Session 439

The Great Monster of Fear


“The Great Monster of Fear”
“Addressing to Beliefs”
“You Are Not Alone”

Thursday, August 5, 1999 © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).
Elias arrives at 3:40 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

DARYL:  Hello, Elias. (Elias chuckles)  It’s nice to be able to talk to you again.  When we were last talking on the phone, we discussed my orientation and how I’m blocking it, and also my hurtfulness from within self, and I’ve been addressing those areas.  My understanding of things is that the core of my fear about interaction with people and my strongest judgments in terms of duplicity and why I think I’m a monster all seem to come back to the qualities of my orientation, of wanting interaction and especially intimacy with others, and also somewhat in the emotional expression outwardly, in blocking that.  Does that seem an accurate assessment to you?

Vic’s note:  Daryl’s orientation is soft.

ELIAS:  Yes.  Let me express to you, as we touched upon within your previous session, that this particular orientation may be involving much more conflict in the area specifically of interaction with other individuals.  This is one of the areas in which your societies are influencing within the mass belief systems.

In this, individuals move themselves into directions of attempting to be fitting themselves into the mold that is compliant with the mass expression, and in this area, individuals of this orientation very strongly do not fit, for within your society, although they express to you to be self-reliant and their message in their belief systems is that you need be tending to self, this is a camouflaged action and message, so to speak, for the message expresses to look to self, but in actuality does not encourage you to genuinely look to self and be accepting of self in the manner that you have manifest.  It expresses to you to look to self, and subsequently to mold yourself and fit yourself into the forms and the grooves of the mass expression.

In this area of interaction with other individuals, this particular orientation many times experiences much conflict, for you are in direct opposition many times to the mass belief systems and the officially accepted rules, so to speak, of your societies, in which they may be expressing to you, in your looking to self, to also be, in a manner of speaking, isolating yourself.

There is an expression offered by your society, to be not merely self-reliant but independent, and this is viewed as very good and positive, but this may also hold elements of conflict with certain individuals.  Be remembering that one expression does not necessarily automatically create an opposite to counterpart it.  Therefore, the expression of independence — or the LACK of independence — is not necessarily the situation in which you perceive you become dependent upon other individuals.

As you may view, these are very intricate terms within your language and may be interpreted in many different manners.  These words that you use hold very strong implications and may be strongly triggering of different aspects of belief systems.

Therefore, although certain words are viewed as good or positive, they also may hold conflict for many individuals, for the individuals — such as yourself — are attempting to be fitting themselves into what they believe is right and good and positive, but it may also be in direct conflict with their particular orientation or intent, and in this, they may be creating of conflicts throughout their focus and not necessarily hold an objective understanding of why.

Be remembering that essences shall manifest within this physical dimension in the orientation of common more frequently than any other orientation.  You hold three different orientations to be presenting yourselves with different types of experiences, different angles to be perceiving your reality through, but for the most part, essences choose to be manifesting physically holding the orientation of common.  Therefore also, for the most part, to this point within your linear time framework, your mass belief systems and your societies have been structured in compliance with the perception of the orientation of common, but as you are moving within the action of this shift, you are also all widening your awareness and therefore allowing a broader spectrum of experiences.

In this time framework presently, this moves in two directions simultaneously.  Many individuals move in the direction of holding more tightly to the familiar and to their belief systems, and are very resistant of change and are very resistant of differences and are expressing quite strongly intolerances.  Simultaneously, other individuals are expressing more tolerance, more acceptance, and more of an incorporation of difference and understanding.

Therefore, within this element of this shift in consciousness, you become divided and moving into two opposing expressions, two opposing factions, so to speak.  This is a temporary expression and also quite natural, but it may be quite conflicting for many individuals.  It is a reflection of what the individuals are experiencing within themselves.

Regardless of what information they avail themselves of or which direction they are moving into, individuals presently are divided into two factions: one pulling very strongly in the direction of the familiar and holding tightly to their energy, and the other, in curiosity, expanding awareness and exploring new abilities and areas that are unfamiliar, which allows certain elements of acceptance.

Therefore, within the individuals, there becomes the experience of conflict, for you are experiencing this pulling within you in two different directions, so to speak.

You also experience this as you begin to allow yourself to avail yourself of more information and to be widening your awareness.
The more you are widening your awareness, the clearer your belief systems become, and in this clarity of your belief systems, you also begin to view issues and shrines and elements of your expression, your reality, [and] yourself that you do not like, for the belief system of duplicity underlies all of your expressions and all of your perception.  Therefore, it is quite influencing, and you become aware of this also, and this may be creating struggling within you, for you are venturing into new territory, so to speak.

Therefore, you feel yourself to not be standing upon solid ground any longer, and although you offer yourself information which is helpful ... you avail yourself of the information that I offer to you in explanation of what you have created and how you have created and why you have created within this physical dimension, which offers you an element of understanding, but it also offers you a position of confusion, for you are intaking information that is unfamiliar objectively, and therefore you become confused and you spin upon your hamster wheel for a time.

Now; let me also express to you that this is temporary, for you do eventually tire of your hamster wheel, and you may disembark from the action of continuing upon it as you choose to be moving into addressing to belief systems and issues and shrines that you hold, but this is all a process that you have created.

Now; let me also express to you that I am not suggesting that it is an absolute process [or] that your focus within this dimension is a process.  It is, merely for the reason that you create it to be, and this is your reality.  Therefore, it is not to be discounted, but it also is not an absolute.

I shall continue to express to you all that you may be moving into all of these actions instantaneously without a process or a method.  I merely speak to you in conjunction with your processes, for this is how you are creating your reality, and there is no right or wrong involved in this manner.

If you choose to be creating your movement through a process or within a method, this is acceptable.  It is merely a choice.  If you choose to be spontaneously creating, this also is a choice.  Neither of these choices is better or worse than the other, for you are not engaging competition.  Therefore, there is no winner or loser, and it matters not the gauging of time framework that you choose to involve within your individual movement.

In this, within the process that you individually have chosen, you have offered yourself through this information identifications of aspects of yourself and your reality that allow you a more comprehensive understanding of yourself, but in this, you also have created certain elements of confusion within you, for it has become familiar to you to be compliant with mass expressions and mass belief systems.  Although it is not natural to your individual movement in certain areas and it does create elements of blocking to your natural expressions, it also, as I have stated, has become quite familiar.

Therefore, there is an element of comfort in creating in this manner, but what I express to you is that if you are allowing yourself the freedom to be moving into more of your individual natural expression of interaction with other individuals, allowing yourself to move through your fear, recognizing that no element may be hurtful to you without your permission, you may more open yourself to your own ease and less thickness and less conflict within your individual focus.

In this, you automatically move yourself into positions of creating probabilities and lines of probabilities that incorporate pleasure and what you in physical terms express to be happiness.  This is an element that you all seek within this physical dimension.  You may express to any individual, what singularly may be the one element within their focus that they seek most of all, and they shall express to you — and you shall express to yourself — that it be happiness.

In this, you all at times find this element of your reality to be quite illusive, but it need not be, for it is merely another term in your language for pleasure, and you naturally incline to pleasure, for this is a natural expression of essence.  You merely hold many, many beliefs that limit you and block you from moving into the direction of offering yourself pleasure.

One of the aspects of beliefs that block you in this area is the expression of how you shall be viewed by other individuals.  This is a very strong aspect of belief systems.  You gauge much through this aspect.  It is very influencing of your perception, for you allow the expression of another individual.  You assimilate the expression of other individuals into your energy and you place value upon their assessments, and in this, you gauge your value by the measure of their acceptance or their lack of acceptance.

I express to you in a very different direction.  I express to you to be turning your attention to self first, offering yourself the acceptance, and in this, it shall matter not the expression of other individuals, for you shall discontinue gauging your expressions and your worth and your value by the expressions of other individuals.

But for you individually, personally, this is a very frightful area, for this involves interaction with other individuals.  In this, you hold an underlying element of fearfulness that interaction with other individuals is almost an absolute for the creation of hurtfulness, and this be an element of your motivation objectively to not be interactive with other individuals, or to be creating much camouflage and much guardedness as you do interact with other individuals.

This be the reason that I am speaking with you, to be offering you this information, that you may look to this and view what you create, view your behavior, and in this, as you view this, you also may allow yourself the permission to alter this creation, recognizing that greatness lies before you in freedom as you do allow yourself the permission to move into your own self acceptance and expression.

I express to you quite genuinely, I hold the awareness that within your expressions, you may look to yourself and your activities and your behaviors, and you may express to other individuals and you may express to me that you are moving in this direction, that you are engaging other individuals, that you are altering your behaviors, that you are altering your reality, but I express to you that you and I both hold the awareness that these are merely surface expressions, for the fear is great.  Therefore, you may be attempting outwardly to be more interactive with individuals, but this is a surface maneuver.

In this, as you look to self — hear this: AS YOU LOOK TO SELF — and you view the wondrousness of self, what shall be the darkness that holds so very much fear?  What within you is so very unacceptable that it creates this revulsion that other individuals are sure to view if you allow yourself exposure?  There is no element!  Do you believe me?  No, you do not.

DARYL:  I guess I think I’ve identified that element as my desire for interaction, ‘cause I do feel like it’s totally unacceptable and that it’s repulsive to other people.

ELIAS:  And why shall you view yourself in this manner?  Shall you view all other individuals in this manner?

DARYL:  No, just me.

ELIAS:  Quite, and how are you so very different from all other individuals upon your planet?  You are not. (Pause)

Shall I express to you that you are a little flower.

Look to your roses.  Look to their growth, look to their beauty, look to their OPENING, and shall they question themselves?  Look to the rose bush and all of its blossoms, and shall you express to yourself that the plant, that the bush is bad if it shall produce few of its flowers that shall not open entirely or that shall brown too soon in your estimation?  Shall you assess the bush in its entirety to be bad?  No.  You shall be accepting of this and know that it shall produce more flowers, and they shall open and blossom and they shall be beautiful.

Look to yourself in the same manner.  You have attempted to be opening many times, and at times you have opened and blossomed and created fragrant beauty within your expressions, and at times the flowers have not opened entirely or have browned too soon, but shall you discard the entire plant for it chooses to be creating in this manner?  This is what you view within your physical focus to be mistakes or bad choices or fearfulness or a lack of trust or a lack of spirituality, but I express to you, it is merely differences in experiences and it is influenced by your beliefs.

Just as your roses gather their nourishment from your earth and drink the water for their blossoms, if they are experiencing drought within a time framework, their blossoms shall not be as fragrant.  They shall not appear as full.  If you are withholding your attention in certain areas, you shall be creating your reality in certain manners.  If you are holding very tightly to your energy, you are restricting yourself, and if you are restricting yourself, you are not allowing the energy to feed the natural expression and therefore not allowing the openness.

But is the potential of the flower any less?  No, it is not.  What the flower becomes is influenced by what is fed into it.

If you are lending energy and perpetuating energy into the expression of fearfulness, you shall continue to hold tightly to your energy, to protectiveness, and in this, not open.

If you are directing your energy into trust, you shall also allow yourself the open fullness of your expressions, and in this, just as the rose attracts individuals, creatures, all elements surrounding it with its wondrous fragrance and its great beauty which it offers, you also, in the opening and the trust of self, in like expression to the rose, shall automatically draw to yourself the acceptance and the attraction of other individuals.  It is a natural cycle.

Are you not drawn yourself to individuals that express an acceptance of themselves?

DARYL:  Yeah.

ELIAS:  Are you not repelled by individuals that express outwardly a very strong lack of acceptance of themselves?  Do you not repel yourself from the expression of individuals that are continuously discounting of themself, are continuously projecting to other individuals their inadequacy, their lack of worth, and how they may not be accomplishing of any element within their reality?

You do not draw yourselves to individuals that express in this manner.  You repel this type of expression.  You DO draw yourselves naturally to individuals that express what you term to be positive.  You draw yourselves to individuals that emanate energy of acceptance, of trust, of creativity, of abilities, and in this, how shall your expression be different?  It is not.

Individuals shall automatically, naturally draw themselves to you — and YOU shall draw them to you — in your acceptance and trust of self.  As you express the need for protection, for other individuals shall be hurtful, you shall draw this very element to you, for you shall create what you concentrate upon, and I am not expressing what you chant to yourself objectively!  What you believe within you is what you concentrate upon.

In this, as you believe that individuals shall be hurtful to you, they shall be, for you shall draw this to yourself and you shall allow it and you shall invite it.  As you believe that you are in need of protection, you shall draw experiences to yourself that shall reinforce this idea and feeling and become reality.

But as you open to yourself and as you are accepting of yourself and trusting of yourself, you shall draw to yourself the expression of trust, the expression of acceptance.  This be the natural circle, the automatic byproducts of the acceptance and trust of self, but it must battle the great monster of fear.

Now; I express to you that if you are not continuing to feed the monster of fear, it shall weaken, for it draws its strength from your feeding it and continuing to hold it in plumpness, (chuckling) but as it diminishes in weight, so to speak, it also diminishes in strength.

DARYL:  I’ve been under the impression that I have been addressing some of this, especially my hurtfulness towards myself and kind of how there is no basis for that, for the way I feel, and my fear has been diminishing.  Now, am I fooling myself?  ‘Cause I really felt like I’ve had some progress in that area lately.

ELIAS:  No, you are not deluding yourself.  Do not misunderstand what I am expressing to you.  But the monster is quite large!

DARYL:  Yes!

ELIAS:  Therefore, it shall be requiring of much attention and much addressing to.  What you have created thus far is allowing yourself the recognition of it, the identification of it, and the viewing of it, and in this, what you have moved into presently is the noticing of each situation in which it appears.

DARYL:  Does that have to do with the pains in my body that have been helping me notice?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DARYL:  The various joints in my lower back, and sometimes just a stab of pain.

ELIAS:  Correct.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that you have moved into the position of identification of this monster, so to speak, the recognition of it and the identification of it.  This is not the addressment to it.

Let us view, as we recall our knight and his dragon:  The knight has approached the dragon.  He has not engaged the struggle or the battle with the dragon, but has identified it, has viewed it, has assessed it, and recognizes it.  And now, the dance begins, that they move about each other, viewing from all angles, sizing up each other, so to speak, and in this, allowing the assimilation of the opponent.  Once the recognition and the assessment has been completed in all angles, then begins the addressment.

This be the reason that I have been expressing to you in the manner that I have within this session, for now you are moving close to the addressment of this issue.  You have been allowing yourself the dance, the movement into the recognition, in which you may view all of the interactions, all of the angles that appear to be affecting, all of the triggers that are affecting with this particular monster, and in this, as you assess your opponent and you view quite clearly what you are engaging, you also allow yourself to develop a strategy.

Now; these are, in a manner of speaking, figurative terms, but they also are, in another manner of speaking, quite realistic, for they are all elements of your process.  And in this, as you allow yourself to hear how wondrous you are, to hear how you are no different from your roses and genuinely assimilate what you hear, this may offer you reinforcement to begin your engagement of addressing to this very large concentration of energy and not become discouraged.  Are you understanding?

DARYL:  Yeah.  I think it should be a very exciting thing to go through and come out the other side, so to speak.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  And you shall!

DARYL:  Speaking of roses, I do have a long history of connection with the name Rose.  It’s an unofficial middle name for me, and roses are a symbol, and I’ve also been around birds my whole life, and I wondered if those in any way indicate a connection to Rose other than the general shift connection. (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is an identification that you hold a conjunction with this essence of Rose in the subjective remembrance of mergence of essences, which has offered to you, or you have offered to yourself within that mergence, the fragmentation and the assimilation of certain qualities of tones that are quite similar in how they are expressed within the essence of Rose.

I am quite understanding that this is quite abstract in what I am expressing to you, but within your language and within the translation into physical, objective, conceptual construct, it is quite difficult to be offering an undistorted explanation in the translation of your understanding.

What I may express to you is that there is an identification of tone which has been assimilated, so to speak, through fragmentation, and [in] this, you have allowed yourself an element of objective bleed-through.

Now; this is also in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.  Do not be discounting the tremendous affectingness and energy of this shift in consciousness, for it may be quite consuming, in a manner of speaking, in your attention, for it moves in great intensity, and you have born yourself into a time framework of great acceleration of it.  Therefore, it is tremendously affecting.

DARYL:  I don’t know how to express this exactly, but it seems to reach backward in linear time in my life, like since the beginning of my life it’s been there, but I didn’t recognize what it was till now.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This is the factor that you have allowed objectively to be bleeding through and to be influencing of you.  This has been quite purposeful in motivating you objectively to be investigating different areas of study, so to speak, which has also moved you into the direction of availing yourself of information in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.  As I have expressed to you previously, you move in an intent in this focus which is quite intertwined with the action of this shift.

DARYL:  The past few days, I’ve felt like a very slight objective awareness that there is some kind of new or increased bleed-through or interaction.  I was kind of wondering what that is.  I don’t know what it is, but I sense that there’s something going on like that.  Do you know what I’m referring to?

ELIAS:  Yes.  What you are allowing yourself, as you move in your dance of viewing this entity of fear, is also an element of reinforcement.  You allow yourself an element of opening merely within yourself, and therefore you allow yourself the reinforcement of safety.  It is an exploration, an experiment so to speak, that if you are allowing yourself to be opening slightly and the monster is not consuming you, it may be safe to be continuing in this action.

Therefore, you offer yourself objective bleed-through, to an extent, of other aspects of yourself.  This is not necessarily another focus.  This is other aspects, other elements of you.

DARYL:  And do my roses represent that also?  Other aspects of self?

ELIAS:  In objective symbolization, yes.

DARYL:  Yeah, that’s what I meant.  Okay.

ELIAS:  You are correct.  In this, as you allow yourself this opening to this objective awareness and element of bleed-through, what you are expressing to yourself, in an underlying manner, is the message that you are not alone.

Be remembering that within physical focus, you have designed this dimension to be quite singular, and therefore, in that design, you view yourselves to be very singular — one entity, one self — and although I express to you that you are countless selves within the expression of one self and that there are numberless you’s of you, this is merely a concept, and you do not quite hold an objective understanding of what I am expressing to you.

In this, you construct the presentment of other aspects of you in a manner that you may view them — or hold a thought process in conjunction with them or a feeling about them — as being them and not you.  There is a separation.  Therefore, they are reinforcements.  They are the cavalry coming to your assistance, and in this, it is reinforcing to you in energy that you hold more strength than you realize.

DARYL:  Okay.  A couple of quick questions.  My focus in 1719 that I’ve been investigating, I wondered if her name was either A-L-Y-A or A-Y-L-A? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No, but you are close!  I shall express to you that the naming is Alana.

DARYL:  Well, that is close.  Alana, okay.  I’ve been sensing fear, and I can’t tell if its mine or hers.  Was she attacked in her life? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.  Now; let me express to you, you tap into this focus and you allow the assimilation and objective identification of this type, that you may be recognizing that you also experience similarities within your creations and your feelings, and in this, you may be lending energy to each other in this area.

DARYL:  Okay.  That makes sense.  One last thing: my friend Susie — essence name Sylva — that I asked you about, she would like to know her orientation for this focus. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Orientation within this focus, common.

DARYL:  Okay, and has she been in contact with you?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DARYL:  Okay, so that is working.  She is making contact.  Do you have any suggestions for what might aid contact with you?

ELIAS:  And you may express that I shall anticipate our objective interaction also! (Laughing)  I express, you may offer the direction to merely be relaxing and allowing the energy to be accepted, for I offer my energy quite freely and easily to all individuals, and if you are allowing yourselves the relaxation and openness to be receiving of this energy, it shall be allowed to flow quite easily.

DARYL:  I have been more aware of your energy and our interaction, and I wondered if you were responsible for the color blue appearing in an unlikely place?

ELIAS:  I shall be assuming credit in this area, yes!

DARYL:  I thought that was probably you, even though ... very strange!  Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And shall you be remembering that this is objective acknowledgment to you of my encouragement within your movement, that you may not be, within your thoughts and your feelings objectively, alone, although it may appear at times that you are, but you are not, and I offer an expression occasionally to you to be reminding you that I am not far.

DARYL:  I appreciate it, because it’s been quite helpful at times. (Elias chuckles)  Well, my time for the session is up, so I will reluctantly bid you adieu, I guess. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS:  I shall anticipate our continued interaction and our next meeting.  Be remembering, I continue to offer you encouragement and energy, that you shall be accomplishing in your quest.

To you this day, I offer great affection, and express to you fondly, au revoir.

DARYL:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:48 PM.


(1)  I have changed the word “objectively” to the word “objective” in the following sentence:  “Therefore, you offer yourself objectively bleed-through, to an extent, of other aspects of yourself.”

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