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The Difference Between Intuition and Imagination


“The Difference Between Intuition and Imagination”
“Examining Security”
“The Difference Between Patience and Waiting”
“What Does the Shift in Consciousness Look Like?”
“Physical Dis-Ease”

Sunday, June 16, 2002 (Group/New York)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Anthony (Rannell), Ben (Albert), Daniil (Zynn), Elizabeth (Grace), Fay (Camile), Inna (Beatrix), Jerry (Abel), Jim (Orage), John (Vito), Lynda (Ruther), Mike (Mikah), Natasha (Nichole), Pat (Triece), Robert, Rodney (Zacharie), Sandy (Allesander), Suzanne, Tara (Lily), Tracy (Ezrha), Veronica (Amadis)

Elias arrives at 12:57 PM. (Arrival time is 31 seconds.)

ELIAS: Welcome!

GROUP: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This afternoon I shall open the forum to all of you and allow you to present your questions, and I shall attempt to respond - or not! (Chuckles and group laughter)

SANDY: Elias, how do you distinguish between intuition and imagination?

ELIAS: Both are inner communications. (Looks at the large ornate wooden chair in which he sits and taps the arms of it) Ah!

MIKE: You like the chair?

ELIAS: A throne! (Group laughter)

Intuition and imagination - imagination is a quite creative avenue of communication. Generally, imagination shall be expressed more colorfully. Intuition generally moves through a feeling, so to speak, therefore is more closely associated with emotional communications, although it is not an emotional communication. Imagination moves more closely associated with thought, but thought is not a communication.

SANDY: Does thought engender imagination?


SANDY: It’s not a thought process?

ELIAS: No, but it is more easily translated by thought, for it is not expressed as a feeling.

SANDY: Does desire play a role in imagination?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

SANDY: I’m not sure. Imagination is not quite a thought process, and yet it ties... Desire will conjure imagination, it seems to me. So I’m wondering how they are connected, or if they are connected.

ELIAS: Desire moves your direction. It is the motivation of your direction within any moment.

Imagination is a form of communication which moves in association with inspiration and offers you the colorful communication, that which you view to be creative. Many times you view imagination as fantasy or non-reality; it is not. It may be offering communications of known realities which are not necessarily manifest in this physical dimension, but whatever you may imagine exists.

SANDY: But not necessarily in a physical reality?

ELIAS: Perhaps.

SANDY: At times, it seems imagination is a precursor to physicality or physical reality.

ELIAS: At times.

SANDY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JERRY: Is there a way to find the juncture between those, to take the imagination to the step of creating the reality of imagination? What is that juncture, at which point you can create the reality that you have imagined?

ELIAS: You may create in physical form or in physical reality any expression that you may imagine. The manner in which you create any expression that you may imagine is the same as you create any expression or manifestation within your reality. How do you create any of your reality?

JERRY: From intuition. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And how does your intuition manifest in physical reality?

JERRY: It depends. I’ve been personally moving in a new direction, staying away from intellect and trying to move more towards what’s on my plate and trying to stay in the moment, which is in its own way difficult. So I’m trying to listen to feeling and trying to disengage the intellect when things happen. So via intuition, via taking the next step forward, via living in this reality as much as I possibly can, I think I’ve shifted from an intellectual or thought-driven life to more heart-centered, if you want to call it that, intuitive.

But right now I’m in major frustration, and my major question today was about how to create or how do I go about... There seems to be some link to my belief systems in security, which has an awful lot to do with why I’m fighting the thought process, which is the old way of doing things, and the intuitive process, which I know is the way to go. But I’m right in the middle of the transition. Mary spoke of the seven-year transition. I think I’m right in the middle of it! But I’ve always wondered if security was part of why my weight is heavy, all of these things that seem to be obstacles, and yet I don’t seem to find the way or I’m finding it so slowly, of letting go of the security aspect and allowing it just to be.

ELIAS: Define security.

JERRY: This is what I’m working on right now. I think it manifests in different ways. For myself, I didn’t seem to care about my external security - my apartment, how I live. Then it became emotional security. Since I’ve moved in a new direction, I don’t have the emotional security problem. I’m very secure in my relationships around me.

Now it tends to manifest in my external reality in regard to where I live and the next step on the road to what I would choose to do as a profession. To me, those things are the security issues that I seem to keep locking myself up with over and over again. Not so much money, because I know that money does come from releasing those blocks, but more taking stock in my own security, knowing that I will.

I think the jump is knowing I will be taken care of, knowing that of course I will take care of myself and letting the fear go, moving forward and being secure so that I can finally let go of all this ridiculousness, that I can’t do the things that I really need to do - writing, specifically - in this focus.

ELIAS: What are you denying yourself NOW?

JERRY: Security.

ELIAS: And what shall generate that?

JERRY: Removing the obstacle... I think discipline. I’m not sure.

ELIAS: What is your want now, this day?

JERRY: To feel secure.

ELIAS: What are you generating presently which creates the insecurity? What is occurring in this moment?

JERRY: I don’t know.

ELIAS: In this moment, you are within this room. You are conversing with myself. You are present in the midst of other individuals. What is occurring that is generating a threat?

JERRY: I really don’t feel threatened right now, so...

ELIAS: Correct! (Group laughter) This is an example of moving your attention to the now and acknowledging yourself and recognizing that there is no threat. Therefore, there is no need for security. Security is protection. Where is the need for protection? There is no threat.

The threat is generated and the need for protection or security is generated in the moments that you project your attention futurely or pastly, in which you allow yourself to move your attention to the past and are occupying your attention with the absoluteness of past experiences and denying your choices now or anticipating future events or movements that are not being created. There is no future. There is merely now, and now creates the future.

Therefore, why are you waiting?(1) Waiting generates waiting. Patience is not waiting; it is an action of allowance.

MIKE: What is the difference?

ELIAS: Waiting is stagnating and reinforcing discounting of yourself and reinforcing anticipation. Patience is an expression of trust of yourself in the action of allowance - allowance of yourself, allowance of energy in a natural flow, and a trust within yourself. In that expression of energy, there is no obstacle.

JERRY: Can human weight be linked to that, holding weight to a misdirected protection mechanism?


JERRY: So if we live in the now and we cease trying to protect...

ELIAS: You dislike your choice of weight?


ELIAS: And what do you generate in association with that in emotion?

JERRY: I would say it has all changed dramatically. I’m pretty comfortable. But now I would like to move in a health-related... I mean, I don’t want to be thin. I don’t want to be some sort of other concept of myself other than healthy and more accepting on the society side of things.

ELIAS: And are you generating dis-ease?

JERRY: Of course!

ELIAS: In this moment?

JERRY: No. (Group laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Each moment is a choice. Each moment you may alter your reality or choose to continue it in the same expression. Each moment is an outcome; there is no finish line. Each moment is an opportunity for acceptance or to deny acceptance. But reality is created in the moment.

But it is your choice to continue to wait for the wondrous reality to appear, or you may generate the wonderment of the reality now. And when shall you choose to begin?


ELIAS: Very well, my friend! (Group laughter)

MIKE: How does one do that? (Group laughter) How do you not cross the line between patience and waiting? How do you not get caught up into just waiting for something to happen instead of being patient and allowing for something to happen?

ELIAS: What do you generate in waiting?

MIKE: Anticipation, restlessness, discounting of why isn’t it here now, etcetera, etcetera.

ELIAS: And thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking! And what is the expression of your concentration?

MIKE: The thing I’m waiting for.

ELIAS: No, this is what you are thinking. What you concentrate...

MIKE: That I don’t have it?

ELIAS: Correct. (Group laughter)

MIKE: Whew! Gold star!

ELIAS: Therefore, what are you perpetuating?

MIKE: Not having it.

ELIAS: Correct! (Group laughter) Allowance - patience - is an expression of action in which you are generating an expression of trust and openness of your energy and allowing for that energy expression to flow unobstructed. You are not thinking, thinking, thinking, and you are not concentrating upon acquiring.

MIKE: What are you concentrating upon?

ELIAS: What you are doing in the moment, and this allows a free flow of energy in which you generate what you want rather than waiting to acquire what you want.

MIKE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RODNEY: Elias!

ELIAS: Yes, sir! (Laughter)

RODNEY: In contemplating a recent discussion with you concerning loss, I was listening to a tape by Carolyn Myss. She uses a very colorful language steeped in religious references, and she used the term "emptying" several times. That really struck a note with me.

To lose something, for me, is to be without it or to be empty, more empty. I feel another association, and that is my judgment of that which is good, primarily, and to let go of that there seems to be an emptiness behind it. I know these are poetic words, in a sense. Would you comment? You’ve never used the word "emptying" yourself, and yet it’s really ringing a chord for me, and I would ask you to comment on that.

ELIAS: And what rings a chord in association with the term of "emptying"?

RODNEY: This state of pure awareness, this state of being in no judgment has that feeling of nothingness to me, emptiness. Now, I don’t know whether that is what Carolyn Myss is referring to or not. I’m kind of less interested in what she’s referring to and more interested in your thoughts on this, this sense of being in a vacuum, when there’s no... Every thought I feel, sense awareness of, seems to have a judgment on it. So getting in between the good and the bad into that state of pure awareness feels like going into a state - I don’t even know if I’ve ever been there (chuckles) even for a little bit - but it feels like I’m going into nothingness, emptiness.

ELIAS: Define "pure awareness."

RODNEY: (Laughing) I can’t!

ELIAS: Nor may I!

RODNEY: It’s being without judgment, which is the way you’ve defined it. So I look at it more as...

ELIAS: I may express to you, Zacharie, I have not defined pure awareness...

RODNEY: Okay! I stand corrected!

ELIAS: ...for there is no pure awareness. Were there to be pure awareness, there would be no necessity for consciousness to continuously change, or for choice or for exploration, which is the nature of consciousness - discovery.

RODNEY: I’ll back off of the word awareness altogether, and go to that feeling of being in no judgment, whatever that is.

ELIAS: Very well. I am understanding of your direction of your questioning. I am merely offering responses also to be reminding you of your alterations of terms, for this is an aspect of this shift in consciousness, altering terms and altering your reality, redefining.

Now; in this, what is duplicity?

RODNEY: Purposeful self-deception.

ELIAS: No. It is a belief system. Duplicity is one of the belief systems. There are many, many aspects and expressions of it. What is the point of this shift in consciousness?

RODNEY: To be more aware, wider.

ELIAS: To be accepting beliefs, belief systems and yourselves, and therefore offering yourselves the objective ability to intentionally direct yourselves without conflict, that you may create what you want intentionally in an objective awareness. This is accomplished in acceptance of your beliefs.

What have you been, to this point, attempting to generate? To change your beliefs or to eliminate your beliefs. You may not eliminate beliefs. You may shed them if you are disengaging this physical reality. If you continue within this physical reality, which is a choice, you shall continue to incorporate beliefs. Even subsequent to the completion of this shift in consciousness, you shall continue to generate beliefs, for it is an aspect of the blueprint of this particular physical dimension.

RODNEY: I’m directing myself to the term "acceptance of beliefs" when I talk about getting a handle on what is nonjudgmental.

ELIAS: I am aware.

RODNEY: So my question does point very much to my attempting to get a handle on what acceptance is...

ELIAS: I am aware.

RODNEY: ...on kind of a feeling level, because thought kind of just leaves me in the cold here.

ELIAS: I am aware.

RODNEY: So what I am saying is, in attempting to do this, the poetic association of emptiness seems to hold some promise for me of understanding.

ELIAS: Very well, and if this is the method that you choose, so be it. I may express to you...

RODNEY: That other people would not experience this "no judgment either way" as a sense of emptiness?

ELIAS: And it is doubtful whether you shall, either.

RODNEY: Oh, really. Well, that answers my question!

ELIAS: It is an attempt to eliminate duplicity, and duplicity is a belief system also. It is not a question of moving into an expression of eliminating, but offering yourself choice and knowing that there are no absolutes.

Individuals have incorporated confusion from the onset of this forum in association with this one belief system of duplicity, and my expression to you all that you may generate acceptance and continue to incorporate your individual preferences and opinions, you view to be inconsistent. How may you continue to incorporate opinions and not generate judgment with acceptance?

The manner in which you accomplish this is recognizing that your opinion is not right or wrong or good or bad. It is your opinion; it is your preference. It is an expression of your choices, and another individual may express quite differently. But your choices are not absolute and neither are another individual’s, and as you accept that there are no absolutes, it matters not and you express acceptance. You acknowledge the belief, you recognize its existence, you allow yourself choice and know that there are no absolutes.

Acceptance is generated in the moment. This is significant, for what you are expressing in your question is quite similar to the directions of every other individual within this room. There is a thought process that is generated that once you move your awareness into acceptance, you shall be DONE! (Group laughter) And you shall never need the expression of attempting acceptance ever after, for you have accomplished acceptance of each belief.

RODNEY: I plead guilty to that. But I’m not sure that I even know what acceptance feels like.

ELIAS: And this is what I am expressing to you. In each moment, you generate the choice of acceptance or not.

This becomes confusing in association with your thought processes, for you express to yourselves [that] if you generate acceptance you need not generate that again, for you are done. But if you are done, you also deny yourself choice, for your perception is continuously changing. Therefore, your association with every belief is continuously changing. Therefore, if you generate acceptance of a belief within one moment and it is solidified and absolute, you have ever after denied yourself choice. For your perception shall continue to change, your association with the belief shall continue to change, but you have now denied yourself the choice to accept.

Therefore, acceptance is an expression that is generated in each moment. There is no finish line. You are not done! (Grinning and chuckling)

RODNEY: No matter how I feel!

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) And you may be as empty as you please (loud group laughter) and you shall continue to express the opportunities of acceptance. (Chuckles)

RODNEY: Thank you, Mister Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, sir.

MALE: Elias, I have a question about some imagery that’s been popping up quite consistently. Whenever I look over at the clock, it’s either 11:11 or (inaudible, due to group response about this), and it’s been happening for about five years or so. I was just wondering if you would comment on that. Obviously there’s some type of significance, due to the response. If you would comment?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This has become an imagery that individuals en masse have chosen as their objective reminders of shifting. It has been accepted by individuals, in actuality, throughout your globe.

FEMALE: Really?

ELIAS: Yes, collectively within consciousness and not merely subjectively, for you are aware objectively.

Initially this was expressed as an association as a date of shifting, but not actually in association with what you recognize as shifting. Within your metaphysical beliefs, originally this was expressed as a shift date, but in association with movement to higher dimensions. There are no higher dimensions. But in association with this shift in consciousness, subsequently this has been adopted, so to speak, collectively by you all, and you express an identification with this number objectively in imagery as a reminder of your shifting.

MALE: I wanted to follow-up, if I may. The focus that I share with you as Elias that you find quite annoying, which is probably because it’s me, the impression that I got of the name was Jean-Claude. I was just wondering if I was close.

ELIAS: Of yourself?

MALE: Yes, of myself...


MALE: ...that you, Elias, find annoying.

ELIAS: Yes! (Group laughter)

MIKE: Did we initiate that focus to collectively annoy you? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, you are so excitable about annoyance! (Chuckles, and more laughter)

TARA: Elias?


TARA: I’ve been doing automatic writing since I was seventeen, and I wanted to know what sparked this, because it was almost sudden. My mother had been reading Seth for many years, and I had like a fear of doing it. So I have a couple of questions. First, what incited this, and how can I make the connection a little clearer?

ELIAS: What initiated this action was your openness to yourself. What is being expressed is an aspect of your essence. It is not another essence.

TARA: That was actually what I was going to ask you.

ELIAS: This does not invalidate any of the information, for your essence is no different from any other essence and incorporates all of the same information.

How may you facilitate more clarity? Allow yourself to relax and allow yourself to trust that there is no harmfulness that shall occur in your allowance of your own vulnerability.

TARA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

VERONICA: Elias, if I may. This past week I spent some very loving time with my granddaughter, and I was so surprised at the love and the fulfillment that I feel in being with her. I always said I’m never going to be one of those doting grandmothers, those gibberish-speaking kind of grandmothers, the baby talk and all that, and I find I’m just the opposite. When I go to sleep at night, her face fills all my images. I just feel like I’m so much a part of her, or she’s so much a part of me. My mother passed almost three years ago, and I was very close with my mother. I’m wondering, is she a probability or a fragment of either her personality or her essence, or of mine? There’s such a beautiful, loving feeling.


VERONICA: Oh! I’m disappointed.

ELIAS: But I may express to you that this is a shift small one. There are many, many, many shifty small ones. What you are recognizing is an expression of energy that these small ones project now, which is quite obvious. In response to that natural allowance of energy, what you are experiencing is your offering to yourself [of] a new expression of openness and allowance of yourself to be freely outwardly expressing you.

Let me express to you, my friend, THAT expression is the point, and that is an evidence of your shifting. For this is the point, to be offering yourselves the freedom to express yourselves and what you want in each moment without restriction, and this is what you are offering to yourself. Now translate that into all of your other movements.

VERONICA: To continue with this, I’d like to know her essence family, her name, her color, vibrational tone.

ELIAS: Essence name, Nina. And your impression? (Pause)

VERONICA: I don’t know.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

VERONICA: And note?


VERONICA: May I ask you about my daughter Mary, also - her essence name, family, color and note? (Pause)

ELIAS: Phya, P-H-Y-A (FEE uh). Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common; G.


ELIAS: Lilac.

VERONICA: May I ask you for one more child? Carolyn.

ELIAS: Essence name, Dawn. Essence family, Gramada; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common; A.

VERONICA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TARA: Excuse me, can I ask you if I am common or not and also the same things that she just asked? (Laughter)

MIKE: All the stats!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well. Essence name, Lily. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold; orientation, common.

ANTHONY: Elias, the other day in class, Sandy asked me a question: what do I think my essence name and my family is? I never gave them a thought, although we talked about it many times in class as well as with the Seth material. I never thought about it, and I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on that. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Rannell, R-A-N-N-E-L-L (RAN nul). Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Borledim; orientation, common.

We shall break and I shall offer you another opportunity to present your questions.

GROUP: Thank you, Elias.

(Break at 1:46 PM)
(Resume at 2:22 PM; 25 seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing!

TRACY: I don’t know my essence name or anything about myself, so I’ve been told to ask. (Group laughter)

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer the information, and I shall also suggest to you that you allow yourself to choose rather than allowing other individuals to direct your choices!

TRACY: I wanted to ask; I was just shy. I didn’t want to take up time in this situation.

ELIAS: You are important enough. (Chuckles)

TRACY: Oh, good, because I have another question! (Group laughter)

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckles) Essence name, Ezrha, E-Z-R-H-A (EZ rah). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Borledim; orientation... (Laughter)

BEN: Don’t do this today! (Group laughter)

ELIAS: ...soft. (More laughter)

TRACY: Everyone’s laughing... I don’t know why.

BEN: I surround myself with soft people for some reason!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Quite efficiently!

BEN: Yes! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Continue.

TRACY: I wanted to ask you if you had any advice to give me, and everyone else, how to live the best possible life. I don’t even know what that means, but what advice would you give me out of all your experience and wisdom? I heard you say "living in the moment" a lot.

ELIAS: Hold your attention upon you and in the now, and in that simplicity you shall create your greatest ease.

ROBERT: Since we’re on questions, I’ll give it a shot.

ELIAS: Very well.

ROBERT: As for myself, I have this acceptance of beliefs pretty good. I can do that no problem. I can feel it emotionally. What I seem to trouble myself with is I’m not sure what the hell I want to do! Vocation-wise, that is. Any comments would be helpful.

MIKE: Over here, too. (Group laughter)

RODNEY: Ditto.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your concern?

ROBERT: I gotta make money soon. I’m collecting unemployment.

ELIAS: What is your preference?

ROBERT: As far as employment? I like people. I’m good with words. I’d probably be good at sales. I’ve thought about that.

ELIAS: What do you generate within your focus that you allow yourself to be playful and incorporate fun?

ROBERT: Humor. I tend to be playful with humor and other people, make them laugh, although not in a comedian sense, I wouldn’t think. I’m playful even when I’m talking about beliefs or situations, things like that. I can always do it in a playful way.

ELIAS: And what do you want?

ROBERT: I want to travel, that’s for sure. That much I know. I would like to do something along the lines of these belief systems and things. I just haven’t put it all together in my mind. That’s my leaning.

ELIAS: Engage your imagination. Allow yourself to express creative[ly] and not necessarily in association with established directions.

You may generate money in any action. Money is currency. It is paper. You may generate this paper and coins in any action.

Therefore, allow yourself the freedom to direct you and generate what you want and what you allow yourself to express in fun and playfulness, and you shall generate the money.

ROBERT: Thank you.

TARA: Can I ask you a quick question? Can you tell me how many focuses I have?

ELIAS: Total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 872.

TARA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MIKE: Can I ask two focus questions? One, I want to know if Rodney and myself share a focus together as gladiators in Roman times.

ELIAS: Yes - you, briefly. (Much laughter and Elias laughs loudly)

RODNEY: Did I kill him off? Did I do it to him?

ELIAS: Yes. (More laughter)

MIKE: But Rodney, why?! (Laughing)

The other question is, Christian had the impression that Mussolini is another focus of Sandy’s.

ELIAS: Observing essence...

SANDY: Thank God! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ...throughout the entirety of the focus.

JIM: I have a question about essence tones. I’ve seen a lot of information about families and alignment and all that, but I haven’t really seen anything about essence tones. I’d like to know what mine is. I kind of feel like C below middle C, or something like that.

ELIAS: Your impression is correct, B.

JIM: Could you just explain a little bit the significance of an essence tone? Is it good to hum that tone, expose yourself to that tone? Does it kind of help align things?

ELIAS: It may. It is dependent upon how you are directing your energy.

Individuals at times are inquiring of a tone to allow themselves an avenue of focusing their attention upon a focal point. Many times individuals allow themselves more of a clarity in their expressions and their assimilation of information if they are providing themselves with a focal point. It is not necessary, but many individuals experience an ease in allowing themselves to direct their energy if they are incorporating a focal point.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RODNEY: Elias, this shift in reality, what does it look like?

ELIAS: You. You have shifted.

RODNEY: Changed, yes.

ELIAS: You have shifted. You have altered your perception. What you perceived pastly and how you perceive yourself and your world pastly does not fit in your shifted reality now.

RODNEY: True. Okay, and that’s it? I’m not going to see the buildings wobbling some night? I’m not going to see it outwardly?

ELIAS: You do.

RODNEY: Materially?

ELIAS: In which manner?

RODNEY: Physical reality is not going to change its physical nature?

ELIAS: The physical expression of your reality in terms of matter and manifestations, no. But how you perceive reality IS shifting.

RODNEY: I’m aware of that.

ELIAS: How do you view yourself? Do you view yourself as singular, one individual that incorporates one manifestation and disconnected from all of the rest of your reality?


ELIAS: No. You have, [but] that does not fit any longer. May you perceive yourself in that manner again?

RODNEY: I doubt it.

ELIAS: Correct, for it does not fit. You have shifted.

RODNEY: So it’s an inside job, this shift in reality.

ELIAS: Yes, but it is also outwardly expressed.

RODNEY: True. My expressions will be different...


RODNEY: ...because of my sense of who I am.

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore your projection of energy is different, and it is received differently, and it ripples outwardly differently, affecting of your world.

RODNEY: Yes, it does. I see that.

ELIAS: Each individual generates this action. As each individual generates the action of shifting, it becomes a mass expression, and the mass expressions become global. But there is no mass without individuals. There may be individuals without mass, but there may not be mass without individuals! (Group laughter and Elias laughs)

RODNEY: One very brief question. Mike wanted to know why I killed him in the gladiator focus, and my answer would have been so that he didn’t kill me! Is that it?

ELIAS: And you were larger.

MIKE: Vertically or horizontally? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Both! (More laughter)

Now; let me express to you also, in relation to your question of outward evidence other than yourself - which is evidence - you may view evidence of this shift all around you. There is tremendous conflict in moving away from religious beliefs, which is generating tremendous trauma.

RODNEY: There’s tremendous trauma in the financial district.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are redefining your reality within your societies in relation to money and exchange. As I have expressed previously, eventually you shall disengage this action of exchange, for it is unnecessary. You shall recognize that you may choose what you want, and there shall be no jobs for there shall be no work, for your perception shall not move in the direction of defining what you do as work but as your choice of what you want. And your world shall move in efficiency and continue to generate what you term to be prosperity more efficiently than it is now.

Look to your artists. They offer you a reflection of the mass movement. View your motion pictures. This is not fantasy, for what they generate, you are generating.

As you shift, you widen your awareness and you open within consciousness. You generate less separation. Separation is also a belief which influences your perception. As you move into acceptance of this belief, you recognize choice You may choose not to view separation, or you may choose to incorporate separation at times and not at times.

Individuals inquire of myself concerning Lawrence and their experience of loss. There is no loss. You are beginning to recognize that what you view within your motion pictures within your expressions of art are actually possible. You may speak to the dead. You may materialize the dead before you. Your perception creates reality; therefore, there is no loss. This is redefining terms and redefining your reality, and it does alter your actual physical world.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Therefore, be of light heart, my friend - you have shifted! (Laughter and Elias laughs loudly)

RODNEY: We’re all very shifty, I think!

JOHN: Elias? Along those lines, kind of what you were speaking about, I was dealing with my intent in this focus... I just lost my train of thought and I don’t know what I was going to ask! (Laughter and Elias laughs loudly)

As far as materializing the dead, you explained to me previously that part of my intent was dropping the veils of separation as to those who disengaged in this focus and being able to communicate with them. Am I following my intent still, and am I ever going to get it?

ELIAS: Yes and yes.

JOHN: Could you tell me my focus color?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JOHN: (Whispering) I knew that was coming! (Elias laughs loudly) Azure blue, I was thinking. That popped into my head.

ELIAS: Periwinkle.

JOHN: Periwinkle! (Group laughter) Thanks.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are welcome.

JERRY: Regarding essence names, what is the purpose of having essence names? One would assume that there could be several essences sharing the same name, as there are many Davids who share the name David. So what is the purpose of having that particular essence name? I ask the question because there was an Elias session with my essence name connected to the name that I have now. Somebody brought it to my attention that there were such incredible similarities, and I had to assume that my essence name is shared by a few essences, not just one. Correct?

ELIAS: Yes. An essence name is a translation. It is an aspect of the tone of the entirety of the essence.

Now; that translation within your physical dimension is expressed as a word or what you recognize as a name. This is not the entirety of the tone; it is a translation. It is a partial translation, for the entirety of the tone may not necessarily be translated within your languages. And you are correct, different essences may translate that partial tone into the same name within your physical language in your physical dimension.

This is not always an expression of the same essence. One essence name may be offered as Joseph, per se, and another essence may also incorporate that essence name but be a different tone. There are no two essences that are the same; each is unique. But as I have stated, this is a translation of a partial aspect of the tone.

Individuals incorporate a fascination in inquiring of essence tones in relation to identity. You within physical manifestation each incorporate a name that is associated with you and your identity, and you are recognized and you recognize yourself in association with your name. Therefore, there is also an association that individuals generate in relation to their individual identity as essence in the expression of the name.

JERRY: You said that two people don’t share the same essence, and yet I had heard, for instance, in the Michael teachings, that there is the probability of multiple foci - is that a word? - sharing that essence simultaneously.

ELIAS: This is the nature of your reality, yes.

JERRY: But I mean, is that our seemingly physical reality now?


JERRY: For instance, at the Michael teachings, I was told there was another focus of my essence existing now in South Africa.


JERRY: We are sharing the same essence. We have the same...


JERRY: ...everything?

ELIAS: Yes. Generally speaking, each essence chooses in this physical dimension to incorporate several focuses of attention in each time framework. Generally speaking, although it is not a rule, most essences focusing within this physical dimension choose between four and six attentions in each time framework. Some may vary and express fewer or more, but generally four or six is the volume of attentions that are expressed by most essences.

JERRY: It would be wonderful to be able to tap into that information, to be able to have like a sharing of that with the focuses in the essence. I’ve never heard of that before specifically. You talk about motion pictures and everything, but it would be a wonderful case study to have all the focuses somehow be able to...

ELIAS: Or so you think! (Laughter) I may express to you, I have designated an identification of different focuses of the same essence within this forum, and I may express to you, generally speaking, individuals think that they shall be fascinated in meeting another focus of their essence in physical manifestation, but generally you generate no interest.

RODNEY: I can give you an example of that later - the two Elizabeths.

ELIAS: There are, you are correct, Elizabeth and Elizabeth.

RODNEY: Correct.

ELIAS: And they generate no interest objectively in each other. And why shall you? It’s you.

RODNEY: It’s like they forgot each other existed.

ELIAS: I may also express to you, generally speaking, individuals do not generate an interest, for it also may threaten your individual identity. This also is purposeful, that essences generally do not manifest the attentions within close proximity of each other but in different cultures and different physical locations, to be offering diversity of experience and also in holding with the design of this dimension incorporating beliefs, of which one is separation.

BEN: Do concurrent focuses all share the same alignment or the same orientation?

ELIAS: No. This is the choice of each individual focus. Each individual focus chooses an alignment and chooses which orientation it shall incorporate in that focus. The essence family belonging to shall be the same, but the other expressions are the choice of the individual focus.

JERRY: The shading of the essence through the focus is going to be quite different from focus to focus?


ROBERT: I have a question. Could you explain to me the phenomenon of what I call my inner self and my physical consciousness merging as one, which was interpreted by a medium through her religious beliefs as me being an angel, which is what she saw, and why I haven’t been aware of doing it again, and how I can use it?

ELIAS: Define your direction in "using."

ROBERT: How I could use it ... it just felt good. When it happened, it just felt good. How may I use it, perhaps, should have been the question.

ELIAS: For what purpose?

ROBERT: Peace of mind, awareness, direction.

ELIAS: You have already generated the action of the mergence, so to speak, which is merely symbolic. What you have actually generated is an objective awareness of both awarenesses, subjective and objective, inner and outer. They are already merged, but you have offered yourself an experience of awareness of these two aspects of your awareness.

As I have expressed previously, this physical dimension incorporates duality in its blueprint - not duplicity, duality - for you generate the objective and the subjective awarenesses, male and female gender, emotion and sexuality as base elements of your reality.

You have allowed yourself to experience the awareness of both aspects of yourself. You may generate that experience, that feeling, so to speak, again if you are so choosing, as it generates pleasure. And that shall be its purpose, to generate pleasure.

ROBERT: Thank you.

ELIAS: But you may generate this again in allowing yourself to relax and open, but also to focus your energy within you inwardly. In this, you shall allow yourself that awareness again of the objective and the subjective in harmony.

ROBERT: Harmony - very familiar to me. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

VERONICA: Elias, is it reasonable to expect that the financial markets worldwide will collapse within a short period of time? If so, what period of time? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Is it reasonable to expect? No. This is associated with religious beliefs in regard to prophecies and predictions of disaster and events of tremendous proportion. You have already created events of tremendous proportion and you have allowed yourselves to witness your creation of trauma en masse, and you do not prefer trauma and you prefer to avoid trauma. You are not collapsing or generating destruction, but shifting.

VERONICA: But you, before...

ELIAS: I am aware. You shall be shifting - you already are - in association with exchange and currency, but not necessarily in the dramatic terms of destruction, rather shifting into different types of expressions.

VERONICA: I don’t understand the response with regard to the stock market and currency.

ELIAS: And shall it collapse? No.

VERONICA: So there could still be an investment for the future? Will there still be a financial transaction by institutions and individuals?

ELIAS: Temporarily.

MIKE: So what you’re saying is that we’re going to disassemble it ourselves? It’s not just going to collapse on its own?

ELIAS: Correct.

MALE: And it will become something else.

ELIAS: Correct.

VERONICA: I don’t know if I can express this adequately. But in looking at the market now, I see that those companies that are engaged in the destruction and then the construction of several areas in the world and the oil companies continue to do very well. I have always felt that it would be wrong to invest in such companies.

But in continuing with that, if the people in Saudi Arabia chose to be born there, to experience that, and if our politicians chose it and it’s a mass endeavor, then maybe I should not place a moral outlook on my financial dollar and I should go along with it. Because if that person chose to live there - I mean, who knows where I was in a past life - but I chose not to be there. But maybe this is for me now - it IS for me now - so maybe I can invest in a Philip Morris or in a Bechtel or in an Exxon-Mobil and not let it bother me.

ELIAS: Correct.

VERONICA: Wow! I have been struggling with that for so long.

ELIAS: This is merely a restriction that you generate within yourself in association with your judgments that some institutions, some expressions, are good and some are bad.

VERONICA: But I generate it in myself.

ELIAS: Correct, and that generates limitation. There is no good and bad, actually. I am recognizing that you do incorporate this belief system of duplicity, and what you are expressing is an example of what we discussed earlier, in recognizing that you do incorporate this belief system of duplicity, which expresses good/bad/right/wrong.

But you may acknowledge that belief and you may choose what you prefer. You may continue to incorporate your opinion in relation to your preference, and also recognize that other individuals incorporate different perceptions, and their perception creates their reality, and it is not right or wrong, either. It is their choice and their preference. Their preference, their choice, is not absolute, and neither is yours. Your beliefs are not truth. In offering yourself choice and acceptance, view the freedom that you offer yourself also.

VERONICA: Yes, and I can remove that shackle! (Elias laughs)

TARA: You said that my alignment was Tumold. Can you tell me any advice or practical suggestions to lessen a chronic illness that I’ve been - I don’t want to say suffering with - but that I’ve been living with for many years? Because I feel that the effects of my illness are lessening as my beliefs change. I want to know if the line that I’m taking right now in meditation and visualization will continue, or if I should just deal with the belief that I have that I’ll be okay with this illness no matter what. It’s a chronic one. It’s not necessarily life threatening, but it can be. I’ve been relatively healthy my whole life. So I was wondering if I should focus on that or if I should just continue as I have been pretty much for a while now.

ELIAS: As you continue to concentrate upon it, you continue to create it. Therefore, if you are wishing to discontinue the creation, my suggestion is that you allow yourself to trust your ability to generate the action of returning your physical body consciousness to its natural state and discontinue concentrating upon the dis-ease. For as you concentrate upon the dis-ease, you perpetuate creating it.

TARA: See, the tricky thing is, because I’m diabetic I’ve been taking insulin for my whole life, and it’s lessened. The doctors have even said that for the amount of body weight and how old I am, I should be taking more medicine. I’ve always discounted that and said no. My body doesn’t need that much medicine, which I believe is a positive attribute, because it’s kept me pretty healthy for my whole life. I don’t want to just stop drastically taking my medication, but I was wondering if the method that I’ve been using, of slowly weaning myself off of it and exercising and visualization, if I should continue doing that. That’s what I’ve been finding has been the most effective for me. I don’t want to just drastically stop taking my medicine overnight, because I guess I have a fear of that.

ELIAS: And I am not expressing to you that you should be generating any choice other than the choice that you want. What I am expressing to you is that as you concentrate upon the dis-ease, you perpetuate it. As you are accepting of you and are accepting of your choices, you do not lend energy to the creation of the dis-ease.

TARA: So what I’ve been doing so far has been effective, and I should do what I’ve been doing and not really focus on it and just continue...

ELIAS: Correct.

TARA: ...the treatment but not really focus on the detrimental effects that are possible, that the doctors say that are possible?

ELIAS: Correct. Follow you, listen to you, for you know your physical body consciousness. It is you, therefore allow yourself to direct you.

TARA: Thank you.

TRACY: Following up what she said, we create our illnesses?


TRACY: How do we do that and how can we avoid it? Practical knowledge.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual, for each individual generates a physical affectingness of their physical body consciousness for their own individual reason and purpose. Physical creations are also an avenue of communication. Some individuals pay attention to that form of communication.

Physical dis-ease is not necessarily bad. It is merely your perception, which is influenced by your beliefs, that expresses that it is good or bad. It merely is. It is a choice of manifestation, and it is an avenue of communication.

Some individuals generate dis-ease to allow themselves objectively to heighten their awareness in association with the physical body consciousness as not a vessel, as an actual expression of the individual as essence, and hold their awareness upon the physical body expression as not a shell.

Some individuals incorporate physical affectingness in dis-ease to be moving their attention to certain beliefs or issues that they may incorporate, and once allowing themselves to receive the communication, they may turn their attention and the dis-ease disappears, for their choice is not to continue in that manifestation for they have received the message.

Therefore, it is not necessarily a situation of avoiding illness or dis-ease, but rather familiarizing yourself with you and paying attention to your individual communications and your choices in each moment, for these physical affectingnesses or expressions are also communications. And as in all of your reality, every expression is a choice.

ANTHONY: I have a question - two, actually - real quick. One is I assume a reincarnation of other focuses. Over the last twenty-some years, I’ve had a quite intense sort of passion with Japanese culture, particularly Japanese arts, martial arts, and stuff like that. Many years ago I was involved in a very historical art, and due to the dependency issue that I had, I stopped doing that. Since then, any time I’m in the presence of anything that’s remotely related to Japanese culture I have this overwhelming intense pool of emotion within my stomach. Is that a reincarnational connection or something like that?

ELIAS: Yes. You incorporate many focuses of attention in that physical location and participating in that culture.

ANTHONY: As of now?

ELIAS: All of your focuses are now. But in terms of your linear time framework, throughout many centuries.

ANTHONY: How about my fascination with psychic phenomena? I’ve been exploring it with mostly the subconscious/conscious mind, the inner data. In daily practice, more and more unusual things are coming about, beyond my physical senses or my intellect. Things that sometimes I - not that I hear as I hear outwardly, objectively - but there’s some sort of like activity going on with me.

ELIAS: This once again is an evidence of widening your awareness and shifting. You are allowing yourself an objective awareness of your opening, which allows you to assimilate more information, generate clearer understanding, and generate more experiences in what you term to be unusualness, although they are not unusual.

MIKE: How many focuses do Anthony and I share together?

ELIAS: Four.

MIKE: Were we Samurais together?


RODNEY: Did he get killed in that one, too? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: I may express to you, Zacharie, that Mikah has disengaged in many focuses. In actuality, in all of them! (Group laughter)

LYNDA: Elias, we are choosing to say goodbye to you now.

ELIAS: Ah! The linear time framework! Ha ha ha ha!

Very well, my dear friends. I shall anticipate our next meeting together, and in the interim time framework my cosmic suggestion to you all that perhaps you shall allow yourselves to incorporate is to be playful and incorporate fun and attempt to not be incorporating such seriousness. Acknowledge yourselves, you are wondrous beings! As I acknowledge you also.

To you all this afternoon, in great affection, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir. Thank you.

Elias departs at 3:19 PM.

(1) Originally expressed as "Therefore, what are you waiting?" This could also be interpreted as "for what are you waiting?" or "what are you waiting for?" or "why are you waiting?"

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