Session 279




Tuesday, May 12, 1998  © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Michael (Mikah).  (Michael is 17 years old, and is Nicky's son)
Elias arrives at 5:20 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)   ELIAS:  Good evening!  (Smiling)

MICHAEL:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  And how be you this evening?


ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you have inquiries?

MICHAEL:  Yes, many!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Then you may proceed.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  One is, I want to know, what was the wait?  What was the hold up with this meeting?

ELIAS:  Hmm.  This would be Michael's (Mary's) choice, as has been expressed to you.  It is his choice to be engaging with this energy exchange or not, in conjunction with his physical health.  Therefore, he has chosen to be postponing several of these sessions in favor of being attentive to his physical manifestations.

MICHAEL:  Well, this wasn't the first time that there was a ... I tried like a long time ago, like six months ago, and it never worked out.  (Elias chuckles)  It was never mentioned to Michael.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling again)  This also is a manifestation partially of your own choice.

MICHAEL:  My own choice?

ELIAS:  Correct, for you shall draw yourself to this forum and to this information in the timing that you are ready to be receiving this information.  Therefore, there was necessity within yourself to be preparing for this meeting and allowing yourself the openness to be receiving the information.

MICHAEL:  I see.  Okay, I have a couple of questions pertaining to you and I.  One was that my mother asked you how many focuses that we shared together, and that was twelve, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay, what were the relationships that me and you had ... or you and I?

ELIAS:  Ah, and shall you not be investigating of this and offer yourself this information?  I shall offer to you that within several of these we have held the relationship of close friendship, and I shall express to you that you may be investigating of this and express to me what these focuses are entailing!

MICHAEL:  What they are entailing?  What do you mean by entailing?

ELIAS:  What the scenario is that is being played out in each of these focuses.  You hold the ability to be connecting with these focuses yourself, and this shall offer you much more information and validation of your own abilities if you are allowing yourself to be connecting with this information as opposed to merely seeking out from another individual or another essence this information.

MICHAEL:  (Chuckling)  Okay, then my next question would be, how many focuses have I experienced in all in this dimension?

ELIAS:  In this particular physical dimension?


ELIAS:  (Accessing)  You are experiencing presently fifty-three.

MICHAEL:  Oh, my goodness!

ELIAS:  This is encompassing what you term to be past and also future, but they are all occurring simultaneously.  Therefore, within this present now, you within your essence focuses within fifty-three different physical focuses within this particular dimension.

MICHAEL:  So I still have ... in our terms, I still have a future manifestation or some more manifestations left?

ELIAS:  Ah, do not confuse yourself!  Be remembering of what I have expressed to you.  All of your manifestations are occurring presently.  Therefore, you are not anticipating futurely yourself to be remanifesting into this dimension again, for you are already experiencing these manifestations presently within this now.  All of them are occurring now.  It is merely your perception within this dimension and the order of how you have created this particular reality that time appears to flow in a linear direction.  Therefore, you think in terms of past and future, but in actuality, all is occurring presently.

MICHAEL:  Okay, that makes sense.  Alright, let me see.  Okay, this is a question I have pertaining to you.  I have a little bit of confusion of where you're at.  You said you belong to the family of Sumafi, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  You're aligned with ... in this focus, you're aligned with Sumari, correct?



ELIAS:  This is pertaining to Michael (Mary).

MICHAEL:  Oh, Michael!  Oh!  Okay, I see.

ELIAS:  You align with another essence family within physical manifestations.  I do not hold physical manifestations presently.  Therefore, I am belonging to the family of Sumafi, but hold no alignments with other essence families, for I am not manifest physically within your particular dimension.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Then that would bring me to, how long are you a teacher for?  How long will you be doing this?

ELIAS:  This would be dependent upon the individual essence choice.  Within your terms of your linear time framework of what you may term to be "earth time," I may choose to be within this position in this area of consciousness for many thousands of years, but be remembering also that time is relative to physical focuses.  Therefore, although I may express to you an amount, so to speak, of time in increments of thousands of years, this is relative to what you understand within your physical dimension, for within the area of consciousness that I occupy this is not relevant, for I do not experience time framework as do you.

MICHAEL:  Okay then, tell me, after you're done holding that position, what will you do?  I mean, what will you do after you're done being a teacher?

ELIAS:  There are many choices available to myself in essence.  Essence is continuously exploring and becoming.  As I move from this area of consciousness into a new exploration of consciousness, I shall remove myself farther from those interactions with any physical manifestations within any physical dimensions and move deeper into areas of consciousness which are non-physical that I shall choose to be exploring in my endless becoming of self.

Do not confuse this statement with those ideas that are presented within your present time framework of planes or plateaus within consciousness.  Many individuals within metaphysical communities presently interpret these types of statements as moving from one plane to a higher plane of consciousness, which is incorrect.  There are no higher planes of consciousness.  There are merely different areas for exploration within consciousness; new avenues, new areas to explore which have not been experienced by the individual essence previously.

MICHAEL:  Okay, I understand.  I follow you.  Alright, my next one was that me and my mother have been going back and forth.  We have a little bit of confusion on the differences between a fragment and an aspect, like what they are.

Vic's note:  Following are some good explanations of aspects, fragments, splinters, and probable selves.  Great question, Michael!

ELIAS: Aspects are all elements of yourself within all areas of consciousness, within all dimensions.  You hold countless aspects.  In the like manner that you within this particular physical focus may express countless thoughts which project from you and are elements of you, you also hold countless you's within this particular dimension and also within other dimensions.  These are all aspects of self.

A fragment is a very different definition.  A fragment is that element -- that personality element -- of an essence which chooses to be fragmented in becoming its own essence, new to itself, in what you may term to be apart from an original essence, although I shall be reminding you that some of these terms are figurative, for there is no original essence and there is no separation.  Therefore, you are not splitting apart from something; but a fragment is the development of a new personality essence of energy that is unique to itself and also holds all of the information of all that has preceded it, so to speak.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  So then the essence that is fragmented shares one of the same personalities as the essence it was fragmented from, correct?

ELIAS:  It shares qualities.  It holds its own personality, its own tone, but it holds the qualities and all of the information of the fragmenting essence.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Now, I've also heard the term "splinter" used.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  What is that?

ELIAS:  This would be a particular type of aspect of self. Splinters are those aspects of self which parallel you within a focus.  As you manifest within a physical dimension, as I have stated, you hold countless you's.  These are the aspects of you.  Some of these aspects of you are quite parallel to you.

Now; a parallel you may be projected by you within the focus and may be manifest physically in this dimension.  Therefore, there may be another individual that holds the same essence as you and also parallels you within your experience and creation, but this individual has been projected by you into physical form, into physical manifestation, to be experiencing elements of your physical manifestation that you choose not to be experiencing.

MICHAEL:  Okay, so a splinter would be kind of like if you held ... 'cause that goes along with another one of my questions.  You gave Ron an example of his essence choosing to manifest itself in the same time frame.  So this is similar to that, then?  It's your essence manifesting itself in the same time frame?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  You may hold several focuses within the same time framework of one essence.  This is not necessarily a splintering action.  The splinter action is created by the focus.  This be the difference.

If you look to the whole of essence, it may project several focuses of itself into a physical dimension within the same time framework.  You, for example, may be you, and simultaneously within this present now, you may also hold three or four other focuses of essence throughout your globe which shall be experiencing different aspects of your physical dimension for the purity of the experiences.

A splinter is more likened to a probable self.  A probable self is created by the focus, which is you.  A probable self is not created by the whole of essence, so to speak.  It is created by the focus as a projection within alternate realities which appears in choices that have been NOT manifest into your official reality.

Each time you create a choice in your official reality -- a choice of substance, so to speak, not a choice of, "Shall I rise from my bed this morning or shall I sleep?"  But in choices that are altering of your direction within your focus -- "Shall I choose this school?  Shall I choose to live in this location?  Shall I choose to be engaging in this relationship with another individual?" -- these types of choices are inserted into your official reality.  The choices that you have NOT chosen to insert into your official reality become those probabilities which are also manifest, but create probable realities in parallel dimensions to this particular dimension.

Therefore, a splinter may be likened to the probable self in that it is a projection of you.  The difference is that this particular type of projection may be projected into your officially accepted physical reality.  You may meet another aspect of yourself that has been projected by you into this particular physical focus, and it shall be another individual holding its own integrity and creating its own choices within its own focus.  It shall remain an element or an aspect of your essence unless it is choosing through its own desire to be fragmented and become its own essence.

MICHAEL:  Okay, that makes a lot of sense.  Whew!  Okay, so that would lead me to my next thing.  Do I have any other focuses that I'm sharing in this same time framework simultaneously?

ELIAS:  Within this present now, yes.  You hold three other focuses within essence in different locations upon your planet; one within what you term to be the area now known as South America, one being within the location of Siberia, and one being within the location of what you term to be New Zealand.

MICHAEL:  Really!  New Zealand!  Whew!  Siberia, South America and New Zealand!  Oh!  I wasn't expecting that one!  (Elias chuckles)  Okay, a little bit off that subject.  This was something I read that a couple of other people asked, and you said that it pertained to belief systems, and I'm looking towards more general ... like what belief systems would lead to obesity and someone being overweight and not be able to drop the weight and what such?

ELIAS:  There are many belief systems that may be involved in these types of situations.  I shall express to you that each individual creates their own physical manifestations for their own reasons, to be attaining of their own attention; and also, some individuals are allowing themselves to be responding to counterpart action.  Therefore, it is not a situation that I may express to you one belief system that shall hold fast for all individuals creating this same type of manifestation, for they each create their reality for their own reasons.  Some may be creating this type of reality as in conjunction with belief systems for personal issues, some may be creating of this type of situation with regard to counterpart action, and some may be creating of this situation merely for the experience and hold no issues or affecting belief systems in this area.  It is very much dependent upon the individual.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Alright, I have a question somewhat pertaining to that about belief systems then.  If there are mass belief systems that you don't hold or you don't know of, would the belief systems pertain to you?  I mean, if you don't believe in the same thing -- you don't think about it, you don't necessarily have a conscious belief about a certain subject -- would the mass belief systems pertain to you?  I mean, would they affect you?

ELIAS:  Many times, yes.  Mass belief systems hold tremendous strength within energy, and although you may not align with a certain mass belief system, this is not to say that that particular mass belief system may not also be affecting of you in certain areas within your focus.  This is not the rule, so to speak, for there are many mass belief systems upon your planet.  It is dependent upon your culture that you choose to be manifesting within and aligning with.

In this, I may express to you that there are held mass belief systems in other cultures in other areas of your planet which are not affecting of you, for you do not align yourself with them and you also do not participate in your objective exposure to them.  But within the culture that you DO occupy, which is this present culture of your American culture, there are many mass belief systems that you may not necessarily objectively align with, but may also be affecting of you in underlying areas.  Once you begin to delve into the belief systems that you hold, and recognize and identify the belief systems that influence you and that you align with, you also shall begin to uncover many other belief systems that you objectively thought you did not align with or were not affected by, but you may be.

This is not to say that you are affected by ALL of the mass belief systems which are within your culture, but for the most part, you are in some manner affected by most of the mass belief systems which are held within your particular culture.  They may not be quite so affecting objectively and you may not hold an awareness of their affectingness, but as I have stated, as you learn to move more within yourself and you become familiar with yourself and your belief systems, you may also discover many belief systems that you did not realize were within you that you hold.

MICHAEL:  Okay, that makes sense.  Oh yeah, here's one.  I don't know how old I was, I was 4 or 5 years old, but this dog bit me for no reason.  I was not even playing with it.  I was doing something under the table, according to other people, and the dog bit me.  I had to get stitches and all kinds of stuff.  Now, I read in one of the transcripts that sometimes animals react to other focuses that they held.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Was this a case of that?  For him attacking me?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Let me express to you that the consciousness of creatures is quite baffling to most individuals within physical focus, for you lean in the direction of "people-izing" all of your creatures.  You assign traits to them that are alike to yourselves, but creatures do not hold the same thought process or emotional involvement that you as individuals hold within your experiences.

Creatures may respond in action to remembrances and hold no emotion in conjunction with this action.  They are merely responding to the remembrance, which is held differently from you.  As you experience a remembrance, you would term this to be a memory.  You are quite aware that you remain within your present now, but you pull to your present now the memory; which you may visualize and hold the remembrance of an event while continuing to hold the awareness of the present now in distinguishing between the two.  A creature does not engage in remembrance in this manner.  Creatures engage remembrance in the action of simultaneous time.  Therefore, in allowing a remembrance, they are in effect within the moment of a different situation.  Are you understanding?


ELIAS:  Therefore, as the creature is viewing you within your present moment at a very small age and you are not provoking of this creature, it is sparked into a remembrance of another interaction, and it then engages responsiveness to the interaction that it is perceiving within simultaneous time, for its awareness of your perception of linear time has dissipated and it is now occupying its attention with the moment of the remembrance, which is its reality.  In this, it is not responding emotionally, but merely in action of what it knows objectively in its own form of communication.  Is this clear?

MICHAEL:  Yes, very.

ELIAS:  Very well.

MICHAEL:  Okay then, what might I ask was he responding to?  What was he remembering of me when that happened?

ELIAS:  This remembrance ... hmm ... is of another time frame in which you as a focus are a young woman, and you possess a pet of another dog.  This dog that you possess, in response to you as its owner, is antagonistic, so to speak, to this particular dog, which was also a dog within that focus.  Now, mind you, neither of these creatures is exhibiting emotional qualities of their own that are intrinsic to them.  The one creature is responding to the energy that you as the focused individual is projecting within your distaste for the other dog.  Therefore, the pet that is your dog responds to your energy and appears to be antagonistic to the other dog.  In this, the other dog is responsive also, not within emotional quality but merely within communication in its own manner of communicating, and in this it responds in what you think of as being attacking.  Creatures display this type of behavior with other creatures, for it communicates to the other creatures that they wish not to continue with this behavior.

MICHAEL:  Hmm.  That's interesting.  So when we view them to be attacking, or other actions similar, is their way of communicating.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Just as you may look to your wild creatures, so to speak, and you may view a mother lion and her cubs, and she may be appearing to you agitated, growling, snarling, and even snapping at one of her own young, but this is merely a communication that shall be understood by the small one to be discontinuing the action or the behavior that it has been engaging.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Whew!  Alright, my next thing about animals is, I was reading the animal consciousness transcript and someone had asked why we don't find remnants of like unicorns, and that was because the mass belief systems dictate that they don't exist.  So until that belief changes, we won't find them, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Then what is the thing with the dinosaurs then?  Why are we finding remnants, all kinds of remnants, of them?  I mean, I don't have any remembrance right now of being around when dinosaurs were, so how did they end up being found?  (Elias smiles)

ELIAS:  These creatures are more acceptable to you.  They offer you an alignment with your belief systems in the direction of your evolutionary scale.  They validate your belief systems in the area of evolution.  Therefore, you allow yourselves the continuation of artifacts, that you may piece together your own puzzle of linear time and your evolutionary scale.

I shall be speaking futurely as to this matter also, but for this present now I shall express to you that as I have expressed previously, your species has experimented with many forms throughout millennium, and in this you have not chosen to be exhibiting evidence of many of your experiments in forms within this particular dimension.  What you have left for yourselves are what you term to be mythology now.  You offer yourselves stories and myths that you view to be purely imagination, which they are reality, but you have also efficiently removed from this officially accepted reality and dimension the evidences of the existences of these experiments within forms in your creation.

They also interrupt your belief systems of science and of religions.  Your religions express to you that you as a species have been created in the image of a supreme being.  (Humorously)  We would not wish for strange creatures to be appearing upon your planet which shall call into question the creative force of that which you believe to be the supreme being!

You also shall not oppose yourselves within your sciences.  Within the dictates of the belief systems of your sciences, you believe your planet to be only so many amount of years old, and within that time framework you believe an evolutionary process to have occurred and to be continuing within this present now.  I express to you that the evolutionary process is not that which your science dictates and that you have not evolved in the manner to which you believe.  You also have not appeared here as divine creations of an external supreme being transplanting you onto this one little planet in all of space!  Therefore there are quite enough reasons, as you may view, that you shall not offer yourselves evidences of these creatures or of other manifestations of your own species until you have moved away from your very strong hold upon your religious and scientific belief systems.

MICHAEL:  Okay, another animal I wish to question is what we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  You said that there still exists in our time framework this species, right?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  I noticed you said many species ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  ... of this animal?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MICHAEL:  Okay, what do you mean by many?  Do you mean like many Bigfoots, or different variations of the form?

ELIAS:  In this, there is not one species which is common to them all.  There are subsets, just as you have your family species of felines, but there are many species of felines.  In this same regard, there are many species of this particular creature and they are not appearing identical to each other, although they hold similarities just as your felines hold similarities, but they also hold unique qualities to each of their own species, and in this same manner, this creature holds many species and its own unique qualities within each one.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Are we not finding them or are they not appearing for the same reason that we're not finding remnants of other species that have chosen to leave?

ELIAS:  There are many species of creatures that inhabit your planet that you are not finding, so to speak, in your terms, just as I have expressed.  You continue to hold small mammoths upon your planet, but you do not view them.  This is partially for the reason that the masses, within their manifestation of energy of mass belief systems, deny the existence of certain species of creatures.  Therefore, this is affecting of your ability to be intersecting with these creatures.  It also, within the strength of energy of the belief systems, is affecting of the creatures themselves, which creates a situation that they become reclusive in areas, that they shall not be disturbed, and also this adds to their elusiveness, which reinforces your belief systems of the lack of their existence.  This may also be said of creatures such as your sea creature within Scotland.

MICHAEL:  Loch Ness.

ELIAS:  Correct.  I shall be expressing of a break, and then I shall return and you may continue with your questioning.

MICHAEL:  Okey-dokey!

ELIAS:  Very well.

BREAK   6:20 PM.
RESUME  6:31 PM (Arrival time was 7 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

MICHAEL:  Yes.  Okay, I did have a discussion with my mom, and this is one other question that we had about the neutralizing of our belief systems.  Is all that there is to neutralizing them, so they have no affect on like physically manifesting themselves, is just to accept them as belief systems?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Correct.  Okay, now what about mass belief systems?  Is it the same process?  No difference?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Correct.  Okay, alright!  Simple!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Or so you think!

MICHAEL:  Yeah!  (Elias chuckles again)  Okay, my mom has inquired to you already about a financial action that we are participating together to create, and I was curious to know, have we made any progress in the area of physically manifesting it?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Partially, although you also within your joint energy are creating blocks in this area; for in creating certain elements of your reality, you create them without question.  You do not hold a questioning but a knowing that certain elements shall be manifest, and in this they become manifest.  In this situation, you each hold underlying questioning and wondering, and in this you also create blocking of the manifestation.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Would these be pertaining to belief systems, or just questioning?

ELIAS:  All that you manifest is influenced by belief systems, although this would be influenced by the belief system that you may not be creating of certain elements from nothing.

MICHAEL:  Hmm. Is this a belief system that me and my mom both share?

ELIAS:  Correct; that this falls into the area of wishful thinking and imagination, which the belief system held is that these are not reality.  This creates a blocking in the area of materializing the manifestation that you wish to be materializing.

MICHAEL:  Hmm.  Is that all that's left to be accomplished?  I don't mean to make that sound like it's easy!  (Elias chuckles)  It's not!

ELIAS:  But in other terms, it IS that easy.  All you need is the knowing and the lack of questioning in your knowing that you shall manifest, and you shall!

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Then is that all that's left to be done then, besides waiting it out?

ELIAS:  Within this situation, if you are choosing to be manifesting entirely, I offer you the suggestion that you be examining these belief systems and addressing to them, for as you continue to hold these belief systems, you also shall continue to be blocking of the physical manifestation that you choose.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  See, this is tough because personally I've tried dealing with the belief systems pertaining to this, and it's hard.  I don't know if I'm touching on the right belief systems.  I don't know.  Is this where the question is coming in, if I'm neutralizing of the right belief systems or ... see, I'm so confused!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Let me express to you that it is not a question of performing an action of neutralizing the belief system.  If you are approaching the situation from the angle of neutralizing the belief system, you are attempting to engage an action in like manner to attack of a belief system.  This shall not accomplish what you wish to be accomplishing!

Acceptance of the belief system shall automatically produce as a byproduct the neutralization of the belief system.  Therefore, the attention is to be directed in the area of accepting the belief system, recognizing that it holds no good or bad, no right, no wrong.  It merely is a belief system, and that all that is attached to it are aspects of that belief system.  They hold no power unless you are lending energy into the belief system itself.  When you may attain a point of complete lack of judgment upon any area of a belief system, then you shall have accepted the belief system.

Now; let me express to you that as I say to you the lack of judgment, this is not to express only negative judgment, for in your idea of positive or rightness, you also are creating a judgment.  (Pause)

MICHAEL:  Hmm.  Wow!

ELIAS:  Therefore, in accepting a belief system, you no longer hold the judgment of rightness or wrongness within it, and this shall render the belief system neutralized.

MICHAEL:  Hmm.  (Sighing, and Elias chuckles)  See, I think this is part of my blocking of it, is my curiosity.  I mean, is this thing even a probable thing, or is it like a less probable thing happening for us, or like what?

ELIAS:  Presently, less probable.

MICHAEL:  Presently.  Because of the blocking?

ELIAS:  Correct, although you may be altering of this probability if you are choosing.

MICHAEL:  Just by saying I choose to change it?

ELIAS:  And also addressing to the belief system and acknowledging the KNOWING of a creation and not allowing the wondering to be entering.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Now there, I have another question.  The knowing, is that all I need?  I mean, if there's belief systems that are like conflicting, would that conflict with the manifesting of it, or would just the knowing that it's going to be manifested manifest it?

ELIAS:  In KNOWING that an element shall be manifest, you shall manifest it.  This be the reason that individuals with dis-eases that you within physical focus term to be life-threatening or terminal, they may be altering instantaneously of these conditions, so to speak, for within an instantaneous moment they hold a knowing that this may be un-manifest, and therefore it is.  They hold a knowing within their being of their ability.

In this, as you hold a knowing within you of your own abilities and you are trusting of that and not questioning, you SHALL create what you focus your attention upon to be creating.  If you so choose, you may materialize anything before you physically IF you are holding the knowing that you hold the ability without question.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  So when we're saying to ourselves that we know it's going to happen, we know and there's a question that comes to mind, we just accept the belief system that's projecting the question, correct?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Hmm.  Alright, moving on.  This is something that kind of baffled me, yet it didn't surprise me.  My mom sent something off to my sister not too long ago that had some very important contents to it, and I warned her before she sent it to ask herself why she's sending it because of the contents and the intentions of sending it, and it got lost in the mail.  It can't be found.  What was this telling her or telling us?  What was it saying?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  You are quite perceptive to be questioning of the intention in this action, and in your questioning of this action, this also has created subjective questioning within your mother, and in this you both have lent energy into altering probabilities to be diverting of this which was to be delivered, and now is not.

MICHAEL:  That's what I thought.  My perception of it was that the two situations, this situation and the situation we were just talking about, are related.  That's what caught me to question her when she sent it was the intentions, that she knows about this other thing....

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Correct, okay.  And this was a joint action, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  It was both of our ways of telling ourselves that it's a simple matter of creating this other situation.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  So that's even more proof in the pudding that this other situation is very probable then, correct?

ELIAS:  IF you are altering of your choices.  Be remembering of this, for you are continuing presently within this present now to be blocking, and in this you are creating a less probable situation.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Just to reinforce, blocking is holding belief systems that would be countering the action, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  The other night, I think it was last Wednesday or Thursday, my mom and I were on the Ouija board, and we were into it for a couple of hours, and we were talking ... at least I think.  I'm questioning it because I was seeing some of the stuff that was coming out of it, so I'm a little bit confused about what was going on.  This essence was saying its name was Ewok.  What was this all about?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  As I have expressed previously, many encounters that you may engage in this manner with your Ouija boards shall be those involving focuses which are interactive within the area of transition.  In this, they may be adapting to your thought processes and your beliefs, which this is not to say that they may not be answering you and your questioning truthfully in many areas, but they also engage in mischievousness and playfulness.  Therefore, you may encounter distortions and unusual communications within this action.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Well, what we encountered, was that another essence?

ELIAS:  Correct, within the area of transition.

MICHAEL:  What was his essence name?

ELIAS:  This would be a focus, not the entirety of essence.  Are you understanding of this?

MICHAEL:  A focus of who?

ELIAS:  It would be a focus which has been physically manifest, and is now within the action of non-physical transition.

MICHAEL:  So was this part of us?

ELIAS:  No.  This individual's name within physical focus was Edward.

MICHAEL:  Edward.  Now, what you're saying about it being a focus....

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay, so this person is physically manifested.  Is that what you're saying?

ELIAS:  Was.

MICHAEL:  Oh, was!  Okay, so his essence name was ... or the personality that was speaking to us was Edward?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  The personality.

ELIAS:  Yes.

MICHAEL:  Okay, alright.  I follow you now.  Okay, what was our connection?  I mean, why us?  Why did we encounter him?

ELIAS:  For you engaged this playfulness with your board!

MICHAEL:  And he just was hanging around and decided to show up?

ELIAS:  Individuals within the action of transition hold an awareness when individuals within physical focus open a channel, so to speak, for engagement, and they magnate to this engagement.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  So we were ... oh, whew!  Okay, so this is similar to ... oh my gosh.  The only way I can do this is going back to the Seth stuff with Jane Roberts, how they encountered like a couple of different personalities and then they encountered Frank Withers, which was a personality of Seth.  Is this similar?

ELIAS:  No, for within that particular situation, this was the choice of the essence, within that essence family of which he was belonging to, to be communicating initially with the individual within physical focus, but with the intent of not continuing to be interactive with this individual in that manner.  But you may be successful with your board at any given time framework, for individuals within the action of transition -- which Seth was not, but those which are -- are aware, as I have stated, of open channels and shall magnate to them, and in this shall be expressive of themselves and engage you.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  So that personality, the one we were talking to, we weren't talking to the essence in whole.  We were talking to Edward, that personality?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay, alright.  Now my next thing would be is, why was I experiencing uncomfortableness?  I was seeing the stuff that was coming out of the board.  What was that all about?

ELIAS:  As you are allowing yourself an openness to be engaging another individual within transition, you may be experiencing uncomfortableness, for you may be allowing yourself the awareness in connection with this other individual and you may be tapping into information concerning this individual which may be conflicting with your own belief systems.

MICHAEL:  Okay, alright.  So basically, the information that we get from these people should not be taken all too seriously?

ELIAS:  Correct.  There is much distortion in this area.

I shall be expressing that we shall be continuing briefly, for I am not wishing to be taxing of Michael's energy this evening.  Therefore, you may continue with your questioning briefly.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Ever since I was little, I've had this thing about flying.  I've always wanted to fly.  Sometimes I've even had dreams of flying, and I've had this infatuation ever since I was like one or two of this character in like comic books and stuff -- Superman.  And I was wondering what my connection with that is?

ELIAS:  This is connected with your inner knowing of projection in what you may term to be "astral projecting."  This would be what you commonly view as out-of-body experiences, and that you hold an ease in an ability in this area.  Therefore, if you are so choosing, you may be engaging in this activity and you may be traveling, so to speak, quite as easily as your fictional character.  As he moves through your physical space, you may also, in like manner.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  I have three more questions.  Is that acceptable?

ELIAS:  Quite.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  One is my connection with my grandfather, my mom's father.  What is my connection with him?  My mother has expressed that we -- and I also share this opinion -- may have been brothers in a past focus.

ELIAS:  You hold several focuses that you may term to be past.  You also hold several in what you may term to be future.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  Are any of them brothers?

ELIAS:  Two.

MICHAEL:  Two.  Okay.  Another one with my niece Carina.  I hear all the time my sister saying how much she reminds her -- and she does me also -- of our passed-away grandmother, my mom's mother, and I was wondering, is there any connection there?

ELIAS:  Many times an entering focus may choose to be manifesting qualities of an individual which has been a family member.  This may be aiding in their accomplishment of their particular intent within that focus, for it may lend energy in certain directions.

At times an individual focus entering, as it gathers all information of its lineage that it chooses to align with, may choose to be manifesting with similar qualities to an individual family member that has been quite disliked, and in this there shall be what appears to be a natural repellent of this particular individual within the focus, which will be lending energy to their choice of their intent.  But with this particular individual, she has chosen to be manifesting certain qualities of this other family member to be offering an endearing quality to herself, which lends an easement in the movement into this particular focus in its accomplishment within her intent.

Therefore, it is not necessarily a situation of connection in the terms that you express, but a recognition on the part of the entering focus, which is the small one, to adopt qualities of another family member that shall be setting into motion certain responses and feelings within other family members.  This is quite common with many entering focuses.  You may be listening to many individuals express that a small one exhibits qualities of another family member.

MICHAEL:  Yeah!  Okay, I'm looking, I'm looking, I'm looking .. I have so many!  (Elias chuckles)  Okay, two more.  The thing about Atlantis -- you talk about how our planet goes through blinks in and out of physical existence, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay, the thing about Atlantis, was this a culture before or after the present blink, Earth?

ELIAS:  Before, and I shall be expressing upon this subject matter at our next open forum, for this shall be requiring of much time.

MICHAEL:  Okay.  So the next meeting there, this will be brought up then?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay, so I don't have to worry about that one.  Alright, this is kind of like a silly type thing.  I've been reminiscing about this.  Now, I'm looking for validation.  I'm not looking for future probabilities, okay?  (Elias chuckles)  I've had this sense for like a couple of years now, or about a year or two now, about jobs and what such for myself, and going to college for certain areas in like computers and all kinds of stuff that people say I'd be good at and that I feel like I'd be good at.  And one of the feelings -- it's almost like it is a knowingness -- is that I won't have to be working because I will ... it's like the monetary need will be there for the rest of this focus, so it won't be a necessity for me to be out there working.  Would this be a true thing?

ELIAS:  This is within your pool of probabilities, although you also hold within your pool of probabilities a desire to be occupying your time framework with what you term to be working within areas that you may be expressive of your greatest creativity and abilities.  This would be by choice, not necessarily necessity.

MICHAEL:  Right.  Yeah, I forgot about that part, that I wouldn't have to be ... like it wouldn't be a necessity for me to be working.  I've always felt that I'd do something like charity.  Lately, I've felt this thing of teaching.  You know, it's like people always tell me I do it so good, and I actually sometimes enjoy teaching, and that's something that I feel that I'm going to be doing is teaching, but it won't be like a necessity for me to get the monetary needs, that it will already be there for me.  I will be doing that on my free time, so to speak.  Am I right?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  As opposed to not free time?!  (They both laugh)  And what shall that be?

MICHAEL:  What, the free time?

ELIAS:  What shall your not free time be?

MICHAEL:  (Laughing)  My not free time!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  All of your time shall be free!

MICHAEL:  All of my time shall be free.  Well, what I term to be free time, I mean time that I'm not spending doing whatever, like teaching or charity!  (They both laugh again)  That time I am hoping that I can be spending learning instead of working, because I enjoy learning so much.  It's like I have a fascination for learning and passing the knowledge on.

ELIAS:  And you shall continue, and in this you shall also be accomplishing your working, which shall not appear as working to you, for it shall be your own creative expression and therefore provide you with the necessities that you require, but it shall be effortless and you shall not view this as a "job."

MICHAEL:  Oh, good!  That makes me feel so much better!  I've been stressing out so much!  You know, at this time people always pressure you for college and grades and all that stuff, and I'm like up there and I'm trying to decide what college to go to and what occupation to pursue and stuff, and then there's a part of me that's like, don't worry about it!  It shouldn't be a ... let's see, what's the word I'm looking for.  It shouldn't be a worry.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Because it'll work out.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Okay, so when it comes time for me to go off to college, whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

ELIAS:  Follow your creativity!

MICHAEL:  Follow my creativity, and that would be anything like teaching, or....

ELIAS:  Correct.

MICHAEL:  Correct.  Whew!  (Elias chuckles)  That's a toughie!

ELIAS:  You shall be accomplishing well!

MICHAEL:  Oh, good!  That makes me feel so much better!  (Elias chuckles)  Okay, one last thing.  My father, what's his essence name?

ELIAS:  Belel; B-E-L-E-L.  (accent on second syllable)

MICHAEL:  Belel.  Well, that's a neat name.  What family and alignment does he fall under?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold.

MICHAEL:  Vold.  Oh, whoa!  Okay, so I guess we're done then?

ELIAS:  Very well, and I shall be anticipating our next encounter.

MICHAEL:  So shall I!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I am acknowledging of you that you have moved through certain issues and allowed yourself THIS encounter!

MICHAEL:  Yes!  (They both laugh)  Thank you very much!

ELIAS:  Very good!  For this evening, I shall be expressing to you great affection, and shall bid you a very fond au revoir!

MICHAEL:  And I, you.

Elias departs at 7:14 PM.

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