Session 320
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Lessening Separation/The Elusive Element of Spirit


“Lessening Separation / The Elusive Element of Spirituality”
“Egyptian Tombs, Akashic Records, Crystal Skulls”

Friday, September 18, 1998 © 1998 (Group/Vermont)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Erik (Mosten), Richard (Zephel), Laura (Lynya), Nathan (Robertt), and four new participants: Marie (Belea), Michelle (Sebata), and Sandi (Anya) and Sandy.
Elias arrives at 6:52 PM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds)  

ELIAS:  Good evening!  (Smiling)

GROUP:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  Welcome to new essences this evening.  This evening we shall move into the direction of your questions.  I shall not be offering a dissertation this evening, and I shall open the floor to all of you, that you may present your inquiries as you are so choosing.

RICHARD:  Well, Elias, I’ve got a question for you.  I believe it was back in 1992, I was listening to a broadcast of the discovery of an Egyptian tomb in southern Illinois.  The information was available for a short time, and then the radio station mysteriously disappeared and the information couldn’t be traced.  It was as if a cover-up had happened, and I’m wondering what you know of this.  All I know is, it was somewhere in southern Illinois.  I heard extensive descriptions of the inside of the tomb, and what could be said about who the people were that created this monument. (Pause)

ELIAS:  These are actual structures within your particular country.  If you are remembering our discussion that we moved into in relation to Atlantis, I was offering information to you at that time in the direction of explanation to phenomenons throughout your globe which hold similarities within different cultures, one of these being the structures of pyramids.

In this, there have been several different locations in which individuals collectively have been creating of these structures.  The designs are all very similar to each other, and the reason that the designs are very similar is that the information for the construction of these structures is accessed through a collective awareness, which would be your Regional Area 2, as I have expressed previously.

In this, many of what you term to be your Indian cultures within your Americas, which would also be known to you now in this time framework as your Native Americans — more so than you think (grinning) — have moved in the direction of creating these structures, not only in the area of your southern America, but also in this northern America.

These structures, in like manner to those that you are quite familiar with in Egyptian location, are all structures that are dedicated to what you view as temples.  They all hold spiritual significance for the cultures that have created them.  They hold differences in their spiritual significance, but underlyingly, they are all connected to the beliefs of the spirituality of each of these cultures.

As to these that are found within this northern America, there are many elements that have been discovered within your country that are not always shared, so to speak, with your society, for your governments hold belief systems in these areas and refrain from offering information in directions of elements that they do not understand.

I shall express to you as I have expressed previously, I am not expressing that your government engages in conspiracies or directions of what you view to be plots.  They merely do not understand what they have uncovered in many different areas.

Just as individuals have expressed inquiries to me previously in the direction of crafts and extraterrestrials, yes, there are actual fragments of vehicles or crafts within your physical dimension.  They are debris which have bled through into your dimension.  They do not belong, so to speak, within your dimension, but they are physically within existence within this dimension, and you may physically view them.

In like manner, you may express wonderings to yourself [of] why it should be so very secretive that there shall be a discovery within this country of an element so simple as a pyramid, but this appears to your sciences and to your government to be quite unusual.  Therefore, it also holds much curiosity.  It also is unexplained to this present moment, for within your sciences within this particular country, your evaluation of the cultures that have inhabited this particular country do not move in the direction of these types of structures, and do not in their estimation hold the sophistication to be creating of these types of structures.  Therefore, it presents an inconsistency, and within this inconsistency there is much curiosity and unknowns, so to speak.

Whenever your societies or collective groups of individuals observe elements within your physical focus that hold inconsistencies and unfamiliarities to the explanations of their sciences, the inclination is to be not sharing this information until such time as they may be offering an explanation and offering information as to these elements or structures, or whatever they may be presenting themselves with.  Your sciences in this particular culture hold great power, which I have expressed to you previously, for you align with your sciences greatly.
You lend much energy to all of your sciences, which allows and affords them much power.  Even your governments lean in the direction of looking to your sciences now as societies and governments looked upon mystics in previous time frameworks.  In other time frameworks, the governments may look to soothsayers and wizards for their answers to their questions and for explanations.  Now you look to your technologies and your sciences, which have become your NEW soothsayers and wizards. (Grinning)

In this, these individuals have always held much power and they have always moved in the direction of secretness.  Even the mystics, the magicians, and the wizards have held much secretiveness around them, for this affords them more power that you shall lend energy to, for you look more to their explanations, for they hold this mystical quality of more knowledge than you.  They do not hold more knowledge than you, but you move in the direction of affording this to them, for you do not allow yourselves the acknowledgment and the trust of self, but move in the direction of giving this energy to others that you view to be more knowledgeable than yourselves.

This be the reason that I move in the direction with all of you so very often, of acknowledging you and expressing to you that you be acknowledging of yourselves and not be following of others in their ideas and ideals and philosophies, but to develop your own philosophies and ideas, for you hold all of the same knowledge and information and may access ALL of the same information as may any other individual within physical focus, regardless of the greatness that you assign to them.  Is this answering of your question?

You shall be learning more of this site as it is investigated by your scientists futurely, but within this present now, it shall not be moving in the direction of public knowledge.

LAURA:  I have a question, Elias, about oneness, how we’re trying to become the one consciousness again and not separate from everything.  Do you have any suggestions on bringing ourselves back to one?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that within the new rising belief systems — what we term to be the “enlightened era” (grinning) — individuals move in the direction of a new type of separation which is camouflaged with the identification of oneness or wholeness.

Within an actual sense of the term of eliminating the separation, or LESSENING the separation, I express to you that your most efficient movement is to be addressing initially to self, and in this addressing to self, allow yourself to recognize your own belief systems and your own actions of separation, for your own behaviors shall express to you each time you are separating yourself from other individuals and from all that you create within your physical focus.

Let me also express to you that as you manifest within physical focus, there shall always be an element of separation to an extent, for you are choosing to be manifest within a physical dimension.  ALL of essence may not be expressed within ANY physical dimension.  This is not to say that you do not possess all of essence, but all of essence may not expressed through physical focus.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, within physical dimensions, regardless of which physical dimension you are speaking of, there shall always be an element of separation, but as you move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, this aspect of separation lessens more and more, and you allow yourselves more and more of a remembrance of essence and therefore more of an incorporation of essence into your physical focus.

In this, as I have been expressing, the greatest movement of this shift is to be accepting of belief systems.  I may not be emphasizing this to you enough!  As you begin to allow yourselves to move in this direction [of] acceptance of self, trust of self, and addressing to the belief systems that you hold — NOT eliminating these belief systems but addressing to them and accepting them — this shall be the most affecting action that you may incorporate, in your moving in the direction of less separation and incorporating more of an interconnectedness objectively with all that is created within your physical focus.

Let me express to you, I am aware that you view these concepts to be quite elementary and that you view this to be quite simplified.  In actuality, these concepts may be your most difficult actions to be accomplishing.

You may move easily in the direction of expressing to yourself and to other individuals, “I am one with my planet.  I am one with nature.  I am interactive with all other individuals.  I am one with all that is within my physical focus, within my universe.”  These are words easily said.  The reality of these words that are so very easily said is not so very easily accomplished, for you have created millenniums of separation.  You have created much time framework with many belief systems that reinforce all of your separations.

As you walk upon your physical earth, you may feel a bond to this planet, but you do not view yourself to BE it.  You do not feel its rhythms within your physical form as an element of yourself ... not as ITSELF, but as YOURSELF.  This is truly a lack of separation!

As you interact with another individual, you do not interact with another individual as yourself.  You interact with another individual as separate from yourself, outside and apart, for you view yourselves in physical forms.
You hold a physical form, a physical body.  You are a female.  You are a certain height, a certain weight, a certain color.  You move in certain manners.  You grow in certain intervals.  You view a tree to be certain height, a certain color, a stationary creation.  You view another individual as outside of you, different, separate and apart.  You do not view the energy that is intermingled with you all.  You view a collective awareness, or what you may term to be a collective consciousness, as some elusive element outside of yourselves.  It is not within you.  It is some element outside of you that you reach to attain, as if you may grasp this elusive, floating, cosmic element.  It is within you!  You ARE, in actuality, ALL intertwined and interconnected.

This be the reason that I express to you, as you move in the direction of the influences of many of your belief systems: as you hold a judgment upon any other individual, you ARE placing this judgment upon yourself.  For every action that you move in the direction of creating, that you view to be outside of yourself, is merely a mirror objective image of what you create within yourselves.  For in actuality, there is no separation.  There is only the separation of your objective awareness, your perception within your physical focus.  But in actuality, your energies are all intermingled and are not separated.

I have been speaking within this forum often as of late in the direction of relationships.  I have offered much information in this particular subject, in addressing to the belief system of relationships.  This subject matter has served well in instruction to very many individuals.  Not only do you move in the direction of a wave in consciousness presently, which IS occurring and affecting of ALL of you, which addresses to the belief system of relationships, but this discussion of relationships offers you the opportunity to view much of your own creations and your own movements within physical focus, for it is not so very narrow as to only be viewing individual relationships, but also that belief systems hold very many aspects.  There are few belief systems.  There are very many aspects within each of these belief systems!

The belief systems themselves are very large and encompassing, but they are also neutral.  This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage.  The belief system is the bird cage.  The bird cage is quite large.  Within the bird cage are all of the aspects of the belief system, and these are the birds, and each of these bird cages hold very, very many birds.  Accepting a belief system is to be opening the door of the bird cage and allowing all of the birds to fly free.  You continue to hold the bird cage, you retain this bird cage, but it is now ornamental; diffused.  It is not a living, squawking, fluttering, demanding element any longer.  You need not feed what it contains, for it is empty.
You have not eliminated the cage.  You continue to hold the cage, and you may place the cage wherever you are choosing and you may view the cage and you may hold an opinion of the cage, but the cage holds no thing within it.  It is empty, and therefore it holds no power.  THIS is the direction of accepting a belief system.

(Emphatically)  The belief system of relationships holds very, very, very many birds!  You may choose ANY direction that you fancy, and we may address to the belief system of relationship!  You may speak of friends, you may speak of family, you may speak of employers, you may speak of acquaintances, you may speak of your earth, you may speak of yourselves, and they ALL are encompassed within this belief system.  ALL of your interactions within physical focus, with any other individual upon your planet, is influenced through aspects of the belief system of relationships.

How you are interacting with your planet itself is an aspect of relationships, for you hold a relationship with your planet.  You hold a relationship with yourself.  You view yourself to be two individuals, this objective self that sits before me presently and your higher self, and both of you sit before me presently, although there are no both of you!  There is merely the one, for it is all-encompassing and there is no separation.

Your spirituality encompasses all of you.  To address to the lack of separation is to address to all of you, to not be attaining to the elusive spiritual that you view to be beyond you, but to be encompassing all of you that is physically present now and all of your interactions and all of yourself and other individuals.

I have begun discussing also fear, which we shall continue within another meeting, for it shall be requiring of an entire forum of its own, for it holds very many aspects also!  But fear is quite influencing in many directions within your physical focus also, and is a very insidious bird, a very large bird!  You may classify this bird as an ostrich, it is so very large! (Laughter)  But it also is quite camouflaged, and holds the ability to be invisible.  Quite a magical bird!  For you may be responding to this bird and not even hold the awareness objectively that it is there, but this very large bird is very influencing, and as you become more accepting and trusting of self, you also allow yourselves to be viewing this bird and noticing and holding an objective awareness of this bird more and more, and its camouflage shall become less and less, and it moves into the light of being more obvious.  But do not discount the cunningness of this particular bird, for within its camouflage it may be known by many different terms, and it may move you quite easily and unsuspectingly into very many areas, and they may be disguised by justification — another very insidious bird which is quite friendly with fear, another very large bird in you, I suspect! (Laughter)

You may continue with your inquiries.

NATHAN:  Elias, whereabouts are we, as far as on the wave?  Have we crested?  Are we on the way up?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that within this particular wave in consciousness which addresses to this particular belief system of relationship, you now move in the direction of ALMOST cresting; not quite, but the momentum and the energy of this particular wave has almost reached its peak, which you all may view in objective obvious terms if you are looking to your own objective imagery in the areas of relationships.

Each of you may view within your own individual focuses different examples of heightened intensities in different relationships.  It matters not which type of relationship may be being affected presently and has been being affected within what you may term to be your recent past — VERY recent past — but in certain areas, you shall each notice within your individual focuses certain elements of relationships, be they with family, friends, different individuals, acquaintances, groups, partners, employers, employees.  It matters not.  The development is a heightened sensitivity, an intensity in the relationships.

This is not necessarily to express an intensity in what you term to be negativity or conflict, although you do move in this direction more often than in expressing what you view to be positive, for this holds your fascination more efficiently.

Therefore, you shall be noticing more in the directions of conflicts, but it is not necessarily designated as the showing of conflict or increase of conflict, for it may be an increase in intensity of a feeling of interconnectedness, of joyfulness, of what you term to be closeness, or you may be experiencing a combination of these elements simultaneously.  In some directions you may be feeling and experiencing great closeness, and in other areas you may be experiencing and feeling great conflict.

This intensity is a reflection of the peaking of this particular wave.  As this wave descends and begins to arrest its intensity, you shall view a smoothing, a lessening of turmoil, so to speak, an evening of questioning and confusion and conflict.  It shall move in the direction of balancing.

Look to your own society and the tremendous tumultuousness that occurs presently within your own government!  And what is the direction that such great attention moves within but that of relationships, and many different expressions of relationships in many different directions.

Your objective imagery is expressive of this very wave in consciousness, addressing to family, to employers, to employees, to friendships, to acquaintances.  The spectrum is encompassed within the objective imagery that is presented, and this is not imagery that is presented merely individually, but also en masse, and it is not limited to your culture.  It is quite actively in motion within many other cultures also.  These are all evidences of that which I have spoken for much time period, allowing you to objectively view the great movement of energy that encompasses your globe presently and shall be increasing continuously.

You inquire of events within your future: your Mayan events predicted and your calendar, or of solar alignments, or of other predictions that move into your upcoming century.  I express to you, much energy is being lent in the direction of these creations.  Waves of energy are moving, in much similar manner to your tides upon your planet.  Therefore, be realizing that these waves move into more of an intensity, and individuals ARE moving in the direction of addressing to belief systems regardless of the information that they present to themselves.  They need not draw themselves to my information.  It is all about you in every direction, and many essences offer very similar information, and you all access your own information in these areas.  You ALL hold the awareness of this movement, and you present yourselves with much imagery and evidences in these areas.

We shall break, and you may continue briefly with your questioning if you are so choosing.

BREAK   7:39 PM
RESUME  8:02 PM (Arrival time is nine seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

ERIK:  Okay, Elias, I have a question.  Could you go into the Akashic records?  Could you explain a little bit about its existence here, or if there IS any kind of existence here?

ELIAS:  Ah, once again we return to this subject!

ERIK:  I’ve recently had a bit of a vision, or something along these lines, which I was very curious about.

ELIAS:  And this is not surprising!

Let me explain that this designation of what you term to be your Akashic records is in actuality what I may express to you as an energy deposit within consciousness, which is quite similar to a world view.  In this, there is much information held within this particular energy deposit.

Now; many individuals access this particular area of consciousness, and in this there has been what you may term to be myths created around these experiences, for individuals move in this type of direction to offer themselves an explanation of that which they do not understand.  You are in actuality tapping into an area of consciousness that holds a great collective energy deposit which holds much information.  Each of you, all of you, may access this information and this area of consciousness within physical focus.  It is not so very far removed from you.  You may be offering yourself the experience of accessing many different areas of consciousness that hold great volumes, in your terms, of information.

Now; this particular area of consciousness holding this particular energy deposit focuses basically with physical focus and information relating to physical focus, not necessarily to other areas of consciousness.  This would be what you would term to be information in the area of “riches of the ages,” for a collective of energy has been deposited to be holding information of all of your physical focus.  In this, what has occurred in your terms is that each essence that is choosing to be entering into manifestation within this physical focus has chosen to participate in an energy deposit in this area.

Now; many individuals throughout your history have tapped into this information, and within their respective belief systems refer to this information in different manners.  But collectively, you refer to this as the Akashic records; records of all of the experiences of physical focus.  This is the energy which has been offered by each essence that has participated within this physical focus.

It is not necessarily a record or a recording of this information, but more that it is free-flowing energy which holds all of the information of all of the experiences within this dimension, and this information is available to you.

You need not be what you term to be in your belief systems a “spiritual master” to be accessing this information!  Each of you hold the ability to access this information.  You merely need be trusting of yourself and your abilities and allowing yourself to move easily through different areas of consciousness, and in this not holding yourselves so very singularly within your attention to this objective framework.  If you are allowing yourself this movement, you may also be accessing this information.

In this, you may find accessing this information to be quite useful in what you term to be cheating, (laughter) for you may access much of your histories and all of the information of all of the individuals that have occupied your physical focus, and all of their knowledge within this area.

This is not quite so uncommon as you believe it to be.  It is merely that individuals do not recognize what they are accessing.  Individuals access aspects of this information quite often.  They merely do not recognize what they are tapping into, but they express that they have been offered, from some element outside of themselves, some great revelations.  In actuality, they themselves have accessed information which has been deposited in this area of consciousness that you term to be these Akashic records.

You may be allowing yourself to move into this direction quite freely.  At our last meeting together, I expressed to you the practicing of the exercise to allow yourselves to move more freely through consciousness.  I have subsequent to that meeting offered information in the direction of helpfulness to you with an exercise to be practicing what you term to be out-of-body experiences, which also lends energy to your own acceptance of self and offers you the opportunity to move more freely within consciousness and validates your own abilities in your own movements.

Out-of-body experiences are not merely fun exercises, although they are quite fun!  I express to you that you are accomplishing of this continuously, but you do not hold an objective awareness of this action that you engage.  Therefore, the objective in this exercise is that you retain an objective awareness of your movement in what you term to be an out-of-body experience, or what I may term to be projection.

In this, although you are experiencing fun and freedom, which I am QUITE advocating of, you also simultaneously offer yourselves a very great validation of your own abilities, that you DO hold the ability to move freely through consciousness and that you are NOT encumbered physically, so to speak; that although you possess a physical form and although you have created an objective physical reality, this physical reality is not the whole of you, and you hold much more mobility than you understand, and you hold much more abilities in your creativity that you allow yourselves to view.  Therefore, I am quite encouraging of these activities, for they are quite validating of you.  Is this helpful?

ERIK:  Yes.

ELIAS:  And you may continue within your investigation, and I am quite encouraging of this movement!

ERIK:  I shall.

RICHARD:  Elias, I was wondering what my last life’s focus ... or my last focus was in this dimension of earth. (Elias chuckles)  Or if it wasn’t earth!  The last one! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  Hmmm ... let me see!  What would be the designation of the LAST focus?  Would this be within what you term to be the year 3007, or would this be in the year of 1720?  There is no last!  They are simultaneous! (Chuckling)

RICHARD:  Right!  Cyclically speaking, linearly speaking then, from the point of reference we are in now, in our....

ELIAS:  I am quite fond of teasing! (Grinning, and laughter)  I am quite understanding of what you are expressing.

RICHARD:  I thought you were!

ELIAS:  The most recent focus in linear terms to this present focus of attention, (pause) this would be a focus within what you term to be the location of South American country, in the area known to be Brazil, within the century previous to this century, as a native to that continent, not as what you may term to be a “transplant” (grinning) of Spanish origin or of French origin, but of native South American origin, occupying a focus within a small tribe.  You have held other focuses within this continent also, not necessarily all within the area of the country of Brazil, but within this particular continent.

This essence holds a fondness for this particular area in location of your planet, and I am encouraging of you to be investigating and offering yourself information as to specifics of these focuses.  Your draw in your fascination to certain cultures within your South American continent stems from bleed-throughs of other focuses that you hold.  This be the reason that you move in this direction with such concentration, for you identify with the beliefs and the culture and the spirituality of these natives, so to speak.

I am encouraging of you to be investigating of your focuses intentionally, for the reason that your own investigation of these focuses allows you much more of an intensity and more of a reality in your connection, not only with essence, but with other aspects of YOU.  You have inquired of lessening separation.  This is the opportunity that you offer to yourselves to begin lessening your own separation, in allowing yourselves to move in the direction of connecting with other focuses of essence that you hold.

It is quite easy for myself or other essences to offer you information in these areas and to be merely delivering stories, offering you descriptions of other focuses that you hold within essence, but this be what they shall mean to you, merely stories.  For they are not my experience, they are YOUR experience, and in my expression of them, it is assimilated merely as a story that I express to you of yourselves.

In YOUR investigation of your focuses, you offer yourselves the opportunity to connect with yourselves, with essence, in reality ... and it shall be reality to you!

There are many different manners that you may be engaging this activity and I am quite encouraging of them all, for I express to you of the importance that you be connecting with self, with all of the aspects of yourselves, allowing yourselves to view the vastness of the being that you are.  There is much difference in my expression to you of your focuses and YOUR expression to you of your focuses!

I have within recent sessions expressed to individuals encouragement in this area also, and express to them as I express to you: a very efficient manner of connecting in this area is to be moving in the direction of your new game ... which is my expression and I am understanding of this.  You designate this as the action of hypnosis.  This may be quite facilitating to you, for within physical focus you hold very tightly to your attention within your objective awareness.

This is your reality.  This is what you focus your attention upon, and you hold to this very strongly, and you do not allow yourselves to move beyond what you know objectively.  But there is much more available to you, and you are much more than merely this one objective attention!  As I have expressed to you, this is merely but one camera lens, one focus.  You hold countless focuses.  You ARE countless focuses, and they are all occurring now, all simultaneous to you within your attention.  They are merely different focuses of attention, different lenses of the camera.

In this, many of you shall allow yourselves much more of an ease in this particular method than you may within other methods that you provide yourselves with.  You may term this to be whatever is pleasing to you: regressions, moving forward, moving sideways, moving backwards, moving upside-down!  It matters not.  It is all the same.  You shall be viewing other focuses of your essence, which is quite helpful.

For I express to you, not only is the action of bleed-through occurring now, but as this shift in consciousness increases in intensity and momentum, so also shall this action of bleed-through increase.  This be an element of trauma within this shift in consciousness, for individuals shall not understand what they are experiencing, but it is a natural occurrence.

As the bleed-throughs become more intense, this shall become much more objective and much more affecting ... and you already are experiencing bleed-throughs!  You ALL experience bleed-throughs.  You may not term them to be this, but you ARE experiencing bleed-throughs of other focuses, and they are quite influencing!

One inquiry that is expressed quite often is, how do you create your reality?  You express that you accept that you DO create your reality, although you do not accept this concept.  It is merely a concept, and shall continue to be for a time.  But you also puzzle as to HOW you are creating of your reality.  There are many influences that you allow within your focus, and these influences move you in many different directions.

One of the influences which is very strong is the influence of bleed-through from other focuses, and if you are unaware of the energy which is being expressed to you and what influence it is, how shall you address to the influence?  How shall you express to yourself how you are creating your reality if you are not moving in the direction of even viewing all of your reality?  If you do not allow yourselves to view other aspects of yourself, how may you address to how you create your reality, or why?

If you are holding fears in certain areas, but these fears appear to you to be irrational, how may you address to an irrational fear?  But if you offer yourself the information that this may not be an irrational fear but a bleed-through from another focus, then you have offered yourself information and you may attend to this.

If you find yourself moving in unusual directions, in your terms — given to extremes in emotions, being quite elated one moment and quite melancholy within another moment — you may assign this behavior in psychological terms, but this may also be inadequate as explanation.  You may allow yourself to be connecting with other focuses of your own, and you may view how you accept the energy of different focuses and how they are influencing of even your moods in certain respects.

Therefore, I am encouraging of you to be investigating in this area, and you may be inquiring with Michael, and he may be suggestive to you of our “methods” that have been offered in this direction.

RICHARD:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

I shall be offering to you that you may be expressing of another inquiry, and we shall be discontinuing subsequent to this.

NATHAN:  I have an entry for the game.

ELIAS:  Ah!  The game!  And shall we on to our game this evening? (Laughter)  You may!

NATHAN:  Ilda, I guess it would be under composers, George Ivan.

ELIAS:  One point! (Chuckling, and then looking at Erik)  And shall you attempt? (Laughter)  Ah!

ERIK:  I think I’ll make a go of it.  I’m not quite sure if this category is already entered or not, but towns, Brattleboro, blue?

ELIAS:  Ah!  So, you shall enter a new category of towns — this is acceptable — and you shall place this physical location within that category in Sumari.  One point! (Chuckling)

LAURA:  I have a question.  Do you know about crystal skulls, or what can you tell me about crystal skulls that are now appearing and being shown around to people?

ELIAS:  This element of quartz, of crystals as you term them, has been used as an energy conductor throughout your history.  Therefore, they hold significance with respect to the particular individuals and cultures that produce them in certain manners.  Throughout your history, you have always moved in the direction of using these particular stones in mystical manners.  You attach many mystical significances to them.  Therefore, you also attach mystical qualities to these skulls.  This is not to say that there is not an energy produced about these particular objects, for much energy has been projected to them and surrounding them, and this particular element or stone is a tremendous conductor of energy.

This particular type of stone may be used quite efficiently and effectively within this dimension as a focal point, to be not only conducting energy but directing energy.  It also holds the ability to hold energy.  This is not a belief system.  These stones, being elements of consciousness, do hold the ability to hold energy, for as you have created these stones within this physical dimension, you have designated this function to these links of consciousness which create the physical matter of these particular stones.  Therefore, energy may be projected to these stones and it may be held by these stones, as designated by the individuals projecting the energy.

The stones themselves — do not misunderstand — do not hold the ability to be manipulating energy.  They may hold energy as you designate them to, but they do not move energy or manipulate energy.  THAT is a belief system, that the stones themselves manipulate energy.  They do not.  YOU manipulate energy, but they also may be a place-holder, so to speak, for energy, for energy deposits, for specific reasons.

In this, you offer yourselves objective imagery within this present time period of these particular stones ... which have been carved into these shapes, for these stones do not naturally grow in the manner that you have created them to grow into these shapes.

But in this, they have been created to be holding certain types of energy that individuals may be accessing, and this shall be mirrored back to them in a manner that shall allow them to be easily connecting to their own energy field.

Let me express an example.  This is the action that these stones have been designated for, the energy that has been projected into them for this reason, in like manner to a mirror.  If you are standing before a mirror, you view before you a reflection of your physical form.  It reflects back to you the image of your physical form.

These skulls, the energy that has been designated to them which they hold within them, its function is to be mirroring to you the mirror image of your energy field ... not within a visual.  You do not visualize your energy field before you as you visualize your physical form within a mirror, but the action is to allow you the mirroring of your energy field that you may feel.

Therefore, within their presence, if you are allowing yourself an openness to this energy, you shall feel physical sensations.  This is the energy that is mirroring to you your own energy field.  Therefore, there is a sensation of penetration, for that energy which is held extends outwardly and penetrates your energy field which surrounds your physical form.  Are you understanding?

LAURA:  Yes.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

I shall be ... yes?  (Smiling at Michelle)

MICHELLE:  (Laughing) Did I just catch you?  Yeah!  Jen informed me that if appropriate, I may remind you that some of us haven’t been informed yet of our essence and name.

ELIAS:  Ah, you are wishing for essence name!  Very well.  Essence name, Sebata; S-E-B-A-T-A.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.

(To Marie:)  Essence name, Belea; B-E-L-E-A. (pronounced bel-lay’)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.

(To Sandy)  Essence name, Anya; A-N-Y-A.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet.

MICHELLE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

I offer to you each this evening great affection, and anticipate our next meeting.  To you all I extend great energy in encouragement to you, and you may be allowing yourself the physical experience of this energy that I extend to you.  For this evening, I bid you all a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:48 PM.

Vic’s note:  At the end of the session, Mary panned the camera around the room so I could see who was there, which was really cool!  So, based on which direction Elias was looking, I have gone back and inserted names.  If some of these are incorrect ... oh well!


(1)  This sentence was stated as such: “But if you offer yourself the information that this may not be an irrational fear bleeding through from another focus, then you have offered yourself information and you may attend to this.”  I have changed this sentence, which I rarely do, but I always note when I do.  You may, of course, make your own decision as to what works for you!

© 1998  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.