Session 344

The Belief System of Accomplishment


“The Belief System of Accomplishment”
“The Intent of the Sumari”
“The Trauma of the Shift”

Saturday, December 5, 1998-1 © 1999 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Danny (Erich), Val (Caliel), and one new participant, Len (Pointse).
Vic’s note:  Danny 12 years old.  He attended his first session in October of ‘98, and then requested this session for his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Danny!
Elias arrives at 11:26 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning! (Grinning)

VAL:  Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS:  (To Len)  Welcome to new essence this morning!

(To Danny)  And how have you been faring with your investigations?

VAL:  How are you doing, Dan?

DANNY:  Fine, I’m fine. (Elias chuckles)

VAL:  Do you understand what Elias is asking you, “with your investigation?”

LEN:  Investigation into what?

VAL:  He gave you information last time. (Danny starts to reply, but his voice is inaudible)

LEN:  Excuse me for one second. (Len stands up and apparently trips over something, as there is a loud noise, and Elias chuckles)

VAL:  Oops!  Sorry, Elias!  One second!

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary for your apologizing.

Vic’s note:  I think what happened is, Len tripped over the wires to the recording equipment, both his own and Mary’s.

VAL:  Look at that!  You know, I think it tells us something!  Wait. (Brief pause)  Electricity!  What a silly thing, huh?

ELIAS:  Ah!  My favorite element! (Grinning)

VAL:  Well, one of these days we’ll just have no need of it ‘cause it’s just in the air, I guess, in the atmosphere. (Elias chuckles)  Alright.  Well, we’ll see if that works or not.

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this day?

VAL:  Inquiries.  Well, (sighing) you gave me a lot of interesting information based on essence name and on essence family, and I’ve done some reading on the essence family that I come from, and I feel like I haven’t quite (sighing) fully blossomed into what I think I’m supposed to do — which coming from the Sumari family, as you told me and I always knew somehow, having read Jane and all that — and I’m still in the process of finding the path to the expression in the public eye, and I don’t know if that’s what I’m supposed to do.  It seems that I am, but yet I’m very comfortable in my little (sighing) quiet world, and go out every now and then, but there’s a part of me that wants the big time too.  And so, I don’t know.  Do you have any insight for me, Elias?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is quite amusing, the interaction with individuals within physical focus, as you lean very often in the direction of what you are “supposed” to be doing.  I express to you that there is no element of your experience that you are “supposed” to be accomplishing or that you “must” be doing or that you “should” be accomplishing!  These are all aspects of your own belief systems, which push you in directions that many times create conflict and an uncomfortableness for you, for you hold very strong expectations of self that move you in the direction of pushing your own energy.

In this, many individuals view these expectations of self as their motivating force.  You need not hold expectations of yourself any more than you need hold expectations of other individuals, and this shall not deplete your motivation or your desires.

I am quite advocating to you to be allowing yourself natural time, not cultural time, and to be incorporating an acceptance of what you choose and what you want, not what you view you need, for needs are an illusion.

VAL:  Yes, I completely agree with you.  I find so many what I would say diversions, which I love too.  How do you get it all done?  How do you do it all, is the question.  Because there is the part of me that loves the performing, the singing, the teaching, and primarily the mothering and the home and the nurturing and all of that, and the writing of the music and the singing of the music and the performing and wanting to be out there.  There’s just not enough time, and I can’t focus enough energy to one thing, so I appear scattered or I feel like I dabble, and I know I’m not a dabbler.  I know that if I put all my energy into one of those things, I could excel, but....

ELIAS:  Ah!  Listen to your own very words and recognize how very much judgment you are placing upon your behavior, your actions, and your creations!

This evening I shall be offering a with many individuals, and our subject matter shall be HOW you create your reality.

Now; many individuals, and yourself also, place great judgment upon what you view to be scattered — not holding your attention in one area — for your society expresses to you that you must be grounded, you must be centered, you must be focused in one direction.  Choose a direction, and — in your very words — EXCEL in this one direction!  Do not be moving yourself from here to here to here in the manner of a rabbit, hopping from one spot to another, but choose a path!

In this, you reinforce your own belief systems in duplicity, for you express to yourself an inadequacy, a lack of focus, and you express to yourself that this is bad.  You also create your struggle, your conflict, your tug-of-war, for in this action you hold a very strong desire to be hopping and experiencing in many different areas, but your rationale expresses to you, “No no no!  This is not very good!”

Look also to the Sumari.  They are not finishers!

VAL:  Oh, is that right? (Laughing)  Oh, that’s funny!

ELIAS:  They are the pop-ins, so to speak.

VAL:  That’s very funny!

ELIAS:  They are the individuals that stir the pot, and dabble ...

VAL:  Is that right?

ELIAS:  ... but are not quite accomplished at completion.

VAL:  That’s it!  That’s the struggle!

ELIAS:  But they need not be in the direction of completion, for this is not their intent ...

VAL:  Okay!  Then maybe I’ll ... alright, I’ll be true to my family!

ELIAS:  ... and this is not your intent.

VAL:  Uh-huh, uh-huh ... help me out!

ELIAS:  Your intent is to be experiencing the fullness of physical focus, and what you may offer yourself within it.

The intent in the individuals of this family is to be stirring, introducing new ideas and experiences to themselves and to other individuals, to be encouraging of creativity in all areas of physical focus; not to be concerning themselves with beginnings or endings, but to be concerning themselves with the presentment of different experiences, that they may be reinforcing the aesthetics of this physical dimension.

They pull to the surface, so to speak — in their own and other individuals’ experiences — the beauty of creating within this physical focus.

Therefore, do not concern yourself that you do not hold enough physical time.  There is quite plenty of your physical linear time to be experiencing the snippets of all of the different directions that you choose to be moving into.  You need not be concerning yourself and creating conflict with yourself in the direction of completion.

VAL:  Okay.  That relieves me a lot.

ELIAS:  Allow yourself the permission to be yourself and to experience in the manner that YOU experience, not in the manner that is dictated to you.

VAL:  Thank you!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

VAL:  You gave me a lot of insight.  Thank you.

Now, I would like very much to know — and I’m sure Len would too — his essence name and family. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Pointse. (pronounced point-say’)

LEN:  Pointse!

ELIAS:  P-O-I-N-T-S-E.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

This offers you an interesting combination of intents and abilities within this physical focus.

In this combination of essence families, you hold great creativity, and you also hold the ability quite naturally — if allowing yourself to be expressing this ability — in the area of tapping your own inner senses, which may be quite valuable to you within your interaction with other individuals.  You hold a very natural ability to be exercising your empathic sense, which also offers you much information in your interactions.

Many individuals that are aligning with this essence family of Vold lean in the direction of being quite expressive emotionally, but not always.  They hold the ability to access easily the empathic sense.

Many times individuals within physical focus allow this empathic sense to be expressed objectively within themselves, therefore affecting emotional qualities of themselves, but this sense also offers you much information in understanding other individuals and their experiences.

LEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  You also hold a very strong ability in exercising the telepathic sense, which — if you are so choosing — you may quite easily polish this inner sense and allow yourself to be exercising that particular inner sense more often, which in conjunction with your empathic sense may also be quite beneficial within your interaction of other individuals.

These inner senses also lend to your ability to tap into quite natural actions as to physically viewing other individuals’ energy fields which surround their physical forms, and also connecting with each of their energy centers within their physical bodies.  This may also lend to your understanding and your interactions with other individuals, in offering you a greater understanding of them.

In this, you may find that individuals may hold an amazement at times at how easily you may be accessing information in their concern.

LEN:  That happens all the time!

VAL:  Yes, that’s very true!

LEN:  Every day!

ELIAS:  This is the enactment of your inner senses, and your allowance of yourself to be using these inner senses often.

LEN:  I need them.  That’s how I do my work!

ELIAS:  Ah, but you ALL may be exercising these inner senses, and they shall be quite beneficial to you all within your interactions!

In this situation, I may also express to you that you may find that you may allow yourself to move much more easily into the acceptance of other individuals and of belief systems, for you allow yourself the openness to experience empathically other individuals’ experiences.  This lends to more of an ease for yourself in moving into this shift in consciousness without trauma.

I have expressed many times, the reason that I interact with you within physical focus and offer information is to be lessening the amount of trauma that shall be experienced within this shift in consciousness, for there shall be trauma!  Individuals already are increasingly experiencing trauma.  This is the beginnings of the addressing to their own belief systems and the effects that these belief systems create within their individual realities.

Now; I express to you that many individuals do not hold an objective awareness in the sense that they may hold the ability objectively to identify that they are addressing to belief systems, but they present themselves with actions and events and behaviors and interactions with other individuals that display their belief systems and their HOLD to their belief systems, and they begin to experience great trauma.

Also, individuals now, as you approach your coming century, begin to open more and more to their own natural abilities that they have not allowed themselves previously to be objectively aware of.  Therefore, you may encounter many individuals that are beginning to express that they are experiencing madness, for they are experiencing unusual and different elements within their reality.

Those experiences that I have offered as examples previously — in what you term in linear time to be past sessions, that individuals found quite amusing and [were] chuckling at — now become realities, and they are not quite so amusing!

I have expressed to individuals, “View how you shall respond to experiences as you awake within your morning, and you move into your space arrangement of your living room and it appears entirely different, and all of the familiar elements of your room are now changed and appearing quite different, and within a very short time period, they reverse and appear the same again.”

Vic’s note:  I can vouch for this one!  I’ve had this experience a few times and it IS quite confusing, even WITH an explanation!

ELIAS:  And you express to yourself much eye-rubbing and head-shaking and expressing to yourselves, “This is my imagination and I am hallucinating.”  No, you are not hallucinating!  You are allowing bleed-throughs, and individuals throughout your globe begin now to be experiencing many bleed-throughs, and your reality begins to change.

I have expressed many times, your reality within the completion of this shift in consciousness shall be quite different, and within this present now, elements of this shift in consciousness are objectively unfamiliar to you.  Therefore, this is creating of trauma, for individuals do not willingly move into unfamiliar experiences.

VAL:  Oh yes!  Elias, is it helpful to each of us as individuals to know what other experiences we’ve had or are having simultaneously in other dimensions, or in other words, what we would call past lives?  Is that helpful?

ELIAS:  Yes, I am quite advocating of this investigation, as you are aware, for many elements of your other focuses are and shall be increasingly bleeding through into THIS reality, this particular focus.  This is a natural byproduct of this shift in consciousness.  It may be quite beneficial to your understanding if you are allowing yourselves to be connecting with other focuses of essence that you hold within this dimension and within other dimensions.

Many individuals move in the direction of allowing bleed-throughs of other-dimensional focuses, which appear VERY unfamiliar, for other realities do not hold any of the same qualities as this reality.  You may allow yourselves to translate other realities into a familiar element of this reality.  This be the reason that individuals experience what they term to be contact with extraterrestrials.

VAL:  Oh, no kidding!

ELIAS:  These extraterrestrials do not in their reality appear as you translate their appearance, but you create an appearance that you may relate to within this reality, that is not so very unfamiliar to what you create within this reality.  Even those extraterrestrials that bear no resemblance to your physical forms do bear resemblance to elements within your reality.  They are not entirely removed from your reality.  These are translations, but with this you may also experience different affectingnesses of your outer senses that are directly influenced by these other-dimensional focuses: ear-ringing, what you may term to be distortions in your vision, strange physical sensations that appear only momentarily.

LEN:  Do you mean a feeling of deja vu?

ELIAS:  These would be experiences of the recognition of other focuses, at times.  At other times, they are experiences that you allow yourselves momentarily, in the understanding of simultaneous time; that time as you create it within this dimension moves in linear fashion, but that is an expression of this dimension, and its movement is a creation unique to this dimension.

Outside of this dimension, so to speak, there is no expression of linear time in the fashion that you create it.  Within consciousness, all time, in a manner of speaking, is simultaneous.  Therefore, even within the objective reality of this dimension, you do allow yourself moments of experiencing simultaneous time.  Therefore, you term this to be your deja vu.

VAL:  Elias, I have a question, getting back to being very self-focused at the moment.  My husband is Sumari.  I am too.  Why is it that he can finish things and I don’t? (Laughing)  I mean, if we’re not finishers, how is it that he’s such a great finisher (Elias chuckles) and accomplishes so much?  I mean accomplishing in the sense of other people recognizing his accomplishments, what he does.

ELIAS:  Each individual creates their reality in their own expression of which they are comfortable with.

Now; let me express to you: the difference is, this individual holds more, so to speak, of an acceptance of self, (to Len) which allows a flow more easily in your own creations.

(To Val)  As you allow yourself more of an acceptance of self and your own expressions — and a trust in self, which is ultimately important — all of your creations effortlessly fall into place, so to speak, and in this, it matters not that you are completing or not completing, for you are trusting your own creations.  This, so to speak, is your key.

VAL:  Trust.

ELIAS:  Quite!  I am quite aware that I express this many, many, many times with individuals within physical focus....

VAL:  We all have the problem!

LEN:  Yes!  Well, I want to ask you a different side of the question.  Why is it that accomplishment is so critical to myself, and why is it that it will never be enough — that the amount of accomplishment could never really ever be enough?

ELIAS:  This also parallels with yourself (indicating Val).  In this, you may view a great similarity in your expressions.  You merely choose differences in HOW you are expressing your own creations.

(To Len)  You view that you may not be accomplishing enough.
(To Val)  You view that you may not be focused enough to be accomplishing at all!

In this, you both are expressing quite similarly in alignment with mass belief systems, in pushing yourselves and your energy to be accomplishing, for what reason?  Both!  Acknowledgment and acceptance of other individuals ...

LEN:  I already have that.

ELIAS:  ... and the accomplishments within physical focus.

Accomplishment physically is a very large aspect of belief systems which you move yourselves within, and in this area there IS an element of lack of trust and acceptance of self, for were you moving more in the direction of acceptance and trust of self, you would not be creating this push to be accomplishing.  You would be accepting that each creation that you choose is perfect in its own expression and is enough, that you need not be continuously pushing and pushing.

But this is also reinforced by your mass belief systems within your societies, and you are not immune to the affectingness of these mass belief systems and expressions.

This be the reason that I have offered the information as to the allowance, the penetration and the buffer.

Now; this has been offered as an exercise, in a manner of speaking, in dealing with other individuals, but it may also be incorporated in the line of addressing to mass belief systems and the expectations of mass belief systems and their effect that you allow within yourself.

You may allow the mass expression, but as it thrusts toward you in energy, if you are trusting self and accepting of self, you shall not be holding to your own energy, and in this, naturally allow your energy field to deflect the energy of the mass expressions.

In this, you create a natural buffer and you do not allow the penetration, and if you are not allowing the penetration, you are not allowing the affectingness, and in this you may reconstruct that very energy to be more beneficial to your own experience and to be helpful to yourselves, and this also shall be reinforcing of your own trust and acceptance of self.

Each time that you are moving in the direction of acknowledging to yourselves in an objective manner your own trust and your own acceptance, regardless of how you measure — for you are very good at measuring large expressions and small expressions — but regardless of the measure of the expression, you shall reinforce your own natural trust of self.  In like manner, each time you are discounting of self and pushing for more accomplishments, you are reinforcing your own duplicity and lack of trust.

It is merely a matter of which dog you choose to feed and which shall become the larger of the two, (laughter) and I shall express to you that the dog of trusting and accepting is much more efficient at creating your reality!

LEN:  It’s a much better pet!

ELIAS:  Quite, and offers little or no conflict!

VAL:  (To Len)  Do you have questions on any specifics?  Danny, do you have questions?  I’m trying to formulate something here.

LEN:  I don’t know whether I can really use you as an oracle of prophecy about very concrete things?

ELIAS:  Ah, the crystal ball! (Laughter)

LEN:  The crystal ball, yes!  We have several crystal balls, and I’ve tried them all!

Will I remain in my present physical environment, doing my job in its present physical environment, or must I move on to a new office?

ELIAS:  Ah, once again!  “Must I?  Should I?”  Ah!  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  And I shall inquire of you, what is your want?

LEN:  Oh, I want my own office!

ELIAS:  I express to you to be creating your wants and not to be allowing the duplicity of obstacles, for you are quite efficient at creating many, many obstacles for yourselves and expressing discouragement, and subsequently expressing to yourselves that you cannot be accomplishing, for you have placed too many obstacles before you.  Very incorrect!

All of the obstacles that appear within your path, so to speak, are your own creations of your own obstacles!  Therefore, you may remove them also, as efficiently as you place them within your path.

In this, each obstacle that you view, visualize this obstacle, regardless of its size, and measure, and be creating within your visual a pillar, a column.  Each time you view an obstacle, create this pillar or this column within your visual, and move it!

LEN:  Move it! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Create your own object that you may physically move, and express to this pillar or this column, “You have been placed in my way.  Now you shall move, and I shall place you here and I shall continue upon my sojourn, and you shall be to the side, and I shall create without the obstacles.”

There is no element within your physical focus, if you are trusting of yourself, that you may not create!

LEN:  I agree with you.

VAL:  That’s absolutely true.

LEN:  Yeah, that’s absolutely true.

ELIAS:  You may create ANY object, behavior, event, occurrence that you desire.

Now; I shall express to you that at times you may be wanting of certain elements which may not necessarily be in alignment with your intent and may not necessarily be beneficial to you, and may also not necessarily lend energy in this shift in consciousness.  Therefore, you shall not necessarily create those wants.

Many individuals WANT to be acquiring winnings within your lottery, (laughter) but this may not necessarily be beneficial to them within their individual focus and it may not necessarily be in alignment with their individual intent.

Now; let me express to you also that individuals many times DO create physical, viewable possessions and movements that appear frivolous, but within their individual intents, they are great expressions of accomplishment in the area of trusting self!

In this, you may view an individual that is creating of a new element within their focus and expressing to you, “I shall acquire this.”  And you express to them, “This is not possible, for you to be acquiring this object within your means of your physical focus.”

And lo and behold, they are creating of this, and they are expressing to you, “I created this!”  For they have trusted themselves and not held doubt, and in not doubting and questioning the direction that they are creating, they are accomplishing!

VAL:  That’s right.  That’s very true.  How do we determine our true intent?  How do we become very aligned with the intent, and without all of the bombardment of mass beliefs but with our own true intent, our own true purpose for being here?

ELIAS:  Many individuals look to this word of intent and become boggled and experience an overwhelming confusion and express, “This is so very difficult to identify!”  I express to you, it is quite easy to be identifying your intent.  Look to your entire focus and the directions that you consistently move within in all of your expressions, and this shall offer you the information of your intent.

An example:  An individual may be creating of many, many hurtful experiences within their focus, repeatedly placing themselves in situations that appear within your belief systems to be quite negative and quite hurtful.

LEN:  To themselves?

ELIAS:  Correct.

Now; in this, the individual may express to me, “What is my intent?  To be hurtful to myself?”  No.  The intent is being followed in gathering experiences that may be offering a more efficient ability for that individual to be offering helpfulness to other individuals that experience similar trauma.  That individual may be aligned with the Tumold family ...

LEN:  Tumold?

ELIAS:  ... which may be the healing aspect, and they express, “How shall I be healing if I am creating hurtfulness within myself?”  But you are also creating experience, that you may allow yourself to move in a direction of connecting and exercising your own empathic sense, which shall be helpful to other individuals and shall be healing.

VAL:  Is that necessarily within the same lifetime, or....

LEN:  Well, that’s what Teresa did with some people.  She took people who would dump their troubles on her, and she really understood ‘cause she was doing the same thing to herself, but she could really help them because ... that’s what she did.

ELIAS:  The individual may not choose to be discontinuing their own distress, so to speak, but even within their experience, they may be offering healing elements to other individuals and expressing quite efficiently within their intent.

LEN:  And she did!

VAL:  Yes, she did!

ELIAS:  In this, you may look to yourself and your experiences without the judgments of your scatteredness, and you may view how you hold the ability to be introducing this aesthetic quality to all that surround you.

VAL:  I’m aware of that.

ELIAS:  Quite!  It is not an element that is hidden from you.  It is merely a question of your own acknowledgment of your own abilities and creations.  It is fully within your view, what your intents are.  You do not hide these from yourselves!

(Humorously)  There is no subconscious!  Quite amusing term as the lesser consciousness, which is not reality!  All is available to you.  It is merely your choice to be acknowledging and to be accessing all that you hold.

VAL:  Then Elias, if I were consciously to choose to go in the direction of accomplishing success in getting an agent that will work for me — doing wonderful auditions, being hired, being asked to sing with companies or at places and festivals and that sort of thing — I can choose that?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

VAL:  And I can create that?

ELIAS:  Do you believe that you may create this?  No!

VAL:  I guess not!

LEN:  But you already have in your life.

VAL:  I have, I have!  Not consciously, though.

ELIAS:  Do you express to yourself that you may express to yourself, “I shall create this and it shall be?”  No.

VAL:  I guess not.

ELIAS:  And if you are reinforcing of yourself and expressing to yourself, “I shall create this,” and allow the probabilities to fall into place, you SHALL create this.  It is merely a question of trusting yourself and your own ability, and I am quite aware that this appears to be expressed quite simply, and that within your physical creations, you create this quite difficultly!

VAL:  Well, does it ... I mean, when it all started to happen when I was much younger, I didn’t consciously set out to create anything!  It seemed to just happen.

ELIAS:  Ah, but this is the beauty of how you create your reality!

LEN:  Right, yes!

ELIAS:  Effortlessly!

VAL:  How do I get back to that?  That’s the question!

ELIAS:  This is the expression of trusting self.

VAL:  But then I got scared because it was happening so quickly and happening on such a high level....

LEN:  But you didn’t trust yourself because you didn’t know how to sing.

VAL:  Right....

LEN:  But now you know how to sing!

ELIAS:  And you subsequently....

VAL:  But now I know how to do it!  How do I get it back, Elias?

DANNY:  Mommy, mommy....

ELIAS:  Now you move in the direction of allowing yourself to trust yourself, for you have uncreated your creation by not trusting yourself.

I express to you each, you hold much more fear of successfulness than you hold of failure!

LEN:  Oh, I hold a great fear of failure!

DANNY:  Mommy....

ELIAS:  Ah, but your fear of success — in what you term to be success in your belief systems — is also quite fearful, for you believe that there are great expectations and demands that accompany successfulness ...

VAL:  Well, I certainly experienced that, and I guess I still must.

ELIAS:  ... not merely of other individuals, but of yourself!

VAL:  Oh, yes!

LEN:  Well, the self is the worst expecter and demander there is!

ELIAS:  Quite!

LEN:  Greater than anybody else!

ELIAS:  Quite!  And this, as I have expressed to you, is your key.  As you allow yourself to use your key and unlock your self and be trusting of self ... and acknowledge to yourselves that there is no thing within your physical focus that you may not accomplish!  I may not emphasize this strongly enough, for it is your reality!

There is no element that you may not accomplish or create.  You merely need be trusting of yourself and you shall create and it shall be effortless, and you shall know that you are creating within trust, as you shall be experiencing effortlessness in what appears to be elements flowing to you.

VAL:  Right, right.

LEN:  Right.

ELIAS:  But this is not outside of you!  It is not creations that flow to you from outside.  It is what you draw to yourself, for you have created this in your own trust.

Therefore, reverse the thought process!

VAL:  Right.  It’s not a matter of manipulating that way, but just ... yeah, I understand it on some level.

ELIAS:  It is creating, trusting, drawing to yourself, and receiving.

DANNY:  Mommy, isn’t this all about trusting your instinct?  Like what you said before about singing?  (Out of the mouths of babes!)

VAL:  Ask Elias.

DANNY:  What Mom said before, is this just basically all about trusting your instinct?

ELIAS:  What you term to be your instinct is your impulses, your intuition, that voice of you which is within you, and this is the voice that I am encouraging of you to be trusting, yes ... KNOWING that you may trust this voice regardless of how it may appear and regardless of whether other individuals view you to be a fool, for you know within yourself what you may trust, and in your expression of this, you shall be creating all that you desire.

VAL:  Elias, how do you hear ... how do you listen to or distinguish that voice versus the voice of the world?

LEN:  The other dogs!

VAL:  Yeah, the other dogs!

LEN:  How do you know the bark of the right dog?

ELIAS:  By identifying belief systems.  The one dog may camouflage itself and may bark softer and may appear to be your voice of your intuition, and may in actuality not be.

The smaller voice shall always be that voice of your intuition and your essence.  Therefore, if the large dog is barking quite softly, the smaller dog of your intuition shall be even softer.

VAL:  How do you hear it then?

ELIAS:  You may, by sweeping away the clutter of the belief system.  Each time that you are evaluating which voice you are hearing, so to speak, examine this voice and the belief systems that are motivating.

Also examine what this voice is expressing to you.  Is it expressing trust to you?  Is it reinforcing your acceptance of yourself or does it hold judgment, good OR bad?

“I shall be good if I am accomplishing this.”  This is a judgment!  Your judgments are not merely negative.  They may appear positive also, but they are a judgment.

Your voice of essence, of your intuition, shall hold no judgment.  It shall always move in the direction of beneficial to you and helpfulness to you WITHOUT judgment — right, wrong, good, bad.

In this, you may create the voice of the belief systems as many, many pebbles, and you may sweep them aside, and you express to yourselves, “Discontinue this chatter with these belief systems and judgments and JUSTIFICATIONS,” which also are quite automatic to you!

LEN:  Rationalizations.

VAL:  Right, sure!

ELIAS:  Quite, for you shall find that what you term to be your universe, your reality, is not quite so rational and logical as it appears!  It is not within chaos, but it also is not quite so very rational and logical! (Chuckling)

VAL:  So, Danny, do you have any questions about....

(To Elias)  How is it that two Sumari parents produce a Sumafi child?

ELIAS:  Ah, but you have not produced any element....

VAL:  Oops!  Our accomplishment!

ELIAS:  Ah!  This is not your accomplishment either!

Your agreement is merely to provide physical access to manifestation.  All of the surrounding behavior and actions that you choose to be moving into are ALL your developed belief systems of relationship and how you shall behave as parents, but your agreement is merely to provide access to physical focus.

The entering focus, the child, is choosing of YOU!

VAL:  Did you hear that, honey? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  You are not choosing of it.  It is choosing of its lineage, of its parents, of its environment, of its home, so to speak, and of the relationship that it shall participate within.  You merely offer the opening of the door to physically allow birth.

VAL:  Hmm ... okay.

LEN:  So does that mean that....

ELIAS:  Subsequent to this, you inundate yourselves with belief systems of responsibility!

LEN:  Well, so then if he’s chosen to come into a Sumari family, or to come into two Sumarians when he’s Sumafi, what issue does that mean pertains to the interaction of these two families?  How do they complement or how to do they learn from each other?

ELIAS:  It is not necessarily an issue, but an offering of less distortion.  Each of you have drawn yourselves to each other in holding like expressions of families and intents, and the small one offers less distortion, and already offers a teaching element with you.

VAL:  I’ll say!  That’s right, Sumafis are the teachers.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Therefore, they are complementing of each other in these families; the one family offering the creativity and expression, and the other offering the teaching and the direction.

LEN:  Which is the healing family?  Is that the....

ELIAS:  Tumold.

LEN:  Tumold.  That’s what I thought I would end up being.

ELIAS:  Ah!  And in this, as you hold a profession that appears to be aligned with healing, this should automatically be assumed, that you shall be aligned with this particular family!

And other individuals that hold NO experiences in the area of healing align with the Tumold or are of the Tumold family, and are quite expressive of their healing abilities.

In this, you may be choosing of any direction for profession and be incorporating your intent, which is not necessarily healing, but offering an understanding as you allow yourself to be exercising your inner senses ... which be remembering that the Vold family, in conjunction with the Borledim family, are orchestrating this shift in consciousness.

LEN:  Do you mean this shift in consciousness at this time of the millennium?

ELIAS:  No — as this particular source event introduced into your physical reality.

These two families orchestrate this shift.  Different families are orchestrating of different events within your history.  In this, these two families are orchestrating of this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, individuals that are belonging to or aligning with this Vold family shall be accessing more of their abilities much more easily and quickly as this shift increases in intensity, for they shall be offering much helpfulness in avoiding trauma within the action of this shift, for their intent is to be accomplishing this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, you shall hold an underlying intent that always, within this particular focus, moves in the direction of helpfulness and furthering the action of this shift in consciousness.

VAL:  What is the family of Ilda?  That’s the one — is Ilda correct? (Elias nods) — that I’m aligned with.  I don’t know anything more.

ELIAS:  Ah!  These are the exchangers, the communicators.  These individuals, as yourself, introduce differences to differences!  They are the individuals that present differences in cultures, differences in ideas, differences in traditions, in all forms of expressions ...

LEN:  They’re the avant-garde!

VAL:  I guess!  I don’t know!

ELIAS:  ... offering the exchange to all different individuals.

VAL:  That’s very interesting!

ELIAS:  This be the reason that many individuals within this Ilda family have been merchants.

VAL:  Right, because they of course were the ultimate communicators!

LEN:  And exchangers.

VAL:  And exchangers, right!

ELIAS:  Quite, and travelers!

VAL:  Fascinating!  Do you have any specific questions, Danny?

DANNY:  What will I be when I grow up? (Elias grins)  I don’t think I can be any more specific than that!  Will my life be hard?  Will it be like a lot of decisions to make — what should I do, should I do this, should I do that — or will it just be easy?

ELIAS:  First of all, I will express to you that this be your choice.  But I also shall express to you that as you hold this element of Sumafi, you shall be moving in the direction of paying much more attention to detail and allowing yourself to be moving in directions of what you term in physical focus of leaning towards perfection.

VAL:  Oh boy!

ELIAS:  Now; I may express to you that you may be offering yourself much less conflict and less confusion within your focus if you are expressing to yourself that you are already perfect, and that all of the probabilities that are presented within physical focus and that you create also ARE in themselves already perfect.

Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to create conflict with yourself in the movement into what you BELIEVE to be perfection, or better and better and better.  You are already the best!

LEN:  I have a question.  How can I promote less agitation and more stillness in my consciousness?

ELIAS:  You may be creating more calm for yourself if you are allowing yourself to identify the judgment which creates the agitation.

LEN:  The judgment that creates the agitation?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Each time that you are experiencing this lack of calm, you are allowing yourself to move into duplicity and be creating a judgment.  Regardless of your expression, be it good or bad, you are creating a judgment; an element within your experience is unacceptable.

An individual has not phoned you within a certain time period.  You are agitated.  You have created a judgment — an expectation and a judgment — and this is creating the byproduct of irritation or agitation and the lack of calm.

If you are allowing yourself each time to be identifying what you are creating a judgment upon, you shall offer yourself more information by allowing yourself to view in actuality how often you are creating of these judgments, and this allows you, in its identification, the ability to be addressing to this and to be letting go and allowing yourself the calm.

Express to yourself, “What does it matter?”  Shall your focus end presently, that your expectation has not been met?  No.  Shall you be tremendously harmed?  No.  Continue to focus your attention within the now, the moment — not in anticipation and not in reflection, but within the now — and THIS shall diffuse much of your conflict.

LEN:  Hmm.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

VAL:  It seems like it always comes back to judgment ... if you’re judging yourself, if you’re judging somebody else.  That’s the root of all conflict, it seems.

ELIAS:  This is the belief system of duplicity, which is affecting of every other aspect of every other belief system and enters into every area of your focus, regardless of its measure.

VAL:  It’s kind of a live and let live, and pass no judgment on yourself or anyone else, and maybe the world gets better?

ELIAS:  Quite, and it begins with yourself.

VAL:  Right, exactly.

ELIAS:  Let me express how very inclusive this belief system of duplicity is in a very, very small action.

You consume your beverage of coffee, do you not?

VAL:  Yes, I do.

ELIAS:  And you place this beverage within a specific type of cup, for it is appropriate.  This is where it belongs.  It is good.  You shall not place this within a glass for wine, for this is bad.

Although you do not concern yourself with the thought process, the belief system holds so much energy that it is automatic to you, and enters into every action that you create within your physical focus.

And THIS is a very large element of what you address to within this shift in consciousness.  Without these elements, your reality shall be quite different!

VAL:  (Sighing)  I feel dizzy.  Whew!  So much to try to comprehend, but yet it all makes sense.

ELIAS:  And you SHALL assimilate.  Are you wishing of one more inquiry?

VAL:  Okay, another question, another round!

LEN:  Dan?

DANNY:  No.... (The rest of Danny’s reply is inaudible)

LEN:  I am involved now in a situation where a great harm was done to me by another individual, and that individual is going to go to jail, not because I’m trying to make it go in that direction, but because that’s what happens in our reality these days when you commit federal crimes and you do that to other people.  You go to jail.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LEN:  Rather than go to jail, this individual may kill herself.  What affect will that have on me?

ELIAS:  It shall affect you in how you allow it to affect you.  Be remembering, your physical reality is your physical reality.  It is not an illusion.  You have created all of the elements within your physical reality, as to your laws and your societies, in the manner of which you have chosen, and you also choose your experiences and your participation.

LEN:  Yes, I understand that.

ELIAS:  In this, the other individual also is creating of their reality and their choices, and it matters not if the individual is choosing to be disengaging.  This is merely a choice.

LEN:  By “be disengaging,” do you mean to kill herself?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Individuals may be creating of that action if they are not engaging their own value fulfillment within a particular focus, and they shall discontinue within that focus, and they shall continue within a different focus.  It matters not.  It is all a choice of experience.  It is not bad or wrong.  It is also not your responsibility!

LEN:  I understand that.

ELIAS:  There is no fault.  You hold enough responsibility for yourself!

LEN:  Yes I do!  I have many, many responsibilities, it’s true!

ELIAS:  You need not be personally responsible for other individuals’ creation of their reality.  You may not BE creating their reality regardless.  They create their own choices.

LEN:  They come to you, and they want you to change that choice.

ELIAS:  Many times, for they do not understand that they are creating of their reality, but they are!  And who are the “they”?  You all! (Chuckling)

VAL:  Will medicine evolve, or will we as a race evolve to the point where we understand that we make those choices, and then in that way we can eradicate things like cancer and AIDS and....

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that within the action of this shift, you shall become aware and understand how you are creating of your reality.  Therefore, you may not necessarily eliminate your creations of dis-ease, but you shall create dis-ease knowing what you are creating intentionally for that experience.

VAL:  Ah, that’s interesting!

ELIAS:  Therefore, it SHALL hold a difference, for you shall intentionally create these elements.

Also, you shall not be creating of many of these actions as often, for you shall not be creating as a byproduct of holding energy and being influenced by belief systems.  You shall intentionally create for an experience.  There is a very big difference!

VAL:  Right.  Interesting!  Well, thank you, Elias.

LEN:  Thank you so much!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

VAL:  We’re just thrilled you were here!

ELIAS:  I offer to you each much affection and anticipate our next meeting, and I am quite encouraging of you to be continuing to investigate your other focuses, and you may report to me at our next meeting!

VAL:  Okay! (Laughing)

LEN:  At least you’ll have a written report to give!

VAL:  A term paper!

ELIAS:  I express to you much energy in acknowledgment and encouragement of your future creations.

VAL:  Thank you, Elias.

LEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  To you each this day, I bid you a very fond au revoir!

VAL:  Au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:54 PM.


(1)  In this paragraph, Elias said “effortly,” not “effortlessly.”  I’m assuming this is a “slip of the tongue,” so I’ve changed it.

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Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.