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The Intent of Creating Your Own Design


“The Intent of Creating Your Own Design”
“Other Focuses and Simultaneous Time”
“Your Bible Is a Series of Stories...”

Sunday, March 21, 2004 (Private)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Inna (Beatrix)

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

INNA: Good morning! I am glad to see you, finally. I am glad to have a session, finally. I’m not chicken anymore! (Both laugh)

Can I just ask somebody’s question in the beginning so I don’t have to think about it later?

ELIAS: Very well.

INNA: My boyfriend’s family, alignment, and stuff like that? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Avanatt, A-V-A-N-A-T-T (AH vuhn aht). And your impression as to essence families?

INNA: I was thinking Vold. That’s it.

ELIAS: Alignment, Vold; essence family, Sumari.

INNA: Really? I would never have said that! (Elias chuckles) Next, my son Michael, Mischa — same thing: family, name. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Bischa, B-I-S-C-H-A (bee SHAH). And your impression?

INNA: I was thinking Tumold.

ELIAS: Belonging to.

INNA: That’s what he said, actually, Tumold.

ELIAS: And alignment?

INNA: I don’t know.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Offer an impression.

INNA: Ilda? (Elias nods) He likes to travel with me.

Talking about my son, I want to talk about... Generally what I want to talk about is about intent in my life. I want an overview of my life. Before I started reading all this stuff, it seemed to me my life is kind of weird and strange. I feel kind of out of place a lot of times, not belonging. I don’t have any family — only my son, who is really close to me. My question is, is it something else, which he is being this close, not just like my child, something else which is...? I feel like he is my soul mate.

ELIAS: Which is correct.

INNA: I feel like we are so close, like really, really close, and we probably have intimate relationships.


INNA: How many focuses do we have together?

ELIAS: Sixty-two.

INNA: When he came to life, it was a feeling like he came to support me. Is it true? Like supported, that’s how I felt, because he knew I had problems. I’m kind of struggling and he has to support me. Is it true?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes.

INNA: That’s amazing. One of the questions I always asked myself is why I chose my parents and my family. I feel like I’m a stranger there; that’s how I feel in my family, like I’m adopted. They’re not people who are close, they’re not people who understand what I’m talking about, and we’ve had a lot of problems. We still have. It got easier now, but it’s still... Sometimes I don’t know how to be happy.

In line with what you said yesterday, I was thinking maybe I was intrusive sometimes when I say something bad. I used to be quiet and not say anything, but sometimes I just want to say it because I feel it’s unfair. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t have a good childhood, you know?

So when I look overall, I see my intent is to do stuff on my own, don’t get help. It seems to me wherever I go, it’s no help. I don’t get any help in anything. If I do something, I have to do it myself. Does that make sense?


INNA: Is it true?

ELIAS: That is an element of your intent. I may express to you, the overall or general theme that you have chosen in this focus is to be generating your own creations, and in that, creating your own design in any direction. The reason that you chose the family that you did is that it is in alignment with your intent: You did not create that family; it was not of your individual design; it was already formed as you entered.

INNA: So I just chose to be with them?

ELIAS: The reason that there is a feeling, so to speak, of a lack of belonging is that it was not your design. Are you understanding? In this focus, one of the reasons that you experience this intensity in relationship with your son is not merely associated with the familiarity of soul mate and the familiarity of the many focuses that you have shared in intimate relationships, but it is also associated with this particular focus and your intent in this focus. THAT is your family; YOU have designed that family.

INNA: You mean my son?


INNA: That’s how I feel. He is my family.

ELIAS: Yes, for that is YOUR design and YOUR creation. In entering into this physical manifestation, in a manner of speaking you chose purposefully to not incorporate what you would perceive as a closely-knit family that you were entering into, for it was not of your design. All that you value in association with your intent are all of the creations that you design and that you choose and that you create.

INNA: He is my creation...


INNA: ...and I create the whole relationship the way I want.

ELIAS: Yes. That family is your design, and you express the freedom to create that in the manner that you choose.

INNA: The way I want.


INNA: That makes a lot of sense. But it was planned before I entered physical focus he was going to come into my life? That’s how it seems to me.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, there is somewhat of an element of that type of agreement, but it is not cast as an absolute. Therefore, there is always the potential that that particular essence might choose to be generating a different type of focus, not necessarily as your son. But I may express to you that within your pool of probabilities and his pool of probabilities, it was agreed prior to your manifestation in this focus that you would be manifest in this same focus together again in some capacity.

INNA: I had an abortion when I was like 25. I really wanted this child but I had an abortion because my parents forced me. A couple of times he told me he feels he was supposed to be born before, and when he said it... It might be him. So I’m pretty sure it was him.


INNA: That’s how I felt. I didn’t want to do it!

ELIAS: Now; this is significant, for it is an offering and an example to you that you have generated no wrong action and that you have not, in a manner of speaking, killed the individual. For as I have expressed previously with other individuals, essences are not always interconnected with the physical form from conception. The essence may begin directing the physical manifestation from conception or at some point within gestation or perhaps even after the actual birth.

INNA: But I think he wanted to be born.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

INNA: I really felt he wants to be here.

ELIAS: And you are correct, and this is the reason that he did emerge eventually.

INNA: But then a different person became his father.

ELIAS: It matters not.

INNA: When all this happened, I was thinking about probabilities. The reason I did this abortion was because I wasn’t sure about the father. I had this love affair with this man, which seemed to be love, not just affection, but there was some kind of a connection between us which I couldn’t explain. It’s not just affection, to like some guy; it was something... I want to ask you, too, about what kind of a connection we have. What happened was we didn’t come together; we’re still not together. He has a different family. Now I feel if I would have his child, it was a probability to be together. Is that so, yes or no?

ELIAS: There was a potential.

INNA: My feeling was he was the father of the child, but I wasn’t sure. Yes? (Elias nods) So I made a mistake.

ELIAS: It is not a mistake. It is NOT a mistake.

INNA: I felt like I really wanted to be with him, but it never happened. So I didn’t choose it.

ELIAS: Correct. But that also was associated with your intent and not designing the family that you wanted. That would not have been in alignment with your intent in association with the other individual’s movement and directions. The potential, would you have engaged that relationship, would have been more of yourself to be denying your choices and your direction in accommodating...

INNA: ...his direction.

ELIAS: Yes. But the encouragement is that this essence that is now manifest as your son chose not to be entering and manifesting in that time framework, in a recognition that you were not ready. Regardless of your feelings, regardless of your expression of judgment of right and wrong, and regardless of your partial want at that time — for I may express to you, it was not an entire want; it was a partial want — regardless of those feelings, you incorporated some awareness that you were not ready, and he incorporated a clear awareness that you were not ready but also expressed a strong desire, and manifest regardless.

INNA: When he was born, he had trouble with the birth and he almost died. He was suffocating inside me. When he was born in hospital, the doctor told me he wants to be alive, and I feel it. He wants to be, he wants to go, and he did. He was absolutely healthy, and he overcame all the problems.

When he came into my life, my life started changing. It turned me around. I started looking for something else which existed. I wasn’t quite aware before. I was very practical, with education, science, all this stuff. Logic, that’s me. (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) But when he was born, it was not just his little body; it was something else there. I felt his essence or something present, and it was an amazing feeling.

I always feel I am appreciating him. Every day I appreciate that he is my child. It’s so close a connection. He really supports me, not just like a child, he’s like my friend. If I have problems, if I don’t feel good, I go only to him. He would make me feel better, much better.

About this guy I was talking about, can I ask his family, name...? Just for my information — I don’t contact him — just for me. I want to understand our connection or maybe how many focuses...

ELIAS: You have engaged other focuses together in intimate relationships. Therefore, there is a strong familiarity and connection, in your terms. You incorporate 57 focuses with that individual.

INNA: That’s a lot. Do we have a happy family?

ELIAS: You engage different capacities of relationships. I may express to you, what you would term to be most of your relationships were intimate in an amiable expression. Some have been expressed more conflicting, but for the most part you express close relationships and appreciation.

INNA: In this focus I don’t know him that much. We didn’t spend that much time, but we feel like we really know each other. We’re really much alike, what we do, how we do, how we act. In his presence I feel completely different.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, do not credit the other individual with your allowance of yourself. It is your expression that is different. For in that type of energy, in interaction with that type of energy, you allow yourself to express yourself much more easily, much more fully and much more freely. But that is your credit, not the other individual’s.

This is significant to remember, for there are many other individuals within your reality that express a similar type of energy, and the key is you and your allowance of yourself to be expressing yourself in your freedom, which generates that exciting experience.

INNA: Somehow I feel he is the only person I can be with like that.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This is a trap, for the reason that you express that is that you are automatically crediting him with what you are generating. It is not his allowance, it is not his creation that generates that experience; it is YOUR allowance of YOURSELF. That is a significant expression for you to evaluate and examine, what you allow yourself to express.

INNA: So you are saying I could do the same with somebody else?


INNA: I don’t believe it. That’s my problem — I don’t believe so.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and the reason you do not believe that you may be experiencing that type of energy with another individual is that you have not yet realized that YOU were creating that, not the other individual.

INNA: That makes sense. But there was something that was special.

ELIAS: Of course! For in any scenario in which you engage another individual and you allow yourself to experience that genuine appreciation, that genuine knowing, that genuine interconnectedness, most individuals automatically, without thought, credit the other individual for pulling that expression, in your terms, out of you and allowing you to flower and to experience.

What becomes the block and the restriction, in which you do not allow yourself to move again into that experience if it is not with that one individual, is that you are offering the credit of all of the action and all of the experience to the other individual. Therefore, if you are not engaging the other individual, you cannot experience that, for you did not create it. He created the experience, and therefore you have lost the experience forever for he is not interacting. But he did not create the experience! YOU created the experience.

In this, remember your son. Although you chose not to facilitate the entrance of that essence in one scenario, it was not lost forever. You chose to participate and facilitate the entrance in a different time framework. YOU chose to experience what you experienced with this other individual, and you allowed yourself.

INNA: Can we choose to be attracted again? Is it probable? It doesn’t look to me like it’s probable.

ELIAS: It is not a probable probability in this time framework, but I may express to you that any choice is possible.

INNA: Possible but not probable.

ELIAS: Not within the direction and the energy that you are expressing or that he is expressing. But what is more significant is what you are expressing.

INNA: Sometimes I feel that if I know he’s somewhere, it’s enough. We don’t have to be seeing each other, but I know he’s somewhere so it is still some kind of a connection.

ELIAS: Your connection is not broken merely that you are not interacting in physical proximity and in relationship with each other. The connection remains, for you are interconnected in essence and in energy.

INNA: You mean we are part of the same essence?

ELIAS: No, but essences naturally are continuously merging, and in that, your energies are interconnected. In this physical focus, your energies are interconnected, regardless of physical interaction.

INNA: Sometimes I have this feeling that he is mine.

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

INNA: Thank you.

Next, my impressions of just a couple of focuses. I am not very good like other people here.

ELIAS: It is not a question of being good.

INNA: First, Isadora Duncan. She was a dancer.


INNA: It’s true? (Elias nods) It just popped into my mind. I was walking to work and just out of the blue... It was your help, a little bit? (Elias chuckles) I was walking and suddenly Isadora Duncan just came into my mind. It is true?


INNA: I am trying to understand when you talk about simultaneous time. If I take a book about her and I learn a lot of stuff about family relationship with a man — to me, it’s the same one I have now — it was a lot of parallels. That’s why I was thinking she is me. But if you’re saying it is simultaneous time and I can read about the personal life and the death, I am not really understanding. I’m trying to understand it. You’re saying her life continues now?

ELIAS: In your reality, for you incorporate linear time within your reality, it appears to be previous. Within consciousness, it is all simultaneous. Without the illusion of linear time — which in your reality is quite real — but without that expression, it is all simultaneous. These expressions of time frameworks are, in a manner of speaking, dimensions within dimensions.

INNA: So when I read a book about her, is it like probable, her life?


INNA: If everything is happening now, if you’re saying it’s parallel now, I can step aside and reach her.


INNA: That means she didn’t die yet.

ELIAS: In that type of parallel dimension. All of the focuses are all generated now. They are all occurring now. But they are separated by dimensional lines, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, time is dimensional, and in these different dimensions of time, they appear to you to be sections.

INNA: Slices.

ELIAS: Correct. But they are all parallel to each other. They are not following or preceding each other. But as you insert these dimensions of time, they appear to be in sequence and they appear to be in a movement of forward or backward, which is an element of the design of this particular dimension and its incorporation of time. But as another focus of yourself, you can step sideways and you can project your awareness to that other focus, that individual. You may even merge with that individual and experience their experiences.

INNA: But in what point of her life?

ELIAS: In any point.

INNA: So when you finish your physical manifestation, you can access all lives? You can kind of see all the slices within time?

ELIAS: Yes, once you engage the action of transition.

INNA: That makes me question if it’s my last focus.

ELIAS: And your impression?

INNA: Yes. (Elias nods) Okay. I just felt it.

Did I die in the second World War in the gas chamber?


INNA: Once, I had a dream and it was extremely real. I came into the chamber and I feel like I’m gonna die now, and that’s it and it’s black. It is true?


INNA: I wasn’t an adult. I was like a teenager — true?


INNA: Italy. When I went there, it was like I came home. When I was going home to Russia, it didn’t feel like the right place. When I came to Italy, it was like I am home. It was a warm feeling around me. If anybody talks about Italy, anybody buys something from there, it just gives me a warm feeling.

ELIAS: You incorporate many focuses in that area, and you also incorporate a preference to that particular area.

INNA: How many focuses?

ELIAS: Approximately somewhat more than half of all of your focuses.

INNA: How many in all? (Pause)

ELIAS: Two hundred seventeen, total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension.

INNA: It sounds like many.


INNA: Do I have focuses in other dimensions?


INNA: That’s why I feel like I’m not...

ELIAS: There is more of a familiarity in other dimensions than in this physical dimension.

INNA: Sometimes people generally don’t make sense to me.

In Italy, when we were in the gallery, I saw a painting. It was a painting called “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, and the woman in the shell in the middle of the painting seems to be me. Is it true or not?

ELIAS: Observing essence.

INNA: I found her name. Her name was Simonetta Vespucci. That’s cool, very cool.

One dream I had about a future focus. The Shift is over or almost over, something like that, and I was a teacher. I saw a lot of people I know, my friends, and I’m teaching, I’m scheduling classes. Does it exist?


INNA: It was so real. I tell everybody what to do! (Elias chuckles) I never imagined myself to be a teacher, but now I start to feel it more and more. It kind of makes sense, my connection with people now, because in the beginning I didn’t talk about this material too much, but people started asking me questions and I found myself lecturing people! (Elias chuckles) So this dream makes sense.

I didn’t look at the time when we started. I don’t know how many minutes we have. (Elias chuckles)

I have a skin problem. It’s not too bad, but it’s kind of annoying. I read somewhere the reason for this disease is because you generate too many skin cells. I generate more skin in some areas, like in elbow, than it’s supposed to be. What is behind this? And I have white spots somewhere.

ELIAS: And your impression?

INNA: I think I am tight. I don’t want to be exposed and open. I’m a really tight person. When I talk to you, it’s the first time I experience when I talk about myself.

ELIAS: It is a shielding.

INNA: Yes, that’s what I was thinking. So if I get more relaxed and open, will it help?


INNA: I was thinking it’s not.

ELIAS: It is quite possible, but this would be dependent upon whether you allow yourself to generate that exposure and allow yourself to express more of an openness and not be so very guarded and shielding of yourself.

INNA: I always feel like I’m not like everybody else, and I shouldn’t open myself too much because people would think I’m weird.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There is no wrong expression in difference.

INNA: I know, but NOW I know!

I have a couple of questions about my now boyfriend. It’s kind of a strange relationship because I feel he is a little bit forceful. He has a forceful energy. Is it true? Sometimes I feel like a wave from him. When he talks to me, it’s like...! He doesn’t believe in all this stuff, but at the same time I think he is one of my students in the future. Is it true?


INNA: Because he says, “No, no, no, I don’t believe,” but at the same time suddenly he asks me questions. He wants to know, and the reason he was attracted to me was because he wants this information. But he doesn’t want to do it himself; he goes through me.

ELIAS: I am understanding, which, this occurs many times with many individuals that may not necessarily be interactive with myself. But it matters not, for they are interactive with many of you and therefore the information is available, regardless.

Now; in this, remember, it is not necessary to be incorporating my language to the other individual, and you may be conveying the information, regardless. Example is much more powerful than instruction.

INNA: He looks at me, “It’s not true; it’s not true.” Maybe there is something there. He just called me now because I didn’t take his questions. I didn’t want to take his questions, but he called me now to insist I ask his questions! (Elias chuckles)

I am going to read it because I really don’t know what he is talking about. He is more preoccupied with the Bible, and he studies it and all of these events which I am not familiar with. So if you don’t mind...

ELIAS: Very well.

INNA: The first question: is the Book of Genesis really an historical event or is it just a story, an allegory?

ELIAS: They are not actual historical events. There are events that in some stories may be somewhat associated with the motivation for generating these stories, but they are not actual historical events.

INNA: The second one, he asks who is buried in Joseph’s tomb? Who is actually in there? Whose body is in there? That’s what he asks. (Pause)

ELIAS: Not the individual that he believes it to be!

INNA: That’s a good answer! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) I don’t know what he is talking about.

Last one: did King Josiah write the Book of Deuteronomy? I can’t even pronounce it; I’m sorry!

ELIAS: No. I may express to him that, as I have expressed previously, there is a tremendous potential that you shall be discovering more information futurely concerning historical events and individuals, and offering more clarity as to what has actually occurred in many of these stories rather than what individuals believe to have occurred.

I may express to him that this compilation of books that have been expressed together in this one book of your Bible is a series of stories. Some of the individuals identified within these books have actually manifest within physical focus but have not actually generated most of the events that are attributed to them.

Some of the events have actually occurred but not necessarily in association with the specific individuals that they are identified with. For that time framework incorporated tremendous movement of many individuals, and the combination of many individuals’ expressions and experiences were set together and attributed to one specific individual or another specific individual to generate a greater strength of the stories.

INNA: That makes more sense to me. I always say don’t believe it literally. You have to get an idea but not go to historical events, because it doesn’t exist!

ELIAS: And also history is continuously being altered, regardless, for individuals are continuously altering the past in the present.

INNA: But that doesn’t make sense to me! No, no, no, no, no! (Both laugh)

The name Beatrix, do I have focuses with that name?


INNA: Can you tell me?

ELIAS: You may investigate! (Chuckles)

INNA: It sounds so pleasant. It sounds so nice to me. I really enjoy it.

I’m not sure, but I think we have to finish. It was a real pleasure. I appreciate our conversation.

ELIAS: And for myself also. (Chuckles) I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be offering my energy to you. Know that it is available to you always. In this, I shall generate supportiveness and encouragement to you in helpfulness for you to rediscover your allowance of yourself and your openness to your own expressions, to generate similar experiences of those that you long for.

INNA: Thank you.

ELIAS: In tremendous affection to you, my friend, au revoir.

INNA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 54 minutes.

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