Session 354

Lines of Probabilities


“Lines of Probabilities”
“Underlying Expectations”
“This Would Be Your Choice!”

Tuesday, January 26, 1999 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).
Elias arrives at 12:18 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

MIKE:  Morning!

ELIAS:  And we meet again!

MIKE:  Yes, and again, and again, and again! (Elias chuckles)  I have many more questions for you.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may proceed.

MIKE:  Okay, before we get too far, I’ve forgotten to ask you many times, what is the number 23?  Why has it been popping up for me? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This number is significant within a particular line of probabilities that you are creating presently.

In this, you are offering yourself the beginning point of accessing information which concerns your own probabilities, and this number is significant in relation to an age.

In this, as you are creating this line of probabilities presently, this age of 23 holds significance in a breakpoint, so to speak, in which in this line of probabilities, you allow yourself this particular point within your linear time framework, that you shall be creating a choice of either continuing within that particular probability line or moving into a different direction entirely.

Be understanding, this is not necessarily a precognition, as you would term it to be, or a looking futurely, but merely accessing information concerning your own probabilities that you are creating within this now — which there also is a knowing that time is simultaneous, and therefore that turn-point, so to speak, is also now, and merely sideways to what you view within your linear time framework — but the reason that you view this to be precognitive is that you function within a linear time framework.

Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  Does this set of probabilities that you’re talking about have anything to do with school?

ELIAS:  Partially.

It may involve ... if you are choosing to alter the present line of probabilities and engage the breakpoint at that particular age, there exists also within another line of probabilities or an offshoot line of probabilities a strong probability of exchanging positions with an alternate self, and allowing another aspect of yourself to move into primary position.  Therefore, many aspects of your reality would then be altered.

MIKE:  Hmm.  Well, what would happen if I were not to be altering?  What you’re saying is that the most probable probability is that I’m going to be making the choice to go with whatever, not going with the breakpoint?  Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  There is no leaning in either direction presently.  It is merely a presentment to yourself that you have chosen to be offering yourself another line of probabilities for consideration, but within this present now, you do not lean in either particular direction, but merely offer yourself the beginnings of an awareness that you hold more choices than appear to you objectively in obvious terms.

This is helpful to you in allowing you the opportunity to validate to yourself that there are many more choices open and available to you than you may necessarily view within any particular moment, but as you are widening your awareness, you are also allowing yourself to move more so into what you may term to be this “middle ground” within your reality, and within this middle ground, there are very many more choices that are available to you as opposed to what you may term to be the ground of black and white, in which many individuals exist and create their reality in.

You are moving more centrally or into a more centralized position within your awareness, and beginning to offer yourself information in more areas and more different manners, that you may begin to view that you hold many more choices than you held an awareness of previously.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  Speaking of probabilities, are there any probabilities that are more probable than others of myself and/or Candace getting stuck like we were before?  Have we dealt with the issue that we were trying to show ourselves from before? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within the movement that you are engaging, as always, this would be your choice.

Although I may express to you that there continues to be probabilities within your pools that you may move into that I would not necessarily express as being stuck, but that you may present yourselves with new aspects of belief systems that are creating obstacles within your choice of direction concerning your wants.

Therefore, I am understanding of your terminology of “stuck,” and I would be offering to you the affirmative, that that possibility and probability continues to be within play in your pools of probabilities, but I also express to you that this is merely a presentment of different aspects of your own belief systems that you may present yourself with, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to widen your awarenesses more and be accomplishing your own intents more effortlessly.

I shall express to you that as individuals move into the areas of what you within physical focus term to be “quick fixes,” you also present yourselves with the situation many times of disappointment and frustration, for these are contrary to the underlying expectations that you hold, and this is where the development of your conflict comes into play.

MIKE:  Okay.  These situations that are in our pool, are they gonna be causing us to be as deeply stuck as we were this last time?

ELIAS:  As I have stated, this would be your choice.

As you allow yourself to widen your awareness more and more and engage your periphery, and also as you allow yourself to view reality more, you may not present yourself with the extreme that you have presented yourself with previously, but this would be dependent upon your choice in recognizing the direction that you are choosing and the influence of the aspects of belief systems that you are allowing to play into your choices and your creations.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  Okay, I’ve been seeing a great frequency of those trucks that I like, and I was wondering, what is the imagery behind those?

ELIAS:  You present yourself with this imagery, that you may be assessing a want, and you may be viewing the aspects of belief systems that are influencing in your movement concerning wants.

This may be aspects that express to you that you may be accomplishing this want, and also simultaneously other aspects that express to you that you may not be accomplishing this want.

In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to evaluate your own creations in more beneficial and efficient manners.

For the situation is not that you may not be creating any of your objective wants, for you may, but that you recognize that the manner in which you create these objective wants is heavily influenced by your expectations and your beliefs, and moving in conjunction with your individual intent.

Now, as you allow yourself to become aware of aligning these different elements — your intent, your want, the aspects of your own belief systems and how they are affecting you — you allow yourself the opportunity to move into a more efficient expression, and in this, you may be creating of your wants.

In this, you also look to your expectations, not merely the obvious or surface expectations, but those expectations which appear more hidden and are underlying the surface or objective expectations, for these underlying expectations hold much more influence and you lend much more energy to these expectations and they are much more affecting in what you are creating within your reality, and as I have expressed to you previously, this also creates fertile ground for your own conflict and disappointment if you are not recognizing the underlying expectations that you hold, for your expectation shall be quite influencing in creating your reality.

MIKE:  Okay, that kind of goes along with my next question.  You did say last meeting — ‘cause it didn’t get on tape — that it is very probable that I’m choosing to be taking the next school year off?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  In that, I am very curious, as is Candace, and I think sometimes I feel a little bit of a panic thing because I hear some of those questions she comes up with.  But how am I going to be doing my traveling?  Is it gonna be some kind of an organized thing?  Is someone gonna be offering it to me?  Or is this gonna come as a result of my financial action manifesting?

ELIAS:  Once again, this would be your choice.

But what you are offering yourself presently is the opportunity to be allowing yourself to be trusting of yourself, and allowing your situations and probabilities to merely unfold themselves.

Now; in this, you may be choosing to be planning and organizing, so to speak, different movements in travel, or you may be allowing yourself to open and notice elements that may present themselves and may offer you more spontaneity in your creation of your traveling.  This spontaneity is also another element of allowing yourself to be trusting of your own creations, which may be created in manners that appear to you to be quite unconventional!

MIKE:  Okay.  Well, I like the unconventional! (Elias chuckles)

I know it’s still my choice, but would I be correct in assuming that I won’t be doing this traveling until after May, when I’ve finished my class at the college over here?

ELIAS:  Within the present line of probabilities, this would be a more probable probability, yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  Are my travels gonna be restricted just to the states, or is it gonna be to Europe or wherever I end up?  Is it just gonna be in the states, or what?

ELIAS:  Within your line of probabilities presently, you are not limiting your movement to merely this particular country or continent.  Therefore, you allow yourself an openness to be engaging travel within other areas of your globe, that you may offer yourself information that may be beneficial to you as you choose to be engaging futurely your line of study.

MIKE:  Okay.  I’m not gonna ask you what school.  I’m gonna ask you, have I chosen what college I’m going to be attending after my traveling?


MIKE:  No.  So those lines are still open?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  Oh yeah.  With the attending of the college, again there is that issue and belief system of money coming up.  Is this gonna be resolved coming after my financial action manifesting, if I’m allowing it to?  Or am I gonna get scholarships, or what?

ELIAS:  Ah, you are moving in the area quite efficiently within this conversation of crystal ball predictions, (grinning) which I express to you that the baseline of all of this questioning is that you are presenting yourself with situations and with ideas and concepts that involve similar aspects — that of financial ability — for the reason that you are offering yourself the opportunity to view your own belief systems and your own ability to be moving in the direction of trusting yourself and trusting your ability to be creating.

It is quite a different manner to be expressing outwardly that you are trusting of self and expressing this in objective terms than to be genuinely trusting of yourself inwardly and merely knowing of your abilities.

For as you begin to move in the direction of genuinely trusting yourself, you also loose your hold upon energy, and in that loosening of your hold of energy, you do not concern yourself within your thought processes so very intensely and as often with these different situations.  You merely allow them to materialize, knowing that you are creating this and that they shall materialize as you choose them to.

In this, let me be reminding you that you do all create what you concentrate upon and what you hold in expectation, but this is not necessarily to say that you are creating what you objectively concentrate upon or expect.  You create what is the fruit of your expectation, in which expectation you lend more energy, and in this, it is more often the underlying expectation.

Therefore, you may also recognize an indication to yourself that you are accomplishing moving in the direction of trusting self as you allow these objective expressions of expectation to move away, in a manner of speaking.  Just as we engage the imagery of releasing the birds from the cage, you also, in like manner, are releasing the hold upon your objective expectations, and this becomes an indication to you in objective terms that you are moving more into the area of trusting and knowing rather than expecting.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.

I didn’t have this on my list, but I forgot to put it down.  Every now and then, when I’m going along with trying to ... er, trying!  When I’m looking to trust self and so forth, and in my trying to acknowledge a knowing of certain things being created, I hear this voice, and it’s a rather negative voice, as I would term it, and it’s quite annoying, and I wanted to know what is it that ... I mean, it’s quite loud in my head and it gets on my nerves, but I don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from.

ELIAS:  This is in actuality the presentment of a dual action.

First of all, there is one element of this expression that is, in part, reinforcing of your lack of trustfulness.  But in another respect, there is also simultaneously offered to you the recognition that as you are offering to yourself the wanting to be trusting of self and the objective expression, this is not necessarily the genuine expression of trusting self.

Therefore, essentially what you are creating is, as you move in this direction of expressing that you are “trying” to be trusting of self, an aspect of yourself presents itself and is shouting to you, “No, no, no!  This is not the method!  You are merely offering yourself affirmations that you do not believe.”

But simultaneously, within this same expression of “no, no, no,” you are also offering yourself the expression and imagery to be recognizing that you are beginning in this area, but that there is a very strong hold and that you need be looking to underlying expectations, moving inwardly, moving inside and evaluating where your inner expectations lie.

Therefore, you experience annoyance, for you are expressing to yourself the understanding and the knowing that you need be moving inwardly to be discovering your underlying expectations, and you express an impatience as though you are allowing yourself to be speaking to yourself in conversation, as one you expresses, “No, no, no!” and another you is expressing, “I am aware!  I am aware!  Now you may be discontinuing and quiet yourself!”  But the other aspect continues and expresses, “No, no, no!”  Therefore, you are battling.

In this, be accepting of this expression to yourself and acknowledging to yourself that you are moving in increments into the area of discovery of your underlying expectations.  But as you continue in this area, you shall also continue to offer yourself imagery in the areas that you deviate from your track, so to speak. (Chuckling, and Mike laughs)  And as you offer yourself annoyances, this shall attain your attention!

MIKE:  Yeah, I never thought about that!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is as a fly buzzing before your eyes, and you continue to be swatting at it, and it continues to be irritating you with its buzzing before you, and as you move to the point of capturing this fly, it shall continue to be annoying you, but it shall hold your attention.

MIKE:  Yes.

I’m gonna ask you some questions about some of my focuses, and numbers of certain focuses and relationships.  Are you gonna be willing to answer these?

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

MIKE:  Okay.  I wanted to know, how many soldier focuses did I manifest as? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that these are relative questions.  I am aware that I have offered you and other individuals specific numbers of focuses within this dimension.

Now; let me also qualify that those specific numbers apply merely to the focuses that hold the most similar tone to your own.

What I am expressing to you is that if you are engaging the activity of connecting with other focuses that you hold within this dimension, you shall automatically magnate to those particular focuses that are the most similar in tone to this particular focus within this present now.

This is the element that lends energy to the belief system created with individuals of reincarnation, that you hold a line of lifetimes, so to speak.  You do not view that you engage several focuses within one time framework.  You merely allow yourselves to connect within a linear succession of time framework.

Therefore, I have offered you information in the area of a certain number of focuses that you engage within this dimension, but that is limited merely to those focuses which hold the most similar tone to yourself, yourself being one of those focuses included in that number.  But the other focuses within this time framework — of which you are aware that there are other focuses of your essence presently engaging physical focus within this present now — those focuses are not included in that particular number which has been offered.

In like manner, in each time framework of each focus, all of the manifestations of essence are not necessarily included in that particular number.

The reason I offer this information to you presently within this now is that you do not become confused if your numberings appear inconsistent.

For you may inquire a questioning in this type of area — and I may offer you an example — that you may inquire to me, “What is the number of focuses that I hold in this particular dimension?” and I may offer to you a number 12, and you may inquire of me, “What is the number of focuses in this dimension that I have engaged the action of choosing physical gender of female?” and I may express 14.  In this, you may become confused, for this numbering appears inconsistent.

What I am expressing to you is that the initial numbering has been offered in response to those tone elements that are the closest in expression to the manifestation that you presently view as yourself.

Therefore, in response to your questioning of soldiers within this physical dimension as a choice of manifestations, I shall offer to you the number of 6.  But be considering the information that I have offered within this present now.

MIKE:  Okay.  Well, the number 53 that you gave me, is that going along the same lines that you just gave with your example, or is that the number of all my focuses in the dimension?

ELIAS:  No.  As I have expressed, this is the number of focuses within this dimension that are the most closely related in tone to yourself.  This is not necessarily the only manifestations of essence that appear within this dimension.

As I have expressed, one of those focuses in that number includes what you identify as yourself, but not necessarily the other three focuses that occupy this time framework which are also manifest in this time.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  When you just said “the number which included yourself,” what number were you talking about?

ELIAS:  The number that I have offered you....

MIKE:  Of 53?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay, then let me ask you that question again.  How many total focuses, of all the tones I may have chosen, that my essence may have chosen to manifest, how many focuses do I have in this dimension?

ELIAS:  In entirety, regardless of similarity of tone?  Very well. (Pause)  Seven hundred thirty-one.

MIKE:  Seven hundred and thirty-one?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  That’s a lot!

ELIAS:  But these are not necessarily all that align with your individual quality of tone.  They are expressions of your essence and are expressing within physical manifestation, and all of your focuses of essence do exchange energy with all other focuses, but may not necessarily be entirely influencing in what you may term to be a direct manner.

MIKE:  But all those other individuals, just for clarification for my objective here, those other individuals beyond that 53 are still me, though, right?

ELIAS:  They are aspects of your essence.

What I am expressing to you is that if you are engaging an exercise of any type to be accessing another focus of your essence in what you term to be a past or future lifetime, so to speak, you shall automatically magnate to certain focuses of essence.

This is not to say that you may not access other focuses, but they shall not necessarily be in direct line with you, so to speak.

What I am offering you in this explanation is also the explanation of why individuals within physical focus have developed the belief system concerning reincarnation, for you automatically magnate to one particular line of manifestations that hold a similar tone to your own, and you do not necessarily access all of the other manifestations, all of the other focuses of essence that are manifest in a particular dimension.

As I have stated, this is not to say that this is not available to you, but in a manner of speaking, these other focuses of essence are not accessed quite so very easily, and would require you tuning your attention and energy in a much more precise manner to allow you to access these other focuses.

Let me express this in another manner.  You know yourself as you.  A future focus of you ... we shall use future, for it appears that you hold more of an ease in your understanding objectively to be focusing in reverse than to be focusing forward, so to speak.  Within linear time frameworks, it is easier for you to think in terms of past lives than it may be to think in terms of future lives.

Therefore, let us express that a future focus of yours engages the activity of choosing to be connecting with other focuses of its essence.  In this action, it accesses you as a focus of essence, which it shall interpret as what you term to be a past life.

Now; it may not necessarily access another focus in this same time framework beside yourself.  It may access another focus in a time framework previous to your focus within a different time period, but it may not necessarily access more than one focus in this particular time framework.

Now; you are aware that there are three other focuses that are physically manifest in this present time framework, and also yourself.  This is not to say that this future focus shall hold an awareness of these other three, for it has accessed you, for you hold the most similar tone to itself.  Therefore, it shall assess that within this time framework of your history, you are its past life, not necessarily that it holds four past lives within this time framework.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes, very much so.  So that would possibly be an explanation of why I have a difficult time connecting with the other three.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, so that number 6 that you gave me of the soldiers applies to the 53?

ELIAS:  This would be applying to an inclusion of other focuses also, that do not necessarily hold a similar tone to yourself.

MIKE:  So this is out of the 731?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Are there any of this similar tone of myself that have been manifest as soldiers?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This would be four.

MIKE:  Four.  Well, that clears up a lot of confusion I had.  Okay, of this same tone of my essence, are there any focuses of not just taking martial art classes, but who have spent a great deal of their focus dealing with the martial arts?

ELIAS:  Quite, for you engage focuses within areas of your globe that you may term oriental descent, and in this, you do engage these practices in areas of physical location of Japan and also in Okinawa.

MIKE:  Wow.  In those focuses, I achieved the master level, right?

ELIAS:  You have in certain focuses, yes.

MIKE:  So would it suffice to say that I also have a Chinese focus?

ELIAS:  Yes, you hold focuses in this area also, and also in the physical location of Tibet.

MIKE:  Oh, Tibet.  And these would be martial art focuses?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.

MIKE:  Not necessarily, okay.

ELIAS:  Although that is incorporated into aspects of those focuses, but not in the manner that you are inquiring.

MIKE:  Okay, do I have any ... again, not someone like myself who has taken a couple of years of band, but someone who is a musician focus?

ELIAS:  Yes, and you may be allowing yourself to be connecting with this information.  I shall offer you the clue that this one focus, which may be lending energy to this present focus, occupies a physical location of what you term to be Russia.

MIKE:  Russia.  So I have another Russian focus then?

ELIAS:  Correct.  There is also another focus that is influencing in this same area, in a physical location of southern Africa.

MIKE:  South Africa, did you say?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay, what is my ... oh wait.  I’m gonna hold off on that one.  How many of the focuses that you and I shared held the relationship of acquaintances, how many of the twelve that you gave me?

ELIAS:  Are you inquiring for merely acquaintance, or what you term to be more intimate relationship?

MIKE:  Well, I bet that’s going to be my next question!  So both, basically.

ELIAS:  Very well.  In this, I shall express three within intimate friendship, six within acquaintance that fluctuates between what you may term to be aloof acquaintances and casual friendships.

MIKE:  Okay, that still leaves three.  Do we have any focuses as family members?


MIKE:  Husband and wife?


MIKE:  Enemies?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes! (Laughing)  Is that where the rest of the three come in?

ELIAS:  Correct.  I may express to you that there is held one focus which you would term to be quite an intensity of disliking with each other.

MIKE:  That’s interesting....

ELIAS:  Although be remembering that this matters not, for this is merely a choice of experiences within physical focus.

MIKE:  Yes.  Three enemies, that’s interesting.  How many ... I’m assuming that there’s focuses shared with Mikah and Michael?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Can you give me a number? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You hold, in similar tone, six focuses in conjunction to each other.

MIKE:  Six.  Okay, and in any of these focuses, is this where maybe possibly one of them came out where you and I were enemies?

ELIAS:  One, yes.  Correct.

MIKE:  Would this be maybe ... ‘cause I remember reading that in all the focuses that you and Michael shared, you were lovers, yes?

ELIAS:  In many shared focuses, you are correct.

MIKE:  Okay, would this be one of them?

ELIAS:  That you hold the position of enemy? (Grinning)

MIKE:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Yes. (Grinning)

MIKE:  Okay, was she female in this one?

ELIAS:  Yes. (Grinning)

MIKE:  Okay, so I’m going along the right path here with why we were possibly enemies?

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Partially, although I may express to you that within physical terms and belief systems and aligning with the belief system of duplicity, I may express to you that in your expression in a particular focus as an enemy, you have quite efficiently expressed yourself in very obnoxious terms! (Chuckling, and Mike cracks up)

(Humorously)  And of course, myself being the radiant expression of virtue was quite righteously expressing of disdain for your choices! (Chuckling)  And THERE be an example of reinforcement of the belief system of duplicity!  HA HA! (Mike is still cracking up)

MIKE:  I asked you this, I believe, in my second session, and I can understand maybe why you gave me the answer that you did, but I’m going to ask it again.  What is our, mine and yours, connection besides just the connection that essences hold?  That’s the answer you gave last time.  I mean, did we just show up in one focus and decide that we liked each other and decide to manifest again?

ELIAS:  Many essences choose to be manifesting in conjunction with other essences.  They choose to be manifesting, as I have stated, in groups, generally speaking; although once again, this is not a rule.

But in general terms, essences are choosing to be manifesting in conjunction with each other within different time frameworks in certain physical dimensions.  This lends what you may term to be a richness, in a manner of speaking, to the physical experiences, for as you magnate to certain essences in conjunction with qualities that those particular essences display ... this is quite figuratively expressed, mind you, but in that manner of speaking, essences choose to be manifesting in conjunction with other essences in a repeated action, for the most part.

Therefore, it is not unusual that within one time framework, many essences shall be focused within a particular location of your planet, and you may discover within another time framework that these same essences are focused conjointly or together within a different location of your planet.

This may appear to you to be quite coincidental, although I have expressed to you that there are no coincidences.  All is manifest quite precisely and quite intentionally.

MIKE:  Okay....

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you that individual essences do not necessarily manifest in conjunction with each other as dictated by the families that they are belonging to, for I wish not to be lending to misunderstanding or ideas that you may create within you that this may be a resulting of individuals’ alignments or belonging to any particular essence family, for this is not necessarily entirely influencing of this choice.

This choice is created for the reason that these essences hold similar qualities of expression within essence, and hold similar choice of investigation of their experiences within a physical dimension.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  Oh yeah.  Okay, what is the most ... so far, you’ve been the most, in the investigations and asking you of focuses shared with any other essence, but what is the most that Mikah has shared in this dimension with another essence? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You have shared 38 focuses with another essence consistently.

MIKE:  Now, is this number that of similar tone?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Correct, okay.  Will I be meeting this essence in this focus?

ELIAS:  Within your present line of probabilities, yes.

MIKE:  Would it be a male or a female?

ELIAS:  Within this particular manifestation, female.

MIKE:  Is this person gonna be involved with this information?  Is that how I’m gonna meet this person?

ELIAS:  Within this present now and line of probabilities, there is no leaning in what you would term to be either direction, for the information is being assimilated in a different manner.  But in the connection of probabilities, if choosing to be connecting with this individual within this focus, in another aspect the individual shall be opening to this information in this manner, for you shall be offering this information also.

MIKE:  Okay.  What is the connection with me and this other person?  Is she a fragment?  Is she a fragment of the same essence?

ELIAS:  No.  You are merely each holding essences that move in similar tone to each other, and direct your attention in similar choices for exploration of this particular dimension.

In a manner of speaking, this may be presented to you within physical terms that an individual may be moving alongside of another individual for they share common interests, if you are understanding.  In a similar type of expression, these essences move into choices of shared manifestations, for their direction of attention within their exploration of this particular dimension holds similar qualities and similar interests, so to speak, in their creation of their experiences within this dimension.

MIKE:  Okay.  You said her tone was similar?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  As in like essence name tone, or entirety of essence tone?

ELIAS:  Your essence name is a translation of the entirety of tone of your essence.  This is not to say that as it is translated into a word within physical focus, that it may necessarily resemble another word.  This is an area that I have addressed previously in which individuals become confused.  They automatically create an assumption within them, within their thought process, that if certain physical words are sounding alike or what you would term to be rhyming, that they also must necessarily be a similar tone within essence.

This is not necessarily the case, for it is a translation into physical language, and this does not always translate into a similar word, so to speak.

MIKE:  Okay, I was gonna ask you this in the beginning, but I jumped on the 23 thing.  After our last session, I wanted to have that interaction thing with you, and I wanted to ask you, where were you?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I have been present!

MIKE:  You must show yourself!

ELIAS:  Ah!  I MUST show myself!  Ah, quite commanding, are you not?

MIKE:  Oh yes!

ELIAS:  This is quite reminiscent of that focus of which we have spoken within this particular session, in which you hold quite obnoxious qualities!  Ha ha! (Chuckling, and Mike is laughing)

MIKE:  Okay, can you tell me what some of my issues are with not being able to do the whole thing there?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, as I have been expressing to you previously also, that you need merely relax your focus and you shall also allow yourself to be connecting with my energy, but there remains some elements of fearfulness in this area.  This is what you within physical focus term to be your designation of vulnerability.

As I have expressed previously, this term of vulnerability is merely another language word for openness, but within your belief systems, you guard very carefully in the area of vulnerability, for you hold very strong belief systems that if you are allowing yourself this relaxation of your focus and this vulnerability, you also may not be appreciating the experience that that expression lends to.

I express to you that there is no element of harmfulness within the expression of energy of this essence, and therefore it is unnecessary for your own holding and your own fearfulness, although I am quite understanding that regardless of my expression in this manner, this does not necessarily alleviate or eliminate the underlying expression.

Now, let me also express to you that this is quite common also in relation to belief systems that move in conjunction with gender.  I shall be offering information within our future forums of sessions concerning belief systems of gender within physical focus, which are influencing of many of your perceptions and also many of your actions and fears.

Within the gender that you have chosen for this particular physical manifestation, vulnerability is an undesirable quality.  In this, there are certain aspects of your belief systems that align with the mass, that the expression of your own masculinity, so to speak, should not be confused with an expression of vulnerability.

Intermixed with this aspect is another aspect of protection, recognizing that within this expression of male gender, you do hold a leaning in the direction of vulnerability, but that in exposing that vulnerability, it may be taken advantage of and exploited in hurtful manners.  These are underlying aspects of belief systems which create issues, and therefore create a response of holding to energy and protectiveness of self.

Let me express to you that I do not occupy physical focus, and therefore I also do not participate within the manifestation of physical belief systems.  Therefore, there is no influence of my energy to move in the direction of what you term to be hurtfulness, for the natural expression of essence is not hurtfulness, but acceptance.  Therefore, I offer this information to you that you may understand, that you may quiet yourself and allow yourself your expression of vulnerability, and no harmfulness shall befall you.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  Is this interaction objective thing probable?

ELIAS:  Quite.

MIKE:  Okay.  You said to relax the mind.  Would it be efficient for me to be focusing on any one thing, letting my mind drift, shutting my eyes, opening my eyes, what?

ELIAS:  This may be efficient for you to be engaging if you are allowing yourself physical relaxation, and I may express that discontinuing your visual stimulation may be quite helpful to your relaxation in your expression.  Therefore, you may allow yourself with eyes closed that you may not engage distraction, and you may also, if you are so choosing, allow yourself to be engaging of music that may be soothing to you and may be creating of what you would term to be a conducive environment to relaxation.

In this, as you are not concentrating upon any particular element or thought process, you may also allow yourself to drift, but not to be forcing away from yourself any element that drifts to you, for this may be distracting of your relaxation also, if you are noticing elements drifting into your awareness and you are forcing them out, so to speak, expressing to yourself, “No, I must be concentrating upon blankness.  I wish not to be allowing thoughts or feelings to be drifting into my awareness.”

In this, you are not allowing yourself an actual relaxation, for you are concerning yourself with forcing away elements that may be drifting into your awareness.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.

ELIAS:  At times, within those elements that drift into your awareness, you present yourself with the very element that you are seeking.  But as you are pushing them away, you also may be pushing away the very energy that you seek to be connecting to.

MIKE:  Okay.  Then if my eyes are shut, how might I see you?

ELIAS:  Ah, for you may only see myself with your physical eyes open, may you not?

MIKE:  Well, yeah!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Incorrect!  You may also view myself without your physical eyes open.  Although in connecting to this energy and allowing yourself the knowing of the energy within this state of relaxation, you continue to hold the choice to be opening your eyes at any given moment to physically view.  I am not expressing that as you engage your relaxation with eyes closed, that you need be continuing eyes closed throughout the entirety of your exercise.

MIKE:  So, I can just open my eyes right in the middle of relaxation, is what you’re saying?


MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Allow yourself to connect to the energy first, and as you connect to the energy, then you may open your eyes to view.

MIKE:  Okay. (Sighing)  I’ll have to digest that one.  Back to my German writer, I’ve had much conflict with searching, researching, and so forth for this individual, and I have come across nothing.  I did run into a book about famous writers, and I wanted to ask you, was he in that book?

ELIAS:  I shall reserve answering presently to be allowing for your continued investigation, but I shall also express to you that you are moving into an area of “warmer.”

MIKE:  In which area?  In the book?  (Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS:  Shall we play your game of hot and cold?  Ha ha ha!

MIKE:  (Laughing)  When I was flipping through the book, I admit that I had an expectation, and I may still have the expectation, that this individual will resemble me somehow.  Does this individual resemble me in any way?

ELIAS:  In certain aspects, but not entirely.

MIKE:  So when I’m flipping through the book, it may be just a person that I don’t even recognize.

ELIAS:  Ah, discounting of yourself once again!  And I have expressed to you that you shall recognize!

MIKE:  Okay.  I’ve run across three names.  I take it that none of them are it, because I felt no objective twitch.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay, and you said you weren’t going to answer about whether he’s in the book or not.

ELIAS:  Quite.  I shall reserve my response presently, for I am quite encouraging of your continued investigation in this particular area.

MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  I have offered you MUCH information in regard to the crystal ball within this particular session already! (Chuckling)

MIKE:  Yes, yes, yes.  I am aware, and I thank you for it.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

MIKE:  I guess I’ll ask another question about him.  Is this person – now I’m not gonna go sit down and try to think of every writer I’ve ever heard of — but is this person a person that I may have, in any of my English studies, just run across the name of?  Is it gonna be a name that I recognize?  Am I gonna say, “Oh my gosh, I knew that!”

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes?  Okay.  And one more question about this individual, ‘cause it is an expectation that I have, and Candace and I have bumped heads with this one, is about the age group.

She was saying that it really doesn’t matter what age group Nietzsche was in or my focus was in.  I have an expectation that they’re gonna be in the same age grouping.  I don’t think that there’s a big age difference between the two, right?

ELIAS:  This would be within relative terms, but relatively speaking, you are correct.

MIKE:  Relatively, okay.  Okay, alright.

I’ve skipped over this one before.  Why do I have an interest in weight-lifting and body-building and so forth?

ELIAS:  This would be a fluctuation in alignment of essence family that you — in a manner of speaking — drift in and out of within different time frameworks, and also an influence in energy exchange in counterpart action with another individual within this time framework.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that at times your essence, in conjunction with this particular focus of essence, drifts into a temporary alignment also with this Zuli family, and drifts out, so to speak, of this alignment.  Therefore, it is not what you would term to be, in physical terms, constant.

In this, you lend energy to yourself within this particular focus in conjunction with a counterpart action that you engage, in which a counterpart of yours whom you do not hold objective awareness of is aligning with the Zuli family, and in this expression, you also lend energy to that focus.

MIKE:  Okay, that makes sense.  That’s what I kind of figured.  I just figured maybe because of the variances of the Sumari family, but the counterpart action and shifting into the Zuli momentarily makes sense.  Do I have any focuses or counterparts that are chefs? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Both.

MIKE:  Both?  Okay.  There is this one — I’m hesitating to ask this one — but there is this one singer who sings with a group of other girls.  I like the music and so forth.  I’m not too crazy about the girls, but when I look at this one singer, she catches my attention because she reminds me of me.  I don’t know what it is about her that reminds me of me, but there’s something, and I have to stop and look at the picture, and it’s like I go into like almost an altered state when I’m looking at her, and my head just starts drifting about other focuses, and I was wondering, what is the connection ... either with that body form or that look, or with that person?

ELIAS:  This is another expression of counterpart action.

MIKE:  So she’s a counterpart.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  So then, when you have a counterpart with someone, that pretty much means you know the essence?  I mean, we’re all one and all, but is it safe to say that you know the essence?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.  You told me in the last session that I may not necessarily draw myself to fragments of Mikah, but maybe to fragments of Zolar.  Why wouldn’t I draw myself to fragments of Mikah?

ELIAS:  This would be for the reason of tone, intent, and desire.  Each essence holds qualities that they are expressive in, and other qualities that you may term to be dormant, so to speak.  Those qualities that are expressed within different essences are also influencing in drawing those essences together, so to speak.  In a manner of speaking, this would be your physical expression of “like attracts like.”

MIKE:  Okay.  That makes sense.  You said that I have a future focus a couple of sessions ago, and I was curious as to why ... ‘cause you said that there’s certain aspects of this focus, my focus, that wants to see the shift since I’m not gonna be remanifesting another aspect of myself, and I wanted to ask, why wouldn’t the future focus be experiencing the shift?

ELIAS:  It is.

MIKE:  It is.  So why is it necessary that this focus sees?

ELIAS:  It is not necessary.  It is a choice.

MIKE:  Oh, it is a choice.  Okay.  Another major misinterpretation on my part.  Do I share nonphysical focus or focuses with you or Patel?

ELIAS:  This is a complicated subject matter which I shan’t engage presently, but I shall offer you a response and express to you yes, and futurely I shall offer you more of an explanation in this area.

MIKE:  Okay.  So next session, you’ll tell me?

ELIAS:  Very well.

MIKE:  Okay, I’ll circle that one.  Now this one you may not give me, because it really has nothing to do with me.  I’m just curious.  With Candace, does she have any famous focuses?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes?  Can you give me one?

ELIAS:  No.  You may be investigating of this jointly, and I hold no doubtfulness that you shall be accomplishing!

MIKE:  Okay.  Could you give me like what the person is famous for, like a writer, an actor, a painter?

ELIAS:  This individual engages the action of singing.

MIKE:  Of what?

ELIAS:  Singing.

MIKE:  Singing?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Oh, interesting!  Is this a present focus or a past focus?  I mean, like a simultaneous focus to now?


MIKE:  Huh?


MIKE:  No, okay.  Singing, okay.  Ever since I was a wee one, a little one, I’ve had a fascination with different colored eyes — blue eyes, green eyes — and I’ve always, as you would term it, invalidated myself because I have brown eyes, and I don’t particularly care for brown.  But I want to know why, even from a young age, I’ve had a fascination with ... are these other focuses?  My other focuses, do they have these color eyes and I’m not used to brown eyes, or what?

ELIAS:  No.  This has been your recognition, in a manner of speaking, leading to your objective awareness presently, in physical terms, of the knowing of essence families and the color vibration that accompanies different essence families, in which you may be noticing that the color vibration of brown is not associated with a particular essence family.

In this, within an element of duplicity, you assume the feeling of dislike for this particular color in association with yourself, that it is not an expression of vibrational quality in alignment with a particular essence family of this particular dimension.

Now; also be remembering that there are other expressions of essence families that move in conjunction with creating other physical dimensions, and in this, they hold different vibrational qualities which may also be aligned with a color vibration.

I may express to you that this color of brown, and also the color of gray, align with a color vibrational quality that is designating of different essence families, so to speak, aligned with a different physical dimension, one that you may term to be extraterrestrial.

MIKE:  Oh, interesting.  So then in those dimensions, I belong to whatever family is with the brown?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  And then in whatever one the gray goes to, I belong to the gray?  Or were you just using that as an example?

ELIAS:  This is an example, although you do hold focuses that also align with that particular vibrational quality.

MIKE:  Okay.  I’ve got two more questions for you.  You said, in a recent transcript that came out, that a portion of the essence tone can be translated into a musical note, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  What note would that portion of my essence be translated to?

ELIAS:  Second octave G.

MIKE:  Second octave G?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  That’s interesting, because if you were ready to ask me what my impression was, I had F# or G.

ELIAS:  Ah!  And now you view that you hold more information than you think!

MIKE:  Yes, yes. (Laughing)  Okay.  What are the issues that we’ve been reflecting to ourselves in the past year-and-a-half, two years, that’s been giving our cars problems?

ELIAS:  This is a physical manifestation outwardly in imagery of the sputtering of motion.  As you are sputtering within your motion in your addressing to your belief systems and your movement within your choice of direction, you also create a mirror image outwardly in your physical imagery with your vehicle, because this is an expression of movement.

MIKE:  Okay, so that explains why the heads have cracked in the past two cars we’ve had?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Which is imagery of immobilizing, temporarily.

MIKE:  Immobilizing what?  Our beliefs?

ELIAS:  Movement.

MIKE:  Oh, movement.  I see what you’re saying.  Okay.  Okay, one more question.  What are the characteristics of my essence, and now especially with what you told me before of this particular tone, my tone of essence, what are the characteristics that carry throughout all the 53 focuses?  Like artistic, or compassion, or like you with your blond hair and blue eyes, and so forth.  What are some of the qualities that carry through with me?

ELIAS:  An expression of physical manifestations with your particular essence is — for the most part of your manifestations — a continued manifestation of humor, which is incorporated into almost all of your manifestations within this physical dimension.

MIKE:  So that’s my characteristic, is humor?

ELIAS:  One that presents itself quite strongly.  Another aspect or expression of your particular essence is a very strong motivational driving force.

Now; let me express to you that this quality may be influencing in very different directions in its expressions within physical focus as your essence chooses to be manipulating with this particular quality.

This quality is expressed in almost all of your focuses and has been experimented in very many different types of expressions, some that you may term to be positive and that you may look upon quite fondly or proudly, and other experiments with this quality that may be viewed as quite negative or quite destructive.

Your essence finds this quality of determination and driving force, so to speak, quite fascinating, for it lends itself to very many different expressions.

MIKE:  Interesting.  As for a body form, have I pretty much varied my body form throughout my focuses, or is there a common thing that is manifested with all of them?

ELIAS:  Yourself ... as with very many other essences, your essence chooses a physical body type which, although not entirely the same as the present manifestation, is quite similar to this manifestation in many of your physical focuses.  This is quite common with physical manifestations of essences, that they may magnate to a particular physical form and body expression.

MIKE:  Okay, so the brown hair and brown eyes is characteristic of a lot of my other focuses?

ELIAS:  Correct, and this also is influenced by the alignment of other-dimensional focuses.

MIKE:  Okay.  That’s it.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I express to you that I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and you may offer my expression of regard to Candace, and you may also express that I anticipate our next meeting, for I am aware of the ignoring that she is creating presently in engaging interaction with myself.

To you this day, I offer much affection, and express to you a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:10 PM.

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