Session 253
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Sunday, December 28, 1997      © 1997 (Group)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), David (Mylo), Sue (Catherine), Bobbi (Jale), Jim (Yarr), Gail (William), Helen (Jsenne), Drew (Matthew), Chris (Yan), and a new participant, Kristin (Stephonne).
Elias arrives at 6:49 PM. (Time was twenty seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good evening.  (Smiling)

GROUP:  Good evening.

ELIAS:  We shall begin with our game this evening.

RON:    I'd like to introduce a new category of anatomical features.  (Laughter)  In Milumet, I'd like to connect feet.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Acceptable.

CATHY:  Okay, I'll go.  Musicals, Les Miserables, Sumari.

ELIAS:  One point.

DAVID:  A new category:  Imagery, UFO's or flying saucers, Vold.

ELIAS:  Re-evaluate your color.

DAVID:  Okay.

HELEN:  I have one:  Movies, The Titanic, Tumold.

ELIAS:  One point.

DREW:   Entertainers, Orson Wells, Sumari.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

JIM:    Artists, Georgia O'Keefe, Tumold.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  For Paul:  The muses, Urania, Sumafi.

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  For Jo:  Explorers, Timothy Leary, Ilda.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  For Mary:  The muses, Clio, Sumafi.

ELIAS:  One point.

VICKI:  For myself:  Sports, swimming, Tumold.

ELIAS:  One point.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Very well.  This evening we shall readjust our agenda and I shall open to you all, and I shall be accepting topics of interests from YOU; those subjects of which we have not spoken, or spoken briefly of, that you wish to be elaborated upon, and we shall begin a new series of sessions dealing with these subjects of your choice.

VICKI:  I can jump right in on that one with a question that was posed by one of our long-distance players, who asked for elaboration or discussion on the topic of any of the henges, or also about Easter Island and what's going on there.

ELIAS:  And other topics?  Subjects that you are wishing to pose for elaboration upon?

CATHY:  Our connections with animals.

BOBBI:  Color.  I'd be interested in knowing more about colors, and also counterpart connections and activity.

ELIAS:  Color in which capacity?

BOBBI:  That's a good question.  I guess as it relates to ... gosh, a lot of things.  Words, essence tone ... vibration, I guess.

JIM:    Energy centers.

DREW:   I'd like to learn more about the city.

DAVID:  And I would like to know more about the sayings of the Bible, like Jesus' sayings, and the real interpretations according to Elias.

HELEN:  I'd like to know about fear; just the fear that we live in within our daily lives and the capacity of it, and how to disengage it from our lives.

ELIAS:  Log these, and we shall be attending to these subject matters as per your requests.  Subsequently, we shall continue with our discussions of essence families and other related subject matter.  (Pause)

Fear:  This be a pressing subject matter within this present now that you all hold elements of.  Therefore, we shall begin with this subject.  Fear is a complicated subject matter.  You each hold different elements of fearfulness in different areas and within different degrees, but you each hold fearfulness.

Within physical focus, your greatest fear is that of physical focus.  It is unfamiliar to you.  It is an experimentation in experience.  Therefore, you enter into a state of attention that is unfamiliar to you.  You are entering into an area of exploration.  This be the nature of essence, of all consciousness -- another subject matter that may be added to our list that may hold interest, that of consciousness.  You enter into any physical dimension with the intent of exploration, another aspect of becoming within essence, within consciousness, exploring that which is unknown to you, allowing yourself new experiences; but as they are unfamiliar to you, you also hold fearfulness.

Now; let me explain that within all different dimensions you do not hold fearfulness, for some dimensions do not hold belief systems that shall be creating of fearfulness.  Therefore, you explore your new dimension and physical focus in other dimensions without the element of fearfulness.

Within this dimension, you have created this particular physical focus holding many belief systems and emotion.  Fearfulness is also directly connected with emotion.  Therefore, in this particular dimension it is a pronounced element in your reality, for it is connected with your emotion.  Within your belief systems, you hold a fearfulness of unknown.  All elements of this dimension are unknowns to you.  Therefore the fearfulness also is an intricate element of your reality.

In one respect, this is a part of your reality which is intricate and serves a purposeful placement in your reality.  It may be motivating to you, and it also may be cautioning to you.  Therefore, it serves a benefit in helpfulness to you within this particular reality.  In other respects, it may be limiting to you.  It is dependent upon your use of this emotion and your manipulation of it, which stems from your understanding of it.

Within an understanding of this emotion, it may be manipulated to be beneficial to you.  There are elements beyond your comprehension within this particular dimension that, holding fearfulness of these elements, you shall prevent yourself from entering into areas that may be confusing or conflicting to you. It is limiting to you in that you hold a basic fearfulness of this physical reality in itself.  The exploration of this dimension and physical reality is an unknown.  It is unfamiliar to you.  Therefore, you hold fearfulness within it all.
Just as were you to journey into your far reaches of your space, so to speak, you would hold fearfulness of what you may encounter, that that which you may encounter may not be friendly and is an unknown.  In the same manner, as you move day by day within your focus, what you may encounter may also not be friendly.  This is including yourself, for you are exploring yourself equal to your environment.  Therefore, what you are exploring is as unknown to you objectively, within your attention in this focus, as the far reaches of space.  This be the reason that I express to you so very many times that you are worthy, that you are safe within yourselves, and that you need not be frightened of yourselves.

Your greatest limitation is your fearfulness of self; not of your environment, not of other individuals, but of your own selves and what you may be creating for you and what you may discover about you.  Therefore, you hold a fearfulness of this "black hole" that is the deep inner you, which possesses all of your dark secrets that you do not allow even your objective self to view.  But within your black hole of yourself is merely the belief systems that you have acquired that suggest to you that you are not worthy, or that you may not accomplish, or that another is BETTER than you.  In actuality, as I have stated many many times, you are perfect within yourselves within each moment. You are accomplishing within each moment what you choose to be accomplishing in perfect alignment with your intent, and at the moment that you are not accomplishing perfectly within alignment of your intent, you shall disengage, for you shall not hold the value fulfillment within yourself within this particular dimension any longer.

I am quite understanding that many individuals hold discontentment within physical focus, creating within their individual focuses unhappiness.  This also stems from your fearfulness.  This is not to say that you are not continuing to be moving within your value fulfillment, but I am acknowledging that within physical focus, your experience may suggest uncomfortableness and discontentment.  You may strive to be "looking for a better way," more comfort within your focus, an easement, less difficulty, less conflict, less distress.  This be the reason that I speak to you so very often of no right and wrong and good and bad.  These are products of your belief systems, and they are quite influencing of you.

I am not discounting of the reality of these belief systems and how they are influencing and creating of your reality, for what you feel and what you experience IS REALITY.  If you are unhappy, you are unhappy.  It IS your reality.  It is not an illusion.  It is created by your belief systems, but it is also your reality.

I do not express to you that there is no right, wrong, good, bad that you may eliminate these from your focus and your reality, but to expand your awareness that there is more beyond your belief systems.  It is these belief systems that limit you and create these situations of fearfulness and unhappiness.  I may also express to you that in many cases, your experiences of distress or unhappiness are also contributing to your value fulfillment, for they attain your attention.  I have expressed many times:  You pay very much more attention to what you view to be negative experiences than you do to what you view to be positive experiences.

Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences.  If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away.  You do not hold to it.  Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is -- an experience -- and you allow this experience to fly away.  You do not hold to this experience.  But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience -- a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience -- you hold to this.  You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative.  There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil.  You merely are.  You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience.  Within your logic, express to me:  Is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar?  This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness.  Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness.  (Pause)

How may you eliminate fearfulness?  (To Helen)  This be part two of your question!  The elimination of fearfulness is trustfulness and acceptance.  (The group sighs in unison)  Which, you all settle into your seats presently and express within yourselves, "Ah, yes.  This once again!  I am quite aware that acceptance and trustfulness of self shall be eliminating of fearfulness.  Let us be on with this!"  (Laughter)  What you do NOT acknowledge is that you may speak this to yourselves, but you do not understand yet the reality of these words.  They are merely words.

In acceptance of self in truth, in trustfulness of self, there is no room for fearfulness.  It is automatically eradicated; for the reason that you do not eliminate fear is that you continue to hold belief systems, you continue to reinforce your base belief system of duplicity, and you do not accept self.

(Intently)  I have expressed this recently -- once previously -- and I shall express once again:  I make the suggestion that you all for a time period create within you the exercise which has been offered within our early sessions, to be noticing of each time that you are discounting of self within each day.  I suggest to you that you may hold amazement at how very many times, within one day of time framework, you discount yourselves and reinforce your own belief systems within duplicity, and reinforce in this your own fearfulness.  Each time you are excusing yourself, each time you are apologizing for your actions or your thoughts, each time you are discounting of yourself, each time you are expressing that you may have accomplished more efficiently within that moment, or better, you are reinforcing your own belief systems of duplicity.
This is not to express to you that you strive for nothing or that you may not create movement into a wider awareness, but a wider awareness is not "better!"  It is more of a remembrance and a knowing of self, more of an acceptance of self.  It is NOT bettering of self.  This is the belief system which is misinterpreted of widening awareness.  You are not becoming better individuals.  You are becoming more AWARE individuals.  You are remembering self and accepting self, therefore lessening the hold of your belief systems and your fearfulness upon yourself within your physical focus.

Therefore, I express to you: also do not reinforce your belief system that your widening of awareness creates a better person, for you are not creating a better person or individual.  You are creating more of an awareness and more of an acceptance within the whole of you, recognizing that all of your belief systems ARE your reality, and acceptable.  How may you accept belief systems if you view certain belief systems as unacceptable?  It is quite easy to be accepting belief systems that are working belief systems, but if you hold another belief system that certain belief systems are unacceptable and bad, you may never accept these belief systems, but they ARE an element of your reality and what creates your reality; therefore, what is you.

Therefore, the key to acceptance is to be accepting of ALL of your reality, be it in your belief systems, good or bad, ALL of which is your creation, which is YOU; and as you are not accepting of certain elements of your creations, your belief systems, YOU, you reinforce your element of fearfulness.  (Pause)

(Humorously)  I shall not be embarrassing of Shynla this evening!  (Cathy was losing it during this dissertation)  But I suggest to you that to yourselves, as opposed to within this forum presently, you each look to your secrets.  (To Cathy)  We shall not be engaging another secrets session this evening!  (Laughter)

CATHY:  I was getting worried!

ELIAS:  But each of you holds elements within you that to yourselves are your secrets, those elements that you view to be completely unacceptable.  Examine these, for these are what are creating of your fearfulness and they are very influenced by your belief systems.  And as you may identify the belief systems that are influencing of these responses, these secrets, and how these secrets make you feel, you may also offer yourselves information that may be helpful in dissipating elements of your fearfulness.  (Smiling at Helen)

HELEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

CATHY:  I want to know if any of these secrets are underlying, that people aren't objectively aware of.

ELIAS:  In certain instances, you are correct.  Some individuals choose objectively to not be allowing themselves an objective awareness for a time framework of these fearfulness areas and belief systems, but as you are addressing to the fear issues and addressing within acceptance and honesty with yourselves, you may discover these underlying issues that are creating of these fearful areas.

DAVID:  I have a question.  If an individual does not fear death and then experiences a terrifying horrific painful death, that experience will then create in them a fearfulness of that?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.

DAVID:  Well, based on if they accept it as just an experience.  But generally, people who fear death, it's because it stems from having had a bad experience of that.  Otherwise, there would be no need to fear it, right?  (Elias grins)

ELIAS:  You all, to a point, hold a fearfulness of disengagement, not necessarily sparked by experience within this focus, but merely as an unknown action.

DAVID:  An unknown action ... but to essence's experience, many times it wouldn't be an unknown action.

ELIAS:  But your attention is focused within this particular physical focus and your experiences within it.  Therefore, it does not hold a knowledge of what lies beyond the action of disengagement.

DAVID:  So it's merely a choice of fearing it or not, then?

ELIAS:  In theory ... (grinning)

DAVID:  In theory.

ELIAS:  ... within physical focus. I may express to you, yes; you are correct.  It is merely a choice.  But this is not your reality.  En masse and individually, within physical focus you hold a fearfulness of disengagement, for you hold fearfulness of the unknown.

DAVID:  What about bleed-throughs of another focus of yours that has experienced a painful death?

ELIAS:  It matters not.  YOU, within your objective attention, have NOT experienced disengagement.  Therefore, you may witness countless disengagements around you.  You may exchange with another focus and you may express to yourself that you have experienced a death within another focus, but THIS focused attention has not.

Therefore, I express to you, the duplicity and dichotomy continues.  The battle rages within the focus continuing, for you hold the fearfulness of disengagement and you also simultaneously hold the fearfulness of continuance.

DAVID:  Okay, in regards to accepting and trust in oneself, where does love for oneself come into that?

ELIAS:  This be another element of your belief systems.  You may interpret this how you wish.  Accepting of self, trusting of self, loving of self, may all be synonymous.

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing.  (To Kristin)  I shall be expressing welcome to new essence this evening.

BREAK   7:34 PM
RESUME  8:01 PM (Time was eight seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

KRISTIN:  Not to jump in or anything, but I'd like to ask my essence name.

ELIAS:  Stephonne; S-T-E-P-H-O-N-N-E. (Pronounced steffon-a')

KRISTIN:  Thank you.

DREW:   I'll jump in....

CATHY:  I'm jumping before you!

DREW:   Go!  (Elias chuckles)

CATHY:  I want to know how a person can have an appreciation for life and its beauty, and still have a desire to croak.

ELIAS:  Ah, continuing with our subject matter of fearfulness!  Within the fearfulness of physical focus, or of life, so to speak, you may hold these two emotions simultaneously.  This is that the individual may hold conflicting belief systems.

We have spoken previously at times of individuals holding conflicting belief systems simultaneously.  This may be generating much conflict for an individual.  You may hold one belief system that expresses to you that you SHOULD hold an appreciation for life and creation, for you have been taught within your religions and sciences and societies to be appreciating of all that is about you, but you do not hold an appreciation of SELF and you hold duplicity.  You hold duplicity in both areas, in actuality.  In some elements you do NOT hold an appreciation for life and its beauty within this particular physical dimension.  In other areas you DO hold an appreciation, for you place good and bad upon everything, even your environment.  The reason an individual may hold this conflict is that you may be appreciating of elements that appear to be outside of you, holding the belief system that you are removed from these elements.  You may look to your natural environment, your "nature" as you term this to be, and you may view this as separate from you and outside of you; therefore appreciating of IT, but not appreciating of SELF.

You hold belief systems that you are not worthy.  You create language that reinforces this.  Some individuals are better, some individuals are special, some individuals are blessed, some individuals are ordinary, some individuals are "less than."  You automatically place yourselves in the areas of less than, not special, unworthy; for within these belief systems of duplicity, although these are reinforcing of your lack of acceptance of self, you also look to this as good; not placing yourself above another individual, not becoming arrogant, not placing TOO much value upon self, for this is wrong.  Therefore, you spin a circle of these belief systems and you confuse yourselves with these belief systems.  This be the reason that I express to you many times to be not concerning yourselves with other individuals, and looking to self and acknowledging of self and practicing in the area of acceptance of self; for it is quite difficult enough to be dealing with YOUR self and your own belief systems, but you reinforce your belief systems and your circle and your intertwining of belief systems in and out of each other, as you are also accepting of the judgments of other individuals.

You may express to yourselves that it matters not to you what another is perceiving of you.  I shall express to you, this is incorrect.  Not one individual among you is accepting of this belief system!  You all hold a belief system that places a certain amount of importance upon the viewing of other individuals of yourself; how another perceives you.  This holds importance to you.  This is a belief system; and just as I have stated to you [that] not one individual to this present now has accepted a belief system, neither have you.  Therefore, you deceive yourselves in expressing to yourselves that it matters not what other individuals think of you.  It DOES matter to you, for you hold belief systems that you must appear in certain manners to other individuals to be acceptable, and therefore be acceptable to yourselves; for you look for your acceptance from without, not from within.  If you are looking within for your acceptability, it truly shall not matter how another individual perceives you, for you shall be acceptable to you.

You shall not be acceptable to all individuals.  You rationalize within yourselves and express to yourselves that you are knowing of this.  Therefore, it is unimportant to you that you are accepted by many individuals, but it is greatly important to you that you are accepted by those individuals that you view to be close to you; your families, your friends, individuals that you respect, that you are accepting of.  You wish this reciprocated.  You hold very strong belief systems in this area.  This is what is influencing of this situation of which you inquire.  As the individual may be accepting of elements outside of self, there may be moments of joyfulness and appreciation, but it is fleeting, for the acceptance is not within.  It is without.  In a lack of acceptance of self and your very beings and your own expressions, regardless of what your expressions are, you shall create conflict; and once again within your belief systems you shall look to, "Another area shall be more satisfying than this area.  Disengaging shall be more appealing than continuing, for it shall be different."

CATHY:  I'll bet it is!  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  But I express to you that you shall be where you are!

CATHY:  So this accepting, can it be done in increments?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

CATHY:  So who's winning??  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  You shall not be accepting ... POOF!  (Laughter)  No one is winning!  (Grinning)

CATHY:  Well, if it's done in increments, there's got to be a scale!

ELIAS:  Does there?

CATHY:  Why not?

ELIAS:  You are all moving.

CATHY:  This is physical focus.  We have scales!  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ah!  We shall allow you the charge of creating the graph!  (Laughter)

I express to you that disengagement and movement into transition and also into non-physical focus shall be different, but you shall continue to be you.  The environment is different, so to speak -- although environment is an inadequate term, for this infers a "place" -- but the fearfulness, the unhappiness shall continue, for it stems from the lack of acceptance of self; and if you are not accepting of self in this now, you may disengage within this now and you shall continue to be not accepting of self.  It shall not disappear merely as you change your area of consciousness or your direction of attention, for you continue to be you.

You may alter your circumstances.  You may alter your presentation to yourself for your acceptance of self.  You may eliminate your issue of acceptance of other individuals in disengaging, but you shall continue to deal with the acceptance of self and the shedding of these belief systems which is influencing of this situation.  It does not "poof away!"

SUE:   So disengaging doesn't suddenly bring you enlightenment and make everything ... this is really depressing!  (Laughter)  It's not like I'm planning on doing it soon, but I thought that was the one thing to look forward to about it!  (Elias is shaking his head)

ELIAS:  This be another belief system!  You may disengage presently and you shall continue within your belief systems.  This be the reason that you enter into the area of transition, to shed these belief systems, but this be your choice as to how long you choose to hold to these belief systems.

What you engage presently in identifying belief systems to yourselves shall be the same action that you engage within transition.  The difference is that you continue with these belief systems within physical focus.  Although you may be accepting of belief systems, you continue with your belief systems within physical focus.  Within transition, you shed these belief systems; but in your terms, the process is quite similar.  You must identify, you must recognize, you must accept, and you must release all of your belief systems that you have carried through physical focus, for they serve no purpose within non-physical areas of consciousness.  They are merely relative to physical focuses.  (Pause)

(To Cathy)  Addressing to this continued:  As I have stated, acceptance IS the solution to the elimination of this conflict within your question, although I am recognizing that this word of acceptance is merely a concept to you all presently, and not a reality yet.  But you may be creating this as a reality.  It IS possible.

CATHY:  Well, in accepting yourself, you're also talking about accepting belief systems too.  You can't accept yourself and not accept belief systems, can you?

ELIAS:  Yes, you may.  You may be accepting of yourself and the belief systems that you hold, and not necessarily have accepted a belief system.

CATHY:  But you still have to address the belief systems before you can accept yourself.

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  Oh.  This is good, because I was really getting confused!

KRISTIN:  So the acceptance of oneself will lead to the acceptance of others?

ELIAS:  Yes.  It is an automatic byproduct; not entirely, but it is an automatic byproduct that if you are accepting of yourself, it is creating of fertile ground to be accepting of other individuals.  It creates an ease within you to be accepting of other individuals.

KRISTIN:  What if you try to accept other individuals, but then ... I don't know.  The annoyance of them is so great, it's hard! (Laughter)

CATHY:  That's a good one!  (That's an understatement!)

ELIAS:  There are many different aspects to this situation, as I have expressed many times.  It may be a situation of counterpart action.  It may be a situation of a splinter of yourself.  It may also be a situation of a mirror action, that another individual mirrors an element that you hold within yourself.  Therefore, they are irritating to you, for you wish not to view what you create within yourself that you view as negative.  These ALL are involving belief systems, and if you are accepting of self, those irritations may dissipate considerably; for if you are experiencing a mirror action of another individual, it shall not be quite so irritating, for you are accepting that this is an element within yourself and you are not placing judgment upon yourself, therefore not placing judgment upon the other individual.

There is much more involved in acceptance of self than you realize, and there is much more affectingness than you realize.  I place great emphasis to you all, and have from the onset of these sessions, in the area of acceptance of self and trustfulness of self, for this be your GREATEST affectingness within your physical focus and the MOST affecting of eliminating of your conflicts and your confusions and your judgments of self and of all other individuals.
(Intently)  If you may be accomplishing of accepting of yourselves, this shall be your greatest accomplishment, and also the foundation of your shift; for if you are not accepting of yourselves, you also shall not be shifting very well, (laughter) for you shall not be accepting of your experiences!  Therefore, you shall not be allowing of your experiences, and in this, not allowing your shift.

JIM:   So in accepting of yourself, you're accepting all of the experiences that you bring to yourself completely?

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  Well, it seems to me that the more you try to trust yourself and deal with issues, 'cause I've dealt with a couple big ones, and it seems like as soon as you go into the area of wanting to deal with issues and become wider and all that wonderful stuff, you present yourself with some BIGGER issues than the first one you started with!  Is this a pattern?

Margot's note:  Ain't that the truth!!  (I second that!)

ELIAS:  As you are widening your awareness, you shall be opening yourself to more elements of yourself.  You shall be becoming more aware of all of your belief systems.  In this, acceptance of self is not to be placing judgment upon the belief systems that you hold and therefore placing judgment upon yourself.  As you express BIGGER belief systems, BIGGER issues, what are you expressing?

CATHY:  Belief systems!

ELIAS:  Less acceptable!

CATHY:  Yeah.  Well, it ain't fun when you're in physical focus, 'cause, I mean, that seems to be what I'm doing!  And yes, that's the term I used was bigger, but when you're in it, it's big!

ELIAS:  They appear to you to be more extreme, but even your terminology of extreme denotes "worse."

CATHY:  Correct.

ELIAS:  And in this, you are placing judgment upon yourself and your belief systems.

CATHY:  This is so much fun!  Whose idea was this, anyway??

ELIAS:  Yours!  (Laughter)

DAVID:  And yours and yours and yours and yours....

GAIL:   Thanks a lot!

ELIAS:  Exactly!

VICKI:  May I interrupt for one second to change the tape?

ELIAS:  You may.  (Slight pause for tape change)

VICKI:  Okay, we're rolling!  (Elias chuckles)

DAVID:  I have a question that's kind of off the beaten track here, but it does involve a lot of fear, I guess, so in a way, it's not.  I've read a lot of transcripts and they don't seem to discuss any areas regarding sex.

ELIAS:  This be your choice!

DAVID:  Right.  So I'd like to kick-start it and ask you a question about an area of that.  I'm curious to know, and I'm sure we all are, what is it that we feel when we experience an orgasm?

ELIAS:  Interesting for your transcribing!  (Laughter)  Is there one among you that does not know what you FEEL within an orgasm??

DAVID:  Well....

ELIAS:  Unless you are numb!!  (We all crack up)

DAVID:  No, I don't mean that!  I meant in what way is it connected to our essence, say?  What is it?  'Cause it seems to be that it's such a major focus of thought for people in this world, and it's created so much conflict because of belief systems in the sexual area that people who want to express themselves don't go there.  So there's a lot of fear issues involved in sexual encounters and impulses, whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, or any sexual.

ELIAS:  Ah, we may be expressing an entire session upon THIS subject matter!

DAVID:  Which I hope we will!

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.  This is quite acceptable.

DAVID:  Well, that would replace my request regards the beginning for the religious....  (Wild laughter)

ELIAS:  Very well!  We may be focusing at our next session upon sexual activity and its relation to belief systems and yourselves within physical focus.

I may express to you that it holds -- in response to your question -- no significance to essence.  It is merely a function within your physical focus within this dimension, but it holds MUCH significance within this dimension and physical focus, which we may expand upon within our Sexual Session!  Coming to your local forum soon!  This shall be shocking of our readers!  (Laughter)  Very good idea, Mylo!

DAVID:  It's just a Vold thing!

ELIAS:  We shall be engaging this subject at our next session and postponing our continued discussions.

HELEN:  Alright, Mylo!!

ELIAS:  This shall be interesting for Michael!  Another session he shall discard!  (Laughing)

VICKI:  We can SELL this one!  (Much laughter)

ELIAS:  (Still laughing)  Let it not be said that the Sumafi may not rock the boat!  (Grinning)

CATHY:  I think that I remember reading that you said that in this physical focus, we are very sexually oriented and emotional?

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  That was the other reason we created this ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  ... physical focus here in this dimension.

ELIAS:  Yes.

CATHY:  To experience those things.

ELIAS:  And you reflect this in all of your creations; both your sexuality and your emotion.

DREW:   Last week when we were analyzing our candles and I gave you my analysis of mine, you added that it had to do with my addressing of fear, which seems appropriate in light of tonight's conversation.  But I wanted to ask, in which direction?

ELIAS:  Are you wishing answer to this question within this forum?

DREW:   Gee, without knowing what you're going to say, it's hard to answer that question!

ELIAS:  You may be expressing of this question personally, if you are so choosing.

DREW:   Okay, I'll do that.  Thank you.

DAVID:  Well, next week is going to be a packed house because of the subject matter!

CATHY:  He said "coming soon," David.  Don't get all 'cited up!

ELIAS:  Ah!  We SHALL be expressing at our next session!  You may mark this upon your calendar!

CATHY:  Okay!

ELIAS:  A coming attraction!  (Grinning)

CATHY:  Well, I hope Michael shows up!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  As always, he shall appear to disappear!

DAVID:  Well, one more question away from this, then.  A week ago, I was in discussion with Vicki with regards the material and the Sumafi intent of the least distortion.  We kind of differed a little bit, although we're both Sumafi.  In regards to the material speaking to individuals, I feel that maybe some type of distortion or whatever is going to be needed.  I want to know your views on that discussion or some enlightenment on it.

ELIAS:  Why shall you distort the information?

DAVID:  Well, I'm not saying to distort it, but for example, I have sent sessions to friends in England and friends out of this forum that don't have access to it as we do, and five weeks later I've gone back and I've said, "Well, how did you enjoy the transcripts?"  And they go, "I don't understand it.  It sounds better when you tell me about it."  Whereas they have gone and attracted themselves to another source of information that is very similar, that being the book Conversations With God.  It seems that they won't read something that is difficult if it's not speaking to them based on their belief systems, until they understand it more.  Is there a way we can ease it?  Like you spoke in the beginning, in the beginning of your coming in '95, it seemed that you talked a different language then than you do now.

ELIAS:  You are correct; but many others are presenting information in the direction of our initial sessions.  Therefore, they are preparing the way, so to speak.  It is unnecessary for this information to be distorted.

DAVID:  Right.  I understand the....

ELIAS:  Individuals shall draw themselves to this information as they draw themselves to all other facets of information, and it shall speak to them as it speaks to them.

DAVID:  Okay, then.  Twenty years ago, Seth came through, and people today have never heard of it.  They don't even know who Seth is.

ELIAS:  It matters not.  You are placing little confidence in your shift, which you may view all about you!

DAVID:  So the shift will take care of all this then?

ELIAS:  This information shall speak to those individuals that draw themselves to it, which are many more individuals than you perceive.  Therefore, fear not!

DAVID:  So just sit back and enjoy the ride?

ELIAS:  It shall be received by the individuals that draw themselves to this information, and it shall stand.

DAVID:  And this is acceptable for a ten-year-old too, to understand the information?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  Little ones may understand quite easily of what I speak.  We have engaged small ones, have we not?  They hold no fearfulness of this essence of Elias for I am offering much affection and acceptance to them and they are receiving and projecting the same and hold a great understanding of this information, for they are born into the throes of this shift and hold a great allowance of subjective awareness.  Worry not, Mylo!

DAVID:  Okay.  I'm only going on what people say to me.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be asking this question.  You know, when people say to me, "I don't get this material...."

ELIAS:  Ah!  This also be your role!  (Pause, and laughter)

DAVID:  Oh, I'm attempting it!  I'm attempting it!

ELIAS:  This be the point, point!  (Laughter)

DAVID:  Well, unlike butter, I can't spread myself that wide!

ELIAS:  Ah!  Notice!  Discounting of self!  Personal invalidation!

DAVID:  Okay.  Well, just tell me!  Am I on the right track of what I am doing?

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  We shall be working with these belief systems that are entering into your interpretations!

DAVID:  Okay.  Well, that's cool!  I'm welcoming feed-back.

ELIAS:  BUT, your expression is your expression.  Be remembering of the family that you are belonging to and the underlying intent within this essence family, and not distracting yourself to the point of distortion within your alignment intents.

DAVID:  (Whispering)  Acceptance.

ELIAS:  Very well!

Vic's note:  I think this is the first time I've heard Elias say "Very well" instead of "Very good," ... which I'm sure is fascinating to all of you!  Sorry, I can't help myself!  Jesus help me!

HELEN:  I have a question.  Ever since I've been coming to this group, I've often wondered if at one time I would bring my career aspect and this group together, if that would help in any way with the group?

ELIAS:  This be your choice.  All are welcome, and all expression of this information to other individuals, as it is not distorted, is acceptable.

HELEN:  Is it more or less probable that this would be an avenue for me?

ELIAS:  More probable; but as I have expressed, this be your choice.  No pressure!  (Laughter)  Pressure, pressure, pressure!  (Laughing, and then humorously)

Go, my children!  Spread the news throughout the land of the Great All-Knowing Elias!  (Wild laughter)  And bring our disciples to view the miraculousness of this forum!  And I place my blessing upon you all!  (Bowing, with hands folded in prayer, and we all crack up)

JIM:    Hallelujah!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Do NOT be expressing of disciples!  We are being humorous!

VICKI:  I have a question.  I have a question about imagery.  This might be a silly question, but....  (Here, at least three people say, "Discounting!" and "PI!", which means personal invalidation)

ELIAS:  Very good, my little disciples!  (Laughter)

VICKI:  The question is about a couple of experiences that Ron and I had this week.  We happened to watch two movies together, which is rare in itself, and both movies had the same theme, even though they were set in completely different time frames; completely different stories, etc.  The imagery that was the same was of stories of a young girl falsely accusing another person of something that was so against the belief systems of the people during each time frame that the townspeople went nuts, and a lot of destruction was caused and a lot of people died, mostly by hanging.  We didn't really realize the similarity of the imagery until the end of the second movie.  We discussed it for quite some time, Ron and I, and we find it quite interesting, but we don't understand.  We can't interpret it.

ELIAS:  The imagery that you have drawn to yourself holds relation to this shift and the elements of distortion and the destructiveness that may come of distortion; the probabilities that may be inserted into your reality if you are lending energy to distortion elements.  You asked previously of predictions and prophecies and may they be inserted or may they be a reality within your future, within your materializing of your shift.  You ask of trauma within your shift. In this, individuals may be distorting information; offering information to masses and creating of elements that you wish to be avoiding and NOT inserting into this particular reality.

All the realities are actualized.  All probabilities are actualized, but not all probabilities are inserted into this particular reality.  Therefore, you draw imagery to yourselves presently to be suggesting to you of the situations that may be occurring if you are lending energy to the belief systems and the mass belief systems that are held, and also inserting distortion into the information that you may acquire.

Just as an individual may distort information of extraterrestrials and may express to a mass of individuals that "they" are approaching!  They are arriving for your departure, and for this departure you must disengage!  You have already viewed this mass event.  The information is distorted.  An event occurs that may NOT have been inserted into your reality had the information not been distorted.  This is not to say that this action has not been beneficial and lent energy to your shift, but it is unnecessary for this type of trauma; for many individuals experienced trauma in relation to the action of the mass event.  (Referring to the Heaven's Gate event)

Many individuals may experience trauma if you are inserting into your reality the probabilities of destruction. It is unnecessary. It shall make no difference, your shift shall continue, but certain elements of this shift are unnecessary and unwanted by you.  Therefore, you are offered information that you hold the ability to alter probabilities and insert different probabilities into your reality.
Hanging is powerful imagery within your physical focus.  It not only suggests to you an ending, but a stopping; a blocking.  Therefore, it is a blocking of movement.  You have offered yourselves this imagery in looking to probabilities that you have already within this forum set to motion, and reminding yourselves of the powerfulness in blocking that distorting this information may have.

VICKI:  Okay, just one other question about that.  Is there some sort of a message in this imagery for Ron and I that there's something we are unknowingly doing to be blocking or distorting things presently that we're not aware of?

ELIAS:  No.  It is imagery that you be aware futurely.

VICKI:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

Very well.  We shall be disengaging this evening, and I shall be anticipating our sexual session at our next meeting!  (Laughing)

VICKI:  Nobody tell Mary!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Quite!  (Laughter)

(To Drew)  And if you are wishing for answer to your inquiry, I am available at your disposal.

DREW:   I appreciate that.

ELIAS:  I wish not to be influencing of conflict of yourself, and reinforcing of your own conflict within acceptance of other individuals ...

DREW:   Hmm!  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  ... within your belief systems.

To you all this evening I express much affection, and I bid you all quite lovingly, adieu!

Elias departs at 8:56 PM.


(1)  The two movies were Rosewood and The Crucible.  Interestingly enough, we watched a third movie after this question was asked that had the same theme -- The Children's Hour.

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.