Session 1380

The REAL Reality


“The REAL Reality”
“Beliefs Are To Be Appreciated”

Wednesday, July 2, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Myranda)

Elias arrives at 10:51 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! Can we start with the questions of my mother?


ANJULI: I have just talked with Michael about that, and in the next sessions we will have little sessions for my mother and then my session.

ELIAS: Very well.

(Omitted by request)

ANJULI: You said in a session that I am living in two worlds, or that we all are living in two worlds, the one we think to be the real one and our individual one. Is the one which we think to be the real one, do you mean with that the so to speak official one of the collective?

ELIAS: No. What I was expressing was an identification of your perceptions and in association with your beliefs, identifying to you that this is YOUR association, that there are two realities — your individual reality and another reality that is the official reality — and this is incorrect. There is no other reality, but this is what you generate in association with in relation to your beliefs.

You think that there is some other reality which is the real reality and the true reality, and that your individual reality is some type of sub-reality which incorporates aspects that are not true. This concept is incorrect, and this is being addressed in this wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of truth. For the true, so to speak, reality or the real reality is the reality that you each individually generate, which is not different from the collective reality. This is what creates the collective reality.

As an example, another individual posed the question of recent time framework concerning reality and what generates the officially accepted reality as real. The example was posed in relation to your planet and whether at one time it was flat or whether it has always been round.

ANJULI: Yes, yes, exactly, Sid talked with me about that.

ELIAS: To which I responded that the shape of the planet is what is expressed by the individuals. If the individuals in association with their beliefs perceive the planet to be flat, this is what they generate, and it is.

Now; simultaneously some individuals within that time framework may have not been generating a flat planet. Therefore, in their individual realities, the planet was round. These are not conflicting, for it is the individual’s reality, which is real.

Now; as individuals agree and collectively are expressing any particular fact, so to speak, within any particular time framework, the fact becomes the officially accepted reality. But as I have expressed, even in this scenario that fact changes. Your planet is not precisely round. At one point it was, but it is no longer. Its shape has altered, for your collective fact has altered. Facts are not truths. There are merely collective beliefs, and they change. They are not absolutes.

ANJULI: So I have just one reality and that is my individual reality, and I can do with that what I like.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And what I think to be the collective...?

ELIAS: You may change.

ANJULI: That is my collective and I can do with it what I like?

ELIAS: Correct. I may express...

ANJULI: It matters not what I perceive to be in energy in the collective generated and what other realities others generate, I can generate mine?

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, Myranda, that any individual within your reality within any time framework may be creating quite a different reality than what may be accepted factually by a collective, so to speak, and this is no less real. In that, you are not generating one reality which is a subdivision, so to speak, of the officially accepted reality.

ANJULI: Ah. So to speak I do not have to think about the collective? There is just me and I can do with my reality what I want, and this reality is not...? So many things are my beliefs. What I thought to be a truth or the blueprint of whatever is not, and so I can do with my reality what I like?

ELIAS: Correct. And it may be a truth to you but it is your truth, and therefore you may manipulate in any manner that you choose.

ANJULI: Then probably much of what we thought to be the blueprint of our dimension is not the blueprint. It is a scientific belief or what.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And then for my reality, I can start focusing on what I really like. So for example, all of my magic and my Milumet magic and whatever I wanted to do with less separation of time frameworks and all that, I can focus on what I like.

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

ANJULI: Today I was thinking about beliefs, that I so far had thought that is how it is in our reality. Let’s say I am living in a house with walls, and I think I need to live in a house with walls because of the climate or the rain and all these habits that I have. When I walk through my day, I think that is how my day is. So I think I discovered that I could after all also choose to view this differently.

ELIAS: Yes, if you wish.

ANJULI: So what I thought to be a truth, or whatever I think of that is, so to speak, just a belief, I can think in new terms about my reality once I start to think in that direction, that these are all not truth.


Now; let me also express to you an identification of an association that you generate in like manner to many, many, many other individuals. You express to myself, “Ah, this is just a belief.”

Now; that is significant to be aware of, for you view beliefs as less than truths. In your reality, within your physical dimension, your truths are your most strongly expressed beliefs that you have generated into absolutes.

Now; they are not just beliefs. They are influencing of ALL of your reality. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, they are your truths.

ANJULI: But I think we don’t want them. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah, but this is what I am expressing to you in identification, for as you continue to move in this type of association of expressing “Oh, these are merely beliefs; these are just beliefs,” and you continue to express that you dislike these beliefs or that you do not want these beliefs, what are you actually doing? You are reinforcing your automatic response of continuing to attempt to eliminate them, and this is not the point.

Therefore it is significant that you allow yourselves to recognize and to realize objectively that every expression that you generate within your physical reality is influenced by a belief. They are not just beliefs. They are in your reality your truths, and they are not being eliminated and they are not being changed.

What you are doing is widening your awareness in a manner in which you begin to recognize that you continue to express certain beliefs, but you also incorporate the availability to you of countless other beliefs. In a manner of speaking, Myranda, it may be likened to a painting.

Now; in this painting, initially you begin to create your painting and you incorporate merely three colors. But you want to be more expansive and more creative with this painting. Therefore, you recognize that you wish to be incorporating more than three colors. You have painted and painted and painted and incorporated these three colors, but this is becoming restricting for you cannot express yourself fully with merely these three colors.

In this, you begin to expand, and you begin to allow yourself to generate more colors. Those colors have always existed. You merely were not using them. Now as you incorporate all of the colors throughout the spectrum, your painting becomes much more creative and more fun and more beautiful, for it is expressed in the freedom of your creativity and all of your brilliant colors.

This is what you are doing in widening your awareness in relation to beliefs. All of them...

ANJULI: So I can use them as colors. I can see them as my tools to create a colorful picture, not as an enemy, but I can use many, many beliefs in my ways?


ANJULI: So I paint my reality with my beliefs. I don’t have to make the colors go away, but I can paint a colorful reality with my beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct, yes.

ANJULI: Okay, now I got it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha! I am quite acknowledging of you, Myranda. They are not to be eliminated. They are to be expanded and appreciated for what each of them offers you in association with your abilities.

ANJULI: Then in another session I asked you about language...


ANJULI: ...about verbal and other language and what you define to be language, the many other ways of how we can communicate.


ANJULI: Now, since then I have been more aware of how I am using language in the way how you define it. This also gave me more of a freedom in how I express to others but also more of an awareness of my own very specific language with myself.

ELIAS: Ah. And what have you discovered?

ANJULI: I speak to myself and to others, which are also me, in a more... Well, probably a mirror of that is the word-tile game we are doing at the Inmi mailing list. It is more, it is not so linear, more diverse ... no, more intricate, more holistic, more...

ELIAS: ...expansive. Ha ha!

ANJULI: (Laughs) Yes, so for example, today I wrote a mail to the Eliasfamily mailing list, and then I made many colorful stars and said, “This is what I want to express today.” I felt a lot of freedom with using those symbols and not necessarily always expressing with verbal language. (Elias chuckles) This means I can feel, for example, when I interact with Timothy/Eliantan, I can translate our interaction as him sending a verbal language mail to me or I see a blue envelope on my computer. There are many other ways of how I translate that interaction into verbal or other language.


ANJULI: Am I then translating his language through my own language, or am I translating his way of expressing language in the way of how he is expressing language, for example?

ELIAS: Both.

ANJULI: I am aware of the various languages various people use to express, but I can use my language to translate it or I use their language... I am not sure how to express that.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct in both. At times you may be translating within your language; at times you may be translating in a different manner which does not necessarily translate into your language, but rather conceptualization and within an inner language which you feel.

ANJULI: Yes. I love that a lot. So that is also part of the Shift, that we are not so linear in how we communicate. We don’t need to always use verbal language. Of course, we can also expand our use of verbal language, but in addition have many, many ways of how we translate and how we express and how we use language for to interact with each other.


ANJULI: Is there also a difference in orientations, of what kind of language they use in their communication with others?

ELIAS: Yes and no. It is not as black and white as it may appear. But in association with different orientations, individuals naturally generate differences in their expressions and in the manner in which they process the information, so to speak.

Therefore, although you all incorporate the same abilities to be translating in many, many different manners and to be communicating in many, many different manners, the influence of the different orientations generates somewhat of different manners in which individuals generally lean, so to speak, in the manners in which they allow themselves to be communicating or to be translating communications.

Common individuals, generally speaking, lean more in the direction of physical communications, whether this be in language in verbal communications or in language in actions and physical displays of interactions. This is not to say that individuals that are common do not incorporate the ability to be communicating or translating in many other manners, but their general expression is to be focused more physically in association with communications and interactions.

Now; soft individuals lean in a direction of energy expressions more so than verbal communications or physical expressions. Individuals of the soft orientation generally lean more heavily in the expression of paying attention to energy communications and the language of energy.

ANJULI: Ah, interesting, yes. This means I can allow myself to have my interests!

Elias, is Ashrah’s focus Ashrah at the Alterversity the son of Arkandin van Anderson/Arkandin with another woman? He is the half-brother of my focus Myr van Anderson. We had that impression.


ANJULI: Ah, that is great. (Laughs) Yes, I want to create a trip on his boat with him. Daryl and I are very busy with that. Oh, that is great. I love Myr so much and she loves Ashrah so much.

Then, Elias, of course you know about my many musings about pyramids, pools and patterns, groups with a common focal point. I call them that. I have a satisfying inner feeling of the information which I received from you and from my friends in the future, from my innernet mailing list and so on. So far I did not really translate this into words...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: But these are all groups with a common focal point. If we have a pool or a group of five or four or three, is there a difference? They are groups with a common focal point, but is there something specific about certain kinds of groups?

ELIAS: Your first impression is correct.

ANJULI: When I connected with what I call the TEAM, those four focuses and essences Tom Holland/Tomkin, Timothy Sutherland/Eliantan, Arkandin van Anderson/Arkandin, Julian Holland/Myranda, the first letters of their essence names add up to the word TEAM. I thought I could explore with them — a group of four in their time with me as the fifth — how this feels in energy, and from them I got this entire information. A large part was an energy information of this being a movement within consciousness. You said my focus that I call Movie within your Regional Area 4 is exploring movements within consciousness. So this is a movement within consciousness, this is how they view that, our action of pooling our energies.


ANJULI: When I see it as movements within consciousness, when I experience it as that, I do not have the experience of individuality, not even of different essences. I feel being consciousness and I am also a wave within consciousness, and this wave is this movement within consciousness generated by us, the TEAM, pooling our energies.


ANJULI: Ah. Oh, Elias, so interesting! So what we called pyramids, for example the pyramid of Vicki and Mary and the others, that is a group with a common focal point. We create these groups with a common focal point in our dimension. We do that all the time?

ELIAS: Yes, for it allows you to combine energies, which generates a greater force in association with the common focal point.

ANJULI: Have the Beatles, with Vicki’s focus George Harrison, also been such a pyramid for example, such a group with a common focal point that created a mass event, after all?


ANJULI: Ah. The others I am connecting with, the TEAM pyramid, then the four at the Alterversity, the MEZAN pyramid, and the ones around Andrea Bergeron in The City, these are all pyramid actions, groups with a common focal point. These are all movements within consciousness of individuals pooling their energy.


ANJULI: And the same is like our Eliasfamily, that is the same as a pyramid action, just a larger group with a common focal point.


ANJULI: And then my impression, what I call this pattern thing I am doing, this is all interconnected. There are big groups and small groups within big groups, and each individual can be in many pyramids and many big and small groups...

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: Ah. Oh, see, I asked you. I used words for that. (Both laugh) I had a very trusting feeling about being correct with this experience. I did not translate that so much in thought, but the feeling was so strong. That was an interesting experience for me, that I not just trust my impressions about focuses or essence names or what, but even about a concept, what I view to be an important, a big thing, so to speak.

ELIAS: And it is quite significant that you have allowed yourself to trust yourself in this translation and in the action of acquiring the information itself.

ANJULI: Yes. So when I focus, for example, on my TEAM pyramid and I feel that energy lending energy to the A-N-D pyramid and the ILE pyramid that Lucille is forming, and they also lend energy to other groups or whatever, this is how groups — which we view to be separate but they are not — they are movements within consciousness, and they are all lending energy to each other. We can have our attention on many of these groups at once and participate in that.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Leland has connected with a focus in Atlantis. He thinks that name to be Ahh-Nach, in the way I have written it down here. Is this correct?


ANJULI: And KC/Nanaiis’s focus in Atlantis is Karamere, also correct?


ANJULI: And Ingrid/Allie’s focus there is Semila?


ANJULI: Gillian/Ari’s focus is Caila?


ANJULI: We also project often to Atlantis. Nanaiis and Leland and some others also viewed what we called the Great Marble, a structure, and you can go into this structure. Is this an energy structure or is it more a physical structure?

ELIAS: It is a physical structure.

ANJULI: Yes. They can ask more questions in their sessions or whatever. Does Atlantis also have relationship beliefs and sexuality, or is this also our translation, what we viewed? Do they incorporate sexuality?

ELIAS: Yes, in a different manner.

ANJULI: In a very different manner? For example, the ones in the 11:11 dimension, they procreate very different than we do and also their way of expressing intimacy is very different.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Is Atlantis more like us or also very different?

ELIAS: Quite different.

ANJULI: Okay. (Pause) Yes, Elias? (Elias chuckles) He chuckles!

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting upon your emergence day.

ANJULI: Oh, Elias, yes! And before we start with our session we have a party at my island, and you are invited and the other essences and the beings in my innernet mailing list...

ELIAS: Very well.

ANJULI: participate there. In the meantime, I want to crawl more on this flower-energy of you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well.

ANJULI: The next time I will talk with you about it.

ELIAS: Very well, and so we shall. (Chuckles)

ANJULI: I had lots of fun with that, Elias. I enjoyed that a lot.

ELIAS: As always, my dear friend Myranda, I express my tremendous affection and fondness to you.

ANJULI: Yes, and as always I say I love you so much.

ELIAS: In lovingness to you, and also offer to your mother, I express to you both, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:02 PM.

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