Session 350
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Creating Your Own Crystal Ball


“Creating Your Own Crystal Ball”,
“Creating and Diverting Probabilities”
“The Truth of You Create Your Reality!”

Sunday, January 3, 1999-1   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Vic’s note:  The first session of 1999!  Hooray!
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Jan (Meude), and Jim (Marthowh).
Elias arrives at 10:38 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds)

ELIAS:  Bienvenue! (Grinning, and a pause)  Ah!  You are not speaking of our language?  I am expressing to you, welcome!

JAN:  Welcome!

JIM:  Welcome!  (They both laugh, and Elias chuckles)

JAN:  It’s nice to talk to you again!

JIM:  Elias, we have lots of questions for you today.

ELIAS:  Ah, very well!  You may proceed.

JIM:  For the benefit of those who are reading this session, I previously had cancer, and I’ve uncreated this disease with full conscious intent as to what I was doing.  But I have a high sensitivity in the organ in which I had the cancer, and I’m having trouble interpreting that sensitivity.  Can you give me some help on this?  Sometimes it’s very cool, like a wash cloth has been applied to the area, and sometimes it’s very tight, like a knot, and I’m having trouble figuring out ... understanding what the message is that I’m trying to communicate to myself.

ELIAS:  And we have spoken partially of this action previously.

JIM:  Yes.

ELIAS:  In this, I have offered you information in the vein, so to speak, that you have created this sensitivity in this area to be offering you more of an objective ability to be connecting with your own communications of self.

In this, you may couple this sensitivity of this physical affectingness to your own intuition and the messages that you offer to yourself from essence.  As you subjectively become aware of certain information, you also allow this to be communicated to your objective awareness by your own small alarm system, so to speak.

In this, you allow yourself the affectingness of this particular physical action in different manners, according to the different type of messages that you are offering to yourself.  In this also, I may express to you that you may familiarize yourself with the different sensations that you create in conjunction with this physical area, and this shall offer you an ease in identifying different types of messages.

As you experience a tightening, you may view subsequently that certain elements within your reality shall be being created through probabilities in conjunction with certain elements of tension.  This is not necessarily what you may term to be negativity — do not be misunderstanding — for at times, as you are aware, you are creating of certain tensions in anticipations or in excitedness, and these are anticipations of future actions within probabilities.  As you are creating these types of lines of probabilities, you shall also experience your own communication from essence, which is filtered through a physical response to be gaining your attention.

As you feel the sensation of coolness, you may also notice certain elements within your focus about you, of a smoothness within your creations.  This is your validation at times that you are creating certain probabilities that shall be proceeding smoothly, and with less tension or anxiousness that shall be attached to them.  You may also experience this coolness, or at times a quivering sensation, that may be indicative of a calmness that you are allowing yourself to be experiencing within self and relationships in those time frameworks.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  I think so, Elias.  Right this minute, I feel a coolness in that organ.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This is the calmness.  This is also what you may interpret as your communication of essence to your objective awareness in the area of knowing.  You are offering yourself an efficient, objective method.  In this, you allow yourself this game with your objective awareness.  Many individuals are choosing to be moving in the direction of wishing for their playing card, so to speak, that shall offer them the clear indications of listening to their inner voice and their own knowings as opposed to their expectations.  You have provided yourself with this very element!

You have offered yourself an area of trust.  You have uncreated a situation of dis-ease, and in this action, you have allowed yourself an area of trust with yourself that you may look to objectively and be offering yourself a continuation of validation and a channel, so to speak, of information that you may objectively be interpreting.  Essentially, what you have created for yourself within your focus is your own crystal ball! (Chuckling)

JIM:  It’s just a question of getting in tune with it, or sensitizing my intellectual understanding, I guess.

ELIAS:  Quite, which if you are pulling your intellect into harmony and balance with your intuition, you shall allow yourself a more efficient interpretation of your own crystal ball!

In this, I am suggesting to you that you offer yourself the ability of the gypsies!  Ha ha!

JIM:  The what?

JAN:  The gypsies?

ELIAS:  The gypsies!  Be remembering of the gypsies and their crystal balls and their attemptingness to be reading their probabilities in the inclusions within their ball of crystal!  Ha ha ha ha!

JIM:  Elias, is there a delayed reaction, or is this ... in other words, are the sensations that I’m having delayed from previous thought or previous things that have gone through my mind, or ... I’m not sure what I’m asking here....

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Let me explain to you that as you choose a line of probabilities, they are set into motion.

Now; the concept of this action may be confusing to many individuals within physical focus, but all of the probabilities within any particular line of probabilities are occurring simultaneously, although within your objective awareness and your linear reality within your time framework, they do not appear to be occurring simultaneously.  Therefore, within your experience objectively, you hold an awareness of events that occur in subsequent motion.

In this, at times it may appear to you that the affectingness physically is occurring subsequent to a thought or an action or an event, and at other times it may precede an action or event or thought or emotion.

In this, in actuality, the physical affectingness is occurring within the moment of the choice of the line of probabilities which are placed in motion, and subsequently — in a manner of speaking, in your terms — all of those probabilities are actualized simultaneously, although not within your objective experiences.

Therefore, you may notice certain time frameworks that this affectingness physically may seem to be occurring in delay of certain events, and you may also look to this physical affectingness and notice that it is occurring previous to certain events.

This be the reason that I express to you the metaphor of the crystal ball, for you may also view this action and be allowing yourself the connection objectively of certain probabilities that you have set into motion in what you may term to be a precognitive fashion, although I may express to you that in actuality there is no precognitive, for you are not predicting or tapping into your future, so to speak, for it is all occurring simultaneously.

You are merely viewing probabilities that you have set into motion that are already occurring, but have not materialized within the thickness of your time framework.  In this, you offer yourself an edge, so to speak, in allowing yourself — in pulling your intellect into balance with your intuition — the opportunity to be interpreting the communication that is being offered to you by essence, of the lines of probabilities that you are creating.

Now; in this, you offer yourself quite an efficient method of interpretation, for let us view the example of this physical affectingness as it tightens.  In that situation, knowing objectively that this is an indication and a communication to you of certain anxieties or anticipations or tensions ... notice that I am intentionally not engaging the word “stress,” for this shall imply certain negative elements which are not always present as indicated within this action.

Therefore, I express to you that there may be tensions which may move in what you interpret to be negative or positive directions, but in this you allow yourself the opportunity to interpret the knowing that these probabilities are set in motion, and in this you also allow yourself the opportunity to recognize this action and allow yourself more of an acceptance and calmness in the recognition of these tensions, knowing that you are offering yourself information and knowing that your communication has been offered.

Now; you also may interpret at times [that] the intensity of the constriction in this area may be an indication to you that you may choose to be noticing, for this is a communication to you that you may wish to alter certain actions and behaviors that may subsequently be creating conflict within yourself and within certain relationships.  In this manner, you have created an efficient alarm system within your crystal ball!

JIM:  Hmm!  And the reverse would be true with the sensation of coolness, that I am in harmony with probabilities and NOT creating conflict?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  Amazing stuff!

ELIAS:  Quite efficient, I shall express to you!

JIM:  Huh!  I’ve just got to learn to harmonize my intellectual understanding with this physical action.  That’s the trick!

ELIAS:  Ah, but this also is the trick, so to speak, that very many individuals within physical focus create struggling with, for you have allowed your intellect to overshadow your intuition.

In this, you also offer yourself an understanding of this shift in consciousness, which moves away from the overshadowing of the rational and logical, recognizing that your universe, so to speak, in consciousness is ordered and is executed in events perfectly, but is not necessarily rational or logical.

JIM:  Hmm!  Elias, there’s something just this morning that happened just after I’d woken up.  I was sitting, and there was ... I noticed an immense swirling, a visual sensation, like this swirling veil of something.  I could look at a piece of furniture, and the furniture itself was not swirling, but it was like something in between, the space in between was swirling.  What’s happening there?

ELIAS:  This you are offering to yourself, as you are allowing yourself to widen your awareness and open to your periphery.  This is an experience that I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, that shall be occurring with individuals as they are opening their awareness within consciousness.

In this, you allow yourself to view more of your reality, and view that the reality that you have perceived to this point as being solid and absolute is not necessarily what you perceive.

Now; I have expressed previously that your reality in this dimension is not an illusion and should not be confused in the belief system that it IS an illusion, for it is not.  You are creating your reality and it is quite real!  It is real relative to this dimension.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that within the confines of this dimension and how you have created your officially accepted reality, it IS quite real and you DO create solidity in this physical reality, but it also is not absolute.

As you widen your awareness, you allow yourselves to view that there are no absolutes, and you allow yourselves to drop the veils that you have created within the solidity and thickness of your physical reality.  What you are accomplishing in this action is allowing yourself to relax your focus, your hold upon your perception within this physical reality, and as you are accomplishing of that action, you also relax the tension and thickness of your time framework.

Now; let me explain to you that your element of time within this dimension is much more affecting of all that you create than you realize, for it is the element of time that is inserted into your physical reality that is creating of your physical matter and objects and solidity that you perceive within this dimension.

As you relax your focus and your hold upon your perception of time, you drop certain veils which hold together, in a manner of speaking, your perception of solidity, and in this, you begin to view the movement and the motion of consciousness as it forms itself within the element of thickness of time, and it begins to separate, in a manner of speaking.

You may view this same type of action as you are tipping a table in your parlor tricks.  You shall view the molecules and atoms of the table separating and swirling, so to speak, for you allow yourself to view the movement of these physical elements, which you do not normally — in a manner of speaking — allow yourselves to view, but ALL of the solidity and matter within your physical dimension is continuously within motion.  Although you view stationary solidness, this is merely a perception.

ALL that you view is energy.  ALL that you view holds consciousness, and in this, I have expressed previously, another word that you may engage to be synonymous with energy is motion.  You think within your thought process that energy is a thing, but it is not.  It is an action.  Consciousness is an element that creates all that you view as it moves in cooperation and intent, but energy is merely the action that consciousness creates, and this movement or motion is that which is creating of all of your reality.  The differences in movement are the elements that create your physical matter and your physical universe.

What you have allowed yourself to experience is a loosening of your hold upon your perception of time, and in this, you also allow yourself to view a loosening of what you view to be solid.

Now; you may also allow yourself to be experiencing in this manner — dropping this veil — and you shall view your solid objects, as a chair or a table, and this also shall appear to swirl and may disappear temporarily, for you are relaxing the tension of the time framework, the time element, and as you relax your perception of the time element, you also relax the movement, and in this, you relax the tension that holds the solidity.

In this, you may also view that you are creating your own tiny area that may be likened to your Bermuda Triangle.  You are creating of your own small, tiny window to move through that shall not hold the barriers, so to speak, that the solidity of time element holds.

JIM:  How can I more effectively engage in this action of loosening and relaxing?

ELIAS:  By merely allowing the continuation of the experience and accepting of this without fearfulness — for no harmfulness shall befall you within this experience — and also by accepting the discontinuation of these actions temporarily.

Let me also express to you that the common block that individuals create within physical focus is to be allowing themselves a temporary viewing of these types of actions in allowing themselves an acceptance and a trust and a relaxation of their focus, but subsequent to the action, they begin to hold tighter to their focus.

Now; within their perception of their understanding objectively, their thought process moves in the direction that they are attempting to be loosening their awareness and their hold upon their objective perception, but within their excitement of the experience ... YOU term this to be “trying too hard.”

I express to you that what individuals are creating is:  In the excitement of their experience, as it dissipates and discontinues, they begin to hold very tightly in anxiousness to their own energy, which is quite defeating of their wish, for their wish is to continue this type of experience.  But as you notice, the experience occurs in the moments that you are not expecting it to be occurring; as you are relaxed and allowing your experience to flow with no expectation.

But subsequent to the experience, you create an anxiousness and an impatience within an excitedness in your focus, and in that, you also create a tension and a holding to energy.  This is not a relaxation of your focus.  It is a tight hold upon your energy, and this very action is blocking of the continuation of these types of experiences.

As you allow yourself the trust and knowing ... and be remembering of your own personal crystal ball, which an indication of your trusting and knowing!

In this, as you allow yourself that, you also allow yourself to relax your focus, and as you relax your focus without the expectation, you also allow yourself the continuation of this type of experiences, and in that, you offer yourselves the opportunity to experiment with these experiences and play with these experiences, moving more freely in and out of these experiences.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  Yes, Elias.  I have one more question, and then my wife would like some questions.

ELIAS:  Very well!

JIM:  The one more question is, I was in a meditation, and I relaxed myself, and the image or face of a wolf appeared directly in front of me, and it was very real and very three-dimensional, and the wolf was staring right directly in my eyes, and it caused a shiver to run down my back, and I got out of the meditation.  I don’t know.  I’m trying to understand that whole experience.  Can you help me with this?

ELIAS:  You have offered yourself this experience quite efficiently.  You have allowed yourself to present yourself with imagery of majesty, and in this, you have startled yourself, but you have also very efficiently offered yourself a gift.  In this experience, you have created a meeting in your own objective imagery with an element to suggest your own majesty of self — quite an aesthetic creation, and I am commending you on your accomplishment in this area!  For within this particular type of imagery, you have selected the image clearly of the creature of a wolf, which has presented itself quite clearly, but not threateningly.

JIM:  No, it wasn’t threatening.  It just shook me so much that a shiver ran down my back, and I jumped out of the meditation!

ELIAS:  Quite, and this is the momentary realization of the majesty of self, facing yourself with an image of majesty and calmness in a creature of power and majestic artisan.  In this, you have chosen to be creating this type of imagery as to jolt yourself into a partial realization of the greatness of majesty of self, but not to overwhelm yourself with this realization.

I have offered to many individuals — throughout the time framework of the engagement of this phenomenon with you — many expressions of the wondrousness and the majesty of your beings, for you ARE wondrous beings!  You are majestic and glorious manifestations, within physical matter, of essence.  In this, the objective realization of the greatness and the powerfulness and the glorious majesty of what you truly are would be quite overwhelming to you within your objective awareness.

I have also expressed many times that the greatness of what you create FAR exceeds your perception of what you create.  The greatness of this shift in consciousness FAR exceeds your understanding of its movement.  In this experience, you have offered yourself the tip of your iceberg, so to speak, and I express to you that the expression of majesty of what you are is the entirety of the iceberg that lies beneath that tiny tip that has jolted you. (Smiling)

JIM:  Amazing!  Thank you very much, Elias.  My wife has some questions now.  I think I’ve dominated things here!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome!

JAN:  Elias, I had a panic attack on the plane when I was traveling home last week, and I’ve having some trouble interpreting the message I was trying to give myself.  I’m trying to figure out what thoughts precipitated this attack.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This in actuality is your offering to yourself [of] an objective connection with probabilities that have been diverted, so to speak, within the insertion into your physical reality, but those that have been actualized within another reality, so to speak.  As you are aware, all probabilities are actualized.  They merely may not be inserted into your objective reality.

In this, you have allowed yourself subjective communication with other individuals — Michael and Lawrence also — and have chosen to be participating in diverting certain probabilities, but also simultaneously allowing yourself the recognition and awareness of these probabilities being actualized.

Now; let me explain further, for this shall offer an explanation not merely to yourself, but also to Michael and Lawrence in their participation of probabilities in very similar action.  In this, you have allowed yourself the participation in this event, that you may allow yourself an objective knowing of interaction and connection with Michael and Lawrence.

Within this small time framework of what you would term to be little more than one week, what probabilities have occurred is the diversion of two actions that if inserted into this physical reality would be creating of certain elements of what you would term to destructiveness, both actions involving these technological flying machines of yours, your aeroplanes.  In this, two actions of diverting probabilities have occurred, but have also allowed themselves objective connection, that you may view partial understanding of the diversion of these probabilities.

With yourself, what you have chosen, in conjunction with other individuals ... for as you are aware, you have not created this singularly.  You have not diverted a crashing of your plane individually, but in conjunction and cooperation with many other individuals, you HAVE chosen to be diverting a probability of a malfunctioning of this transportation, and in that action, you have chosen to be creating of the reality of safety, so to speak, in your travel, but have allowed yourself to connect with the probability that was diverted.  And therefore, as that probability actualized, you allowed yourself to be objectively feeling certain elements of anxiety in connection with the action of the destruction which was occurring within the alternate reality.

Are you understanding presently, as I continue?

JAN:  Yes, I am.

ELIAS:  Very well.

Now; you have also allowed yourself a connection with Michael and Lawrence, for they participate also in a previous experience of very similar manner within a very small time framework.

In this, Lawrence allowed himself an objective communication which was creating of a type of anxiety with respect to the traveling of Michael.  This was an objective recognition of certain probabilities which were set into motion, but not inserted into this objective reality yet, in a manner of speaking.

In this, the communication was sent to not be engaging the plane, so to speak, which was originally set for travel.  In this, the travel arrangements, so to speak, were altered, but this is not the alteration of the insertion of the probabilities.  It was merely an offering to view how the probabilities were not inserted, and thus allowing an objective validation that you do hold the ability to view the diversion of certain probabilities, in very similar manner to your validation as you allowed yourself to experience the anxiety, but not the destruction.

In like manner, Michael allowed himself to be experiencing the threateningness of explosion, but not the insertion of that probability into this physical reality, therefore viewing the diversion of the probability within this reality.

In this, had the choice been created to be moving to the traveling equipment, the aeroplane, within a time framework merely hours previous to the actual arrival, the probabilities would be altered and inserted into this physical reality.  Therefore, what you term to be the outcome would be quite different, influencing the insertion of the explosion into this physical reality.

But as that probability was not chosen and it has been appearing that unusual circumstances were occurring, the probabilities were diverted and the explosion was not occurring.

You may be objectively interacting and sharing this information between yourself and Michael, and there shall be an understanding of this action, a validation of diverted probabilities.

The probabilities would not have been actualized had Michael allowed himself to be traveling upon the set date, but he also would not have provided himself with the validation and the objective viewing of the diversion of probabilities, in like manner to your diversion of probabilities.

Therefore, you each have participated in a collective action to be diverting certain destructive probabilities within this reality, but you have also offered yourselves an objective awareness of this action.  Are you understanding? ()

JAN:  Yes, I am.

JIM:  Extraordinary!

JAN:  I had a dream not long after about planes that couldn’t take off properly, and they kept landing.  It was almost cartoon-like.  It didn’t seem necessarily destructive, but they couldn’t stay up in the air, and this was occurring during the holidays or on the New Year.  Was this related to this experience that I had?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This is your imagery in validation, not merely of your own individual experience and your recognition of your experience, but you may also view the mass energy which is mirroring outwardly the confirmation of this action.

You shall notice that within your physical reality presently, you have created en masse much delay and restriction in the area of your flying, have you not?  Many individuals are experiencing difficulty in traveling presently, and this is precipitated by what?  Your weather.  And how is your weather created?  By yourselves and your own expression of energy within your emotions.

Therefore, you may view the interconnectedness of all of these probabilities and how you express outwardly, en masse collectively, the connection and the movement of creating and diverting probabilities within your physical reality.

This is another opportunity for you to view massive movements in energy, massive collective waves of creating and diverting probabilities in the insertion of them into your physical reality, and in this, you often mirror physically with certain events within your physical reality.  You are creating of this very element within your mirroring of many physical delays with this very mode of transportation, and your dream imagery is your communication to yourself in validation of all of this action.

JIM:  Hmm!

JAN:  Very interesting!  On to something that’s a little bit different.  You’ve mentioned to me before that I hold issues in sexuality, and that these issues are blocking in tension with my partner, and I’ve been trying to identify those issues, and I was wondering if ... and I’m having some problems doing that!  What are these issues that I’m holding?

ELIAS:  This would be an area that you may be engaging a time framework to be dealing with, for these issues are concerning your own view of self and your acceptance of self.

You are moving into areas that you allow yourself more of a trustfulness of yourself, but you equate trustfulness and acceptance as synonymous, and they are not.  For there are many times that individuals may trust their abilities in creating and within their movement, but this is not to say that they are not continuing to grapple with their own duplicity and their own acceptance of self.

In this area, you hold issues and difficulties, many of which are what you would term to be underlying deeply in areas that you do not necessarily allow yourself to view.  For surfacely, it appears that you may be quite efficient and quite accepting of yourself in the manner that you are pleased with how you have created your reality, for you offer yourself many objective reasons, in physical terms, to be pleased with how you have created your reality.  But these are outward expressions and they also are camouflage expressions, for they camouflage a fearfulness that lies underneath, so to speak, in the lack of acceptance of self; that there is not held a genuine worthiness of self, a genuine adequacy of self.  This also manifests itself outwardly in a continuous driving force to be creating of perfection.

If you are allowing yourself to view ... if you are allowing yourself to be viewing and nurturing self, recognizing that it is a beneficial expression to be creating what you term to be vulnerability....  Vulnerability is the same as openness, and as you allow yourself this expression of openness, of vulnerability, you may also view the wondrousness — and I may express to you also a wordage that I do not offer often, but I shall offer to you this day — you may view a sweetness within your focus that you may develop an affection for within self, and this shall offer you more of an ease in acceptance of self.

You block as you do not allow yourself to accept the worthiness of yourself and the viewing of yourself that you are equal in your abilities and in your worthiness to all of those individuals that you view to be more than yourself.  They are not.  They also are not more efficient than are you.  You merely view this in your perception, for you are not accepting of the wondrousness of yourself.

In this, let me express to you, allow yourself to view this sweetness, for I do not express this word in the manner of pleasantness that you attach to, but in the sweetness of nectar ... that although it is pleasurable, it also holds its own quality of sensation and sensual affectingness, and you hold these qualities also.  You merely need be allowing yourself to view them.

JAN:  That’s wonderful.  I will try, but I won’t try too hard....  (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

JAN:  I will hope that I can allow this to occur.  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

JAN:  I’ve been looking at the career of hypnosis, and I was wondering, to live efficiently, should I pursue this career, or what am I best served to do?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you hold an unexpressed ability in this area and I am encouraging of you in this expression, for if choosing to be moving in this direction, you may be lending much energy in the action of this shift, and also, you may be allowing yourself the expression of offering much helpfulness to other individuals that may be experiencing many difficulties in their participation within the action of this shift in consciousness.

As I have expressed previously, this action accelerates.  The movement of this shift in consciousness is gaining momentum in what you may term to be daily.  This final time framework of year of your millennium has been lent much, much energy, and much movement shall be occurring within this time framework as you approach your new millennium.

In this, many new experiences shall be occurring as individuals are allowing their awareness to widen and open, but these experiences shall be quite confusing to them, and if not offered helpfulness with individuals that hold an objective awareness of what is occurring, these individuals may be experiencing much trauma.

This would be the point of why we offer information to you, to be diverting of those probabilities.

You have already offered yourselves the objective viewing of how you may be manipulating your reality and diverting probabilities, not inserting them into this physical reality.  Now you may offer yourselves the ability of participating in diverting probabilities within the action of this shift, and allowing yourself to be helpful to other individuals in lessening the trauma associated with these experiences.  Therefore, I am encouraging of you in this direction, and shall lend energy to your accomplishment.

JAN:  Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JAN:  How does the fact that my mother and I are fragmented from the same essence affect me?  What do I need to be aware of in my interactions with her, or perhaps not even with her, but how might she affect me when I’m not with her?

ELIAS:  The affectingness is a choice.  You hold the choice to allow affectingness or to not allow affectingness, but how it may be beneficial to you is within your recognition that you hold the same information of essence.  In a figurative manner of speaking, you may hold the thought process with yourself that you have sprung from the same blueprints.  You have chosen different experiences and different choices of expression within manifestations, but within essence, you have emerged from the same blueprints, so to speak.

Therefore, regardless of your expression within your choices in physical focus within this one focus, you hold much in common within tone, and therefore you also, if allowing yourself to be accepting of self, you may view the similarities within the expressions of these focuses.  Think to yourself: you may choose different expressions, but underlyingly, your choices of focus are quite similar in the issues that are held and in the challenges that you offer yourselves.

In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to draw close to each other or to repel strongly.  This is your indication to yourselves of acceptance, and you may use this, in a manner of speaking, as a gauge in certain areas.  For as you allow yourself the acceptance in its genuine expression with this individual, you also may be allowing yourself the knowing that you are accomplishing more in the acceptance of self.  But as you are moving in the direction of repelling and the lack of acceptance, in like manner you may use this as a gauge that you are not moving in the direction of acceptance of self either.  This also, in like manner to the crystal ball, is quite an efficient method that you have offered to yourself, in allowing yourself to be gauging your own movement.

JAN:  Hmm.  That makes a lot of sense.  I will use that as a gauge.

I injured my toe over ten years ago — my big toe on my right foot — when I dropped a canoe on it, and I lost movement in that toe, and I have been trying for some years to look at what message I’m giving myself by the fact that my toe seems to not be back to its original condition, but I have not had luck in deciphering this message.  I was wondering if you could help me with that.

ELIAS:  Ah!  And this shall move quite nicely in the same direction of our conversation this day, for this is objective imagery.

How obvious you allow yourself imagery in physical affectingness, for this be the most obvious expression to you!

Any area that you view physically within your physical form to be affected or not performing efficiently and not MOVING — notice this word — PERFECTLY, (humorously) there is a discontentedness and a lack of acceptance of, and your IMMEDIATE thought process moves in the direction of “fixing” and creating perfection, and this shall offer you your acceptance of self.  I express to you that it is the reverse!  It is merely an outward mirror expression that continues until you allow yourself the inner acceptance of self, and in this, you shall also allow yourself the outward expression, which shall be affecting of the elements that you are not satisfied with.

This aspect of your physical foot is not the only area of your physical form that you are not entirely pleased with, (grinning) but it offers you efficient imagery in its lack of movement and its lack of perfection.

JAN:  (Laughing)  Okay.  I think I’ve been told once or twice that I’m a perfectionist!  (Elias chuckles)

If Jim and I have experienced other focuses together, and we are presently together in a focus but not in this dimension, how are the bleed-throughs from other focuses affecting our present relationship in this focus, and what should we be aware of?  I guess this is having to do with what you said earlier about the fact that if we allow things to affect us, they will, and perhaps if we don’t allow them to, they won’t.  Am I correct in saying this?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes.

Now; your other focuses of essence within this dimension or any other dimension are continuously interactive and continuously affecting, but HOW they are affecting is your choice.  They are continuously exchanging energy, and therefore they are continuously affecting of each other, just as you are continually affecting of other focuses.

In this, you may choose to allow the energy to be projected in whichever manner it is expressed, and you may be accepting of that energy in the most efficient manner or the most beneficial manner to this focus, or you may be accepting that energy in the expression that it is being experienced within.

Now; you shall know objectively when this particular action is occurring, for as you are accepting energy of another focus and you are NOT rearranging that energy or reconstructing that energy to be expressed in the most beneficial manner to yourself within this focus, you shall experience the experience of the other focus, which shall appear to you to be irrational.  It shall appear in fearfulness or obsessions or repeated dream imagery, repeated patterns that seem to hold no rational explanation.

These are indications of bleed-through energy that is not being reconstructed beneficially to your particular focus.  You are merely allowing it to bleed through in the manner that it is being expressed within another focus.  Therefore, it shall be quite easy for you to identify the areas that you are not reconstructing the energy to be beneficial to your present focus.

In this, as you experience certain moments within your relationship that you seem to not be yourself or you seem to be responding irrationally, in your assessment, and this is creating confusion within you, this is an indication to you that what you are experiencing is an allowance of energy to bleed through that is being experienced in that manner in another focus, and not being reconstructed to be beneficial to you in this focus.

I KNOW that you hold an awareness of what I am expressing, for I know that YOU know (grinning) [that] there are times momentarily that you hold a thought process, inquiring to yourself, “Why have I responded in this manner?”

JAN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  THIS is an obvious indication.

As I have stated, these types of bleed-throughs are quite obvious objectively, and they ARE obvious for they do not fit smoothly into your reality in what YOU are creating.  They are merely an acceptance of the energy in the very manner that it is being expressed within another focus.  As you allow yourself to recognize this, you also may address to this action, and you may alter that behavior and affectingness by in the moment rearranging that energy, which merely is requiring of a diversion of your attention or an alteration of your thought process, and this is enough movement.

For thought is reality and is energy, and within an alteration of your thought process, you also are altering the affectingness of the energy, which is your reconstruction in objective terms of the energy which is being accepted.  Are you understanding?

JAN:  Yes, and would it follow in the same sense that if I was to alter my thoughts about acceptance, have more acceptance for myself, then something like ... going back to what happened on the plane, the panic attack probably would not have needed to occur because it would’ve been brought to my awareness, but it wouldn’t have had to develop to that point?

ELIAS:  Quite.

JAN:  Okay.

ELIAS:  You may be creating initially of what you term to be your panic attack, but there shall also be a recognition of what you are creating, and therefore the thought process and the energy shall alter, and you shall be accepting of this, and the affectingness shall dissipate.

JAN:  Right.  Yes, that makes sense.

JIM:  Okay, Elias.  I have two quick questions here, one more on the physical body.  Sometimes at night or when I wake up in the morning, my right forefinger will be stiff, and then very shortly after that, it dissipates.  What’s the message to myself here?

ELIAS:  Ah!  This holds much simplicity!

And what are you creating?  A stiff finger!  You are pointing at yourself, expressing to yourself, “NOTICE!”

JAN:  Notice?

JIM:  Notice what?  Duplicity?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Merely notice!  (Laughter)

JIM:  Merely notice!  (Elias chuckles)  Notice what?

JAN:  Notice me lying beside him!

ELIAS:  Ah, perhaps.  Notice, period!

JIM:  Notice ... just notice!

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  Just be aware!

ELIAS:  Correct!  (Chuckling, as Jim and Jan crack up)

JIM:  Okay!  One last question.  In my business here, I’ve engaged personally and in the business in a rather intense lawsuit that came from somebody else, and it’s extending over a great period of time and requiring great effort.  Is there a message here?

ELIAS:  This offers you the opportunity to be practicing your acceptance of self, your acceptance of the choices and creations and directions of other individuals ... AND to be practicing “it matters not.”

JIM:  It matters not.

ELIAS:  In this, within physical focus, you do not quite understand the weight of this statement, but this is a very powerful statement!

You express levity with yourselves in the expression to each other of, “It matters not, it matters not.”  I express to you that this is a very powerful tool, for in actuality, it matters not!  And THIS shall be your most freeing and liberating tool.

(Intently)  As you allow yourself the acceptance of self and the acceptance of other individuals’ expressions regardless of their direction, you shall truly experience “it matters not.”

JAN:  I like that!  I’d like to write that in a big billboard over his desk, because sometimes I tend to think that Jim takes life a little seriously.

ELIAS:  This statement expresses to you the TRUTH of reality, and I express this word not lightly!  The truth of reality is that you are learning within this physical dimension [that] no other action or choice that is created within this reality dictates to you your choices and your reality, and this is quite different from all of the messages you have received previously!

I express to you that IT MATTERS NOT.  Your behavior, your choices, your experiences, your acceptance, is not dictated to you by any other individual, situation, circumstance, action, behavior, event.  It is all magnificently YOUR choice, and THIS is the truth of you create your reality!

JIM:  Oh, Elias, you’ve given us a tremendous amount to think about in this session today!  (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  And you are anticipating or expecting any less?  Ha ha!

JIM:  Were we anticipating any less?

JAN:  Oh no, definitely not!

JIM:  Oh, this has been wonderful!  We have probably twenty more questions, but we’ll wait for another time, I think.  We’ve gotten so much.  We’re in overload right now!

ELIAS:  Very well!

I shall express to you, be remembering, I hold an awareness of the magnificence of me, in difference to yourselves!  Therefore, I shall always be magnificent!  (Laughing)

JIM:  We’ll work on it, Elias!

ELIAS:  I shall anticipate our next meeting, and I offer to you great affection.  I am quite encouraging to you both in your endeavors and your movement, and I express great lovingness to you each, as we anticipate our interaction futurely.  To you both, a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:14 PM.

Vic’s note:  Recently, Elias has developed a new way of laughing, which I’ve been writing as “Ha ha!”  This is hard to describe ... it’s very sharp and loud, and it’s really quite funny!  I asked Margot how she would describe it, and this is what she said:

“I don’t think you’d want to use my description of this cackle of his, because it isn’t really a cackle, but it somehow reminds me of how an old hag/crone would laugh ... and it’s loud, or louder than he chuckles, for sure!  But the great thing about it is, it makes ME laugh!  It’s more than a LOL ... and sort of like a ROFL!”


(1)  Okay, this is my objective awareness of these events.  I had a visualization of Mary being in a plane crash right before her trip to Paris, which I did not tell her about.  I had a similar visualization while she was in Paris, which was very clear and also very upsetting.  So, I walked around the house for a while, yelling out loud to Mary that she either needed to change her flight home or figure out how to walk away from the plane crash unscathed.  (Yeah, I’m nuts!)

When she returned, I told her about these visualizations, and she told me that she had indeed changed her travel plans and flown home on a different day.  She also said that when she arrived at the airport, it was surrounded by military personnel because there had been a bomb threat.  This event delayed her flight for several hours, but there was an even stranger event that also caused a delay.

Mary and her traveling companion, Stella, had made arrangements for a friend, John, to pick them up at the hotel at 9:30 AM and take them to the airport.  So, Mary and Stella went to the hotel lobby at 9:00 AM and began waiting for John.  When he still hadn’t arrived at 10:00 AM, they asked the desk clerk if there was a message from John, which there wasn’t.  So, they left a message for John, called a taxi, and left for the airport at 10:30 AM, wondering what had happened.

John entered the hotel lobby at about 9:15 AM, and waited for Mary and Stella to arrive.  When they still weren’t there a half hour later, he spoke to the desk clerk, who told him they had already checked out.  He waited around for quite a while, and then finally decided to leave.  He also left a message with the desk clerk.

Somehow, Mary, Stella, and John were all in the same hotel lobby together for over an hour, all looking for each other.  They all spoke to the same desk clerk and left messages for each other, none of which were relayed.  According to Mary, this was a very small lobby, so it’s “impossible” that they could have missed each other.  But they did.

All of the above events are based on my recollection of conversations with Mary, except for my own experience, of course.

© 1999  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1999 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.