Session 712

Providing a Mirror to Others


“Providing a Mirror to Others”
“Emotions Are Not Responses”

Sunday, October 22, 2000-1
© 2001 (Private/Alabama)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Jan (Mona), and Ken (Connor).
Elias arrives at 4:05 p.m. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon! (Smiling)

JAN:  Good afternoon, Elias!  How are you today?

ELIAS:  As always! (Grinning)

JAN:  As always! (Elias chuckles)  We’re splitting this session, so I only have thirty minutes, which Ken is gonna help me remember.

The first question I have is, have Ken and I had a previous focus together, such as siblings? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

JAN:  Was it siblings?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JAN:  Yes, okay.  My second question is about my friend and counterpart, Elveta.  I would like for you to talk to me as if you were talking to her, where I could transcribe this and send it to her.  I’m very upset about what happened, but we are counterparts, and I want to know how she’s doing, what happened, what she created; just like you’re talking to her, if you don’t mind.

ELIAS:  I may address to you.  I shall address to Nadia when she requests me to address to her.

JAN:  You know she can’t.

ELIAS:  I know no such thing! (Grinning)  She may request, and there are many avenues that she may engage, if she is so choosing ... in objective manner!  Therefore, if she is requesting information and is offering questioning to me individually, I shall be quite compliant and responsive.  But it is not your responsibility to be requesting for her.

Now; if you are requesting information with regard to yourself, I shall be compliant in offering you information in the direction of your concerns.  Therefore, shall you restructure your questioning?

JAN:  Okay.  I do want to know if she’s okay, and I know you’re gonna say, of course she’s okay.

ELIAS:  You are correct. (Grinning)

JAN:  But I think you know what I mean.  Is she really okay inside?

I need to know why this affected me so deeply, and still is.  I’m having a very hard time.  I didn’t expect it, and she didn’t either.  Is there anything you can help me with here?

ELIAS:  First of all, as you are aware, some of what I shall express to you, you already know, and you anticipate as my response to you, in recognizing that the reason that you are experiencing the response that you have created is a direct expression of your beliefs. (Pause)

Within physical focus, within different groups of individuals, some individuals, in conjunction with their individual intent in their focus, express choices outwardly and create actions and events within their focus outwardly, objectively, that may be viewed by other individuals, and what they provide in this type of action is a type of mirror to many individuals, which creates a trigger within those individuals that are viewing the reflection of the mirror.

This moves quite in relation, as I have stated, to the individual’s intent, in providing a type of example; not the type of example of what should be or should not be created, but a type of example of choices — of what you DO create, what you DO choose — and in these choices, these certain individuals may be expressing this type of mirror and example in what may be viewed by other individuals as extremes.

Now; these extremes, so to speak — although they are not necessarily extremes, but as you view them to be extremes — they are created by the individual partially for their own value fulfillment, for their own process that they have chosen, but also partially as an engagement of other individuals, in their actions; not in their speaking, not in their verbal communication, but in their actions.

They engage you.  They engage your energy and they engage your attention quite strongly, for this provides you with an example, that you may turn inwardly to yourself and view, what is the similarity of what this individual creates and what I create?

Now; many times this may require some investigation and exploration upon your part, for you are quite accustomed, as I have stated many times previously, to viewing in either/or, black/white terms.  You automatically view events throughout your focuses in terms of absolutes, and in a very singular manner.

Therefore, if an individual such as Nadia creates this choice — which is viewed by many of you as an extreme and quite shocking, to be choosing that which you term as incarceration — and I express to you that the individual is creating a mirror to be reflecting to many of you and is providing an objective example for many of you, your automatic direction is to express to yourselves, “But I am not choosing incarceration.  I shall not choose this action.  What possibly may this individual be mirroring to me?  I do not create choices in this manner.”  Your choices may be expressed objectively differently, but you may be creating similar movements and merely expressing them differently.

Let me express to you in this moment, I have spoken several times of another individual that creates very similar type[s] of actions [and] experiences within their focus.  This individual you may be familiar with as Yarr.  This individual creates many experiences objectively in what you view to be extremes or quite obvious terms.

This individual creates many expressions of repetitions.  This individual provides a very clear example, in objective terms, to many, many individuals that are belonging to the Sumafi family which create many similar actions, but they may not be quite as obvious.

This individual also creates many expressions in his focus in relation to the Tumold alignment — not the Tumold family in belonging to, but in the expressions of alignment — very common expressions to this family.  This individual also creates many obvious experiences objectively projected in relation to qualities of orientation.

Now; as I have stated, in many groups of individuals that interact with each other objectively, many times one individual may choose, in relation to their individual intent, to be providing groups of individuals this type of objective imagery.

This individual expresses quite obviously and quite clearly examples of expressions of her orientation, which are beneficial to other individuals to be viewing and paying attention to, that you may offer yourselves information concerning yourselves and other individuals that you interact with.

This individual expresses quite clearly and obviously the action of choice and the movement into those choices, in a movement of creating the beginnings of acceptance.

This individual creates interesting experiences in diverse manners, addresses to her own challenges with the beliefs that she aligns with, and simultaneously projects actions and choices of imagery that trigger your viewing of your own beliefs, of your own automatic responses, of your own expectations.

Now; this individual provides a clear example in mirroring the expression of expectation — the expectations that she holds within self and the choice to be projecting experiences that she has chosen outwardly, that you may all also view your expectations of yourselves and of other individuals.

In this one action, this one event, she has provided you with many examples of how not merely she creates expectations of herself, of other individuals, of situations, but how all of YOU create expectations concerning how she shall create her reality, concerning how all of the individuals that are interactive with her shall be creating their reality in relation to her, and your expectations of behavior and how many judgments you enter into in these expectations.

Let me express to you, were this not to be an individual that you have created an emotional expression with and a relationship with within this focus — were this to be another individual that you availed yourself of the information concerning this individual but [did] not invest any emotional expression with — you would quite possibly hold very different expectations.

Therefore, you are also provided an opportunity to view your responsiveness and your interaction with your emotional expressions, and how you view the mechanism of your emotional responses.

You view emotional expressions to be responses.  You shall not create an emotion unless you are responding to some event, to some creation, to some choice.  Incorrect!  Emotions are not dependent upon an expression to be triggering of them.  They are not merely responses.  They are communications.

You associate them with responses, for this is how you have channeled your energies and how you have directed movements of your beliefs, to be associating the experience of emotional expressions only in response to some choice or creation.  But you may be experiencing emotional communication without being responsive to any event, and at times, you are.

At times you express to yourselves, and at times to other individuals, “I am experiencing an emotional expression, and I know not why.  No event has triggered this.  It has appeared from nowhere.  It is concerning me.  It is not normal, for I must hold an explanation for why I am creating an emotional response and to what I am responding.”  You are not responding!  You are merely creating a communication through an emotional expression.

Therefore, in this also, Nadia has provided you with information, that you may look to yourselves in this reflection concerning emotional expressions.

They are not always responses, but you have confined them to responses and when you shall listen to them as a response, and you shall discount them if they are created not in response and you shall attempt to eliminate them if they are not a response, if they are merely a communication.

As to this individual, you are correct.  I shall express to you that this individual is fine ... and I AM understanding of what you are expressing.

Is this individual experiencing emotional trauma?  No.  YOU are experiencing emotional turmoil!

JAN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Is this individual experiencing fun?  At times; not entirely.  Is this individual experiencing pleasure?  Realistically, in moments; not entirely.  Is this individual experiencing devastation?  No.  Is this individual providing themself with imagery, of which she and I have spoken?  Yes. (Pause)

Is this individual experiencing the expression of blaming Elias?  No. (Grinning, and Jan laughs)

KEN:  That’s for sure!

JAN:  No, she wouldn’t.

ELIAS:  Are YOU experiencing the blaming of Elias at times?

JAN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Yes. (Smiling)

JAN:  Although I know it’s not rational.

ELIAS:  It matters not!

JAN:  It’s irrational.

ELIAS:  And need it be rational?  No! (Jan laughs)

It is an experience.  It is a response.  This is an opportunity that you provide to yourself — through the reflection that this individual has provided for you — to be looking to YOUR beliefs, and therefore identifying the strength of these beliefs and the strength of their influence in your automatic responses ... AND the opportunity to view how strongly these aspects of your beliefs influence your perception and therefore create your reality. (Emphatic pause)

Your association is misery! (Laughter)  Therefore, you create an alignment with this belief, it influences your perception, your perception is responsive and creates misery ... within YOU, not within her!  And this is reinforced through your expression of emotional qualities, battling thoughts, confusion, and what?  Discounting of yourself, which emphasizes the misery!

JAN:  I knew you were gonna come back with, I need to look at me.

ELIAS:  Quite.

JAN:  But it’s an interesting mirror, because it’s brought up things that I never would have experienced inside of me without this mirror.

ELIAS:  And many times, these individuals are accomplishing this very type of action, as it IS in alignment with their individual intents and their expressions, and many other individuals, such as yourselves, draw yourselves to these individuals in the knowing that they SHALL provide you with these reflections.

This is not to say that the viewing of the reflections may not be difficult or challenging, but just as the choices that she has provided herself with are beneficial — for all choices are beneficial — the choice to be drawing yourself to individuals such as this is beneficial to you also.  It provides you an avenue of great information concerning self.

JAN:  (To Ken)  How’s the time?

KEN:  You’re doing just fine.

JAN:  Do I have time for my other question?

KEN:  Sure.

JAN:  Okay, I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to ask you about my trip to Nepal.  I called you before I left, and you said to not be serious, and have fun with it.  I did not have fun!  I could not turn my perception.  I’m not sure I’m the one who went to Nepal!  I didn’t feel like me.  I didn’t act like me.  I actually got sick in Nepal at the monastery, and I was just totally miserable.  I kept saying, over and over, you can change your perception; you have choices.  I knew all this, and I could not stop.  What happened there?  Any idea why I had to make myself so miserable?

ELIAS:  For you are fighting with yourself.

JAN:  Fighting? (Elias nods)  What was I fighting?  Was it their belief system?

ELIAS:  Why shall you not feel yourself, or feel as you are [not] being yourself? (No pause for a response)

Now; in response to this, I may express to you that within this action of this trip that you have engaged, you have battled and struggled and created fighting with yourself, and in that action, you have partially attempted to be removing yourself from the battle by exchanging with another aspect of yourself, but continuing to bounce back and forth.  This provides you with a temporary feeling, so to speak, of not being quite you, but also being aware that you ARE you.

JAN:  Yeah, it’s always me, and I have the complete memory.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JAN:  But I was not acting like me at times.

ELIAS:  Correct, and this is an interjection of exchange between different aspects in primary position, in an attempt to remove yourself from the situation in a weariness of battling.

JAN:  I could’ve removed.  I had the choice, but I didn’t take it.

ELIAS:  And this is an aspect of the battle — fighting with yourself.

“I shall overcome!  I shall accomplish!  I shall be accepting, I shall be accepting, I shall be accepting!  Or I shall disengage!”

JAN:  I couldn’t accept it, Elias.  I couldn’t.  I not only couldn’t accept, I couldn’t tolerate!

ELIAS:  Quite, and this creates tremendous judgment within you.

JAN:  Yeah.  I didn’t like that I couldn’t tolerate.

ELIAS:  You have created more of a judgment upon yourself than you have upon that which you are judging!

JAN:  It just feels like I should be beyond this.  I should be able to accept whatever they do, or at least tolerate.


JAN:  And I don’t know why.

ELIAS:  And the more you struggle and the more you “fight against” and the more you force energy, the more you reinforce the expression of the judgment, for you create more judgment upon self, and what you create inwardly, you also project outwardly.

(Intently)  Acceptance of self creates a natural byproduct of acceptance outwardly.  It is not the action of acceptance of other individuals or philosophies or actions or experiences first, and therefore you shall reinforce yourself and validate yourself and offer yourself the ability to be accepting of self.  It is the reverse.

JAN:  So there’s some part of me I’m not accepting, and I couldn’t deal with this.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JAN:  And this is something I would find out on my own?  Do you have a hint?

ELIAS:  Yes! (Jan and Ken laugh)

Within yourself, you are struggling with the concept of acceptance.  You are struggling with the identification and definition of acceptance, and battling with the ideas of not eliminating, but that this is the chosen method — be eliminating, and therefore it is of no concern.  And in this battle that you are creating within you, you also are battling with ideas of the terms of acceptance in relation to certain expressions, certain philosophies ... RELIGIOUS belief systems.

For you have expressed to yourself that you are beyond this.  You hold enough information.  You have been providing yourself with information for much time framework.  You have enlightened yourself, and therefore you are beyond this expression.  You do not align with religious belief systems within yourself.  You are accepting of the religious belief systems in relation to yourself.  And I may express to you, no, no, no!

You have attempted previously to eliminate the religious beliefs within yourself, and what you have accomplished is the removal of them from your attention, that you no longer view them.  This is not to say that they do not continue to be in quite functioning order, and that they are not continuing to influence your perception.

As you created this trip, you presented yourself with an extreme, obvious example in another reflection.  What are you presenting to yourself, Mona? (No pause for a response)

In every direction that you turn, you are presenting yourself with very obvious expressions of elements within yourself that you have convinced yourself do not exist.  They are gone.  You have eliminated them.  They are not a problem.  You are correct — they are not a problem.  But they DO exist, and they ARE influencing.

JAN:  If I could just accept that I have these beliefs....

ELIAS:  They are not bad!

JAN:  Okay, they’re not bad.  It’s not bad to have these beliefs ... and then maybe I can quit the battle.

ELIAS:  Yes.

JAN:  Is this battle, all these battles going on with me right now, is that the cause of my extreme fatigue?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JAN:  I am so tired.  I just can’t get from day to day.

ELIAS:  Quite!  You are creating much of a struggle, inwardly and outwardly, in your attention and within your energy.  You are raging battles!

JAN:  And this is all like in the past six weeks.  I kept thinking, I don’t have trauma with the shift, I’m okay, and all of a sudden....

ELIAS:  Ah, for you have already eliminated all of these beliefs that are so affecting of so many other individuals!

JAN:  But not me! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And as we have expressed in our yester-night, surprise, surprise, surprise! (Laughter)  They are NOT eliminated, and elimination is not the point.

JAN:  ‘Cause it’s not bad.

ELIAS:  It is not bad.  They are CHOICES.  Your idea of true enlightenment is to be accepting.

It matters not that you hold these beliefs.  What holds significance is how you allow these beliefs to be automatically influencing you, and therefore eliminating your choices.  You are not eliminating the beliefs, but you are efficiently eliminating your choices, and therefore limiting and eliminating, partially, your freedom.

JAN:  Yes.  It impinged on my freedom.  I was trapped.  The feeling I had was trapped.

(To Ken) What time is it?

KEN:  Whatever you’ve got, go ahead.  Time is irrelevant! (Laughing)

JAN:  Time is important to me, though.  Elias, thank you so much!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  Allow yourself to ponder what we have discussed.

JAN:  I will.  I can’t wait to get the tape.  I think I’m gonna feel a lot better.

ELIAS:  Give yourself permission to express an acceptance within self.  And also, you may allow yourself permission to not be accepting personal responsibility for other individuals.  You are only responsible for you, and this is enough!  It is exhausting already!

JAN:  Yes, it is exhausting already! (They all laugh)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

JAN:  I’ll let Ken talk now. (Elias chuckles)

KEN:  I’ve been enjoying listening.  I’ve been identifying.  Hello, my friend!

ELIAS:  Hello, my friend!

KEN:  I wasn’t gonna start off with this, but at our first phone session, when you started laughing, I connected that with when I first read Seth, and the Irish pickpocket, a focus of Seth. (Elias chuckles)  And when I heard him laughing, the similarity, the sound of the laugh, the bellyness of it was so reminiscent of you laughing on the telephone.

Then I found myself in a small pub, which I took to be an Irish pub —  I was surprised at how small it was — and me and another essence were flicking suds, ale suds, at one another, and I was aware of somebody else that enjoyed sitting back and watching the two of us do this playing, and I connected with Archer, and he seems to remember that we used to have this fun game, and the setting.  And I was wondering, the one that enjoyed sitting back and observing us, was that Seth’s focus as this Irish pickpocket, or is this you in a focus?

ELIAS:  Neither. (Grinning)

KEN:  Neither. (Elias chuckles)  Ah, further exploration!  This was one of the most fullest experience I’ve had of being in a place with another focus.  It was so vivid, even with the scents and the tactile ... everything!  It was great!

ELIAS:  And quite real!

KEN:  Oh yes, really! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Seems like we liked to take vacations in a little jail, being picked up for being drunk in public and stuff.

ELIAS:  And vacations within the pub also!

KEN:  Oh yes!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Objective vacations!

KEN:  I had fun connecting with your laughter on that one because of this pub experience!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

KEN:  Echoes through time.  Could I get a little bit of additional information on my essence?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.

KEN:  I am so choosing!  How many ... before I mention this, are either of these two numbers the answer to this?  439 and 34.  How many focuses do I have in this dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS:  1,439

KEN:  1,439?  Wow! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Experiencing quite surprise, once again!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

KEN:  Yes, surprise!  Of course, I enjoy surprising myself!  1,439?

ELIAS:  Quite.

JAN:  Yeah, I wrote it down.

KEN:  Okay.  I’ll have to digest that one!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

KEN:  Sounds kind of tasty!  How many of similar tone? (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Maybe I can get that number down!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  I may express to you, you may easily investigate 312.

KEN:  312.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

KEN:  That sounds like a smaller mountain! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  This shall be occupying you and keeping you quite busy!  Ha ha ha ha!

KEN:  Yeah, since I’ve only objectively connected with a few of them! (Elias chuckles)  Whoa!  I’m all a-tither.  Am I emotionally focused?

ELIAS:  Yes.

KEN:  I had a fun time, night before last, having a temper tantrum with myself! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  This may at times be quite satisfying, may it not? (Grinning)

KEN:  It was cleansing — it really was!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

KEN:  I enjoy my tears; it’s a cleansing experience. (Elias chuckles)  Whoa — 1,439.  Okay ... that just blows me away!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

KEN:  I was not prepared for that!  Well, yes I was.  Okay, my essence color tone.  Logically ... yellow, blue, crimson, a little bit of green, bluish-green, yellow-green.  But for some reason, I’m picking up on more of a reddish, rosy-pink color.  Does that have anything to do with the new pink energy center that’s being inserted, or what am I picking up on?

ELIAS:  Ah.  You are attempting to be identifying your impression as to your signature color, and you are moving your thoughts into analyzation of your impression through the mechanism of logic.  Your impressions are not necessarily logical!  Therefore, I may offer the suggestion to you that you not look to them to be logical, but rather, merely allow them to be expressed, for many times they shall not appear to you to be logical! (Chuckling)

As to your signature color, you are correct in your impression that this moves in a hue of a pink, darker than a blush.

KEN:  Mona and I are gonna have fun going through the paint chips in the paint stores, looking for colors and the names of stuff.

ELIAS:  Ah! (Grinning)  And you may identify a particular color that you resonate with, and you may express the physically focused naming of this color to me! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

KEN:  Okay!  I have found such fun playing with myself!  Essence information for a few other people?  I’m only gonna do a couple ... more than the basic four, but first the basic four — essence name, family, alignment, and orientation for Ingomar? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Lyryn; L-Y-R-Y-N. (leer-en)

JAN:  Leer-en is the way it’s pronounced? (Elias nods)

ELIAS:  Essence family, Vold; alignment, Zuli; orientation, common.

KEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

KEN:  There was a little bit more — his number of focuses in this dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS:  856.

KEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

KEN:  I’m usually more giggly and laughing than this.  Okay, that’s fine.  This is a fun experience! (Elias chuckles)  Similar in tone, for Ingomar? (Pause)

ELIAS:  223.

KEN:  Thank you.  Only one other; a short one.  For Ornah, his essence tone color? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This translates into a coral color, a shade of orange.

KEN:  Okay.  He’s gonna find that interesting.  He has such fun exploring his visual imagery in colors, and I’m almost image-less! (Laughing)  But that’s fun; we have fun bouncing off of each other. (Elias chuckles, and there is a pause during which you can hear Ken rustling through papers)  I really did a great job of putting some of this down ... oh!  In my phone session, there was one thing ... I’ll start with the one that I heard that was different.

When you gave me my essence name and the spelling of it, when I got the tape back, it was perfectly clear that it was C-O-N-N-O-R, and Connor; very clear on the tape.  During the session, what I heard was the pronunciation of Cannar, and the spelling of C-A-N-N-A-R.  Was this a fluctuation in essence tone, or is it possibly the naming of another focus of my essence? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Not fluctuation in tone.  What you are allowing yourself is recognition of another focus.

KEN:  Oh, okay.  Great!  Thanks.  I’ll go with that and play with that and meet him!

ELIAS:  Northern.

KEN:  Hmm?

ELIAS:  Look northern.

KEN:  Northern?

ELIAS:  Northern European.

KEN:  Northern European — Nordic?

ELIAS:  (Nodding)  Investigate!

KEN:  I shall investigate! (Elias chuckles)  This was so vivid that I know I’m gonna have fun!  Thank you for that clarification, because I wasn’t sure which of the two.

During my temper tantrum, I was insisting, “Enough of the Vold alignment — this Ken is gonna insist upon being Sumari!”  However, after my temper tantrum, I got in touch with more of my Voldness and the cleansingness of it.  So, I shall be choosing to continue with my Voldness!

ELIAS:  Ah! (Chuckling, and Ken laughs)  Which is quite acceptable!

KEN:  I’m finding it more and more so! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  A couple of real quick questions.  Did I have a focus as a physician in Egypt in about 200 BC? (Pause)

ELIAS:  A type of, correct.

KEN:  A type of?

ELIAS:  You are correct.

KEN:  Oh, okay.  And one last one, was there one in India as a Dharma priestess? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Apprentice to, yes.

KEN:  Okay, and this was about the time of when the Mongols were invading India?

ELIAS:  Yes.

KEN:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  This individual in actuality does not accomplish the finality of priestess, but is disengaged prior to that action, but engages the action of apprentice to.

KEN:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

KEN:  More exploration, and you’re gonna keep me busy with those ... or I’m gonna keep myself busy with these 300 similars!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

KEN:  During the course of the weekend, I’ve had some of this ... oh, other stuff confirmed and clarified.  So, that’s it.

JAN:  Is our time up?

KEN:  That’s it.

JAN:  I just want to ask real quick if you can tell me how many focuses I have in this dimension. (Pause)

ELIAS:  1,018.

JAN:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I express to you both great affection and encouragement.

KEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  (To Ken)  Continue to be playful in the exploration of your Voldness!

KEN:  Up until a couple months ago, I didn’t realize it was quite this easy to be connecting with some of these focuses.  I thought I had to go through all kinds of gymnastics and stuff to do it, but I’m enjoying glimpses, and then I can take time exploring.

ELIAS:  Quite!  Continue with your playfulness! (Chuckling)

(To Jan)  And I shall repeat to you, once again, to be engaging FUN!

JAN:  Yes, I’m trying! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And attempting to be lighthearted, and not so intensely serious! (Grinning)

JAN:  I guess it’s the Sumafi in me. (Laughing)  I guess we’re just naturally that way.

ELIAS:  Ah!  It is YOU!

JAN:  Okay....

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JAN:  I’m gonna accept that, and it’s okay!

ELIAS:  Quite!  Ha ha ha!  And we shall continue and play together!

JAN:  Yeah, we will play!

ELIAS:  To you both this day in great affection, au revoir.

JAN:  Au revoir.

KEN:  Bye.

Elias departs at 5:05 p.m.


(1)  In the following, “...and to what I am responding,” I have switched “am I” to “I am.”  Similarly, in “...and when you shall listen to them,” I have switched “shall you” to “you shall.”  Similarly, in “...but just as the choices that she has provided herself with are beneficial,” I have switched “with herself” to “herself with.”

Vic’s note:  Interestingly, while working on this transcript, I came across a conversation between Elveta (Nadia) and Patel that occurred in an internet chat room on June 15, 2000.  Here is an excerpt:

NADIA:  Ron, please explain Patel to me.  I have never “gotten” that.

RON:  Nadia, this is so weird!  I don’t really have control over the interaction of Paul.  He really seems to like the internet, tho.  There have been quite a few times that he has come thru, and this seems to be one of those times.  I’m fighting it.  Always have, always will.  I don’t know why, but it’s a really strange thing for me, this dead guy thing.

NADIA:  Ron: Let her rip!!!  LOL!

PATEL:  Greetings!  Let me first inform you that there are no dead guys.  These are merely energy personalities.

NADIA:  Patel, what is the most important thing that I need to “do” right now?

PATEL:  Nadia, your question is quite informative to yourself, for as you ask this question, you know the answer.  There is no should; there is no best.  You may choose for yourself what the best thing is, for there is no best thing.  There only is what you choose.

You may be concerning yourselves with things that are not known, so to speak, but these things have no validity, for they are simply choices.  These choices do not make you a bad or good person.  They are choices that you make within your lifetime, so to speak, that you may learn from and be making examples to yourself as this shift expands, so to speak.

You shall all be noticing the influence that you shall be having upon yourself in the manner of how you think, so to speak, about things, and how you react, and how you relay, and how you respond.  These responses are instant; these responses are you.

You may have been thinking of certain imagery that has confused you.  This imagery is known to you.  This imagery is recognized by you.  You may not realize that you have figured it out, so to speak, but you know that you have.

You think that we come here, so to speak, to express to you things that you do not know.  This is not the case, for we come here to remind you of what you already know.

There have been many times that essences have inquired as to what shall happen after the shift.  To this, the response must be, what shall happen after the shift?  For there are only choices.

Your choices shall shape this shift, and your impressions shall be the major influence.  There are no absolutes.  There are no bottom lines.  There is only what is.

You may be asking for advice, so to speak, within this focus, and advice may be given.  However, this advice may only be engaged if you are within agreement.  There is no perfect solution to all problems or quandaries, for all solutions are perfect, for they are exactly what you have chosen.

This may seem to be hedging, so to speak, but within reality, there are no answers.  There are only results, so to speak.  Or, the answers lie within your own knowing and within your own perception.

Within physical focus, there have been guidelines, so to speak, set by you that must be followed.  This is not to say that these guidelines are absolute.  It is only to say that you have set these, and many of them are — as you would term it — set in stone.

NADIA:  So here I am, having created this absolute piece of crap reality, and I feel okay.  Must be something wrong with me!  LOL!

PATEL:  Nadia, your beliefs are quite strong within this area, and there are no absolutes.  You may, in a twinkling of an eye, remove all records of “wrong doings,” so to speak.  However, within your beliefs, the fact that these records exist make it so.

NADIA:  Patel, I have thought of that!  Figured Y2K would have to do it!! *S* I think that I shall play with the energy and see what I can accomplish.  Thank you!

PATEL:  This may be a needing, so to speak, on your part to examine this profession that you have chosen to employ ... or not.  There are many probabilities that may play themselves out within this situation, and many avenues you may choose to embark upon.  Any choice that you make shall be the right, so to speak, choice, for there is only what is.

NADIA:  Patel, but I realize that the damage has been done.  I made the headlines twice in our newspaper.  That was what hurt me.  The end result is anticlimactic — still, if I could change the records and exit stage left!!!  LOL!

PATEL:  I shall be retreating for now, as Olivia has issues with interactions.  I have great fondness for you all, and Olivia shall be realizing this fondness as well.  Until we next speak, ta!

NADIA:  Ron/Patel: Great fondness for you!!!
RON:  Hi guys, I’m back, like I was ever gone.   You guys are great, and thanks for sucking the dead guy out of me.  I do have issues with it, but I think it’s cool when I do it.  I wish you could be inside my head when it happens (I know you are) because there is some real turmoil going on there.  G’nite!  I’m bailing also.  I’m a bit spaced out.  I don’t know how Mary does it!

Vic’s note:  That’s the excerpt.  I have edited out comments made by other people present, as it gets really hard to read.  Even in this excerpt, there are times when Patel and Nadia are responding to each other in a “lag time,” as this is the nature of a chat room.  Still, I found it interesting, and maybe you will too! :)

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Copyright 2000 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.