Session 172
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Artistic Spirit/Acceptance


"Artistic Spirit/Acceptance"

Tuesday, May 6, 1997 (Private) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Julie (Lanyah), and Gail (William).
This session was requested by Julie, who is a group member that recently moved out of the immediate area. We miss you at sessions, Julie!
Elias arrives in twenty-five seconds. (No times were recorded)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling)

JULIE: Good afternoon. (Giggling)

ELIAS: You are requesting audience this day?

JULIE: Yeah. Long time no see!

ELIAS: Quite, which is also relative! (Grinning)

JULIE: Yes. Where do I start? Thoughts into words ... I don't know if I have a question to phrase or if I'm just looking for some feedback on how I can be happier with myself by myself, because I can't seem to have the relationships with other people that I'm looking for. (Pause)

ELIAS: We have been dealing with this subject matter with other individuals also; not directly always paralleling but quite similarly, for they all stem from the same issues.

It has been stated many times by many individuals in many different circumstances, throughout your entire history and also within this present now, that you must be accepting of self before you may be accepting of another. This becomes in words so very overstated that individuals become insensitive to the meaning of this, and to not apply this as reality within their own life. It seems then also, when one is confronted with this same statement once again, that this is an inadequate answer; but there are so very many elements of each individual, as yourself.

You are a very complex creature. You may be accepting of a few elements of self, but you also allow yourself to be gripped with the belief system of duplicity, which is quite affecting of all of your reality within all of its aspects. It is affecting within creativity. It is affecting within interaction with other individuals. It is mostly affecting within self, privately. These are very difficult areas for very, very many individuals. I shall suggest also that some individuals choose, within certain manifestations, extreme sensitivities within their experiences. You, as Michael also, may express this to be an "artistic spirit." This is not so very inaccurate. It is a term that you may use to identify a difference within elements known to self that appear off from the norm. These in actuality are unique qualities that may be viewed as quite creative, and if you are using your terms, you may express "special." You do not believe this, but be bearing me out first.

Individuals choosing to manifest within an individual physical focus, concentrating upon these qualities within their experience, outwardly hold an ability to be quite expressive. They also are expressive inwardly, but tend to be internalizing many belief systems that they may outwardly fight against. Outwardly, these individuals, yourself included, shall be crusaders and cause-oriented; very sensitive to what they view to be injustices and rights and wrongs. Inwardly, they focus these belief systems underlying to themselves.

You may look through your history of your species. Let us focus upon individuals such as yourself, within the type of manifestation that you have chosen within this focus. Let us view artistic personalities throughout your history. They are, most generally speaking, quite politically and socially and emotionally focused upon the actions and ills of society within each time period that they are choosing to be manifest. They move outwardly against many of the established, official belief systems, but at the same time they inwardly hold many of these same belief systems underneath. Therefore, they turn these belief systems upon themselves, not understanding that they may move into an acceptance and reconciliation within this contradiction of self. This contradiction within self manifests itself within every aspect of the individual's focus. This shall begin to be manifest at very small ages and shall continue quite consistently, until and unless the individual chooses to allow themselves to reconcile to themselves.

You find (fight?) yourself (hitting clenched fists together) continuously. Within one aspect of self, you hold these belief systems (gestures to the left) and move in this direction objectively. Within private areas of self, alone within your own private area, you hold these belief systems (gestures to the right). Both sets of belief systems are real. Both hold equal strength. Therefore, (hits clenched fists together again), for they cannot coexist. Within one set of belief systems, (gesturing left) you hold the crusader; the idealist; that which you view to be the humanitarian. You hold very strong belief systems of independence and self-assertion. Within the private you, (gesturing right) there are other belief systems held which suggest, "No one individual may create a difference. This is ludicrous, to be expressing that you are special and may be moving any element that you are dissatisfied with outwardly, for you are only one individual and this holds very small worth." You also hold the belief system privately, that although it is positive and looked upon within your perception as good to be independent and strong and assertive, the little child is wishing for caring. (Here, forty seconds pass during which the only thing you can hear is the sound of Julie crying)

Shall I discontinue?


ELIAS: Very well. There is no thing wrong with either of these belief systems. What is creating of conflict is that you cannot seem to find the method to be reconciling the two. This brings us once again to my initial expression to you, of acceptance.

Many individuals may express to you that you must love yourself before you may love another. You must be accepting of self before you may be accepting of another. But they do not express to you where you are not accepting ... and you do not always know ... and they do not express to you what you should be accepting of. I express to you Lanyah, that all of these aspects of self are self. They are all acceptable, and in your terms positive. One needs not be shoved aside to be covered by another. You may be expressive of the entirety of self and accept all of these aspects of yourself, and this does not create the appearance of deficiency. You may be an assertive young woman when you are wishing to be and you are genuinely feeling this expression. You may also be quite acceptably vulnerable and non-assertive; but as you believe that you must be projecting a specific camouflage, this is affecting of all of your expressions. It is affecting and blocking of relationships, for it is either non-accepting of another's expression, or it is defensive of another's expression, or it is intolerant of another's expression; for as you project this camouflage, other individuals must be playing their role to your expectation. Your expectation is held to camouflage those elements of self that you believe will not be accepted; those elements that suggest to you, "You are not a small one any longer. You may not continue behavior in this manner." This is incorrect!

All of your expressions are aspects of you; and as you deny some of these aspects of you, you become as a wheel which is flat. It shall turn. It shall move. And it shall also flopflopflopflop, for it is no longer round! Therefore, it may not move easily in the manner that it was designed to move. You are not allowing yourself to move in the manner that you have designed yourself to move. How you begin to allow yourself to move within the creation that you have created is to be acknowledging of all of these aspects of self, and understanding that they are all acceptable and they are all elements of your own expression ... and that which makes you uniquely you!

As you learn each day to be accepting more of self, you automatically shall be accepting of other individuals' expressions, and much of your conflict shall drop away with no effort. You shall witness your own artistic creativity blossom. You shall witness your own creativity within relationships of other individuals bloom, for you are not judging self. Therefore, you automatically shall not be judging others and holding expectations.

Within this, I shall offer the suggestion to you, do not be viewing this as a statement of, "Lanyah! You must alter your perception and change your entire focus immediately within this present now!" No. I suggest, "Lanyah, look each day to yourself temporarily, for you shall not abolish these duplicitous belief systems immediately." They are very tightly held. Therefore, as a favor to this essence and also as a favor to yourself, explore an exercise.

View privately alone within your mirror, for few minutes within each of your days, your own image; and without critical eyes, regardless of your conscious objective thought and belief presently, utilize this small time period to focus upon a creative creature. Do not look to the objective expression that you view mirroring you within the glass. Think to yourself of the entirety of the essence of Lanyah and the ultimate creativity and beauty of this, and that you possess all of this. Allow yourself to acknowledge self; for although you do not accept this presently, you may be choosing a beginning.

As you continue presently, you choose to be reinforcing of your duplicity and of your lack of acceptance. You multiply this perpetuation by reinforcing to yourself, with activities and events and thoughts within every one of your days to this now, that you are not worthy and that you are not good enough. Therefore, replace this thought temporarily.

You shall continue to hold these thoughts. You shall continue to reinforce what you have begun with this expression of duplicity and devaluation of self, but you shall also begin to be, in very small areas, accepting.

Be understanding that your perception is quite colored and filtered through belief systems which reinforce the devaluation of self, and that other individuals do not always hold the same perception; although you automatically assume that they do! Other individuals do not view you through the same eyeglasses as you view yourself. (Pause) Think also: Within your interactions, allow yourself the opportunity, even momentarily, to hold the thought or the question of what expectation you hold within interaction of another; for as you ask yourself this question, you may offer yourself information that may surprise you. (Pause)

It is quite easy to be focusing upon other individuals and expressing that they hold lack of understanding, that they are impatient, that they move in this direction or that direction which is contrary to your own. It is much more difficult to look to self and to be asking self why this is contrary to yourself, for many times it may not be contrary. Within the time periods that expression of another is contrary, examine also the allowance of this. You create your reality. Another individual does not create your reality. They may not be affecting of you unless you are allowing them to be affecting of you.

This is a very difficult concept. Many individuals may express that they accept that they create their own reality, but they do not; for they also express, "Except within this time period when this other individual is creating their reality which is smothering of my reality!" (Laughter) Other individuals do create their own reality also, and they are influencing of your reality, and not all of your experience is of your own creation, but you have drawn yourself to the creation of another. Therefore, regardless that you may not individually choose to be creating of some element, you participate. There is an agreement. This is not to say that you are locked to all agreements. You are never locked to any agreement! All things are probabilities that may be changed at any moment. Your most efficient movement of alteration is of self, though; for as you alter your own perception, the other conflicts that you viewed to be so extraordinary previously may drift away. (Pause, smiling) You shall accomplish.

JULIE: I have another question, kind of off the subject. I don't really view that there is a right and wrong as far as everyone else is concerned. I have my own views, but I understand that they're different for everybody, so that's not a hard concept for me. But the concept of there being like a truth, it's kind of contradictory to me. I don't really understand how that all works.

ELIAS: You do not understand for within this physical focus the truths, within the mass belief systems, are inconsequential.

The mass belief systems attach the idea of truth to belief systems. These are not truths. Truths are unchanging and are relative to all areas of consciousness, not merely this dimension. Therefore, the constants that are in actuality truths are not recognized by the masses within physical focuses; not only this particular physical focus and dimension, but within any physical manifestation.

Truths are not regarded in actuality with much value. Truths are those elements of which we have spoken previously; of consciousness, and energy, and tone, and color, and dimension, and essence; but individuals within physical focuses attach the term truth to beliefs that they hold to be true and right. What you view within physical focus is quite changing. Your facts are not truths, for they also are changing. Your own truths within belief systems are changing within your own time periods, within different societies.

JULIE: It's confusing.

ELIAS: Therefore, recognize that what the masses identify as truths are not. They are belief systems that they hold to be true, for they are elements of their reality. They are real, but they are not truths. They are inconstants. Truths shall be valued outside of the context of physical focus, where you hold no moral belief systems and no scientific belief systems. All ideas, thoughts, expressions, manifestations, are reality. This is not the same as truth, although truth is reality also; but they are not synonymous.

JULIE: Okay, that helps. I was trying to lump it all into ... I wasn't really separating it. I was trying to figure it out so that they all somehow work together and it wasn't making sense, but now it does.

ELIAS: It is most amusing to be listening with individuals within our forum exploring their ideas of truths and wishing for examples of truths to be offered to them, for they shall not value those truths which are offered! They do not understand that these are constants within consciousness; not changing regardless of any area or focus of consciousness and manifestation and reality. They are wishing to be told that truths hold moral value, which they do not; for your moral value within your dimension holds no meaning within another dimension. Within your own dimension within different societies, your moral truths hold no meaning for other societies. Therefore, they are inconstant. How may they be truths? They are not absolute.

As you may relate to, color does not change. It is a vibrational quality. You may hold interpretations, within different dimensions and focuses, of color. You may manifest representations of this within what you view to be paint, or within creations such as your vegetation or your creatures or your atmosphere, but it continues, even within the interpretation, to hold the vibrational quality that it is. (Pause, smiling) Are you wishing of more questions?

JULIE: Kind of, yeah. I'd like to know why specifically I draw myself to ... why I like people who are in relationships. Is it just because it makes it even more confusing than it has to be? It seems specifically that I like people who are already attached.

ELIAS: As I express this, you shall know already and identify. You are drawn to this scenario, for this is safe haven. (Smiling)

JULIE: It sucks!

ELIAS: This being why I suggest to you to be looking to self. You wish not to be entirely sharing of self, for you are unsure of self. Therefore it is easier, not more complicated, to be attracting yourself to individuals that may not be completely involving with you, which holds an element of yourself at bay and continues to keep this area safely to yourself. If you may not trust yourself to yourself, you may certainly not trust sharing self with another; for if you within yourself are suspect for mistreatment of self and needing protection from your own self, how much more suspect may another individual be? You do not control them. (Pause)

I offer you the option that you may continue and you may inquire further if you are wishing and I shall offer a break, or you may discontinue. It is your choice.

JULIE: I think I'll discontinue, and just work on what I can for now.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer to you also that if you are wishing of further information, you may be inquiring.

JULIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall express once again, I am at your service, my lady! And I shall express, very lovingly, an extreme fondness.

Adieu, for now!

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