Session 600

Mirroring the Birth of the Shift


“Mirroring the Birth of the Shift”
“The Creation of Allergies”
“Back to the Sapling”

Sunday, April 9, 2000-2
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Margot (Giselle).
Elias arrives at 1:24 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

MARGOT:  Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles)  Welcome to our brand-new home!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  And how are you faring upon your sojourn?

MARGOT:  Into our brand-new home?  We have fared interestingly! (Elias chuckles)  There’s been aspects of this move which we could easily class as intolerable, but you know, it’s so interesting with everything that’s happened, and which I’m going to get into some detail about with you.

There just has hardly been a night that we haven’t sat here and one of us has said to the other, “Gee, I really like this place!”  And that’s the way we feel — we really like this place!

And so I think today, sitting here talking to you, that we created well, or created exactly what we had set out to create, although there have been times when it did not seem to be like that at all!  So that’s sort the gist of the way I’d like to move with this for a little while.

Howard is on the line because I’m still kind of sickly, and so if I get to coughing or something like that, then he’ll step in ‘cause he knows what I’m gonna say as well as I do, okay, Elias?

ELIAS:  Very well!  Shall we proceed in discussion of your situation?

MARGOT:  Yes, please.  Thank you.

I’m going to kind of take you through this step by step of what has happened.  I’m not gonna be long — I’m not gonna talk about any of this for a long time — but the reason I want to do it like this is because I did get a lot of impressions as we were going along about the imagery that was taking place.  I don’t think I got all of it, but I got such an overpowering kind of overriding sense of certain themes, let’s say, that I’d like to know if I was askew on those or if I was right, and what you could add to that.

First of all, after we made the decision to buy the house — this brand-new house with all brand-new appliances, which is something neither Howard or I have ever enjoyed — I felt a very strong sense of it being the right thing for us to do now.  This is the first home Howard and I have ever had or have ever bought, and we have been with each other for eleven years now, and so this was really quite a step, and I felt really, really good about it.  And then, things began to happen, and that’s the thing that made me not question the decision to make the move, but to try to figure out why things were happening.

You talked to me not too long ago about the fact that I have a difficult time with change.  When we had that conversation, I was a little puzzled all the way through it, because I have always looked at myself and decided that I handle change well.  I can adjust to things that come along.  I’ve patted myself on the back my entire life for being such a sterling character with change.  And yet, you told me and pointed out to me very obviously that I have a problem.

And it wasn’t until just yesterday ... and this really surprised me!  But just yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me that what you were referring to is probably what I refer to as my routines and ways of doing things, which I’ve always felt very good about, and I realized that I had some great big belief systems logged into the value, as I see it, of routines.  I could write a book on this!  I mean, I really do know the value of routines in everyone’s lives!  You know, like if you set up your routines early in life, you move into old age with ease because your routines are in place, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (Elias chuckles)

Now, I realized finally, just yesterday, that I get into major stress when my routines are upset, even if I have upset them myself.  And I also then went stepping into the really big thing there, that I have beliefs that if I have routines in place — ways of doing things efficiently — that then I didn’t have to obviously control situations around me, and heavens, I didn’t want to be a control freak, ever!  That’s a bad thing! (Elias laughs)  So that’s basically what I came up with, but it took me until yesterday to finally get to that.

The first thing that occurred — and this was before we made the actual move and didn’t have anything to do, as I saw it, with the move — is that I had a bad fall.  I went flat on the ground — SPLAT on the ground!  I really messed up parts of myself.  I didn’t break any bones, but it took me an hour or so to feel or to see that I had fallen so badly out of the now — out of my own now — because I had gotten very stressed about some accounting I needed to have done for the CPA, and I had worried about it for weeks, and I finally had this fall.  And all of a sudden, it was clear.  It became clear because when I hit the ground, it kind of like jolted me.  It was a terrible jolt!  And this is what I want to ask you about, this first fall.

I have always had a sense that when we block our own energy to the point that it’s impossible for us to unblock or to cope with it in any way, we create a little accident in order to kind of reconfigure the energy quickly.  What am I saying?  Is this the way we operate with this sort of thing?

ELIAS:  At times.  At times you choose to be creating extreme situations or circumstances in actions, for you do not view your choices, and in not viewing your choices, you do not allow yourself the freedom of movement, which essentially is what you are expressing also.  And in those time frameworks, many times you create extreme actions that, in a manner of speaking, shall jolt you out of the situation that you have created, figuratively speaking.

MARGOT:  Okay, and that is exactly what happened.  I didn’t allow myself to view the choices I had.  I felt I had none, as far as getting the accounting work done and not having the time to do so, and ... yes.  Okay, that’s good.

Now, about two weeks after that, when we were finally about to get into the actual move, I fell down again.  Now, this was unbelievable to me!  I felt very embarrassed because this time I fell even harder, and I required some medical attention to stitch up my right eye, and I had a black eye and a black cheek and black all over.  I mean, this was major!  I really was in pain with this.

We weren’t actually into the move at that time, just a day or two or three away from it, but I knew, like I’d known my own name, that the fall was related to the move, but I couldn’t really see it.  What I ultimately decided out of that, in really not too short a time, was that I was mirroring some tension that Howard had going in relation to the move that I hadn’t really picked up on — well, he actually hadn’t said anything about it — and that I mirrored that in him, and that was the reason for the fall.  Now, can you enlighten me?  The second fall — can you enlighten me on that?

ELIAS:  Very well.  I shall express to you that your impression is correct.  Now; this presents a significant point, for within your movement ... you being collective, not merely you individual[ly].

But within your movements, many times you may be creating actions within your focus, and you may allow yourselves to clearly view the time frameworks or the moments in which other individuals are mirroring to you certain actions, certain behaviors, certain choices.

It becomes much more difficult for you to view how you also participate in this mirror action, and how you mirror to other individuals what THEY are choosing to draw to themselves in their experiences that they may be noticing.

This has offered you the opportunity to view the reverse, so to speak, of this mirror action, and how you participate also in this type of mirror action with other individuals.

Be aware that you also created this particular fall to be offering yourself imagery that you may be noticing within yourself, and an element of that imagery which you have offered to yourself is to be slowing your movement, and also to be paying attention to what you are viewing.

This be the reason that you have created a type of fall which has affected a physical area of your physical body close to your vision; not affecting of your physical vision in blocking it, but close enough to the physical action of your vision to be gaining your attention.

MARGOT:  Oh!  That’s very good!  It certainly did gain my attention, and the attention of a lot of folks because they could see what I’d done to myself, and that was what was embarrassing; not that it’s wrong for me to be embarrassed.  I know you understand that.

Now, the packing began then at that point, and almost immediately, with the actual putting things in boxes, I had an allergy type of reaction that at the time, we felt was house dust, because that’s what I tasted and smelled.  And it was, I think in my entire life, probably the worst sudden onset of an allergic reaction I have ever had, and of course, even though it began in my nasal and sinus areas, it was, just bingo, in my lungs, and just trying to catch a breath became the whole point of my day or hour or minute.

I knew the allergy was official reality kind of stuff.  In unofficial reality, I sensed that the allergy attack was my imagery for a sort of packing up of old ways and habits and lifestyles, and being able to move into the new.  Was that correct?  Please add to that for me.

ELIAS:  This is partially correct.  I shall express to you, now we move into what you may physically identify as the bigger picture of imagery, for now you begin incorporating the creation of imagery in a different type of expression of mirroring.

In this, from this point on, in subsequent experiences sequentially to this present now, the experiences that you have incorporated all move in the expression of a mirror action, but not a mirror action of each other or of an individual.

What you are experiencing individually is the mirror action of the insertion of the shift in consciousness, in your individual experiences and focus, as the mirror action of the big picture, in your terms, of the overall shift in consciousness.

Now; let me express to you, I have offered this expression previously recently, and I shall reiterate now.  What is occurring presently — in the initial throes of this new millennium in your physical time framework, in the action of the insertion of this shift into your objective officially accepted reality — is a type of birth emergence.

In this, in very similar manner to your individual expressions of birth, which you all experience as you choose to manifest in this reality, you create a thrusting motion.  You also create surges of energy to be pushing the emergence from one area to another area.

In this action, you may be as the entering manifestation or as the participating manifestation identified as the parent.  Either role may be incorporating pain or ease, dependent upon your choice of creations and dependent upon your incorporation and alignment with beliefs.

Be remembering in this example, an entering manifestation, an entering focus into this physical dimension, is not necessarily entering into the manifestation in what you identify as a clear slate.  They are not necessarily blank pages.


ELIAS:  Therefore, dependent upon the choice of the essence and the focus of attention of essence, the entering manifestation may be choosing to be entering already aligning with certain beliefs, which shall be influencing and which shall be affecting of the perception, and thusly shall be creating a particular expression of reality.

In this, one or the other of these participating manifestations, or both, may be experiencing difficulty, may be experiencing trauma, may be experiencing pain, may be experiencing obstacles in the thrust for emergence.

MARGOT:  Right.  I understand.

ELIAS:  In the action of this shift in consciousness, each of you participates in its creation and its insertion into your physical reality in a similar manner to the emergence of a physical birth.

Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and how you shall create your reality in participation with this emergence.

As the emergence is recognized and noticed in the thrusts of energy in these energy surges, you also are creating movements individually in your individual focuses.  Dependent upon your beliefs and your automatic responses, you may be creating similar actions to contractions.

And in your focus, although you are moving into this emergence of freedom and less confinement, so to speak, although you are widening your awareness to be opening yourselves to vast areas of exploration, you also may be mirroring the surges of energy and translating those pushes of energy into your individual experiences, which may create conflict, painfulness, distraction, confusion, irritation, frustration — any number of expressions may be incorporated, none of which are bad, all of which serve as evidences to you of what you are participating within.

For you also allow yourself not merely to notice what you are creating, but how you are responsive to your creations, not merely what you are participating within or drawing to yourself, but also the beliefs that are influencing of your perception, and therefore offering yourselves the opportunity to be addressing to your perception and offering yourselves choices.

As to your creation of your allergic responses, you are partially correct.  This is an identification and association with the familiar.  You have created this type of responsiveness, first of all, in extreme, in mirror to the extreme surges of energy which are occurring in this shift.

You have also chosen this particular type of expression for it is familiar to you, and although may be physically uncomfortable, it is identifiable to you, it is familiar to you, and offers you an element of comfort and safety in the identification of control.

For if you are incorporating some action that is familiar, you also recognize that you hold a method of how to be addressing to this familiar action.  Therefore, you do not afford yourself the feeling of being out of control, and there is an element of comfort in that type of creation.

In this also, as you yourself have expressed and offered to me, you and Bosht both entered into this movement with the recognition objectively that you are creating an unfamiliar action.  Together, you have not moved in this type of a direction previously.

You both also have offered yoursel[ves] impressions and imagery to validate to yourselves and each other that you are moving into unfamiliar territory, but you create this movement willingly and with a sense of excitement, also in mirror image to the action of this shift in consciousness.  And in this, you incorporate a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of contentment and happiness in your choice to be participating in this move.  You also identify that the physical movement is mirroring your individual movement, which serves as an objective validation to you each.

But within all of this validation and reinforcement and acknowledgment within yourselves, and the presentment of physical evidences of movement to yourselves objectively, you also become slightly confused, for you are simultaneously incorporating some actions which are quite uncomfortable or conflicting.

The conflicting, confusing, and uncomfortable actions that you are participating in are those actions that are your translations of the mirror action of the birth — the incorporation of tension, the incorporation of some conflict, the incorporation of some uncomfortableness, and even at times painfulness.

MARGOT:  This is true.  You know, Elias, I’m gonna validate myself here, because the only part of what you’ve been telling us that I didn’t get was the birth part.  I hadn’t quite brought that into it, but that’s absolutely what has been going on.

And the thing that also then began to be my theme song was that not only were we inserting the shift into our reality — Howard and I — but that we were finding that remedies and fixes that we had always used all of our lives didn’t apply.  For example, all of the things that I have done my entire life whenever I had an asthmatic attack, for one, didn’t work!  Now this is where I got into a lot of conflict and confusion, ‘cause we’re talking about my breath of life!  I was puzzled and confused and mixed up, and I could not understand why all these things that have worked for me so well in the past absolutely did not work at all!  And therefore, I’ve been on more medication at one time than I have ever been in my life, and I’ve got side effects from that, which are way beside the point.

But would that be true then?  That overall, as kind of a rule overall in this shift, in this insertion of this shift, that we actually can no longer count on anything that we have done in the past to fix it?

ELIAS:  As to your identification of fixing elements, you are correct.

I shall state once again, you are literally redefining your reality.  Therefore, certain methods that you have incorporated previously shall not be efficient, and in your common vernacular, shall not work!

MARGOT:  That’s true.  When we got into the house, finally, one of the things that we discovered rather immediately was that through a series of snafus or something, our sewage had not been connected to the sewage line.  This is about to be fixed this next week, but in the meantime, we have had a river of sewage under our house, which really blew our minds!  And we’ve had to deal with that and cope with that and whatnot.

That was imagery to me right off, that just as we could no longer count on fixes from the past to work for us now as they have in the past, we can no longer count on various bureaucratic authorities to do the job that they should do for a new homeowner, property owner, and that was a lesson to me that we ... actually, we can’t count on anything anymore!  That’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  In your terms, you may count upon yourself!

MARGOT:  (Laughing)  Yes!

ELIAS:  For in redefining all of your reality, you are eliminating the shoulds.

MARGOT:  I didn’t understand you, Elias.  Eliminating what?

ELIAS:  You are eliminating the shoulds.

MARGOT:  The shoulds!  Oh, yeah, right! (Laughing)

Then, stepping along here, I finally got a new doctor who was very enlightening as far as official reality is concerned, and he told me that bottom line, I have an allergy to my new house!  And this would be because very little wood is used in construction of homes now, and we moved into all kinds of materials, plastics and chemicals and whatnot, and so, I have been diagnosed as having a terrific allergy to my new house!

Now, I understood that.  I believe I got everything out of that.  In unofficial reality, which is what I’m seeing such a contrast to, I don’t know just how to say that.  It’s one thing to say that you have an allergy to your new house, but I really hesitate to say that I have an allergy to the shift!

ELIAS:  Ah!  But this in actuality is quite understandable and accurate, for there is a resistance to the unfamiliar and there is resistance to perceived change.

You are imaging, in this move that you have created physically, a mirror action of the movement of this shift in consciousness, and translating that into your individual realities.  And in this, you are also allowing yourselves the intensity, in realization of what you are creating.

In this, you have chosen to be physically moving into what you term to be a new house, a new home, and in this new home, you have chosen one that is constructed of entirely unfamiliar elements to you.


ELIAS:  And in this, there is no familiarity.

MARGOT:  Right!

ELIAS:  The action of creating an allergy is the repelling of what you perceive to be a foreign element to your physical body, or an element that you perceive to not be familiar to you, for the most part.

Now; let me qualify momentarily in this statement, for there are individuals that do create extreme situations in which they may be creating allergies, as you identify them, to elements of their own individual physical body form and certain particles within their own physical body form, and this is an entirely different type of creation.

What I am expressing to you now, in relation to yourself and to many, many, many other individuals that participate in this mass creation of what you identify as allergies, is the rejection of foreign particles within contact of your physical body.  There is a blocking, a non-acceptance of penetration, a non-allowance of interaction, and therefore, as there is a meeting of the physical body and what is perceived to be an unfamiliar or foreign element, it is rejected — it is repelled — and this creates your physical reaction.

MARGOT:  I see.

ELIAS:  In this, you are creating the physical reaction in extreme in mirror action to this insertion of this shift.  You have created ALL of your imagery thus far in this mirror action.

You are creating all of your imagery that you are noticing in elements of unfamiliarity, and in this, you create one action of extreme familiarity, and this is the re-action of your allergies.

MARGOT:  Yes.  I understand.  This has just been so helpful!

Before we leave this ... we’re going to soon be out of time.  But another sensation I got or impression I got — that I just refused to accept over and over again and yet it was just always there — has to do with a very dear friend who has been very ill.  The situation that she’s going through has been on my mind a great deal for some time, and it was especially on my mind during the time that we were doing the actual movement into the new place, and the impression that kept coming over me so strongly, if I put it into words, would be, “I’m doing this for my friend.”  And this just seemed insane to me, that I would be getting this sort of a sense, because I couldn’t figure it out.  It just didn’t mean anything to me at all, except that it was there.  Why should that have been such a strong sense with me?

ELIAS:  For what you are offering to yourself is information through the communication of impressions translated into thoughts in what you may identify as a personal manner.  In other terms, what you have offered to yourself in communication is in relation to this shift.

All that you are creating and participating within and allowing yourself to recognize and notice, move through, accept, and experience is in actuality lending energy to the insertion of this shift and the lessening of trauma.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that the reason you have associated in this manner, that you are “doing this for your friend,” is not necessarily that you are creating any particular action specifically to be individually helpful to this one individual, but that you are being helpful, in a manner of speaking, to this individual and to all individuals in the action of the sapling.

The sapling may not necessarily grow, in your physical terms, throughout its duration as a little tree without any growing pains, but it is not concerning itself with all that is occurring outside of itself.

It is accepting of its growth.  It is recognizing and noticing of its movement, of its creations, and in that, it is not attempting to be instructive or even helpful to any other little sapling.

But in its action of concentrating its attention within self and its own movement, it IS being helpful, as example to other saplings.

In this, you are not merely creating an action of example.  You are also creating an action of ease, for each experience that any of you engages within the action of this shift, in diverting the creation of trauma within your individual focus and moving into the expression of altering or turning your perceptions to be avoiding trauma, lends to the expression of the whole.  Are you understanding?

MARGOT:  Yes, I am.  I certainly am understanding, and I thank you very much for that!  In explanation of that, Mary and I talked about something before this session started today.  We’re both finding out, or we’re surprising ourselves over and over again, that the types of individuals that we have perceived ourselves to be is not the type of individual that we are, and that our perceptions during our whole lives about who we are just haven’t been true.

And this has been very much on my mind because as you will no doubt recall, about three years ago, when I did what I call a transitional spin-out for about a week ... that was right when I first came into objective contact with you, and I understand why I did that then, and I knew that I had to get my attention big time, and I did.

There are many familiar aspects, in this that has just happened, to what I did then.  But then, here I am!  I’ve always perceived that I am not the type of person that goes into big productions and staging numbers — I don’t do that!  I’m quiet; I kind of float along.  But I’ve done it again!  So obviously, this is the type of person I am.

I can only conclude that I am hard-headed to a fault, or that ... I‘ve got a wild idea here, but I finally decided the other day that maybe I have quite a bit of Vold bleed-through that I’m not aware of.  Is that so?


MARGOT:  Oh, okay!

ELIAS:  What I shall express to you is that this once again you may view objectively as evidence to yourself that you are in actuality moving into genuine areas of expressions of acceptance of self.

I shall express to you once again the inquiry, how may you be accepting of yourself if you are unfamiliar with yourself?  If you do not know who you are, how may you accept who you are?

MARGOT:  Ain’t that the truth!

ELIAS:  And in this, you allow yourself to become more familiar with the genuine expression of you — your behaviors, your expressions, your creations, your methods — and in this presentment and becoming familiar with these different aspects of yourself, you allow yourself the opportunity to become accepting of yourself, recognizing that the method that you choose is merely your method.  It matters not.  It is neither right or wrong.  It is your choice, and this is acceptable.  It is your method of exploration and experience, and no method is better or worse than any other choice of method of exploration.  They are all methods.

MARGOT:  But some of them are far more exciting than others!

ELIAS:  In your perception! (Margot laughs)  Ha ha ha ha ha!

MARGOT:  Since I brought up the Vold thing, before we leave here I’d like to ask you, I’ve got a couple of kids that I have felt for some time were aligned Vold.  I haven’t ever asked you for any information about them, so I’d like to now before we quit.  My daughter Robin, I have felt that she is Sumafi, aligned Vold. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT:  And she is soft, right?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MARGOT:  Can you tell me what her essence name is? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Laphette; L-A-P-H-E-T-T-E. (la-fet’)

MARGOT:  Thank you.  And also, my son Dan.  You have already told me that he’s soft.  Is he Ilda, aligned Vold? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT:  And his essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Quin-tue; Q-U-I-N-hyphen-T-U-E. (kwin’-too)

MARGOT:  Quin-pue?


MARGOT:  T.  Okay, alright.  Great, thank you.  I’m going to acknowledge myself ‘cause I got two of my children!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  And I shall acknowledge you also!

MARGOT:  Thank you so much for this today, Elias!  This has been very helpful.  It’s nice to realize that I did understand some of what was going on, and the fill-in on all the rest of it has just been great.  I’m confident that the next time I talk to you, I won’t be snot-nosed and out of breath and a few other things.

ELIAS:  Ah!  Now; I shall also draw your attention to two factors this day within our interaction.

One, contrary to your identification, your breathing and your incorporation of your affectingness of your allergy is lessened within this present now than was its expression at the onset of our conversation.


ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  And I shall also direct your attention in the expression of addressing to your obvious disappointment that I have not engaged conversation with you in the familiar expressions of, “it matters not, turn your attention to self, be accepting....”

MARGOT:  (Laughing)  Thank you, Elias, for reminding me I said that!

ELIAS:  HA HA HA!  I may express to you, I may at times offer different information!

MARGOT:  I know!  Isn’t it great?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MARGOT:  I think that’s why we love you like we do, and we just keep talkin’ to you!

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  For the old soul continues to hold a few surprises, does he not?

MARGOT:  Yes, he does!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

MARGOT:  It’s just great!

ELIAS:  Very well....

MARGOT:  I think I’ll be seeing you again soon!

ELIAS:  And I shall be anticipating of this meeting!

To you and to Bosht, I extend in energy tremendous affection, and offer to you this day, adieu.

MARGOT:  Adieu, Elias.

Elias departs at 2:24 PM.

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