Session 446
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Orientation vs. Preference


“Orientation vs. Preference”

Sunday, August 15, 1999   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Ben (Albert).
Elias arrives at 11:48 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

BEN:  Good morning, Elias!  It’s nice to talk to you again!

ELIAS:  And we shall be objectively meeting once again singularly!

BEN:  (Laughing)  Yes!  (Elias chuckles)  I have a few inquiries today, if that’s alright with you.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may proceed.

BEN:  Since the last time I talked to you, I have made a couple of attempts at doing what we call past-life regressions, but I wasn’t quite sure of the experience, so I thought I’d probably ask you for some validation of my experience.

ELIAS:  Very well.

BEN:  The first time I did it, I had three focuses.  One was like a barefoot, teenage boy walking down the street.  Another one was a rich man sitting out in his garden, worrying about losing his house and going to visit a psychic.  The woman who was the hypnotist asked me a question, since I had mentioned that Colleen, as you call him, and I had shared many focuses together.  She asked me to go to the first focus we had shared, and it seemed to be sort of like biblical times to me.  Any of that sound on the mark?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are correct!  You may be investigating with Colleen, much to her enjoyment — ha ha ha! — this particular focus, which you deem to be to biblical time framework or within your early centuries, for this subject matter holds considerable attention with Colleen! (Chuckling)

BEN:  (Laughing)  Yes, it does!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

BEN:  So it seemed like in that particular focus that the two of us were on some kind of pilgrimage, but it seemed like we were in it for the money, that we were actually conducting business or smuggling or something else like that, and it wasn’t a very holy endeavor at all!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  Much to the dismay of you both, (laughing) that you are more of the seedy characters within physical focus than the more righteous and holy truth-bearers!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

BEN:  We had stopped at some house along our journey that had a circular sort of fountain or well or something in the garden.  I’ve been talking to Tyl, as you call her, and she had something about some Judea focus or something, and I feel a very strong connection to her.  I didn’t know if we were perhaps in the same time frame there?

ELIAS:  This would not be this same time framework in the same focus, so to speak.  It is within a very near time framework, but not occupying that particular focus in which she occupies.

BEN:  Okay.  Since this does seem to be like a valid focus that I’ve picked up on, can you give me any more information about who Colleen and I were at that time, or where we were or what time it was?

ELIAS:  Very well.  I may express to you that this is what you may term to be slightly before the focus that Tyl has connected to in time framework.  In this, you may identify this time framework of the focus that YOU are connecting with in first century B.C.  This would be nearing the third quarter of that particular century.

You both hold a relationship to each other of friendship, and in this, you have created a type of camaraderie in creating the focus as not merely merchants, but thieves. (Laughing)  You travel throughout many different adjoining communities in what you now identify presently as your Middle Eastern countries.  As you travel together, you also quite creatively are experiencing the engagement of thievery in one area, and the projection of yourselves together in a different area as what you would term to be legitimate merchants, and this is your game that you play in your travels throughout that focus.

Within that focus, you also encounter many other individuals that you attach to in friendship temporarily, but throughout that particular focus, you each have created a relationship with each other in friendship that continues throughout your entirety of your focus.  Now; I shall offer to you also that this friendship was created as what you would term to be children, for in this, Colleen has been accepted into your family.  Therefore, you also, in a manner of speaking, view each other as a type of brothers, although you are not biologically brothers. (Pause)

BEN:  Hmm! (Elias chuckles)  Could you tell me names, either mine or Colleen’s name in that focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Physically focused namings:  Colleen holds the name of Aaron, you hold physically focused name, Ira.

BEN:  Ira?

ELIAS:  Correct.

BEN:  Thank you.  Now, since I seemed to do so well with that one, was there something to the wealthy landowner which seemed to be perhaps in London?  I’m not sure when it was exactly.  I’m not very good with history.  He seemed to be a bald man who was worried about losing his house, and I found from my perspective that all of these focuses that I had during that period seemed to have something to do with money.

ELIAS:  This individual occupies the physical location of Wales.  In this, he would be termed physically as a squire.

BEN:  Scribe?

ELIAS:  Squire.

BEN:  Squire.

ELIAS:  Correct.  He holds within his employ many individuals, and therefore also holds issues in the area of personal responsibility.  In this, he experiences concerns with respect to financial investments and their productivity, for he experiences the feeling of responsibility with these other individuals.

Therefore, you are correct that he engages what you would term to be alternative methods of gaining information within his probabilities — not in conjunction with traditional belief systems of religion — in the attempt to be offering himself different choices to be addressing to certain situations that he has created within his choices that are affecting monetarily of the individuals within his employ at his manor.

BEN:  Where was this manor, and what time frame are we talking about?  It was in Wales, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This would be within the time framework of your sixteenth century.

BEN:  Hmm!  Much earlier than I thought.  Now, I wanted to ask you about ... I know at one point you had said that when people have a particular attraction for a particular time frame or whatever, chances are they had a focus during this time frame.  I’ve never had anything like along the same lines of like a regression or anything else, but I’m really particularly attracted to Paris and like the twenties and thirties when all the surrealist artists were around.  Do I have focus in that time frame as well?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that you have held several focuses in this particular physical location in different time frameworks.  Now; you also hold a focus within the latter time framework of your nineteenth century, extending into the early time framework of this particular century in that area also.

Let me express to you that there are several individuals that are participating in this forum with these sessions that have drawn themselves to this information which have created a similar type of action in which they have focused different manifestations of essence within linear time frameworks very close together, so to speak, in succession within three centuries.  You have also created this type of manifestation.

Now; in these individuals, they have also created what I have termed to be chapter focuses, in a manner of speaking, for they are successive in linear time framework and they are also successive in the intents and the creations within each of those focuses.

Now; I shall also express to you that each of these essences that has chosen to be creating in this manner in conjunction with this shift in consciousness also manifests focuses that are chapter focuses that are not within the linear successive time framework.

In other terms, what I am expressing to you is that within the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries of your dimension, you and other individuals that have drawn themselves to this information have created several successive focuses in this dimension that would be deemed as chapter focuses that lend energy to this particular focus in addressing to and moving into the action of this shift in consciousness.  But each of you also holds one or more focuses outside of that particular time framework of these three centuries that are also chapter focuses that move in conjunction with these three centuries of chapter focuses.

Now, in these manifestations, what these essences have created is a focusing of manifestations very close together, in a manner of speaking.  In explanation of this, I may offer to you that within one century, one focus is created in linear time framework — born, experiences the linear time framework, and disengages — and in your terms, it appears that within very few years, another focus of that same essence is focusing a manifestation again.

Now; do not confuse this information in the manner of reincarnation, for it is not one focus that is manifesting, disengaging, manifesting again and disengaging again in succession, but that the essence is manifesting simultaneously many focuses within a relatively short time framework, and several of those focuses hold very similar tone qualities.

This be the reason that you, in like manner to other individuals, may easily access other focuses that appear to you to be close, in a manner of speaking, in time framework to the focus that you are experiencing presently.

In this, you have manifest within your eighteenth century at mid-point, held the focus within that physical location of France, [and] disengaged with that focus.  Another focus within the early throes of your nineteenth century is manifest for relatively short time framework, [and] disengages.  Another focus within mid-point of nineteenth century manifests, and disengages within the early throes of this twentieth century.  Subsequently YOUR focus, that you hold an awareness of now, manifests within the mid time framework of this century, and continues.

Are you understanding what I am expressing to you?

BEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  These focuses within these three centuries are chapter focuses.  Each of these focuses manifests in conjunction with each other, holding similar intents, similar — not all the same, but similar — aspects of belief systems, and similar directions of their energies.  In this, they lend energy to each other in the accomplishment of their individual intents, but the other focuses lend energy to YOU in the accomplishment of your movement within this shift in consciousness.  They are, in a manner of speaking, successive to each other in like manners to chapters of a book.

BEN:  Okay.  Sounds very interesting!  I’ll have to investigate. (Pause)  Can I ask you some more questions?

ELIAS:  Quite!  You may continue! (Chuckling)

BEN:  Okay.  Last month I went and visited the Monroe Institute and spent a week there in one of their training programs where you learn altered states of consciousness.  I had a wonderful time there, but it seemed like a lot of what was going on was outside my objective awareness, and I didn’t know if it was something that you could perhaps comment on, about what was actually going on.

ELIAS:  Ah!  Now; in this experience, let me express to you, what you have allowed yourself is an opportunity to be opening your awareness.  Although you have not entirely allowed an objective awareness yet of all that you are moving into, you have begun a direction of probabilities, allowing yourself to be opening more in an objective awareness to other experiences within consciousness.  In a manner of speaking, what you have created is laying a foundation and creating a particular type of method, in a manner of speaking.

In this, you allow yourself more comfort in your movement and therefore eliminate the elements of fearfulness, for as you move into quite unfamiliar areas of engaging different elements of consciousness, there may be some experiences that you would deem to be unnerving.  But you have offered yourself a method to be accepting of new experiences, and in this, you also offer yourself a difference in perception, viewing that you may be moving into new experiences that are unfamiliar and also be welcoming of these experiences in excitement rather than fearfulness.

This has offered you an objective preparation.  It has offered you the allowance within yourself to be accepting of self and accepting of what you may be creating and experiencing, in offering yourself a validation that other individuals also allow themselves similar types of experiences, and in these experiences, they are in actuality widening their awareness and creating no conflict.

Therefore, you have in actuality opened a door, so to speak, to offer yourself a new passageway.  You have created an excitement within yourself for this type of movement, but you also previously have created many invalidations of your own ability to be accomplishing.

NOW you are moving into areas in which you allow yourself the permission to be accomplishing, recognizing that you may be creating of these experiences in like manner to any other individual.  You do not require being “special” to be accomplishing, for you already ARE special!  Ha ha ha ha!  You are all unique and special!

In this, you may discontinue your differentiation between yourself and your abilities in conjunction with OTHER individuals and THEIR abilities and how you view them to be much more capable than yourself, for you are equally as capable of movement into these areas as any other individual!  It merely has been requiring of your own permission, and you have sought out your individual method to be offering yourself your permission to be moving and opening to your own awareness in objective terms.

And is this not quite exciting and thrilling?

BEN:  (Laughing)  Yes, it is!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  I shall be quite encouraging of you in this movement, for you may find that you enjoy this roller coaster riding!  Ha ha ha ha!

BEN:  So, last time you were speaking in New York was the first time I heard you discussing sexual orientation.  I’m going to ask you what mine is, and then I want to ask you for some help with a dream that I had last year which I think may have something to do with that.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Orientation that you hold within this focus, common.

BEN:  Okay.  I know from talking to Lawrence that we seem to think very much alike about current events, which is what you were discussing in New York when you brought this subject up, so I thought it might be that.

ELIAS:  Correct.  There are, as you examine these three orientations, unique and distinct expressions within each of them that distinguish one from another, and in these, I shall express to you that your natural inclinations and your natural expressions are automatic, and in some respects may appear to you each to be involuntary and expressed almost to the point that you would identify “without your permission.”  Although be remembering, there is no expression that you create within your reality that is not with your permission or beyond your active participation in its creation and your intentional creating of [it].

But the expressions and the movement of each of these orientations are so very automatic and natural to you each that they move in like manner to what you have chosen as your genetic encoding, in a manner of speaking.  You give no thought process to what you have created genetically or physically as how your physical form functions, and in like manner, your orientation is that which creates your perception in each focus, and therefore, it is as natural to you as your genetic encoding.

BEN:  Okay.  I guess as I learn more and read more about the sexual orientation, it almost seems odd to me because I know that there’s supposedly more common people currently than any other orientation, but I guess I feel like because of my own sexual preference that I already perceive things in a different way than most of the people.  So, it’s an interesting thing for me to investigate.

ELIAS:  Now; let me express to you, as you are aware, there is a distinction that we are expressing between preference and orientation.

In this, I express to you, yes, your preference is influencing of your perception, just as your belief systems are influencing of your perception.  Many, many elements of your focus, of your reality, are influencing of your perception.  This is not what we are expressing in the subject matter of orientation.  Orientation is different.

Your preferences are affecting of your perception.  Your belief systems are affecting of your perception.  Your orientation is an element that is FORMING your perception.  It is not influencing of it.  It is an element of it.

Therefore, you may express to yourself that you may be creating of a dis-ease and this shall be affecting of your physical form, but it is NOT your physical form.  Your physical form is created in the manner that you choose to be expressing your projection of essence into this physical dimension.  If you are introducing energy into it, you may be very influencing of its functioning and of its movement, but you are not re-creating it.  It is what it is, for it is what you have created.

In this, your orientation expresses in a similar manner.  It is an element of you.  It is not influenced by your belief systems in the manner of perception, that it shall be creating of your perception.  Your orientation IS your perception.  Your belief systems are what is influencing of how you are directing this perception.

The perception is the ball itself.  The belief systems are the stick that push the ball.  You may push the ball with the stick many, many times and in many, many directions, but the ball does not change.  The ball does not become a brick.  It continues to be a ball.

Therefore, there IS a distinction between preference and orientation.  Orientation is how you perceive your world, other individuals, and yourself, and how you interact with your world, other individuals, and yourself.

Now; in that, you may influence quite tremendously through preferences and through your belief systems, but your natural inclination shall move in certain directions, just as we may look to these three orientations.  The expression of an individual holding the orientation of soft may be quite extensively expressed in experiencing certain elements of affectingness in response to what may be occurring throughout the entirety of your globe and your environment.  This is a natural inclination.  It matters not what belief systems are held by the individual.  It matters not what preferences are held by the individual.  Their natural explanation moves outside of these belief systems and these preferences.  Their natural movement holds no bearing, in a manner of speaking, to their preferences and their belief systems.  In a manner of speaking, it is independent.

What you choose in what YOU physically identify as sexuality or sexual preferences matters not in conjunction with orientation.  Orientation is your perception — how you shall be interactive in those choices, how you shall be responsive in those choices.

But you each hold objective choices as to which preferences you hold — what offers you pleasure, what does not offer you pleasure, what offers you conflict, what does not offer you conflict.  This is quite a different matter.

BEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

BEN:  I’d like to try to tell you this dream that I had then, and we can talk about that.

In this dream, Ellen Degeneres was a friend of mine, and I’m floating and flying down the street with some others when I’m drawn into this store where there’s music playing and there are dancers taking a break outside on the sidewalk.  I float into the store and hover at an angle near Ellen behind the counter.  I make a book request, even though I know that this is a hardware store.  She looks over at Page, her friend, and excuses herself from behind the counter so we can go outside and talk.  We’re sitting on a railing and she tells me that I was acting inappropriately gay in the store.  I slap her in the face and tell her, “Fuck you!  If you interpret my expressiveness as being too feminine and you think there’s something wrong with that, that’s your problem, and now you’ll never get to hear about what I came to tell you about,” which was that I was having out-of-body experiences.  That was my dream.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

BEN:  Now to me, I’d had that dream because I was reading a book that was talking about getting in touch with your anger and learning about your beliefs by finding out what made you angry.  So I interpret this in a way as saying, well, maybe one of the conflicts that I have about these adventures in consciousness and lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences have something to do with the fact that I think this is a feminine activity and therefore unacceptable.  That was my interpretation, but I’d like to hear yours.

ELIAS:  I express to you that what you are offering yourself in imagery is the identification of acceptance and non-acceptance, and in this, you image familiarity and unfamiliarity, appropriateness and a lack of appropriateness, and also the identification of what fits and what does not fit within your reality.

You move into a particular type of establishment, a store, in your terms, which holds the identification of certain types of merchandise.  The type of merchandise that you seek does not fit within this particular establishment, but you image this regardless.  This is to offer you the element of what fits and what does not fit within your belief systems.

You also image the action of engaging a friend and involving yourself in the confrontation of what is acceptable within behavior and what is not acceptable.

You also image to yourself the action of judgment and justification.  Once the judgment is created — in your perception by another individual — you offer yourself a justification for your reaction.

Now; what this imagery is offering to you is a scenario that identifies the action of a lack of acceptance that you may view and you may address to, for these are automatic expressions.

Individuals automatically move into expressions within themselves of justification of their own expressions.  What need you be justifying?  Your expression is acceptable and perfect REGARDLESS of how it is viewed by another individual.  Your expression, no matter how it may be perceived as unfamiliar or how it may not FIT, is your expression, and it is merely a choice, and it is perfect and acceptable in every movement.

What individuals within physical focus have covered their sight, so to speak, from is the viewing that they ARE acceptable, and that all of your expressions are acceptable.

This be the reason that we address so very often to the acceptance of self.  There is an automatic expression that occurs in the acceptance of self as a byproduct, which is the acceptance of situations and other individuals, but it begins with the acceptance of self.

Now; in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view unfamiliar actions, unfamiliar areas, the identification of what we have discussed in the area of orientation, attempting to be fitting yourselves into molds that do not fit and expressing to yourselves an unacceptability that you do not fit, and also the expression of other individuals in intolerance, and your own intolerance to their intolerance, which all is an element of a lack of acceptance.

In this type of dream imagery, you offer yourself the ability to view each aspect of these expressions, that you may more easily address to them, allowing yourself to identify how you participate in the expressions of a lack of acceptance, not merely with another individual, but with yourselves.

BEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

BEN:  I guess I’ll try to ask you one last question about what you touched on before, about dis-ease or whatever.  I have some ongoing health concerns, and I’m not quite sure about the beliefs or the aspects of the beliefs that I keep running in my head, and I was wondering if that was something you could help me bring into objective focus.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Albert, in this expression that you create, what you are efficiently accomplishing is fighting with yourself.  You are creating an ongoing, continuous battle.  This is your objective mirror imagery that you express in conjunction with what you are creating inwardly.

One aspect of you expresses to yourself that you are acceptable, that you are unique, that you are wondrous, and that you may be expressive of yourself in any manner that you choose, and this is acceptable.

Another aspect of yourself is quite in disagreement, and therefore you battle with yourself, but the battle rages to an intensity that you express this objectively outwardly.

In this, you continue to attempt to alter outside situations that you perceive to be affecting.  You turn your attention to what you have created physically, and you attempt to be altering your physical expression or the affectingness that you have created physically by employing different types of action.  You shall employ different exercise, different diet, different types of thought processes, and this shall be affecting of your physical expression, but it is not necessarily affecting of your physical expression, for you have created your physical expression in mirror action to what you are creating inwardly.

In like manner, you may draw to yourself outward expressions, and this shall not alter the battle that continues inwardly.  This be the reason that you offer yourself imagery within your dream state addressing to the subject matter of acceptance — the recognition of acceptance of self; not in what you may be, not in what you may be creating futurely, but in what you are in the now; the recognition that all of your choices, all of your expressions are acceptable within the now.

And in this, as you discontinue your evaluation and measurement of your worth through outside guidelines that you have also incorporated within yourself, you shall also discontinue your battling with self and offer yourself alleviation of what you create physically.

I express to you the inquiry:  Are you offering yourself great successfulness in all of your methods physically?

BEN:  Not all.

ELIAS:  Temporarily you offer yourself a reprieve, do you not?

BEN:  Yes!

ELIAS:  But it is also temporary.

BEN:  I think it’s choosing a different belief or a different aspect of the belief that gave me the respite, as you say.

ELIAS:  Correct, which is in your terms a step.  It is the beginning of identification.  Therefore, I am not discounting of these steps, but you are addressing inquiries to move BEYOND these steps.

BEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  This be the reason that you have addressed this subject matter within this present now with myself.  Therefore, I express to you the acknowledgment of your temporary accomplishments and the offering of information that as you allow yourself to recognize that your worth is not measured by your perception, (chuckling) and to recognize that you are acceptable in all of your choices and that choices merely hold differences but are not better or worse than each other, in this you may be much more affecting of what you have created physically, for even within your temporary respites, you deem certain actions to be working better ...

BEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  ... than other actions.  Therefore, you may view how this is not the point.  The point is the acceptance.

It matters not WHAT you choose.  You choose what you wish to choose, and it matters not.  But within your belief systems, it DOES matter, and you lend energy to the better and the worse, and you lend much energy to the WANT of the better, but it is not better!  You have hit upon your own key word in expressing difference.  Concern yourself merely with difference, not necessarily with better or worse.

BEN:  Okay.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome. (Pause)

BEN:  Well, we’ve mostly covered everything that I wanted to talk about today.  I thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, and I guess I will let Mary come back ... Michael, rather.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I express much encouragement to you.  You embark upon an exciting quest in your new movement in allowance of self in the area of exploration of self and consciousness, and I am quite encouraging of you in this movement.  I express to you great affection this day, and always!  To you, a very loving au revoir.

BEN:  Thank you.  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:52 PM.


(1)  Here, what Elias said was, “This is quite a different manner.”  I have changed “manner” to “matter.”  Interestingly enough, this has been coming up since the sessions first began, with Elias switching these two words.  Early on, sometimes he used to say, “In a matter of speaking ...” in which case I would change “matter” to “manner.”

Vic’s note:  Ben, I don’t know how you got through this session.  I have never heard Cezanne (Mary’s dog) bark so consistently throughout a session.  It was quite distracting to me, that’s for sure!

Margot’s note:  Cheyenne or Cezanne?  Doesn’t really matter, ‘cause he’s Toast as far as I’m concerned.  I may have to hire a hit man!

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