Session 917
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Acceleration of Energy


"Acceleration of Energy"
"The Energy of Good and Bad: Who is the Terrorist?"
"Recognizing Choice Through Imagination"
"Compassion and the Expression of Victim"

Saturday, October 6, 2001 (Group/Vermont)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Angela (Hugh), April, Jen (Margarite), Judy (Joan), Kris, Laura (Lynya), Michelle (Sebata), Mickey, Saint, Sandy, and Sarah
Elias arrives at 4:25 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Good evening.

GROUP: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome. Greetings to yourself, Margarite, in your joyous mergence! (Chuckles)

JEN: My birthday! My choosing to merge! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And welcome also to my dear friend. How shall we proceed this evening?

JEN: Well, Judy has a question, right? We can start with some questions, I guess.

JUDY: It's a question from Robertt.

ELIAS: Very well.

JUDY: Is the boy from Africa from Ethiopia?


JUDY: Is that a Game point?

ELIAS: Is he so choosing to be entering this in our Game?

JUDY: I can't answer that, 'cause I'm not him.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well. You may deliver a message from myself, and express to him that if he is so choosing he may be connecting with his Game and offering an entry in a category, and I shall validate. And you may extend my greetings, also.

JUDY: Thank you.

JEN: So that's Nat?

JUDY: Yes.

LAURA: I have a question. Lately I feel like the energy is accelerating even more, and I don't really have time to integrate - but that feels okay, I'm just going with it - and I wonder if there's anything that you can suggest that I may do or stop doing, or any suggestions in maybe raising the vibration to integrate this acceleration?

ELIAS: (Leaning forward and smiling) And are you concerned with this acceleration?

LAURA: I'm not worried; it feels good. But I want more. (Elias laughs)

JEN: Your own acceleration, is that what you mean?

LAURA: As a planet, just everything.

ELIAS: You are correct, and I am acknowledging of your noticing. For in actuality collectively you are accelerating the movement of the energy. As you continue to insert this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you have pierced a veil, my friend, and in this you also alter and bend time and you accelerate time. It is not merely a feeling that your time is moving more swiftly; you collectively are incorporating more of a swift movement of time. But you are moving with it. Your awareness and your movement individually are matching the acceleration of time.

What you are offering to yourselves is a thrust of energy to emerge this shift in consciousness into actual being within your reality. In this, can you not feel your own expansion of your awareness and recognize a new expression of innate knowing? This is the remembrance, my friend.

As I have expressed to you previously, this remembrance is not remembering; it is not memory. It is an emergence into a state of being in this physical awareness, in which you open your objective awareness to drop the veils of separation and illusion, and allow [yourself] a fuller view of all that you may explore. You are tapping into your freedom. You are recognizing your significance individually, your directedness individually. You are recognizing a beginning of actual acceptance, and is this not a joyous movement? For this is genuine freedom.

For as you move into this new expression of acceptance, you are now beginning the recognition objectively of what I have been expressing to you for many of your years, that it is not a question of eliminating all of your beliefs or changing all of your beliefs but merely recognizing that you incorporate them and knowing that you incorporate choice. YOU choose how you shall express these beliefs or whether you shall express these beliefs, and what is significant to you and what is not significant to you.

You are crumbling your structures, just as you have in your physical imagery of your mass event. You are individually within yourselves crumbling these immense structures that dictate to you what your choices shall be and what your reality shall be in tremendous limitation, and recognizing how you may choose yourself. YOU may choose your reality, and it may be any expression you wish it to be.

As to your question of how you may be flowing with this acceleration of energy, you are already accomplishing it by noticing, by allowing yourself to merely flow, by not creating resistance within yourself and not expressing fear, knowing that you are directing yourself and that you shall not betray you.

LAURA: Thank you.

JEN: That's wonderful.

LAURA: One quick ... I have a new friend named Shannon, and I wanted to know his essence name.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. And are you to offer myself an impression as to essence families?

LAURA: Well, the color blue comes to mind, and I feel the same family as my family, Sumafi. That's my impression.

ELIAS: And your impression as to alignment?

LAURA: Is the alignment the color, the blue?

ELIAS: This is what you are offering to yourself; yes, Sumari. Therefore you identify the essence family belonging to, Sumafi; aligning with in this focus, Sumari; essence name, Emmett, E-M-M-E-T-T (EM met).

LAURA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and are you wishing for identification of orientation?


ELIAS: What is your impression? Ha ha!

LAURA: I forget the orientations.

JEN: Soft, common, intermediate.

ELIAS: Common.

LAURA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Chuckles)

JEN: I have a question regarding what we were talking about. We were talking about mergence of energy. That's something that I've been finding myself noticing a little bit in terms of my way of being, not all the time, but a realization of when I'm flowing with energy and when I'm not flowing with it.

It makes me wonder a little bit about the nature of energy in terms of a tone and a color - not so much vibration, but more a tone and a color in relation to what we define as good and bad. I know that good and bad is the observance of duplicity in everything, and we do that. That's just a part of who we are and our way of being. But I'm wondering about the color of good and bad. Is it a light and dark color, and do people embody different amounts of light and dark, and does it vary over time? What about people that we think of as bad people? That's our judging bad people (Elias laughs), but like some of these terrorists. People say you just can't talk to some of these people, you can't have a conversation or whatever, and I wonder if they embody a different energy? I mean, it's a broad question in terms of how it works in our universe. It seems like we must have light and dark energy always.

ELIAS: Not in association with what you are expressing.

JEN: Because I'm expressing it in terms of good or bad, is that what you mean?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes, you do incorporate tones in relation to energy. You do express thickness in energy or a lack of thickness in energy, what may be identified as more of a difficulty in movement of energy at times, which also is quite influenced by your beliefs. But in relation to what you are attempting to identify, let us examine these expressions. You identify a particular energy of certain individuals that you define as bad - terrorists, in your identification.

Now; let us examine this expression. These are directly associated with your beliefs, for the individuals that you define as terrorists also incorporate very strongly held beliefs, and in their perception their beliefs are right.

MICKEY: And we're bad.

ELIAS: You match each other's energies. This is what you are attempting to define. What creates the expression of good and bad? What creates the intensity of these expressions and the conflict that arises from these expressions? How do you participate? And you may view yourself as not participating.

JEN: I'm noticing, so in a way I am participating.

ELIAS: You are participating, and now you are noticing your participation.

JEN: Right, whether I'm lending to it, or...

ELIAS: You ARE expressing. You are ALL expressing. Every individual upon your planet is expressing an energy, and each individual expresses an alignment with a good and bad expression, right and wrong behaviors. (Looking at Laura) This is the point of what we have been discussing, in recognizing that you are not eliminating your beliefs.

I am not expressing to you that you do not express good or bad or right or wrong, but recognize that these are beliefs. They are not absolutes. There is no absolute right, there is no absolute wrong, and no individual is a victim and no individual attacks another individual, for this suggests that another individual may create your reality, and another individual may NOT create your reality. You create all of your reality in every moment, in every expression. Therefore, who is the perpetrator? Who is the expression of evil? Who is the terrorist?

If you have created imagery of terrorism, YOU have created it and you are it. You are also the victim.

JEN: If you choose to be a victim.

ELIAS: (Leaning forward with a smile) And you do.

JEN: But if you're noticing yourself in victim mode, then you can choose to not be in victim mode, and be aware of what that energy feels like.

ELIAS: Correct! Correct, and this is the point.

JEN: And that, I guess, is my question, because that energy seems like it has a different tone, the energy of victim, the energy of feeling ... hmm, I don't want to use the words "good" and "bad," but feeling...

ELIAS: It matters not!

JEN: ...feeling in a flow of energy that's moving you in ways and drawing things to you that are really wonderful and that perpetuate that.

ELIAS: In expressions that you view yourself to be empowering of yourself, in your terms, you experience an energy that FEELS to you physically to be thinner, for you allow yourself to direct your choices.

In an expression of victim, you may notice a physical feeling of energy of thickness, for you are denying your choices. You project your attention outside of yourself and you associate that some other expression ... and it matters not what the identification of the expression is. It may be an individual; it may be a circumstance; it may be an object.

If a vase topples from a table and strikes your foot, you may express in the moment that you are the victim of the vase, for it has hurt you; but you have created the vase. But in the moment of that action the energy is experienced in thickness, for you are expressing within yourself a lack of choices. Something has occurred to you, and therefore you have not chosen it and you are not expressing the freedom of your choices. This is the point in recognizing.

It matters not what your expression of good or bad or right or wrong is, but the recognition that it is not absolute, and the recognition of energy, as you have stated. For in allowing yourself to move within an energy that is not thick, you allow your energy field to relax and flow, and in that flow you do not attach judgment.

In this, I may quite definitely express to you all, you may be expressing an alignment with a right or wrong or good or bad and NOT express judgment.

JEN: So is that the manner of noticing the energy that we're projecting as we're thinking good or bad?

ELIAS: Noticing your associations, for not every judgment incorporates much thought process. (Group laughter) There are many times when you may be expressing an automatic response and incorporating judgment, and choosing and expressing energy and doing, and not necessarily incorporating much thought concerning this automatic response, but incorporating judgment.

MICKEY: Are the majority of reactions actually like that? It's so much your conditioning from a child. It seems like really most reactions are not thought provoked, that most reactions are based more intuitive and judgmental without actually doing a lot of thinking.

ELIAS: Correct.

MICKEY: It seems like very few people actually think things through, especially before they act.

ELIAS: Correct. For these are the identifications of automatic responses, and you create countless automatic responses.

MICKEY: Is your reality an automatic response?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily, but it has become so.

MICKEY: It has become so for everyone, or...?


MICKEY: Because?

ELIAS: For you are not paying attention. You are not paying attention to what you are choosing, and you also have, in a manner of speaking, forgotten how to identify what your attention is. You associate your attention with your thinking, and your attention is not your thinking. Your attention may be focused upon your thinking, but it is not synonymous with thinking.

Attention directs. It is the director of your perception, and your perception creates your actual physical reality. Perception is not vision, and attention is not thinking.

Now; as you become more aware of your attention, you may allow yourself to move your attention, for you do focus your attention in extreme in relation to thought. Although you create automatic responses continuously which do not necessarily incorporate thought, you are THINKING continuously and you are paying attention to what you are thinking.

MICKEY: Continuously.

ELIAS: Yes. Analyzing, rationalizing...

MICKEY: Is that superfluous? Is that just like stupid stuff, doing that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but what holds significance is that you allow yourselves to define realistically the movements of different aspects of you and what their mechanism is. Thought is a mechanism. It is reality, but it does not create your reality. Thought is a mechanism of translation.

MICKEY: It's like a digesting of reality.

ELIAS: It's an interpretation. It interprets. It translates.

MICKEY: Is it correct?

ELIAS: At times. At times, it may not necessarily be quite accurate.

MICKEY: Based on your perception?

ELIAS: And the direction of your attention. As an example, if your attention is quite focused upon your thinking, your attention is not focusing upon avenues of communication. Therefore, your attention continues to focus upon the thinking mechanism of you, which you are attempting to direct in its natural function to interpret and translate information, that you may objectively understand. But it incorporates challenge and difficulty in its function of translating and interpreting for it is not being given information, for your attention is not focusing upon the communications that you offer to yourself.

You incorporate many avenues of communication within yourself. You are highly diverse beings in this physical dimension and tremendously efficient. You offer yourselves MANY expressions of communication, but if you are not paying attention to them and you are merely paying attention to the translator, what shall it translate? It may partially offer you a translation, but the translation may be confused for it is not incorporating communication. Therefore, where shall it move its translation to? Beliefs. It shall automatically move to the expression of your beliefs and that is what it shall translate, not necessarily what you are communicating to yourself.

MICKEY: How can you change that?

ELIAS: By paying attention to the choosing aspect of you. The choosing aspect of you is the doing aspect of you, which is in movement continuously. You are always choosing. You are always doing. Your very existence is a choice. By paying attention in the moment in the now to what you are choosing and actually doing, you clear an avenue of communication to your thinking and allow it to translate accurately. You allow it to incorporate its function.

JEN: Is thinking also a communication with essence of self?

ELIAS: No. Thinking is not a communication, period.

MICKEY: It's an interpretation...

ELIAS: And a translating...

MICKEY: ...of communication.

ELIAS: Yes. Emotion is a communication. Imagination is a communication, all of your inner senses, all of your outer senses are communications. Impulses are communications. Impressions are communications. Physical manifestations within your body consciousness are communications.

MICKEY: When you manifest something, like I recently broke my ankle, what am I telling myself? I can always guess, but I think I'd like to know. How can I know, deep down...

ELIAS: And this is what we are speaking of. This is the reason that as you each inquire a question of myself, my initial response is "what is your impression?"

MICKEY: Is that the answer, what our impression is?

ELIAS: What are you communicating to yourself? It is not hidden from you, my friend. You are objectively aware of your communications. It is merely a matter of paying attention.

MICKEY: So I know what my answer to myself is, so should I always make the assumption that that is the correct answer, the one that comes to me? I suppose sometimes I just think, and it goes right along with what...

I've had a bad year, but at the same time I feel really happy (laughing), and I'm sort of confused as to how those two things can go hand in hand. I can see certain aspects of what developed because of the bad things and why I manifested those and whatnot. But I suppose sometimes I feel frustration at wanting definitive answers, not just from myself, and I assume that's a lack of trust in myself.


MICKEY: And that's it? All I need to do is just trust that those answers are the right answers?


MICKEY: And I want just one selfish question: I feel such a longing for certain things right now and just cannot think of how to manifest those. Could you give me some direction on how to be more clear on how to manifest things? I really feel like I'm at an impasse for some reason. At the same time I feel happy and whatnot, and I know I tend to, when I'm happy, to just kinda let things ride and not create any more reality, and I feel like I'm sort of lazy in that. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: (Laughs) But you ARE creating your reality, my friend! Ha ha ha ha!

MICKEY: Yeah, I understand what you're saying! I want my reality to move in different directions, and I feel like I'm sort of lazy about that, because I'm usually just happy with ... I just take things ... I don't know how to verbalize it, but I tend to just flow with the status quo.

ELIAS: And this is bad?

MICKEY: Well, it's not bad ... no, I think that's one of my gifts! (Laughing, and Elias laughs) But I would also like to be able to channel my energies to create more variety, I think, in my life, for myself, for my own pleasure, for my own ... because I feel that I CAN create anything, but somehow I have not quite grasped the tools of the creation. I feel like I want a little bit more ability to be able to channel the creation. Knowing that I'm creating all the time, I want to be able to know how to create more. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Quite!

MICKEY: Okay! Tell me the answer! (Laughter)

ELIAS: The answer may be incorporated in Margarite's manifestations or questioning in how do you generate...

JEN: Well, I was curious when you started on the body consciousness aspect of energy, 'cause it's sort of like a knowingness physically sometimes of flowing with a certain ease, I guess.

MICKEY: Yes, but you can flow with ease and sometimes that's ... I don't want to say that it's bad because I love that aspect, but also when you have an ease with things, then what is the desire to create?

JEN: But you are creating as you have ease!

MICKEY: Yes, I understand that.

JEN: You're easily creating. (Laughing)

MICKEY: Easily creating, yes, but I want the ease to create variety. I tend to create fairly much the same thing all the time 'cause I'm happy with that. But I think that this year for me has been about a desire to create more, manifest more for myself.

ELIAS: I am understanding: expanding your exploration.

MICKEY: Yes, exactly! There's SO much to explore!

ELIAS: And in this, the manner in which you may begin allowing yourself new directions in exploration is to be paying attention to your communication to yourself through imagination, for this also is reality, and to offer yourself permission to trust your communication of imagination and that you may be manifesting what you express to yourself through imagination.

The other expression that I may suggest to you is genuinely holding your attention in the now.

MICKEY: I don't do that? I feel like that's all I do, that I don't have the ability to do the future thing.

ELIAS: Ah, but in this very expression you are projecting your attention to an expectation of future.

MICKEY: I sort of grasp what you're saying, but I don't feel it. Can you elaborate, like give an example?

ELIAS: "I want to create variety in the future." In that expression you are not focusing upon the now and allowing yourself the permission to create the variety now. You are projecting into an expectation that you SHALL manifest, you SHALL move in a direction futurely, and you shall allow yourself to view what you are creating in the future...

MICKEY: So that I'm stopping myself from creating it now.


JEN: It's amazing how quick you can take your eye off now.

MICKEY: Yes, I see exactly what you're saying.

ELIAS: Therefore, my suggestion is that you offer yourself practice in both of these expressions: paying attention to the now and what you are choosing in the now, and offering yourself in the now permission to trust the avenue of communication of imagination, and manifest that.

MICKEY: Why do you say imagination?

ELIAS: For your expression of communication in imagination offers you a recognition of many more creative choices than you may offer to yourself through other communications.

MICKEY: How do you first open up your imagination to yourself, because I know that that is a problem for me, and does it self-create a reality? So how do I open that up to me?

ELIAS: By paying attention.

MICKEY: Just by paying attention to what I'm thinking?

ELIAS: To what you are expressing to yourself. It shall become obvious within thinking, for the thinking mechanism, as I have stated, is a translator. Therefore as you offer yourself an imaginative expression in communication, your thought process shall translate. But be aware, for the automatic response to many expressions of imagination...

MICKEY: Is fear.

ELIAS: At times, but more often is an immediate discounting.

MICKEY: Which is fear, isn't it? To me, I know I discount because of fear - "oh no, I could never do that."

ELIAS: Not necessarily. At times it is an influence of your beliefs, not necessarily an expression of fear but a designation that "ah, this is an expression of my imagination but is unrealistic or is impossible." But there is no aspect of your reality that is impossible to be manifest, regardless of how impossible it appears. (Chuckles)

MICKEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

FEMALE: Elias, hi, how are you?

ELIAS: As always! And yourself, in your adventure?

FEMALE: (Laughs) As always! Just within the work that I've been doing with the people that I work with and also the people that I've been close to recently, especially with the World Trade Center - one in particular who lost a sister there - and being what I do, of wanting to give compassion, after reading one of the most recent transcripts I began worrying that I was enabling a role of victim, whether it's my clients or it's my friend who lost her sister, and wanting to be able to communicate compassion but at the same time not communicating victim.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding, and this expression is being grappled with by many individuals in this time framework.

Let me express to you, my friend, you are moving beyond the expressions of creating the reinforcement of other individuals in the role of victim. For what you are allowing yourself is merely a recognition that individuals ARE expressing a role of victim, and this is not good or bad. It merely is. And this is not for you to change, but an opportunity for you to accept and in that acceptance you offer the expression of compassion. For the expression of compassion is understanding, and in that expression of understanding you allow yourself an empathic expression in which you recognize the experience of the other individual and you create no judgment in association with it.

In particular situations, individuals ARE creating the role of victim in relation to their own individual expressions of powerlessness and not viewing their choices and challenging themselves with that. But this is not bad, my friend. For how may you address to the aspect of victim if you do not allow yourself to experience the victim?

FEMALE: Personally?

ELIAS: How may ALL of you. You have yourself allowed yourself this experience. This offers you an opportunity of understanding. It also opens the door to choice. For in allowing yourself the recognition that you are creating this experience - and they shall also - you also offer yourself an opportunity to incorporate choice.

In your role in association with other individuals, you may express merely the genuine compassion of understanding and the acceptance of what the individuals are creating, without judgment, without attempting to fix. For even within what you have chosen in your focus that you define as your profession, you are not fixing. You are offering an expression of energy in acceptance and you are providing an example, which is the point.

FEMALE: So sharing more of myself with that person might be more helpful than trying to maneuver their life?

ELIAS: Correct.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I may express to you all, in actuality the manner in which you offer the greatest expression of helpfulness to another individual is the reverse of what you think. The manner in which you offer the most tremendous expression of helpfulness to any other individual upon your planet is to focus your attention upon self and not attempt to fix them. For in attempting to fix another individual what you are in actuality expressing is a discounting of them, that they are not creating their reality efficiently or well enough and that you may create it better.

Q: Are we saying to them too that we're not letting them be perfect just the way they are?

ELIAS: Quite, and that they are not perfect, and they are.

FEMALE: Even if they're unhappy?

ELIAS: For you choose expressions purposefully, and as you continue within this physical dimension, regardless of whether you are expressing what you identify as happy or not happy, you are continuing to express your value fulfillment.

This also, my friends, is the importance of turning your attention to yourselves and becoming familiar with yourselves and what you naturally generate in your individual focus, which is the movement of your intent. For as you allow yourselves to recognize your intent, it may be expressed continuously; and this is not to say that the expression of your intent shall always be comfortable, but it shall be accomplished.

I may express to you in example, in incorporating once again, much to his dismay, the example of Michael, in offering himself information concerning his individual intent and the expression of that in this particular focus, which the expression of incorporates continuous challenge. Challenge is not necessarily comfortable, but it is no less accomplished in comfort or discomfort; it continues to be accomplished.

JEN: The challenge?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Well, we'll have to let Michael know that.

ELIAS: He is already aware! (Laughs)

JEN: Yes, I'm sure! Can you pretty much boil down your intent to one sentence? Can each person identify their intent fairly succinctly?


MICKEY: By intent, do you mean your purpose here? What is intent?

ELIAS: Your purpose is merely to experience and explore this physical dimension and the design of it. But each of you within your individual focuses incorporates a specific direction.

MICKEY: Based on what?

ELIAS: Your choice of how you shall explore.

MICKEY: Did we decide that before we came here?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. As you choose to manifest, each individual focus incorporates the choice of how they shall explore this experience and what direction they shall incorporate, and each of you incorporates a specific direction and that is the identification of your intent. This may be discovered by allowing yourself to view the entirety of your focus - from the time you have manifest to the now - and discover the theme, the theme of all of your experiences.

You direct your experiences to be exploring different avenues of your direction, some quite specifically. But the theme remains throughout the entirety of your individual focus. The direction of it moves the same.

MICKEY: Can you change that?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. I may express to you, generally speaking you do not, for you incorporate very many focuses within this physical dimension and they are all experiencing a theme or a direction; therefore, it is unnecessary. Also you incorporate THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of counterpart actions with other individuals, which also offer you other manners in which to incorporate experiences. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be altering your direction or your intent in one particular focus; but once again this is not an absolute, for there are no absolutes. Therefore, if you are so choosing, you may. You merely generally do not.

JEN: Isn't one aspect of the intent that we all share here a desire to learn more about self and maybe a slightly heightened sense of consciousness?

ELIAS: Not necessarily "heightened sense of consciousness."

JEN: I mean like more awareness.

ELIAS: To be incorporating a wider awareness and more of an openness in your objective awareness to consciousness itself and yourselves.

MICKEY: That's like the collective consciousness, is that what you're saying?

ELIAS: Which you are of.

JEN: I mean noticing self, too, noticing a little more when you're creating stuff, at least for me, noticing when I flow in a particular way and when I don't.

MICKEY: But you're saying everyone is doing that exact same thing...

ELIAS: Yes, and you are not incorporating a race, and you are not attempting to be elevating to higher levels! Ha ha!

JEN: Right, right. But how does that work in the shift in consciousness now, especially on this planet with so much turmoil? It seems like there's many people out there who're not choosing to look at self or look at expanded awareness.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, my friend.

JEN: Okay, that's heartening.

ELIAS: This is an assumption...

JEN: It is; it's a bleak one.

ELIAS: ...that you are expressing, but this is not necessarily what is occurring. As I have stated in this situation, how may you be aware and recognize a role of a victim if you do not recognize that you express that within yourself? How shall you allow yourself to address to judgments if you do not recognize that you are expressing them? And you ARE recognizing that you are.

JEN: That's the hard part. That's a big deal, noticing when you're...

JUDY: But the children seem to understand.

ELIAS: Quite! And I have expressed previously, this is no accident. Small ones being manifest now into this aspect of this shift in consciousness are manifesting appropriately, in a manner of speaking, allowing themselves to not be manifest with such singularity and such strength in veils of separation but incorporating a wider awareness. For they shall be, many of them, continuing in their manifestation at the accomplishment of this shift.

MICKEY: Is there a time frame for that or...?

ELIAS: As chosen by yourselves collectively, the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness shall be entirely manifest in your objective reality approximately three-quarters of the movement of this century.

JEN: Missing out on that! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Therefore your small ones offer to themselves less obstacles than you have offered to yourselves. But YOU now offer to yourselves, in relation to these small ones, the challenge to be recognizing this and not attempting to stifle their expressions, allowing that they already know that they are directing of themselves, that you are not directing of them. Even VERY small ones already recognize this.

(People enter the room off camera) Welcome, my friends! Ha ha ha!

JEN: Anybody have any other questions?

Q: I have a question about the small ones, talking about how they are more understanding or they recognize what may be in store for them in the future. Children always have more of an ability than we do to be here now and to focus on just this moment. Are they going to be able to see that shift because they are going to be able to sustain that focus?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. But you also may incorporate this action yourself. It is not limited to the incorporation of the small ones. You all are inheriting your own earth! Ha ha ha ha!

LAURA: One of the moms here wants to know her baby's essence name, Ocean.

ELIAS: Essence name, Reede, R-E-E-D-E (REED).

LAURA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MICKEY: Do you have anything else that you want to say to us?

ELIAS: Merely as always, my friends: be noticing and paying attention! (Chuckles) Pay special attention to the choosing aspect of yourselves. It shall offer you tremendous insight into yourselves. Recognize that there are many times within your experiences that you think you want a particular manifestation and you do not manifest it; you choose another manifestation. This is the discrepancy between the thinking and the choosing - but I may express to you, the choosing always wills out! (Chuckles) The choosing aspect of you always continues to choose and do. Therefore, it offers you tremendous information. It also offers you a tremendous avenue to discover your direction, for it will choose in association with your direction in any particular moment. It shall not deviate from your direction, regardless of what you think.

JEN: That's because it's you.

ELIAS: It is an aspect of you; it is a mechanism of you. It is the mechanism that you create to physically move and manifest.

MICKEY: It's like your compass, always pointing towards...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

LAURA: So it's not what we thought, but it leads us closer and closer to what our intent is?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

Very well! I offer to you all great encouragement in this time of great opportunity and emergence. For as you incorporate the contractions of birth, you also are creating contractions within your physical imagery, an emergence into the very expression that you desire, this shift.

And I may also offer a suggestion that you allow yourselves to recognize that trauma in association with this shift in consciousness IS NOT NECESSARY. You may expect it, but it is not necessary! Therefore, now that you have created your mass event and you have satisfied your perceived need for trauma in association with this shift, you may allow yourselves permission to NOT incorporate trauma.

JEN: Because if we incorporate it, we're gonna create it.

ELIAS: Quite!

JEN: So we need to be focusing on peaceful things. Maybe that's just focusing on self, huh?

ELIAS: Yes. One point, my friend! Ha ha ha ha! I express to you all tremendous affection and anticipation of our interaction futurely. To you all this evening, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:27 PM.

(1) Transcriber's note: Elias really did use a contraction here. He does so very infrequently, so it seemed worth noting.

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