Session 1295



“More on Soul Mates”

Monday, March 17, 2003 (Private/In Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Marj (Grady) and Joanne (Gildae)

Elias arrives at 11:52 AM. (Arrival time is 11 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BOTH: Hello! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha! Surprised?

MARJ: Surprised? No, we’re just so happy! We’ve waited such a long time for this!

JOANNE: You want me to go first?

MARJ: Yes.

JOANNE: I was gonna let you go first this time because you have so many questions.

MARJ: That’s okay, you go ahead.

JOANNE: Over this past weekend, a couple people have told me that they think I’m a dispersed essence. I was wondering, am I a dispersed essence?


JOANNE: No kidding! Now, I know I can go look that up, but is there anything more? I won’t make you go through the whole thing — I can look it up — but is there anything that you want to add to that, like something in particular for me that adds to the explanation that’s already given for a dispersed essence?

ELIAS: In relation to you individually, it allows you, in similar manner to other dispersed essences, to connect with other individuals similarly to the empathic action more easily or more automatically.

JOANNE: That makes sense, because I know I am very empathetic. When I’m around a lot of people for a period of time, I always agree with them. I can understand where they’re coming from, I’ll agree with them, and then I have to go away and say okay, now what do I really think. I’ll feel wishy-washy and I have to go away and think who is me.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: That makes sense. The other question I have is, there is an author and I love her books. Her name is Jude Deveraux, and when I saw her picture she reminded me so much of my focus of Juliana. I was wondering if Jude Deveraux is a focus of mine.

ELIAS: No, but you do incorporate an observing essence action in association with that individual throughout the entirety of the focus.

JOANNE: Wow. Okay, cool. They’re romance novels, but I get so much information out of reading her books. When I pick up a book — it could be an older book or one I’ve read before — I’ll read it again and there’s something in there just for me right at that moment.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

JOANNE: Oh, I have to ask this, because I’ve really been giving myself a hard time. Is Jim/Marion Mark Twain?

ELIAS: No. The individual does incorporate observing essence in partial focus, not entire.

JOANNE: I knew when I’d gotten the impression there was something different, like a split personality almost between Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain. I knew that Jim had something to do with it, and I sort of just summed it up as he was Mark Twain. I wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that someone else was also Mark Twain.

MARJ: Like Sharon.

JOANNE: Like Sharon/Camdon had something to do with that whole...

ELIAS: Both of these individuals do incorporate a focus that is associated with that individual.

MARJ: So they have focuses associated with, in addition to the observing essence?

ELIAS: Correct, and do incorporate a type of relationship with that individual.

JOANNE: Sharon thought that she... I’ll let her talk to you about that; I don’t really know all the details. Okay, so there was something there, cool.

Vampires — I’ve been reading a lot about vampires lately. I find myself very interested and attracted to the lure of them. The whole thing about vampires in the books I’m reading is changing. They’re not these horrible creatures anymore. They’re just like everybody else type thing. I find it interesting how that’s all changed. Is there a reason why I’m so attracted to this? Are they real in another dimension or something? Or are they actually here but we’re not noticing them yet?

ELIAS: No. They are a manifestation in another physical manifestation and dimension, but there has also been within your physical dimension pastly what may be termed as mimics of those beings, somewhat as a bleedthrough that has been pastly incorporated in what individuals of the time would have termed to be a cult, but not in the manner in which the creatures of folklore have been depicted. That is more associated with other dimensional manifestations.

Those individuals that participated in this collective, so to speak, that mimicked the other dimensional manifestations did not incorporate special powers, so to speak, but did incorporate many ritualistic actions similar to different religions and did incorporate ingesting blood as an aspect of their rituals. In this, those individuals would be more closely associated with the alteration that you are observing in your literature now, for they did incorporate many practices and did allow themselves to tap into their natural abilities, which you also incorporate.

JOANNE: That’s the thing I find so fascinating about the abilities these creatures in the books have to shape-shift, to fly, to read minds, to be empathetic and just all of these incredible abilities. It doesn’t remind me of Dracula, that kind of thing. It’s a whole different attitude towards them.

ELIAS: Yes. This group of individuals was not what you would term to be predators. To be gaining admission into this group, an individual would request that entrance and be in agreement with the beliefs and practices of that group, but they were not sought out or recruiting individuals within their numbers.

In this, the aspect of shape-shifting was not necessarily incorporated, but levitation and quite definitely the development of inner senses to a considerable extent.

JOANNE: Hearing, vision, all those things — to be able to hear what somebody was saying on the other side of the house...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I think that’s really cool. So there is another dimension of essences that are actually what we would term to be vampires, through that mode of survival?


JOANNE: I had a dream that somebody was passing out books that had family names on them. The book got handed to somebody, I read it and I thought it said “Drago.” Then there was mine, and I said which family is mine? They handed it to me and it looked like a “W,” which could have been an upside down “M” for Milumet, but I thought that in this particular dimension there are other essence families involved. I guess my question is, is Drago because we associate that with Dracula stuff, is that an essence family name in that dimension, or is that just a regular family name?

ELIAS: That is a family name, but your impression is also correct. There are some other physical dimensions that do incorporate what may be termed to be essence families in a similar manner to this physical dimension. Not all physical dimensions incorporate essence families, but there are others, not merely just one.

JOANNE: I had assumed that essence families were involved in the creation of all of the dimensions.

ELIAS: No. There are many physical dimensions that do not incorporate groupings of essence families. Those physical dimensions that may be viewed as more diverse and complex incorporate essence families, for the essences that grouped together to generate the blueprint of the dimension are those that chose specific qualities to be generating specific aspects of the blueprints. Therefore, there was an incorporation of groups of essences of like tone, so to speak, and of like intention that generated specific designs in association with this physical dimension. There are some other physical dimensions that incorporate similar groupings of essences which would be termed to be essence families, associated with the complexity of the design of the particular physical dimension.

This physical dimension incorporates what you would term to be the largest number of essence families.

JOANNE: How many essence families are there? I know there are nine involved here.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I just assumed there were more that just weren’t involved here.

ELIAS: There are other groupings of essences, as I have stated, that would be termed to be essence families in association with different dimensions. What I am expressing to you is that with the diversity and complexity of this particular physical dimension, it incorporates the highest number of essence families, being nine.

JOANNE: That’s cool. I think that’s it.

MARJ: Your dream about the earth?

JOANNE: No, don’t do that to me. You had a million questions. You go right ahead. (Laughs) She’s trying to protect me and make sure I get all mine out. I already said I’m going to call you later!

MARJ: Okay, then I can ask my questions. So many things are happening, so many things I’m noticing and really getting excited about. I don’t feel like I’m stuck anymore. I feel movement.

One night I was just drifting off to sleep and I felt someone get in bed behind me and spoon me, because I was laying on my side. It was a man, I knew it was, and he put his arm around me and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. As he did, I looked out of the corner of my eye and I could see the outline of his, face but I could see through him. A week later, I was coming out of meditation and there was this woman standing there. She had bright red hair — I could see the colors — a large brimmed black hat, black cape and black clothing on. She looked at me, I looked at her, we recognized each other, she came towards me and I could see through her.

Now, am I thinning the veils? Is that what that is, in the first case and in the second case? Is it in the first case only, and the second one was I recognizing a focus or something of my own? Because I can’t honestly say I knew who that woman was, although I knew her. She was familiar. Could you explain to me the sameness and the difference, if there is a difference?

ELIAS: Yes. In the first experience, you allowed yourself an openness to be generating an actual connection, drawing the energy to yourself in an actual connection with what you would term to be a soul mate, drawing that energy to yourself and generating an actual form.

Now; it appears translucent and less solid for it is your manifestation of that individual’s energy that you have drawn to yourself without actually objectively in this focus knowing that individual. Let me clarify.

You do incorporate the ability to generate an actual physical manifestation of another individual. You do this continuously with each other. This is the power of your perception, but you also incorporate the ability to physically manifest an individual that perhaps has disengaged, and you may generate an actual physical manifestation of that individual in the same manner as you do with each other through your perception.

If you are objectively unaware of any particular individual, you do not objectively know them or you have not encountered or interacted with them physically, it is more challenging to be manifesting an actual physical form, for you incorporate no objective information as to what to create or what type of form to create, but you do continue to incorporate that ability. It is merely more challenging in association with your objective awareness.

Now; at times, individuals do allow themselves to tap into that ability and to evidence to themselves that they do incorporate these abilities and to demonstrate to themselves the powerfulness of your energy and of perception as your tools. In this, some individuals may manifest some creature that may be frightening to them. Some individuals may generate a very brief manifestation of a vaguely familiar individual or perhaps an individual that they have knowledge of objectively but have never actually objectively encountered, one that they may admire, so to speak, and may actually generate a manifestation of that individual.

If the individual is not known objectively, it is much more likely that your manifestation of the individual shall be more translucent and less solid. This is not to say that this is not quite real, but it may appear less solid than an individual that you are interacting within your normal waking state.

In this, you have offered yourself quite an accomplishment.

MARJ: It feels like it to me, but I didn’t know.

ELIAS: It is quite to be acknowledged. You have engaged interactions and relationships with this particular individual in many, many focuses.

MARJ: Oh, I have?

ELIAS: You have not encountered that particular individual in this focus, but you do share many, many, many focuses with that individual and have chosen to pull that energy to yourself, for it is very familiar and you have experienced many intimate and affectionate relationships with that individual. Therefore, it also expresses a comfort.

MARJ: What a beautiful story.

JOANNE: Is he around? In this time framework?


JOANNE: Can she bump into him?

ELIAS: Perhaps.

MARJ: There’s a probability that we could meet?

ELIAS: Perhaps. In this present now it is unlikely, but you may choose different probabilities and you may alter directions and perhaps you shall.

MARJ: Does this person have any awareness, like a feeling, a pull, calling the same type of thing to himself in the sense of having shared so many focuses together in the past?

ELIAS: A longing, yes. There is an awareness, yes.

MARJ: Oh, I love that. That’s beautiful.

ELIAS: Now; the second individual is quite different. That has been an actual apparition.

MARJ: In what way? Just to show myself I can do it? Or...

ELIAS: No, it is a visitation.

JOANNE: Oh my god. With who?

MARJ: No one I know, just a friend?

ELIAS: Shall you offer an impression of this essence? (Pause)

JOANNE: Was it you? (Laughs)


MARJ: It’s the red hair I think that’s thrown me and yet it was so vivid. Do I know anybody with bright red hair like that?

ELIAS: It is a familiar essence.

JOANNE: Is it me? (Laughing)


MARJ: Is it Margie? (Elias shakes his head)

ELIAS: Rose. It is an apparition.

MARJ: Of the essence of Rose? Are you serious?

JOANNE: Oh my god! I’m having apparition jealousy! (Elias laughs loudly)

MARJ: Did I do that or did Rose just decide...?

ELIAS: You allowed.

MARJ: I love the birds so much that she just decided to pay me a visit. Oh, my god how do I get my arms around that?

JOANNE: Oh, that’s so cool!

MARJ: Oh, my goodness! Now how would I ever...

ELIAS: What is an apparition? An apparition is a physical manifestation of an essence that is not within your physical focus, that what you term to be a ghost. But apparitions are not solid and do incorporate somewhat of a translucent quality and also do not hold within your physical reality but for moments, for the energy expressed to generate an actual apparition is tremendous.

MARJ: Similar to after Hal died — he came up the steps all dressed up in a suit, up the back steps onto my deck and I saw him through the window, this whole person. I had two or three or four things like that. I mean he was right there, I could see him.

ELIAS: Correct. Actions such as these do occur. I myself have chosen a few time frameworks or moments to actually generate my energy in an apparition, but it does involve a tremendous volume of energy. Therefore it is not generated often, but it does occur and it is quite real.

MARJ: That’s why we had that blue and white striped chair at the table in our kitchen, waiting for that to happen. You said at the time that it could happen. I remember that because we were so excited.

ELIAS: Ah, but in that time framework each of you also were not generating enough of an openness to allow that action to occur.

Now; you have offered yourself an experience to evidence to yourself that it is actually possible.

MARJ: But Rose made the choice to do this and I allowed. (Elias nods) I didn’t actually create it in the sense that... No, I did create it.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJ: Oh, god, I love this. I just love it!

JOANNE: Can we get back to that soul mate thing? I’ve been wondering about that. I know I had asked myself once before if I had a soul mate and all I did was come up with a focus of my own. (Laughs) I thought okay, I’m my own soul mate. But is there a particular essence that I’ve focused with over and over again?

ELIAS: Let me express a clarification to you each. Each individual incorporates what you term to be soul mates and not merely one. You incorporate many soul mates. It is merely a question of whether you recognize them or not, and you do encounter generally several within each focus. You may not necessarily notice in a particular focus, but you do encounter them. It is dependent upon how you are paying attention to the energy that is expressed between you. For you automatically define the role of soul mate as romantic, and in a particular focus it may not necessarily be expressed in a romantic relationship. Generally you do incorporate one or more focuses that do incorporate that type of a relationship with soul mates, but you also incorporate many types of relationships with a soul mate. They may be parent and child; they may be other family members that express an intimacy in their relationship, not sexual but intimate.

MARJ: I feel that way about her (indicating Joanne). It’s true isn’t it?


JOANNE: We’ve been friends like since forever, I know that.

ELIAS: Yes. It may be expressed in some focuses as intimate friendships, but there are incorporations of romantic relationships also. Therefore, as I have stated, it is merely a matter of paying attention and noticing those individuals within your focus that you do generate what you term to be an extreme closeness. In those relationships, you may assure yourself that that individual is a soul mate and you may merely be expressing a different type of relationship with them now.

But as to your question, yes, you do also incorporate another individual that you have expressed many romantic relationships with that would be considered another soul mate that you have not encountered in this particular focus. Your potential to be encountering that individual is greater than yours (indicating Marj) in this time framework.

MARJ: Well, along those lines it was told to me that Inez had never focused without Grady. She has 600 and some odd focuses; I have 900 and some odd. Is there any truth to that at all?

ELIAS: That all of Inez’ focuses...

MARJ: ...have Grady in them. But I didn’t really believe that.

ELIAS: No. Many, but not all.

Now; I may express to you this is not unusual, for many essences do manifest in groups.

MARJ: Would Inez and Grady have a soul mate connection because they did that often, or not necessarily?

ELIAS: No. The distinction of a soul mate is that in all of their shared focuses — they may not share all focuses together — but in all of the focuses that they do share together, they always generate a type of intimate relationship. Not necessarily romantic, but they consistently express some type of intimate relationship and this is the distinction of a soul mate.

Now; let me also express to you, at times soul mates may encounter in a particular focus — in altering probabilities that were not necessarily within their initial pool of probabilities in association with that particular focus — they may encounter each other and they may repel. They may experience an intensity and an extreme of dislike for each other. The reason that occurs is that one or both of the individuals has moved outside of their pool of probabilities and incorporated a different probability in which they shall encounter that individual. Whereas, were they not to be pulling outside of their pool of probabilities, they would not have met that individual physically and both individuals would have been experiencing their individual focuses with no objective awareness or knowledge of each other. Therefore, you may even meet a soul mate and be repulsed by them.

MARJ: Are you giving us a hint, a clue? (Laughing) Because I have a couple of people that I’m engaging that action with at the moment, and I’m thinking oh god, don’t tell me!

JOANNE: I kept on worrying that it was my husband, Jim, and for some reason this time around it just wasn’t clicking. (Laughter) I wouldn’t want to get divorced and move on and then go oh god, you’re an ass, you just divorced him and he’s the one you’ve been looking for all your life! (Laughter)

ELIAS: No. (Chuckles)

MARJ: Oh, and another thing. I called, for a lot of different reasons which I’m sure you can tap into, I called the man I loved Hal. His name was (omitted). His best friend’s name was Eddy. The two men I’ve loved most in my life had the same name and they both had a best friend named Eddy. Now, I know there are no coincidences, so I need to know what the tie is there. Is it because I was creating the same situation again and it was to bring it home to me?

ELIAS: And to offer yourself that comfort of familiarity.

MARJ: Because of the situations being so similar or the similarity with the names, the tie that I would recognize?


JOANNE: They weren’t two focuses of the same essence were they?


MARJ: It’s funny because they disengaged so... I lost one and I was trying to contact the other one and I couldn’t find him. I couldn’t find him and then I found out that he had died shortly after. They were two people I would love all my life, both of them, no matter what anybody thought. It was really something. I’m glad to know the answer to that one.

JOANNE: My father’s essence name, is it Rastis?

ELIAS: Alter the I-S to U-S.

JOANNE: Oh, Rastus, okay. I kept getting that and Mom kept laughing because he used that name in relation to a certain group of individuals of color. She thought that would be funny if that was his essence name. (Laughs)

The essence name of the individual that I may or may not bump into, that I would term to be my soul mate, could you give me that essence name or does he have to like give me a call? (Laughter, and Elias chuckles) Or is it too dangerous to ask? Do I really... No, I want to know. I want a name to dream about when I go to bed.

ELIAS: Very well — Lucas.

MARJ: Can I ask that about my transparent man? It would be neat to have an essence name just to think about. (Pause)

ELIAS: Mario.

MARJ: No kidding!

JOANNE: Was Mom St. Paddy? (Laughter)


MARJ: Do you want a background on why we’re asking? In this focus I was Irish and my essence name turns out to be another Irish name, Grady, and it was just like, how come? Then she says maybe you’re St. Patrick. (Elias chuckles)

JOANNE: Speaking of saints, was I St. Rita? (Pause)


JOANNE: I knew it! It was so funny because I saw on the computer that she was the patron saint of the impossible. (Elias laughs)

MARJ: She should be mine then, with my intent!

JOANNE: My tile was the possibility of the impossible, and what was really cool was when she was dying she asked someone to go to her garden and get a rose. The person said it’s the middle of January, it’s too cold, but she went and there was a rose there. I get roses on my dying rose bushes every now and then. When I least expect it, there will be a rose there and it’s there longer than it should be. That kinda clicked with me and between that and my tile, the possibility of the impossible, I thought oh, isn’t that amazing! Saint Rita, oh cool! She didn’t have a good marriage either, but we’ll skip that. (Laughter)

MARJ: Okay, a couple dreams. I dreamt I was working at a motel or a hotel and I would be going into the different rooms to change the sheets and clean up after people checked out. Every room I went into when I went to change the sheets, there was feces in the bed. I woke up and thought what is up with this? It was a feeling of like six or seven rooms I did and there’s this.

Then a couple of nights later I dreamt that I was on the computer and I was adding and removing programs and doing defragmentation, putting files together and consolidating things and removing others, and the whole background in the dream was that.

So I thought there is probably an association with the two things. Was I clicking through all these things and getting rid of this and moving this around, reworking it over here? I mean, I don’t know.

ELIAS: You offer yourself no impression?

MARJ: Mostly just that, I was dumping things. (Laughter) Unnecessary baggage, getting rid of it — that was my real impression.

ELIAS: And were you noticing what you were actually doing in that time framework within your waking state?

MARJ: I can’t honestly say; I guess I wasn’t paying attention. What was I doing?

JOANNE: Your winter project? Was it when you were painting your cabinets?

MARJ: I don’t know.

ELIAS: Dream imagery is objective translation of subjective action, and it is reflected in what you are doing objectively within waking state. In that time framework, you were rearranging within yourself and re-adjusting your expressions, and you were noticing different expressions and even different objects that you generate that you deem to be unnecessary any longer.

MARJ: It kinda felt like that with the add and remove programs.

ELIAS: Correct, eliminating unnecessary and allowing yourself to move your attention in different manners, changing.

MARJ: I’m beginning to like the word change. Really, and I always hated it, I hated to change. It was traumatic, but it’s not anymore. It’s exciting.

One dream I had, I could see myself — well, I knew it was me — and I realized that I had a large blue tattoo on the outside of my upper left thigh. I couldn’t quite see it. It was dark in color; I don’t know if it was words or a picture. I have no clue what that was nor anything else in the dream. I just woke up with that, I have a tattoo. It was right here like on my hip. Any meaning specific to that?

ELIAS: In actuality, you have presented this imagery to yourself in association with somewhat of a new expression of appreciation of yourself. This symbol of your tattoo, so to speak, is your presentment of adornment of yourself, presenting an artwork in association with your physical body consciousness. That symbol was your communication to yourself of appreciating more so your actual physical expression.

MARJ: I was decorating myself.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJ: That feels right. Did I interrupt you?


MARJ: One day I got two names, Maggie Smythe and Joe Ryan. I waited, no more information. Another day I got Jim Lasko and Helen Hunt or Huntley, but I think it was Hunt. Same thing. I wondered about this and I know it’s something important. Joanne said to me one day, why don’t you go on the computer and put the names in. So I did that. Funny thing was that Maggie Smythe showed up to be a character on a TV program called “Dark Shadows.” It’s all about vampires. Joe Ryan is a photographer for the musical group called the Grateful Dead, which I loved. Jim Lasko is a theatrical director for the Red Moon Theater in Chicago, and Helen Hunt has appeared in several very popular movies around this time.

Now, I know that I have four other me’s of me at this present time but I saw all of those people and their names. I know who they are and what countries they are in. So they can’t be focuses of mine if I’m correct about the others. Am I observing essence where they are concerned or is there some other meaning here? Am I a vampire? Was I a photographer at one time? Was I a theatrical director?

I haven’t found any famous focuses. I’m usually a “ho” or a chambermaid or a footman, you know, your average person. I don’t know if I’m too afraid to find out how awful I might have been. I’ve just accepted the fact I’ve been all things and I just don’t worry about it. I mean, I’m rambling on now but could you help me with the meaning of why I came up with these names? Was it important?

ELIAS: They are clues concerning your own focuses in association with those particular expressions, that which you express as professions.

MARJ: So I’ve had these professions in other focuses?


JOANNE: So you’ve had two actors.

MARJ: A theatrical director, a photographer, and an actress. So two actresses — does that matter? Is that telling me I was an actress twice or it’s irrelevant, it was just showing me that I have been an actress?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJ: And I’ve been a photographer, okay, goody.

JOANNE: We were joking... It’s funny because we had been talking about I don’t really investigate a whole lot of other focuses. It just sort of happens. It would be nice to just have one, so that when everybody whips all theirs out, you could say oh well I was... (Laughs with Elias)

MARJ: I’m not Helen Hunt but I’ve been every bit as good as she is.

JOANNE: I would say you have an Oscar winning actor. That’s just my impression. So, do I have a famous, a really famous one that I could whip out and really blow everyone away with?

ELIAS: Other than your saint?

JOANNE: St. Rita? Well, the saint doesn’t...

MARJ: Saints don’t blow her away anymore.

JOANNE: Well, I’m sure I could go to church and hit them all with that! (Laughs) I don’t think they’d appreciate it. I don’t think anyone else would really care. (Elias laughs) I need one that’s really gonna go ohhh! You know I’ve got apparition envy, so I need... (Elias laughs loudly)

MARJ: Well, you have Gustav Flaubert.

JOANNE: Yes, but not a lot of people know about him. He doesn’t count. I need a good one. I need a biggy like Queen Victoria.

ELIAS: No, you are not Queen Victoria. But I may express to you that you do incorporate another famous focus and I shall encourage you to investigate.

JOANNE: It wasn’t George Bush?

ELIAS: No. (Laughter)

MARJ: Joanne was laughing that if Bill Clinton and George Bush are the same essence wouldn’t that be a riot, because everybody hates Bush or Clinton. She said I’m going to ask Elias if they are the same focus. (Elias laughs)

JOANNE: Are they the same focus?

ELIAS: (Laughing) No.

JOANNE: How about Pavarotti, Muhammad Ali and Ozzy Osbourne?

ELIAS: Incorporating the same essence? No.

JOANNE: None of them? (Laughs)

MARJ: Talk about one extreme to the other. I’m not going to ask if I have any famous focuses because I know you will tell me to investigate.

ELIAS: But you do.

MARJ: I do have? I’ve been told all along that I don’t.

ELIAS: You do.

JOANNE: Is she Puccini?



MARJ: We went through that. I was just his piano tuner or something, I think.

JOANNE: Am I Pavarotti?

ELIAS: No, but you are close.

JOANNE: I’m not his like piano tuner or...

ELIAS: No. (Chuckles)

MARJ: I always loved Maria Callas.

JOANNE: Is it in the opera category?

ELIAS: Yes, but not within this present time framework.

JOANNE: I can go and look it up on the computer or something.


MARJ: The person, if you could figure out who it was.

JOANNE: Is it male or female?

ELIAS: She is investigating and fishing! (Laughs)

MARJ: That’s it exactly, she’s a good fisherman!

JOANNE: I’m gonna say it’s a man.

MARJ: Good guess.

JOANNE: Good as Pavarotti? (Elias chuckles)

MARJ: I’ve got this neato dream I have to tell you about. I was with a lot of people outdoors. You were there, I know that, and other members of the forum, I believe, and there were also a lot of people I know. If they are into this information I am unaware of it, but they are familiar people in my everyday life — some of the girls I used to work with kind of thing. I was also aware that there was fighting going on somewhere in the distance. I know I didn’t see it, I don’t know if I assumed it from the sounds or if someone told me. I don’t recall. There was a bunch of us in the car when we were leaving, and on the other side, like at the edge of the road, was a body of water. On the opposite side of the body of water I saw this very large bird and I was calling, telling everybody look at that bird. It was bright yellow and bright green. It almost looked like a parrot from a distance but it was the size of like a penguin. It was so big. Anyway, it lifted its giant arms up to fly and it was having difficulty getting up off the ground and remaining airborne because of its size. A much smaller bird came out that was white-ish and almost looked like an owl. It was flapping its little wings and went under the giant bird, and almost like with the motion of its wings stood so that its head was on the underbelly of the bigger bird and it was helping to support this large bird.

It was so beautiful, but I don’t know the significance. I have feelings but I haven’t put it together. It’s kind of like what’s going on in the world in some way, I think, but I can’t go beyond that.

ELIAS: It concerns energy. It is quite symbolic. It concerns energy and the movement of energy, and that although some expressions of energy appear smaller than others, they may be very powerful.

And you are correct, it is in association with what is being generated within your world presently — a tremendous expression of energy of conflict but not entirely being expressed in fruition, for there is what may appear objectively to many of you to be a smaller expression of energy. In actuality, it is merely more quiet but not necessarily smaller — therefore another current, so to speak, of energy, which is very powerful and is not opposing the conflicting energy but is generating a movement of supportiveness to neutralize, in a manner of speaking, the conflict but allow for the freedom, which is what is occurring within your world presently. It may appear threatening, but what is louder is not necessarily more powerful.

JOANNE: I find these times very exciting. What you talked about at the session, about protection and things like that, I know I have that protection thing but I also have this very strong sense of no matter what happens I know I’m going to be fine. It doesn’t matter whether it happens or not, I know I’m gonna be okay. But I do have the sense of the drama that we’re creating, and it’s part of being here and change.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I find it exciting. It’s like a game. I’m going to pick a team — I’m going to go with either one — and you pick yours.

MARJ: She does upset quite a few people when she talks like this! But we both love it. (Laughs)

JOANNE: When these things happen, everyone’s so upset and don’t lend it energy, don’t let it... And I’m glued the TV! I want to lend it energy. I like it!

ELIAS: I am quite understanding. (Chuckles)

MARJ: Erin asked if she is a focus of John Paul Sartre, the philosopher. (Pause)

ELIAS: Melody is the observing essence and Sung is the directing essence.

JOANNE: Who’s Sung? Jon?


JOANNE: Really? She thought it was Jon. Oh, she’s gonna be so excited about this. That is so cool.

MARJ: Oh, that’s wonderful! She’ll be so gratified to hear that. (Elias coughs)

JOANNE: Are you taking my cough for me?

ELIAS: No, Michael is wavering.

MARJ: Elias, it’s been wonderful. I’m so excited. I’m starting to appreciate myself.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend!

MARJ: I’m doing it well, yes?


MARJ: Tattooing me and all.

ELIAS: And you are not always a chambermaid! (Laughs)

MARJ: No. Thank you so much.

Oh, you know what, when I look out the window a lot of days, I’m sure it’s raining and it’s not. I’m seeing energy, aren’t I, when I see that?


MARJ: Not the flickers in the corners of my eyes anymore, but I’m seeing it in space.


MARJ: And I’m picking up other people’s energy now. It’s really neat. I don’t always know whose it is or what it is, but I know what feels good. (Elias chuckles) Oh, I could bounce off the walls! Thank you so much.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are very welcome, my friends. I shall be anticipating our next encounter and I shall be offering you tremendous energy and encouragement.

MARJ: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

ELIAS: My dear friends, in lovingness, Au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:02 PM.

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