Session 184
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A Family Reunion


"A Family Reunion"

Friday, June 20, 1997 (Group) © 1997
This session was held in Elmira, New York, where we had gone to attend a Seth conference. Except for the six of us who traveled from California, all participants have been receiving transcripts but have never had an opportunity to "meet" Elias. This was truly a memorable experience, and lots of fun! It was like a family reunion!
I would also like to note here that we taped this session with a new compact camera instead of the full-size we normally use. The quality of sound is rather poor in comparison. Some of the questions are difficult to hear, so there may be some paraphrasing.
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Siman), Bruce (Uriel), Melinda (Sena), Linda (Shikta), Leo (Domol), Vivien (Miriam), and Lois (?).
Elias arrives at 11:40 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning) Welcome to all of our friends which are not objectively in the reality of these individuals, for the most part. And what shall we choose as a topic this evening? (Pause) Ah! We shall all be little mice this evening, once again!

GAIL: How did you like the festivities?

ELIAS: This would be a repeating question of Dehl! (Laughter)

GAIL: Oh, really!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Shall I explain to you once again that I do not participate in the manner that you participate within this physical reality? Therefore, I am always aware! There is no distinction.

LEO: I'm going to ask a question, if I can.

ELIAS: You may.

LEO: You said once by request that somebody had given you that my essence name was Bonn, but then you said that because I was changing it, that the name was incorrect. Do I have a name? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You always posses a tone! You only do not always translate this tone into what you would recognize as a word in your reality; although I have been aware of the change in tone for some of your time period, much to the questioning of other individuals within curiosity and also thinking I have been forgetting, which I have not! This tone, interestingly for you, has altered in an action of fragmentation. Therefore, within the action of the fragmentation, the fragmented essence now holds this tone and you have altered within essence the tone that you identify with as the entirety of your essence. This has altered slightly within the concept of tone, although within the word within your physical language it bears little resemblance to the original. This, I have stated previously, is not unusual. Within your reality, you enjoy words that sound similar and attach meaning to this in that they shall be similar in essence, which is not always correct. Therefore, you may hold a very similar tone to another essence and you may translate this into very different wording in sound within your physical reality. This new tone, which as I have said is very similar to the original tone, translates into a physical word now of Domol ... D-O-M-O-L, for your transcribing ... which bears little resemblance within your language, but you continue to be you. You have not exchanged with an alternate self at this present moment. Therefore, the essence focus which is manifest within you shall appear to be unchanged. Is this answering of your question?

LEO: Yes. I guess one of the focal points for me of what you said is that there's this fragmentation, even though the essence is still close to the original. There's a lot of things for me to explore.

ELIAS: Quite! (Pause, during which somebody says "Go, Melinda!)

MELINDA: May I ask a question?

ELIAS: You may.

MELINDA: Thank you. The first step in learning about subjective information is learning to identify it, and the second seems to be learning to interpret it. Now that we're starting to notice unofficial information and some of the group commonalties, what are some possible interpretations or ways to begin interpreting? What signs can we use to know that we've hit upon an interpretation that works, knowing that there can be more than one way to interpret the same commonalties?

ELIAS: There are many different methods of interpretation of your commonalties, none of which [are] to be discounted. Many times you focus yourselves so intently in certain directions that you narrow your understanding, for you limit your intake and you do not allow for your periphery. You view coincidences and interactions, and you label certain events or actions as more important. In this, all of your connections, so to speak, are equally important. Therefore, as you recognize that you each within a similar time period experience collectively imagery, be that objective or subjective, you place value on these connections, for you may attach to them and offer yourselves an event to view. Within you, you hold dramatic connections within energy to each other. You do not engage the periphery to be tuning into this energy which interacts with each other continuously, for you do not offer yourselves a feeling. You identify very closely within this dimension with objective imagery, events, and feelings. This is part of your creation. This is an element of your dimension and reality. It is part of your experience which you have chosen to be manifesting within this physical focus. In this, you have forgotten the natural interaction within energy that is present continuously.

You may allow yourselves to become familiar with your own energy initially, that which you project through your energy centers and that which surrounds you physically, and in this you may also become more sensitive to the energy which is surrounding and projecting by other individuals. It is not necessary for you to be within physical proximity to be experiencing this; although initially, for those of you wishing to be exploring in this area, you may choose to be experimenting with this energy sensitivity with those individuals that are within your physical proximity. Therefore, you offer yourself objective imagery. You may feel the energy. You shall physically sense and feel, which you may identify with and understand; and as you develop your own sensitivity to energy, you shall find that you hold the ability to exercise this sensing without objectively being within the same physical location as another individual.

As you move into your shift more, you shall also in this practicing recognize that you may interact with this energy outside of this physical time framework. Therefore, you may access interaction within energy which you shall translate into thought process. Therefore, you shall understand what you are accomplishing. You shall recognize the energy interaction and you shall know the identification of the energy interaction. This of course is providing that you are not discounting of self and expressing that you are not experiencing, (grinning) and expressing to yourselves that you did not feel what you felt! Or, that you felt what you felt, but it does not mean what you are thinking! It DOES mean what you are thinking! (Grinning, and laughter) You are speaking to yourselves within an intention of connecting within energy, and in this it is unnecessary for you to doubt your own information to yourself and express to yourself that your thoughts are incorrect, for they are not! This is one "method," which you are all so very fond of, (grinning) to be attempting to connect within energy and understand what you are creating. This also exercises your inner senses, which then allows you to merge your objective and subjective reality more easily. Unfortunately, you are very discounting of subjective information for you hold belief systems that this is fantasy and not real and that you may be imagining elements, but I suggest to you that there is no fantasy and there is no lack of reality within imagination. It is only a different language to yourself. It is no less reality. You speak to yourselves in many different languages. You do not always understand all of your languages. Therefore, you attach identifications to them [such] as imagination or fantasy or lack of reality. Michael also chooses to place many elements into the area of imagination and non-reality. (Chuckling) He will learn also!

LINDA: Can I ask a question? (Elias nods) I was curious about memory and how people use memory in order to deal with their reality and their world. There are some people, as they get older, who start to lose their memory, and some people who even have Alzheimer's, where their memory just completely goes. What type of experience would that be? I don't know if that question sounds right, but why would someone have an experience like that, where they would lose their memory?

ELIAS: Actually, they have not "lost" anything! They are choosing, within physical focus, to be tuning to their subjective reality more than their awareness within objective reality. This is a preparation. Individuals choose this type of action in preparing for transition. As they are preparing for transition, they hold an awareness subjectively that the objective awareness of consciousness shall be unnecessary and shall be shed, so to speak, within the action of transition as belief systems are allowed to dissipate; for within subjective reality outside of physical focus, you do not hold belief systems. Therefore, you bring belief systems with you, so to speak, ... although you are not traveling to a "place" ... into an area of transition, which then are dissipated as mist within your air. Many individuals choose to be engaging this action before they are entering transition non-physically. In your terms, this does not lengthen or speed your process of transition, but it allows you a more fluid movement within the area of transition.

You may choose within the area of transition, in your thought process, to be engaging what you think of as much time period, although there is no time period. You may be aware of an altered type of time framework, for you continue to hold a portion of objective consciousness. Therefore, this is recognizing of realities that you have created physically. You may also choose to be experiencing in your terms a quite small time period within the area of transition, which is dependent upon your intent and your choice of remanifestation. As I express remanifestation, I shall express to you also that this is not a situation that you physically engage death, travel to this transition "place," demolish all of your belief systems, and reincarnate once again into physical reality, for you do not. You are unique. You shall never, in your terms once again, walk upon this planet again as you choose to be disengaging from this reality, but an aspect of you shall if you are choosing remanifestation. You do not split into two entities, as one continues within non-physical focus and another continues to be physically focused. You simply are simultaneously in both realities as you. There are other individuals that may choose to be disengaging objective memory for different reasons, but for the most part individuals choose this type of action, irregardless of age, in the objective of allowing an awareness of subjective reality to be "overshadowing."

Within your "normal" reality, you are very objectively focused. You are continuously interacting with subjective reality, but you are not allowing an awareness objectively of this activity and information. You respond, for these elements of consciousness work within harmony of each other. One does not control the other. They function together. You only allow yourself the objective awareness, for this is your choice within this dimension. It is the choice of your manifestation for your experience, to be experiencing objective awareness within physical matter.

Within the action of the shift, as I have stated previously, many individuals shall be choosing this same action which you now label as senility, although they will hold an awareness of the action they are creating. I have stated previously that your sciences shall be acquiring what you term to be the cure for this condition. It shall appear quite convenient to you, as you now hold an awareness that it needs no cure! Individuals shall continue to be engaging the action, but as they shall hold an awareness of what they are creating, it shall not be labeled as senility, for it shall appear differently.

Also, you shall be recognizing of elements of this type of action occurring within many other individuals, which is a sign of your shifting within consciousness; for individuals shall be becoming, as you already are aware, more allowing of subjective bleed-through. Therefore, it shall not be unusual for individuals to be experiencing this action.

Within your present now, you experience gaps in time which you all identify and accept. You hold no explanation, but you are accepting. You explain to yourselves that you have blinked out of your awareness temporarily, for what you term to be a few minutes, and you are blank. Within your future, you shall not be blank. You shall be aware of what you are accomplishing and recognizing within your blank periods, and you shall also not attribute this to your extraterrestrials! You shall be recognizing that you need not invent an aspect of yourself to be abducting you, to be explaining to yourselves your own activity! (Smiling) Is this sufficient?

LINDA: Oh, yes. Thank you.

LOIS: I have a question. What are angels? Are they a part of our higher self? Are they separate? I mean, separate spirits?

ELIAS: First of all, I express to you, there is no separation. You create within your reality physically the illusion of separation by creating individual physical forms, but within consciousness there is no separation of any element of consciousness. Consciousness is all; within all dimensions, within all realities, within all areas, it is. In this, there is no differentiation. Therefore, what be angels? You! For there is no difference. There are no masters greater than yourself. There are no heavenly bodies greater than the magnificence of yourself. All is the same. There is no separation within any aspect of consciousness. Therefore, you are they, and they are you. It is imagery that you offer to yourselves within belief systems, which are those explanations to yourselves of information that you know, that you do not remember, that you wish an explanation for. Therefore, you answer yourselves. You answer your questions by inventing belief systems that give you explanations that you may understand and that are acceptable to you. In this, you hold an inner knowing of your magnificence and of your multidimensionality. You do not objectively recognize this. Therefore, you offer yourselves imagery within belief systems and you express heavenly beings and great masters, and you are these things! (Pause)

Such quietness and such confusion within these little minds!

BRUCE: I have a question, if I may. Earlier tonight, I was having a conversation with Mary. We were discussing the issue of personal responsibility, which is very big for both of us right now. I guess the first part ... if you don't mind a multi-part question! The first part is, I'm wondering if there's any kind of bleed-through or connecting between Mary and myself, in that we're both dealing with this issue so heavily right now. The second thing I was wondering about is, as I was getting ready to come up here and meet my friends this weekend, the issue of personal responsibility very nearly deflected the probabilities. I was telling Ron and Vicki that I could almost see the three different courses it could take. I guess that's not a question, but do you have any comments or enlightenment about the formation of the probability and how my personal responsibility issues affected the fact that I'm here now? I wasn't sure, as far as my intent, whether I should listen to my inner self that said to do what my personal responsibilities are, or do what I need to do. So, it was just an issue. It didn't come out as a question.

ELIAS: This is, as we have spoken within our previous question, an example of those elements that you present yourselves continuously, that you chatter to yourselves about and you do not listen, although you did listen! But within your question of the inter-relatedness of the individuals within this issue, examine your question. You have offered yourself information this day and previously to be confirming to you the connection, the interaction within energy and how it may be complementing within issues in helpfulness, for you experience the same type of issue within the same time period not accidentally! In this action, which is not singular, you offer within energy helpfulness to each other in moving through these issues, which objectifies itself in your responses. Within your response, you chance to allow the personal responsibility to drift temporarily within a short time framework, and allow yourself to listen to yourself. This lends energy within consciousness to the action of moving through personal responsibility with Michael. Within recent time period, Michael lends energy in this same direction in allowing a detachment of elements of personal responsibility with children, which lends energy to the accomplishment of allowing a moving through for yourself. It moves within energy circularly. It is in constant motion, and it is never static. These are elements to be allowing yourselves to be aware of. As you recognize that you lend energy and you are confirmed in this lending of energy, you may also offer yourselves objectively confirmation that this is reality. It is not imagination. It is reality! It moves. You may not be within physical proximity, and you may be very affecting.

You are all affecting of each other. Counterparts are exceedingly affecting of each other physically, objectively, for this is their interaction. They have agreed and chosen. Therefore, they share experience within this circular motion of energy. Individuals which are not counterparts are continuously within interaction of you also. They are only interacting differently, for their intent is different. The action and affectingness within consciousness which does objectify itself is continuous with all individuals. You notice counterpart action more intensely for you objectify more intensely, but within promptings of all other individuals you connect within energy, and helpfulness is lent to be accomplishing within areas that you focus upon, that you term to be issues. These are challenges.

Here, the tape stops at 12:28 AM, and starts up again after the break. We were unaware that the camera had stopped taping until we took a break, so we're not sure how much of the session we "lost."

RESUME 12:59 AM (Time was three seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue with your inquiries.

VIVIEN: I have a question. About two years ago, I was attempting to do an out-of-body. I was in bed and it was fairly late at night, but instead of doing an out-of-body, another entirely ... well, not entirely different sensation, but a sensation that was more powerful ... the only way I can describe it is, an energy was coming up from my boots and kind of like going like a train through me, and then I felt a voice in my throat that was about to speak. I stopped it because my husband was lying next to me and I didn't want to freak him out! But it felt like a voice. Can you tell me what that was, and if that's what it was?

(Terminology note: When Elias says "this essence," he is referring to himself. "Energy exchange" is his term for channeling.)

ELIAS: Within the objective of attempting to be entering into an out-of-body experience, you allow yourself to enter what you term to be an altered stated of consciousness ... although it is not altered! (Grinning) In this, you allow yourself an opening objectively, within trustfulness and acceptance of self. Therefore, you allow subjective activity to be recognized objectively. Within this state, you also may at times allow more of your self in its entirety, essence, to be interacting within the individual focus. Therefore, you do not engage an energy exchange in what you view with this essence, but you allow your essence to be communicating. In this, you also allow your own validation of this interaction by allowing yourself within the focus to be experiencing physical sensation. Had you chosen to be continuing with this allowance, you are correct, you would have been experiencing verbalization of information to be offered to yourself. This would appear to be another entity speaking through you.

VIVIEN: Kind of like you are now through Mary? In that way, or not?

ELIAS: No. Within an interaction of your essence. Although within consciousness there is no separation, for the purpose of understanding within your language and your ideas and your belief systems within physical focus, I make a differentiation of this energy exchange. Within this, different tones merge to be creating of this energy exchange; that tone of Michael's essence and that tone of this essence. Within the mergence, there is an exchange. In this, in your terms physically to your understanding, you may express that Michael removes from the objective expression, allowing the body consciousness to disengage from subjective interaction and therefore also allowing the energy of this essence to be moving into the physical space arrangement, connecting with the individual physical body consciousness. Therefore, this essence directs the subjective activity which directs this body consciousness that you view. Michael moves to an area of consciousness that disengages all subjective communication with this body consciousness.

Within the action that you have experienced, you have allowed yourself the opportunity to be accessing your essence; the same tone; that which you may view or express as your higher self. This is not in actuality your "higher self." It is yourself, but you do not recognize all of the aspects of self, for your attention is directed to this focus objectively. Therefore, you forget temporarily, while engaging this physical focus, your own multidimensionality and the vastness of self. In this, you allowed a time period within your objective recognition of an entering into your objective awareness, within your physical body consciousness, the vastness of essence. This creates an energy surge.

VIVIEN: That's what it felt like!

ELIAS: For within physical reality, you intentionally choose to be disconnecting with your awareness of essence for the purity of your experience while in physical focus. You intentionally forget self. You focus upon one aspect of self within an objective materialization physically of a focus. As you allow subjective interaction and that element of essence to bleed through into your awareness, you open your subjective and objective awarenesses to merge. In this mergence, you allow an intensity of energy from essence to surge within your physical form. This also, in similarity to objective feeling with Michael, is an opening to allow the intensity of your energy. Therefore, the body consciousness recognizes this surge, as a floodgate shall open. In this, the energy from essence shall appear to flood into the body consciousness.

The difference with these experiences is: Within the floodgate opening of energy within this experience that you express, your body consciousness recognizes your tone of essence. Therefore, it is accepting of this energy and shall produce an exhilarating feeling, but also shall create a response within body consciousness that your cells identify as a flooding of energy. Therefore, they are responding in reaction to energy which is not normally incorporated within the focus. Within Michael, the subjective communication is discontinued. Therefore, the energy is unrecognized within the body consciousness. In this, there is a different response to the influx of energy, in a physical rejection of unfamiliar energy.

You each have created your form from its first cell. It knows you. It lives, in your terms, as a projection of essence which is familiar with you. It knows all of your aspects. It knows all of your essence. Therefore, it is accepting of this action; this being also why I suggest to you that an essence may not be intrusive to another essence, for your form shall not accept, outside of agreement, this influx of energy. It does not in your terms belong to you, and your watchdog of your body consciousness is aware.

In this, you shall have offered yourself information which you seek, but within fearfulness an action of non-acceptance was incorporated. In this, the action was refused and blocked. You may trust futurely that this shall not be harmful to you and that you may engage this action if so choosing once again, and you may offer yourself answers to many questions that you hold, which may be more beneficial than your excursions out-of-body.

VIVIEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MELINDA: Elias, I have a question about a recurring dream. I have a dream where I lose a tooth, and during the dream I just freak out. What I'd like is, if you could offer any information as to what the subjective activity might be behind the imagery of my losing that tooth.

ELIAS: (Here, Elias starts to speak, and instead laughs in such a way that we all crack up)

MELINDA: Oh, that didn't sound good!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall offer you more imagery, for you are expressing an interest and a wishing for information which many of you seek presently. You may accomplish within your dream mission, in accessing this activity subjectively "behind" your imagery. ( Activity behind, so to speak, your imagery does not translate outside of imagery. This is your language. This is what you have created within your understanding and your language to yourself. Your imagery is not different from your activity. It is only translated into images that you can identify; for within subjective activity, removed from your imagery, you have no reference frame for understanding.

You speak to yourselves of Regional Area 2 and accessing information within Regional Area 2. You access this information continuously. Within Regional Area 2, as it is connected to this reality, it is comprised also of imagery; for within your consciousness, as I have stated, objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony. One does not dictate to the other. They are intertwined. Therefore, they also must create imagery that you may translate. It serves no purpose for you to be creating of Regional Area 2 within consciousness that you may not access, for you would not understand. Therefore, your subjective imagery exists within this area also. It is different in what you may view to be more abstract, for the information subjectively relaxes your belief systems and allows for more information. It allows for interaction that you do not allow yourself to be aware of within your objective awareness.

You are connecting within energy with all other individuals, with all other focuses, with all of your probabilities, your probable selves, your alternate selves, and those of all other individuals. In this, you do not incorporate a time framework that you recognize within your objective awareness. Therefore, a translation is necessary for you to understand or create objective imagery; that which you project continuously as you are physically focused. This becomes obvious to you as you engage your dream activity, for the imagery appears differently. It may appear disconnected. It may appear that it does not involve objective imagery at all, but it is quite connected as it is merely a translation, compiling information which to you objectively would appear to be quite scattered. As you create dream imagery, you are filtering information into images that you recognize that may be involving any aspect of physical reality, not always within your time framework that you are aware of. Therefore, you create imagery that seems to be strange, and you create belief systems that suggest to you that your dream imagery is always a translation which is directly translatable into objective waking consciousness. In one respect, this is correct; but you limit your thought process in attempting to give yourselves interpretations of your dream imagery, for there are many, many, many layers of dream imagery.

In this, it is quite limiting to view one image, a tooth, within a dream action, and be attempting to translate this into singularly how this is affecting of your day. In one respect it is affecting, for you have connected within consciousness within Regional Area 2 with another aspect. It may not be yours, but it offers you information which shall be translated. Therefore, within an experience within your day as you are objectively wakingly aware, a very small action may occur which is an element of this imagery.

In repeating dream imagery, for the most part although not always, there is interaction with other aspects of yourself, or counterpart action, which is being translated to you. You translate the information that you share with this counterpart into dream imagery. As resulting of this action, you translate once again within your waking attention into action. This action may not appear as a tooth.

Note: Here, something unusual occurred. Elias looked at me, managed to spit out the word "break," and was gone. I've never seen this happen before. Mary came back coughing, saying that it felt like she had swallowed sea water. (

BREAK 1:28 AM RESUME 1:34 AM (Time was one second)

ELIAS: We shall continue! (Grinning, and we all start laughing, as we didn't expect such a "quick arrival!")

(To Melinda) As I was expressing to you: Within this imagery, this would be an action of counterparts interacting within Regional Area 2. This imagery is offered to you as validation, as is all of your imagery that you offer to yourselves. Within your recognition of this imagery of tooth, focus upon the tooth and the loss of this tooth. Within this counterpart action, the counterpart that you connect with within Regional Area 2 may identify with the absence of tooth. In this, you offer yourself a validation of the interaction within consciousness, in what you would term to be the connection of this counterpart; this counterpart being the same ...

MELINDA: Oh! (And the light bulb goes on!)

ELIAS: ... as you have connected with previously within helpfulness in energy. (Referring to Melinda's counterpart action with Ruburt)

MELINDA: Oh my goodness! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Which, if you are expressing of this information of this dream imagery, this counterpart shall recognize the connection.


ELIAS: It is attributed to this essence (Elias) greatly helpfulness that is offered within our new agenda of expansion, in lulling Michael within this expansion as he projects uncomfortableness with the action of this expansion. I express to you that within this reality, the counterpart action is more objectively affecting. Therefore, commend yourself ... for you have accomplished! (Grinning)

MELINDA: Thank you. Well, I'll think on that one for a while! Oh my goodness! Well, I have another question. Wow! I was trying to understand the concept of aligning with my intent as expressed within essence ... I don't think I'm saying it right ... expressing my intent as aligned with essence, my essence family. What activities or beliefs are aligned with this intent already, and where are the beliefs that I hold that are preventing this alignment?

ELIAS: Examine the belief systems that conflict with the intent of family and the intent of focus, for within belief systems they appear to be unrelated, which they are not. Within Sumafi, there is the intent of the least distortion. Within Sumari, there is the intent of creating change. Within the intent of Tumold, it is not in conflict. They are not removed or separated from each other. As you move within alignment of different intents, they harmonize in complementing each other. You may be offering "healingness" in many different areas. It is not restricted to the beliefs of certain actions. It extends quite far, in your terms. Other individuals which are counterpart to you create the imagery of belief systems of healing. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to occupy your thought process with an analyzation of how to be accomplishing this; for objectively, other individuals accomplish these actions objectively, within the belief systems of the word. You may extend within other areas.

Your projection of your "cosmic drugs" are quite inventive, within a healing aspect! (Laughter) Are you understanding? (

MELINDA: (Cracking up) Yes! I'm so glad it was helpful!

VIVIEN: Melinda, your what???

MELINDA: I'll explain later. (Melinda and Vic are losing it)

ELIAS: Now you may view how you may accomplish your intent outside of the belief systems of the language.

MELINDA: Okay. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Melinda and Vic are still losing it!)

MELINDA: Whew! Okay, next! (Pause)

VIVIEN: I have a question. I'd like to know what my essence or entity name is.

ELIAS: Essence.

VIVIEN: Essence, my essence name.

ELIAS: Miriam, which has also been chosen within physical focuses.

VIVIEN: My family ... is it Sumari?

ELIAS: No. Alignment within this focus would be that of Vold. Within essence, this would be Sumafi.

VIVIEN: Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

MELINDA: I have one!

ELIAS: Oh Asker Of Questions Two! (Elias has been calling Vic "Oh Asker Of Questions" for quite some time now)

MELINDA: What happened with Mary/Michael just a little while ago when she swallowed the sea water, when she got hit with energy? What was that all about?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) He is quite visual, is he not? Within accessing information of counterpart action within areas of answering your question within Regional Area 2 and this imagery, and also quite intentionally avoiding allowing for unsolicited clues to this dream mission, alterations or another road, so to speak, was approached; for Michael accesses subjective information within your time period of this energy exchange. In not wishing to be offering clues, (laughter) I have chosen another route, so to speak, which is allowing of an influx of energy which appears to be intensified; in your terms objectively that you may understand, a very "cosmic subjective smoke screen" which appears as increased energy, to be not offering of clues that he may find himself! (Grinning) Therefore, he experiences an intensity of energy. In this, in his terminology, he may be expressing to you that he is "losing his footing." MELINDA: Okay, thanks.

ELIAS: (Humorously) I may be playful also with you! All is not quite so serious! (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have a question. This was a purposeful, put-together group of people here tonight. There seems to be some interesting energy going around with this particular group of people, which I've pretty much explained to myself for the most part, except for there were some interesting changes at the end. I'm curious what I'm not picking up on.

ELIAS: I shall correct you ... that you are "picking up on," in a recognition of differences of energy within families. Not all present are within Sumafi. You have allowed yourself the accomplishment of realization within this eve of that energy which is Sumafi. In this, you also allow yourself the opportunity to be recognizing and differentiating differences.

VICKI: There must be more to it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Lawrence is not always accepting of partial answers!

LINDA: I have a question now! That brings up other questions about essence families. Are we all in the same family? You were saying that there are other families represented here.

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: I know that you were saying that she was Vold? (Indicating Vivien)

ELIAS: These are alignments within an individual focus. Each focus that you enter physically, you shall align with different families. Within essence, you hold a "belonging to" one essence family, but as you choose your experiences within physical focuses and different intents within each focus, you may align with many different families; each focus aligning with a specific family, but also holding to the essence family.

LINDA: Is that why we're sort of attracted to each other? Do we all have the same essence family?

ELIAS: No, but many individuals may align with Sumafi, therefore drawing to this forum presently, but they may hold within essence to another family.

LINDA: I always thought that my essence was more Sumari than Sumafi.

ELIAS: This being what I am expressing. Some individuals within this present company are not Sumafi within essence, but align within this focus to Sumafi. This may in this forum create difficulties for some individuals, for these two essence families may create confusion and appear conflicting within an individual focus at times, although if you are allowing yourself a recognition of the harmony of all of these families and how they are much more expansive than your individual belief systems allow for, you may allow yourself an adjustment to create harmony within the two intents of families.

You hold, within an individual focus or lifetime, an individual intent for that focus, for that experience. In that, you align with one family. Within the entirety of essence, you may align with a different family. This carries through all of your focuses within this dimension, for these families are limited only to this physical reality within this dimension.

LOIS: I have a question. I hate to go back to angels again because you've explained it very well, but on a societal level there's nine kinds of angels. There's nine consciousness families. Is that where that's coming from? Is that where that whole thing has kind of ...

ELIAS: Quite. You create your imagery within belief systems, as you hold a knowing within you of these aspects of reality. Within your forgetfulness of essence, you offer yourselves new explanations. Therefore, as I have stated previously, your belief systems spring from knowings. They are not what you may express as truths, but they are explanations of those aspects that you do hold knowings of but have intentionally forgotten, for the creation of the experience within this physical reality. You may not accomplish the purity of your experience within this reality if you are aware of all else. Therefore, you forget temporarily, intentionally; but you do not completely forget, for you bleed-through knowings and you offer yourselves belief systems of these knowings.

(To Vic) We shall continue later with this information! You may discontinue now! (Laughter)

MELINDA: What are you doing, Vicki??? (Oh, just being obnoxious!)

ELIAS: You may be quite as persistent as your twin! (Grinning)

CATHY: So is that the Sumari bed over there? (Indicating one of the two beds in our hotel room, followed by much laughter)

ELIAS: Not entirely, for this one holds essence family of Tumold within essence, and is aligning within this particular focus ... Shall we surprise you? (Grinning at Lois)

LOIS: I was just going to ask you, and you just picked it up right out of the blue! Green?

ELIAS: Green! Ilda.

LOIS: I am seeing so many colors in here. It's unbelievable! It's like, whoa! Yeah, surprise me.

ELIAS: Ilda, with green.

LOIS: I like green. It's also the color of money! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Exchange!

BRUCE: May I ask what my essence family and alignment is, since everybody else is getting this information and I might not have a chance to ask for a while?

ELIAS: You may. I express to you, Sumafi and Sumafi.

BRUCE: I'm a purebred! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: You may offer to Rameau, Sumafi and Milumet.

BRUCE: I'll do that. Thank you.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

MELINDA: One more quick clarification. I'm confused about something. (Elias starts chuckling) What??? (And we all crack up again) Vic had asked about my essence family and alignment a while back ... essence family of Tumold, alignment with Sumari is what she told me ... but earlier tonight when I was asking about it you mentioned Sumafi, and so I'm confused about where the Sumafi fits in there.

ELIAS: For you lend energy to Sumafi.

MELINDA: Oh, okay. Thank you. I get it.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Very well. We shall be discontinuing for this evening ...

LOIS: One more thing! I have really enjoyed this! Thank you.

ELIAS: This is unnecessary, but accepted. I extend to all of you great affection, and acknowledgment of your helpfulness within energy of this agenda of this expansion and its furthering within helpfulness to this shift. To you all affectionately, au revoir! (

Elias departs at 2:05 PM FOOTNOTES:

(1) The intent of the dream mission is to connect with subjective activity which is represented by dream and waking imagery, thus being able to translate our language to ourselves of activity that occurs in Regional Area 2, thus becoming aware of how we create our reality. (or something like that)

(2) Folks often ask Mary "where she goes" during a session. Her perception has changed quite a few times over the last two years. Presently, she defines her experience as being analogous to that of attempting to stand in a tidal wave without falling down. In her perception she fell down at this point in the session, which has never occurred before.

(3) We've presented Elias publicly four times to date, and each time Mary has become a nervous wreck shortly before we were to begin. I talked to Melinda about this, as she and Mary are counterparts. We made an agreement that she would "send cosmic drugs" shortly before start time at the Bodhi Tree. This was interesting to observe. Mary was starting to lose it. Two minutes after the agreed-upon time, Mary almost fell down. It appeared as if she had just injected some powerful drugs. She remained in this state until the session began.

(4) This a personal observation. I've attended every session to date and I've never seen Elias so apparently pleased with himself, not only during this session but during all the sessions we held in our hotel room in Elmira. He was grinning ear to ear throughout the majority of these sessions, so much so that I was expecting Mary to start complaining that her face hurt! There was something unusual about his interaction with these long-time Seth readers. I can't define or explain it, but there was definitely "something."

Many thanks to all the folks who shared their energy and creativity with us in Elmira. What a wonderful experience! Love, Vic

© 1997 Mary Ennis/Vicki Pendley, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.