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YCYR – Concept vs. Reality


“YCYR — Concept vs. Reality”
“Other Beings/Cousins”
“Chapter Dreams”

Wednesday, October 13, 1999   © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).
Elias arrives at 10:16 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Castille!

LETTY:  Good morning, Elias!  It’s good to talk to you again.  I’ve been looking forward to this session (Elias chuckles) but I bet you knew that already!

ELIAS:  As always! (Chuckling)

LETTY:  Well, I want to start with some of my creations and see more of a validation, beginning with something that I’ve had before, which is kind of like joint pain in my hands and knees, sometimes a little bit in my back.  I feel that my energy centers are off-balance, and although I try to meditate, sometimes I have a difficult time.  So besides the validation, I was wondering if you had like a little short-term remedy!

ELIAS:  Aha!  I express to you that the reason that you are creating this restriction and this stiffness within your physical body is that you are holding energy in tension within your physical form.

As you enter certain time frameworks within your focus that you begin experiencing tension, and you begin to feel within you that you are rushed and that you are not exhibiting the correct amount of control within your activities, you begin creating an energy of tension.

As you create that type of energy, you focus the manifestation of that energy within your physical body.  You do not allow yourself to be releasing that energy of tension, but hold to it and create a physical exhibition of the tension, which creates a restriction within your movement and creates a stiffness within your physical body.

Now; in this, the reason that your activity of meditation is not creating a remedy is that you are not allowing yourself to move through and release the tension as you are creating it.  Therefore, as you choose to be engaging a meditation, you have already created the situation of the tension within energy and you have already created the choice to be holding that energy and placing it within your physical body form.

In this, you are approaching this creation and situation within your meditation with an expectation that as you allow yourself a relaxation within that moment, this shall be releasing the energy.

I express to you that you defeat your purpose in this action, for you may allow yourself to be relaxing within that individual moment of your meditation, but you immediately re-create the situation as you discontinue your meditation and you re-engage your activities and your creations in your daily actions.

Therefore, I express to you, much of this tension you are creating in conjunction with your employ, and as you create tension within your focus in relation to your employ, you also create this stiffness.

Now; in this action, if you are allowing yourself within the moment to be noticing of your tension and the onset of your stiffness, you may create an exercise similar to that exercise which we have discussed previously in relation to your breathing.  As you allow yourself within the moment to recognize what you are creating and allow yourself a momentary relaxation and an expelling of this energy — which is tenseness — you may also be considerably reducing the physical affectingness.

LETTY:  That makes a lot of sense because I have felt very unorganized lately, which adds to my tension.

ELIAS:  Correct, and this once again is an exhibition of your continuation to be presenting to yourself opportunities to view areas in which you feel within yourself a lack of control.

LETTY:  The last few days, I’ve felt this neck pain when I sleep.  It’s like in my dream state.  Actually, in my dream state I’ve been experiencing two things: my breathing problems, because I go to bed and I feel relaxed and fine and in deep sleep, but I wake up in the middle of the night with a difficulty in breathing, and the last couple of nights, I’ve had a certain neck pain, very tight.  I can feel the energy holding in my neck, and it kind of explodes into my head with a tension, like if I sleep crooked, but I think it has to do with the same issue.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

Now; the creation of the restriction within your breathing is your expression of energy in conjunction to yourself individually and areas within your focus that you are underlyingly feeling restricted within.  This particular expression relates much more to your personal expressions in relationships and your identification within you — your belief — that you are not interactive enough within that area of expression.

Therefore, you exhibit within your energy a constrictedness, and this appears within the time framework in which you are not actively engaging your employ or distracting yourself within other activities.

The creation of the stiffness within your neck and the painfulness within head is also related to all of the tension that you are creating in relation to your employ.

LETTY:  Okay.  That kind of makes sense ... which brings me to my restriction in breathing.  I had this wonderful smell that was kind of helping me, and I really felt it helped in distracting me from my restriction of breath, and I seem to have lost it.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  It is not that you have “lost” any element!

You have allowed yourself a temporary expression, but within your movement presently and recently, you also hold an underlying fear of becoming too dependent upon any one particular expression.

This creates a belief that if you are creating too much of a familiarity within any expression, that you may be creating a dependency upon that creation and that you may be developing that particular expression into what YOU view or what you believe to be a negative element, especially in conjunction with elements that you already hold negative beliefs with.

Now; in this area of your breathing, although I am quite acknowledging of your movement into acceptance in part in this area, you continue to hold certain aspects of negative judgment upon this expression, which as you are aware, continues the expression itself.

But in relation to that expression, the underlying belief and fear of creating any type of dependency of any type of expression as it becomes more familiar to you is great, and therefore you are choosing not to be continuing in different types of relative new expressions.  In this, you allow yourself a feeling of comfort and reinforcement that you are not perpetuating the element that you fear. (Pause)

Let me express to you, Castille, this is an action that many individuals create.

Within their movement of widening awareness and becoming more familiar with self, individuals also begin to be creating new fears of self, for you are opening to more of your abilities, and in this, the action of opening to more of your abilities is unfamiliar and you do not trust your movement, for this is not an element that you view you continuously hold control within.  This is quite common within individuals in physical focus moving into the action of this shift and widening their awareness.

There is initially a great excitement in the concept of widening your awareness and opening to all of your abilities.  But as you begin in actuality, objectively, to create that type of action, as it IS quite unfamiliar to you objectively, you begin to create new fears within yourselves in questioning the control aspect of exercising your newly remembered skills, so to speak.

LETTY:  Which is an additional challenge to trust yourself.

ELIAS:  Quite!  This is a challenge that individuals many times are presenting to themselves, for these aspects of beliefs of control and lack of control are very strong.

LETTY:  Yes, I definitely feel that.  But thank you, because I wasn’t quite feeling that that was what I was trying to control, actually.  I was trying to control my thoughts instead of releasing that energy.

ELIAS:  And this is the point, to be releasing the energy and freely expressing, not to be holding to the energy.  Whereas you continue to hold to any of your energy, you are continuously restricting yourself and creating conflict.

LETTY:  And pain!

ELIAS:  Quite!

LETTY:  (Laughing)  Yeah!  Okay, thank you so very much.

Well, along with this widening of our awareness, we talked the last few times about my eyesight and my neurological pathways expanding.  Am I still going through that?  I guess I’m trying to ask your opinion about it because I would like to get that eye surgery, but I still sometimes feel my eyesight doesn’t quite focus the same way.  It seems to change, and I was wondering if I’m still on that path.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, as I have previously, yes, you are continuing within this action.

I am also expressing to you, as I have offered to you previously, be remembering, your choices are merely choices.  There is no right or wrong within any of your choices.  Therefore, it is not better if you are choosing not to be engaging your medical profession, and it is not better if you are choosing.  Neither choice is a better choice.  You are not expressing to yourself more trust in self by choosing not to engage your surgical procedure.

LETTY:  Okay.  No, I hadn’t been looking at it that way.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

LETTY:  I experienced something very interesting.  I was out of town.  I was in a hotel room, traveling, and I experienced these lights that seemed like somebody was projecting with a flashlight.  But they had formed, and they moved from one end of the room to the other, and my first impressions were almost like ghosts, and then I realized it was a light, and it was something I was allowing myself to see, and I was not afraid.  But I just don’t quite know what that was.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you have allowed yourself temporarily to view other elements which occupy the same space arrangement within your physical universe.

Now; in this, I have offered information to all of you previously in this subject matter.  Not often within your linear time framework do you allow yourselves to view the movement of these elements within your reality.  I have defined these “beings,” so to speak, as what you may term to be “cousins,” in a manner of speaking, to yourselves.  They occupy the same space arrangement, but a slightly different dimensional quality.  Therefore, they are not entirely visible to you within your each-day mundane activities.

These are not extraterrestrials.  These are not other-dimensional focuses or beings, so to speak, which are bleeding through.  This is a different type of situation.

What you have allowed yourself to view are an expression of other beings, which are other types of focuses of essence which occupy this space arrangement within this physical dimension, but occupy a different dimensional creation within this space arrangement and within this dimension.

Therefore, their reality is superimposed upon your reality, or vice versa, and functions and continues within your physical dimension, but is unobserved by you.  In like manner, your reality is unobserved by them.  Momentarily, within certain time frameworks, as you widen your awareness, you may allow yourself to view these other beings.  If you are so choosing, you may allow yourself to open your awareness to a point that you may view that your physical air is occupied quite fully with expressions of what you physically would term to be other beings.

These are different aspects of essences manifest within your actual dimension, occupying the same space arrangement, but in a manner of speaking, separated from your objective reality by a thin dimensional veil.  In actuality, it is a perceptual veil.

LETTY:  Are these essences like ... could they be like the same essences as we are?  Or are they just different essences because we’re all connected through consciousness?

ELIAS:  Both.

LETTY:  Both.  Okay, wow.  Very interesting!  It was very exciting! (Elias chuckles)  I don’t think I quite knew how to open myself more, although I wanted to objectively, but I enjoyed it.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Do not be discounting of yourself that you have not accomplished ENOUGH, for this returns us to our discussion of better and your accomplishments needing to be better!

Merely allow yourself to acknowledge to yourself that you have accomplished within that moment, offering yourself a different viewing of information which is related to your physical dimension, and allow yourself the acknowledgment that this is a validation and evidence to yourself that you are widening your awareness.

LETTY:  Thank you.  I have one quick question on Leezar and our movement toward getting together.  Is that a probability that still continues to move?  Sometimes I feel, maybe because I’m the person that likes to jump into the action and he is the opposite, that we’re moving slowly, but I guess I just wanted to confirm that we’re still moving toward that probability of being together.

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

LETTY:  Okay, thank you.  I have a couple of dreams that I need help in understanding more, because I continue to have two or three dreams within the same night that objectively, when I remember them, don’t tie in, but I know they are supposed to, or somehow they do.

One of them is, there were three different weddings happening that same night.  The second wedding I remember was my cousin’s, but I decided to get married at the same time, and I remember coming on a horse and giving her my flowers and wishing her well, because I couldn’t be at her wedding because I was going to mine, and then I had a lot of family, family from my early days of this focus.

And then all of a sudden, I was at another wedding wearing this long, beautiful yellow dress — and I’m very much attracted to yellow — but then remembering a feeling of jealousy or competition with one of my coworkers that I do have that problem with objectively too.

ELIAS:  What you are creating in this imagery is once again related to what you are engaging within your employ.  In this imagery, you are offering to yourself the opportunity to view the situation and the direction of movement that you are presenting to yourself.

Now; in this, what I am expressing to you is, you are, in imagery, offering to yourself your method.

You present yourself, in one aspect, the union or the situation of a union, and you present the acceptance of self that you participate in the action of the union, and you present to yourself that another individual also simultaneously participates in the same action, but you each engage the action individually.

Within one scenario, you are accepting of the other individual’s creation, recognizing that it is their choice and their reality, which occurs simultaneously to yours, and that you participate in the same action.  But in this individual movement of it, you are also accepting of yourself, that you choose to be moving objectively independently of the other individual.  You also present yourself with another aspect of dream imagery which surfacely appears to be opposite, in which once again you are presenting yourself with the imagery of union and simultaneous actions, but you are experiencing frustration and irritation and conflict.

Now; what you are presenting to yourself in this imagery is the information that you may be creating your own movement in conjunction with other individuals objectively in which you presently view you hold conflict with.  The method that you may be presenting yourself with in this scenario is to be accepting of self first, recognizing your movement, your creations, your desire, and allowing yourself to also be accepting of the other individual’s movement and choices and creation of their reality, recognizing that you are participating in union with each other.

LETTY:  Wow.  Yes, okay.  That makes perfect sense.

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you, Castille:

Your movement in interaction with other individuals, in like manner to many other individuals within physical focus, becomes directed in a manner of expression in which you express to yourself objectively that you are creating an acceptance of self, and as you engage frustration or conflict of any type with another individual, in the expression of acceptance of self, you choose to be removing yourself from interaction.

Now; I hold the awareness that I have expressed previously that at times this may be an expression of no conflict.  This particular type of situation is not necessarily the expression of no conflict, for the expression of no conflict is a genuine expression of acceptance of self and an acceptance of the other individual.

In this type of expression, you camouflage the belief, for you turn your attention to self, but you express to yourself, “I am creating my no-conflict scenario by removing myself from interaction with another individual.”

This is not necessarily a genuine expression of acceptance of self.  It is an expression of frustration within self that you experience in the lack of offering to yourself more of your individual choices.

Therefore, in your physical terms, you view no choice that you may adequately be interactive with another individual without conflict or frustration, and you are underlyingly expressing to yourself that you do not hold the ability to be adequately engaging with another individual, and therefore you choose to be removing self.

This type of removal of self is not an expression of acceptance of self or the other individual.  This is a judgment upon both individuals, yourself and the individual that you are interacting with, and this creates an underlying element of frustration, and this frustration continues to the point that it becomes an objective frustration, for this is the action of holding to the energy, and in holding to the energy of frustration, you create a tension, and you view that you remedy the tension by removing yourself and your interaction with another individual, but in that action, you are merely perpetuating the very holding to energy and the expression of tension.  Are you understanding?

LETTY:  Perfectly, and I think you just explained my present situation with Bruce and his supervisor and a situation that’s happening right now within the present moment.

ELIAS:  You engage an interaction which offers you a tremendous opportunity presently to be allowing yourself an awareness of acceptance of self and of other individuals IN REALITY, not merely in concept.  In this, draw upon the information that has been offered to you previously in regard to acceptance.

Each individual holds differences in perception.  This is quite important that you allow yourself the assimilation of that information in reality, for this is key.  Each individual holds differences in perception, and each individual’s perception is the element that creates their individual reality.

This is the area in which you experience conflict, for as you engage another individual and you view the behaviors of other individuals, you immediately move in the direction of creating judgments within yourself if the individual is displaying behaviors which are contrary to your own.

LETTY:  Yes, and I think I just like saw it with a bright light, the difference between understanding the concept versus reality, because I know conceptually I understand the differences in perception from all that I read, and it makes a lot of sense, but I have not quite applied it as reality in myself.

ELIAS:  And neither have many, many, many other individuals throughout your globe!

This is a very difficult movement, for although you may express to yourselves that you believe that you create your reality, and that each individual creates their reality, and that you create the allowance for every other individual to be creating their reality simultaneous to your creation of your reality, you do not actualize this within your reality, for realistically, you do not believe this.

You believe that you may be creating the reality for each other, and this is the area in which victims are created, for you believe that other individuals hold the ability to dictate your behavior.

This in actuality is the expression quite simply: “Other individuals create your reality.  You do not.”

You also hold the reverse belief — that you may be creating of another individual’s reality and altering their behavior if you are expressing strongly enough.  If you are projecting enough energy, you hold the ability and the power to be altering another individual’s reality and creating their choices for them.

In both of these expressions, what you are in actuality displaying is your genuine belief that you do not create your reality!

LETTY:  (Sighing)  Very important lesson, Elias!

ELIAS:  And quite difficult in the face of the weight of your belief systems, but not impossible to be accomplishing!  And this is the reason that I continue to be expressing to you each to be moving in the direction of acceptance — acceptance of self and acceptance of your beliefs — not the elimination of self, not the elimination of beliefs, but the acceptance of both, for this shall afford you the objective ability to be accomplishing the reality, the KNOWING that you create your reality.

LETTY:  That’s why you keep repeating it to all of us, Elias.

ELIAS:  Quite!

LETTY:  And we all thank you!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  And you are all quite welcome!

LETTY:  Okay, I have one more dream that was kind of another one of these four-in-one dreams, because it was with very, very different people.  It started with my old friend Raoul, and a situation where we used to be like drinking buddies, except we got intimate.

And then my next dream right after that was, I was swimming back and forth in what seemed like a huge pool.

In the third part of the dream, Leezar was there, and my step-mother was there, and I was scared of my mother knowing that I was there with Leezar because of the belief systems, not being married.  But then I was also playing with toys there, a broken toy at that point.

And then in the fourth dream that finally woke me up, I was in a home where there were wild animals, and a crocodile played a big important part in waking me up because it came after me.

ELIAS:  Very well.

The imagery that you are presenting to yourself in this succession of dream symbols, so to speak, is first of all an identification of the belief of relationships and intimacy, and aspects of this belief and how they are interactive with aspects of the belief of sexuality.  These two belief systems, as with all belief systems, cross over each other at times, and different aspects of the belief systems couple themselves together within different time frameworks.

Now; the presentment of the previous friendship is the identification of the belief of relationships.  The interaction that is displayed is the imagery of the aspect of the belief that as you alter certain behaviors within your relationship, you also alter the relationship.  This is not necessarily the situation, but it is an aspect of the belief system.

Therefore, you have established the identification of the belief system and one of the aspects, that as you alter your behavior in what you assess as dramatic “alterization,” you also alter the relationship itself, and you do not necessarily view this type of alteration as positive. (Elias is making up words again!)

You move into a continuation in which you present yourself with imagery continuing in relationships, but entering also the aspects of the belief system of sexuality, which address to how you view yourself, how you assess your interaction with many other individuals and with yourself.

In this, you present yourself with brief imagery of Leezar.  This creates the aspect of intimacy in sexuality, and this presents other aspects of the belief system which address to how you view your ability and your presentment of yourself and of other individuals in the action of intimacy.

Now; in this, you move to imagery that you are creating of a playful action, but with a toy that appears to be broken.

This is the imagery in which you are expressing to yourself the belief that elements within your reality may be and are broken, but you also allow yourself the involvement of playfulness.

This imagery is countering of the brokenness, for this is the imagery that is expressing to you that the elements or the aspects of these belief systems are not in actuality creating of any brokenness within your reality.  You merely believe that there are broken aspects of your reality.

In actuality, if you are allowing yourself to be viewing these same elements of your reality through the lens of playfulness — if you are viewing through the perception of playfulness and openness — you may also view that the same elements of your reality that had been viewed as broken are in actuality not.

Subsequent to this presentment of identification of these aspects of belief systems and the identification of how you may be interactive with these aspects of belief systems through alterations within your perception, you present yourself with the tension of the creatures that appear to be threatening.  This is the imagery that you present to yourself in the recognition of the difficulty that you create in allowing your perception to turn.

LETTY:  With the wild animals....

ELIAS:  Quite.

Your belief systems do not attack you.  There is no element within your reality which is broken.  In this, as you allow yourselves to move into the expression of acceptance, you also release your automatic movement in creating fear. (Pause)

LETTY:  So it’s all about my fear.

ELIAS:  There is an element of fearfulness within you and within many individuals, that they may not hold — that YOU may not hold — the ability to be accomplishing this action; that it is viewed as too tremendous, too large, and that you are not capable of creating this type of acceptance and movement.  This is an automatic response to the unfamiliar.

I am not expressing to you that all of what you are creating is concerning fear, but that there is an element of that which is expressed, just as there are elements of many other directions and creations which are being expressed.

LETTY:  Wow.  Well, you gave me more to think about ... (Elias chuckles) about holding myself at the window!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  Much movement is occurring presently, and you are allowing yourself movement within the wave.

LETTY:  Yes.  Well, Elias, as always, you’ve been extremely helpful, and I’m very grateful.

ELIAS:  I offer to you encouragement, Castille.

LETTY:  Thank you — you did.  This was a wonderful, wonderful lesson.

ELIAS:  There is much information to be assimilated, but you shall, and you shall be accomplishing, as you already are.

To you this day, I offer great energy and affection, and I anticipate our next meeting.

LETTY:  Me too.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  My expression of au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:18 AM.

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