Session 876

Defining ‘Abstract Objective Imagery’


"Defining 'Abstract Objective Imagery'"

Tuesday, August 7, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr)
Elias arrives at 9:55 AM. (Arrival time is 33 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Yarr!

JIM: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Nice to be here again. Thanks for coming by.

ELIAS: Ah, you are quite welcome.

JIM: Well, I've got some questions, as always. (Both laugh) I'd like to start off this morning with something that we discussed in our last session, if I may.

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: You said that objective imagery is the abstract and what holds significance is the expression of your perception. I'd like to go into, if we could, a definition of abstract, if we could clarify some of that a little bit. That was a very powerful statement for me. I've been relating to it a lot, and I'd like to get a little bit more information on, I guess, the definition of abstract. How are you defining that?

ELIAS: The abstract is quite changeable. There may be myriads of images that may be expressed that are suggestive of one subject, and in this, there is tremendous allowance and openness for interpretation. It is quite what you may term to be the opposite of definite or any association with what you may define as absolute, and you do create absolute associations to this point within your physical dimension.

In this, the abstract is an objective expression which may be designed in a manner that elements of your reality or expressions or imagery that you create may not always be what they appear to be.

As you allow yourself an investigation individually of artistic expressions, and you allow yourself to view the expressions of other artists which are defined to be abstract, this may provide you objectively with a clearer view of what I am expressing to you in definition of abstract.

View the expressions of any abstract artist. It matters not what their choice of expression is artistically. It may be in music, or dance, or painting, or writing, poetry - it matters not. There shall be expressed a quality in their design which appears differently objectively than what you associate with actual manifestations within your reality. Therefore, the appearance may be different than the actual manifestation. It is an interpretation, a variation upon a theme, so to speak. This is what creates the quality of abstract. It is a translation of a particular subject matter and a physical projection in objective imagery and creation that at times appears distorted, or may be viewed as an impression of a particular subject matter or manifestation rather an actual literal reflection of a subject or a manifestation.

This quality of abstraction creates a tremendous openness for interpretation and a tremendous expression of changeability. Therefore...

JIM: All right, I follow you there. That explains a lot, especially since I've learned of that focus of James Whistler which we have spoken about, which I thought was really interesting. (Laughs) I can see where you took me within your clues. (Elias laughs) His expression, from what I've read of him and so forth, was very much in alignment with that, and his interest in color and tone I see as very much aligned with my interest in color and tone. It's been an interesting exploration. I appreciate your guidance in that area. I've had a lot of fun with that. It's opened up a whole other area for me.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

JIM: Along those lines, a number of years ago, back in 1995, we had spoken about the energy centers, and there hasn't been really a lot of information since then. I've engaged in conversations with some people, connecting energy centers and color and vibration together, and there's been some discussion and some talk on that relationship.

Is vibration a quality, a physical quality, of just Regional Area 1, or do the areas that you're involved with, Regional Area 2, 3, so to speak, also have a vibration? I'm getting involved with some people, they're very heavy readers of Seth, as you know, and this has been a point of discussion. I'd like to begin to clarify in my mind some of the relationships that might exist between your terminology and the Seth terminology within this term of "vibration." I realize speed is an aspect of our physical and you don't mean speed, but to me there just seems to be a vibration within energy. If there wasn't any type of movement then it would just be stagnant, but there's no relationship of space and time within your relationship. I'd like to maybe discuss that a little bit.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that within consciousness, vibrational quality is what you may term to be a constant. Your interpretation of it in your definition of its movement in relation to time and space is relative to your physical dimension, but vibration is a quality of consciousness. Therefore, it is translatable into every area of consciousness, be it physical or what you term to be non-physical. It is a movement. It is not necessarily associated with speed or time in some areas of consciousness.

But as I have spoken to you previously, information that I offer to you in relation to many of these qualities of consciousness, I express in a manner which you may understand in relation to the design of your physical dimension and what is known to you. This is not to say that certain expressions or qualities of consciousness are not translatable outside of your physical dimension, for they are. They are merely translated differently, for they are not associated with the confines of the design of your physical dimension.

Now; within the expression of other physical dimensions, this quality of vibration may be interpreted within the confines of that particular design. Therefore, the translation may be different or the association may be different than your identification, but it is incorporated as a quality and as a reality, nonetheless. Within the area of consciousness that I occupy my attention presently, vibrational quality is expressed also. The association with it or the recognition of it is expressed differently than your recognition and definition of it, but it is expressed. It is recognized, for it is a movement.

JIM: Would that also hold true of the families of consciousness, the expression of the qualities of the families that we have discussed within this dimension?

ELIAS: In which capacity?

JIM: What am I looking for here? (Elias chuckles) We've associated the colors with the families in similar vibration and similar qualities in the creation of ... 'cause the families are a collective intent of energy. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: So that collective intent, that holds a vibration within this dimension only?

ELIAS: In association with this physical dimension, yes; not necessarily in association with other physical dimensions or other areas of consciousness. The expression of quality of vibration in relation to color in association with each of these essence families is directly associated with the design of your individual physical dimension.

JIM: And that doesn't apply within other areas of consciousness?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no.

JIM: In your area of consciousness are families recognized? Are there families of intent as we have within this physical dimension, or is that even necessary?

ELIAS: No. You have created a quite specific blueprint and design in association with your manifestation of this physical dimension, and in this, in relation to efficiency of expression and direction, choices have been collectively created to group certain collectives of essences together expressing similar tone, similar vibration and similar direction of movement, which expresses the preference of exploration of each group of essence in relation to the design of this physical dimension. Therefore in a manner of speaking, it may be translated into your physical terms and understanding that there are collectives of essences that share similar interest, so to speak, in particular expressions and manifestations and direction of exploration, and these collectives create what we have termed to be essence families in association with your physical dimension. This is physically reflected in your individual physical manifestations and your individual interests.

You hold a direction of interest in relation to certain physical expressions, manifestations and directions of movement. You express interest in movement of energy in what you define as healing. Your definition of healing may change or alter but your direction of attention in interest remains the same, once again moving in the expression of objective expressions; and imagery being the abstract and quite changeable, your definitions of your terms also are abstract, for they are changeable and not absolute. In this, what remains consistent is your preference and your interest in exploration of specific directions. Another individual may not express any interest in your interest.

JIM: Yep, been there, found out that! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is the reflection objectively within your physical dimension of the expressions of these collectives of essences which are identified as essence families, and in this, they overlap, for you align with one essence family and you belong to another essence family. Therefore, you interact with other individuals in different capacities that may align with or belong to either of the essence families that you incorporate within one focus, and this creates a natural understanding objectively and interplay with ease between yourself and any number of other individuals that hold a similar combination of essence families, regardless of the identification of which they are belonging to and which they are aligning with.

JIM: Well, all that ties into the statement we talked about, that all of the chants and dances and rituals, herbs and teas and foods, surgeries and medicines and pharmaceuticals, that there's many different modalities of healing and basically they are all presented for our entertainment, that it is actually the individual who is doing the healing. So would that follow in with the different expressions of the different families, and the different expressions of a different individual and their alignment?

ELIAS: This is not quite what I am expressing to you. What I am expressing to you is an identification of what you may recognize in the similarities of qualities and direction of preference and attention in interest between individuals that are belonging to or aligning with the same essence families, regardless of how that may be translated objectively.

As you have stated, it may be expressed or translated objectively in a myriad of creations of objective imagery or actions or scenarios. It may be manifest in many different manners, as you have stated, in surgery or chanting or color or manipulation of energy through focal points. It matters not, for this is the objective imagery and is abstract. What holds significance is the expression of direction, which is motivated by the preference which creates a direction of interest, which is also expressed in relation to the motivating movement of the quality of intent of the collective, which is identified as a particular essence family.

Once again this is significant, to be objectively recognizing the abstractness of the outward expression of manifestation and physical imagery and allowing yourselves to recognize the consistency of the subject matter, the interest, the intent, the direction that you are engaging. Are you understanding?

JIM: I'm following you there, yes. I want to review that as well, but I see your point.

ELIAS: Individuals, my friend, turn their attention fully to the abstract objective outward expressions, the imagery, and in this, the snare which is expressed in relation to your attention is that your automatic association is to define that objective expression and imagery as an absolute.

(The following is delivered intently, and Elias taps sharply on the arm of the chair with each of the following words.) Therefore, you create an automatic response in associating the physical manifestations of objective imagery as the absolutes, which distracts your attention away from the actual direction, intent, motivation, subject matter, preference, and interest that you individually are inwardly engaging, and therefore expressing outwardly whatever you choose to be manifesting in the abstract expression as merely a reflection of your movement. Your objective imagery, my friend, is in actuality a very similar type of expression as what you objectively identify as dream imagery.

(Continues tapping with each word) Now; in viewing your objective imagery in this manner, allow yourself to recognize the number of experiences you have individually created in which you offer to yourself an objective recall of dream imagery. In this time framework now, you incorporate enough information and have assimilated enough information that you hold an understanding that the imagery that you create within the action of a dream is a translation and is not literal. It is a translation of a movement that you are creating subjectively, and you create actual objective images of that movement that you understand in relation to your translating mechanism; and your translating mechanism is thought.

Therefore, as you view your dream imagery and recall that imagery through the translating mechanism of thought, you create what you define as mental images expressing to yourself a scenario associated with the movement in the dream activity. You also recognize that this is quite abstract. You do not question the abstractness of dream imagery. For as you present yourself with dream imagery, many, many times you view it as quite confusing, and you express to yourself a lack of understanding of how that may be associated with your objective movement, and you create confusion, and you request information to assist you in translation of your own individual dream imagery.

I am expressing to you that your objective imagery that you create within waking state is equally as abstract. You merely do not associate with the abstractness of it, for you define it as absolute for it is physical and solid in your perception and therefore unchangeable. Your tree is your tree: it is absolute, it is unchangeable, it is physical matter. A rock is a rock. Your electronic equipment is what it is, and you view this to be an absolute, unchangeable. This is all objective imagery and is QUITE changeable.

Therefore the expression of objective imagery, as I have stated many times, matters not, for it IS abstract, and it IS quite changeable and may be altered moment by moment - and often is altered moment by moment - and is also a projection of your perception. Therefore it is imagery that is unique to you individually.

(Elias continues intently punctuating his words by striking the armrest of the chair.) What holds significance - and is quite worthy of your attention, especially in conjunction with the movement of this shift and the insertion of this shift into your objective reality - is the recognition of your interest, your motivation, your direction, your preference, and your choices. For your direction of exploration, your movement, is directly associated with your interest and your preferences in association with your intent, and that may be expressed outwardly objectively in COUNTLESS manners, but the direction is consistent.

JIM: Okay, I'm finally there. That was great. Thank you for some clarification there.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Finally, as we discussed back in 1995, at a point in that session you said, "I will acknowledge, though, a correct interpretation of your discussion of viewing the healing process of your flesh, which would incorporate other colors besides red, this incorporating colors dealing with elements of other parts of your physical body, which other energy centers are controlling. We will be discussing this in future sessions."

Could we discuss some of that now? (Laughing) I don't know if there were future sessions of much of that; I know many of our sessions discuss this. I know that some individuals feel there's some distortion within that session and the relationship of the physiological and physical attributes connected with the energy centers. Some of the information is somewhat scattered throughout many sessions, and I was wondering if we could tie that up, so to speak, and get some additional information in that area and end up with that.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, I have offered certain expressions of information concerning energy centers to allow an acknowledgment of the reality that you do incorporate actual energy centers within your physical manifestation.

Now; let me also express to you that I have purposefully not offered much continuation of information in relation to the expression of these energy centers, for to this point within your physical time framework there continues to be expressed extremely strong associations with beliefs concerning these energy centers. Therefore, there is tremendous potential for misinterpretation and distortion and reinforcement of beliefs in association with these energy centers.

Now; let me express to you, my friend, an identification of a movement which may allow you more of an objective understanding and clarity in relation to my choice to this point to limit this information, as to not be reinforcing of the beliefs that are already expressed. For in this, as you collectively are moving your attention in relation to this shift in consciousness and you are moving your direction away from your religious expression, you create a tremendous challenge in attempting to be moving your awareness and your attention into a very different type of expression.

In this process, you have created what may be figuratively viewed as stepping-stones, so to speak, that allow you less expression of trauma and an avenue for transition out of the religious expression and into your new design and redefinition of your reality in association with this shift.

(Starts speaking louder) One of these stepping-stones that you have created in this process is a tremendous alignment and movement in mass expression in association with what you define now as metaphysics, and in this translation and transition (starts tapping again), you have moved some very strongly held religious associations with beliefs and translated them into your metaphysical associations.

Therefore, once again, quite in alignment with the theme of this discussion this day between yourself and I, what you have actually created is another abstraction. You have created a camouflage, creating an expression which APPEARS differently objectively but is not necessarily different.

JIM: Okay, I follow you there. So in working with Dale, doing this CD that she wants to do with tone and related to healing and so forth, this would fall into that category.

ELIAS: Correct! For you are continuing to create the direction in association with the familiar expression of the associated beliefs. You have merely altered the objective imagery and expression and camouflaged the expression, and therefore your association - viewing this as an absolute - is different. You define to yourselves that you are creating an entirely different movement, that your direction is entirely different and not associated with the expressions of the familiar beliefs, but you are continuing to express the association with the religious beliefs. You are merely camouflaging them in the disguise of what I have expressed to you as your new religion.

In this, I am not expressing to you that you are creating a movement to be associated in duplicity as bad. You are merely creating a transitional movement which, within your process, may be expressed as a stepping-stone, therefore not overwhelming yourself with a reality that is so very different objectively in association with the familiar expressions that you shall create trauma within yourselves and your experiences.

But in my offering of information to you, I choose selectively in recognition of the strength of the expressions of your beliefs and the knowing of the reinforcement movement that shall be incorporated in the expression of information that I may offer within any particular time framework. And in that expression, I may offer to you limited aspects of information concerning any particular subject matter merely to acknowledge to you an actual existence, so to speak, or validation of reality within your physical dimension and your associations with energy; but I also choose, in relation to your physical movement and your TIME factor, when I shall be offering other information concerning certain subject matters, as to NOT be reinforcing the strength of your automatic responses and alignment with your beliefs.

JIM: (Sighs) I've been holding off on helping her with this project, and I can see why now, where my impressions are coming from.

ELIAS: And this is significant, my friend. Pay attention to your choices and your communications! For this is the expression within you that shall offer you the information concerning your individual direction. This is your indicator.

JIM: One final area - when I got thrown off my horse, Lightning. Just a few days before when I asked to ride him, I said, "What's the worst that could happen? I'll get bucked off." Well, I did, and I believe that I broke my hand.

In looking at that and really seeing myself, trying to get an inward view, my hand has felt good. In certain areas I see that there is almost a thought before something happens, that this is going to hurt, or I shouldn't do this action, this is going to hurt, and it does. So I've got a lot of aches and pains and so forth, and I think these are all things I'm bringing to myself to bring me into this area to more intensely acknowledge myself, to listen to myself more sincerely, with greater intent as to how I am creating.

ELIAS: Yes, this is your movement in offering yourself a greater awareness of how you are creating your reality objectively, and in this, what you are offering to yourself is the opportunity to recognize where you are placing your attention. Be remembering, my friend, your attention steers the ship. Therefore, where you place your attention is directing of what you shall create.

JIM: That gave me a lot of information, too, on my desire to communicate this information and move into a stronger area of offering information to other individuals. That's some good insight. Thank you. (Elias chuckles)

Well, I think that's about it! (Both laugh) As always, I just have a few things to assimilate here, and a few things to think about for the next six months! (Elias laughs loudly) I can't thank you enough for your helpfulness and your encouragement.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. And as always I offer my energy in encouragement to you freely and shall continue to be expressing my energy with you always. I extend to you once again, objectively, my tremendous affection for you and anticipate our continued interaction.

JIM: I look forward to it. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you this morning, au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:55 AM.

(1) Originally spoken as: "But as I have spoken to you previously, information that I offer to you in relation to many of these qualities of consciousness, I express them in a manner which you may understand in relation to the design of your physical dimension and what is known to you."

(2) From Session #31, 8/20/95.

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.