Session 1449

Cricket Language, Your Language


“Cricket Language, Your Language”
“Am I Dead and Don’t Know It?”
“Disappearing Objects”

Sunday, September 28, 2003 (Private/In-Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael, Joanne (Gildae’) and Marj (Grady)

Elias arrives at 7:28 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARJ & JOANNE: Good morning! (Laughter)

MARJ: I can tell when you are coming now, the smile comes on your face! It’s wonderful! It’s wonderful to be in your presence again.

ELIAS: And yours also.

MARJ: Oh, thank you. (To Joanne) Are you sure you want me to go first?

JOANNE: No, I’ll go first. The first question is, is Mom Isis?

ELIAS: Observing.

JOANNE: That was really weird; I want to ask you what happened. I was looking on a website of ancient Egyptian dates, and for some reason I saw July 17 was Isis’ birthday. Without even stopping to think, I just got up and headed for the phone to call Mom tell her that when she saw her friends the next day, make sure they all wished her a happy birthday. Then all of a sudden it dawned on me, wait a minute, you are saying she’s Isis — how do you know she’s Isis? It was really weird. It was like what we would term a senior moment. (Laughs) I don’t know how my brain just latched on to that and then I was up making this phone call. I was totally confused about the whole thing. Where did that come from?

ELIAS: That is an impression.

JOANNE: Right, but it’s different from... I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

ELIAS: It motivated an impulse.

JOANNE: Oh! I’ve never been able to figure out that impulse thing.

ELIAS: Impulses do not necessarily incorporate a thought or a feeling.

JOANNE: It didn’t, it was just there. She was Isis and I was up and heading for the phone. When I was starting to dial, I was like wait a minute, how do you know? Where did that come from? It wasn’t even as though we had talked about maybe she was Isis. I was just up and on my way to the phone to tell her make sure everybody wishes you a happy birthday tomorrow! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is an example of an impulse. (Chuckles)

JOANNE: My next question is Neith, is that me?


JOANNE: Oh, cool! Now, I don’t really know how to phrase this next question, but Athena and Medusa, are they, I’m gonna use the term aspects of me, or aspects of that focus of mine or whatever Neith was? Like somebody took characteristics of Neith and broke it down into two other... That’s just an impression. I don’t know how to form the question.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, not as actual aspects of your focus, but chosen as models for opposite counterparts in conjunction with the energy expression of the other focus, but not of that essence, not of your essence, but generating a model from your essence and that focus, generating opposite counterparts in agreement of two other essences.

JOANNE: So I am not Athena and Medusa.

ELIAS: Correct, and yes, there is a connection.

JOANNE: I did see a thing there, but I did not know how to explain that. With the gods and goddesses thing that’s going on, I’m just assuming they were real people like I am now, walking around on this planet.

ELIAS: They are real within another dimension.

JOANNE: Do I have a Dream Walker aspect in my essence?

ELIAS: An aspect, yes.

JOANNE: I thought maybe that’s what Nieth was, like maybe a Dream Walker.

ELIAS: No, that is a focus.

JOANNE: In another dimension.


JOANNE: My opera singer, is it Enrico Caruso?

ELIAS: Prior. (Chuckles) Therefore, the investigation continues!

JOANNE: I had an impression while I reading a book about his life that Lynder was Enrico Caruso’s wife.


JOANNE: It was funny, I was flipping through the book and there was a picture. The first time I looked at the picture, I thought it was Lynda and that she was his wife — or my wife at the time, that’s what I was thinking. Then I went back and looked at the picture and it didn’t look anything like her — well, we’ll just go with the first thing and check that out.

With the Romanovs, was I Anastasia Montenegro?

ELIAS: Observing.

JOANNE: Is that the thing with Rasputin, why I knew Rasputin?


JOANNE: So I don’t have to keep trying to figure that one out anymore! (Laughs)

The crickets — I had a good time with the crickets yesterday at the session. I have been trying to figure out the language, like you suggested I challenge myself with. The only thing originally I could do was notice how often I heard them, on TV or things that sounded like crickets, but it wasn’t like I heard a cricket chirp and I understood what it was saying. (Laughs)

Just recently, I looked up crickets on the computer and it lead me to someone called Presbyter Johannes. They’re not sure if he even existed, a mythical person. I’m not sure who could have been... I know I’m going to massacre this. Then Khan, and then White Buffalo Woman and the story of her bringing the pipe to the Indians, the sacred pipe. It was interesting because the crickets lead me to all this religious stuff, with it being the sound for Milumet, the language. I thought that was really cool.

So, am I White Buffalo Woman and Presbyter Johannes, or is this just leading me into an overall explanation or something? I have no idea where to go with this. I just thought it was interesting to see my name in the one, and the other I thought was such a beautiful story.

ELIAS: You are presenting imagery to yourself in a direction, not necessarily identifying focuses, but in a direction to be examining and evaluating religious beliefs and movements in association with truths and preferences. Which is significant, for many individuals in this time framework generate an automatic response to religious expressions in aversion and an automatic association of negative, automatically attempting to push away from religious expressions.

But there are many religious beliefs that are incorporated as truths with many individuals, yourself also, and in that, these truths incorporate some preferences and some affinities. They are not entirely associated as negative. That is the automatic response and the automatic direction to eliminate. But in allowing yourself to investigate and evaluate different influences of religious beliefs that may be incorporated as your truths, you also allow yourself to view different types of influences, those that may be limiting or restrictive, but also in association with the same truth, those that you actually appreciate and choose to continue to express.

In your further evaluation of these truths, you may move into a balance and a recognition that you may choose how you express these beliefs and that it is not bad to be incorporating one of your truths, once you begin to recognize that it is your truth and it is not an absolute, and that there are some expressions of them, some influences of them, that are preferred and are beneficial.

JOANNE: I can see some areas where I am moving into that. I went way one way and now I’m moving back to being more tolerant of my beliefs, put it that way. I’m a little bit more tolerant. I don’t have a problem with saying a prayer anymore. Instead of when I would go to pray I’d get all upset for there’s no such thing as God — you’re a god so you can’t pray — and then you’re left going, “Now what do I do?” I wasn’t comfortable with saying dear Me, get me out of this! It was easier to say God, get me out of this! Now I’m more comfortable with going back to “oh, God, get me out of this — I don’t care who’s out there!” (Elias laughs) So I’m a little bit better. (Laughs) I do prefer that action.

So am I figuring the language out slowly? I mean, was that the direction the crickets?

ELIAS: Yes, in association with your imagery and your direction, yes. It is all very individual.

JOANNE: Is there a possibility that the crickets would chirp and I would understand what they were saying? Because I have started talking to them! (Laughs)

MARJ: “Have you anything to say to me?” she says, when she’s looking at them on the garage floor! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Remember, you are creating them. Therefore, it is your language to you.

JOANNE: Oh, god, that’s so funny, and I don’t understand what I am saying to myself!

ELIAS: In your own imagery to yourself...

JOANNE: I’m thinking it’s a message from the great beyond!

ELIAS: Ah! And so it is, from your own great beyond. (Laughs)

MARJ: Oh, I love it!

JOANNE: I don’t go there, I don’t even stop and think, didn’t even go there. At first, it was the trees were going to tell me things, but I guess that would be me telling me things, too.


JOANNE: Then I got over that and had to deal with Jiminy Cricket, the crickets talk, so here I am talking to the crickets.

MARJ: And they are talking in your ear at night.

JOANNE: Oh, yes, that happened again. I sat bolt upright in bed, back to thinking a cricket had gotten in my ear. (Elias chuckles) So it’s me giving myself... Okay, so I don’t have to worry. I’m trying to investigate this language and I have no idea how to do it! It’s not like I could pick up a book on Spanish. They don’t have a book on cricket language, “Cricket for Dummies.” (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I am quite sure that you shall not find your language for you in any text, either!

JOANNE: That’s funny, and all the while I’m walking around saying I can’t figure out what they are saying to me. I can’t figure out what I’m saying to myself!

ELIAS: (Humorously) “Gildae’s Language for Dummies.”

MARJ: Oh, there you go! (Laughs)

JOANNE: I’ll be the only one buying that one, though!

MARJ: Yeah, because Grady’s got to buy her own book on that one! (Laughter)

JOANNE: I thought what I did read was really interesting on those two individuals.

MARJ: Yes, because the one was supposedly responsible for some particular religious...

JOANNE: Oh, yes, a split from the Catholic Church. He started the Nestorian branch, I guess, of the Catholic Church and was accused of heresy. I haven’t really delved into it. But just skimming it, I thought it was interesting I came across my own name. I liked that. Then I started toying with was I St. John or Joan of Arc?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) No.

JOANNE: I thought I’d give it a shot! I guess one saint is enough. (Laughs with Elias) I really don’t need two or three.

ELIAS: Unless you enjoy being a martyr.

JOANNE: I’m really trying to get over that. (Laughs)

ELIAS: You have been generating enough of that in this focus, have you not? (Laughs)

JOANNE: You know, it totally boggles my mind how I have hurt myself, and not even with the whip like Rita did or with the things she put herself through. But how I have treated myself, seeing that at times has totally boggled my mind that I would hurt myself like that over and over again.

MARJ: And you have asked yourself why you would come here for this.

JOANNE: Yes, I was going to ask you to explain that one more time. If I can observe and not actually be...

ELIAS: Ah, but...

JOANNE: And there are no secrets and you can know everything anyway, why bother?

ELIAS: The observing generates the same experience.

JOANNE: Oh, bummer! All right, forget that. (Elias laughs) Let’s just say all of consciousness knows everything, and you could just pop in here and there, and feel it and then leave.

ELIAS: And you do.

JOANNE: Then it’s that time thing. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Which is tremendously relatively short.

JOANNE: Maybe that’s why when I watch TV sometimes there will be a little clock in the right hand corner, and every now and then I see the numbers flying by. Then I look again and it’s back to the way it’s supposed to be. I’m showing myself that it’s really going very quickly.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: Then I comfort myself with the fact that if it’s all simultaneous, I’m already dead and gone! (All crack up) It doesn’t really matter, anyway!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Interesting form of entertainment!

MARJ: Why are we worrying about anything — we’re already dead! Dead Can Dance, that’s why I like their music.

JOANNE: There you go! (Much laughter) Margot started this whole thing about am I dead and don’t know it. When Mom told me that, it was like getting hit in the chest. It was like oh my god! It seemed like a real possibility — am I dead and don’t know it? Well, yes, I am dead and don’t know it! (Laughs)

MARJ: Like are you awake or sleeping, the way we feel sometimes like we don’t know the difference between the two.

JOANNE: I walked around for a good week saying what if you are dead and you don’t know it?

ELIAS: Ah, but as I have expressed, you do recognize eventually.

JOANNE: I just figured maybe I was a little slow, and I was creating you to tell me about other things and dealing with beliefs, which is what going through transition is, right?

ELIAS: And you are.

MARJ: Is she in transition, Elias?


MARJ: (To Joanne) And you didn’t know it?

JOANNE: No, I sort of suspected.

ELIAS: Eventually, within a short time span, so to speak, subsequent to disengagement, if you are continuing to incorporate generating objective imagery in association with this physical reality, you shall begin to notice a difference, for you are not interacting with other individuals any longer. You are creating the imagery, but it is devoid of the actual energy of other individuals. It is merely your energy, and it becomes quite predictable.

JOANNE: Because I thought things have changed since I got into this information. I hear things now, I see things, so it was kind of like maybe I’m slowly telling myself hey, you’re dead. That’s why you are seeing things and hearing things, you know. Then I was like if you are dead, then the rules don’t apply anymore and you wouldn’t have to clean the house or go grocery shopping or pay taxes.

ELIAS: Correct, although it is dependent upon what you are generating within the continuation of that objective perception, generating objective imagery and creating what is familiar to you in association with physical reality.

JOANNE: That’s what I was thinking, I would create everything familiar until I slowly figured out that something’s different here.

ELIAS: Correct. What becomes noticeable is the lack of actual participation of energy of other individuals. Therefore, the other individuals become hollow and they are responsive to you without surprise, for you are generating all of their choices. They are your images devoid of other energies, and therefore all of the interactions that you generate are quite predictable, for they are what you create and there is no surprise.

JOANNE: They are acting the way I want them to act.

MARJ: They are acting like puppets.

ELIAS: Yes, precisely.

JOANNE: Well, then I’m not dead! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJ: Because people are fighting me! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This be the reason that I express that if you are questioning whether you are continuing within physical focus or not, you may generate quite a simple action to convince yourself. You may express a request of another individual to generate an unpredictable action to you in a moment that you are not expecting it. In that, it is the choice of the other individual to generate the action and to generate the timing in which the action occurs that you shall not expect.

JOANNE: So then if I’m surprised...


JOANNE: ...I’m still alive, and if I say I knew you were gonna do that, then I’m dead. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not necessarily!

MARJ: If somebody comes up and slaps you across the face and you didn’t expect it, you say oh, I must be alive! (Laughter)

JOANNE: No problem! (Laughs)

Do I have a focus right now that’s a woman, I want to say she’s like in the CIA or some type of spy or works for the mob or something? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOANNE: She is a lot different from me. I would judge her as not having a conscience, like killing people is not a problem.

ELIAS: Different expressed beliefs.

MARJ: Is that her worst one now?


JOANNE: No? (Laughs) There’s more, like now in this timeframe?


JOANNE: That’s not my worst one?

ELIAS: Not within all of your focuses. That focus, by yourself, by itself, by the judgment of many individual’s beliefs and associations, would not necessarily be judged as...

JOANNE: Awful.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: So she’s doing it legally?

ELIAS: Correct...

MARJ: To help her country.

ELIAS: ...for this is an expression of different expressed beliefs than you hold. But within her world, what she incorporates and the choices that she generates are acceptable.

JOANNE: She could pretty much do anything and not have a problem with it.

ELIAS: The focus that you would deem to be your worst focus would be one that would be viewed, not merely by yourself but en masse, as being judged as quite unacceptable behavior; but to the focus itself, this behavior is quite acceptable.

JOANNE: I think I told Mom it’s probably a crack-smoking child abuser, murderer, pedophile, wife-beater rapist. You know, whatever you can throw in there! (Laughs) A Jeffrey Dahmer type. You know what I mean!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I understand.

JOANNE: I can imagine what I could come up with, just because it repels me at this point.


JOANNE: So whatever I could think of that’s the worst is probably exactly what it is. Don’t need to go there! (Elias laughs)

Pat B. wanted to know if she has a connection or tie with us.

ELIAS: Yes, you incorporate other focuses together.

JOANNE: She said she felt really close to us. I don’t know where to take that. She thought maybe she and I had some type of counterpart thing going on.


JOANNE: And Katie, I bumped into her and she thought I might be Theo Van Gogh’s wife.

ELIAS: No, but you do incorporate a focus in that time framework.

JOANNE: A couple of years ago, sitting out in the backyard, I kept getting not quite an image but a sensation of an essence Katie. I knew somebody was going to have a baby and it was going to be a little girl, Katie: Katie-did, Katie did it. Time went by and I had kind of forgotten about it, and then my next-door neighbor had a little girl and they had a sign out front and her name was Katie. I was like oh my god, there’s Katie! She’s been hanging around in the backyard! (Elias chuckles) Why did I know about her?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

JOANNE: Is she a focus of mine?


JOANNE: Just another essence that I’ve had other focuses with?

ELIAS: Partially, yes, and also partially as an introduction to yourself, in a manner of speaking, of allowing yourself to move into new and different experiences, allowing yourself an openness to be aware of other energies and allowing yourself to recognize that, regardless of whether you can see it or not.

JOANNE: It was weird, because why would I know about a neighbor, their baby. It was quite a shock.

ELIAS: But it was purposeful, for in the subsequent time you have allowed yourself to become much more open to other energies.

JOANNE: Really? Because I would have said that since that time I’ve shut things down quite a bit. (Elias shakes his head) No? (Laughs) Sounds like I’m totally clueless! I’m more open and I’m thinking I’m more closed.

Is that her essence name also?


JOANNE: That’s just the name she picked.


JOANNE: I thought that was so cool that she got that name and it was Katie. “Katie did it,” that’s going to be her nickname, because she’s going to be the one doing everything in that house.

I want to buy her a huge art kit. She’s only two now, but I just have this urge to buy her the biggest art kit I can find. I’m just sort of waiting for the time to be right to take it over. I don’t want to overwhelm her parents because they really don’t know me. I come in and “Oh, I knew all about her before she was born.” “Yeah right, lady, get out of my house!” (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Be accepting of yourself in your expressions and your connections, and they shall be accepting also.

JOANNE: I guess I believe it’s not appropriate to show an interest in someone’s child when I don’t know them. I won’t do it till I’m sure...

ELIAS: Worthy of your evaluation, that belief.

JOANNE: Worthy of my evaluation of my beliefs? There’s a lot. I don’t have enough time!

MARJ: She has a large rulebook! (Laughs)

JOANNE: I had the pleasure of working in a day-care center last week or the week before. I was with a bunch of three-year-olds who cheat and don’t play by the rules, and I had a really, really hard time! (Laughs with Elias) I’m never doing it again!

ELIAS: Ah, and that was an enlightening experience, as they direct themselves and they do not incorporate a judgment upon their behaviors.

JOANNE: No, they didn’t have a problem. They didn’t care about the rules to the game and that it really wasn’t for ten, it was only that four people should be playing that game. (Laughs) It’s funny because — and I heard myself say it after about the tenth time — what are the rules of the game? (Laughs) Play by the rules, it’s not your turn, really only four should be at this table, why don’t you other six go over there? Play by the rules!

ELIAS: (Laughs) This is worthy of your examination also, in rigidity versus flexibility.

JOANNE: I sorta knew about that one before, because I had a hard time when my kids got to a certain age, playing games with them, because they cheated and they wanted to win. My insisting on them playing by the rules made one person a winner or a loser.

ELIAS: Correct. It is not the winning or the losing, it is the playing.

JOANNE: But it’s funny seeing that my insisting that they play by the rules created a winner or a loser, and then I had to deal with one crying and one cheating, or I’m cheating so that somebody who I feel bad for can win because the other one won the last time. It got to where I’m not playing games with you two, go play by yourselves because I get in the middle and I just mess it all up.

ELIAS: And this is quite an interesting observation.

JOANNE: Yes, and the list gets longer. (Laughs) Well, I think that’s it, I don’t think I have anymore.

MARJ: Okay, let’s see! My mother, her essence name, would it by any chance be Gammy?

ELIAS: That is a focus name.

MARJ: A focus name of Gammy? What is my mom’s name then?

ELIAS: Essence name, Freedan, F-R-E-E-D-A-N (free DAN).

MARJ: It’s funny, because we thought my Margie couldn’t say “Grandmom,” so she called her grandmother “Gammy.” One day Joanne said to me I’ll bet you two bits that Margie was maybe saying her grandmother’s essence name, because there was just something about it. But here Gammy was a focus name of hers.


MARJ: So Margie may have known her in that?


JOANNE: Oh, cool.

MARJ: Oh, isn’t that neat? That is so cool. I love that!

One day I was thinking about my friend Luanne/Inez, and the name Teddy Roosevelt came to me. Is that a focus of hers?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARJ: She does have other famous focuses, doesn’t she?


MARJ: Those clues I got about actresses, theatrical producers, photographer and all that, was my photographer by any chance Ansel Adams?

ELIAS: No, but a similar time framework.

MARJ: Did he photograph nature like Ansel Adams did — or she — or was it a different type of photography?

ELIAS: Somewhat, but somewhat different also.

MARJ: I am drawn to this actress named Gene Tierney. Could she be a focus of mine?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARJ: Lifetime or part of the time?

ELIAS: Lifetime, yes.

MARJ: Do I have any tie at all to Abe Lincoln? It was so funny with this Donner Party thing and being a daughter to James Frasier Reed, who is Howard, and then finding out that he knew and spoke to Lincoln. I got so excited. I don’t know if it’s just because I have always had a lot of respect for Abe Lincoln or if there is something more there.

ELIAS: You incorporate another focus within that time framework which expresses a tremendous respect and admiration for that individual, and that is also experienced within your energy in similarity.

MARJ: There is a show on TV called Stargate SG-l. The first time I saw it, these people all working together, they’ve got this big stargate and they are trying to get all the different parts into place, which turns out to be addresses to different planets and stars. What they do is put in the right coordinates and a wormhole appears, and they go through that and bingo, within seconds or whatever, they are at this place. I got so excited and started to cry, because I’m going home. I cannot stand it if I miss a show; I love it. Is that the way we are going to travel, or have done it, we are doing it?

ELIAS: It is a potential.

MARJ: It just makes such perfect sense and it’s so familiar.

ELIAS: I have expressed recently that there is a tremendous potential for your technology, in conjunction with yourselves and your increasing knowledge and awareness of consciousness, to be developing technology that shall allow you to physically move through space, yes.

MARJ: This tremendous pull I have towards this, is it because of other dimensional focuses that I have? It’s so familiar. It’s just like been there, done that.


MARJ: I get so emotional. That’s cool.

My Margie, when I thought about her one day, I thought of Jackie Kennedy. Her name just came to mind. Is there a connection between my daughter and Jackie Kennedy?

ELIAS: Counterpart action.

MARJ: I understand that I am Nefertiti, which means I would have been married to Akhenaton. I believe that you confirmed that Margot and Sharon are both my daughters, which I think is really great. I was trying to figure out who Akhenaton would be, and the name Jens came to mind. (Pause)

ELIAS: Observing.

MARJ: So I still don’t know who it is.

JOANNE: My father in this focus, was he Akhenaton? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Laughs) No.

JOANNE: I’m sorry. (Laughs) She’s having a heart attack!

ELIAS: (Laughs) You may now breathe!

MARJ: We’ve probably had focuses together where we have been happy together, correct?


JOANNE: Was Akhenaton Mario?

MARJ: The essence Mario, was he Akhenaton?


JOANNE: (Laughing) I’m sorry!

MARJ: You don’t have to be sorry!

When my kids were younger, I had an outfit that they made fun of and they gave me the name Attila the Hun. I’ve always been attracted to Attila the Hun, and I think I was probably a “ho” in his army or something. There must be some kind of a tie there, because it’s like where in the world...

JOANNE: It was shorts, a little jumpsuit outfit, and my brother called her Attila the Hun when she wore it. It was “you have your Attila the Hun outfit on!”

ELIAS: You do incorporate a focus in that army...

MARJ: That doesn’t surprise me. Maybe Michael was there and...

ELIAS: ...male.

MARJ: I was a male? So I wasn’t a ho, then. Well, I could have been. (Elias laughs with Marj and Joanne)

Here’s the thing, Margot told me that Sweala told her that I have a focus in Merluna, and she wondered if I could come up with my name. So I sat there and I said, “Crayola.” Oh, now I’m a crayon! Then I came up with Crayla, which I understand that you have validated. So anyway, some of the other things I thought were really funny about this, I told them that these people move through rocks like they are jelly, and their music is the sound of the movement of the earth and light. You are shaking your head. Yes?


MARJ: You mean I’m not nuts. (Elias laughs) I just thought that was so wonderful. I also think that she is a type of a teacher, she’s only 35 years old, and she wasn’t married but she was very attached to Zingway, which I don’t think is a person. It might be a teaching or something. I’m not sure about that.

ELIAS: It is not a teaching, either. It is a pet.

MARJ: A pet? No kidding. I found out that Gillian is my mate there, so I didn’t know what to do with that. A pet — what kind? A Meerkat? (Laughs) What could it be?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Investigate!

MARJ: A pet, I love it. Then I said, “What do you eat?” When I said that, the phone rang and it was my Margie. I put that aside, I’m talking to her, and I had some garbage in the sink so I’m cleaning that up and I put it in a plastic bag. I went into the refrigerator and I had a head of lettuce in there that was going bad, so I took that head of lettuce out and I put it in the bag. Then I thought to myself, all the while I’m talking, I should wrap that better because I don’t want to put that in the trash like that. Then, that quick, I took the head of lettuce out and I put it on the counter. I did something else and came back again, got off the phone, and I can’t find my head of lettuce. Who took it?

ELIAS: You. (Chuckles)

MARJ: I took it? What did I do with it?

ELIAS: Generated it to disappear.

MARJ: Really? On purpose, I did that? Was that to tell me that they eat lettuce?

ELIAS: A translation. Similar, but it is a translation.

JOANNE: Good lettuce or bad lettuce? (All laugh)

ELIAS: It is a translation.

MARJ: I wrote to Howard and I told him about it, and he wrote back and said you never had a head of lettuce, you need a shower and a drink. (Much laughter) So, I took it and it’s just a translation. Okay, I have to work on what kind of a pet, and oh god, I took the lettuce! (Laughs) I went nuts, I looked everywhere for that lettuce and I couldn’t find it. I thought maybe Sweala was trying to tell me that they eat food just the same as we do.

ELIAS: Similar.

MARJ: That’s cool. I like that.

I was at a session a couple of years ago, I forget where we were, and I love butterflies and I had really cute little butterfly earrings and they walked out on me, too. So did all my P’taah tapes. I don’t know where these things go. Am I just sending them somewhere?

ELIAS: This is not uncommon. Individuals generate this action, in actuality, quite frequently.

MARJ: That’s so funny, because I swore that you were wearing my earrings. (Elias chuckles) Somebody said that you had a partiality to butterflies or something like that, so I said Elias must have taken my earrings! (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I do incorporate an affinity to butterflies, but I have not interfered with your earrings.

MARJ: That kind of made sense, because I know you don’t have ears to put them on — what would be the point? But you know, it was just so funny. And the tapes, did someone really desire to maybe listen to them and so I gave them to them? (Elias shakes his head) No, I just parked them someplace else? Jim B. stayed up all night making those recordings for me, and I just made them disappear.

ELIAS: This is not to say that you may not generate them to reappear, which also occurs quite frequently. It is not an uncommon action.

MARJ: Just because we can, that’s why we do it?

ELIAS: And to emphasize to yourselves that all is not what it appears to be.

MARJ: All is not as solid as you thought.

JOANNE: So when we get home we can look in her car again and they might be there?

ELIAS: It is a possibility.

MARJ: Oh, that’s funny!

JOANNE: Do we have one more minute? I just have one quick question about my brother, Michael. When he was alive, we didn’t really get along, not at all. But since he’s been dead, we get along a lot better. I dream about him a lot. I guess I’m surprised at that because it was really difficult between the two of us.

MARJ: Jealousy, that’s all.

JOANNE: Yes, back and forth.

ELIAS: But there is no threat any longer.

JOANNE: I guess part of the question, is it really him that I’m dreaming about?


JOANNE: Because sometimes people look similar to people...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JOANNE: ...and you just give them a name because you know that you know them, but you don’t know how you know them.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: In these dreams, it seems like we are interacting.


JOANNE: I don’t know where to go with that. It’s just every now and then. It bothers me because sometimes I’ll dream about him when there’s things going on in my life that I’m scared or I’m upset about, things like that, and it just seems weird that he would be around to help. But it is him?


JOANNE: Have we had other...?

ELIAS: Yes. Without the influence of beliefs, the energy is quite different.

JOANNE: One dream was pretty cool. We were sitting in front of a talking fountain. (Laughs) It was nice because we were laughing and joking and talking. Other than the initial greeting, I don’t remember what was said or how long it lasted, but we were laughing about the fact that now I was older than him. It was nice to see him and talk to him.

ELIAS: And offering yourself a comfort.

JOANNE: He has been there a few times and told me things. I was very scared when I was pregnant with little Jimmy and he told me that everything would be fine, and everything was, and that meant a lot to me. It just surprises me that every now and then I dream about him, because we really didn’t get along when he was alive.

ELIAS: It matters not.

JOANNE: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friends. As always, I offer you my affection, my lovingness and my supportiveness. I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

MARJ and JOANNE: We will too. Thank you.

ELIAS: To you in great encouragement each, au revoir.

MARJ & JOANNE: Bye-bye.

Elias departs at 8:32 AM.

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