Session 339
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“The Shoe Analogy”
“The Game of Life”

Friday, November 13, 1998    © 1999 (Group/Connecticut)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Betsy (Mary), Carole (Aileen), Joanne (Hariett), Sally (Bissell), Tom (Thomas), and one new participant, Pat (Ling Chu).
Elias arrives at 8:59 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds)  

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Smiling)

GROUP:  Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS:  And we meet again!  This evening we shall once again open to your questions, and you may have the floor, so to speak. (Pause)

BETSY:  Elias, I have a question.  I was listening to the tape of the private session that I did with you, and we were talking about relationships and aspects of needs as opposed to desires.  My question is that I’ve been in conflict around relationships that I’ve had with men, my family, and being in the middle of a divorce, and within the last week or so, there seems to be a lot of judgment around that, and part of what I’m doing is, I’m looking at what I believe and how I buy into, if you will, the beliefs around the judgments, around actions of things like fidelity and commitment and promise, and I’m wondering if you can comment on some of this.

ELIAS:  You have developed many words within your language that are definitions of aspects of your belief systems.  Recently we have moved into the area of discussion of the belief system of duplicity as the next belief system that we are addressing to, which this particular belief system is interactive with all other belief systems and all of the aspects of all other belief systems.

This be the reason that this particular belief system is so very strong, for it does not limit itself to itself — its own cage with its own birds — but these birds also intermingle with all of the birds in all of the other cages.

In this, within the belief system of relationship and the aspects of that particular belief system, what is quite affecting in reinforcing the aspects of that particular belief system is the element of duplicity, for you may move in any particular direction within the belief system of relationship — you may identify any different aspect — and it shall also be coupled with an aspect of duplicity, which reinforces the aspect of the relationship.

Fidelity: this is an aspect of the belief system of relationships.  If you are engaging in an individual relationship with a partner, so to speak, you also hold an expectation — which is the aspect of the belief system — that you shall comply in this area and that you shall hold to your fidelity.  In this, you place the judgment of good.  Infidelity is the judgment of bad.  Acceptable/unacceptable.

These, as I have stated, are directly influenced by duplicity, for if you are separating the duplicity from the aspect of the belief system of relationship in this example of fidelity, it matters not whether you are complying or whether you are not complying, but coupled with the aspect of duplicity, it becomes important to you, for you align with these aspects of belief systems.

As you are already aware, you are viewing very many aspects of belief systems.  You are holding your attention to these aspects of relationships and attempting to offer yourself information in this area, that you may allow these birds to fly free and be accepting of this.  This also is creating of difficulties at times within your physical focus, for not all individuals are viewing these aspects also.  Therefore, you may be offering yourself information, but other individuals may not be viewing this same information.

In this, they continue to move in alignment with all of the aspects of the belief systems, and as you begin to move outside of this alignment, you may notice that your opposition, so to speak, increases, for the individuals that are not moving in this direction yet view this as unfamiliar and as threatening.  They do not hold an understanding of what you are viewing and the movement that you are creating, and in this movement they may view, but in their lack of understanding they also rebel, so to speak, against your movement.

Now; individuals move in this direction for the reason of fearfulness.  You view unfamiliar areas as areas that hold fearfulness.  You do not easily move in the direction of unfamiliar.

Individuals also do not easily accept any other individual movement into unfamiliar territory, for they view this within themselves, and as you ALL hold one aspect of your perception similarly, you look to yourselves and your own perceptions, and you project your perception outwardly to other individuals.

In this, you hold an expectation that other individuals hold the same perception as do you, and create their reality the same that you create your reality.  Therefore, you create an automatic assumption that you all are quite understanding of each other and that you are all creating by the same rules, but you are not.  You are each creating differently.  You each are creating through your individual perceptions, and your perceptions are all different.

This be the reason that I have expressed to you previously that at times it may be quite beneficial to you to be engaging your inner senses and to be engaging your empathic sense, for this allows you to merge with another individual and experience their experience, which is their perception, which is their creation of their reality, for you shall not entirely understand objectively another individual’s perception if you are not allowing yourself to be experiencing another individual’s perception.  In this, you may also view yourself in this situation and express to yourself that it matters not the other individual’s perception of what you are creating, for you are creating your reality.

Now; I am quite aware that this holds the tone of sounding quite simple and also quite unrealistic, for how shall you be interactive with other individuals and express to yourself it matters not their thought process or their feelings, for this also is unacceptable.  You have created an immense hamster wheel within your belief systems, for you attempt to move in one direction, and your duplicity pulls you back to your hamster wheel and shall divert your attention at every avenue.

You offer yourselves information and you move in the direction of this information and you face yourselves with opposition, and in this opposition you turn other individuals’ perceptions to your own and you create blame and you create guilt and you create accusations to yourself, all of which is the lack of acceptance of self, and in this expression you perpetuate the lack of acceptance of self and you block the acceptance of self, and then you move into the acceptance of self once again and the whole cycle begins once again, for you face yourself with opposition once again and you repeat the pattern.

And in this immense hamster wheel, you experience frustration and confusion, and you express to yourselves and to other individuals the impossibility of all of your situations, for you may not escape your hamster wheel, for it is continuously presenting itself again and again to you.  The SOLUTION — in your terms (grinning) — to this situation is the acceptance of self.

In this, you may view the expression that I offer you initially to be uncaring, to be unfeeling, to be selfish, to be self-centered, to be arrogant ... my, my!  We have so very many terms to express all of these very nasty elements of yourselves, (laughter) and every one of these expressions are reinforcements of your own duplicity!

In this, I have offered many times to individuals the expression to be selfish; not in the terminology that you assign to this word within your definition, but within the definition of looking to self first — accepting self first — regardless of other individuals’ expressions.

All that I have expressed to you, within all of the sessions that I have offered to you all, move[s] in this one direction.  I offer many different analogies, many different stories, many different angles to approach this one subject of acceptance of self and the selfishness of self in the terminology of essence, which is to be viewing self first, for in this you automatically begin to be accepting of other individuals, and you shall find also that within your own acceptance of self, the expression of other individuals matters not, for you begin to offer yourself the understanding of other individuals and their belief systems and their motivation in their behaviors.

This is not to say that I express to you to be uncaring, to hold no compassion, to hold no sensitivity, for these are elements that you have created within your emotions within this physical dimension, but you may be quite expressive of these emotions and these creations, and you may also be offering all of these to yourself.

We have discussed this, that you be offering to yourself all that you offer to other individuals, for in your offering to yourself, the automatic byproduct is the expression to other individuals and the acceptance of other individuals WITHOUT the responsiveness within yourself of hurtfulness, of guilt, of lack of acceptance, of lack of trustfulness.

I offered recently — which you shall be privy to soon — an analogy which illustrates yourself and your perception and your belief systems.  In this, I have also offered the example of interaction of more than one individual participating in your games within physical focus, your “game of life,” so to speak, for this is what you are playing.

You ALWAYS hold choices.  In this, as the stick is your belief system and the ball is your perception, another individual’s perception may collide with your perception.  Their ball may strike your ball, which has been directly directed by their stick, their belief system.  In this, you hold choices.  Your ball is not pasted to your ground!  It is not stuck in one position.  It may move.  You may move your ball, and your ball is not limited to the ground.  It may be moved into your air.  It may move in any direction, but as you choose to place your ball within the path of another ball, so to speak, it may be struck.

(Intently)  In this game, you do not control the movement of another individual’s ball, and it is not your responsibility to be offering direction for another individual’s ball.  Your responsibility lies in directing your own ball, but if you are moving in the direction of concerning yourself and your attention with another individual’s ball, you are neglecting your own ball!  How shall you direct your ball if you are so very busy directing some other individual’s ball?

They shall not allow you to direct their ball regardless, for they shall be directing of their ball and they shall be pushing their ball with their stick where they choose, and you may be expressing many, many, many times that they may be pushing their ball in a different direction, and without agreement, their ball shall move in the direction that THEY choose.  It is not your choice, it is not your control, it is not your responsibility!

In this, as you turn your attention to your own ball and allow your own stick to be pushing your own ball and directing of that, other individuals also hold the choice to move alongside of your ball or to follow your ball or to not play, and it matters not, for your attention is placed upon your own ball and your own stick.

The point is to be moving in the direction of pushing your ball with your finger and not with your stick any longer. (Staring at everybody very intently)

This requires much of your own attention and your own concentration and your own energy.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to move in the direction of concerning yourself with other individuals.  THIS is your aspect of selfishness, which I am quite advocating of, for in this expression there are automatic expressions to other individuals.

Do not concern yourself with the convoluted little sapling.  It shall straighten itself if it is so choosing.  It is not your responsibility.  Your responsibility is with yourself and to be concerning yourself with YOUR expressions.

I am understanding that the expressions of other individuals are viewed as hurtful, and this may be causing you distressfulness.  This also plays into your game, for you are holding to your own energy and allowing the penetration.

As I have stated, I have offered many analogies of how you create within your reality and how you allow all of the aspects of your reality that you view to be distasteful, but you are creating them, you are allowing them, and you are experiencing distress in what you are creating!  I have also offered you the solutions to these situations, but you are not listening.  They are not so very difficult, but you continue to place yourselves and draw yourselves to the situations that shall be reinforcing of your own duplicity.

(Firmly)  Look to this belief system and all of its aspects, for it is very affecting and very strong.  The belief system itself holds much energy.  It has been lent and offered much energy, and as I have stated previously, has become almost an entity within itself, for it holds so very much strength.

In this, each time you view that you are distressed or uncomfortable or hurt or saddened with the expressions of other individuals, you may look to your own aspects of duplicity and express to yourself that the reason that you are experiencing what you view to be as painfulness is that you are expressing to yourself that you are bad, that you are unworthy, that you are inadequate, that you are wrong.

And you counter this by producing within you anger and projecting outward to other individuals what you may express in your terms as retaliation, and what is this expression but the mirror action of what you are expressing to yourself: the lack of acceptance of yourself.  And in this lack of acceptance of self, you do not even accept that you do not accept yourself! (Laughter)

And therefore, you project outward to other individuals justification for yourself, that you are right and you are being victimized, and this expression is the lack of acceptance of themselves also.  It is your projection of the mirror action of your own lack of acceptance of self.  Were you moving in the acceptance of self, there would be no penetration of other individuals’ expressions, for you would not allow the penetration, for you will hold to your own acceptance and recognize that their expression matters not.

Interesting that you create terminology within your language, within your nursery rhymes, that you do not comply with and you do not believe.  Let us examine ... which we shall also offer to another essence which shall be privy to this session, of Giselle.

You express your children’s song of, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may never harm you.”  Very, very, very incorrect!  Your sticks and stones may not harm you as efficiently as your words!

Another individual may physically strike you.  That shall not hurt you in the same manner that another individual’s words shall hurt you, and the reason that these words shall hurt you is not that the other individual is hurting you, but that YOU are hurting you.

And I have expressed from the onset of these sessions, no individual may be as hurtful to you as you may be to yourselves.  You are quite efficient in this area, and you have learned quite well!

Another individual may express what they may, but you are that which creates the hurtfulness, in the same manner that another individual may breathe upon you and be creating illness within themselves, and you shall not catch the illness as a ball!  If you are contracting the illness, in your terms, you have not received this from another individual.  They may be expressing energy, but you shall be creating of the illness by your choice.  It is not thrust upon you.

Another individual, in like manner, may express ANY type of what you may perceive to be hurtful expression, but you are that which is creating of the hurtfulness, for you are allowing your own duplicity to dictate to you your lack of worth and your lack of acceptance of self.

An individual may express to you, “I find your shoes very distasteful.”  You hold the choice, within acceptance of self, to be creating laughter and acceptance of their expression and responding in fashion of, “I am accepting of your expression, and I quite fancy my shoes.  It matters not that you are not fancying my shoes.  You need not wear my shoes!”  But if you are allowing your duplicity to be influencing you, your expression may be, “Oh my!  There is an element wrong with my shoes, for you find them distasteful.  They make my feet look awful!  They are too large, they are too small.  Do you perceive that they may be causing me discomfort?”  And you shall question your own experience, for you have allowed another individual to dictate to you how you shall push your ball, in which direction.  Are you understanding?

BETSY:  Hmm.  I like the analogies.  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

CAROLE:  It seems helpful for physical focuses to get away from other physical focuses and their sticks and balls, to kind of regenerate and connect up with essence.  I know that I require and crave that periodically, and then I feel more energized and stronger to go back into the playing field with the other sticks and balls.  But the more sticks and balls there are around you, the more difficult it is to keep tuned in to your own perceptions.  And it seems as though a lot of people, with the belief system of relationships — we’ll use male and female, a love relationship — decide that it’s not worth what you have to go through to be in that close proximity with someone else’s stick and ball on an ongoing basis, and end up choosing instead not to partake of that.  Can you shed any insight on that?

ELIAS:  These would be more aspects of the belief systems.  Within physical focus, as you are experiencing frustration and not opening yourself to all of your choices and also not being accepting of self, you move in the direction of viewing that if you are creating singularity, you need not be creating in relation to other individuals, and this shall be eliminating of your stressfulness and of your conflict, for you are not creating your conflict.  Other individuals are creating your conflict, for other individuals are creating your reality!  In actuality, other individuals are influencing of your conflict, for you are not looking to self and you are not paying attention to how YOU are creating, and listening to self and what you are expressing to yourself in what you desire to be creating.
You may be creating quite efficiently in the midst of the playing field with many, many other individuals with all of their sticks and all of their balls, and your ball may be hopping over all of the other balls, being untouched and not removing itself from the playing field, for it shall recognize that it is unnecessary to allow itself to be colliding with any other balls.

This is not to say that it removes itself!  This at times is an aspect of individuals not accomplishing their value fulfillment, for they do not allow themselves to view their choices and they continue creating within their conflict, being extremely influenced within the lack of acceptance of self and their own duplicity, and this is creating many times of individuals removing their ball from the playing field and disengaging.

CAROLE:  What about the fact that if a person is beginning to have self acceptance and trusting themself, other players seem to be angered by that and aim their perceptions with their belief systems directly at the person who appears to be having self acceptance?

ELIAS:  Quite, and as I have expressed in the onset of this session, this is quite common.  You are not all moving in the direction of acceptance of belief systems at the same rate, so to speak.  You are not all directing your attention in the same manner, and you are not all drawing yourselves to the same information.  Although you ARE all drawing yourselves more and more into this shift in consciousness, you may offer yourselves information in different manners.

Now; as you offer yourselves information in different manners, you also automatically create new belief systems: that your method is more efficient than another individual’s method, that your path is straighter than another individual’s path, that you are creating of great acceptance and other individuals are not.

Now; why shall you draw yourself to participate within this situation of the lack of acceptance of another individual and the extreme or intensity of opposition of another individual — which you ARE participating within — if you are not offering yourself information of what YOU are creating?  YOU ARE VIEWING A MIRROR ACTION.

Therefore, if you are experiencing opposition in intensity, this is your opportunity to view this and to recognize that you are presenting yourself with the opportunity to view yourself and your own lack of acceptance of yourself and your own creations, and therefore your own lack of acceptance of the other individual, for they are not solely participating in this situation.

Another individual may be expressing to you, “You are unacceptable!  I am experiencing unhappiness with you!”  And what be the thought process that you are creating within you?
CAROLE:  Well, I would be hurt, probably.

ELIAS:  And what shall you create?  You shall be creating of your hurt feelings, and you shall create your retaliation and your justification: “I do not like you either!” (Laughter)

CAROLE:  I’m leaving the field with my stick and ball!  I’m going!

ELIAS:  “I am creating of great acceptance, and you are not!”  My, THERE is an accepting statement, which appears to us quite blatantly as a judgment!

“I am expressing to you that I am trying, trying, trying, and you are not!”  Another expression of judgment.

“I am expressing caring and compassion to you, and you are not reciprocating!”  Another judgment.

“I am very good and you are very bad, and I may justify this statement, for YOU have begun this cycle and this agitation by expressing to me your lack of acceptance of myself!”  Now you have created a judgment and a justification, and another judgment and another justification, and you have very successfully climbed upon your hamster wheel!

CAROLE:  Again!

ELIAS:  And your solution is to remove your stick and your ball and depart from the interaction and the playing field!

Now; if you are accepting of yourself genuinely, another individual may be expressing in what may be perceived to be a hurtful or non-acceptance expression, but it shall not be received in this manner.

As I have offered the analogy of the allowance and the penetration and the buffer, what have I offered to you in this expression?  That as another individual expresses outwardly, there is an allowance of the expression, but as the expression, visualized as a ball, projects in your direction and approaches your energy field, if you are accepting of self and not holding to your energy, the ball becomes a bubble, and as it strikes your energy field, it pops, and the particles of the bubble may reconfigure themselves into whatever you choose.  You may be creating of water, you may be creating of colors, you may be creating a flower from the expression of anger, for it matters not the projection, but what you allow in its configuration and how you receive this and what you construct it into.  You may construct it into biting jaws that shall be hurtful within you, or you may construct it into a lovely flower that you may engage to your benefit.

You may be choosing at times to be moving into a different direction.  I am not expressing that you continue to be, within your playing field, paralleling another individual’s ball if you wish not to play with that particular individual.  There is a difference between removing your ball and pushing it into a different direction, and in pushing your ball within a different direction, if you are engaged in a partnership relationship, the other individual also holds choices and may follow your ball or may not, but your choices are not dependent upon their choices, and their choices do not dictate your choices.  Therefore, you create your choices within yourself, and you allow other individuals to move within harmony with you, and if they are not choosing to be within harmony with you, you may choose to move your ball in a different direction.

You are not bound to any element within physical focus.  These are ALL aspects of your belief systems, and they are your limitations, and they are your blocks of your freedoms.

CAROLE:  What will we use to make choices when we recognize belief systems as belief systems?

ELIAS:  As I have expressed previously, you are not eliminating your belief systems.  You are merely disengaging the aspects.  You retain the cage, but the birds have flown free.  Therefore, you may continue to play with your cage, but the influences — within their strengths and their blocking abilities to you in your expressions and your freedoms and your creativity — are eliminated.

You shall not be eliminating your belief systems.  They are a base element of your creation within this dimension and are elements of your experience within this dimension.  This is the misunderstanding that individuals hold in drawing to this information.

I do not express to you instruction to change your belief systems or to substitute your belief systems or to create new belief systems, but to be accepting of the belief systems that you hold, for you shall not be eliminating of your belief systems!  I have expressed this many times.  They are an element of your physical reality within this dimension.  Without your belief systems, you shall not be creating this particular reality, for they are a base element of it.

CAROLE:  When you recognize something as a belief system and continue within that action, it seems just like a game and like you’re play-acting.  That’s what it feels like.

ELIAS:  You ARE engaging a game!  You are creating to be experiencing physical reality, with the desire to be experiencing certain specific aspects of created physical reality.  It is playfulness!  You are all much too serious!

BETSY:  Elias, to draw an analogy ... I mean, it feels like right now, with the conflict, and with conflict comes change, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s bad, but I feel like a bird in a cage, batting on the sides.  Now, I could choose to fly out of that cage and view the cage, but the belief system is still there.

ELIAS:  Correct.

BETSY:  So, how do I choose?  How can I get to the point where I’m not in conflict about the belief system?  I know it in my head, but how can I change that to not be in conflict and to come to a point of self acceptance, so that I can just view the game and enjoy it?

ELIAS:  Let us view a very small belief system.  Let us return to your shoes! (Laughter)

You all engage the practice of wearing shoes.  This, within your belief system, is acceptable.  You hold no conflict with engaging this belief system that you wear shoes.  You may wear shoes, you may not wear shoes.  It is acceptable to you for your feet to be covered, for your feet to be bare.  You may all choose to be wearing many different types of shoes or you may choose to wear not any, and this offers you no conflict.

The practice of placing the shoes upon your feet is a belief.  It is unnecessary, but you hold no conflict in placing shoes upon your feet.  The belief continues, but there is acceptance of this, even to the point of how you shall be wearing your shoes and how you shall place them upon your feet.

Now; if you are placing your shoes upon your feet, your right upon your left and your left upon your right, you shall be creating conflict, for this is not in agreement with the belief.  The right belongs to the right; the left belongs to the left.  You may continue with the belief and acknowledge its existence.  If your shoes are wide enough, it shall matter not that you place them upon the left or upon the right.  As your shoes are too narrow, they shall constrict you if you are placing them upon the opposite feet, and they shall hurt and they shall be creating of discomfort.  But as you create shoes that are wide enough, they shall not be creating of discomfort, and it shall matter not which foot you are placing them upon.

The belief continues, but how you are constructing the belief matters not and is creating of no conflict, and as you widen your awareness, the belief continues, but it matters not, for it does not hold its power and it is not affecting.

Is this more helpful?

BETSY:  Much!  Thank you.
CAROLE:  That was a brilliant analogy!

ELIAS:  Of course!  And you are anticipating LESS??  For I am quite brilliant! (Chuckling, and everybody cracks up)

You may continue briefly with your questioning, and we shall be disengaging, for I wish not to be taxing upon Michael this evening.  Continue!

CAROLE:  I was talking to someone yesterday who expressed something about a K-Y-C, something to do with what’s happening on the planet, and there’s apparently someone channeling information, an entity, about that at a certain point, some people are going to be going to another dimension.  He was curious what you thought about it.  I don’t have a whole lot of information on it, but I said if the opportunity came up, I would ask.

ELIAS:  I have addressed to this previously, and I may express to you that there are, as you are aware, many alterations occurring within your dimension, within your reality, as this shift in consciousness comes to fruition.

In this, as you move more fully, individually and collectively, into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall not be transporting yourselves into other dimensions, so to speak.  But as I have expressed to you previously, you shall hold the ability to access other dimensions objectively as you begin in your action of out-of-body experiences, your transportation of yourselves through consciousness.

I have spoken much in this area, that you shall be moving THROUGH space — not around space — THROUGH consciousness, accessing other dimensions and accessing many more realities, for you shall allow yourselves more of your own fullness of your own abilities and not be limiting of yourselves within this particular dimension.

I have also expressed to you that other dimensions are not participating in this shift in consciousness.  Therefore, you shall not be transporting yourselves to other dimensions to be taking up residency, for you are already focused within other dimensions!

You may visit other dimensions to be accessing information of those other dimensions if you are so choosing, and you may also be accessing areas of consciousness that you view to be veiled presently.  One area is that between yourselves and individuals that you view to be disengaged.  You view a veil between yourself and those individuals.  There shall be no longer this veil, and you shall allow yourselves interaction and communication, with the recognition of all of the aspects of the action of transition.

In this, certain elements of this information are correct, and certain elements are quite influenced by belief systems.

CAROLE:  That’s what I told him you’d say!

ELIAS:  The aspect that you shall hold the ability or you shall allow yourself the awareness of the ability that you already hold, that you may access other dimensions and other areas of consciousness, is correct; not that you shall be transformed to another dimension, for you are not moving, as I have stated previously, from what you perceive to be your third dimension to your fourth or fifth dimension!  You are merely within this particular dimension within your focused attention, but you also occupy all other dimensions simultaneously.  So in this, where shall you go that you do not already occupy? (Chuckling)

As to the element of information which is presented presently in the fashion that it is being offered within elements of energy exchanges, you shall not be requiring of this action, for you shall hold the remembrance and the information yourselves, and you shall allow yourself the abilities.  Therefore, what be the point of interaction such as this energy exchange, as you may access this information yourselves.

CAROLE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

And this IS the point that I have been expressing to you many times.  YOU shall offer YOURSELVES the remembrance, and you may access this information yourselves.  You each are glorious beings and hold the same abilities as I, and as I have expressed to you many times, the difference is merely the remembrance, that I remember and you do not, but you shall!  And in your remembrance, you also shall allow yourselves the freedom of great expressions and the ability for great explorations, within this and other dimensions. (Smiling)

CAROLE:  Thank you for your helpfulness.

ELIAS:  I am quite encouraging to you! (Chuckling)

BETSY:  Elias, one last question.  In talking about accepting belief systems and everything we’ve been talking about tonight, how does that relate to the intent of the Sumafi?  Are we going to be teaching this to other people, or where do we go with this?

ELIAS:  Within the action of this shift in consciousness, the Sumafi draw themselves to this information in this manner, that they may be undistorting of the information.

As through all of your ages within this physical focus, the intent of the Sumafi remains the same: the holders of the information, those that hold to the purity of the information in the least amount of distortion, and those that are the teachers.  Therefore, individuals that draw themselves to this information that are of the Sumafi family move in the direction of incorporating teaching into their individual intent, in conjunction with their alignment of their particular focus.

This is the offering of this family and their participation in this shift in consciousness: to clarify, to offer information with regard to belief systems, to clarify the belief systems which are offered by other sources, that you may allow yourselves a clearer understanding and to be helpful in teaching areas, recognizing that the point of this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of belief systems, not changing belief systems, and in this, the Sumafi lend much energy to understanding, for they hold the clarity.

BETSY:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BETSY:  You said it before, but I needed to hear it again.

ELIAS:  Very well! (Chuckling)

CAROLE:  Elias, can you give our guest her essence name and her family and alignment?  Her name is Pat in this focus.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Ling Chu; L-I-N-G-C-H-U; two words.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.

CAROLE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BETSY:  Elias, while you’re doing essence name and family alignment, can I ask for a friend of mine, John?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Fomage; F-O-M-A-G-E.  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumari.

BETSY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

PAT:  Elias, I feel like there’s something or somebody around me, okay?  I could be wrong.  I think it feels like it could be my mother, and if it is, is she trying to tell me something or is she just here to help in whatever?
ELIAS:  The energy that you are experiencing is the energy of this essence [of Elias], and is presented to you in a manner that shall feel familiar to you, that it may not appear threatening to you and that you may feel comforted in this and not be retreating within self.  Therefore, it has been offered as a gift, so to speak, in an expression of familiarity.

PAT:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

SALLY:  Elias, could you tell Pat where her mom is now, who was also my favorite aunt Sophie?

ELIAS:  This individual engages the action of transition.  In this, you may experience certain time frameworks that you interpret as interaction of yourself and this individual.

Let me explain to you that what you are engaging is an energy deposit of this individual that has been offered to be comforting at certain time periods to you, but the actual focus of the individual engages the action of transition, therefore is not engaged in direct interaction with individuals within physical focus, for individual focuses which are engaged in the action of transition non-physically do not interact directly with individuals within physical focus.

In this, you may encounter individuals within physical focus that express to you that they are accessing a disengaged relative, so to speak, or friend, or any other individual.  They are accessing energy which has been in conjunction with that individual focus, therefore holds its energy signature, so to speak, and also holds information of the individual, but is not the individual themselves, for the individual focus engages transition, and within the action of transition, that particular focus shall engage all of its attention in that area, viewing all of its focuses.  Therefore, it does not directly interact with physical focus.

Also, the point of the action of transition is to be disengaging — eliminating, not accepting, eliminating — belief systems.  Therefore, it shall not be reinforcing of these physical belief systems by interaction with physical focuses.  It also holds the objective, so to speak, in disengaging objective awareness.  In this, it also would be defeating of the point to be engaging with physical focus if the focus is disengaging objective awareness.

Therefore, what you are engaging is an element that the individual has projected and has allowed to remain, so to speak, within your physical dimension, which is an energy projection of their energy.

SALLY:  Thank you.
ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

SALLY:  Can I ask you one more thing?  Last month, when you were supposed to be here and you didn’t come because Michael was sick, Carole hypnotized one, two, three of us.  I was hypnotized and became Eli, and I asked her to bring me back to that lifetime where I was with you, and I went back to a fellow named Eli with long blond hair, who basically spent his life laughing and dancing and fooling around and having all kinds of fun.  And I just want to know, Eli, Elia, Elias, is there any connection?

ELIAS:  You have allowed yourself to view another focus of your essence, but not the focus that you have engaged with myself.

SALLY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  This is quite common.  In attempting to be engaging viewing other focuses, it is quite common that initially you may not always engage the specific focus that you concentrate upon, for you are not accomplished at directing your attention yet, and you are exploring.  Therefore, you shall be engaging any particular focus that may be more obvious to you.  This may be a focus that may be quite influencing of this particular focus presently, or it may be a focus that shall provide you with comfort and not frighten you.

SALLY:  I see.  Well, I felt as though it was very influencing because this fellow Eli, he was a do-nothing, good-time Harry who always had to dance and play and fool around.  And in this lifetime, I’m a workaholic, and I think I’m just trying to get Eli to get going and do something!

ELIAS:  Ah!  And in difference to this thought process, I express to you the suggestion that YOU be offering yourself a lesson of that individual and be incorporating more of the playfulness, and not be concerning yourself with the instruction that he be disengaging the playfulness! (Laughter)

SALLY:  Yes! (Elias chuckles)  Thank you!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  Very well.  I express to you each this evening much affection.

Ah!  Before I am disengaging, you may be offering to Bridget an aspect of future encouragement, as I hold an awareness of an awaiting focus, which is merely awaiting agreement for entry.


Vic’s note:  Bridget is the essence name of Carole’s daughter-in-law.

ELIAS:  And I shall be anticipating our next meeting.  To you each this evening, I express much affection, and I shall be anticipating your small one also!

To you each, much lovingness, and a very fond au revoir!

GROUP:  Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:30 PM.

Vic’s note:  The shoe analogy really fascinated me!  Less than a year after the sessions began, a shoe store opened locally called Focus Shoes.  I remember noticing it (and I’m sure some folks remember me noticing it, as I went on about it for some time!) and wondering WHY somebody would choose this name for a shoe store.  Also, I have a “thing” about shoes.  I only wear one kind, and I never wear socks.  Other folks notice this and ask me about it, but even though they find it unusual, they hold no judgment as to my choices in this area.  So for me, this analogy was very informative as to the concept of the acceptance of belief systems.

Also, I guessed at some of the names in this script.  I apologize if I have mis-identified anybody.

© 1999  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.