Session 1657

A Preference for Preciseness


“A Preference for Preciseness”
“Acceptance, but with the Freedom to Express Yourself”
“The Outcome Is Not the Most Important Element”

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous

(Elias’ arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning! You are as always, right?


ANON: There we go! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: And yourself?

ANON: I’m okay. I’ve been going through a lot of changes, I think. Do you see that in my energy?


ANON: I’m going to start this gently. I have this impression that you and I have physical focuses together.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Were they adversarial?

ELIAS: Some, not all.

ANON: I just keep picking up on an adversarial one, for some reason. It feels strong or something. I get mad at you really easily sometimes — oh my goodness, where is this going? (Elias laughs) I don’t spend a lot of time doing other lives, but can you give some clue on that?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you an identification of one focus in particular in which you and myself occupied opposing camps, so to speak, but were well acquainted with each other and were quite opposing in our directions and in our values, and were quite conflicting with each other. That would be within a time framework associated with that which you recognize as the Roman Empire, but not in Rome, in an area that is more associated with now European, that would be identified as Germany now, but in that time framework was not an actual country of its own yet. In that time framework, I engaged the role of a Roman officer and you engaged the role of an individual that was a member of a native tribe in that area, that which I would have considered to be barbarian. But you also considered myself to be a barbarian. (Laughs)

ANON: So we were equally judgmental?

ELIAS: Ah, quite!

ANON: I wasn’t Queensberry, was I?


ANON: I had a strong feeling when reading the materials about that.

Am I manifesting, right now, disease in my body, in my underarm, breast and abdomen, those areas — any chronic or acute areas of disease?

ELIAS: A potential.

ANON: (Quietly) Okay. Are there ways that I can... Am I on the way to... I haven’t manifested it yet?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Just lately, with all of the shifting going on, I feel like there’s huge amounts of shifting going on. My son, the other morning — he’s in England right now — he phoned me at six o’clock in the morning, my time, and he’s like, “Mom, is everything okay? I felt this huge wave of sadness.” I was okay with him, but then afterwards I got off the phone and I just couldn’t stop crying. I was wondering if he was picking up on something.

Afterwards, I had a session with a lady who helps me with energy work and understanding my impressions and so on. I felt like in that session I decided that I wasn’t going to disengage, but before that, that was a really strong potential. (Emotionally) Is that right?


ANON: Did I make that decision or...? I know it’s not absolute, and I’m not looking for an absolute. I’m just trying to understand the nuances of what I’m going through right now.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you have been generating a considerable anxiety, and in some of your frustrations have been entertaining the direction of what you perceive to be giving up, and therefore engaging what you perceive to be the only other choice in that giving up as to be disengaging — but have not actually chosen to move in that direction. You did generate a potential and a leaning in that direction, and subsequently you also expressed within yourself some fear of actually engaging that choice, and therefore turned and generated a different choice.

ANON: Where does my son play into this? What was that all about, his phoning me?

ELIAS: Merely connecting with your energy. I may express to you, my friend, you incorporate a tremendous ability to be projecting an intensity of energy and not necessarily being objectively aware of what you are actually projecting. But this is not to say that other individuals do not receive that energy. It is merely dependent upon where the other individual is directing their attention and whether they are aware of what they are receiving in association with how they configure it.

This individual was aware that the energy that he was receiving was associated with you, and therefore choose to respond.

ANON: Yes. He’s had that happen before. I guess we are quite connected, he and I.


ANON: Is there anyway that I can direct how I do that? I’m not objectively aware of projecting like that. It’s not irresponsible for me to do that either, right?

ELIAS: No, it matters not. You are projecting the energy that you are experiencing. Other individuals may receive that energy, and in that, it is their choice as to how they configure that.

ANON: With these sessions that I have with this lady, I’ve been working with her a lot, and it’s been very helpful for me to listen to myself, to understand my own energy — the feeling of different energies in my body, the feeling of listening to my impressions in myself. It’s compatible with the work that I am doing with you, too, right? Sometimes I feel like there’s all these different pieces, and I’m not sure quite where they fit together.

ELIAS: Yes, it is compatible.

ANON: When I work with her, she says the same thing about energy and so on. That’s the same as when you’re talking about listening to our impressions or turning your attention?


ANON: What I am doing right now is practicing following my impressions. Like something clicks with me and rather than just negate it, I go and I look at it. I was reading a book, and the name “Buckminster Fuller” came out of that book. I didn’t really know who he was, but it just kept poking at me. I read up on him, and I felt a real strong connection with this man. Can you give me some information on that?

ELIAS: That IS another focus.

ANON: Of me?


ANON: Yeah, I thought it was. He was... (Intermittent interruption on the line, like a clicking) Am I creating this static?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

ANON: Okay, fix my energy... (Takes an audible deep breath, and the static stops. Elias chuckles)

Am I somehow going to take off, like continue on where he left off, not scientifically but in other ways? He talked a lot about unity things and so on.

ELIAS: That would be your choice.

ANON: It’s not cut and dry, what I’m supposed to be doing.

ELIAS: Correct. It is YOUR choice.

ANON: We’re going to be bouncing around a lot here. There are some things that I have been feeling, old things that keep coming up over and over again, that I feel a little bit powerless about. I try to get to the bottom of it, but I don’t quite get there.

I’ve tried with lawyers to ask them how much they charge, and then when I get the bill it is always two or three or four times what they charge. There’s a whole smugness that is what they charge and that’s it. I feel so frustrated in that.

It just happened recently with something I had to do for my mom. I asked the price, and I keep beating myself up that I didn’t have him exactly write it down and stuff like that, which is useless. Can you give me some information on this?

ELIAS: This is similar to other subjects we have discussed previously. This concerns you and your energy and your natural flow.

Now; in this, I have spoken to you previously about differences. But I have also engaged discussion with you concerning allowing yourself your natural expression and acknowledging that, and not fighting or struggling or forcing with your energy. This is another example of that type of action.

In this, recognize that a natural expression of you is to be precise. It is one of your preferences — you prefer preciseness. In a manner of speaking, not completely, but you also prefer almost absolutes. You recognize in increments as you offer to yourself more and more information and you widen your awareness that there are no absolutes. But you prefer solidity in your reality. That is an expression that generates more of a comfort.

Let me express to you, there are terms within your language that convey certain ideas, and generally speaking, many individuals associate certain terms with certain types of definitions, which is quite limiting and also sets into motion certain associations in relation to judgments of good or bad, or what an individual should be if they are expressing well, and what they should not be. In this, certain terms generate some element of automatic negative association, that they are less desirable or they are less enlightened or they are less acceptable or bad.

One term that evokes a negative response with most individuals is drama; another term is rigid; another term is structure. These terms with many, many, many individuals evoke a type of negative association, especially for individuals that are offering themselves information to be widening their awareness and generating the association with that action as offering themselves more enlightenment and moving more into their own expression of spirituality — which, in association with some of these terms, generates the negativity that if you are moving into more of an expression of spirituality or widening your awareness and generating openness and creating more enlightenment within yourself, you should not be expressing those particular expressions, for they are automatically less enlightened or do not denote a widening of awareness. For if you are widening your awareness, you SHOULD BE entirely accepting, and of course, acceptance has no relation to preferences or likes or dislikes. For in acceptance, ALL should be liked, which is not true, for that negates preference. Also these terms are viewed in association with widening your awareness, that you SHOULD BE beyond these types of expressions, for they are restricting.

Now; let me express to you, that is NOT necessarily the situation. It is dependent upon the individual and their natural flow of energy and how they naturally create their reality, what they generate in the efficient manner in creating their reality.

You, as an individual, express a natural flow of energy in association with your preferences in relation to structure, order and some rigidity — in actuality, a considerable expression of rigidity, but that is not bad. That is your natural expression, and it is your PREFERENCE. Therefore, in recognizing your direction and your preference and NOT FORCING ENERGY in opposition to it, you shall allow yourself to generate elements in your reality much more easily and much more efficiently.

Now; in the situation of an interaction with another individual that engages the profession of an attorney and the question of fees in association with services, moving in the direction of expressing yourself in your preference in that structure and rigidness and order, this is not necessarily an expression of control. I am aware that we have been discussing control in recent time frameworks, but all of your expressions are not associated with control. Some are associated with your preferences.

In the interaction with another individual concerning fees of their services, in moving in conjunction with your preferences and your natural expression of energy, it is not unreasonable or unacceptable for you to express yourself in wanting definite structured figures and holding to the engagement of an agreement and not deviating from the agreement. Are you understanding?

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: Offering yourself permission to generate an agreement, to hold to the agreement, to design the agreement in association with your preferences and your natural flow of energy — not actually expressing expectation, for you are moving into the structure of the agreement and holding to that and generating the specifics and the preciseness of that.

You prefer preciseness; you prefer details. In that, in not following your natural flow of energy, that deviates from your preferences and opens the window to be generating conflict. This is different from the element or expression of control, BUT it easily triggers that expression of control. For once there is a deviation from the agreement or the agreement has not been specific and has not fit into your rigidness, that allows for other elements and variables. Once those variables begin to be expressed, that easily triggers your response in control and attempting to manipulate control to generate what you originally wanted and what you initially began to move into but deviated from yourself. Are you understanding?

ANON: I am. I’m interested in the movement of my awareness as it is continuing to broaden. It can sometimes be exhausting to have to think of everything, like every little thing in an agreement all the time and then trust that it will be okay, that I don’t have to think of everything.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: It is almost like a relaxing of the rigidity aspect.

ELIAS: In the thinking.

ANON: But I still like to know where I’m going.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So in this situation, it’s already done. He already did the work. As far as I am concerned, I didn’t agree to it. It’s completely different than what I thought was going to happen. So I just tell him that, and that’s it? I don’t want to ask your advice like that. I’m just trying to understand.

For some reason it seem to be tied up with this... It happened again with the massage. It’s always like she charges for a certain amount of time but ends early, and I couldn’t tell her because... So I just thought I am going to cancel this; I won’t go there anymore. Are they similar, what I’m creating here?

ELIAS: Yes. And what was your hesitation in expressing yourself to the other individual?

ANON: Well, this is where I wimped out. It was like if I do that to her, she’ll resent it and not deliver a quality product. Which is ridiculous, because I was stewing about it the whole time and I wasn’t receiving it well, anyway.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you have blocked yourself in not allowing yourself the freedom to express yourself.

ANON: Well, that one’s not quite done yet. I can still do that. So just allow myself — if I’m going to be a bitch, I’m going to be a bitch. Right? (Elias laughs)

Sometimes I get it really confused, that when we’re in this place of spirit or being it feels beautiful, it feels kind, it feels loving, it’s nonjudgmental, but for some reason I equate all that kindness with not being firm or never being...

ELIAS: Which is what I expressed to you in expressing that there is an automatic association that acceptance is synonymous with preference or like, and it is not.

You may be accepting and also incorporate your opinion and your preferences or your lack of preference, and you may not necessarily express liking of some expression or some manifestation or some action. You may dislike a particular expression or manifestation but also incorporate an acceptance of it, recognizing that it may not be an expression that YOU choose to incorporate, but you accept its existence or you accept that another individual may choose to move in a particular direction or to create a particular manifestation. You recognize the difference. You recognize that it is not your choice, and you choose not to engage a particular action or expression, but you may accept that it may be incorporated by another individual.

In the situation of the masseuse, you are denying your own freedom. You are denying your expression and are not being accepting of you. In that, what you generate is also a lack of acceptance of the other individual. You may be expressive of yourself and also not be discounting of the other individual — not be expressing a judgment to the other individual but allowing yourself your own freedom of your own expression.

ANON: I think I did that in a meeting recently with a volunteer company that I work for. I was going to go in there and listen to them, be the negotiator, and I got in there and they opened their mouths and I just blasted them.

It was not that they can’t be the way they want to be — “go ahead, but you know what? We’re not accepting it on this side.” It was almost like a big no that kinda went there, an energetic push back. At first I was sitting there and it was almost like there was two of me. I thought wow, you’re really giving it to them. But it just felt really right that that was what was needed. To me, that’s like I’m pushing energy if I’m doing that. It felt very forceful, that energy. (Pause)

ELIAS: Forcing energy and expressing forcefulness are two different expressions. A forcefulness...

ANON: In the moment, I felt like I was listening to what I needed to express, and at the same time, there might have been a little judgment, but it was just kinda setup: you guys can do what you want to do, but this is what we’re going to be doing. So was there acceptance in there?


ANON: It actually ended up working out really well. It was my way of saying I’m not going to dance anymore — “if you want to dance, go ahead and dance by yourself.”

ELIAS: Which is listening to you and expressing your preferences. Your recognition of a forcefulness is your allowance of yourself to be expressing yourself and your preferences in your power, but not necessarily forcing energy.

ANON: So forcing energy isn’t... I’m getting it. There’s a lot of subtleties here that I’m working with.

The last time we talked about me just kinda relaxing and taking some time. I’ve been very tired lately, and after my son called and I had that session where I believed that I made a choice, I have been working with a lot of peace in my being. What has been coming up for me is that I’m understanding — I believe I’m understanding — where my information comes from, trying to follow my impressions, trying even if they are small impressions. But it’s a very, very, very different action for me. It’s a very different activity than doing, physically doing something. I feel like I am doing something, though. I feel like I needed to make it so quiet that I could listen to myself. Without that, I would keep listening to my head all the time. Does that make sense?


ANON: The reason why I am asking this is because I’m scheduled to write my final MBA exams in December. I can choose to force that, or I can still sit, feel like I am sitting on my cushions. But I am writing and listening to things, and I’m reading a lot of information on these things that I feel that I need to do right now. And I’m not being lazy, right?

ELIAS: No, you are not expressing laziness. This situation is not an either/or situation. In this, it is not that black and white of you may choose to engage your paper or you may choose to not engage your paper. You may choose to be engaging what you are and exploring yourself and perhaps you may also choose to be engaging the completion of your course, but with a different perception. You may also choose not to complete your course and perhaps choose to be completing it in another time framework.

This is the element of flexibility. This is the direction of balance — allowing yourself to recognize that your natural flow of energy incorporates a preference to structure and rigidity in certain capacities, but also allowing yourself a flexibility in how you move your attention and how that affects your perception.

In the actual doing of many of your actions, you prefer to be incorporating that doing in a manner that you perceive to be orderly. Even within your meditations and your quietness, you incorporate structure and some rigidity, which is a natural flow of energy for you. But in the incorporation of evaluating, that is the area in which you may generate the balance by incorporating the flexibility and not moving into the either/or, black and white expressions — either I incorporate this action or I incorporate that action. This is the area in which the flexibility offers you the balance.

ANON: So if I am so moved, then I can just go and start studying and not... The thing is, what ends up happening with the structure and the rigidity is that I am going okay, now I am going to go study, and I would completely block-off and force it, and it ends up being torture. But I can do it. I can sit down and can learn all the stuff, but I know I’m not following a joyous process here.

ELIAS: And that is the point of the flexibility and generating the balance.

ANON: So as it sits now, the exam is scheduled for a little less than a month away. If I so choose, I could incorporate my choice. I will finish it; I’m just not sure when. But it’s not too short a timeframe to study these two courses and write those exams, is it?


ANON: Even though they’re huge courses. I know that for some reason, I just have this feeling, that I could sit there and the information could go flowing into my head, and I wouldn’t have to do anything. You know what I mean?


ANON: I have to do something. Do you understand what I saying?


ANON: Is that crazy?

ELIAS: No. (Laughs)

ANON: It just seems so unrealistic. I think there is a little belief there about trying hard.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And the value of trying hard and hard work.

ANON: I really, really, really want to neutralize that one as soon as possible. (Elias laughs) It’s bullshit! I’m sorry, but it is! It just means that I spend all my time trying hard and I don’t have any time for fun. I don’t make any time for fun. I know; there’s black and white again.

ELIAS: Which is significant.

ANON: I find it very traumatic now to engage fun. I feel very inept at doing it. (Elias chuckles) It’s the silliest thing!

My questions never go the way I think they are going to go, so I’m going to turn to body a little bit. Lately, I feel like I am suffocating in my body. It goes with the question about am I engaging disease, but I really feel like I am suffocating. I’m not sure what I am doing there.

ELIAS: Holding to your energy quite strongly.

ANON: You mean to physically manifest or...?

ELIAS: Yes, and...

ANON: I don’t easily physically manifest do I? (Elias laughs) I feel like there’s a resentment going on for being physically manifest or... Some people — my mom — she loves being here! But me, I don’t know. Can you give me some insights into that?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to recognize, rather than concentrating upon the difficulties and how you do not easily manifest, turn your attention and allow yourself to recognize how easily you actually do manifest, therefore recognizing or beginning a recognition of the non-necessity of the continuous struggle.

You are present, are you not? You are physical, are you not? Do you engage in objective awareness of the method of how you present yourself physically, how you have manifest yourself?

ANON: Do I do that?

ELIAS: Do you?


ELIAS: No. You easily and effortlessly create physical manifestations, and you do not necessarily incorporate an objective analytical recognition and knowing of how you generate that. But you do. It requires no thought process and no evaluation. You merely generate it.

ANON: That’s the same as with any other manifestation, right?


ANON: This is interesting, because I think what’s happening is the more that I’m listening, the more I get information that everything is okay.


ANON: For example with the litigation, the other litigation that I had. I wasn’t clear that I had completed it. I felt like I needed to do something else, and I know that I was stressing about it. So, I fired off a very innocuous email saying “what’s the next date?” and by doing that, I felt like I released the logjam of feeling like I had to do anything else. I got to the point of I am complete in this, I do not want to engage this anymore. I am very clear on my value of it, and so on. Do you have information on that? Is that what happened?

ELIAS: I would be acknowledging of you.

ANON: Now, in doing that, though, this is where I don’t understand about expectations, because part of it was that I do have an expectation to be paid. Is this where the patience of allowing comes in?


ANON: I am not clear on the piece of expectation. It seems to me that without expectations, we go moment by moment and there are no goals.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Chuckles) But that does not generate chaos, contrary to your assessment. It moves quite easily.

ANON: No, I understand that. I am understanding that, and at the same time how... Help me out here if I’m not asking the right questions, because sometimes I really don’t know what question to ask. But part of me completing this was that I will be paid for what I do. That was the whole process for me to engage, I thought. Is that right, or is that irrelevant? That was my preference.

ELIAS: That is your preference, and that is associated with the process, but it is not the most important element.

ANON: No, it wasn’t the most important element. The most important element was for me to recognize my value and my worth...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: ...and to appreciate the whole process and everyone involved in it...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: ...which I believe I have done. I feel really comfortable with it.


ANON: What I am doing now is I’m looking to have it complete by having it complete — the litigation isn’t there anymore and I have been paid — and then it is done, and I have manifested physically the completion of this.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but in this, you continue to be moving in the direction of the outcome being the most important element. For, the most important element in your perception continues to be the completion, which is significant — the finish line. If the outcome becomes less relevant, you offer yourself the freedom to generate that.

ANON: The outcome?

ELIAS: Yes, for it no longer is expressed as the end point. It becomes a new beginning point, and that is significantly different rather than the end point, the completion. If the outcome is not the point of concentration, if the outcome is not the completion, the end point, the outcome becomes less important, and therefore, the concentration upon the outcome is dissipated. In dissipating that concentration, you generate a different type of energy, which creates a freedom to actually create the want. The want is the generating of money. But if it is not being concentrated upon as the end point, as the completion, the energy that you generate moves to the process once again.

Now; the process moves into a new phase, so to speak, a new segment. In that, you move beyond the process that you have already generated and you move into another segment of it. Therefore, that which was perceived as the outcome or the end point or the completion becomes the inspiration for new expressions and new directions. Are you understanding?

ANON: Um...

ELIAS: In your thought process, you express to yourself you have engaged an action, you have acknowledged yourself, you have offered your creativity in exchange for money with the cooperation of another individual or individuals.

Now; in your thought process, if you receive that money, that allows you the freedom to generate other actions, correct?

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: That is partially correct, for you are partially moving into the direction that generates the money. But the obstacle you present to yourself is forgetting or ignoring that the outcome is not the end point, that it is the window that generates another beginning point. Therefore, you move your attention and your concentration not to the continuation of the process but to an end completion point. In the concentration upon the ending completion point, you generate an obstacle in the energy that you are projecting, for that is not what you want.

What you want is to be generating the continuing point, the continuing of the process and the beginning of new direction. Therefore, the energy that you are projecting is at odds with yourself. For you are expressing to yourself that you want to generate a new beginning point, but you are also expressing to yourself that you want to be expressing an ending completion point.

ANON: This is where everything is connected, right? And I’m not getting that part. So, I took this as its own process in and of itself, that once that’s completed then I would use to the money to start my own business, to continue on in another way.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Instead of concentrating on the money... Like if I sit in the energy of this litigation, I feel that I don’t need to do anything else.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: It’s done.

ELIAS: Correct. Which is continuing...

ANON: So I have the expectation of when it’s done I receive the money, and that’s where I’m getting caught up. Is that what you are saying?


ANON: So I can still have the want and the desire that that money flow to me, but I don’t need to concern myself with how or when.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: And then I turn my attention and my focus to the process. Now, this is where I am not clear. I am already in process of doing lots of other things in my life...


ANON: So how am I...? Where’s the continuing point? I’m not...

ELIAS: It is ALWAYS continuing, my friend. It is always continuing.

ANON: But is there something specific I should be concentrating on or no? Or letting that...

ELIAS: Not necessarily, other than paying attention to your preferences and paying attention to your desires and not waiting for an end point to offer yourself permission to begin. That is the connective tissue. That is the connecting point.

ANON: I’m doing that, too. I know I am.

ELIAS: Yes. There is no end point. It is merely...

ANON: So when you say “continuation of the process,” that’s the process of my life.

ELIAS: Yes. One action leads into another action.

ANON: So, I want to do a business — I think I want to do a business, but it changes. As I change, so many things about it change, and really where I’m at right now is that there’s all kinds of opportunities, there’s all kind of potential out there, but what I need to do is get clear on what I really want.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Is that the next... well, we’ll call it the next step.


ANON: Because I am not doing that, am I? I am being pulled all around by anything that sounds interesting.

ELIAS: And in that, allow yourself the flexibility to explore but also notice what is more attractive to you and what generates more of a curiosity and inspiration and excitement, which is the indication of your preferences. Allow yourself to be specific, and in the recognition of your natural expression of energy, allow yourself to choose specifically and to generate a clarity in that to generate your own natural order and preciseness.

Other individuals may generate a natural flow of energy in which they naturally may move in many directions simultaneously and generate a comfort in that and not incorporate much of a structure — or may not incorporate any structure — and may express a comfortableness in that type of movement and environment. That would not be an environment or a movement that would be expressed easily with you.

You much prefer more of a structure, more of defined direction and more of what you perceive to be order. Therefore, in association with you individually, it would be much more efficient to choose specific directions. But in this time framework, allow yourself to explore different options and evaluate which you more prefer.

ANON: I am getting the impression that even though there is structure and order, it doesn’t mean it needs to be inflexible.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: There is still an effortless that can be put in this.


ANON: My whole being is about putting things in order, getting to the simplest piece in a chaotic mess, that’s what I see. That’s what I like to do the most.

ELIAS: I am aware.

ANON: Is my brother involved in this? I feel like he is very strongly involved in this process of this business.

ELIAS: And offering supportive energy.

ANON: Yes, he is, very. But I am not holding him back from his stuff? He’s doing exactly what he needs to do? Well, of course, he is.


ANON: All right, I think we’re out of time. Any last words of advice to allow this to flow more easily?

ELIAS: Relax!

ANON: Relax? I’m trying, but I don’t even know that I am not.

ELIAS: (Strongly) Offer yourself permission to be playful!

ANON: Okay...? (Elias laughs) I have one really, really quick question. Seale and I met, and she had an impression of me as tall, thin and blonde. She was wondering if that was from another focus.


ANON: We can be exploring that one. Damn, I wish I was that now, but oh well! So be playful?


ANON: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next conversation, and I shall be offering you encouraging energy.

ANON: I would appreciate that. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: In great lovingness and tremendous fondness, my dear friend, au revoir.

ANON: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 5 minutes.

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