Session 195

The Oubliette Analogy


"The Oubliette Analogy"

Friday, July 18, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Nicky (Candace).
Elias arrives at 5:26 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling)

NICKY: Hi! Okay, let's see. I said I knew where I was going to start, didn't I? Okay, I've got a question on the karma business. There was something that caught my eye here. You stated that violent acts, the things that we consider violent acts, murders, rapes and that kind of thing, are agreements of essences for the experience of it. And I was wondering, does that follow through, does that blossom through to those people it affects, those who are personally involved in violent acts? So they're in agreement also with this?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. The individuals that choose to be involved directly with this sort of situation have created an agreement to be carrying out this action. The individuals that are affected around them draw themselves to the experience and involve themselves in the experience to be influencing and benefiting themselves. They might not understand immediately the benefit of their involvement or draw, but they shall be involved, and in some manner they shall be adding to their own value fulfillment. If they are not adding to their own value fulfillment, they shall not be involved.

NICKY: Oh. That one's a hard one to let soak in. I just can't imagine. You say that turning the negative energy towards oneself is more damaging than the effects of this type of thing.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NICKY: Could you tell me a little bit more of that aspect?

ELIAS: What I was expressing within that information was that you view acts of violence in your society as very destructive and very wrong. You are quite quick to be judgmental within your belief systems of these acts, not understanding that the individuals involving themselves within these acts are in agreement for their experience.

VICKI: Elias, I don't mean to be interrupting. Could we take a brief five second pause to change a battery?

ELIAS: Absolutely. (Smiling, and Ron turns the sound off to change the battery)

RON: Sorry, guys. (It took longer than five seconds)

ELIAS: Why may you be sorry? (Grinning)

VICKI: Belief systems about interrupting!

ELIAS: Quite! (Pause, as we lose sound again)

RON: Okay, we're back. I'm sorry. I hate to say I'm sorry, but I'm sorry! (Elias is really grinning at Ron's uncomfortableness)

ELIAS: I am so very sorry that Olivia is so very sorry! (Chuckling)

Very well. Continuing with your question: As to the hurtfulness to yourselves, this within essence may be viewed as more distressing in your terms than viewing or involving oneself within a violent act with another individual, knowing that this is an agreement, but you turn your energy upon yourself hurtfully merely as a response to your own belief systems; and you, as I have expressed, may be much more hurtful to yourself than another individual may attempt to be to you, for you always hold the choice not to be accepting of hurtfulness from another individual. This is always an agreement, but you may turn hurtfulness upon yourself and create much conflict within yourself, and you are not necessarily agreeing with yourself to be creating of this conflict and hurtfulness.

NICKY: So it's a good indication then, when you're sitting there in your own little pity-party, really you should not be. Because you are not in agreement with yourself very often, right? Paraphrasing?

ELIAS: There are not areas that you "should not" be in, although you may not be wishing to be participating within some actions and you may not be wishing to be involving yourself with some emotional situations, for they are causing conflict and uncomfortableness.

NICKY: Okay. And yet when you're viewing or you're participating, even in an outside arena-type thing, and something that drastic has happened -- a rape, murder, people chopping people up, all that other gooey stuff -- if you're there and participating in it, that means you are in agreement with all this then, right?

ELIAS: As I have suggested, you may not, as another individual, be completely in agreement with the act. The individuals participating in the actual action, the individuals exchanging in the actual involvement of the violence, are in agreement. But it is dependent upon your reasoning to be drawing yourself to the witnessing of this experience, of whether you may be in agreement or not. You may be lending energy to the accomplishment of the act itself, and you also may not necessarily be in agreement of the act.

NICKY: Okay, so you can not be in agreement with the act, but lending energy in some way, shape or form? Okay, alright. I'll have to let that one sink. My daughter was raped like three years ago when she was touring a third world, and it's still something that needs to be dealt with, and I view that whenever I read anything like that. I view it and I say, "Okay. How can anyone...."

ELIAS: It is quite difficult for you within the confines of your belief systems to be understanding and accepting of these situations. Be remembering that your responses, and the individual within the act, their responses, are quite heavily influenced by your belief systems. Although the individual may choose to engage an action of violence either by participating as the perpetrator or the victim role, objectively within their belief systems they are not presently aware that they have chosen this action. Therefore, they feel that they have been victimized.

NICKY: Or violated! Isn't there a violation though, when you come upon one's personhood? When you enter their boundaries, so to speak? Isn't that a violation of some sort?

ELIAS: Within essence, this is unacceptable; but within essence, this also is not created. Within some physical focuses this is created as an experience physically, which offers you physical, emotional, and mental extremes.

NICKY: Are we so off-balance that we have to go through all these things in order to bring ourselves to the reality that really is? Is that what this is all about? Is it so deep-set involved in all these belief systems that are so deeply rooted that it's time to uproot it all, and these types of things happen to bring people to that point? I mean, I just have a hard time. I accept it. It's just that when I think about it, it just seems to be such a violation!

ELIAS: This shall serve within your value fulfillment and motivation within your desire to move into a wider awareness, and therefore be discontinuing these actions.

NICKY: Those are pleasant words to my ears. Very pleasant! Okay, if you would indulge me just for a couple of questions here on the parlor game routine, I would surely be appreciating of that, just to hit on the light side of things. Is this acceptable to you?

ELIAS: I shall consider.

NICKY: Okay. There's something that I see, not always, but I see her often. I see her quite often. I see a lady dressed in black, off-the-shoulder dress, black hair, dark-hair. She's always in her garden. How would I go about identifying her? Or could you identify her, or at least put me in the right arena to put it all together?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Be accepting of this. Recognize that this, in actuality, is an alternate self to you.

NICKY: An alternate self? Okay, that puts me where? Where am I at then, when I'm an alternate self?

ELIAS: You hold countless alternate selves.

NICKY: Oh, okay. So she's just one of them?

ELIAS: But one that you have allowed yourself to be connecting with. Objectively, to this present now within the action of this shift, not many individuals yet allow themselves the opportunity to connect and intersect and interact with an alternate self. You may accomplish this, and you may in actuality exchange with an alternate self physically before you.

NICKY: Yeah, I read that somewhere. I don't know where I read that, but I didn't quite understand the whole of what would transpire.

ELIAS: This is not common within this present now, although it shall be much more common upon your planet within the accomplishment of your shift.

NICKY: Okay, so there again, anything that transpires is all for the benefit of awareness, in going on ... mushrooming out?

ELIAS: Quite.

NICKY: Okay. Alrighty. There's a thing with South America that came up with my coffee bean deal. South America is always there. Is that an indication to me that I have a counterpart there? Is that something you can almost take for granted?

ELIAS: You do hold counterpart action within physical focus of this location.



NICKY: Interesting. Will I ever meet the person?

ELIAS: This would be your choice! (Grinning, and Nicky laughs)

NICKY: Yeah, that's right, too! All I have to do is be in agreement with that, don't I! It's a strong desire. I guess that's probably why I bring it up.

ELIAS: You may meet the individual and not necessarily physically travel to the location.

NICKY: Yeah, that's what I have a feeling of.

ELIAS: You may be interacting with the individual as you allow yourself to be projecting through space to be encountering the individual.

NICKY: Okay. So just as it would be when something transpires with me, it would be the same with this other person if I was the one projecting? Is that what you're saying?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for each of you holds individual perception.

NICKY: Okay. I'd like to know the connections on a couple of people. One with "Memo"; my connection or my son's connection.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Non-physical and physical involvements.

NICKY: With both of us?


NICKY: Both my son and myself with this person?

ELIAS: Yes; not necessarily within the same time frameworks.

NICKY: Okay. And the family that I thought I fit in with somewhere, because I'm really having a hard time with this one, is Sumari? Is that where I belong?

ELIAS: Very good!

NICKY: Ah! Yes! Got one right! Okay, another connection one, with Albert. I believe I am connected to him in whatever the connection is, but I have found myself making like a disconnect in my head. Is the agreement now not to any longer have any kind of interplay?

ELIAS: This is not necessarily the action, although you may in future probabilities in your terms be choosing this, although it is unnecessary. Be recognizing counterpart action that has been shared and is discontinuing, for it is no longer necessary. This is in actuality quite common. Individuals may be choosing to participate within counterpart action, but not for the entirety of a focus, and you shall be recognizing of differences as you move out of this action of counterpart.

NICKY: Okay. So what I'm perceiving as disconnect is the interplay you're talking about?


NICKY: Okay. The probabilities that stand in our choosing now, for me in my life right now, will I be staying in California? (Pause) Sorry, I told you I was going to ask! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Within your choice already of your present probabilities, yes. Within your future probabilities, this would be your choice.

NICKY: Okay, that's just about what I thought. And Florida, what part is Florida playing in our life right at this moment, my son and myself? The choices as they stand right at this moment.

ELIAS: (Accessing) There are strong draws in energy. (Pause) Within probabilities that you have not yet chosen, you are creating confusion within yourself presently. You are accelerating this confusion, in allowance of energy from other individuals to be quite influencing. (Pause) I express to you, focus within the now.

NICKY: Where am I off on that? I consciously make an effort to do the moment-to-moment. That has been my belief for a long time.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

NICKY: But I find myself off base, and I just don't know any more. I feel like I'm always hanging somewhere. I feel like I'm hanging out to dry, so to speak.

ELIAS: You are allowing influences from what you term to be past to hold. This is not being in the now. Be recognizing that experiences and feelings within memory need not hold you, and you within your belief systems hold to these and confuse yourself. You view yourself as being within the now for you are thinking within your thought process of this day, but you are allowing energy of other time periods, past and future, to be confusing you. Focus upon now, for all is now. There is no past and future. It is all now. Therefore, you are influencing of all of these elements presently. You do not project yourself behind yourself to be affecting of what you view to be what was. You do not project yourself in front of yourself to be affecting of what you view to be as what will be. You are affecting within the now.

NICKY: I say those words. I preach those words to my son and my one girlfriend in Florida! I thought I believed them, but as you're speaking I'm thinking, "Okay. Is this the reason I'm getting the impression that I'm standing still, because I need to recognize something and be done with it in order to really be in the now?"

ELIAS: Be recognizing of your emotions and where they lead you.

NICKY: Problems! (Laughing) Problems! Confusion!

ELIAS: Conflict.


ELIAS: Be recognizing of this. As you find yourself within the midst of your whirlwind of emotion you express to yourself, "How have I arrived at this point?" You do not allow yourself the awareness of even the onset of this whirlwind. You are not recognizing of it until you are within its eye. Then you are recognizing of this turmoil and conflict, and you are not understanding how to be allowing this to dissipate. Within the eye of this whirlwind, as you experience this notice what you are focusing upon, and you shall find you are not focusing upon the now. This shall offer you a direction to be recognizing the time periods that you deviate and you focus yourself within projections of different time periods. In this, recognize how your thought process drifts in many different directions as it is involved in this act.

NICKY: What do I do with it once I recognize it? I see that a lot, like you said, after I'm already in it, and it's like, "Okay, I did it again!" But what do I do with it?

ELIAS: As you are recognizing of this action, quiet yourself and express to yourself that this is a projection of energy and that you are not there, so to speak. You are within the now.

NICKY: Okay. I can see that. That was very helpful, very helpful. Speaking of energy, there are moments and different experiences, different things that happen that I'm recognizing and becoming aware of and learning. I have those moments where I'm in a trance-state type of deal. What am I doing there? Where am I going from there? What transpires? I have four or five questions involving that.

ELIAS: You are offering yourself many aspects of actions in bits and pieces, so to speak, to be experiencing in increments what you may term to be is coming within this shift. Many, many individuals presently are experiencing very many similar actions. You are not the only individual. You are not isolated and alone upon your planet presently; this being why I speak to you so very often of this shift. This is reality. You have all agreed to be accomplishing of this. Therefore, you also are all beginning to be experiencing many differences in your reality, for you are altering the entirety of your reality. You are offering yourselves the opportunity to be viewing alternate selves, very many more aspects of yourself, other dimensions, other areas of consciousness. This shall alter not only your thought process, not only your emotion, but your actual physical senses and your inner senses. They shall be allowed more of an awareness. In this, you shall allow yourself to become much more sensitive to elements of reality that to this point you have not viewed, for you have blocked, through belief systems and through separation, your objective ability to be interacting and experiencing in these manners. Now, within the action of this shift which is causing tremendous confusion with many individuals, yourself included, you begin to experience visual alterations, sense/touch alterations, hearing alterations. Your smell may be dramatically altered. You may even alter your taste perception, but those senses that are most affecting of you and are most triggering of your thought processes and responses -- your hearing, your sight, and your touch -- these shall be quite influenced and very confusing to you, for they are influencing in your allowance of drifting into different states of consciousness or different areas of consciousness.

You allow yourself a slight movement to be experimenting. Individuals within this present forum of our sessions have experienced this also. It may be helpful to you to be interacting with individuals within this forum, for they may be offering you supportiveness in understanding; for this that you describe is an action of allowing yourself to view yourself blinking in and out.

NICKY: Yeah, and not really seeing anything or experiencing anything other than the moment, what is transpiring.

ELIAS: Quite.

NICKY: Okay....

ELIAS: Within the initial throes this shall be your experience, for this is not frightening. It is confusing, but it is not frightening to you. Therefore, you allow this small movement initially. As you allow yourself to open to your awareness more, you shall be viewing and recognizing within this blinking.

You may experience in waking state an odd feeling, as if you are experiencing an altered state of consciousness but also viewing yourself -- your body, your physical self -- from a different angle, and experiencing yourself as yourself also; as if you are here (holding hands in front, palms together) and you momentarily move an element of your consciousness here (moving the right hand slightly upward and away). You continue to view from here (indicating right hand) this physical you (indicating left hand), but holding all sense awareness here and here simultaneously (indicating both hands); watching your movement and action and interaction physically here (left), but also feeling removed as an observer (right). This you may experience in complete waking state. This may increase temporarily. This offers you a new experience, and also serves for an expanded acceptance of self; an understanding that this is another element that you hold within this focus. You hold tremendous abilities within your physical focus, as I have stated many times. You do not believe within your belief systems that you may be accomplishing, but you may; and as you move into the action of this shift, you also allow yourself the opportunity to view more aspects of yourself and your abilities, therefore reinforcing yourself and validating to yourself the vastness of what you are!

NICKY: What is it that I'm experiencing when I'm in that state? I see it transpiring, that I'm listening. I'm trying to pick up the signals. It's there. Generally speaking, it's when I'm coming back.

ELIAS: You are attempting objectively to be interpreting.


ELIAS: This is quite difficult presently. I do not suggest to you that this is an impossibility, just as I do not express to Lawrence and Michael that their dream mission is an impossibility. It is not, but it is quite difficult; for you are attempting to be translating objectively elements of consciousness which do not hold a translation.


ELIAS: They are actions and communications within essence that do not translate into objective, physical awareness. You create symbols for everything within your objective awareness. The actions that are occurring within consciousness do not translate into your symbols.

NICKY: Okay. Does that have something to do with what I'm speaking at the time it transpires? When it doesn't ... no, I take that back. It always transpires, almost. There's something that's like caught up, and it's ... I don't know! I don't have words for it, and it comes out. It just comes out foreign to my ears. I have no idea what I'm saying when I say it.

ELIAS: For you are attempting to be translating objectively, but you do not understand how to be translating objectively. Therefore, you are needing to be creating a new language and new symbols.

NICKY: Yeah, that's what I experience, because I have no idea what it is. It's gobblety-gook that comes out, you know? It's like part of that state that I'm in. There's something that just rises up and it has to come out, and it doesn't come out making any sense to me.

ELIAS: This is a beginning stage. You may be choosing to be translating into areas that you will understand and language that you do understand eventually, but as you are allowing the communication it appears to be gibberish, for there is no translation presently. I shall be offering a break, and you may continue with your questioning.

NICKY: Thank you.

BREAK 6:16 PM RESUME 6:38 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause)

NICKY: Okay, to go back. What I experienced then in that feeling, and it is a feeling ... it's an awareness and then it goes to the emotional level of it ... it's wanting to interpret something that cannot be interpreted as of yet?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay. So there is something there that I'm experiencing, but that's the whole of it at this moment.

ELIAS: Correct. You are allowing neurological pathways to be opening. In this, you have not yet moved to an area of translating, through your physical form and your objective awareness, what you are attempting to communicate to yourself.

NICKY: Okay. So whatever is there, the only part of the experience that I'm taking in is the experience itself. I'm not taking in anything because it's not translatable?

ELIAS: You are subjectively acquiring information, but you are not allowing as of yet an objective awareness of this.

NICKY: How would I go forth with that to be aware of it? To open?

ELIAS: Do not be impatient!

NICKY: Oh, I am though! That's part of my character! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Okay, that's understandable.

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to relax and be comfortable with the action, you shall also allow more of an ease in accomplishment of this action. This is your essence speaking to you, and your attempt at an allowance for this action to be materialized as speaking through you.

NICKY: Okay. So everything's getting stuck in my throat, so to speak, because these other things need to transpire first?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, I can understand that. I'm going to jump over to the parallel counterpart action. You stated here, the first time you brought it up: "Therefore, when one is choosing to be deflecting off some experience, the other pulls to themselves and vise versa. They exchange experience often. This may also be helpful to you in understanding actions that may occur or events that may occur within your focus that do not seem to be consistent." Then you went on to say, "... which we don't understand." So along with the counterpart action that we have with different people, the parallel action works itself into everything also? I mean, everything intermingles?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NICKY: Okay. So really, when you come right down to it, it's almost senseless sometimes to try to figure out where it's all coming from because it's coming from someplace else, right?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It may appear to be this way at times, but this also adds to your understanding and your remembrance of no separation, and that although you appear within your attention to be in one form, one body, and separated from all other elements physically, you are not. You are continuously responding to energy which is all connected. There is no separation in consciousness. All is affecting of all. All is intermingled. There is no separation except for within your perception and your belief systems.

NICKY: So how are we then individuals, and yet so full of everybody else at the same time?

ELIAS: For you focus your attention in one area. You merely focus a beam of your attention in one area and allow yourself your oubliette, your place of forgetting; therefore offering yourself the purity of your experience. Now you move to a place, in your terms, of remembering. Symbolically, what you are accomplishing is building, piece-by-piece, your bridge, from your oubliette to all of reality.

NICKY: Okay. So that will bring me back to that point when you were explaining to me before about the confusion, and how I bring myself or how all of us bring ourselves to a state of confusion.

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: So that interplays with all of what I'm asking you now, doesn't it?

Vic's note: Following is "The Oubliette Analogy." The dictionary definition of oubliette is: [Fr., from oublier, L. oblivisci, to forget] a concealed dungeon with a trap door at the top as its only opening, formerly used for persons condemned to perpetual imprisonment or to perish secretly.

ELIAS: Visualize your oubliette -- a shelf within a side of a mountain, high upon the side of this mountain, surrounded by no walls, only air, but no physical means of moving out of this small shelf area. You inventively choose to be creating a bridge to the rest of your world, but you are suspended within the air upon this shelf on the side of this mountain, and you must build this bridge from the point of the edge of the shelf. Therefore, you allow tiny pieces of remembrances which materialize physically into matter, and each remembrance that you allow yourself becomes a plank for your bridge, and you begin to build your bridge within mid-air across to the world. As you build farther and farther, your remembrance has built more and more and you may also view more and more, but you still may not see the world, for you have not approached the intersection point yet. You hold many remembrances which are building your bridge, but presently you are midpoint or a quarter-point in building your bridge with remembrances. Therefore, as you stand at the end of your bridge you may look back to your oubliette and you may view remembrances, and you may turn your form and look out and view air.

NICKY: Yeah, like what I experience when I have my little visual of riding on the edge of everything and seeing what's out there, but I don't see it all. I see the bigness, and I go on up and up and up.

ELIAS: Quite. For as you also build your bridge into the air, you are also creating your world before you. It is not formed yet. It remains translucent presently; and as you approach, it becomes more solid and more real; and at the moment of intersection, it shall materialize. This be the action of your shift. This is what you are experiencing.

NICKY: Remembering?


NICKY: (To Vic) What a trip, huh!

VICKI: Good analogy!

ELIAS: Thank you very much! (Grinning)

NICKY: Works for me! Okay, so all of these counterpart actions and opposite counterpart actions, and all these words that are used for the connecting with everyone who is in your path, all are part of this plank action.

ELIAS: (Intently) Yes! Each experience that you are recognizing and noticing serves to be adding another plank upon your bridge, and moving you farther away from your oubliette and farther into the accomplishment of your remembrance. (Pause)

NICKY: So it isn't so important to have an understanding as much as it is to acknowledge the experience?

ELIAS: In your terms, eventually you shall hold an understanding.

NICKY: So it does follow somewhere along the line?


NICKY: I guess that's my biggest problem. I'm always so eager to understand. I have to know! Like something just happened, so now I need to know why! Symbolically led, so to speak.

ELIAS: (Humorously) I have no remembrance of other essences that experience this same creation! (Nicky and Vicki both crack up)

NICKY: Oh, that's too funny! Okay, one more thing. There was a word in here that triggered a certain thought-line when I read the word in one of the transcripts, of "re-listen." What is it that I do? I mean, I know what I do, but I guess I need to hear it point-blank. What is it I do to restrict myself from re-listening when I'm really, eagerly trying to? Is it my eagerness? Is it my impatience?

ELIAS: In part.

NICKY: Okay, what would be the follow-up on that?

ELIAS: Let me explain that the benefit of patience is that you offer yourself the opportunity to be listening and not interfering and clouding the information which is coming to you. If you are cluttering ...

NICKY: That's what I do!

ELIAS: ... your thought process, you are not listening and allowing the communication to unfold. This also serves for misinterpretation. This occurs quite frequently in your skipping shells. If you are skipping shells, you are not offering yourself the opportunity to view those shells which you have skipped! Therefore, you misinterpret your arrival at the shell which is skipped ahead of the other shells!

NICKY: Okay, but aren't you indicating a process now?

ELIAS: (Firmly) I am not offering you a process. I am offering you an understanding of information. You within your belief systems view that you must be moving in increments and offering yourself information and holding an understanding. Therefore, if you deem it necessary to be understanding each movement that you are accomplishing, you must also prevent yourself from skipping shells, for you may not learn calculus if you do not understand arithmetic!

NICKY: Okay, I understand that. So impatience plays a big part in it then, does it not?

ELIAS: Quite.

NICKY: 'Cause that's one thing I'm always yapping about, flapping my jaws over, is how my patience is always being tested. In reality, I'm testing my own patience, am I not?

ELIAS: Yes, and also offering yourself the opportunity to practice.

NICKY: Which brings us back to the point again, if I'm interpreting this right, of living in the moment.


NICKY: So all of it works together.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NICKY: So when I'm out there flying high and I have a sense of being one with it all, that's what it's all about, isn't it?


NICKY: Okay. I like to have confirmations on these types of things!

ELIAS: You are not experiencing lunacy! (Smiling)

NICKY: Oh, this is nice to hear! (Laughing) Although I almost have a not-caring over that one either, anymore!

ELIAS: Very good!

NICKY: You know, I really don't care! It's like, whatever. If I am to accepting of other people's belief systems, must they not also be accepting of mine?

ELIAS: Eventually, they shall! (Grinning) But if you are accepting of you, they shall also find much more ease in accepting you.

NICKY: It does play a big part in it, doesn't it? Okay, I have enough to work with to go forward. I thank you so much!

ELIAS: Very well. You may call upon me at any time, so to speak. I very affectionately extend to you this day a very loving au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:59 PM.

© 1997 Mary Ennis/Vicki Pendley, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.