Session 929

Impatience as a Tool for Motivation


"Impatience as a Tool for Motivation"
"The Power of Group Energy"

Thursday, October 18, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Miranda)
Elias arrives at 10:45 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! It has been an interesting week!

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckling)

ANJULI: Yes, I created lots of situations for to experience what I read in your sessions, what you are saying.

ELIAS: (Laughs with Anjuli) And what have you discovered?

ANJULI: Oh, I discovered many things, like for example at the beginning of the week I started with discovering that emotions are a message...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: ...a communication.


ANJULI: This was really interesting because I discovered it with a friend. I talked with her about you, and then she was so excited she asked if I could send her printed sessions. She is not living where I am living, so it would have taken one week to send them. But anyway I just had a certain feeling, and this certain feeling was somehow not like saying yes right away. Then I thought about this, and I called her and said, "Well, you know, you could try to go into the internet and then you can discover many things. You can discover those sessions which are interesting to you." And then she said, "Yes, but I don't have a computer, and in the internet cafe I can't go there because it is in Spanish and I can't take my dog with me."

This was interesting, because in the past I myself was thinking about having no choices and it is not possible and all these kind of things. Again I looked into my feelings and had a similar feeling, and told her maybe it's not so difficult. It is not difficult to go into the internet, and once you are there it is in English, and you could for example discover sessions about depression and anger. It is due to a lack of choices. "Ah," she said, "Yes, well, maybe I'll try." She called me a few hours later, and she was happy! She said, "Oh, I have succeeded! It was so just great. I found an internet cafe that was in German and I could take my dog with me. I discovered such interesting sessions, and I printed them out and I am surrounded by them. I have little bit difficulties to read them but I have kind of feeling, and I got some energy." And, you know, it was so interesting for me also just to see how when I go within and when I don't think about what I should do for the other, how this works for both of us. (Elias laughs) It was so great!

ELIAS: And I shall be offering my acknowledgment to you, my friend, in your new discovery. (Both laugh)

ANJULI: It was really fun. Yes, some day she wants to have a session with you!

ELIAS: And you may extend my invitation.

ANJULI: Yes, and she has a little question.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANJULI: The question is, she has been in the same spiritual group as I was but she has been in there for much longer, and I think she is also a little bit different. At some point she was kind of thrown out of this system and of this group with a very traumatic experience, and she still has this experience. It's now less, but she is frightened by it. She formed it into a question: what is this inner presence which I sometimes feel? Somebody is talking with her, and it feels sometimes as if ... well, anyway, she does not know what this means and how to deal with that. She is a little bit afraid if this is something wrong, like schizophrenia, or sometimes she feels as if this is some kind of authority, I think, but this could be my interpretation.

ELIAS: And her question is concerning an identification of what this is a manifestation of?


ELIAS: First of all, I may express to you that it is not an interaction with another essence, and it also may not be associated with any expression of authority or higher expression than herself. In this, she has created an experience of tapping into energy of her own essence and that experience was responded to in fear, for it is quite unfamiliar. And in...

ANJULI: An aspect of her essence, or a full communication with her inner, her essence, her subjective?

ELIAS: It is an energy expression of her essence, and in this it is quite unfamiliar to her objectively in this physical focus and in that unfamiliarity there is generated an expression of suspicion, for it is unfamiliar and unidentified, so to speak. Therefore, there is an automatic association that this energy may be expressed by some thing outside of herself and may be attempting to communicate unwanted expressions, which creates more suspicion in relation to this experience.

Now; in actuality, this is merely an allowance of herself to be tapping into other expressions of energy within essence that are not necessarily associated within this physical dimension. But as you are all of essence, in actuality you may quite easily access other expressions that you are creating or generating within any particular moment; and as they may be quite unfamiliar to each of you, you create an automatic response in association with your beliefs, which generates fear. But you may express to this individual that in actuality there is no expression of threat in this energy.

ANJULI: Oh, she will be very, very happy! So then the experiences she has since she left - she has them since three or four years - are about knowing more about herself? She is experiencing more what she likes, and her feelings?

ELIAS: Yes, and offering an avenue to become more familiar with different expressions of her own energy. This in actuality is purposeful, for it offers the opportunity in becoming familiar with her own energy to recognize her own abilities and the strength of her own energy and how it may be expressed. This allows for the recognition and identification of choices, that you may manipulate that energy in whichever manner you choose.

ANJULI: Then she asked ... she expressed it like this: of which kind is her essence, and what is her intent? (Pause)

ELIAS: Offer explanation concerning terminology of "kind of essence."

ANJULI: Well, she has not yet read about the essence families, but I think it relates to...

ELIAS: Express to the individual to clarify this question, and I shall be obliging in response.

ANJULI: Okay! Yes, yes, I will tell her, that's the best. I will tell her what you already said, and she then has probably read a little bit more in your material. Anyway, I will soon have another session with you.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! As to the questioning of intent, I shall express to this individual as I have to other individuals, investigate the focus, allow for the viewing of the entirety of the focus, and allow self to discover the theme of the focus. For the intent is the general direction, so to speak, or the theme of an individual's focus.

ANJULI: Yes, I will tell her. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ANJULI: Then I met my intermediate brother-in-law. As soon as I told him that you had told me a few things of what intermediate means and about him, he right away visited me, and this was really a joy to talk with him about you. It was just a full flow of easiness in understanding, really lots of joy. So he also wants to read the sessions and to learn more, and says he has interest in a session with you, and of course he hopes that the tape will come soon. I told him a little bit of what I had understood about what you have said. I felt a lot of opening in him and a relief, and also as if he had discovered something. He had just been so bored with what he has experienced so far and was seeking for something new. So there was a lot of opening, and he was very happy about that.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And you may extend my invitation to this individual also.

ANJULI: Yes! So this was about discovering that feelings are a communication, and then I discovered a little bit of areas in which I am judging myself or am discounting of self, and so that was also interesting. I think I have been training to see that everything is my creation and to - how do you call that? - to be focused on the inner.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Yes, so I saw that this is just something new, like I am not used to do that all the time. But once you have done it and you feel this relief and how suddenly situations are because of that completely different, then it is much more easy. At the end, like from yesterday on, it was more easy for me. The week itself was sometimes a little bit challenging.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! But in the offering of challenge to yourself, my friend, you are offering yourself movement and sparking of curiosity and fun and new discoveries, and you are quite not creating boredom!

ANJULI: (Laughing) No! And you know, in-between I was longing for the sessions with you or for talking objectively with you about that, and all the time I had the feeling I really want to ... I mean, you are also me, but I want to do it on my own and then at the end tell you that I was successful.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding, for this is the discovery of excitement in becoming familiar with yourself and validating yourself in your movement and your accomplishments and your genuine ability to be understanding and creating what you want. I may express to you, my friend, the validation of self is much more significant and satisfying than any validation that I may offer to you. (Laughs)

ANJULI: Yes, I discovered that. It's true! At the end it felt even more like connecting with you than if I would have had the experience of being connected with you. I mean ... you know what I mean?


ANJULI: Yes, and so at the end I was really happy about this discovery. (Elias laughs)

After the last session one week ago I had an experience, and this was very interesting. I thought I probably first talk with you about an imagery I have and I am often using which works very well for me, and that is what I call the world tree. I imagine there would be a huge, huge, huge, huge tree. I can go into the inner of this tree, and in the inner it is wooden and with moss and with all kinds of patterns, and there are stairs and rooms but naturally grown from the tree. So I walk upstairs, and there are openings in the tree which lead to all kinds of dimensions or places or whatever I would like to experience. Then I come higher and higher, and then I am in a room and in the room I meet a being which I experience as female, but she showed me that this is not necessarily how she ... I sometimes saw her as a bird or also as male, but in general as female, and I don't talk with her. It is just a peaceful experience of coming home. So I am using this before I go to sleep when I had a little bit of a challenging day, and it is always a feeling of coming home, of letting go of worries or even of the experience of this dimension.

ELIAS: Yes, and offering yourself the creation of an expression of imagination to allow yourself movement into calm.

ANJULI: Am I using more this imagery for to kind of move home, into myself?


ANJULI: Or this is for sure the thing, that I move home into the self?


ANJULI: Is it at the same time a connection with an essence, or not?

ELIAS: With YOUR essence.

ANJULI: With mine, not an additional, with another one.

ELIAS: No. This is entirely an expression that you have created in association with yourself, with you as essence. In this, your imagery of the tree, which incorporates all of these different expressions or that which you view as rooms and openings, are all symbolic imagery of yourself as essence, as the tree, creating imagery that is suggestive of powerful strength of structure and being, but also offering many, many avenues of discovery and many avenues to be investigating and exploring. Therefore, each encounter that you may create in this imagery may be viewed as another aspect of you as essence.

ANJULI: Then I will use it more often! (Both laugh) Yes, I already had the feeling if I would use it I could discover all kinds of focuses that I have, or anything.

ELIAS: You are quite correct.

ANJULI: In the last session we talked at the end about when you visited me and I asked you about how you do this, and all these kinds of things we talked about.


ANJULI: And when I talked about that, it was not just a talking, it was a kind of re-experiencing.


ANJULI: Later I thought, when I know or experience this what you call "it's not feeling, it's being," this how you are, then when I can perceive this or know it or something then I must have the same, too.


ANJULI: Yes, and it was like a re-experiencing it with an even deeper or fuller knowing about what it was or what I experienced because of this.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding what you are expressing. You are offering yourself a clearer understanding of your experiences and as you have stated, your being.

ANJULI: I discovered that in the past whenever I was imagining what I could be longing for, imagining situations I would like to create for myself, I suddenly became aware that they were always or a lot about other experiences in this physical dimension or about what I know from this focus, like emotions or form, whatever is so far familiar for me.


ANJULI: And suddenly I discovered that I could say this is less important. I mean, this is not necessarily less important, because I still could have lots of fun with all kinds of things, but there is something else and I long for this much stronger. This was a new discovery, because this was so new for me. It was as if I am longing for something which is unfamiliar and at the same time familiar, only I had forgotten about this familiar thing.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. But this also is what you are moving into in your expression, to be incorporating that familiar/unfamiliar into the design of your reality, incorporating it into your awareness in this focus to be enhancing and expanding your awareness and your allowance of your own movement in this focus.

ANJULI: So then this goes in the direction of experiencing everything, like what I have in this dimension and in this focus and also what is not necessarily belonging to this dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, dropping the veils of separation.

ANJULI: A few hours later, after the session, I started to go to bed and at first was a mixture of excited and tired, and then I used this world tree imagery. After that, I suddenly understood in what kind of an experience I was, because I just remembered my writings and I discovered what it was or why it was, and I discovered that I can use the tools of this physical dimension, like emotions or whatever, for reaching up to this unfamiliar/familiar. So it was not feeling like well, I kind of want it, or how do I do it, or I forget about my emotions or I undo them or any kind of thing like that, but I used them as a tool.

This was then so amazing, because I started to fall asleep, and then it was an experience as if I visited you. I experienced you as a kind of an energy field, and my dimension was no longer there but I was still experiencing myself as sleeping in my bed but the rest of the house was gone and everything around me was gone, and I knew with full certainty that this was you, and then I focused just on this experience, and it lasted for a little while.

ELIAS: Quite! You are allowing yourself to experiment in manipulating energy, and allowing yourself the recognition of your own abilities concerning energy and how you may be manipulating it, and in this you allow yourself to incorporate certain imagery as a portal in like manner to dream triggers, although you are incorporating imagery that has become familiar to you, not necessarily in dream imagery.

But you may be incorporating any imagery within the dream state or within the waking state to be accomplishing the same focal point that you may engage as a portal to allow yourself movement in creating different types of experiences, validating to yourself your genuine ability to be generating much more within consciousness than you have been familiar with previously. This also familiarizes you with yourself as essence - not as a piece of essence, but as essence.

ANJULI: The experience of as if my physical dimension is no longer there, was this like a going elsewhere or like a shifting of consciousness or of focus to ... no, not like going elsewhere, because I did not have the feeling that I am going elsewhere. It was more like maybe shifting attention?

ELIAS: Yes! It is an action of shifting attention, allowing yourself to move your attention, which offers you a tremendous example in experience of your ability to move your attention and to view what occurs as you do move your attention.

What is created, as I have stated, is dependant upon where you direct your attention. If your attention is directed singularly in one expression or one area, so to speak, you shall generate experiences and you shall create in association with the direction of your attention. If your attention is focused singularly within this physical manifestation, you shall concern yourself with creations in association with merely this manifestation, and you do not interrupt or view any other aspect of yourself but this one manifestation and focus of attention.

But be remembering, I have stated previously, this is precisely a focus of attention. Therefore, you as essence may shift your attention, and dependent upon the concentration of attention and the singularity of it, what you recognize in this particular attention as yourself may, in a manner of speaking, disappear.

ANJULI: Yes, that's great! (Elias laughs) Then I will continue to use you as a focus of attention!

I thought I could ask you about a few other experiences of my childhood. There was one experience when I was about two years old; I remember how my elder sister went to school. I was going to the meadow in front of our house and was sitting in the flowers, and she said that when I wait the bees would bring honey to me. My memory was as if after five minutes my elder sister came back. But she came from school, so it must have been several hours and she was surprised because I was still sitting there, and I don't remember what was happening in that time. I only remembered this whole experience throughout my life, and I always had the feeling that I had experienced something special.

ELIAS: You have allowed yourself to move your perception outside of the experience of linear time temporarily, and allowed yourself an experience in which you have offered yourself information concerning this expression of time itself and its flexibility, and that in actuality, although you perceive generally that time moves independently of yourself, in actuality you manipulate it, you configure it.

This, my friend, I may express to you, also creates what may be translated in your terms to be an experience or a feeling of tremendous lightness, for you are allowing yourself to be unencumbered by the expression of time in successive moments. This offers you an experience of essence outside of physical expressions.

ANJULI: So then during this experience, was I somewhere else or in some other dimension or ... I mean, was it involving what we call space or just time, or also about the entire physical dimension that was gone for that time, or what?

ELIAS: This is an expression of once again shifting your attention, allowing yourself to experience the beingness of essence in its fullness, not merely one attention, and in this, it is not associated with a place or even an area of consciousness. It is an experience of a lack of time in the configuration that you are familiar with, and an allowance of the beingness of the entirety of essence as you.

I may express to you, in actuality small ones incorporate this type of action and allowance quite commonly. What you have offered to yourself is a continued recall objectively of this experience. Many individuals do not express an objective recall of this type of experience, although many do create this type of experience.

ANJULI: Yes, I understand.

Recently, or during the last two or three weeks since we started with these sessions, I was often thinking about time. For example, I read your sessions in which you talk about probabilities and all that, and I was thinking, when I sit there and I know in one week I am going to have a session with Elias, at first I thought but I don't want to travel in one street of experiencing a week. I tried to feel that although I know in one week I am going to have a session with Elias, I am in this now-moment, and I can create anything else I would like to. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes, and partially incorporating impatience. (Smiles) But you also recently have created imagery in your expression which is a slight movement in relation to that expression of impatience, have you not? For you have altered the time framework in which you shall be engaging conversation with me once again. (Chuckling)

ANJULI: Oh! Could you explain again?

ELIAS: Your expression of impatience has motivated you to be altering your time framework in which you shall engage conversation with myself.

ANJULI: Oh, yes, yes, I see, I see! Mary is traveling in eight days! I can't talk with you in eight days! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, you have created generating this expression more quickly, incorporating less time framework.

ANJULI: But Elias, am I then kind of manifesting linear time with this or...?

ELIAS: Yes, for you do participate in this physical dimension. What I am expressing to you is an acknowledgment of your allowance of yourself to be manipulating your experiences within the design of time framework. This is in actuality, my friend, significant, for it also offers you a validation that you may be creating similar types of actions in relation to beliefs, which is the point - to be accepting beliefs, recognizing their expression, their existence, so to speak, but allowing yourself the freedom to choose how you shall express your manifestations and what you want within the design of this reality incorporating these beliefs, in a manner of speaking, as you have stated in this conversation, recognizing that you incorporate choices and that you may choose to be incorporating your beliefs as tools, if you wish, rather than viewing them as negative obstacles.

ANJULI: Ah, yes, now I understand. Yes, I was doing that partially, viewing them as negative obstacles. That's true!

ELIAS: In this, you offer yourself information concerning how you may be manipulating energy within the design of your physical dimension, not struggling with the design of your dimension, not fighting with it, but moving within it with ease and allowing yourself to generate what you want within its design...

ANJULI: I see!

ELIAS: ...which you have offered yourself an example of in this one expression of altering the time framework in which you shall incorporate another conversation with myself. (Laughs)

ANJULI: Well, Mary and I, we had quite a lot of fun when we discovered that, that during our hour she will be in the airplane! (Both laugh) Yes, I see the thing with the impatience and with using this dimension as a tool. Aha, yes.

ELIAS: Correct, and I may express to you, my friend, impatience at times may not necessarily be an obstacle. It is dependant upon the individual and how they incorporate this expression itself as a tool to be generating motivation.

ANJULI: Yes, as a tool for to move or for creating new experiences, changing my perception.

ELIAS: Quite! It is dependant upon the individual and what direction they are moving into and their movement in discovery of abilities and self, and how they incorporate certain expressions to be facilitating of movement or not.

ANJULI: Then this means impatience is also part of this dimension. I can use it also as a tool if it's there.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

ANJULI: If I am choosing.

ELIAS: All that you view and associate as negative may also be incorporated in other manners, dependant upon your perception. For in altering your perception of any expression, you also alter the expression itself. Therefore, you redefine its meaning.

ANJULI: This is all very interesting. I think I discovered many new things right now!

ELIAS: As always! Ha ha!

ANJULI: Ja, we still have a little bit time, then I could probably ask you about an experience I had during the time when I was in that spiritual group. During a meditation course with a number of 7000 people, we were meditating together in one place, we sat there quietly, and then in the same moment everyone experienced the same expansion and we were out of silence all expressing like "aaahhh!" the entire group of people.

I was wondering, usually when people have the same experience, like for example they are in Munich and are listening to Michael Jackson or when there is a football game, there is something outer which they also all create, a certain type of exciting experience or something for to have the same emotion. But this was with nothing, just from within. So did then all the essences decide to have the same experience just from within?

ELIAS: Yes, and in this I may express to you there is a tremendous expression of power in the generation of energy in groups, which creates a tremendous ease in expression for all of the individuals that are participating. For you lend energy to each other in relation to a common focal point, and this allows for a tremendous ease in expression and also generates a tremendous power of expression in ability. Groups of individuals may quite easily generate a strength in energy to be accomplishing a specific movement or action in allowing themselves to focus their attention upon a common focal point.

ANJULI: Aha! So we can do that, we can even create this type of experience when we don't know each other and when we are everywhere around the globe?


ANJULI: Sometimes, when I am listening to this specific music which I love so much, I have this experience of connecting with many focuses of essences who in some way experience the same or have a certain focus.

ELIAS: Yes, allowing yourself to tap into an energy of commonality, like kind, and experience.

ANJULI: Then we can kind of do this with the entire shift?

ELIAS: Yes. This is the expression of dropping the veils of separation, my friend, recognizing that you do hold the ability to express that, and you offer yourselves evidence of this many, many, many times.

ANJULI: Then when I focus on that, like for example when I listen to this kind of music because it kind of creates a certain emotion or something in me, then I can connect with all of us, and kind of recreate it then?

ELIAS: Yes, if you are so choosing. This is an expression of widening your awareness, being aware of more than one expression and one attention. (Pause)

ANJULI: And when I have this experience, I can connect with you so that you look at what we are doing for this shift, or for kind of feeling good?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. You may, my friend, literally create whatever you choose.

ANJULI: And then your energy participates in what we all do?

ELIAS: Quite!

ANJULI: Then those experiences were all true!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And you have been questioning and incorporating doubt?

ANJULI: Yes. (Elias laughs) A little bit! And then I thought ... because it seems to be something so great!

ELIAS: The impossible is quite possible, my friend. (Pause)

ANJULI: That's a good ending for our session.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And you may ponder on this statement!

ANJULI: Yes, I will, for sure. I will just right away try it - do it, not try it!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well, my friend, I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and as always I offer to you tremendous encouragement and acknowledgment of your playfulness. Continue to incorporate this expression! Ha ha!

ANJULI: Thank you, Elias, it was great fun, as always!

ELIAS: To you in great affection, my friend, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:50 AM.

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