Session 337

Probabilities/There Are Always Reasons


“Probabilities/There Are Always Reasons”
“You Create Your Reality”
“Kids Create Their Reality Too!”

Sunday, November 8, 1998  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).
Vic’s note:  Elias changed the direction of this session, which has only happened occasionally.  The event that is being referred to is an automobile accident in which Norm and Reta’s daughter-in-law and grandchild were involved.
Norm’s note:  We are going to pursue these issues with Elias, as it is more important than any scientific understanding. (!)
Elias arrives at 12:06 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)  

ELIAS:  Good morning!

NORM:  Good morning, Elias!  This is Norm and Reta, Stephen and Dehl, and we would like to have quite a discussion with you.  I would like to have a discussion with you in regard to electromagnetic units and that sphere, or maybe you could almost call it a thing, and then our beliefs, intents, and psychological and emotional reactions.  I had a dream, and maybe this dream partially illustrates it.  It was like a waking event.  And then Reta would have a question or two at the end, if we have time. (Here, Elias starts to say something, but stops when Norm continues)  Perhaps the illustration of this dream could be an explanation of some of the ideas in the area of this electromagnetic sphere of action.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this day I shall begin in addressing to Dehl, for I hold an awareness of certain issues occurring presently and would be addressing to this situation initially, and then we may be proceeding with your agenda, and....

NORM:  That would be fine.  That would be just great.

ELIAS:  In this, let me express, bon jour, Dehl!

RETA:  Hi!  How are you this morning?

ELIAS:  As always, but I shall be expressing inquiry as to your state of awareness within this present now.

RETA:  Well, I’ve had a few problems in the last month, mostly with my family and with my husband.  Other than that, I just have a few questions on being more positive so I can change my reality faster.

ELIAS:  Ah, and which direction would you be choosing to be moving into this morning?

RETA:  Well, do you have some things that you want to tell me about?  You’re aware of my condition right now.  Is there anything you want to tell me before I ask?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that I have chosen to be addressing to you initially, for there is an awareness held of difficulties that you individually are experiencing within this present now, and in this we are offering an expression of energy to you and an expression of understanding within your present confusion.

I hold an awareness of energy that you have been projecting recently within your individual confusion, which also involves your particular belief systems and the lack of understanding in the creation of certain events with certain individuals.

The understanding is that you hold certain elements of confusion and difficulty with this situation with your partner, which has been ongoing for a time period, but of late you have incorporated more confusion in the area of, as you express, family members.

Let me express to you that within the creation of certain events, individuals may be engaging certain choices and actions that may be confusing to you and may be conflicting with your belief systems in relation to this information which is offered to you, but I express to you, as I have previously, there are always reasons for each choice and event which is created within physical focus.

In this, I am quite understanding that there is a difficulty in relation to small ones and their creation of their reality and the held belief systems — which are influenced by mass belief systems — in the area of accidents and of events which occur to individuals that seem objectively that they have not created.

These are difficult concepts for individuals to be understanding and accepting within physical focus, for you have moved in the direction of certain mass belief systems for centuries, and therefore this is reinforcing of your own individual belief systems, which are not so very easily moved through.  And in the event of being involved with other individual’s creations that appear to be in alignment with these mass belief systems of accidents, this may be confusing and very reinforcing of your own alignment with these mass belief systems, and may be creating not only of your own confusion but some elements of conflict in this area.

Now; let me express to you that individuals participate in the creation of certain events for purposeful reasons.

I express to you, as I have previously, that each individual within physical focus is creating of their own individual reality from the moment that they are engaging essence to physical focus.  This may be within the time period of before birth, and as I have expressed to you, it may be after the event of birth, but from the moment that essence focuses itself into a physical manifestation, that individual, regardless of age, is creating of the entirety of its reality, and also drawing itself to all of the experiences that it may be participating within.  This I am understanding is difficult to be understanding and to be accepting, as you are viewing small ones that objectively seem to not be engaging physical actions which are affecting of their reality.

Now; in this, this small one, and also the parent of this small one, have purposefully drawn themselves in agreement to this particular event, which is and shall be altering of their realities individually and jointly.  This is no accident.  It may appear severe to you, but it also has been purposefully executed.

In this, there have been many probabilities which have been engaged — and new lines of probabilities which are now engaged — with many individuals that are affected within this situation, for individuals may be creating certain events within their reality which also shall be quite influencing of many other individuals that hold an objective connection to them.  ALL of the aspects of this affectingness are within consideration at the moment of the engagement of the event.

Now; let me explain to you, as we have used the example of the pebble or the stone tossed within a pond, and the rippling affect that occurs within the water as the stone engages the water.  In this, in similar manner, individuals may be choosing to be creating certain probabilities within their focus, and at the moment of engaging those particular probabilities, as they are occurring within simultaneous time, they also hold an awareness of the affectingness and the direction or line of probabilities that shall newly be created and all of the other individuals that shall be affected and allow themselves to draw themselves conjointly to the experience.

In this, these individuals address to many different probabilities, and present the opportunity not merely for themselves to be altering their individual experiences and choices for their own focuses, but have also presented the opportunity for individuals surrounding them to be altering their lines of probabilities, offering them the opportunity to view differences within their own realities, addressing to their own belief systems and their alignment with mass belief systems, and in this lending energy to many individuals surrounding them in helpfulness, that all of these other individuals may objectively present themselves with the viewing of how they may be aligning with mass belief systems.

Now; they may not necessarily view this action in the same terms as do you, for they may not hold the same information and awareness objectively that you hold, but this is irregardless of the situation, for individuals shall draw themselves to certain situations and events, that they may be affecting their reality differently than they may have been affecting their reality and creating their reality were they to be choosing probabilities in a different direction.

In this, the small one offers the opportunity, in his creation of this event, for other individuals to be viewing that a small one may be engaged within this type of situation and may also be efficiently creating their reality regardless.  There is a leaning within mass belief systems to move into the direction of coddling and what you express to be pitying, and also protecting of small individuals that have created such types of events in which they have physically altered their form.

In this, the event offers other individuals to address to this and recognize that their participation in these types of mass belief systems does not lend beneficial energy to themselves or to the individual that has created the event, which is creating an alteration in their probabilities.

The parent also has engaged, in agreement, this event, and has created of physical affectingness also.  There are different reasonings for the affectingness which the parent has created.  In this, this individual has created a physical affectingness in creating a turn in probabilities, which offers a new opportunity to engage a new line of communication between herself and her partner, which also is directly affecting of the sibling of the other child.

RETA: Let me just interject here, for those people who might read this transcript, that last weekend — you are exactly right — last weekend, my daughter-in-law and my two-year-old grandson were in a major accident, and their lives were very, very close to being snuffed out.  They chose not to, and they were spared, and they are doing fine, but in this we were thinking about why this happened and how it happened, and of course my part in this is that I always feel that I am not taking the time with my grandchildren and my children to be involved in their lives enough, to be aware of their situations so that I can maybe concentrate on more positive changes in probabilities, and I guess that’s one of the questions I have for you.  I go back through this and think about it, and think if I knew, if I were closer to them and I were able to get myself into Framework 2 and think more positively because I know the situation, perhaps I could help change it.  I’m talking about every individual grandchild.  I want to be aware of their individual situations and help concentrate on being more positive, so that they don’t have to go through accidents such as this to get attention.

I’ve had other situations with other grandchildren who have gotten into situations that were really bad, and I really believe it’s all because attention has not been paid to their needs, and again, the mass belief system is different than we have, and I believe that me and my partner could influence their positive change in their lives.  Some of the steps that I’ve been reading about in helping with this are very good, but I would like to be more on the right track with involvement, and to make sure that this kind of accident doesn’t happen just because they need more personal attention.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Dehl, that this is the reason that I have chosen to be moving in this direction and addressing to this subject matter and this situation initially in this particular session, for this shall be an example to yourself — and to other individuals also — in the area of personal responsibility.  I have addressed to you previously in this area, and I address to you once again in this area.

Now; you are presenting to us that your concern is your own affectingness, and your interpretation of the events which have occurred is that these individuals are seeking attention of yourself and your partner Stephen, which you perceive to have been lacking.  Therefore, your perception moves in the direction, within your belief system, that if you had been more attentive or if you had been addressing to situations with these other individuals more efficiently, you would have held the ability to alter their reality and be influencing in such a manner that this particular choice of event would not occur.  This is what I choose to address to you in, for I offer to you the opportunity to be hearing and listening to the expression that I offer now.
There is no influence that you may have expressed within any type of projected energy — and this entire statement may be underlined for emphasis — that would have been altering of the choice of these individuals to be engaging this event, period.

You may have chosen any number of probabilities or projections of energy within your own individual expressions, and NONE of these expressions would have been altering of the choice of probabilities in events that these individuals engaged.

They did not engage this situation singularly.  They engaged this situation with the involvement and agreement with another individual.  Within these three individuals that have been directly involved and affected, they have chosen to enter into an agreement to be altering of each of their individual probabilities in their own creations within their own focuses.  The affectingness that they hold in this area which concerns other individuals moves in different directions for each of the individuals involved.

(Firmly)  The addressment to certain situations in altering these probabilities in the area of influencing attention to relationship moves in the direction of the involvement of the mother and her partner, not you and not Stephen.

Now; you have drawn yourselves also to this experience, but for very different reasons.  The direction that you are expressing is the very reason that you have allowed yourself to be presented with this situation and have involved yourself with this event, that you may present yourself the opportunity to view the strength of your individual issues with personal responsibility, and how very reinforcing of your own alignment with the belief system of duplicity this is!

This particular issue of personal responsibility, with YOU individually, holds a tremendous affectingness in holding you within the belief system of duplicity, and in this it is EXTREMELY affecting of you individually in a blocking of your own movement into the acceptance of self, and therefore subsequently in the acceptance of other individuals; but firstly, in the area of acceptance of self.  This has been the most powerfully influencing area within your individual focus.  You do not allow yourself to move in the direction of acceptance of self, and you continue to reinforce, again and again, this belief system of duplicity, which grows in its blocking effect of your own acceptance of self.

I am recognizing of the tremendous desire that you hold to be moving through these issues, and your interpretation of this within your objective awareness is that you are desiring to be moving forward and to be accomplishing more efficiently and to be more effective.  I express to you, I hold great understanding of your desire, and this desire is being projected quite strongly within energy.  This be the reason that I am addressing to this, this day.

But I am also expressing to you that within your continued feeding and reinforcing of this belief system of duplicity, you also have engaged myself for much time period now, and each time that we engage I express an addressing to this issue of your own acceptance of self, and this is not assimilated within you, for you continue to reinforce the duplicity, which blocks out other information and also blocks out the information that I offer to you, and your assimilation and understanding of it.

I hold tremendous affection for you, which I have expressed many times previously.  I also am quite directing of my energy in the area of helpfulness to you, but within this present now, you have presented yourself the opportunity to address to this situation and to consider your own opportunity to open to that which I offer you.  Be realizing that my energy has been continuously with you.

RETA:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  In this, also be realizing that I shall be continuing to be offering information to you in helpfulness, that you may be opening to this information — that you may be opening to YOU — and realizing that your greatest affectingness and your greatest movement in helpfulness to other individuals, to those individuals that you hold great affection for, is to be addressing to self, to be concerning yourself with your own acceptance of self, and recognizing that it is not the situation of moving energy in the direction of creating probabilities for other individuals.  You do not hold this ability!

Each individual creates their reality themselves, and you do not hold the ability to be creating the reality for any other individual.

You may be influencing and affecting, but your most efficient affectingness, or what you would term to be in your belief systems the most positive affectingness, is subsequent to your own acceptance of self, for as you begin to move into the area of accepting self, you also begin to realize that it is unnecessary for you to be pushing your energy in other individuals’ direction[s] to be so very affecting of their reality, for they hold the choice to be accepting or rejecting of that expression, and in certain situations they ARE rejecting of that energy, for it is projected without the acceptance of self, and subjectively, other individuals hold this awareness.

Be remembering of our analogy of giving, and that in your objective expression of giving to another individual, there are no secrets within consciousness, and other individuals hold an awareness of energy.  They may not objectively define this to themselves, but they do hold an awareness of energy which is projected.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you are projecting energy with reservation or that you are projecting energy with an expectation of gain for yourself, although indirectly, you are.  This is what is recognized subjectively by other individuals and this is the reason that the energy is not accepted, for within consciousness there is a recognition that as you are not accepting of self, you are projecting energy that may surfacely appear that there is no expectation or payoff, but underlyingly, the projection of energy is expressed, that you may receive the validation of acceptance of yourself through other individuals, and this is not the point.
The point would be to be offering this acceptance of self TO YOURSELF, not to be looking for this acceptance with other individuals, for there shall automatically be the acceptance of other individuals as you begin to be accepting of yourself.  But as you are not accepting of yourself, you also receive that mirror action with other individuals, that they shall not be accepting either.

Are you understanding?

RETA:  Oh, I think it’s been very enlightening.  I appreciate that.  I’d like to work on changing my probabilities then, and try to make sure that I work on that more than I work on considering others’ intentions.  It’s always been a belief system I had, that grandparents and parents were more influencing.  But I guess, like you said, after they’re born, they create their own reality.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

RETA:  And it IS part of my reality.  Part of my reality is to have a precious bond between them and myself, and then we have the issue of my partner and the things that I desire for him, and he creates his own reality, I know that, but I live with him, and so it becomes part of my reality.  I just have to work on that more, and find a more positive way to change.

ELIAS:  As you allow yourself to be focusing upon yourself and allow yourself the movement into your own acceptance of self — acceptance, acceptance, ACCEPTANCE OF SELF — you shall also automatically begin to move into the acceptance of other individuals’ creations, and you shall also find that they shall be more accepting of your expressions, and there shall be created much more freedom within yourself and your relationships.

This issue that is held between yourself and Stephen is the same as the issue which we have been discussing, and I am quite understanding of how very powerful these mass belief systems are and that you individually have aligned with these mass belief systems for much of your focus.  Therefore, they are very powerful, and in this you offer yourself very powerful examples and imagery to be addressing to these very powerful issues and alignment with mass belief systems.

In this, if you are choosing to be moving in the direction of not drawing yourself to these extreme expressions in imagery, I express to you to be addressing to your own acceptance of self, and in that be affecting of your own belief systems of duplicity, and as you allow those birds within that bird cage to fly free, you shall also not be drawing yourself to such extreme creations within experiences and such drama within your experience, and you shall achieve much more of a balance within your focus, which shall be creating of much more ease and much less trauma and conflict within this focus.

RETA:  Well, thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

RETA:  I think that I’ll have to focus a little bit differently.

ELIAS:  I am quite encouraging of you.

RETA:  Maybe you want to talk to Stephen now about some of his....

NORM:  Well, I think this is very, very good and I really appreciate it, because it’s affecting our relationship and our future also.  So, I’m really appreciative of the comments that you have made, and I appreciate the clarity with which you did that, and I’m going to try to be helpful with Dehl from now on too, in this.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Stephen, as you already hold an awareness in this area, you also are quite involved in this situation, for you directly involve yourself in choices jointly with Dehl.  In this, I express to you, this day we shall divert attention from your questioning of magnetic fields and other subject matter temporarily, and we shall continue to address to this subject matter for this day, and we may be continuing in other subject matter within a different session time framework, for I hold the awareness that within this particular now, this issue and this subject matter holds more immediacy, and there is an importance for addressing to it with you both.

In this, I also shall express to you, Stephen, that you each together, yourself and Dehl, have chosen a line of probabilities to be playing your “game of life,” so to speak, with your stick and your ball jointly.  I offered recently information as to this analogy, which you may be inquiring of Michael subsequent to this session and he shall be offering you information as to clarification of what I am expressing.  But you have chosen, both of you, to be pushing your balls in a game together.

In this, I am reminding you that although individuals may choose to engage singular relationships with other individuals, this is not to say that they discontinue their action of their own individual intent.  They choose to be involving themselves jointly with creations in some areas with their partner, but not all areas of your experiences are created jointly.  For the most part, your experiences are created individually.

(Intently)  You create your own lines of probabilities.  You do not hold responsibility for another individual.  Therefore, it is not your responsibility to be altering your expression or your direction or your choices to be accommodating of another individual.  These are actions which are dictated by your belief systems.

But let me also express to you that as you engage a relationship of this type of partnership with another individual, as you address to yourself more and more, you are in effect creating of what you may perceive as the very opposite of what you believe.

Your belief systems have been quite efficiently and strongly placed in very working order to be expressing to you that if you are focusing upon yourself, you are engaging in selfishness and you are also negatively affecting of other individuals, and within a partnership relationship you shall be destructively, negatively affecting of your relationship, for you SHOULD be moving in the direction of selflessness and always looking to the expression of the other individual first.  Very, very, very incorrect!

This belief system reinforces duplicity within each individual themselves and also reinforces the belief system and power of duplicity within the other individual, and you are essentially creating of the very action and expression that you do not wish to be creating, and in this action you continue round and round in circles, expressing to yourselves and to each other, “How may I be more positively affecting?  What I am not accomplishing?  What am I not doing?  How may I be accomplishing in this relationship more efficiently?  WHAT MAY I DO FOR YOU?” not “What may I do for myself?” knowing that in doing for yourself, you shall be automatically affecting in the direction that you desire to be affecting with your partner.

Vic’s note:  Elias was very intent in his delivery of the next eight paragraphs.  In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him quite this physically animated in a phone session.  He is often verbally expressive on the phone, but he doesn’t usually move around much.

ELIAS:  But as you are not focusing upon self, you also create expectations, for in focusing upon the other individual and expressing to yourself and to them, “How may I be of helpfulness to you?  What may I do for you?” you are moving your focus of attention to the other individual and you are automatically creating an expectation within yourself, for you are moving in the direction of expressing NOT in acceptance of self but DENYING the acceptance of self, which underlyingly is creating of MANY emotions that you find undesirable, but it is also setting forth an expectation: “Express to me what you wish of me.”  And as the other individual is answering you, you attempt to be accomplishing that action, and in that you hold an expectation of yourself and you hold an expectation of the other individual: that it shall be received, that it shall be appreciated, and that it shall “fix.”  You are not broken!  Therefore, why shall you move in the direction of fixing?

If you are addressing to self and continuing within your expression of acceptance of self, you automatically begin to move in the direction of acceptance of another individual.  The reason that you hold conflict with another individual is that you hold — and this applies to you both — is that you hold expectations of each other, and you do not hold the acceptance of self.

When you are accepting of self, the natural byproduct of acceptance of self is the recognition that just as you create your reality and that there is no right and wrong in your expression, so also do other individuals create their reality and they are not right or wrong either.  You merely hold differences, and this is accepted and eliminates very much of your conflict with yourselves and with each other IF you are allowing yourself to be accepting of self.

Now; I may also express to you, Stephen, that you have moved in a direction of accomplishing certain elements of this action, but within your affection and your commitment in objective terms to your partner, you also incorporate areas of confusion.  You attempt to be moving in the direction of acceptance of self, and you are partially accomplishing of this, but you also are attentive to your partner’s expressions, and this you allow to create confusion within you.  And within your alignment of the SAME belief systems that Dehl holds, you move yourself in the direction of your expression of discounting yourself and expressing that the good husband is listening to the wife and attempting to be understanding and nurturing and loving.  I am not expressing that these are bad expressions!  I am merely addressing to the motivation underlying them and what is directing your attention.

This event that has occurred in the choice of probabilities of these other two individuals, the small one and his mother, has offered you the opportunity, BOTH of you, to be looking to self and to your creations of your reality, to your creation of your partnership, and to be looking to your individual expressions of your acceptance of self — or the LACK of acceptance of self — and how that is affecting of your relationship and of your reality therefore.

This, in regard to both of you within this present time period of your focus together, is an important issue, and if you are not wishing to be creating of new probabilities that you shall be subsequently considering undesirable, I express to you the suggestion that you allow yourselves both the opportunity to view what you are creating, to address to your own individual acceptance of selves, and therefore to open the door for the beginning of the acceptance of each other.  I am quite understanding that within your objective thought process, you believe that you ARE accepting of each other, but you are not, for you hold many expectations and this is creating of conflict, and it is ALL an expression of your own individual lack of acceptance of yourselves.  IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

The situation is not that you accept another individual first, and therefore you shall be accepting of yourself.  The situation and the creation is that you accept yourself, and the automatic byproduct of this action is that you begin to genuinely be accepting without expectation of the other individual.

I may not express this to you enough and I shall continue to be expressing this to you until the time framework that you are assimilating this, although I hold an awareness within this present now that within this very moment, you each have allowed an opening in your energy that I perceive quite clearly, and there is a beginning of an allowance to be assimilating this information that is offered to you this day.

I view each of you in energy.  I view each of you in essence and the entirety of your focus.  In this, I am not distracted merely by your objective awareness or expression, but hold an awareness of all the areas of your energy within this present now, that you express not merely objectively but subjectively.  In this, it matters not the direction of your objective thought process.  There begins a small window of your subjective awareness that is allowing a penetration, an understanding, an assimilation.

I express to you that I hold anticipation for another meeting with you both in discussing other questions, other ideas, other subject matter which you hold a fascination in, but the awareness within this present time period holds an immediacy, and therefore I have chosen to be addressing to this subject matter this day, that it may be helpful to you.

I am encouraging of you also to be engaging objective interaction with other individuals, and if you are so choosing, you may also engage Michael.  You may engage different individuals, but this may be helpful to you in allowing yourselves the opportunity to more efficiently assimilate what I am expressing to you this day.  Also, I am reminding you once again that you may be obtaining the information of the stick and the ball, in that analogy, from Michael subsequent to this particular session — for that may also be helpful to you — and other information concerning the belief system of relationships.

I shall be moving in the direction of addressing futurely to the belief system of duplicity, which holds many complications and may be difficult for many individuals within their objective understanding.  But I also express to you each, as I have expressed to many individuals previously, this is the most influencing belief system that you hold within physical focus — the strongest, the most influencing, and that which holds the most energy unto itself — for it has been fed much energy for centuries and centuries, and that would be the belief system of duplicity.  But as we move farther into the action of this shift, this shall be presenting itself more and more within your objective awareness and shall be more and more affecting, for you all individually and en masse shall be addressing to this and offering yourselves more and more objective imagery in the direction of addressing to this belief system of duplicity, for it IS so very powerful and affecting.

Therefore also, I address strongly to it presently, for it begins its own wave.  As you begin the decline of the wave of addressing to the belief system of relationships and all of its birds, now you begin to address to the belief system of duplicity and all of its birds, and all of their companions! (Oh goody!)

NORM:  I certainly want to say that I greatly appreciate this information.  I know that it is extremely timely, and your perception and awareness is certainly most accurate.  I want to work on this.  To me, it’s a difficult subject.  I will have to work on it very carefully, and I’m sure that I even may have more questions in regard to this over and above my interest in some of the other things, because it certainly is of great ... or of the MOST importance to me, this affectingness between us, and we want to certainly accept ourselves.  I know I certainly want to accept myself entirely, and therefore have the relationship that I desire.

ELIAS:  I am understanding of this, and let me also be expressing to you that as there are no secrets within consciousness, I have held an awareness of the conflict and confusion that has been occurring between you both within the area of relationship for much time framework.  This in your terms is not a new creation, and I hold an awareness of this.  I have merely not addressed to you in this area previously, for you each were not allowing yourselves the openness to be accepting of this type of information, and I shall not presume to be so intrusive as to be entering areas of information that you subjectively are expressly projecting not an acceptance of.  Therefore, I have withheld information to this time period, but you also each — you more so, Dehl, recently, than Stephen — but both of you have been projecting this energy recently in the area of requesting an addressment to this situation and also expressing a great desire to be addressing to this situation and to be receiving information, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to move through these issues and to widen your awareness in these areas.

RETA:  You’re right.  I would like to widen my awareness of this whole ... you’re right, absolutely.

ELIAS:  I shall be expressing to you both this day that I shall be disengaging, for I have offered you much information this day and there is much for you to be assimilating objectively.  I also wish not to be taxing upon Michael, as he is creating of his own issues presently! (Chuckling)

In this, I also am expressing to you each, Stephen and Dehl, tremendous affection, great encouragement, and an acknowledgment that I am listening and that I hold an awareness of your desire, and that I shall be lending energy in reinforcement to your desire in encouragement of your movement.

And I shall also be offering you, from time to time, so to speak, objective validation to you each that my energy is present with you, lest you be forgetful and enter a thought process that I have been forgetful, which I am not!

RETA:  Okay, good!  Every once in a while, I think I feel you in the trees or see you in the light at work.

NORM:  I want to say thank you very much, and you certainly changed the subject appropriately, and I just hope that we can — and I want to — assimilate this greatly, and it was very, very appropriate, very, very loving of you, and I greatly appreciate it.

RETA:  We don’t feel like it’s an intervention.  We feel like it’s helping us to become more aware.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very, very welcome, and you are correct.  I am merely offering helpfulness, and I offer also to you a great expression of affection and of acceptance to you.

For this day, I bid you a very fond — VERY fond — au revoir.

NORM:  Au revoir.

RETA:  Thank you, and good night.

Elias departs at 1:24 PM.

Vic’s note:  Whew!  This session really affected me, I must say!
MJ’s note:  Helpful for me, too.

MJ is the wonderful woman who proofreads every single transcript.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, MJ, for all of the helpfulness and support you have offered me over the last few years.  I love ya!

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