Session 186
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Room 106, Revisited


"Room 106, Revisited"

Sunday, June 22, 1997 © 1997
And we continue, by popular request! It's still amazing to us that these sessions even occurred, let alone the length of time we were in session during a three-day time period. Many thanks to all who participated in this unusual experience, both within physical proximity and within consciousness, and also to Bob Terrio and James Bramley for sharing their recordings of the sessions.
Pre-session conversation included discussion about the chicken wings we had all shared Friday night, as Vivien was sick all day Saturday.
Elias arrives at 3:13 EST. (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling) And what shall you focus upon this day for your topic?

VIVIEN: Well, not chicken wings, that's for sure! (Much laughter) Actually, can I start? I was so sick yesterday, and normally I don't get sick anymore, not like that, not unless I've got a hangover! This was something else entirely. I was wondering, Gail suggested that I may have taken on some energy from Mary?

ELIAS: Correct.

VIVIEN: Did I do that?

ELIAS: As your choice!

VIVIEN: As my choice. Okay. It wasn't the chicken wings! (Laughter)

ELIAS: No. (Grinning) You are not suffering from food poisoning!

VIVIEN: I was wondering, because I don't believe in that any more. Okay, Mary got me. I let Mary get me! I'm okay with that.

ELIAS: Although I express to you that Michael holds no awareness of this transference. Therefore, it is not thrust upon you. You have agreed to be helpful within energy within this forum, which I am sure he shall be appreciative of in light of these individuals which draw themselves to this company presently, in enabling the ability to be continuing within this energy exchange.

VIVIEN: Thank you. (Pause) Vic's note: In hindsight, it's become clear that many folks were lending of energy and helpfulness this weekend. Thanks to you all! See pg. 10 and 11 for a more detailed explanation.

BOB: Elias, may I ask a personal question? I'm interested in possibly knowing my entity name, and the entity family I'm a part of.

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and to Vic) Scribe! (Pause) Name, Derrick. Family, (pause) interesting choice! Family of Ilda, alignment with Gramada. I suggest that this presents an interesting choice, as objectively you would view these essence families as holding quite opposite qualities; for Ilda presents the exchangers, and within the Gramada, these individuals generally focus themselves in what you may term to be "behind the scenes," not wishing to be drawing attention to themselves individually, but initiating of much action within physical focus -- quite creative and inventive individuals, and very instrumental in furthering activities with other individuals by presenting initial ideas and motivation for movement, but not wishing to be claiming credit or drawing physical attention to themselves, appearing to be very unpretentious individuals. Ilda are quite communicative and very exchanging with all families. Within physical focus, these individuals are quite extroverted and are very comfortable being in your limelight. Therefore, this presents an interesting choice of alignment, although they are very much within harmony of each other.

BOB: Very perceptive!

ELIAS: Thank you! (Much laughter)

BOB: Thank you!

ELIAS: (Humorously) I attempt sincerely! (Grinning)

MIKE 2: Elias, would you have some information on Atlantis, on when it was destroyed, and some detail on how Atlantis was destroyed?

ELIAS: This is a very large interest within your dimension presently, and throughout different time periods has also held much interest of many individuals. I suggest to you initially, be understanding that much of your information of this city and these individuals -- or this continent -- is filtered through your own belief systems, and you have developed your own philosophies concerning this information. This also is a bleed-through of other-dimensional realities.

This city, or in actuality continent and civilization, although you continue to be searching your physical planet for this continent, exists presently within another dimension. This dimension, as also your creation within essence as are all dimensions, was choosing to not become entirely physically manifest. Therefore, they retained much of what you have created within this dimension of your Dream Walkers, although more so physically manifesting than these Dream Walkers. If you were physically viewing these Dream Walkers within your dimension, they would appear to be translucent. Within another dimension, where this continent exists in actuality physically, elements of this dimension are physically manifest. It parallels some aspects of this particular dimension. You have created in what you would think of as a parallel focus, to some extent; not entirely. They hold their own culture, and different belief systems than do you. This manifestation and creation also is not quite as complex as the dimension that you recognize presently here, so to speak; for they have chosen, or you have chosen within essence, to not be incorporating the complexity and extensiveness of physical manifestation within matter. Therefore, these individuals, although not continuously translucent in a manner of speaking, slowly fade in and out of this translucent state, at times becoming more solid in your terms, although not manifesting within physical matter. In some respects, as I have stated, their creations have paralleled some of your creations within this present dimension. They do not exceed you in technology or in understanding or creativity objectively, although they have chosen to continue within a different direction, similar to those that you have created within this dimension of your ancient time periods. Within some of your ancient cultures and time periods, you allowed yourselves time periods of tremendous subjective bleed-through information which you were quite efficient at manipulating. These were stages, as you experimented with your physical manifestations throughout your ages.

You are fascinated and drawn to your time periods of your sand and pharaohs, for these individuals occupy this time period, one of your time periods of great subjective bleed-through information, choosing to be experimenting with abilities in manipulating energy quite efficiently. Other cultures, as with your ancient, very early Greek societies and also some cultures which you hold no remembrance or evidence physically of presently, have experimented with consciousness and the understanding of manipulation of energy, which allowed them quite creative abilities within physical focus. These focuses within the dimension of this continent of Atlantis have chosen to be creating in similar fashion to those individuals within those time periods that I have mentioned -- within your ancient time periods within this dimension. In this, they have expanded upon the creativity of experience within their creations. Therefore you, within an allowance of connection in consciousness, recognize some of these abilities that you view to be fascinating. They do hold many extensive abilities to be manipulating subjective consciousness and energy within their dimension. There is no need presently for what you view to be healing aspects, for they hold an understanding of all of their creation physically. They have also chosen not to be entirely physically manifest. They hold many abilities that you may translate with your technology, but they do not use the same imagery as do you with your technology. They accomplish the same actions that you may accomplish within your space programs and with many other elements of your technology ... without the apparatus.

The legends that you hold of their destruction are your belief systems that you have offered to yourselves as influenced through your religious belief systems, which state to you that you may not be greater than God, although you are God! Therefore, in your attempts to be creating false humility, you also create belief systems to illustrate this to yourselves. In this, you connect subjectively with information of other-dimensional focuses that you hold that are reality. You translate this into your physical reality as an example to yourselves to not be crossing your lines and becoming too haughty, for you shall absolutely lead to your own destruction! This is a belief system.

This continent exists. It is not destroyed. They have not destroyed themselves. They exist quite efficiently, and in your terms happily, within their creation of their reality. Within earlier time periods within your dimension, you may have accessed information from this other dimension and these partially physically focused individuals within Atlantis, and you may have offered yourselves abilities to be creating quite efficiently in a different direction. Your choice was to be directing your attention into technology. This is a very creative endeavor that you have chosen. It is different from other creations within other dimensions, but it is no "worse," for there is no worse! It is the choice that within mass consciousness in this dimension you have chosen for exploration.

As you move into your shift, you recognize that in addition to your technology, you may also access more of yourselves to be enhancing of your creativity and your creations. This is to express that you shall not be moving away from your technology and the advancement of this, for you shall not. This is your choice of creation, and quite inventive! It only is to be suggesting to you that you have chosen probabilities as you are creating them, not as they are hanging before you, for they are not. But as you ARE creating of your probabilities, you are choosing what you view to be the most efficient and stimulating -- for stimulation is important within your dimension -- methods of creativity, and creating your advancements within your technology. I suggest to you that within your future probabilities you may surprise yourself, that what you view now to be fantasy and science fiction exists already! You wonder why you are drawn to your science fiction programming and writing and creativity, this being that you have already created these probabilities and they exist presently. They are not fantasy!

VIVIEN: May I ask a question? It's to do with Ron. I have a friend who is an astronaut -- Bill Shepherd -- and every time I look at Ron I'm reminded of him, not so much because he looks like him, but I feel that there's a connection. Am I right in that?

ELIAS: Within family alignment, and also within fragmentation.

JO: Elias, I saw a tile, falling off to sleep last night.

ELIAS: Ah! Very good! (Much laughter)

JO: I was wondering if you could tell me something about it.

ELIAS: May you express to me what you feel? What is your identification of your tile that you have?

JO: It feels a little bit like victory, just from seeing it. I haven't meditated on it enough to be able to give you an answer.

ELIAS: And which family do you assess holds this tile?

JO: I believe it's probably Ilda.

ELIAS: Very correct. Place your hand upon your own image, and allow it to express to you.

JO: Thank you. I have another question about the alignment from the other family ... I don't know how to pronounce it ... Borledim?

ELIAS: Borledim. (Correcting pronunciation)

JO: It seems to be a family of breeders. I seem to be infertile so far, in this reality! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is a very limited explanation!

JO: I understand that, and you warned me about that, and I know that there of course are interpretations. I think that might be a good starting point for understanding the alignments of the families.

ELIAS: We have been offered within this forum an example of another individual which is aligned with this family of Borledim which also physically manifests in this same manner, of inability to produce stock. Therefore, do not confuse yourself that you must be bearing twelve children (laughter) to be aligned with this family! Many, many actions occur between these families and within these families. Within the intent, energy is distributed by individuals that do not bear for the accomplishment of bearing within others.

Also, it is not limited to the bearing of young. There is much more involved within this intent of this family. It does not only center upon breeding. It centers quite heavily upon the quality of the stock -- the education and the nurturing, the acknowledgment of the magnificence of each individual within their creation and their being. This is more to do with the focus of these individuals aligning with this family, whom hold great affection and connection to small ones regardless of their ability to produce them physically. I shall explain to you also: Within the action of manifestation, you do not choose your child. The entering focus chooses all. The entering focus chooses its parentage, its family, its genetics, its heritage, its alignment. It manipulates all energy to be creating of the physical focus -- every molecule, every atom, even each egg and sperm that shall meet. This is the choice of the entering focus. As you have allowed yourself also this experience in allowing yourself birth, you also allow for different experience in accepting this manifestation and the choices of another focus. Your only agreement within this is to be bearing of this child.

Therefore, some of your stories within your history that you read biblically are not fantasy or mythology but reality, that individuals may produce at ages far beyond those that you believe are physically possible. This is not to say that you have chosen this probability. I am only suggesting elements that you may not hold awareness of presently which are also reality. Be remembering the tremendous influence within energy and consciousness that these individuals aligning with this family of Borledim contribute to the manifestations of all of your earth stock, not only those that they individually bear. You may be contributing to all these small ones about you, regardless of your physical production of them. (Smiling)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DAWN: Elias, would you identify my essence name and family please?

ELIAS: Sarah -- family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi.

MIKE#1: Elias, this is my wife you just gave the name to. I'm curious to see if you have some extra insight on our blending of the families that we have.

ELIAS: Obviously, you draw yourselves together in connection of alignment within families, in this recognition within this particular focus of similar intent and tone. There are other subjective connections within non-physical interaction of essences. Not all of your connections are manifest physically. Some individuals that are physically focused and seeking information of your connections with individuals that you view to be close to within an individual focus are removed in areas, so to speak, of non-physical focus.

There are many areas of consciousness that your essence occupies, for it occupies all of consciousness. In this, there are "minglings" of essences within non-physical areas. It is not entirely a mergence, but more of a flowing through of certain essences, in your terms.

This essence to which you speak presently, of Elias, holds this interaction also non-physically with another essence; this being what I would express to you physically as very dear to this essence. There is tremendous connection within this mingling. These essences of Lawrence and Michael have been fragmented from this mingling, therefore as an expression of love within cooperation of the aspect wishing to be fragmented. It is not one action of an essence fragmenting of another essence, as you view childbirth within your physical focus. There are many actions within fragmentation and many different creations of this act of fragmentation. These two essences of yours are not fragmented of the same, but hold great affinity to each other and therefore non-physically are mingled; this being what you recognize in your feelings physically.

MARY: Elias ... hello! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Hello!

MARY: I'd just like to confirm the family of consciousness that really came clear to me this morning. I believe it's Sumafi, but because of my connection with the Seth material and my passionate love of it, I feel that there's a big connection with the Sumari as well. I'm not clear about that.

ELIAS: Allow me the opportunity to be clarifying! (Laughter) You are quite correct within essence with the family of Sumafi. Within each individual focus, as you manifest, you also choose for that particular focus an alignment with another family. These are complementary of each other and lend energy within intent to accomplishment within the focus. The alignment within this individual focus is to Sumari. This is presently, within many individuals, quite common. These two particular essence families are counterpart to each other and are exceedingly complementary to each other within the action of their intents, although they are quite different within their manifestations. They also lend tremendous energy to each other. Sumari being those that shall be creatively expressing, and shall be pot-stirring! (Laughter) Sumafi being that expression to further the initial action, in presenting the action within the context of the least distortion.

Therefore, you may hold an understanding of what you view presently; for your teacher, within physical terms and time framework, came previously, to be presenting new information in overview and stirring your pots. This essence now exchanges to be furthering of this information and action within the energy of the shift, to be offering information within the context of the least amount of distortion; for now, you may assimilate this. You have been offered the overview of information to introduce to you, and as you have assimilated that introduction, now you are offered the details within the least distortion, to be accomplishing.

MARY: Thank you. May I ask a second question? What is that passion or pull I have about being here in America? I feel at one level totally isolated in this country, but at another level, I feel so incredibly at home. (Mary is from England)

ELIAS: (Smiling) This shall be slightly enlightening to you! Within the recognition of the movement of this shift within consciousness, presently manifest are nine manifestations of the Borledim, each to be furthering of the action of this shift. More of these infants are located physically within this present country location. Others are scattered, so to speak, throughout your globe, but there is a concentration presently of these infants within this country. They shall not all continue the entirety of their focus within this country, for they shall expand; but presently, they reside here, so to speak, in your terms. This draws you to the energy of the movement in consciousness within this physical location, which shall be quite instrumental initially within the movement of this shift. Other physical locations of your globe within your history have been chosen to be instrumental in actualizing other source or mass events. Within this present time period, this physical location of your planet is the source point.

MARY: Yes. Thank you. That's enough! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. We shall engage a break.


ELIAS: Continuing. (The phone rings in exact timing with the word "continuing" -- this was the only phone call during the sessions)

DAWN: Elias, if others don't mind, I have what I feel is a highly personal question. My biological mother has always been very envious and jealous and competitive with me. About ten years ago we had a very heated argument and she said to me, "You're a picky, prima donna bitch, just like your sister," which says something! Can you give me some insight on this?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Interesting choice of words -- "just like my sister" -- as you have held this type of relationship within another focus, and this focus incorporates much competition! Therefore, you bleed through information into this present now which is influencing, as all of your focuses are influencing of each other. Some, within interaction of some individuals, may appear to be more influencing objectively. All of them in actuality are equally influencing, but within certain alignments of intent within individual focuses and your objective creations and manifestations, some influences of some focuses appear to bleed through objectively more obviously.

Also, some focuses parallel other focuses. Therefore, they are objectively quite influencing of your creations. Some of your focuses, in your terms and your understanding within linear time frameworks, you may classify as continuations of other focuses, where you have created agreements with individuals and you continue within those agreements in other focuses. Therefore, you classify them as continuations, although they are all simultaneous. They are beside each other, not in front of or behind; but this shall offer you some understanding of this competition that continues to exist.

Many individuals exchange roles of parent and child within different focuses. In this, they become aware that in the role of the parent, their child appears to be parenting them; this being a response of an opposite choice of manifestation, in exchange. In this, many times the parent shall feel as the child and respond to the child in this manner. This is not uncommon. Many essences choose this type of experience of exchange, in wishing to be experiencing different aspects of the same relationship. Therefore, within this action, you continue this interaction to an extent, only differently within a different relationship within this particular focus. At times within your understanding of these manifestations, it may be more efficient for you to be understanding and accepting of the expressions that may otherwise offer you much conflict. Therefore, do not view yourself negatively or hurtfully and do not view this other individual as "mean," for you are each expressing within agreement a continuation of a competitive role with each other. This is an experience. There is no judgment involved, and there is no right and wrong involved in the experience.

DAWN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KRISTIN: Elias, I think I saw my tile that you were talking about last night, and....

ELIAS: Another tile! (Laughter)

KRISTIN: It was a serpent, and I've seen this before in dreams that were really powerful, and the serpent in my dreams was being hurt and wounded, and I was like really upset about it and anxious, and I was just wondering if you can give me insight into this at all?

ELIAS: And with you also I shall be responding with, what is your feeling of this tile?

KRISTIN: The feeling is that it's some knowledge to be discovered. I got the sense that it's knowledge that we keep putting underneath, that we keep wounding, and it's just laying there to be discovered.

ELIAS: And where do you place this tile in alignment with family?

KRISTIN: I got the sense it was Milumet.

ELIAS: Very, very good! For this serpent has been objectified many times throughout your centuries as a symbol of Milumet. Also, in holding original, so to speak, information, you may understand the significance of this tile. Within the city, belief systems are not blocking of information, for they have been accepted. They are continuing to be in existence, but they are accepted. But suggest to me where you believe you may find this tile within your city?

KRISTIN: I don't know! Beneath everyday physical reality?

ELIAS: In what place? What building within your city shall contain this tile?

KRISTIN: A monument that I see?

ELIAS: Within this creation there exists a monument, although it is also contained within a library of information accessing earlier, so to speak, time periods incorporating belief systems not accepted and offering the information of these belief systems, holding the explanation of the belief systems being that veil which oppresses the information from being realized. Very good!

KRISTIN: Thank you.

MIKE#1: Elias, I have a two-fold question that I believe is related. First, just before the session resumed, I had an energy exchange with my friend over here. I don't even know her name ... Gail. As well as, what is the uniqueness of the energy of this group that sustains Mary from becoming physically ill, as apparently is usual?

Vic's note: Normally, Mary would experience physical symptoms from spending this much time in session -- headaches, nausea, diarrhea, disorientation. She did experience some symptoms, but only slightly)

ELIAS: This being an unusual, so to speak, situation presently, but necessary. Within this agenda, there shall be accomplished an expansion for the delivery of this information. It shall progress. It shall move forward, in your terms. In this, there are aspects of Michael, which has been explained to him, that he must be moving through and accepting for the incorporation of this expansion. He has been accomplishing quite swiftly in this movement for the furthering of this information. In this, to facilitate a moving through in certain issues, a concentration of energy exchange within this present now was chosen. As this has been chosen, it also is necessary for an agreement to be accomplished within helpfulness to Michael. Physical aspects occur to the physical body consciousness within the accomplishment of this exchange, as Michael chooses to be engaging this exchange by removing subjective consciousness from interacting with body consciousness. Within the break time, so to speak, of interaction of subjective instruction to physical body consciousness, there is no thing to be suggesting information to the body consciousness to not be rejecting of unfamiliar energy. This essence holds slightly different tone. Therefore, the energy is not accepted and recognized by the body consciousness.

Each cell within your body consciousness recognizes you. It also recognizes, temporarily, all of your other focuses. Therefore, temporarily you may exchange with another focus. You may not assume another focus, for you hold a slightly different tone, and the body consciousness eventually shall be rejecting of that energy; but within this exchange, this is not an exchange of other focuses of one essence. This is an interaction -- a mergence and exchange of different essences. Therefore, the body consciousness within physical manifestation does not hold recognition of this tone and energy and is rejecting, as your body physically is rejecting of transplant action. In this, physical rebellion occurs. Rejection of energy occurs, which creates action within the physical body expression. It is protesting! Within this concentration of energy exchange presently, the protesting would be objectified quite intensely. Therefore, within agreement to be furthering of this information delivery and expansion, agreements have been accomplished within consciousness to be helpful in diverting energy from this body consciousness.

This is quite complicated, in your terms, for there must occur an interaction subjectively with other body consciousnesses and energy subjectively of other individuals. Essentially, energy is projected to this body consciousness, establishing a communication, which it is lacking, of its own subjective interaction. Therefore, other individuals project energy to be offering communication and exchanging energy manifestations to objectify the manifestation of the energy expression, allowing a communication temporarily -- almost to be fooling this body consciousness, although it is not fooling. It is distracting of the body consciousness by offering information and simultaneously allowing the energy which would be expressed within this particular physical form to be expressed elsewhere. There are many more aspects to your physical form than you realize. It is a magnificent creation of essence, and highly efficient.

Within the exchange of these essences, as I have stated, the subjective communication is interrupted. It is removed. You each communicate every movement, every motion, every objectification of every cell within your physical form, subjectively. Your physical body consciousness does not function independent of your communication. Therefore, as you disengage physical focus, your body also disengages functioning. It does not disengage consciousness, but it shall cease its function, for it is no longer being directed moment by moment by your subjective interaction. You may disengage subjective interaction momentarily from your physical form, but this shall be affecting. You may not experience tremendous affectingness, but you may not remove the entirety of your subjective communication without also creating much confusion within your physical form, therefore also creating much affectingness.

Within individuals that choose to be experiencing states that you may classify as catatonic or comatose, they continue partial subjective interaction with the body consciousness, therefore allowing for its efficient continuation uninterrupted; although to an extent, even the allowance of some interaction subjectively holds affectingness physically, as the entirety of the subjective awareness is not in communication with the body consciousness. Therefore, you shall witness individuals with some physical affectingness within these states if it is prolonged.

As to your inquiry of intrigue with this individual, (Gail) I express to you that this individual empathically connects with very many individuals! (Grinning, and we all crack up) It is this individual's choice within its manifestation, and what you may consider to be its nature. We have also spoken to this individual to be tempering of this empathic nature! (Much laughter)

GAIL: I've been working on that!

ELIAS: And my acknowledgment to you within your accomplishment!

BOB: Elias, in our Christian cultures, the character of Satan or the devil is very strong and powerful. To what extent is that an actualized, realized character, as opposed to someone we've created through our belief systems?

ELIAS: There is no entity or essence which may be classified as evil, for there is no evil. Within your belief systems and within your physical manifestations and your forgetfulness, you create fear. Within your creations of fear, you objectify this at times quite effectively! You may in actuality materialize and animate a reality of a form which may be manipulated physically. This is a projection of your own energy. This also shall be suggesting to you, contrarily, of your tremendous magnificence in your creative ability! (Grinning, and we all laugh) Within physical focus, you may actually physically project an emotion and allow this physical form that may manipulate freely, although you are directing of this movement. Quite effective! You may also be creating of what you objectify as angels, for they also are projections.

BOB: As opposed to actual entities?

ELIAS: Quite! There is no -- underline once again -- NO separation within consciousness. There is NO higher plane. There are no planes! There is no distinction. You do not hold masters, for you are masters! There is no greater or lesser entity or essence or consciousness, for all of consciousness is consciousness, and there is no differentiation or distinction, other than its choice in differences of energy manifestation.

BOB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAUL: Elias, we're big on names here. My name is Paul, and in my context and my terms it means small, even though I'm six-foot-three, which is considered tall.

ELIAS: Quite rhyming, are you not??? (Big grin, and much laughter)

PAUL: My question: In our terms, what does Elias mean to you? Your name, Elias ... what does it mean in our terms to you?

ELIAS: It is an identification of tone, merely. It is a word which has been translated into your language, for you hold language and you hold words and they are important to you for your communication and partially for your understanding. Therefore, it is a translation into what you understand within your objective language. It is only signifying of a tone. This tone is that identification of personality within essence; the whole of the personality of essence.

Be remembering, there is no distinction between essence and consciousness. There is no differentiation or lines dividing essences. There is only differences in choice of tone, which is all intermingled; but within your identification, it signifies the personality of essence.

PAUL: The tones that you keep referring to, in our terms of science, is it a single vibrational frequency or is it a complex set with harmonics and overtones? I don't know if you know what that means and it doesn't matter, but I thought I'd throw that out! (Laughter) I don't know what made me say that!

ELIAS: It is all the same; for within one tone, or within your terms within one note, is the entirety of all notes. Within one frequency is the entirety of all frequency. Within each color is the entirety of all vibrations of color. Therefore, they are interchangeable, and they are the same.

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARY: I just want to know what my entity name is, please.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Chane -- not sh, ch, but pronounced with this sh. As I have expressed, you choose your tone, and you also are choosing of your objective spelling ... or not! (Grinning at Kristin) Therefore, this is offered at times.

MARY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MICHELLE: I had some information that myself and several of the other people that are highly involved with the Seth material were involved in the formation of a new family of consciousness. Is there any validity to that?

ELIAS: There is not a formation of a new family. You have created, within the formation of this dimension, nine. In this, you hold tremendous subdivisions, in your terms, of these nine families. This is all related to tone and intent, for your intent may differ slightly from the main, so to speak, conglomeration of family within these nine. Therefore, you may be also aligning yourself with one other grouping of subdivision of family. Your interpretation is an identification of becoming more aware of these subdivisions, and interpreting this as creating of a new essence family. It is unnecessary to be creating of a new essence family, for you hold myriads of divisions, so to speak -- although they are not divided -- of all of these essence families within this dimension.

MICHELLE: And what family am I in?

ELIAS: Sumafi.

MICHELLE: And the alignment?

ELIAS: Sumari.

MICHELLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: Many individuals hold these two families within those of you who have been choosing to be participating within the "festivities" (laughter) of your days presently. You hold them in opposite forms to each other, therefore allowing yourselves different objective expressions, but the same intents; some being aligned with Sumafi, some being aligned with Sumari, some belonging to Sumari, some belonging to Sumafi; but within their counterpart action of these families and their harmony with each other, they are quite complementary to each other. As I have expressed to you, they are also, within this beginning action of your present shift within consciousness, quite instrumental in the initial movement; for this shift is not orchestrated in Source Event by these two families. It is orchestrated by another. But within the beginning actions of the awareness of this shift, these two families initially are presenting of information and of awareness and movement within energy, to be beginning this shift.

JO: Elias, can I ask what family is orchestrating the shift?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Once again! Now view you all your "coincidences" of individuals that shall continue to draw the same information! I shall inquire to you to be "guessing!"

JO: Well, the fact that I asked the question makes me believe that it might be Ilda.

ELIAS: Borledim, (smiling at Jo) within conjunction of Vold, which offers a tremendous intensity of energy within this action.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Elias, speaking of the shift, there's a tremendous increase today in both fundamental Christian religion and fundamental Islamic religion. You say that the religious era will soon be over. Can you give us some indication of how this may come about or what the pattern might show?

ELIAS: This is quite surprising to you, that you shall witness an upsurge at the diminishing of the era, although the belief systems are quite strong and you are familiar with these belief systems, and you are unfamiliar objectively with what you have chosen within the action of this shift. Therefore, you hold tightly and lend energy to this surgence of religious action.

As I have stated, you shall not be eliminating of belief systems. You shall not be altering or changing or exchanging these belief systems. The objective presented is to be accepting of these belief systems. In this, you continue to hold your belief systems. You continue to align with different family expressions, one of which is spiritual (Milumet) which holds many belief systems religiously. You shall be accepting of these belief systems, therefore neutralizing their power. You shall continue to hold your differences. You shall continue to hold some religious belief systems, although acknowledging the acceptance of these, therefore neutralizing their power also. Therefore, it shall be unnecessary to be objectifying much behavior within these belief systems.

Some of this behavior pertains to your need within these belief systems to prophesy. This is unnecessary within the acceptance of the belief systems and the allowance of the subjective bleed-through information within your shift, for you shall already know. Why shall you predict what you are aware of? Why shall you worship angels and gods and fear demons, as you already know they are you?

This being part of the action of this shift, in the acceptance of these belief systems. This being the reason this information is offered to you, in a continuation and a furthering of your teacher's information -- that you may understand, now that you have accepted the reality of belief systems, that you now move into the area of accepting the belief systems.

RON: Can we pause briefly for a tape change?

ELIAS: Very well. Break.

BREAK 5:22 PM RESUME 5:59 PM (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Long pause) You are wishing no inquiries?

JIM: I would like to know something. Can you give us any further information on Lemuria and any of the civilizations that existed on the earth and what happened to them?

ELIAS: (Grinning) We have discussed this within this day. This would be a very similar explanation to that which has been offered within that of Atlantis.

BOB: Elias, I have a question. Last November, I had an unusual experience involving time. I don't know if you need more of an explanation from me, or whether you can....

ELIAS: You may be experiencing more of these types of experiences, for within this subjective bleed-through action which is occurring, you also automatically are allowing for the exercising of those inner senses which you are not objectively familiar with. In this, in exercising this inner sense of differential time, you may experience alterations within time frameworks. This shall become more objectively common within your future events within this shift.

As I have expressed, the time framework that you recognize is reality, but it is reality within this particular dimension and physical expression. Therefore, there are many different expressions of time frameworks. In this, you may allow yourself to be experiencing of this reality. You may be tapping into alternate realities within different dimensions which suggest different time frameworks. I have expressed to all of you the ludicrous term of simultaneous time, but to your understanding, this is sufficient. Non-physically, there is no recognition of time frameworks. This is not to say that the element of time is not an independent reality of itself, for within consciousness it has been created as a choice within the links of consciousness. In this, there is a reality of time, but not within the confines of a framework. Therefore, there is an allowance of a rearrangement of energy to be accommodating whatever you are choosing to be objectifying into a framework of time.

In this, you hold the ability within your inner senses to be experiencing many different aspects of time elements. You may find yourself experiencing much activity that objectively and logically you view requires several minutes. Within your experience, you may view the passage of time to be a single second, which shall appear to you to be impossible. This is a recognition, within inner senses being allowed to subjectively bleed through information to your objective awareness, that the time element within consciousness exists as a reality, but it holds a flexibility that may be bended into many different types of manifestations, and they are not limited to each dimension. They may be accessed within each dimension, therefore incorporating different time experiences within your dimension. This does not fit into your officially accepted reality. Therefore, this confuses you; but in actuality, this is no less reality than that which you accept officially as your time framework within this dimension.

Therefore, I express to you that you have offered yourself the opportunity to be objectively recognizing of this ability to exercise inner senses and be altering of your reality. You may all accomplish this at will. It is only your own belief systems that limit you in your objectification; for within all of reality, not only limited to this particular reality, you hold unlimited abilities. You need only be allowing yourselves the opportunity to actualize this presently; this being also another action connected with the event of your shift within consciousness, as you allow yourself this information to be presented objectively; for within time periods futurely, you shall be objectifying different time frameworks as you wish, for that experience.

BOB: At the time of this event, I experienced some changes in my physical self. Was that related to this experience directly, or was it separate?

ELIAS: No. This also is related, for you objectify your form and your awareness of your attention within your accepted time framework. Therefore, if you are altering of your perception of your time framework, you also are altering your own construction to be in alignment with the alteration of the time framework.

Example: If you are accessing a time framework which holds an accelerated element to your perception, and in this framework to your knowledge you would be accessing the passage of time to be much increased from your own, in compliance with the acceleration of the time framework you also must be objectively adjusting your awareness, your attention, your actual physical structure, to acclimate to this other time framework. If you are accessing a framework which moves tremendously more slowly, your physical form shall not function properly within that framework. Therefore, you instantaneously adjust to be fitting the experience which you have allowed to bleed through objectively.

You view your form and your awareness objectively within your attention as stable. You view this as unchanging, for your physical form is matter. You view within your belief systems that this is solid. You do not hold solidity in the same manner as your belief systems dictate. Therefore, you are fluid. In this, you hold the ability to be altering of self within every moment, as you have offered yourselves evidence of this in your creation of physical form. You do not enter your physical manifestation as you view yourself presently! You continuously alter your form in your creative expression; for you choose within this dimension, unlike some other dimensions, to diversify your experience, including your physical form.

It is unnecessary for you to be born and grow and change your physical form. Within other dimensions, this is not objectified. The same physical form is chosen throughout the entirety of the focus. But within the diversity of this reality within this dimension, you choose to be continuously changing and altering, which also allows you within your logical thought processes the ability to be accomplishing of this shift, for you already alter all aspects of your expression. Therefore, within this shift, you allow yourself the opportunity only to be increasing of your creativity.

BOB: Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Here, Sheri takes advantage of the pause and runs across the room, and everybody laughs)

SHERI: It wasn't that funny! I was trying to be nice!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Another belief system, of niceness! (Laughter)

SHERI: Next time I'll just get up and go across!

ELIAS: And be following of those impulses! (Grinning)

SHERI: Okay!

VIVIEN: Elias, may I ask a question? I have a friend who's involved with healing through sound, using sound, and I'm very interested. I was looking at the game chart that you've been doing with everybody, about the colors and the elements and the notes and everything....

ELIAS: Ah! Quite industrious! (Grinning)

VIVIEN: Very industrious! It's wonderful! But it seems to tie in very much with the therapy that's being done through my friend, and she learned it from another woman. I don't know if anybody here has heard of her ... Sharry Edwards? She was born with a deformity in her ears. She has mammalian hearing, and she hears way above the normal range. I'll cut a long story short for all of you. She went into the Mayo clinic to be tested, and the doctor who came in to see her had very high blood pressure. He asked her to try to give an idea of the sound she was hearing. She thought she had tinnitus. She produced a sound lower than the range that she was hearing it, and as soon as she produced this sound, the doctor's blood pressure went to normal. She's been working with it for about fifteen years now, trying to make machinery so other people can not so much hear what she hears, but through taking a computer printout of the sounds in the voice, the notes in the voice, and producing then a balancing tone, which is then put on a tape that is played. This seems to be doing very well with healing all kinds of things, from emphysema to one young man whose kneecap is growing back from an accident where it was completely demolished and removed. It seems that the kneecap is growing back again now because of the sound that's being played to him. I wonder if you can give me some more information on sound therapy and how it's going to be used in the future ... the simultaneous future!

ELIAS: Within all aspects of what you recognize as healing, there is a communication within energy. The sound is a tool. It is a projection of energy within communication. There are many different tools that you access and that you hold the ability to access that you may term to be healing. Within your belief systems, you believe that these tools are creating of the action of healing. In actuality, what occurs is an acceptance of the individual which has created an infirmity. In this, they may at times be discontinuing communication subjectively with that element which they have created. Therefore, the element which has been created continues.

This is not always the case, for some individuals are within communication subjectively and are choosing to be continuing of the affliction for their own reasons; but at times, there are individuals that distract their attention subjectively within their communication to form. In this, they may choose to be creating of an experience, and they may also be choosing objectively to be discontinuing the creation of this experience.

As I have expressed to you, your objective and subjective awarenesses are not within conflict. They are within harmony and they move together. One does not overshadow another, but you may hold different references of attention. Therefore, objectively you may continue your attention upon that creation which you view to be an affliction. Subjectively, you may be diverting your attention and not communicating within cellular structure to be discontinuing the creation. Therefore, the individual objectively is drawing to themselves, through belief systems, events that suggest to them of healing qualities. In this, the healing individual is within agreement to be helpful in lending energy. As this agreement is accomplished, the subjective awareness is communicated to through energy. The energy communication suggests the movement of attention to the area which is afflicted. In this, the subjective interaction is reminded of its harmony within consciousness. The lending of energy of the healing individual is offered to be instructional in this remembrance. Therefore, the remembrance is accepted subjectively. The action is accomplished by the individual who has created the affliction.

No individual shall heal you. You shall accomplish this yourself, although other individuals may be helpful in reminding you of your ability. Some individuals may be directly reminding cellular structure, as your subjective awareness may be distracted within attention. Therefore, this may also occur -- that another individual may be directing energy to be communicating directly to the cellular structures, in reminding those structures of their natural state. It is a communication. In this, these structures may be choosing to be altering of their form and recreating their natural state. The action of healing remains the same. Your awareness of the action of healing alters, as you offer yourselves more information of your abilities.

As you are moving within the energy of your shift in consciousness, you also offer yourselves more of an objective awareness of the diversities in your abilities to be manipulating energy. In this, you offer yourselves more opportunities to be objectifying those abilities that you hold always. In this, as you inquire as to the manifestation futurely of these actions, there shall be increasing movement in many different areas that you may view to be new and different, for you access more information of your own abilities. You may manipulate energy in myriads of ways.

VIVIEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

ANDY: Elias, is there a way for us nowadays, without technology, just with our minds, to understand the deeper layers of the cave paintings which we can find in physical reality throughout the world still? Is there a way that we can access the message which was left there from earlier civilizations or faces of civilizations which are still there, but now in a different time or dimensional framework? Can we access with our physical ability now?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You hold the ability to access all of this information. Within these expressions of creative work, these are communications of experience; a record of experience within different experimentations of objective manifestation. You view your history linearly, and you also view your history to be progressive. You view this to be an evolutionary process. Therefore, you view these cave paintings as primitive. In actuality, they are no more primitive than your communication presently within your physics. They are an expression of understanding of experience.

There have been many experiments within objective physical focus within this dimension. You have not created an evolutionary process as you believe. You have created many, many different experimental focuses, this which you hold an attention within presently being only another expression of an experimental focus physically with different communications. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be accepting of these belief systems, you may also be allowing yourself the understanding that within this reality, you have not progressed in the fashion that you believe. Within these different time periods within your experimentations, you have only offered yourselves differences within experiences, and these are recorded; for within the action of one of your families of consciousness, there is an intent to be recording of all of your experiences throughout all of your time frameworks.

I suggest to you that before these primitives, as you view them, with their cave drawings, you also held experimentation within this dimension which exceeds your technology within this present now, for your objectification does not occur within what you believe as a linear fashion. You may be objectified presently. You may also disengage and objectify within remanifestation, not within what you view to be as future, but within what you may view to be before your past.

Your planet itself has not been objectified in the manner that you believe. It also has not been manifest within evolutionary terms. Just as you are aware conceptually of your blinking in and out of this dimensional reality, so does all of your reality, all of your manifestations, all things that you have created. This also is including of your planet. Therefore, it has blinked many times, only within different pulsations than do you. Within these different pulsations, you do not remember or offer yourselves information to objectively find your evidence of your creations within what you may term to be "before your beginning," although it exists.

In an allowance of yourself to be accepting of these belief systems, that they are belief systems, that they are merely explanations to yourselves of that which you do not allow yourselves to remember, you may quite efficiently within yourselves access information to be offering yourselves accurate translations of what you view to be previous time periods. Just as you have held the ability within your species within this dimension to be creating of tremendous forms and structures with your pyramids that you view to be impossible to be creating, and you develop belief systems that a "higher intelligence" must have been instructional and instrumental in these creations, for your lowly selves (humorously) must not be capable of creating of these magnificent elements! Very incorrect! You were not visited by other-dimensional focuses, which are also you, to be accomplishing of those elements within your physical dimension!

You hold tremendous abilities. You choose to be limiting yourselves in accessing your own information, but within certain time periods you allow yourselves a bleed-through, and you relax your belief systems and you allow a more creative expression. These you view as inconsistent and therefore must be attributed to a higher source, but they are examples to you of those time frameworks in which you have relaxed your belief systems and allowed your creativity to be more expressed. Within this same concept, you may be accomplishing of this presently. You may view physically your paintings within caves and you may understand, if allowing yourself the opportunity to be relaxing the energy of these belief systems by accepting these belief systems as belief systems, neutralizing their power within energy and offering yourself the ability to view and understand much more of your creations than do you presently. As you continue to view an evolutionary progression, you look within diverted directions. You don't allow yourself the information which is present and available to you. You view individuals to be primitive and less knowing than yourselves. Therefore, you have diverted your attention and do not understand what you view, for you are not looking within the areas that exist for explanation; just as you do not understand the workings of your genetics within your very selves, for you do not allow yourselves to be looking for your information. You look physically only. In this, you limit your information.

These individuals held no less intelligence and ability than do you. Their expressions within creativity of paintings may seem to be primitive and limited, but within an understanding of the activity which was occurring within these individuals, it was unnecessary to be occupying time frameworks with elaborate paintings of experience, for the experience was more important. Therefore, you may view this in like manner to shorthand! (Staring at Andy) Is this acceptable?

ANDY: This is totally acceptable! (Laughter) I understood very well because it reflects a lot of what I thought about the same subject. The only addition I would like to add here is, why don't we share collectively more of this information in the context of our western civilization? I know that there's a shift coming and we might understand more in the so-called future, but presently in the moment, we create these cave paintings and we create them as primitive. Why is it shared by so many people in our culture and therefore overlooked that they are not primitive, but just an expression of different consciousness in experiencing something?

ELIAS: Do not discount yourself or your collective consciousness, for you are beginning now, not futurely, to hold an understanding of this element, correct? (Andy hesitates) You may not be singularly the only individual upon your planet that is recognizing of these elements! Also, other individuals draw themselves to this type of information, as do you presently within this present now. This is part of the action of your shift, which has begun, which is being accomplished and is occurring now, not futurely!

Therefore, do not look to the collective. Look to self. Do not hold disappointment that the collective does not recognize what you are wishing them to be recognizing, for each of you holds different attention and each of you moves in different directions, and each of you acquires and accumulates different information which is resulting of your attention. Many individuals hold the same directed attention as do you. Many other individuals hold difference in their directed attention. Therefore, you may be accomplishing of recognizing of all of your information, as you all specialize in those areas that you wish to direct your attention into; and as you each accomplish this, you share this information with all others. (Smiling)

Be recognizing, this action is now. This is a belief system also, that activity shall be occurring futurely and you must wait for the objectification of action. It is now! (Pause)

KAT: I don't know if this is too simple of a question, but I would love to hear what you have to say about joy.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is an emotion. This is important to your experience within this dimension, for you intricately create this dimension with an attention in the direction of emotion. It is also limited to this dimension.

KAT: (Whispering) Oops.

ELIAS: There is no "Oops!" (Smiling)

BOB: Elias, does that mean when we pass from physical reality to another reality, that it limits our ability to experience joy?

ELIAS: There is no limitation, for you hold the experience as you create it. Therefore, it does not diminish or fly away from you. You hold this within your consciousness and your experience. It is not lessened as you move into non-physical areas of consciousness. It is only viewed differently.

JIM: Elias, can you give us any more information on the entity, or whatever you want to term it, that calls itself Seth Two?

ELIAS: You view this to be a separation, also being a belief system. You view this to be a different entity from that which you recognize as your teacher. It is not. As I have expressed to you within an explanation much simplified of this essence, (Elias) there are many, many aspects of essence, countless aspects of essence. All are actualized within every area of consciousness; this being why I express to you that you may not be viewing ascended masters, for you are ascended masters! You are all things within all dimensions within all areas of consciousness, for there is no separation. Therefore, simultaneous to this attention within this lens focus that you recognize as you, you also occupy all other areas of consciousness that you create belief systems around, expressing that they occupy "higher levels." They occupy different areas of consciousness. Their experience is different.

You hold aspects of self, of essence, that have never in your terms chosen to physically objectify. Therefore, this experience is not of those aspects. This is not to say that they do not incorporate the experience as you experience this, but within the creation of the reality that they occupy, they may not be focused within their attention upon those experiences. They exist, but they do not focus their attention upon them. You do not focus your attention upon every individual hair upon your head! It exists. It experiences. It is aware of all of your experience, but your attention is not focused upon every individual hair! In this same manner, within the entirety of essence, each aspect of essence does not focus its attention upon the entirety of essence, although it incorporates the entirety of self and experience. Just as you hold the ability to access any area of your essence within consciousness, so do any other aspects hold the ability to access you.

In this, this aspect of the same essence holds attention within a different area of consciousness and experience. It is not a higher plane. It is a different experience which has not chosen physical experience, therefore is not incorporating a language that you identify with within your emotional creation of your focus. In this manner, the individual interacting with your teacher within exchange was allowing for the accessing of other aspects of that essence, in this allowing a partial communication. This is limited, for it moves through many more layers of consciousness to actualize within your language. You do not understand the communication, for it is very unfamiliar to you. It does not hold your attention, for it is unfamiliar to you objectively. This essence that you view presently may choose to be accessing other aspects of the essence and presenting them to you within this energy exchange, but you would not listen, for this would not hold your attention, for you cannot identify presently within the experience that you have chosen within this dimension; for you have intentionally chosen to be forgetful for the purity of your experience within this focus of creation. Therefore, you experience unfamiliarity which does not hold your attention.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall offer you the opportunity to disengage, or you may be opting for a break if you are wishing. It is your choice.

Q: Can I ask one question, Elias? Do you feel joy when you are in this situation?

ELIAS: No. It is unnecessary, as I am not experiencing my attention within physical manifestation.

REPLY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

PAUL: When you laugh, when you have that chuckle, (laughter) do you experience humor then?

ELIAS: This is a translation for your understanding. You identify with emotion. You identify with humor. You identify with affection, with joy, with love, with fearfulness, with anger. In these, you identify with the manifestation of this energy exchange within a language that you understand. It is a translation. Within the area of consciousness that this essence occupies its attention, these are unnecessary elements of language. It is filtered through, within energy, many layers of consciousness to be accomplishing this energy exchange which you recognize and speak to. There are tremendous elements of energy arrangement which must be accomplished to be filtering through for your understanding. (Pause) Therefore, what say you of your wishing? Shall you disengage, or shall you break?

Vic's note: I remember looking around the room here, wondering if everybody was as fried as I was. It was obvious they were, but nobody wanted to end the moment!

ANDY: One more question. Elias, would you be able to communicate with us even without using a human body? For instance, using your essence personality? And would we call that then, generally, a ghost appearing?

ELIAS: This is possible temporarily, very momentarily in your terms. I have projected this imagery which many individuals allow themselves the opportunity to physically view. Within the energy exchange, at every moment physically, you may also access this projection; although I shall express that at times, I have diversified the energy to be offering another projection which may be visually viewed, not necessarily within this particular body. Individuals have held the opportunity to be viewing of this form, although it holds no solidity and may be viewed temporarily; for this is a division of the energy projection within the energy exchange which is requiring of an accelerated concentration of energy, which is unnecessary. But within your parlor tricks, it has been accomplished at times! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

Very well. I express to you all much affection, (grinning) in translation, (laughter) which the projection of energy manifests within the reality of form. Therefore, do not be viewing that this be insincere, for it is reality also, within its restructuring of energy and translation. In this, I may genuinely express to you, and you may feel its genuineness, of a loving affection to you all. And I express to you this day, au revoir!

Elias departs at 7:04 PM.

Whew! What an experience! Many thanks to you all!

Note: For new readers, Michael is Mary's essence name and Lawrence is Vicki's essence name.

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.