Session 1753

Dropping Veils of Separation


“Dropping Veils of Separation”
“Changing a Unwanted Manifestation”

Saturday, April 16, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Samira)

(Elias’ arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JENS: Good afternoon, Elias! (Elias laughs) You are as always? I am “as always”!

ELIAS: Very well! And now we may proceed!

JENS: Let’s start with my experience from yesterday. How can I start?

Let’s start again. We discussed last year about my personal time framework for acceptance and appreciation, which you said two years. Then in December, my last session, I had the feeling I’ve changed probabilities. It would happen, and I would create it in the first half of this year. Then yesterday I’ve created, I guess, a big step in this direction. With this dropping the veil of separation experience now for two or three hours, I could really see how, really accept how easy it is from this point of view to accept the behavior of other cultures for example, or of many other things. Now the point is how to repeat it, I guess you would say. (Both laugh) I’d love your help with this. Perhaps there is more input from you at this point.

ELIAS: It is also important that you allow yourself to be genuinely paying attention to you in relation to other individuals. You shall always be aware of other individuals, but not to the exclusion of being aware of you. As you allow yourself to relax your energy and you allow yourself to genuinely continue to pay attention to you, you shall much more easily allow yourself to generate that type of experience much more consistently.

In the moments in which you are projecting your attention outwardly and focusing upon other individuals or situations and you are not including paying attention to you also, you become distracted. That generates more of a thickness in that separation and less of an awareness that you are actually part of all that is occurring and that you are actually creating all of it.

The distraction is expressed in projecting your attention outwardly. That alters your perception immediately, creating that perception that other individuals are creating some element of your reality, or other situations or circumstances are creating elements of your reality. This is an automatic association. Regardless of how much you express to yourself that you recognize or that you know that you create all of your reality, these are automatic responses and automatic associations in moments in which your attention is focused outside of yourself to the exclusion of paying attention to you.

JENS: But yesterday I didn’t exclude. It’s more of a situation that every morning I go to work and I say to me, “This day I will pay more attention to myself, not only to the others,” and then it’s midday and I take my meal and suddenly realize that I haven’t done it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. What I am expressing to you is that in the experience that you generated in which you recognized this lack of separation, you were not excluding other individuals from your attention but you also were paying attention to yourself simultaneously. That is the point. What I am expressing to you is what creates the automatic response of separation is the moments in which you are excluding yourself from your attention.

JENS: So my clear presence was even helpful in this situation because I paid more attention to myself...


JENS: ...because of my headache, the imagery in my body.


JENS: It would be appropriate if I would have it for the next month! (Both laugh)

Let’s see. I don’t want to ask crystal ball questions, but in February I thought I was very close to acceptance. Then I recognized the number of essences who were observing my focus increased or exploded, and it was somehow an overwhelming situation. This time I do it more step by step and relax more, which you express enlists the changes — at least I translate your energy in this way. Is there an extended time framework I have to expect to realize this, or could I do it now or quite soon if I really pay attention to myself?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is the point, my friend. Remember, you are not engaging a race, and it is not a question of moving to your finish line. It is a matter of becoming familiar with the experience of acceptance and allowing yourself to express that in an ongoing manner in each moment in each situation.

JENS: My point is I want to reduce the trouble I have at present, that time length of this experience. I want to stop it as soon as possible, and I see acceptance as a significant part.


JENS: I have motivation, so I want to create it now! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I am understanding...

JENS: That’s why I push myself, and that’s why it doesn’t work, because I push myself.

I didn’t always show before sessions with you very impressive experiences, so I think we should do more of them! (Both laugh) Once a week or something like that!

ELIAS: For you inspire yourself. In this, you also are paying more attention to yourself in anticipation of our conversations. In those time frameworks in which you are paying more attention to yourself, you also allow yourself to relax more and not to push as much, and that allows you to generate these types of experiences. Perhaps you may allow yourself to inspire yourself and motivate yourself rather than being motivated and inspired by the anticipation of engaging conversation with myself. (Laughs)

JENS: Yes. I thought I recognized that. It would be a good idea to pay more attention in that direction.

When Buddha experienced his so-called enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, he did actually experience the same that I did yesterday?


JENS: And in a permanent way.

ELIAS: But a recognition that it must be objectively created in each moment, that it must be expressed intentionally and with balance, and there must be an awareness that is ongoing in that balance of the lack of separation and the acceptance of self and the genuine appreciation of self as the creator of all that you perceive.

JENS: It’s fantastic to know that! (Both laugh) At present, my focus is observed by 132 essences, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: It’s a very high number. It’s not normal, even. Buddha was observed by 56. I am observed now by 132 for my lifetime. I guess it would become more. It’s quite an exceptional situation, even from the viewpoint of essence.

ELIAS: I suppose you are quite an interesting fellow! (Both laugh)

JENS: I have increased the number of my focuses during the last months tremendously. At present I think I have 9816 focuses.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: Two hundred fifty-eight are past, present are eight, and the rest are future focuses. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: Then I recognized that I have an even easier access to the number of observed focuses. So, additional to the number I said previously to you, I have 13,325 focuses as an observing essence, 305 are past, and 47 are now.

ELIAS: Correct, although you recognize that that fluctuates.

JENS: That fluctuates very much.


JENS: That’s why I ask now, because shortly before the session I tried to get new impressions. I’m quite adept at it.


JENS: Perhaps I have the numbers mixed, but 78 percent of my directed focuses are female and 98 percent are soft, or vice versa.

ELIAS: The first is correct.

JENS: Woo! A clear preference! (Elias laughs)

What happened to my roof insulation? When we discussed that problem in December, it was a big problem. Now I have obviously reconfigured the energies. I have no problems with my roof anymore.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are correct! Quite efficient of you.

JENS: Very!

ELIAS: And quite creative!

JENS: I recognized one preference... Is it a problem if I use some German words? You accept it in energy and I could translate it perhaps later for a transcript. Is it a problem for you?

ELIAS: I have chosen not to be...

JENS: To express in English, correct, but I...

ELIAS: I understand. But I have chosen not to be participating in that type of exchange, for that encourages other individuals to engage similar action to more extent.

JENS: Then I will show you. It’s a little rubber thing in access to my roof, at the stairs. It hasn’t been there. In December, I discussed this with a man from the construction company and then I had discussed it with a friend or colleague of my brother, who makes (inaudible) and then we have been there. I don’t know how to...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JENS: It hasn’t been there, and now suddenly it is there. So I have created it from nowhere, and even my wife is aware of it.

ELIAS: Yes. (Both laugh) Let me also express to you, my friend, you and other individuals also are generating similar types of creations in creating or manifesting objects from no object, or not creating an object that was previously an object.

This is an action that you are generating to offer you more information concerning your abilities, but also concerning how you create elements of your reality. You think in terms of sequences, but in how you actually create, you create within each moment. One action or one manifestation does not necessarily follow the previous manifestation.

In this...

JENS: It’s quite clear in theory, but that I can do it...

ELIAS: But you did!

JENS: This is a new situation.

ELIAS: But you did!

JENS: Yeah, I did. (Both laugh) It is the same with my colleague. I had an appointment this weekend, and I didn’t remember that I had this session with you when I made that appointment. Then a colleague expressed to me, “Yes, I know that you won’t be with us on Saturday. You have said it to us.” But I have never said it to him! He was aware that I have no time because I have a session with you. (Elias laughs) I have created something...


JENS: ...from nowhere.

ELIAS: Correct, and have you and other individuals not been fascinated with the idea or the concept of creating your apple within your hand from no thing? Yes, you have, and in that fascination, you have been exploring allowing yourself to create certain manifestations from no thing, and you have. You have accomplished. And it does not even require your thought process or an understanding of the make-up of the physical manifestation.

JENS: I am aware of Sri Yukteswar, a teacher of Paramahansa Yogananda, who has described many of these things in India in the 19th century. I am observing Sri Yukteswar, so I’m quite aware that it is possible that I don’t need to know how the elements of the thing I will create must be; I will just create it. But it’s then a surprising situation that I can do it, that I can actually do it.

ELIAS: And somewhat unbelievable. Not that you merely can do it, but you have done it! (Laughs)

JENS: Yes, there is a difference.

I have often problems to clearly think, and the situation is increasing. I can’t concentrate, and it’s somewhat strange. What is the problem, or what is the reason for it? Is it an interruption of my thinking process? I can’t even remember simple names or simple words sometimes.

ELIAS: There are two factors that are involved in this situation. One is that your energy is somewhat scattered and that creates a distraction, for you are not allowing yourself to focus your attention clearly in specific directions. You are scattering your energy and your attention in many directions.

But that also is associated with the other factor, which is, once again, you are engaging this action of opening new neurological pathways, and that is a contributant to this scatteredness of your attention. It is temporary.

JENS: My English is probably terrible today, but who cares. (Elias laughs)

One simple question: I want to ask you this question for two years or longer. Lord of the Rings, I’ll be as a focus of myself and I’m observing Gandalf, and I have probably a counterpart action or something similar to Frodo, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: Charlize Theron, who won an Oscar last year, I am observing her?


JENS: I shouldn’t have asked you these questions because they are all the time correct. (Elias laughs) I became aware, many times aware, of Mary’s, of Michael’s energy. Mary is counterpart of Caroline Corr from the Corrs?


JENS: Mary is an actual counterpart, probably counterpart of one of the Supremes. I guess Diana Ross.


JENS: Mary is observing essence of Christiana (inaudible)?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: I recognized that the Supremes, a music group, consists of essences who are familiar to me.


JENS: Then I recognized when I watched the Oscar awards this year, I have a connection to many of them, these people on the red carpet. It is easier for me to realize a connection to them than if I see a photo, when I see the person on TV.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for you are allowing yourself to connect to the other individual’s energy more easily and more directly if you are engaging that interaction with your television. For it is not merely the image of the other individual, but you allow yourself to actually connect with the other individual’s energy.

As I have expressed previously, this is quite a common expression with individuals that incorporate the soft orientation. This is a manner in which you allow yourself to interact with yourself, and that also generates an openness in which you can tap into the energy of the other individuals also.

JENS: On March the 7th, I suddenly felt a clear connection to Albert Einstein. I guess it’s for me a new observing essence of Albert?


JENS: His son Eduard Einstein is observed by my daughter Ophile, correct?


JENS: Why should I ask you?! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: For it is validating and it is fun! (Laughs)

JENS: If I could do it... I am hearing your words now for two years or longer. I concentrated in the sessions more on important things than on this, but then I recognize that it’s somehow familiar to talk about this because I have done this many times with you, and to talk about a new thing is related to fear, how to access the topic and how to... I don’t know. But you are aware of it, I guess.

ELIAS: Yes, and how to allow yourself to freely express without incorporating judgment of yourself, therefore automatically associating that there is a possibility that I also would express that judgment as a reflection of you. But I may assure you, my friend, that this is one expression that I do not reflect to any of you. (Chuckles)

JENS: Is it correct that I imaged on March 28/29, I had an awareness of a traumatic experience that I will create in the future? It was damaging my car, the actual experience.


JENS: I was aware of it before. I have created the same situation before but I can’t remember what actually happened. I am aware one or two weeks before the experience actually happens, and it always has been negative.

ELIAS: Which is an example to you in a significant manner and a significant experience of tapping into your own knowledge of simultaneous time, offering yourself information through your impressions but not responding to or following a particular impression, therefore creating the action. Which, I may express to you, is somewhat extreme, but it is an example of paying attention to impressions in practical physical application. Many times if you do not pay attention or you do not follow those impressions, you may create what you have offered yourself information concerning, which you may not necessarily like what that creation is.

JENS: A strange thing occurred. How I created the car was strange, and now I damaged it a few months later. I recognized many, many beliefs which I express through this experience, but now I see...

ELIAS: Such as?

JENS: could be over. I could uncreate it. But that’s not so easy.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But you do incorporate the ability to create a different manifestation just as easily as you created this manifestation, and with equal power.

JENS: I have read a transcript about broken bones. You have expressed it before.


JENS: How can I stimulate or direct some situations? We are creating from nowhere. I wasn’t aware that I would do it. I am not happy with this thing I have created from nowhere, but I wasn’t aware of the probabilities that I would create it. I want to uncreate the damage of my car and resolve it.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JENS: How can I initiate it?

ELIAS: In similar manner to how you created the manifestation with your roof.

In this, what creates obstacles is that you occupy yourself with thinking, and in that, you are directing much of your attention to thinking and not paying attention to what you are actually doing. In this, as you generate a desire to be creating some type of manifestation physically, what is significant is that you do not oppose what has already been created.

In the situation with your roof, what allowed you to create the physical manifestation was that you stopped concentrating your attention in thinking concerning it. You essentially allowed yourself to resign yourself to what had already been created. In that action, you stop opposing what you have already created; you stop associating with it as bad. You may not express that you like what has been created, but you stop concerning yourself with it.

As you stopped concerning yourself with it and stopped opposing it, and as I have stated, in your terms resigned yourself to the fact — (laughs) I am quite amused with that term “fact,” for it is so volatile! — but regardless, you resigned yourself to the fact that the roof was damaged and needed the incorporation of this manifestation. In that resignation and the stopping of the opposition to what had already been created, you allowed yourself to relax and stop concentrating upon what you did NOT want. In not concentrating upon what you do not want, you allow your energy to move and to flow more naturally, and without thought you allow yourself to create what you DO want.

But the concentration in thought upon what you do want is equally as unproductive as the concentration upon what you do not want, for it holds your attention in one direction, and that does not allow you the free flow of your own energy to actually be creating and manifesting. It holds your energy concentrated merely upon thought and upon the beliefs that you cannot accomplish what you want.

JENS: I guess the same situation is with a TV set. I have since one week a desire or want to create a TV set, a specific TV set which is too expensive at present for me. This is the same...?


JENS: This is stopping the concentration on what I want and allow a natural flow?

ELIAS: Yes, and an allowance, rather than generating this opposition with yourself that you cannot create that, you cannot manifest that, you cannot afford that manifestation. That is an expression and an action of opposing yourself. In opposing yourself, you prevent yourself from creating what you want, for you hold to your energy and you do not allow for a free flow, and you do not allow for different possibilities or probabilities or potentials, for you continue to focus upon what you cannot do and oppose yourself. Opposition is a significant expression to be aware of, especially within this time framework. It is very easily expressed.

JENS: I discussed it with Mary before. She said we can very easily express extremes, positive and negative.


JENS: I have created the negative that we discussed in December and then I thought that if it’s easy to create negative things, I should do the opposite and create positive things. It’s much more fun.

ELIAS: Correct! But the key is to be paying attention to what you are actually doing and therefore offering yourself a clearer understanding of what type of energy you are projecting that is creating either the negative or the positive experiences.

JENS: I guess I know the topic is the most important responsibility. That’s the same with Mary.

ELIAS: Yes, and be aware of your own opposition and allow yourself to dissipate that and not be creating the strength of energy through opposing. Allow yourself to generate more of a balance, and therefore create more of a free flow of your energy.

JENS: Is this the same? I have created several changes of my skin during the last month I guess, here at this point or here. I don’t like this. It’s not typical for my age. It’s the same point, concentrate on thinking what I do not want?

ELIAS: Correct, and do not generate opposition. Remember what I have expressed to you previously: one of your most powerful expressions is to be appreciating. That immediately alters your energy and dissipates any energy of opposition, for you cannot be opposing and appreciating simultaneously. Therefore, the appreciation interrupts the opposition. It is a matter of, as you have stated, time and how much time you incorporate interrupting any opposition through the expression of appreciation, and how consistently you continue that. That is your most powerful expression and the most powerful manner in which you may immediately alter the energy that you are projecting.

I am aware that although you are becoming more familiar with appreciating and you are expressing that more frequently than you have previously, I may also express to you my awareness that it is quite easy for you to be forgetful of that expression of appreciation, and it is quite easy for you to focus your attention in association with expressions or elements or actions that are disliked or are irritating to you. This is the reason that I continue to reiterate and remind you (of) the power of that expression of appreciation.

JENS: Is there a trigger or a pusher issue? Because I remember situations when I was really disappointed, I was aware of the way it works, and I thought about appreciation but I wasn’t able to express it.

ELIAS: Can you offer to myself in this discussion one element of yourself, regardless of what it is, one element of yourself that you genuinely like?

JENS: In my reality, what I have created, my house, of course, because it was such a strange situation how I have created it. It was so strange how many things fit with the house, with the children, around it. It’s perfect. Even if I create much trouble around it, the house itself fits.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but this is not what I am inquiring of you. What I am inquiring of you is can you offer to myself one aspect of YOU that you genuinely like? An element...

JENS: My voice.

ELIAS: Your voice.

JENS: I even recognize elements of my voice and Shania Twain’s singing.

ELIAS: Yes. Very well. This is an aspect of yourself that you can genuinely appreciate.

Now; in addition to that, can you offer to myself one aspect of your daughters that you genuinely like?

JENS: Ophile, how she — I can’t remember even simple words — how she touches me.

ELIAS: Very well. And the other?

JENS: Lakiesha, how she tries to understand and how she has a unique way to communicate with me.

ELIAS: Her curiosity and her compassion. Very well. These three expressions may be incorporated as your appreciation triggers.

In moments in which you are noticing yourself expressing frustration or irritation or dislike or tension and opposition, allow yourself to momentarily stop and incorporate one or all of these three triggers of appreciation: your voice, your daughter’s touch, and your other daughter’s compassion and curiosity. These are elements that you genuinely appreciate, that you genuinely love. Merely incorporating an awareness and the expression of any one or any combination of those three triggers shall automatically interrupt the negativity and shall automatically interrupt your own opposition.

JENS: Good idea. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are welcome. I may express to you, all three of those triggers are quite effective and efficient, for they are genuine expressions of love of you.

JENS: You see many things much more clearly than me, physically focused. (Elias laughs)

What to do with the situation of my thesis? I reflect on this not doing of my thesis very often and very strongly to myself. We have discussed it many times, but now it’s a new and very, very intense element in my daily life.

ELIAS: Which it was, prior. It was previously also, and...

JENS: But I didn’t pay attention.

ELIAS: Ah, but you did! You concentrated much attention upon opposing that previously, not wanting to incorporate the action of engaging it, and opposing yourself in that and concentrating a considerable attention upon the lack of engagement of it and not doing it. You, in a manner of speaking, exhausted yourself.

In exhausting yourself, you allowed yourself to create differently, and you generated a very different reality in which you were not incorporating that deadline. Now you are recreating that. The more you concentrate upon opposing it and the more you concentrate upon the lack, the more you immobilize yourself and the more you restrict yourself and do not allow yourself to accomplish in different manners. For you are concentrating your attention in the manner of black and white — either you accomplish the thesis or you shall not incorporate your employment.

JENS: Correct.

ELIAS: But that is not what you created previously.

JENS: But...

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Ah, “but” once again! Once again, the “but.” (Jens laughs) “But now it is different!” No, not necessarily. “But now it is more serious, and now it is more absolute!” How quickly you forget how absolute it was previously and how very serious it was previously — so serious to the point of your own exhaustion. But in that exhaustion, you stopped opposing and allowed yourself to create quite differently.

It was not a matter of black and white; it was not a matter of either/or, either you generate the thesis or you do not incorporate your employment. You are also quite black and white concerning the thesis itself, that it must be generated in a particular manner concerning a particular subject matter, not allowing for your own expression of creativity and viewing it as work and drudgery rather than allowing yourself to incorporate an inspired playful action of new creativity and fun. I may express to you, my dear friend, my, my, my, we are being quite black and white, are we not? (Chuckles)

JENS: I will try to trust myself a little bit more.

ELIAS: And perhaps engage slightly more playfulness and fun and imagination and creativity rather than merely work? (Laughs)

JENS: You said the interesting word “imagination.” I think I use it more, but during the last weeks — “but,” okay — (Elias laughs) during the last weeks I was not so absolute and I’m more able to use my imagination.

ELIAS: Very well! Merely a reminder! (Chuckles)

JENS: Let’s see. I have so many things to discuss with you, but I think I will find out by myself.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I am always with you, my friend, and I am always...

JENS: When I ask you in my mind a question, your answers are always mixed up with my beliefs. So I move in a certain direction; I don’t trust it really. Perhaps it’s just a question of trust.


JENS: For example, all important scientists, which are important at present for my research project and are observed by myself so are focuses of myself, and they have created, at least for a time, big things. I don’t like the way science creates today or how science is done today, not only at my university but it’s probably the same situation with many more universities and scientific institutes all over the world. I want to create something new, something really not in line with a hamster wheel.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and my suggestion to you is to allow yourself to be creative and to be imaginative and to be visionary, and allow yourself to expand beyond the confines of the accepted principles and concepts of your sciences.

JENS: They are very limited. Many of them are based on realism and constructivism. This for many is not real and for others only theory. I have expressed it, for example, yesterday that I do create my reality, so if I move more in this perception or if I can move my perception more often so I experience what others are talking about, it would change a lot.

ELIAS: Correct, correct. And perhaps in your own playfulness and your own adventure in your own discovery, you may offer the response to the question of “what is the observer?” YOU are the observer, and you are not your brain.

JENS: Hmm. This is a little bit difficult to experience, not in theory, but to experience it. I noticed it yesterday.


JENS: I am not my body.

ELIAS: You project a physical form that incorporates physical functions in keeping with your physical reality. But essentially, the uniqueness of you and what is you as being the observer which creates the physical reality, that element of you is not physical. That is not what your sciences attribute as the observer, as the brain. That is not what the observer is; YOU are the observer.

All that you manifest in function of your physical body consciousness is being directed and created by you. You, that essence of you, is the observer and is not physical, and is not actually even an entity; it is an action.

JENS: I remember that Vicki would say this many times, but this is intellectually still a problem for me.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am understanding, and in that, I encourage you to continue in your playfulness with your imagination.

JENS: I thank you very much. I guess we could discuss many things, but that’s not the point. I trust to find solutions for myself, I guess.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, my friend. I express to you as always in tremendous friendship and in my genuine appreciation and love of you.

JENS: Thank you very much. Same to you.

ELIAS: To you, my dear friend, au revoir.

JENS: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 10 minutes.

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