a bird cage, and all of the aspects of the belief systems are elements of the one belief system.  The aspects of the belief system or the bird cage are the birds which are contained within the cage.

Therefore, you may look to one belief system, and if delving into the belief system thoroughly, you may find that there are very many aspects that are contained within each belief system.  There are MORE aspects to those belief systems that are held en masse.  The belief systems surrounding the situation of relationships between individuals hold very, very many aspects in very many directions.  Therefore, this also enters into the situation that Sena finds herself in the midst of dealing with.

Relationships are not limited to male/female or intimate relationships in romantic areas, but the belief system of relationships is much broader and much more affecting than individuals allow themselves to view and to notice.  In this, all of the different aspects of any type of relationship cross over each other into all other types of relationships.  Individuals lean in the direction of separating and boxing different types of relationships into certain categories, and in this action they do not allow themselves to view all of the other affecting elements that are attached to the belief system of relationships.

As you move into the area of examining these belief systems and this particular belief system of relationships between individuals within physical focus, there is also an opportunity provided to each individual to be moving more into the areas of acceptance of self and acceptance of other individuals, for you offer yourselves more information, and in this offering to yourselves you also move in the direction of understanding the information that you are offering to yourself.  In understanding, you lend an ease to the action of acceptance, within self and within other individuals.

Now; let me express to you that it is unnecessary for you to hold objective understanding of given situations to be accepting of them, but within physical focus you do move in the direction of leaning into more of an easement if you are offering yourself information, that you may understand situations and belief systems.  Offering yourselves understanding through accessing information lends itself to your own belief systems, that you may not be accepting of that which you do not understand.

Now; let me also express to you that this may seem inconsistent in that I am expressing that it is important for you all to be moving into the area of accepting belief systems and not necessarily to be perpetuating belief systems, and in what I have just expressed, I am expressing to you that in moving into an offering of understanding, you are perpetuating another belief system.  But at times you may be lending energy into certain belief systems to be addressing to other belief systems that may be more difficult for you to be moving through and to be accepting, and as you offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting more and more of any given belief system, you also lend energy to yourselves and to all others en masse [in] an easement into the acceptance of all other belief systems.

Therefore, my expression to Sena is to examine all of the aspects of the belief system of relationship, recognizing that regardless of the expression of any relationship, be it that of child and parent or that of friendships or that of romantic entanglements or any other type of relationship and all expressions of orientations within any type of relationship, they all cross over each other and they all have affectingness within every type of relationship.

Therefore, she may address to all of these aspects, and this shall provide her with more information as to the action of how to be moving into a more efficient area of acceptance in this situation.  Are you understanding?

TOM:  Yes, I am.  I think you answered another question I had about altering versus acceptance on that same line; the effectiveness of.

ELIAS:  You may be altering your belief systems in certain areas to be lending energy to the acceptance of other belief systems temporarily, and this may facilitate some of your action in your acceptance of belief systems.  Be remembering that you are not eliminating belief systems but accepting them, and in this action your key concept that shall be most helpful and the least distorting for you is that the action of acceptance is the lack of judgment -- the entire lack of judgment -- within any aspect of the belief system.  There is no good judgment upon any aspect and there is no bad, and as you move into the direction of placing the idea or the thought of right or good to any aspect of a belief system, you are also creating of a judgment, which is NOT acceptance.  Any type of judgment in regard to belief systems is not moving into the area of acceptance, for within acceptance there is no judgment.

TOM:  But altering can assist in moving into acceptance in a manner?

ELIAS:  Absolutely.  You may be allowing yourselves to be altering of your perception, and this shall also alter your alliance with any given belief system, and this shall be affecting and may be facilitating of your movement into acceptance.  You may also be manipulating within certain belief systems that are outside of the one that you are addressing to, lending energy to the perpetuation of one belief system -- as has been expressed in this session of the belief system of understanding -- and in this you may be offering helpfulness to yourselves in moving more fully into the area of acceptance of another belief system, and this action automatically is affecting of other belief systems in facilitating the acceptance of all of them more efficiently eventually also.

TOM:  So if we move into acceptance of all of our belief systems, desire which moves into creativity is still there, I guess, is what I am viewing.

ELIAS:  Absolutely.  Your desire is unaffected in its intensity in the action of accepting belief systems.  Your desires are affected in that they shall be altered slightly, for there shall not remain motivation to be responding automatically to held belief systems, and therefore in this, your movement into your desires shall be more efficient and shall allow you more of a purity and freedom in your expression of your desires and your creativity.

But this is a concept that is misunderstood or at times not grasped by many individuals within physical focus.  They automatically assume, in relation to their presently held belief systems, that if they are moving into the area of acceptance of belief systems that they shall become complacent and shall hold no more desire to be engaging movement into new areas of creativity.  This is incorrect!

You merely open the way, so to speak, to be moving more fully and less encumbered into your creativity and the expressions of your desires, which allows you more of a fullness and liberty in your expression within physical focus.  In this, you shall offer to yourselves the validation of this very action as you allow yourselves to move into the area of acceptance of belief systems.

The more you move closer to acceptance of any given belief system, the more obvious it shall become to you -- and it shall become more of an actual reality to you -- that you also automatically as a natural byproduct of this action move into a fuller expression of desire, a more of a motivation in the area of creativity and expression, a liberation within your emotions, and a true experiencing of joyfulness within your focus.

Automatically also is the elimination of many aspects of conflict and that which you view to be negativity, elements of binding you within energy, and your emotional expressions of anxiety or depression or that which you label as unhappiness.

TOM:  Yes, I think I understand.  You’ve answered several of my questions with that.  I had another question about the energy we use automatically, electromagnetic energy.  And Sena added, “What factors create critical mass so that something manifests through this electromagnetic energy?”  This is perhaps a Tumold question, feeling the energy but wondering about the factors.

ELIAS:  Ah!  These are interesting areas!  What is the element or the factor that is creating of that which you term to be critical mass, or what I may term to be objective manifestation in mass, within physical focus?  This is more complicated than your sciences understand, for the main factor which is creating of your physical mass within physical focus is time.

TOM:  Time?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Time is a thing within itself; a priori.  Time, although relative to physical focuses, is an element within itself.  It holds its own reality.  It holds its own qualities.  And although there are different expressions of perceptions of time within different physical dimensions, this is merely a manipulation of your creations within any specific given physical dimension.

(Intently)  Time is the deciding factor which is instrumental in the creation of ANY physical object or mass into physical manifestation.  The electromagnetic forces, fields, and energy, as you classify them to be, are your creations of the expression of energy, which is links of consciousness that you insert into your physical dimension, and combining this energy, these links of consciousness, with the element of time, you create physical mass.

Time provides a thickness.  Let me express an analogy to you.  This shall be a hypothetical visualization that may be explaining this situation to you more easily.

View to yourself a type of mold.  This mold, let us express, holds the shape of a bowl.  You, in like manner to a potter, create a cast of this mold.  You pour upon this a substance that shall harden and shall reproduce another form in like manner to the mold.  You have cast the form and created a duplicate within physical focus.  The material that you use to cast this form is liquid, therefore holds less density than that of the mold itself, but as it is exposed to certain elements, it becomes hardened and therefore is cast into the shape of the mold.

Now; view that you hold a thought.  This is an invisible mold.  The thought is inserted into a physical dimension.  The thought is energy.  This energy does not hold a specific physical form, but you may view hypothetically that it holds an invisible form, for it holds the invisible form of that which you choose or desire to be creating within physical mass.  In this, you insert this invisible form -- this thought, this energy -- into the element of time.  The element of time serves the same type of purpose as the liquid which is poured upon the physical mold, and is then cast into the form to reproduce the mold.

In this like manner, figuratively speaking, you may view time as a thick substance that surrounds the energy of the thought, and as this thickness is cast around the energy of the thought, it moves through its time element -- different aspects of the time element -- and this casts the form into a physical manifestation.  This is the manner in which you produce all physical manifestations within matter.

TOM:  Okay.  So if I take this a step further, to such as projection of a physical body into a solid form, would that be moving into simultaneous time to manifest that?  Another body in another location?

ELIAS:  All is created within simultaneous time, so to speak.  But within physical dimensions, they are projected into a time element, a time thickness, a time framework; for your physical dimension moves within the creation of linear time.

Therefore, you may instantaneously be creating a projection of another physical form within your physical dimension, but it is in actuality moving through the layers of thickness within time to be creating of the physical form.  It merely occurs so very quickly that you do not objectively perceive the action which is occurring within your linear time framework.

TOM:   Okay, let’s see.  We were also, because of our last session and the voice, we were wondering if Tumold is affecting with its voice ... I don’t know how to put this question.  The way it was put to me is, they seem to have a nice voice!  (Yes, they do!)  Maybe that is lending energy through voice?  Tumold is?

ELIAS:  In certain aspects, you are correct.  In certain other aspects, the Tumold family moves in the direction of manipulating energy subjectively and allowing for the receiving of energy by all other individuals within physical focus, and in this receiving there is an allowance for individuals en masse and singularly to be constructing and manipulating this offering of energy subjectively in the most beneficial manner for themselves.

There is little direction by the family of Tumold as to the application of energy, but more of a lending of energy and an offering, in like manner to a suggestion of direction and an acceptance of the application of that energy which is offered.

In this, the reason that you move into the direction of the interpretation of voice is that the Tumold may be viewed in like manner to a melody, a song, a serenade, and in this the energy of the serenade is offered.  The reception and the application of this song is left to the individuals or to the masses to be interpreting or using, so to speak, that expression of energy in whatever manner they so choose which shall be the most beneficial to themselves.

Just as no individual or essence may possess a melody -- it may merely direct the tune.  But also in this, the receiving of the tune is left to the individuals that are connecting with it.  Are you understanding?

TOM:  Yes, I understand what you’re saying.  I guess that was kind of my impression on that.  I do have an impression -- I don’t know if it’s correct -- that I also have a focus with your focus of Oscar Wilde in the area of acquaintance, but not really friendly.  Is that true?

ELIAS:  You are correct, and not holding dear friendship.

TOM:  That I was kind of holding many beliefs that looked down upon certain things?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct, but do not be chastising yourself in this area, for many individuals within that focus are also holding many belief systems and judgment in the area of certain choices of myself and other individuals.  This continues within this present now also, although you much more en masse move in the direction, as facilitated by this shift in consciousness, to be much more accepting of these belief systems and not quite as judgmental as in other focuses.  This is a direct affectingness of this shift in consciousness.  Let us be remembering that within linear time frameworks, this particular focus occurs prior to the onset of this shift in consciousness, for this shift in consciousness and its movement is designated to this century and your forthcoming century.

TOM:  As we move into this acceptance now, in this now, would this affect the judgments and belief systems of these other focuses?

ELIAS:  Absolutely, for all energy is expressed in the manner that it shall be affecting of all other energy.  All of your focuses are affecting of each other.  Other focuses which you view to be past or future are not merely influencing and affecting of this focus, but this focus is affecting of all of those focuses also.  They are all occurring simultaneously and they are all intertwined.  There is no separation.  Therefore, they are all affecting of each other.

What many individuals become confused in concept with is that you possess and hold all of essence within each focus.  You are not separated, and although each focus is independent and holds its own choices and integrity and holds slightly different tone from each other focus of essence, each focus holds all of essence.  Therefore, they are all each other, simultaneous to being their independent selves.  There is no separation.

TOM:  Okay, so would all focuses be of the same family, such as myself with Tumold?  Or can you enter different focuses with a different family?

ELIAS:  The possibility of being, belonging to, another family within another focus is within existence, although I may express to you that as all of your focuses are simultaneous, you align with different families within each focus, but you do hold one family that you are belonging to within a particular physical dimension.

Be remembering also that each of these families is relative to this particular dimension of physical manifestation.  It is not relative to other physical manifestations within other physical dimensions.  They are also not necessarily relative to non-physical occupation of consciousness.  They are designations of groupings of essences which hold specific intents and actions which pertain to this particular dimension.

Therefore, as I express to you that I am belonging to the family of Sumafi, I am also identifying with this particular physical dimension, and as I hold interaction within this present now with this particular physical dimension, I assume the role also of a specific essence family that in a manner of speaking I was belonging to within my manifestations of physical focus within this particular dimension.  As moving into non-physical areas of consciousness, it is no longer necessary for myself to be belonging to this particular essence family, as shall be the situation with any individual that is a final focus and is moving into their disengagement and moving out of their participation within their manifestations in this particular physical dimension.

TOM:  Okay.  When you spoke of final focus ... I used to feel that this was my final focus, but I’m not sure now.  Would I be correct in saying this is not my final focus?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that although it is not necessarily common, it is possible for individuals within physical focus to be altering their choice of the designation of final focus or not final focus.  For the most part, the individual focus which is designated as the final focus remains the final focus, but this is not to say that these probabilities may not be altered and that you may not choose to be remanifesting and altering of your probabilities.
In this, I shall express to you that you are correct that you have been designated as the final focus, but move into an area presently of consideration of the alteration of this choice and the consideration of remanifestation, that you may be manifest within this physical dimension futurely, that you may also offer yourself the participation in the completion of this shift of consciousness.  This has not been chosen absolutely or entirely, but you have moved into the area of the consideration of the choice.

TOM:  Okay, that was my impression.  I was wondering about staying with this focus for 150 years or 100 years versus a new focus!

ELIAS:  And you may be creating of this situation if you are so choosing.  It is merely your belief systems that prevent you from actualizing this creation.

TOM:  Yes, so acceptance would assist in that greatly.

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

TOM:  Let’s see.  I think you’ve answered most of my questions.  I had some on my family, my parents, on their family alignments and essence names.  My Dad John, on his essence name and family and alignment?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Sonta; S-O-N-T-A.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

TOM:  Okay, on my mother Monica?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Wishall; W-I-S-H-A-L-L.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet.

TOM:  Hmm.  Interesting.  My impressions were wrong on those two.  On my brother Ken?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Alfred; A-L-F-R-E-D.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda

TOM:  Okay, my brother Mark?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Jaice; J-A-I-C-E.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold.

TOM:  Hmm.  My sister Nancy?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Reese; R-E-E-S-E.  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Zuli.

TOM:  Hmm.  And Shirley?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Jeneph; J-E-N-E-P-H.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet.

TOM:  And one more for now, Brad.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Gay; G-A-Y.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment Tumold.

TOM:  Okay, a question with the essence name or tone.  Can they change?  I’ve had this impression that Malhai is slightly different for me now, or is expanding, and I was wondering if this is a correct impression.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that initially, to the initial aspect of your question, yes, you may be altering of your tone, which shall translate into a different word within physical focus.
As to the second aspect of your question, with regard to yourself and your tone, I express to you that you are not altering of your tone and changing what you interpret as your essence name, but you are expanding your awareness to encompass more of your essence name.

I have expressed previously that these essence names are a partial expression of the entire tone.  They are one element of the tone that translates into physical focus within your language into a word.  This is not to say that you may not be translating more of your tone into physical sound, but these physical sounds may not in actuality be what you shall classify in your language as a word.  They shall be assigned letters which align with your alphabet, for this is how you translate sound into words, but the other aspects of your essence tone do not translate into words as you know them.
In like manner, you may look to this individual that you have identified with within physical focus that has been in engagement of energy exchange with your other teacher of Seth.  This individual allowed herself within physical focus to be tapping into tones within consciousness connected with the family of Sumari, and also allowed herself the ability to be translating this into a type of language, although this particular language does not translate into any known language upon your planet.  Therefore, it is viewed as being a new language which has been developed by this individual.  It is a translation of tones into the closest possible expression objectively within what you may term to be a ‘type of words’ within your physical dimension.

In like manner, you may access more of your tone of essence, which you classify as your essence name, and in this it shall not translate into a name or a word that you recognize within your languages, but you may assign your letters in identifying sounds to other aspects of your tone, which you may translate physically into your objective language type, creating your own language, so to speak, which shall be designating of the objective translation of your essence tone.

TOM:  Okay.  One more thing, I guess.  I’m sure you’re aware of the probabilities that Malhai and Sena have chosen, and will in time shortly be meeting.  In our last session we discussed this, and you told us not to fear this.

ELIAS:  And I am encouraging of your choice in probabilities.

TOM:  Thank you.  I don’t have any more questions at this time.  I guess I could talk to you all afternoon!  I enjoy your energy.  There is one other, I guess.  Did you notice my accessing the energy a week ago today?

ELIAS:  Yes.

TOM:  Well, I noticed your response!  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And this is your answer to your inquiry without your objective asking within this session, is it not?  (Grinning)

TOM:  Pardon me?  My objective asking was not necessary?

ELIAS:  Correct, for you have received your answer in my responsiveness!

TOM:  Yes I did, very much so.

ELIAS:  As I express to you and to other individuals, I am continuously aware of the interaction that you engage, and as you are engaging of my energy I shall be responsive to you, and you shall hold an awareness of my interaction with you.

TOM:  Which is great!  I enjoy it very much.  (Elias chuckles)  In the last session, I misunderstood one word when you were talking.  I am more familiar with your accent now!  But we were having an enjoyable time, and I interpreted it as the batting of the “mouth” rather than the “mouse,” and I guess it has two meanings for me!  (They both laugh)  The last question I was thinking of escapes me, I guess.  I really appreciate this.  Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, and be remembering that there are no accidents, and you are offered certain interpretations temporarily purposefully.

TOM:  I understand.  The interpretation worked well for me!  (Elias chuckles)  And oh, the pond!  I viewed the wall, and I guess I find myself standing where it’s to the right of me most of the time.

ELIAS:  Quite an enjoyable area for interaction, is it not?

TOM:  Yes, very enjoyable!  I enjoy it very much.

ELIAS:  And you may be engaging myself in this location, if you are so choosing, more often.

TOM:  That sounds great, and I think I will!  I guess I have a couple of times and listened to you speak there, and I will do it more.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I shall be anticipating this meeting, and I shall also be anticipating our next objective meeting as you are so choosing to be engaging futurely.  For this day, I offer you and also Sena much affection, and express to you much lovingness and encouragement in your future endeavor and adventure in connection with each other.  To you, I express a very fond au revoir!

TOM:  Thank you very much.  I express the same to you!

Elias departs at 1:28 PM.

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