Session 287
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Accessing Parallel &amp Alternate Realities


"Accessing Parallel & Alternate Realities"
"Why Do You Use THAT Voice?"

Thursday, June 18, 1998 © 1998 (Group)
Known participants:  Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), Margo (Banth), Robin (Pierre), Jennifer (Margarite), and four new participants, for whom no names are available.  I have been unable to get confirmation as to any additional participants, although I think there are some.
A start time is unavailable because there is no time display on this tape.  Elias' arrival time is 25 seconds.  

ELIAS:  Good evening!  (Smiling)  We meet again!  This evening, I shall offer you an exercise in conjunction with our last discussion, as we were discussing alternate realities and parallel realities.  In this, within the action of this shift presently, you move into a new awareness within consciousness and you may access these other realities yourselves.

You may place yourself within a quiet space ... and I may also be offering this exercise for Shynla to be accessing also, (grinning) for she experiences difficulty accessing other realities!

Place yourself within a quiet space.  It matters not what you choose as a space arrangement, but allow yourselves a calmness and allow yourselves the ability to be quieting the chatter that occurs within your minds.

In this, allow yourselves to create a focal point.  You may choose any focal point that is holding of your attention and is holding the ability to move within your creation of it, for movement shall hold your attention.  Therefore, if you choose to be turning or spinning your focal point, this shall hold your attention more efficiently and not allow this chattering to be occurring within your minds as you are quieting yourself.  Do not sleep, (grinning) but allow yourself a quietness and a relaxation.  As you gaze at your focal point, allow yourselves to drift.  Allow yourselves to place yourself in mergence with the focal point.

This is also an element of exercise in conjunction with your empathic sense.  By allowing yourself to merge with this object that you create, you place yourself in an altered state, so to speak, of consciousness.  You may accomplish this also with any physical object and you may be experiencing the actual experience of the object itself, for everything within your physical reality in this dimension holds consciousness.  Therefore, it also holds experience ... even a rock!  (Grinning)  Therefore, in engaging your empathic sense and merging with any object, you allow yourself the experience of the consciousness of that particular object.

In this, you may be creating of your focal point, which also holds its own reality, for you project a creation of it.  Once you are projecting the creation of a thought, it becomes a reality.  Therefore, it may also be viewed, in a sense, as a "thing."  In this, you may merge with this object that you create and allow yourself to be experiencing within it; within its movement, its motion.

In this, as you move into a mergence with your focal point, begin to spin the focal point.  Now; let me express to you that I offer the suggestion that you do not spin your objects too quickly, for you may be inducing of physical responses within your physical form and you may become upset within your stomachs! (Grinning)  You may experience dizziness.  Therefore, I am suggesting to you that you LIGHTLY spin your focal point and allow yourselves the experience of the mergence within this motion of spinning.

In this, concentrate merely upon your focal point and the experience of mergence with it and the movement of its motion.  As you allow yourself to move fully into this experience, you may offer yourself the suggestion of any parallel or alternate reality that you choose.  As you offer yourself the suggestion of a specific singular alternate or parallel reality, you may begin to experience the movement into that particular reality, which shall begin to materialize to you, and you shall begin to move into the experience of it.

You may experience temporarily an action of movement that may seem within this spinning unfamiliar and you may feel slightly out of control, but there is no need for control in any of these experiences or within your experience within THIS reality!  It is merely your own belief systems that dictate this to you and that you fall within.  There is no harmfulness that may occur to you and there is no need for fearfulness.  If allowing yourselves to relax into this motion and allowing yourself to accomplish the movement and also allowing yourself the materialization of another reality, you may amaze yourselves at the information that you may offer to yourselves in viewing alternate realities.

Now; let me express to you that in like manner to a projection of out-of-body experience, as you term this to be, the individuals within this parallel reality shall hold no objective awareness of your presence.  They shall be aware of your presence subjectively, but not within their objective awareness.  Therefore, you may move about freely, not interrupting or disturbing this alternate reality.

(Firmly)  This is important, for you are affecting of all realities within consciousness.  Therefore, if you are objectively disrupting another focus or another reality, you are also altering of that particular reality, which is intrusive, which is not acceptable.  Therefore, you are merely an observer.

But as we have discussed this parallel reality in which your continent of Atlantis and all of your fascinations attached to this exist, you yourselves may access this information and may view the activity which is occurring.  It is not limited to merely my expression to you of what occurs in other realities.  You may view for yourselves.  You hold the abilities.

As you return, allow yourselves your time element to be returning slowly.  Do not be attempting to be jolting yourselves from one reality to another reality, for this may be causing of disorientation as you return to this reality.  It may also prove to be confusing to you, for you shall enter into visualizations that are quite unfamiliar as you move through layers of consciousness, for in actuality, this shall be what you are accomplishing -- moving through layers of consciousness that objectively separate you from other realities.

As I have stated, you hold the ability quite efficiently to be accomplishing of this, but be remembering that this action is unfamiliar to you.  In moving through layers of consciousness, you may be experiencing different types of visualizations.  You may also experience some physical aspects, for the density of different areas of consciousness may be affecting within your physical form.  This shall not be oppressive to you, or uncomfortable ... IF you are not spinning too quickly!  (Grinning)  If you are spinning too quickly, you shall automatically pull yourself out of the experience and then you shall not be accomplishing, for your automatic attention shall remain within this objective reality.

You may be experimenting with this particular exercise, and I also shall offer to you that you may be connecting with Michael to be accessing our exercise in clarity, which I am suggesting that you also access and practice, for this shall enhance your abilities to be accomplishing in many different areas within your experiences -- in all of your movements, in your endeavors, (to Forrest) with Magick, or with movement through different areas within consciousness.  It is your choice, but this particular exercise may prove to you to be quite helpful in focusing your attention and allowing you the ability to become more familiar with your objective reality.  (The clarity exercise is included at the end of this transcript)

You THINK that you are very aware and in control of your objective reality and what you create, but much of what you create within your objective reality is automatic, and you do not hold an objective awareness of what you are creating.  You merely allow yourselves to function automatically, and you may be surprised at the difficulty involved in manipulating your own physical senses that are automatic elements in your focus, but you hold the abilities to be manipulating of these.

I offer this purposefully, as I have stated previous with other individuals.  If you are not allowing yourself the objective ability to be manipulating your objective reality, then how may you all anticipate that you shall be manipulating within other realities?  Master THIS reality first, for this be where your attention is focused and this be where you are, within this present now, which is all that is, this present now.

Shall we on to our game?  And then you may be engaging your questions for this evening.

Vic's note:  I will use names when available.  Otherwise, I will indicate male or female.

MALE:  Michael would like to offer one.  Board games, green (Ilda), scrabble.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  One point.

FEMALE:  I have one.  Quotations, Sumafi, "Logic is an organized way of going along with confidence."

ELIAS:  One point.  (Grinning and chuckling)  And be paying attention to this quote!  (45-second pause)  Ah, such preparation (everybody cracks up) with this game of impressions!  Tsk tsk!  I am holding much disappointment with you all!  You are not following with your homework!  (Much laughter)

FEMALE:  Yeah, that's true!  Can't argue with that, try as I might!

ELIAS:  Very well!  I shall allow you your time framework to be connecting with your game and to be connecting with your impressions -- underline impressions -- which are connected to your game, and we shall engage this activity at our next meeting, and I shall be anticipating participation!  (Laughter)  Not merely by Michael, but by you all!  (Chuckling)  Very well.  You may engage your inquiries for this evening, if you are so choosing.

MALE:  I'd like to start.  I just finished reading The Starseed Transmissions and Visions by Ken Carey, and I was wondering how accurate they are.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you in reiteration, as we have spoken of this particular situation previously.  Much information is offered which you may be interpreting and it may be helpful to you, but be remembering that much of the information which is offered ... and there is information in that information which applies in this situation that are filtrations of other belief systems inter-dimensionally.

This is not to say that they do not hold significance, but not all of what you are accessing is applicable to this particular reality within this dimension, but the information presented is also beneficial and may serve to be a catalyst, so to speak.  If you are exercising caution and recognizing the belief systems set forth within this information, you may move around these belief systems and you may allow yourself the benefit of the information offered.

There is much material available to you in many areas presently, and as I have stated, there shall be being offered much more futurely in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.  Therefore, you may be accessing and assimilating many of these pools of information and it shall be quite beneficial to you.  There is an element of accuracy in this information which you have presented, but be aware of the belief systems offered also.

MALE:  Basically, I was interested (inaudible) in the second coming of Christ.  I've been receiving a lot of information that's kind of fallen into my hands, and so I want somebody to take it a little further.  I don't know exactly where I should go with it.

ELIAS:  At our next meeting we shall be discussing the manifestation of Rose, which has incarnated, so to speak, into nine manifestations.  Within your game there exists a category of these infants, their names and locations, which have been accessed and entered into your game.  These are the nine manifestations of the essence of Rose, and this choice for manifestation is directly related to this shift in consciousness.

All of these small ones have been manifest within this reality within less than two years of each other.  They are all male, and each manifestation is representative of one particular essence family.  Each is aligned with and belonging to one particular essence family, being the representative of these families and of the Dream Walkers, and shall hold significance in this within the action of this shift.

This is also directly related to what you think of as your prophecies of biblical origins of what you term to be "the second coming," although that also is a distortion in how it has been offered in information previously, and its predictions also.  The actual manifestation and mergence of essences in this action is different from that which has been presented to you biblically.  Those are interpretations filtered through religious belief systems and then offered objectively to the masses.

In this, I shall be offering information of these nine manifestations in our next meeting, for as you are aware, there is a great acceleration within energy of this shift presently.  You may all be experiencing affects of the acceleration of this shift.
Many individuals experience much conflict or the beginnings of trauma.  Some individuals are experiencing great elation.  Some individuals experience an overwhelming sense of anticipation or a knowing that there is some element undefined occurring within consciousness presently.  These are all correct perceptions, for the energy is accelerating in the action of this shift, in movement toward its accomplishments.

As I have stated, objectively within your time frame you hold little time left, so to speak, to be completely accomplishing of this shift in consciousness.  There is much to accomplish and much to alter.  The entirety of your reality shall be altered!  In this, you need be accelerating quite quickly, (grinning, and laughter) for the entirety of the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, as I have stated previously, shall be within the third quarter of your next century.  This leaves you not much time to be altering globally of all of your realities!  But as always, I hold GREAT confidence that you shall be accomplishing QUITE efficiently and immaculately, as always!

Be anticipating information of Rose at our next meeting, for there is great movement occurring within these nine manifestations.  They continue to be very small, for in your terms they hold little years, the oldest being not more than three, but already they are affecting within consciousness, and also objectively.

MALE:  Are you saying that all nine are the same age, or did you say that there's two years between them?

ELIAS:  They are within the same age group, so to speak; the youngest being of two years, the oldest being of not more than three.

MALE:  And they all are in the same location?

ELIAS:  No.  As you view within your game board, you may recognize that they occupy different locations throughout your globe.  There are several, though, that are located within this particular country.

FORREST:  Elias, moving on to a different topic, would you be willing to speak on the relationship between electricity and deliberate conscious creation?

ELIAS:  Within this particular dimension, you have created electricity to be quite beneficial to you.  It holds an immense concentration of conscious energy.  Therefore, it is quite efficient for you within your creating of all of your reality.  Your very beings, your very energy centers and your energy field which surrounds your physical forms, are composed of electrical energy.  Therefore, it is intimately involved with all that you create.

Your thought process within this dimension is a combination of electrical impulses within energy.  This is your creation within this particular dimension, to be creating of all of your reality involving electricity.  This be the reason also that you create your weather elements quite electrically.  Your most common creation of projected energy in this particular dimension is to be creating of your storms, and this creates a generation of electrical energy which you may actually physically view.  Therefore, in all that you create within this dimension, it is an element.  (Pause)

In actuality, you may not be separating yourselves within this dimension from electrical energy, for this is an aspect of your creation within this particular dimension.  Be realizing that this is not necessarily the creation of energy configuration within OTHER realities.

Electricity is not necessarily what you term to be universal.  It is universal within YOUR particular universe within your own space arrangement of this particular physical dimension and reality, but within other realities, it is not necessarily a creating factor.

FEMALE:  Can you talk a little bit about the sun?  (Inaudible)  I've wondered about the sun and energies that are no longer manifest in this dimension, that somehow the sun is holding this energy to manifest in our dimension.

ELIAS:  This would be a belief system.  You have created all of these so-called celestial bodies for your own manipulation.

Let me express to you that your energy individually and en masse is so very unbounded and so great that even one focused manifestation within one dimension physically emanates so very much energy that it is necessary for you to be creating of all that you view in what you view to be your universe, for it is necessary that you express an outlet for all of this energy, which moves and creates all of the action within your known universe.  Therefore, not only do you create bodies such as your sun purposefully for its practical function and what it offers to you physically, but you also create these particular bodies that you may be interactive with within energy and allowing the free expression in different forms with your energy.

As I have stated previously, your belief systems in the area of astrology are reverse.  You believe that your planets move within certain orbs and that they in themselves, in their course of direction, are affecting of you within your individual focus.  In actuality, you within your focuses collectively are moving these planets to be in alignment with what you are creating.  They are a mirror image of what you create within this objective reality.

Your sun holds, as all of your stars, much intensity of energy.  This energy is projected collectively by all of the essences participating within this particular dimension and reality, and is exchanged.  Just as you collectively create what you view within your weather as your storms, you also much more powerfully project collectively your energy, which feeds the action of this star.  You are creating of its burning, for you are projecting of your energy to this object and allowing a free flow expression of undirected energy; energy that is not being moved and manipulated in specific creations, but is what you may term -- in your terms figuratively -- as a surplus of energy that you hold within any physical dimension, for one manifestation physically is too small to be containing of the intensity of energy that you hold within each focus.  Therefore, you create many outlets for the expression of this energy.

But as to the object itself and its creating of realities in itself, no.  YOU are creating of IT, and of its motion and its movement.

As to parallel realities and energy movement from this dimension into other dimensions, individually there is no hold.  It moves instantaneously from one to another.  Collectively there appears to be what you may term to be a lag, for not all of the elements move simultaneously within the time framework of your linear creation of time, just as we have spoken of what you term to be extinction.  Not all of the species, regardless of which species it is, moves instantaneously into another dimension.  This is the action of individual choice exercised and executed in conjunction with a mass agreement, but each individual holds its own element of free will and choice and may move within its own time framework.  But there is no holding area, so to speak.

The only holding area within consciousness is the area of transition, which holds its own very precise action, and in this your species within this particular dimension would be the only participant in the action of transition, for your species is that which holds the belief systems that need be shed.  All other species do not hold the belief systems.  Therefore, it is unnecessary.  As they move into disengagement of this particular physical reality, their energy is instantaneously remanifest and reconfigured into another form and they need hold no lag, so to speak, for there is no shedding of belief systems.  There is a slight disengagement of objective awareness, but even their objective awareness is quite different than that of your own.

As I have stated and you may access within the information offered previously, all of your other creations within this dimension engage much more subjective awareness than objective, and although they may be engaging in waking objective state, they also engage in their subjective state much more.

Look to your creatures and view how very much they engage their sleep state as opposed to your sleep state!  They do not work in the fashion that you create within your belief systems.  This is that they engage subjectively much more.  Therefore, although they do not enter into an area of transition, they instantaneously shed the objective awareness, for they do not hold tightly to objective awareness.  This would be applicable to your vegetation also.

MALE:  Why do you speak in such a low monotone boring voice that is almost discomforting to listen to?  (Laughter, and Elias grins)

FEMALE:  I apologize, but I have to go.  I'm sorry.

ELIAS:  (To the woman)  Very well.  (To the man)  My voice is merely a projection within the energy exchange.  It matters not, for it is accomplishing of its purposefulness.  Individuals are responsive to this tone in many different objective manners.

MALE:  It's almost hard to hear.  I understand your words, but I find my mind drifting off because you're so ... it doesn't hold people's ... or it doesn't hold MY attention very well.  My mind drifts off from what you're saying very rapidly.  It feels like, gawd!  You're putting me to sleep!

ELIAS:  Many individuals also experience this same action, but information is being received and assimilated subjectively regardless.  Therefore, it matters not.

MALE:  I think expression can make a lot of the communication stick better.

ELIAS:  At times.

MALE:  Whereas if you're....

ELIAS:  I am understanding of what you are expressing....

MALE:  If you have the ability to choose to come through any person you want to, why do you choose a voice that is boring??

ELIAS:  For not all individuals view in this same manner, or hold....

MALE:  (With agitation)  Huh??  I can't understand what you're saying half the time!  I'm not lying.  I'm being truthful!  I don't even understand what you're saying!

ELIAS:  I am quite understanding.

MALE:  Good!  I'm glad you are!  (some inaudible comments here)

FEMALE:  Probably a microphone would be very helpful.

MALE:  Hmm.  I mean, is this ... can't you use the voice that Mary uses?  Is this an emperor's clothes thing?

ELIAS:  This is the tone that I choose.

MALE:  Why?  Why do you choose that tone?

ELIAS:  For it is appealing to me.

MALE:  To yourself, regardless of what everybody else feels?

ELIAS:  Quite.

FEMALE:  You know, you should speak for yourself!

MALE:  Okay.  You're right, I should.  You're right.  I apologize.

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary....

MALE:  For me personally, in all honesty, it's like (snoring sound).  That's the effect it has, but some of the stuff that I listened to is very interesting, but the VOICE is like ... gawd!  (Elias chuckles)  Sorry, it's just what I feel.  I don't think you need that.

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary for apology.

ROBIN:  Elias, to get back to what we were just talking about tonight, other species....

FEMALE:  Robin, could you please use another voice?  (Everybody cracks up -- BIG grin from Elias here!)

ROBIN:  (Changing his voice very humorously)  Okay!  I was wondering if we could talk about dolphins and their connection with humans?  (Everybody loses it)

ELIAS:  I shall state to you that you have created this species and one other species, of what you term to be your whales, your water mammals, quite interestingly.  Now; I shall also state to you that these particular species have been created in a manner that the energy which is provided has been accepted by the species itself and has also been chosen to be moving into an area of almost paralleling essence.  These creatures are not of their own essences, (here, you can hear the door slam -- no sense of humor at all!) but they are the closest physical expression in like manner to the expressed focuses of essence.  In this, they move within consciousness into an agreement of probabilities to be creating of essence in themselves.
In this, let me express to you: all of these elements, all of these creatures, are manifestations of you, which are manifestations of essence.  Any manifestation of essence, any element of essence, may express a desire to be fragmented, and in this action of fragmentation, this is creating of a new essence.  To this point within your particular reality, these expressed elements of essence, your creations, do not express the desire to fragment within themselves, and continue within consciousness to be elements of your expressions, your creations.  These particular manifestations move closely into the area of expressing this particular desire.

In this action, if they are choosing this futurely, these particular creatures shall become the first within your particular physical dimension to hold essence of themselves, and in this shall be creating entirely of their reality themselves, and you shall not be creating of their reality with them.  They have already developed objectively much more than any of your other creations within this particular dimension.

This also is lent energy to by other dimensions which hold creatures that are focuses of your essences that bear resemblances to these creatures within your seas.  Therefore, you also within your focuses of essence lend energy to their choice, and encouragement and acknowledgment of their creation of this particular desire.  (Pause)

ROBIN:  I have another question about belief systems and the hardest ones to neutralize, and one of the hardest ones has to do with where most of the money and power in the world stands, as far as governments and corporations.  I think it's pretty common among my friends that that's the thing that will probably step in the way or rear its head more often.  We'll be driving a car and we'll be relying on gasoline and food in the supermarket and things that don't necessarily jive with what we want our belief systems to be.

ELIAS:  Correct, but this also is an element of this shift in consciousness, and as I have stated to you, your entirety of your reality shall be altered in this shift in consciousness and this monetary system shall be eliminated, for it shall be unnecessary.  You shall not hold the need for currency or exchange.  Therefore, you shall be eliminating in probabilities these aspects of your reality.

Therefore, when I express to you that you hold not much time to be accomplishing of great feats within this shift in consciousness, you may view to yourselves the greatness of what you are creating and the vastness of the alteration in what you are creating, for not only shall your governments be completely altered and not holding the singular power that you afford them presently, but your entire monetary system shall be eliminated.  Your entire creation of your reality and your expression within it shall be completely different!

I express to you that although you have little time to be accomplishing of this shift in consciousness, you may also be quite looking forward to little time of its expression within its present manifestation.

MALE:  Elias, I have kind of a personal question.  I'm going to be leaving Saturday to go on a trip, and I was wondering if you could give me a statement of advice.

ELIAS:  Ah, advice!  Let me gaze into my crystal ball and view your futurely created probabilities and send you on your path! (Chuckling)

I express to you to be continuing in the manner that you have begun to be creating, being aware of an opening within consciousness.  Take with you these exercises and be allowing yourself the practice of these.  Also, afford yourself the opportunity to be practicing of the acceptance of other individuals, their belief systems and their creation of their reality.  You hold an ease within yourself to be accepting of your own reality, which also affords you an ease in accomplishing the acceptance of other individuals.

But be remembering of this: many individuals are experiencing great movement presently, and in this there is great affectingness, and also in this, belief systems are surfacing in extremes and in intensities for very many individuals, and this is increasing.  Therefore, be accepting of this and allow yourself to be helpful and offering information to be encouraging of their movement and reinforcing of their movement, and not holding judgment in their expressions of their belief systems.

MALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  And watch for unusual occurrences!  (Grinning)

MALE:  I always do!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  You may hold some surprises upon your trip!  (Chuckling)

Vic's note:  Speaking of unusual occurrences, there is a sentence at the top of this page that keeps disappearing and reappearing.  This sentence belongs right before the question about the trip.  Just in case it doesn't appear in the transcript, here it is again:

"I express to you that although you have little time to be accomplishing of this shift in consciousness, you may also be quite looking forward to little time of its expression within its present manifestation."

Now is that weird or what?  It just keeps appearing and disappearing!  I swear, I am NOT MAKING THIS UP!  Ron is my witness.

MALE:  Elias, just sort of a different kind of question.  What was it exactly that the Mars probe photographed on the surface?

ELIAS:  It has offered you imagery of landmarks which bleed through into your objective reality.

As I have stated, all realities occupy the same space arrangement.  Therefore, this particular space arrangement that you occupy presently within this very moment is also occupied by every other dimension and reality.  All space arrangement is occupied by all realities within different dimensions within consciousness.  In this, some of these manifestations within different realities bleed through and create what you may term to be objective markers, which you may actually view within this particular objective reality and dimension in the same manner that you have viewed markers upon your own planet.

MALE:  Persistent ones?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MALE:  So are the markers on Mars persistent, or is it just a temporary thing?

ELIAS:  Both.  Some are merely temporary.  Some are not temporary, just as you have markers upon your own planet which are not temporary, which exist continuously, that you may view and you hold no explanation for.  Therefore, you invent explanations that other creatures from other planets and aliens (grinning) have created certain markings upon your planet, which they have not, but there are bleed-through markers that ARE imprinted and exist upon your own planet.  There are also markers upon all of these other planets that are suggestive to you of these other realities.  They are remnants.

MALE:  Is the face a persistent one, or not persistent?

ELIAS:  It is continuously changing, but the markers are persistent.  You may be futurely discovering of new elements also introduced within these explorations, new compounds....

MALE:  So if they took another Mars probe and sent it up there, we'd get more photographs?

ELIAS:  Correct, and you may also be accessing new compounds that your sciences have to this point not discovered.

MARGO:  Elias, would the Nazca lines be something on this order, or would the Nazca lines be created in some other way?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MALE:  That would be another persistent one?

ELIAS:  Marker, yes.  Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

MALE:  Yeah, actually.  I have one quick one ... hopefully!  I was wondering if you could address deforestation?

FORREST:  Oh no!  (Much laughter)

ELIAS:  (Grinning at Forrest)  Shall we be zapping and eliminating of you presently?  (Chuckling)  I am not accomplishing of parlor tricks!

MALE:  Is there some way, some beneficial way ... some insight that you could possibly give us as to how to deal with this problem?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that you view many elements upon your planet presently as being a problem, for you are beginning to move into the area of a wider awareness of all that you create and all that is elements of you, recognizing that your planet itself breathes and that it is an extension of you.  Therefore, it also is a mirror image of you.

Now; in this, let me also offer to you that it matters not what you have been creating and what you partially continue to be creating presently with regard to what you view to be separate and apart from you, as that which you label of nature, for nature is you.  You are not separated from it.

Now; in this, view that all that is created in what you view to be outside of you, which is not outside of you, is an expression of yourselves and your experiences.  It is a mirror image outwardly of what you are creating within.

Now; within this shift in consciousness, you are accomplishing what?  Addressing to your belief systems, and in this moving into the direction of acceptance of these belief systems, therefore neutralizing their power.  In this action of addressing to these belief systems, you are also creating of what?  Conflict, confusion, chaos.  You move into areas of unfamiliarity.  Therefore, there is a temporary movement of discomfort and of conflict and of confusion, and in this, you mirror this outwardly in all that you create.  Within your planet, you mirror this in what you view to be the destruction of elements of your planet.  These are direct mirror images of what you are addressing to within yourselves subjectively.

What you pollute is your symbol objectively of the elements of your belief systems that are polluting of you.  What you destroy within your creatures and your forests and your oceans are those direct mirror images of the turmoil that you experience as you move into unfamiliar territory objectively within this action.

Now; I shall also express to you that within the accomplishment of this action, you shall restore yourselves to the awareness of essence and therefore be creating much more efficiently and creatively, and in this, your planet shall mirror this also.

This is not to say that you may not hold concern for what you are objectively creating, but I express to you that it is much more efficient to be turning your concern to self and to be addressing of these belief systems and your own movement, for you shall automatically project the energy in this to be altering of the creation of destructiveness within your planet, and it shall flourish automatically with your projection of your energy in this direction.  But what shall be accomplishing of this is not the replanting of trees, but the addressing to your own energies and your own creations within the hold of your belief systems.

FORREST:  Elias, the last time that I was at a session, you mentioned something about a wave in consciousness.  What is the current status of that?

ELIAS:  It continues within its intensity, which also now moves into the direction of the involvement of these nine manifestations, and that be the reason that I shall be discussing this situation at our next meeting, for this wave has gained momentum and has not crested yet within this particular time period but moves close to that action, and in this there is also now the participation and involvement of these nine manifestations in directing elements of this energy in a more global manner.

JENNIFER:  I have a question about energy, and the energy centers that we call chakras.  I'm curious as to how we can tap into them more effectively for spiritual growth.

ELIAS:  I have offered information of these energy centers and your abilities to be tapping into them quite detailed previously, which you may be accessing and you may be inquiring of Michael to be helpful to you in this area.  But I may express to you that these energy centers are quite powerful, and you may be accessing them and manipulating them, and this may be generating much more of an objective awareness of the energy that you hold.  In this also, as with our previous exercise offered this evening, move gently into these areas, for you may be accessing great power....

Vic's note:  And here, the tape stops.  Bummer!  According to Mary, this was due to a faulty plug.  I must say, it's very interesting that we keep "losing" information related to these energy centers!  Maybe it's the "great power" thing....

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THE EXERCISE IN CLARITY  (excerpted from session #122, 9/22/96)

In this, I shall be offering this evening an exercise, for it is difficult to be recognizing of alternate channels and understanding the transmission which is occurring upon alternate channels when you do not tune completely to the one channel that holds your attention.  Your focus is blurred.  You believe that your attention is directed and clear within the channel that you view, your objective attention, but you shall perceive soon just how blurred your attention truly is!

We have incorporated discussion of your outer senses as you view them, their function and how you create them.  Within this exercise we shall be focusing upon these senses, for until you learn to tune your attention clearly, you will not understand the interaction that you may view within alternate channels.  You may tune to these other channels, but they will appear even less clear and confusing to you than the channel that you are attentive to within your waking consciousness.  Therefore, I shall direct you within an exercise.

As I have stated, it is important that you view the one channel that holds your directed attention clearly.  In this, I shall instruct you within our exercise.  Within the beginning elements of this exercise, I shall be asking you to be holding your field of vision, not closing eyes, for you are tuning to THIS attention, THIS station, THIS channel.  You are noticing and allowing clarity of this channel.  Therefore, the purpose is not to be altering your state.

In this, I will ask you to sit comfortably.  Focus upon any given object within your room, but do not concentrate intensely upon this object.  Allow for your vision to normally encompass the entirety of the room, with one main focal point.  Do not strain and do not force yourselves to be concentrating very hard upon any given object.

In this, now tune your consciousness to your senses.  Notice your vision.  Allow your vision to be as clear as it may possibly be.  Tune to your hearing.  Notice all of the sounds that occur.  Many sounds are occurring that you automatically tune out and pay little attention to.  Notice your body -- your physical feelings, your body temperature.  Notice your sense of touch.  The air touches your skin continuously.  Your clothing touches your skin.  These are all elements that are a part of the clarity of your focus, to which you pay little attention to.
Notice smells.  You pay little attention to your sense of smell throughout your individual mundane day.  Notice your sense of taste.  You view that if you are not consuming something, you are not tasting anything.  Your senses are highly tuned, and respond regardless.  They incorporate continuous stimulation.  You only choose to not be clear upon these senses.  Take a moment to concentrate unstrained upon the activity of all of these senses that you incorporate throughout every moment of your physical focus.  (Here, there is a ninety second pause)
Now, I will be instructing each of you to be closing your eyes and allowing your attention to drift.  Do not be focusing upon your outer senses, so to speak.  Allow yourself to feel comfortable and calm and quiet.  (Here, there is a thirty second pause)  Enough drifting!  You will notice that with your eyes closed, you WILL drift.  You have experienced, within your attempts at meditation at times, difficulty in holding your focus.  You experience much of your time within your dream state an inability to hold your focus and manipulate within that focus.  This exercise of tuning your directed attention -- your consciousness which is tuned to THIS channel -- will be very helpful to you in instructional areas of developing your ability to be manipulating within alternate channels.  Altered states, as you term these, are all alternate channels.  If you hold the ability to consciously manipulate within the consciousness that holds your attention, you will more easily learn to manipulate and understand within alternate channels of consciousness.
Therefore, throughout this week until our next meeting, I shall offer you the opportunity for what you would term to be homework!  I shall be instructing you to be practicing this exercise three times within each of your days.  You may incorporate this exercise at any given moment, for your eyes are open and you are attentive to all those individuals around you and also any activity that you may be engaging, for you are tuning your consciousness more clearly.  You are not drifting.  You are not placing yourself into an altered state.  Therefore, this exercise will not be interrupting of your normal activity.  No one shall view you as weird!  No one shall even know, objectively.

In this, incorporate one time for initiating this exercise within your evening time while you are relaxed at your home individually.  Therefore, you may follow your directed "tuning in" to your attention channel by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift.  In this, while you are allowing yourself to drift, you may incorporate this action briefly, only within a time element to be noticing those events that are occurring.  This may be color flashes.  It may be feelings.  It may be scenes.  You may incorporate visualizations.  You may incorporate mental images, as you term these.  You may find yourself incorporating thoughts "slinging" by you rapidly.  Notice what occurs.
Do not concentrate intensely upon the experience.  It is only an exercise!  It is unnecessary to be very serious and directed!  (Humorously)  You may incorporate this as fun, and it may be brief.  It is not necessary for you to be setting aside hours of your time and very directedly concentrating on accomplishing!  It is more important for you to be tuning consciously, eyes open, to the awareness that you are familiar with, for as you learn to be directed and manipulating within that directedness, you shall also learn to be directing within alternate realities.
I express to you that you may be manipulating within your clarity, for what you have experienced presently within this exercise is only noticing.  As your week progresses and you are incorporating this exercise, you may attempt to manipulate these senses.  Allow the clarity of your hearing, and then intentionally turn it off.  Allow the clarity of your sense of smell, and then disengage.  Allow yourselves the opportunity to view your own ability to manipulate your own consciousness and its functions, for in this you may much more easily recognize how to be manipulating when encountering different events within alternate focuses.

The objective in tuning out an individual sense is NOT to be defocusing or tuning out!  It is to show yourselves that you DO hold the ability to manipulate concentratedly and precisely.  You hold the ability to be immaculately precise!  Therefore, you may tune quite finely and clearly all of your senses, and you may also teach yourself to manipulate these senses.

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