Session 728

Hold Your Attention With You


“Hold Your Attention With You”
“Exploring Essence Twins”
“The Outcome is Now”

Thursday, November 16, 2000-2 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Nancy (Caliegh).

Elias arrives at 2:41 p.m. (Arrival time is 21 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good day!

NANCY:  Good day, Elias!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  Welcome!

NANCY:  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’m so glad to be here talking with you, as you know.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  How shall we proceed this day?

NANCY:  Maybe it would be good, since I’m new, to do the essence name and family thing.  I’m not familiar with everything because I haven’t been here from the beginning, but maybe we can do that first, get the essence name and so forth.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Express to me your impression.

NANCY:  Ekton.

ELIAS:  This is a physical focus name. (Pause)  Continue with your impressions.

NANCY:  I’m trying....

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Attempt essence families.  What is your impression?

NANCY:  Either Sumafi or Sumari.

ELIAS:  You are correct — you are belonging to Sumafi.  What is your impression as to your alignment?

NANCY:  Sumafi, and ... oh, let’s see.  Perhaps ... is it Tumold that’s the healing one?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NANCY:  I’m not as clear as I could be with the families.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you hold the alignment with Zuli, in actuality.

NANCY:  Oh, I see.

ELIAS:  As to identification of essence name, (pause) Caliegh; C-A-L-I-E-G-H. (cal’lee)

NANCY:  Hmm.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  Are you wishing for orientation?

NANCY:  It’s the open one.  What’s it called?  Not common; the one that is the most open.  I’ve forgotten the name of it, Elias.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Soft is what you are attempting to be identifying. (Chuckling)  You are correct — you do incorporate the orientation of soft.

NANCY:  The name Ekton, does it have a connection with the essence name?  Is the essence the same ... oh, this language!  Can you tell me anything about what Ekton is in all of this — the energy that I was and am in contact with in channeling?

ELIAS:  I express to you that this is what you may identify as a physical focus name.  It is another aspect of you — another focus of you as essence — which is physically manifest within another physical dimension, not occupying this physical dimension.

NANCY:  Ah, I see.  And is the contact that I’m seeming to get with that ... well, of course, if it’s my focus....

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  Since I’m seeming to be bleeding through in all directions, (laughing) that must be part of it!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  And this is an action that is quite in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, as you are aware! (Laughing)

NANCY:  Yes, I am!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  And you are becoming aware of focuses of your essence in many directions, and allowing yourself to be recognizing those different expressions of energy, are you not?

NANCY:  Yes, I believe I am.  You know, the first time I wasn’t sure, but that seems quite what is going on with me right now.

ELIAS:  And I am acknowledging of you, for the direction that you are incorporating in this action is to be familiarizing you with you, and this is the point. (Chuckling)

NANCY:  Yes, it’s done some amazing things for me to have contacted and found out in that way about my own life, about this focus.  It’s done remarkable things.

ELIAS:  Quite.  You offer yourself much information.

NANCY:  Can I check some of them with you, to see if I’m....

ELIAS:  You may.

NANCY:  Okay.  One is Saint Rose of Lima, which wasn’t particularly fun, you know? (Laughing)  I don’t know if that’s one, but it sure as heck feels like it.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

NANCY:  That’s amazing, just amazing.  You know, in conjunction with this, I’d like to just insert a question about what I’m noticing with people in physical focus around me.  I’m noticing a pattern of coming into alignment with people who have noticeably similar lives to mine, and theme.  I’m wondering if what I’m seeing is a group of some kind, a work group or some other kind of group that I’m becoming aware of.

ELIAS:  That have manifest together in other focuses, yes.

NANCY:  Am I becoming aware of it because we’re working together now?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily, although you may choose to be creating this type of action.

You are providing yourself with this noticing presently to allow yourself more of a movement into less separation, a recognition of the lack of separation, and allowing yourself to incorporate that realistically into your reality rather than merely in concept.

NANCY:  I see, alright.  Is there anything about my connection with Saint Rose that I haven’t become aware of that you might like to make me aware of?

ELIAS:  You continue to offer yourself information concerning other focuses — this focus also included — in relation to the information that you are offering to yourself now.  The information that you glean objectively from other focuses and the energy that you draw to yourself from other focuses is all purposeful, for you draw this to yourself in association with what you are creating now.

In this, you draw to yourself certain aspects of certain focuses to provide yourself with information that may be helpful to you in viewing your own beliefs, and your own associations and behaviors now that may be similar or dissimilar, and the automatic judgments that are created in association with these beliefs.

Are you understanding?

NANCY:  Very much so.  That’s exactly what I see going on.

ELIAS:  In this example of this one particular focus, there are many opportunities for you to be noticing and recognizing automatic responses within yourself and the judgments that are created in association with those automatic responses, in relation to that individual and in relation to self.

Let me also express to you once again, as I have offered to other individuals recently, this particular viewing of this particular other focus in this time framework also allows you the opportunity to address to the aspect of duplicity that manifests in its expression as victim.

NANCY:  Yes.

ELIAS:  You allow yourself to view aspects and expressions of the victim in this other individual, and you allow yourself the opportunity to turn your attention and identify your own associations with this action and this role of the victim, which is expressed quite clearly, not merely in how you view yourself, but in how you offer and project energy to others — and to other aspects of yourself — in alignment with that association of victim, in identifying that the other individual is also a victim, which is reinforcing to their expression also.

In this, be remembering, your offering of your opportunity to view these aspects of the belief system of duplicity also offers you tremendous opportunity for the expression of freedom, for it offers you the opportunity to view your choices and that you do hold choices, and therefore are not in actuality a victim.

NANCY:  Yeah.  I feel as if there’s some radical shift that has gone on in that particular aspect of myself just very recently.

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  And what you say about freedom ... I have to say that what you gave us, which was to relax and let your energy flow freely and naturally, was like a magic feather for me, and I held it, and it helped me go someplace that I had not known quite how to do before.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is a powerful action.

NANCY:  I hope you don’t mind my passing it on, (laughing) because I particularly am passing it on!

ELIAS:  It matters not.  This is your expression.  Why shall it be of concern to myself?  You are offering your expression and allowing your flow of energy.

NANCY:  Yeah.  Let me ask you about a couple of the other focuses that I was getting little taps in consciousness about.  One was the Indian woman that’s associated with Saint Rose, and I believe she is called ... I’ve forgotten her real Indian name.  Do you know of whom I speak?

ELIAS:  This is not another focus of your essence, but one that you are familiar with.

NANCY:  Alright.  How about the connection that I’m getting to Nathaniel Hawthorne, or his daughter, or the aspect of the Salem witch trials, and having part of that time phase in another victim role, if you will?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, in the first identification, this is not a focus of your essence, although you do hold a focus of your essence which participates with that individual in a relationship of friendship.  Therefore, you are familiar with that essence and that individual.

As to your participation within this event, so to speak, of these Salem witch trials, yes, you have participated in that action.  You do hold a focus in that area and that time framework, and you have in actuality participated in the trials and execution as one of these individuals prosecuted.

NANCY:  The prosecuted role, and not the prosecutor as well?

ELIAS:  Correct.  And you are correct — this is another offering to you in example of another expression of victim.

NANCY:  Let me see.  The main place that I’m at in consciousness right now, which is very large for me, and emotional, in terms of other focuses and other aspects of multi-dimensionality, has to do with a man I connected with in Norway, and the paralleling with the victim role is very obvious.  But beyond that, it has been allowing myself to understand or fantasize that there are connections on the order of what might be called, in spiritual terminology, “twin flame” or “twin soul.”  That area is probably one that I would like to spend the most time exploring with you.

ELIAS:  Very well, and which direction of exploration do you wish to proceed within?

NANCY:  Well, first of all, I would like to know if my perception of this being some sort of twin/twinning relationship, and the popular spiritual terminology of the definition of it, is correct.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, in terms of this information and what I have offered in information concerning what you are speaking of in twins, you are correct in your impression that you hold this type of action and relationship with this individual.

This is an action which is created within essence, and a creation which sparks through fragmentation, and the fragmentation of a new essence which initially is one and chooses to spark and split, in a manner of speaking, into two essences from that one which has originally been fragmented.  In that context, yes, you are.

NANCY:  So you’re saying this action is one of essence?  It’s created in essence?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  Initially there is one essence that is fragmented into two essences?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NANCY:  And is there the rejoining in any way that is spoken of?

ELIAS:  I may express to you, there is a continuous, consistent, constant joining, in your terms — or merging — of these types of essences.  Generally speaking, they choose many manifestations together in actual physical interaction with each other.

Within this time framework, you hold the objective ability to be expressing communication and interaction with individuals throughout your globe via your instruments that you have created, your equipment that you have created — through your telephones and your computers and other devices of communication.  Therefore, you allow yourselves the ability to be physically interactive with other individuals without physical proximity involvement continuously, but continue to offer yourselves communication and some form of interaction.

For the most part, these types of essences generally manifest themselves in the same time frameworks as they create many of these manifestations — as do you all — and they generally manifest themselves within the same physical proximity, and may draw themselves together to be interactive with each other.

Many times they create, in physical imagery, interactive relationships such as family members or intimate friendships or romantic relationships, but those types of relationships that shall be quite interactive.

Now; let me express to you, not often but at times, these types of essences may manifest within a particular time framework and not create an action of physical proximity to each other or allow themselves actual interaction with each other, but this type of action is uncommon with these types of essences.

NANCY:  What I’m noticing in communicating with this man is, in his stories, I find clues of ways in which I am interacting with him in this focus, but not in this body, and I’m wondering too about those connections that I’m ... the only word I can think of is, that I’m noticing.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.

This is your allowance of yourself ... and quite in relation to the other actions you are incorporating, in allowing yourself an openness to other focuses.  This is your expression of allowing yourself to be interactive with this individual, recognizing your interconnectedness in that expression of twins, so to speak, and the manner in which you are expressing your interaction moves in several forms.

One is to be projecting energy of yourself outwardly through physical space and allowing yourself to be interactive, but this projection of self is in actuality a projection of another aspect of you.

Therefore, you allow that aspect of you to be interactive with this individual simultaneous to retaining your identification with your primary aspect of you in this attention.

Are you understanding?

NANCY:  Yes, I am.

ELIAS:  Therefore, in this physical space, you continue to recognize and express your familiar primary aspect, but you also simultaneously allow yourself the projection of another aspect of you to be interactive in another physical location.

NANCY:  So that would be, as I’m understanding you ... and I’m looking at what has happened in what we’ve seen ourselves of the projection of the energy.  He seems to be an exceptionally super receiver.  That’s probably not really the correct....

ELIAS:  I am understanding of what you are expressing.

Let me also say to you that in these expressions of twins, it is in actuality quite easy for any of these twins, so to speak, to be projecting and receiving energy to each other.

NANCY:  That was my experience when I was struggling to communicate with words in email, and in this struggle I simply stopped and said, “I don’t have to do this there.”  It’s almost as if I just entered — I keep calling it the field of consciousness outside time and space — and met with him — I’m trying to get around the terminology — and met with him there and exchanged.

When you say this is another aspect of myself, that would kind of explain to me why the action then reported back to me from him, of myself in the exchange, doesn’t seem quite parallel with what I was projecting and experiencing, not at all points anyway; some, but not all.  But it seemed like it was exactly me.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.  But this action allows you a freedom to be expressing outside of the confinement of your familiarity, and also, in some manners, allows you to be projecting energy outside of the limitations of some of your apprehensions.

NANCY:  Ah!  Say a bit more about the limitations, and what you mean by that.  I think I’m getting part of it.

ELIAS:  In this, you hold in your primary aspect of yourself — which expresses your perception and therefore creates your reality in alignment with your beliefs — you hold certain expressions in limitation of yourself, and hesitation at times, in how you shall be expressing yourself properly.

There are other expressions within the primary aspect of yourself that create some limitations in association with your beliefs, that you are not articulate enough and that you hold a limitation or an inability to be expressing yourself fully and completely, so to speak, in what you wish to be expressing.  In this, you create some obstacles and obstructions in the flow of energy in your objective communication at times.

Now; within the movement of the projection of another aspect of yourself, you allow yourself to express in some areas differently, and do not incorporate the same limitations.  Therefore, there is an expression of freedom in latent qualities that you hold that you allow to be expressed in this other aspect of yourself, that you hold somewhat of an apprehension to be expressing in that manner fully yourself within this primary aspect of yourself.

Let me also express to you, this moves quite in alignment with your family alignment in this particular focus.

Many, many individuals that align themselves with this particular family create expressions of challenges, shall we say, in the area of physical expressions, for there is a preoccupation — or may be created a preoccupation — of expectation of perfection, and as that is not expressed in the manner of the expectation, the individual may be discounting or mistrusting of their ability to be expressing adequately.  But in this situation, you have quite efficiently created another avenue for your own expression and allowance of yourself to be expressing more fully.

I shall also express to you that you allow yourself this action with this individual for there is an underlying knowing of interconnectedness, and this provides you with some underlying aspect of the expression that you identify as trust and safety in relation to your interaction with this individual.  Other individuals that experience this twin action also recognize that underlying expression and identification of safety and trustfulness in the interaction with each other.

Are you understanding?

NANCY:  I believe I am.  I’m feeling, I believe, trust and safety there.  He’s expressing a great deal that it’s not safety (laughing) in relationship to me and the connecting that we’re doing, mainly the connecting that’s coming from what I would identify as the primary focus.  Is that....

ELIAS:  And what is your impression?

NANCY:  My impression of what’s going on in that area?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  My impression is that I am learning things about being able to connect outside of using machinery, and how it works best.  I made expressions to him that were open and honest and in my viewing needed doing, which the reaction from him was one of a lot of confusion and fear and repudiation, and at the same time, I understood that he had some underlying knowing that there was more there than just that.

As I thought about it, I realized that was when I let the energy flow freely.  When I was interacting outside of machinery, it worked well and efficiently, and when I attempted to put my conscious mind on it and direct it, it worked less well.  But even in working less well, it showed me something, and I think it also did something positive to him, because it is my notion that he and I together created a strong, impactful situation with energy there, where he would feel scared and shaken, because I think he desires to feel that right now, for all intents and purposes.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NANCY:  So that’s my impression of it so far.  I go in and out of confidence about it.  If I move out of my knowing and into my more duplicitous belief systems, then I move into some fears, and then I move right back out again.  At the same time, it’s a little scary to watch myself expressing freely and naturally, and....

ELIAS:  I am understanding.

NANCY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  I am understanding of what you are expressing.

I shall also say to you, pay attention and be noticing of what you have recognized already.  Continue to pay attention, in as you allow a free flow and relax within your energy, you are accomplishing much more of what you are desiring and the direction that you are moving in.  As you push and as you create a forcefulness, you also create a tension, and this creates obstructions.

NANCY:  Yes.  That’s what I noticed in the two different episodes, which were noticeable of this outside kind of interaction.  The one was free flowing and the other was more of my wanting to move things in certain ways, project certain things.  I did notice the difference in the reactions ...

ELIAS:  Quite.

NANCY:  ... and the intention.

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  I’m understanding or I’m trying to understand what we are creating here between us, and the pool of probabilities that we both, each of us, have before us, and the direction that he ... the initial direction felt very clearly to me to be one of eventually moving into a romantic, intimate relationship, because I had felt just prior to this that I had created that for myself out of my desire, and that I had gotten affirmation that that had already manifested, even though I did not know the person that it had manifested with, and that I was engaged in that relationship without knowing the person.

I asked if this was a symbolic way of telling myself that I was in greater clarity of communication with essence, or was it a physical man.  The answer I received was, “He has a shoe size,” which I found to be a very wonderful and very funny way of receiving information!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Quite direct!

NANCY:  (Laughing)  I wonder just how much of a hand you might have had in that!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

NANCY:  Because I do feel interaction with you, obviously, from the depths that I’ve gone into the transcripts, whether I’ve ever spoken with you before or not.

ELIAS:  I am aware, and I AM interactive with you, although that particular expression was your own answer to yourself. (Laughing)

NANCY:  Well, that would have been the case if it was from essence as well! (They both laugh)

What I want to know, Elias ... and I know you know I want to know! (Laughing)  So this man made a remark: “Oh, I love shoes.”  Have I created what I thought I created with that message, and with the direction that I am perceiving in this relationship?

ELIAS:  First of all, let me express to you that you have offered yourself information.  You have also offered yourself validation.  You have expressed questioning to yourself, and you have offered yourself an answer.

(Intently)  But let me also express to you that you continue to create choices in the moment, and therefore you may proceed in the direction of your intention, and I shall express to you, in this movement, merely be recognizing that you are each creating within each moment, and therefore you are choosing within each moment.

Do not move your thought process in the direction of expressing to yourself [that] you have offered yourself information, it has been confirmed; therefore this action shall be in absolute, and this is the manner in which it shall proceed futurely.  For that direction denies your freedom of choices within each moment, and it also turns your attention to the viewing of the future in anticipation and expectation of the outcome, and in this, you do not pay attention to the now, in which the actual outcome is already occurring.

NANCY:  Yes, I understand.  The words that came in relationship to what you just told me were, to realize always that it is, in every moment, becoming.

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  That these choices are there for both of us.

ELIAS:  Yes.

NANCY:  I guess my question really is, is there, within the pool of our probabilities, any with any strength that is that of joining in the physical in a relationship at this time?

ELIAS:  Yes.  There is, within your pool of probabilities, so to speak....

NANCY:  But that my expectation and anticipation of the outcome is opposing staying in the now?

ELIAS:  Correct, and distracts your attention from the actual creation of what you seek, for you are not paying attention to what you are creating NOW.

NANCY:  I see.

ELIAS:  Therefore, as you choose a direction that you wish to be pursuing, in a manner of speaking, hold your attention to what you are creating NOW, for this is the outcome already.

NANCY:  Yes, yes. (Pause)

It’s nearly time — our time is nearly up.  I wonder if you have any more general remarks, or remarks about this one large event that I’m creating.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you to continue practicing in relaxing.

In this, be reminding yourself of your own examples that you have offered to yourself, in forcing of energy and the power of that action in its creation of a reinforcement of your beliefs.  Therefore, at times [you] may be creating obstructions to your intention, for you are not paying attention to you.  You are distracting your attention with outside expressions, and in that, forcing energy.

In this, as you continue to be holding your attention with you, you may be drawing yourself much more freely to the interaction that you seek in relation to this individual.

Now; let me also offer you one other element of information to be reminding you of this interconnectedness between [these] type[s] of essences, in twins.

These individuals, such as yourself and other individuals manifest as these types of twins, hold a tremendous underlying knowing of each other.  There is a tremendous draw, but there is also at times, in some of the expressions, hesitations, for there is this underlying knowing of the interconnectedness, and that all is exposed.

This arises at times in conflict within the individual, for there is an underlying knowing of this interconnectedness and this sense, so to speak, of fullness of openness and exposure with the other individual.  But simultaneously, the influences of your individual beliefs are also active in relation to your perceptions, and this may be expressed at times in hesitation, and at times in an actual manifestation of fear.

NANCY:  Yes, I understand that.

ELIAS:  Therefore, I express to you the suggestion that you merely allow yourself to flow with your energy — not be forcing — and allow yourself to be aware of you, and hold your attention with you first.

NANCY:  Okay.  That’s very helpful, because I was practicing that a great deal, but I think I do see the reminder being a good one.

ELIAS:  As you turn your attention to the other individual, you are occupying your attention away from self, and you may be creating many different types of behaviors in association with the other individual, for you incorporate expectations, anticipations, associations.

You incorporate differences in directions as you hold your attention outside of you, and this is very affecting of your behavior.  It is also very affecting of your perception of yourself, for your perception of yourself becomes confused, for it is associating in identification with another individual.

Therefore, I express to you that you shall be incorporating much more of an ease as you allow yourself to be paying attention to YOU.

NANCY:  Well, I understand that, and I express back to you the remarkable effectiveness of this information that you gave and the concepts that you gave, because the effortlessness and the ability to begin to relax, and to know that relaxing is something that will be a benefit and allow creation to flow more easily, is wonderful to begin to understand. (Elias chuckles)  Our time is up, Elias.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I shall offer to you an expression of my energy and encouragement to you in your continuing action of exploration of yourself.  You are accomplishing quite well! (Laughing)

NANCY:  (Laughing)  Thank you!

ELIAS:  I may also express to you great affection in our objective meeting.  I am aware that you are recognizing of my interaction with you prior to this objective meeting, but I may also express to you that this objective interaction is quite pleasurable, is it not?

NANCY:  It’s a joy!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

NANCY:  It’s a joy (inaudible) that I’m actually able to receive your affection.

ELIAS:  And it is offered freely to you, my friend, and I shall continue to be interactive with you, and offering my energy and affection.  You may look to me for playfulness, and to be reminding you to be playful! (Laughing)

NANCY:  That’s just what I’ve been wanting to create!

ELIAS:  And so you shall!  I express to you affection and anticipation of our next meeting.  To you this day, au revoir.

NANCY:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:42 p.m.

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