Session 278
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The Meaning of Life


"The Meaning of Life"

Thursday, April 30, 1998    © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Tom (Malhai).

Elias arrives at 3:40 PM. (Arrival time is twenty seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

TOM:  Good afternoon.

ELIAS:  You have inquiries this day?

TOM:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  You wish to inquire?

TOM:  Yes, I guess I have a few questions.  I guess I wanted to experience this, for one thing.  Some of my questions are about Tiamo ... if you are familiar with this essence?  That was one of my questions.  (What a pleasant voice Tom has!)

ELIAS:  Partially.  And what be your inquiry?

TOM:  My impression of this essence is that he or she is of Tumold, and I guess I was wondering about the exchanges I've been having with this essence, if it's a world view or something different than that.

ELIAS:  Hmm.  Excuse momentarily. (Ten-second pause)  Ah!  Very well.

TOM:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  You are correct.  This essence is belonging to the family of Tumold, and you are within interaction with this essence, are you not?  (Tom engages an energy exchange with Tiamo via auto-typing)

TOM:  Yes, and....

ELIAS:  And being offered information.  This is not a situation of accessing a world view.  This would be slightly different.  Let me express to you that essences at times may be available for interaction with individuals within physical focus, and if you are allowing yourself the access point to be intersecting with these essences, you may be offered much information that is held within consciousness.  Now; this is not the same as accessing a world view, which is an energy deposit which has been placed in consciousness by a focus, which may be accessed by any other focus within your particular dimension.  This exchange holds different qualities.

I shall express that there are different manners in which essences may be communicating with individuals in physical focus.  At times they may choose to be interactive merely within dream state, which within the family of Tumold is not uncommon.  They also may be choosing to allow themselves to be accessed during other altered states of the individual which is physically focused.  Now, they may also present different types of imagery that may be symbolic, and may seem slightly more removed from merely outwardly expressing their information to you in what you think of as clear terms, for the information which is to be delivered from non-physical areas of consciousness into physical awarenesses must move through translations.  Therefore, many times these translations appear in a symbolic language -- that is if the essence is not choosing to be interacting objectively in the manner of an energy exchange, as with this type of energy exchange.  Therefore, you are being offered information within consciousness, but not necessarily limited to what you may think of as a world view.

TOM:  Okay.  This essence has no physical focuses, Tiamo?

ELIAS:  No, I am not expressing this.  I am expressing that the information that you are accessing is not connected with a world view, but this essence has held physical focuses.

TOM:  But none as we know currently?

ELIAS:  Correct.

TOM:  Okay, that was my impression there.  The relationship seems strong between Patel/Paul and Tiamo.  Is this a correct impression?

ELIAS:  They are familiar, although occupying different areas of consciousness and different intents.

TOM:  Could you give me an indication of the intent of Tiamo?

ELIAS:  This would follow in the direction of the essence family that is belonged to.  In this, the area of consciousness is different, for the intent is different.  You may view that this essence moves closely in the area of Regional Area 3.  This is not to express that this essence is within the action of transition, for it is not, but Regional Area 3 holds more actions than merely the action of transition.  There are essences which choose to occupy this area of consciousness to be more closely interactive with individuals within physical focus.  In this, they may be offering information and may be helpful to individuals within physical focus.  The layers of translation are fewer.  Therefore, the access holds more of an ease for essences moving from this area of consciousness and communicating into your Regional Area 1 of physical focus.

There are many different essences with different intents that occupy this Regional Area 3 and involve themselves with helpfulness to Regional Area 1.  Within the intent of reminding physically focused essences of their natural state, this essence (Tiamo) is facilitated more efficiently occupying Regional Area 3.  In this, it may offer you and other individuals information which may be helpful to you within your own intent.  (Twelve-second pause)

TOM:  Now, I guess a question about some of the probabilities Sena and Malhai have viewed as possible; and connecting with Tiamo also, how this interaction between the two has seemed to bring this about.

ELIAS:  And which probabilities shall you inquire of?

TOM:  Which probabilities?  Some of I guess what Sena calls big things happening between the two.  We've viewed many various ones, as you know I guess, but probabilities of connecting in Regional Area 1, or physically.

ELIAS:  As you are aware, these are all choices.  Therefore, you hold the free will to be creating of these choices together.  You hold many similarities within your intents.  You also hold similarities within tone, which offers you the opportunity of more of an ease within your objective connections.  In this, if you are choosing to be creating of probabilities that you shall allow yourself physical proximity, you may offer to each other energy which shall be facilitating of accomplishments to you each within each of your intents and your abilities.

You are belonging to the same family, which offers you the ability to be connecting objectively and subjectively with an ease that you may not experience as well with individuals that are belonging to other essence families.  This also offers you a reinforcement within your underlying intents of the Tumold, for belonging to this family holds a very different expression within physical focus than the alignment to this family within a physical focus.  You do not occupy your attention in the same direction in belonging to this family.  Individuals that are aligned with this family occupy their attention quite strongly in outward expressions of what they term to be healing, and perpetuating many belief systems in this area.  In belonging to this family, individuals hold a knowing that the intent of healing holds a vastly different meaning than the expression that is exhibited by those which align with this family.  In this, you may understand how you and Sena may be offering each other energy and enhancing your own abilities within your own intents.

TOM:  Okay, that answers quite a bit.  I guess my heart thing that I experienced last May would be part of this Tumold creating and uncreating?  Which is my impression.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Yes.

TOM:  Okay.  Also, there is a group of teachers called Abraham, and I was wondering about your knowledge of that, of them.

ELIAS:  There are many essences which you shall be noticing and you may be accessing information of that have been within this century.  They all, within their different intents and within their different manners of interaction and connecting to physical focus, lend energy and information to the action of this shift in consciousness.  You shall be noticing more emergence futurely of this action.  Therefore, as you draw yourself to different elements of information which may be provided by different essences -- regardless of what they may call themselves as a word for your identification -- their purpose, so to speak, is to be offering information and lending energy to the action of this shift, and these essences collectively are in agreement with this action also.

TOM:  Okay.  I guess you've answered all my questions fairly well, fairly fully.  I guess the only thing I can think of is all of the experiences I've had since I was young, with out-of-body experiences, dreams etc.  Is this part of the intent of this focus?

ELIAS:  Yes, in preparation for this shift in consciousness.

TOM:  Pardon me?  In preparation for ...?

ELIAS:  This shift in consciousness.

TOM:  Okay.  This is part of assisting the shift, so to speak?

ELIAS:  And also preparing yourself for the action of this shift, for as you are accomplishing of these actions, you prepare yourself for the new reality which approaches.

In this I may also express to you, as I have previously to many individuals, this shift in consciousness is accomplished.  It is NOW, although objectively you do not view this shift to be accomplished presently, for you look to actions futurely.  But it IS accomplished in the manner that you may access the fullness of this shift in consciousness presently, and in this you need not be waiting for the third quarter of your next century!  It is entirely possible to be accessing the fullness of the action of this shift presently.  The difference is that objectively, the entire planet has not opened completely to this shift.  Therefore, you may experience all of the actions and elements of this shift except for those elements which are objectively displayed en masse, but individually you may each experience ALL of the actions of this shift in consciousness presently.

TOM:  Okay.  I had another question, but it escaped me as you were speaking.  (Pause)  You speak of acceptance of belief systems, which is non-judgment?  How does this relate to some of the teachings about detachment?  You've probably been asked this before.  I don't know if I've ever heard it, though.

ELIAS:  These are different actions.  Let me express to you that it is quite easy to misinterpret and move into the area of believing that creating an action of detachment is the same as accepting a belief system.  In actuality, this is another belief system!

Detachment is quite different from acceptance.  The acceptance of belief systems is not the detachment from them.  As I have expressed, you are not eliminating your belief systems.  You are also not detaching from them.  You shall continue to hold opinions, but these opinions shall not be challenged within yourself or by others within the action of this shift, for you shall have accepted the belief systems.  In this, you hold no judgment of your own belief systems or of other individuals' beliefs systems, for you recognize that they ARE belief systems, and therefore you do not respond to these belief systems in the manner that you respond presently.

This would be likened to holding differences of opinions between different individuals, but the differences of opinions concern matters of no consequence.  Therefore, if you are discussing or sharing your different opinions of this matter of no consequence, it matters not to you that you be right or wrong, for the subject matter in itself is of no consequence and holds no matter to you.  Therefore, you feel no need within you to be expressing in a manner to influence another individual holding a different opinion.  As the subject matter itself is of no consequence to you, it also is of no matter to you that another individual holds a difference in opinion.  It strikes no emotional chord within you.

The reason that individuals hold conflict within belief systems is that they trigger emotional responses.  You respond to these emotions, and this is creating of conflict.  Now; be understanding, you shall not be eliminating emotion either, but you shall hold the understanding and the acceptance of the belief systems, therefore neutralizing their effect which is triggering of emotional qualities within you and therefore sparking of judgment in reaction to the emotional response.

I express to you that many individuals do not even recognize the quality of emotional response that is generated by belief systems.  Many thought-focused individuals do not recognize the emotional aspects of the triggering of belief systems.  They may recognize this action if they are connecting to a belief system strongly held which is being challenged, but within more mundane belief systems, they may also be triggered but not objectively feel, so to speak, an emotion.  Therefore, they may not recognize that there are emotional qualities connected to all of your belief systems.  Those which are accepted neutralize the emotional affectingness; that emotional element which sparks the aspect of judgment.

When you may move into the area of holding no judgment at all in regard to a belief system and hold no emotional trigger to that belief system, you shall have accepted the belief system itself; but if you are holding ANY element, regardless of how small you view it to be, in the area of judgment or that you feel a need to be holding to the belief system, you have not accepted the belief system.

Once acceptance of a belief system is accomplished, it matters not.  You may hold an opinion of the belief system, but you do not hold to the belief system itself.  It becomes inconsequential for you, and therefore it matters not what expression is connected to it.

Acceptance of belief systems is a very difficult subject.  It is difficult within physical focus to be understanding and it is difficult within physical focus to be implementing, for you have created an entire reality which is based in belief systems, and these belief systems have been perpetuated and allowed for millennium.  Therefore, you are steeped in your clinging to these belief systems.  In this, it becomes quite difficult in moving into the area of acceptance of these belief systems.

You do not allow yourselves thought processes in the area of acceptance of belief systems.  You allow yourselves to move into the area of altering/changing belief systems, but acceptance is a concept which is foreign to you within physical focus.  Therefore, as it holds such unfamiliarity, it also is viewed as suspect.  You may be abandoning your control.  You may be losing elements of yourself if you are giving way to the acceptance of belief systems.  But I may inquire of all of you, how may you lose yourself?

TOM:  True.  Another question that came to mind as you were speaking of that is ... I have heard of aligning your objective intent with your essence tone, so to speak.

ELIAS:  Correct.

TOM:  I'm not sure how to formulate this question, but does one move into acceptance using that "method?"  I would put method in quotes, I guess.

ELIAS:  You may use this as a tool, for you may be offering yourself elements of information of essence in accessing your essence tone, and in this it may be helpful to you to be accepting of a belief system.

Let me also express to you that as I express terms in the direction of accessing information of essence, I am not expressing that information may be transmitted necessarily in thought.  It may translate into thought subsequently, but you do not access information of essence through thought.  You translate into thought, which is another form of your created imagery within this dimension.

Thought is reality, but it is also relative, for thought is not an element within non-physical areas of consciousness.  Therefore, it is a created action, a created reality within physical focuses, and in this your language to yourself through essence is not transmitted through thought.  Therefore, do not misunderstand that you shall chant your essence name or enter yourself into an altered state of consciousness and allow yourself to be connecting with your essence tone, and this shall automatically offer you volumes of information within thought processes.  It may not, although you may translate the information that you have accessed through your language of essence, and in this action you may create the imagery of thought and present the information to yourself in this manner.

Let me offer an example.  You are familiar with a physically focused individual that has provided the energy exchange with your teacher Seth, correct?  (Tom acknowledges)  In this, this physically focused individual allowed an accessing of tone, and in that accessing of tone also allowed another language to be transmitted.  Now; this is not entirely of which I am speaking, for this also is a physical language, but it is closer and shall serve as an example to you of that which I am speaking.  Another language was accessed which holds no physical meaning within this dimension; no physical translation.  There are no languages upon your physical planet that may translate that particular language which has been labeled as the Sumari.  This is an interpretation, that this language is belonging to the essences that are belonging to the family of Sumari, for they do not hold a language in words such as has been displayed, not within non-physical focus.  But there has been a translation of tone into a physical manifestation of a language, and in this there also has been an allowance on the part of the physically focused individual to be translating this once again into your objective language, that you may understand the communication.

In like manner, you may access information through your own tone, which may not initially appear or be connected to by you objectively within language, but you also hold the ability to be creating of the translation into your physical objective language, that you may understand the information which you have offered to yourself in accessing your tone, and in this you may offer yourself information in assisting you in the acceptance of belief systems and allowing yourself more of an ease in movement into this shift.  Is this helpful?

TOM:  So would it be correct to say that in accessing essence, you're doing this in our terms through energy?

ELIAS:  Yes.

TOM:  I guess everything is energy.

ELIAS:  Correct.

TOM:  And it would be whether one would want to translate that energy to thought?

ELIAS:  You may manipulate thought also, for this is energy and it may be manipulated to be accessing, although you may create more of an ease and less thickness if you are allowing yourself an openness within consciousness and allowing yourself not to be clouded with thought until you have accessed the energy, and then you may translate the energy information into thought or into your language, however be the most efficient for you, within words or images or feelings or impressions.

TOM:  Okay.  I think I understand what you're saying.  I don't know if I have any more questions for you.  I guess I've really enjoyed talking to you, and we'll have to talk again.
ELIAS:  Absolutely, and you may offer my affection and my regards to Sena.

TOM:  I will do that, and I'm sure we'll see you at the pond again.

ELIAS:  Absolutely.  I frequent this area!  (Grinning)

TOM:  Yes.  Are you familiar with the painting I am trying to paint of that area?

ELIAS:  Within consciousness, yes.

TOM:  Okay.  How does it compare?  (Laughing)  Is that a trick question or what?

ELIAS:  It is an interpretation.  I may express to you that within your vision, you may view to one side of this pond a wall of rock; (pause) stones.

TOM:  Pardon me?  A wall of ...?

ELIAS:  Stones.  And we shall observe how you may alter your imagery of this pond!  Be remembering, this also is reality, and exists.  It is not what you view to be imagination ... although imagination is reality also!  (Chuckling)

TOM:  Yes, I understand.  (Elias chuckles again)  I like that laugh!

ELIAS:  I am quite good at playfulness with individuals within physical focus!  You are quite amusing at times!  (Still chuckling)

TOM:  I am, huh?  (Laughing)  Well, I have many conflicting belief systems yet, which I haven't accepted all of them.

ELIAS:  Ah, but you will, and you shall experience the tremendous liberation and freedom that is the byproduct of the acceptance of the belief systems.  Let me also offer to you that within your process of attempting to be accepting belief systems, do not lose your fun and do not lose your spontaneity or your humor, for no thing within consciousness is so very serious!  It is merely your belief systems that dictate this to you.  In this, be of light-heartedness, and you shall accomplish with much more ease.

TOM:  I guess I have always tried, but sometimes we don't always do that here.

ELIAS:  This is quite obvious, for you are very busy with your mouse!

TOM:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  You are quite busy with your mouse!  (Tom mumbles and laughs)  You hold this fascination in batting this mouse continuously, even though it moves not!  But you shall fascinate yourselves with what you perceive to be the unfamiliar and the interesting, which is your belief in negative.

Vic's note:  Tom transcribed his own session, and heard the word "mouth" instead of "mouse."  Cracked me up!
TOM:  In negative?

ELIAS:  Correct.

TOM:  And that's an area where there really is none, no positive or negative?

ELIAS:  Quite.

TOM:  Where I have conflicting beliefs yet.

ELIAS:  But it serves you well in the fullness of your experiences, and it also attains your attention quite effectively, does it not?

TOM:  Yes, it does!  (They both laugh)  I guess I would like to ... I don't know if getting beyond that is the right word, but efficiently create exactly the intent and desire that I think.

ELIAS:  Ah!  And I shall express to you that your first statement of "getting beyond" is more accurate, for this be the situation with ALL of the individuals within physical focus -- a wishing to be "getting beyond" those elements which they view to be negative, as opposed to other statements which merely sound more enlightened!  (Laughing)

TOM:  This ties very much into acceptance.

ELIAS:  Quite!

TOM:  And duplicity.

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

TOM:  So, I guess I will have to work on these areas until we speak again in the physical.

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  Shall I express to you the secret of physical focus, the secret of acceptance of a belief system, the meaning of life?  You shall be the first!  I shall offer it personally to you, and you may express this to the multitudes!

The secret is ... it matters not!  (Elias is cracking himself up)

TOM:  Well, I thank you for the expression.  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And if you may be accomplishing of it matters not, you shall be well upon your way to the acceptance of belief systems and the elimination of your conflict in many areas!  (Grinning broadly)

TOM:  At one time I thought I had accomplished it matters not, but I was in the detachment area, I think.

ELIAS:  You may be accomplishing the "it matters not" in the moment, and then subsequently you may be practicing this and offering yourself the remembrance of the experience, and attempt to be holding to this instead of holding to the mouse!  (Laughing)

Vic's note:  Yep, Tom thought he said "mouth" again!  ROFL!

TOM:  So it is a remembrance?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  This be the action of this shift also -- the remembrance, the moving out of your oubliette and creating your bridge with your remembrances.

TOM:  That sounds great!

ELIAS:  Are you wishing of more questions?

TOM:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  Are you wishing of more questions?

TOM:  Right now I can't think of any more, Elias.  At this time, I guess this is a new experience that I've really enjoyed, and I plan on doing this again with you.

ELIAS:  Very well!  I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

TOM:  I will, too.  (Elias is laughing again)  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  I shall offer to you much lovingness, and you may offer this to our good friend Sena also.

TOM:  I will.

ELIAS:  And hold no fearfulness of objective physical proximity.  You have much to offer to each other!

TOM:  Okay, I will try not to.  I'm losing self, which is impossible!

ELIAS:  Exactly.  It is impossible to be losing self.  There is no place to be lost, for you occupy all places!  Therefore, how may you lose where you are?  (They both laugh)

I shall offer to you the acknowledgment and encouragement that you seek to be helpful to yourself, and to be offered to Sena also, in offering a little push towards accepting yourself and each other, and allowing a loosening of your hold of fearfulness.  When I express to you that you serve yourself well in self-awareness, it is very different from your psychological ideas of self-conscious.  And with this, I shall affectionately depart from you.

TOM:  Thank you again.

ELIAS:  I offer you much affection, and anticipate our meeting.  (Note that the word "meeting" was not audible, but was very apparent in watching the tape)  To you this day, a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 4:41 PM.

Vic's note:  This was an interesting session.  Elias went into areas of humor that is very reminiscent of the type of humor displayed for three years on the west coast, but which has been sporadic (in my opinion) since Mary's move to the east coast in February, 1998.

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