Session 1231

Have I Fragmented Yet?


“Have I Fragmented Yet?”
“Distraction and Not Paying Attention to Yourself”

Friday, January 3, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Bahlah)

Elias arrives at 12:16 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GINA: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always. And yourself?

GINA: Not bad, not bad! Candace gives her greetings.

ELIAS: And you may extend my greetings also!

GINA: First question — has the fragmentation of my essence been completed?


GINA: And it is my choice of when it’s gonna stop? Is that correct?


GINA: What is your impression? My impression ... I don’t know what my impression is ‘cause I haven’t gotten one. How much longer do you think this is gonna take?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the choices of the fragmenting and fragmented essences. It is a cooperative choice.

GINA: So there are other essences that are involved in this besides Bahlah?


GINA: Is my essence name fluctuating right now?


GINA: What about the family and alignment? Is that still the same?


GINA: What about the energy signature? Is that still the same?


GINA: What octave F sharp?

ELIAS: Second.

GINA: Are there probabilities that I’ll meet the person that you said that I’ve shared at least a hundred focuses with? Have I already met this person or will I meet this person?

ELIAS: There is potential. The probabilities are created in the moment; therefore, there is a potential but not necessarily probabilities, for they are not being created yet.

GINA: Is it a male or a female?

ELIAS: Male.

GINA: Can you tell me where this person is located, what state or country?

ELIAS: And shall you not allow yourself to be exercising your inner senses and offer yourself information?

GINA: I’m gonna go with my impression of out of country. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Presently.

GINA: So he does not reside there?


GINA: Would I meet this person in Italy or somewhere?

ELIAS: These are questions that pertain to predictions, my friend.

GINA: So I have not met this person yet?


GINA: Who are Vesuvio and Ariana? These names keep on coming into my mind. Are they focuses of mine, Vesuvio and Ariana?


GINA: Both of them? One being a male and one being a female?


GINA: They both sound Italian, so I’m assuming that they’re from my Italy focuses?

ELIAS: One, and one Spain.

GINA: Oh! How many focuses do I have in Spain?

ELIAS: Several.

GINA: Last session we had, you said I had 663 focuses in this dimension and that it would fluctuate. Has that number changed?

ELIAS: Not in this present time framework.

GINA: Michael was just out here visiting. We were talking about the political focus that you said I was.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: You told him in a session that I was emotionally focused. Am I now permanently political focus?


GINA: It’s not going to be a permanent thing?


GINA: So once the action of fragmentation has stopped, it’ll change?

ELIAS: Perhaps. This is your choice, also. But I may express to you that this is an experimentation, so to speak, in moving your attention in relation to different aspects of yourself. This type of action is not necessarily common, but it is also not rare.

GINA: Let’s go to the next one. At one point you told me I had two other focuses in this time frame. Has that changed? How many focuses do I have in this time frame? Has that gone up since it’s 663 now? You said I had one as a photographer and one as a dancer. So in this now do I have any more focuses shared in this time frame?

ELIAS: No, although that may alter also.

GINA: You said something with fragmenting and fragmented. So how many other essences are involved in this besides me?

ELIAS: Three.

GINA: Do I know these essences? I mean, are they manifested or are they... You understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS: Objectively do you incorporate an acquaintance? No.

GINA: Out of curiosity, what are their family alignments? I mean, once the fragmenting is done, what am I going to be leaning towards?

ELIAS: This is your choice, my friend, not necessarily associated with the essences that are fragmenting.

GINA: You said it’s been going on for a year now, so this could go on for a year or years, or it can just happen just like that?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: So is it my choice or is it these other three essences’ choice? Or is it all of us combined?

ELIAS: The combination.

GINA: Can you explain the qualities of the political personality type that pertains to me in this now? You said that could change, but how does the political focus personality type pertain to me in this moment? Can you tell me more about that?

ELIAS: You are merely choosing to be experimenting or exploring with a different expression of personality, allowing you to generate a different understanding of other individuals.

Now; in this, as the political focus is more associated in similarities with thought focus, it offers you the opportunity to be experiencing a different influence in relation to perception, which may allow you more of an understanding in relation to interactions with other individuals that express thought focus. For in interaction with individuals that express emotional focus and individuals that express thought focus, at times there may be challenges for both individuals to be translating the different types of expressions and manners of perception that each expresses.

These two types of focuses many times incorporate misunderstanding of each other and at times may appear to almost be speaking different languages. Therefore, you are merely offering yourself an opportunity to generate an understanding of these differences, choosing to be incorporating this experimentation with the political focus for it is not quite as rigid, so to speak, as the thought focus and continues to allow you to be processing information in very similar manner as you have previously in relation to the emotional focus.

GINA: Was Carina’s focus as a Finnish painter Isaac Lacklan?


GINA: All right! Mikah came up with that one. Does Xallia have any focuses shared with Shirley Temple Black? (Pause)

ELIAS: A friend.

GINA: Does she have any as an actress? My mom and I are really interested in that. We think she’s been an actress many times in her life. (Laughs)


GINA: How many, and can you point me in a direction to where I can investigate?

ELIAS: Several, actually. Not necessarily what you would term to be well known, but generating a preference to expressions associated with theater.

GINA: And how many focuses did you say she had?

ELIAS: Several.

GINA: Out of the focuses shared between Bilford and I, which is the most influencing of this focus? Was it the African one or the one where he was the father?

ELIAS: I may express to you, there is not necessarily one focus that is more influencing than another.

GINA: Okay, we’ll skip that one. How many times have a I been a prostitute out of all my focuses?

ELIAS: And your impression?

GINA: My impression is MANY. I’m gonna say like maybe a hundred.

ELIAS: Slightly more.

GINA: Slightly more? (Elias laughs) Two hundred?

ELIAS: Not quite.

GINA: One-fifty.

ELIAS: You are guessing!

GINA: I know, okay. One hundred and twenty-seven?

ELIAS: No. Let me express to you, it is significant that you allow yourself to be paying attention and LISTEN to your impressions and LISTEN to yourself.

GINA: Okay. So do you want me to take another shot?

ELIAS: Not in this present now!

GINA: How many times a witch, ‘because I know I’ve been one many times, too.

ELIAS: Several.

GINA: And my choice of death I’m gonna say is probably by burning at the stake.

ELIAS: In one focus, yes.

GINA: One focus? What, was it hanging that I...?

ELIAS: In relation to focuses that you express sorcery or in general?

GINA: In general.

ELIAS: I may express to you that a general preference in association with disengagement has been illness. This is not to say that you have not generated many different choices to be experiencing different methods, so to speak, of disengagement, but generally speaking.

GINA: Was I ever involved with Aleister Crowley? (Pause)

ELIAS: An acquaintance.

GINA: Now, what about Candace, myself and Liam? I think we’ve shared focuses together as witches. Can you validate that?

ELIAS: Yes. (1 minute pause)

GINA: Are you there?


GINA: Oh, what did you say? Can you validate on that?

ELIAS: I expressed to you, yes, you are correct.

GINA: Yes, okay! What location?

ELIAS: Investigate!

GINA: Do I have any prominent biblical focuses? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You do incorporate focuses in that time framework, but not necessarily what you would term to be prominent.

GINA: Nothing that I can investigate — well, of course you can investigate.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Was I ever a Chaldean Temple prostitute back then?

ELIAS: One focus, yes.

GINA: Is my subjective dream state mirroring the objective?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for they move in harmony with each other, as I have stated previously.

GINA: What is the significance of Bilford and the kids being in my dreams constantly? All the time they’re in my dreams.

ELIAS: For this is the direction of your attention.

GINA: What was last night’s dream all about, the one where I woke up and I was trying to wake up out of it and I couldn’t get out of it and then I was like freaked out about it?

ELIAS: And your impression?

GINA: My impression? I don’t know. I couldn’t give you one right now. I’ve had dreams like that before but not to where I couldn’t... It was like I was up but I was sleeping, you know?

ELIAS: And what have I expressed to you? This is the significance of paying attention to you and listening to yourself, paying attention to what you are generating, paying attention to what you are expressing within yourself, and also allowing yourself to translate the associations between subjective activity and objective activity, for this offers you tremendous information concerning yourself.

Let me express to you, Bahlah, you have been generating a scatteredness for some time framework now, and you express confusion within yourself in association with what you want and what direction you may be moving into, and what shall offer you joy and comfort and satisfaction; and you continue to not listen to yourself and you continue to not pay attention and genuinely familiarize yourself with you. You continue to project your attention in many other directions NOT associated with yourself, and in this, you also continue to generate confusion and conflict and uneasiness. You and I have engaged conversation concerning this matter previously. I may express to you, you have become a master at distraction! (Laughs)

Now; in this, allow yourself to evaluate your dream activity and imagery and move your attention to your objective waking experiences and what you are actually generating, what you are actually doing other than distraction, but what underlies the distraction and motivates you to distraction. This shall offer you much more information concerning yourself and what motivates you to be generating certain actions or lack of actions.

In this, you have presented yourself with imagery associated with struggle. The action of recognizing that you engaged dream activity but seemed unable to awaken yourself is imagery that you are offering to yourself in association with struggling and holding tightly to your energy but not allowing yourself to genuinely be directing yourself in an efficient manner in association with what you want. This also is associated with the dream imagery that you have presented to yourself concerning these other individuals.

GINA: They’re not the only ones that I’ve been dreaming about. It’s also a lot of things about ... well, my dream trigger, for instance. Is my dream trigger water?


GINA: I’ve been having an awful lot of dreams about water and that usually represents emotions, doesn’t it?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

GINA: What else could it represent?

ELIAS: Each individual generates imagery in association with their experiences and their beliefs and their individual perceptions. Therefore, one expression of imagery is not necessarily associated with one expression. Even within the expressions of one individual, the same imagery fluctuates and may incorporate different associations or meanings, so to speak, within different moments.

GINA: The other continual dreams I’ve been having — one that I know I’ve had before is like a futuristic city. I think I validated that with you last time and you said it was The City. Or is it just my city that I have created in my dreams? Candace and Mikah are always in them. I even wrote it down and I drew a picture of it. It looked like it was maybe Coney Island, and I was walking down the street with Mikah. My mom was in it. There were some other people in it. What’s the significance of that?

ELIAS: You have expressed some dream imagery in association with The City. You also generate dream imagery in association with your own expression of future locations, which are actually more associated with future focuses.

GINA: I remember you telling me one time to investigate, that I did have a future focus. I still have that, right, a future focus?


GINA: Am I a final... I can’t think of the word for it.

ELIAS: You actually incorporate several future focuses.

GINA: Oh, I can’t be a final focus, then.

ELIAS: Ah, yes, you may!

GINA: But I haven’t decided that because I’m still fragmenting.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: So that involves probabilities and all that kind of stuff, right?

ELIAS: Choices.

GINA: How many other dimensional focuses do I have?

ELIAS: I may express to you, they are countless.

GINA: Last time we spoke you said that my blue and yellow were out of alignment. Has that changed? (Slight pause)

ELIAS: It is somewhat altered, although not entirely re-aligned.

GINA: Did my visit with Yarr yesterday have any effect with that change in alignment?


GINA: Now, do you suggest that I see him maybe another time before I leave here? Would that be helpful?

ELIAS: This is your choice; although in association with your direction and your beliefs, I may express affirmative that it may be beneficial to you.

GINA: Because he said that he saw a lot of blockages there, emotional blockages and stuff like that.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: What is it that I can do to help? I mean, I know you say to go ahead and redo the chakras. I forgot the word that you use for it, to go counterclockwise with it and then redo it. But what could I be working on in order to get these into alignment? What am I not doing?

ELIAS: Paying attention to yourself. You are projecting your attention outside of yourself, and as I have stated in this conversation, you are projecting your attention in a manner to be creating tremendous distraction.

GINA: I thought I was doing so good! I really thought I was doing really well with that. I really did.

ELIAS: There is a difference, my friend, in genuinely paying attention to you NOW and investigating other aspects of yourself such as other focuses.

GINA: But how can I do that? ‘I have a hard time focusing, anyway. I mean, are you talking like doing like a meditational...

ELIAS: NO! I am expressing paying attention in the now to yourself and what you are choosing, what you are doing.

GINA: Well, right now I’m still in the same line of work that I was in before.

ELIAS: This is not what...

GINA: What do you mean? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, as I have recently to some other individuals, there are many actions that you incorporate within your day that you deem to be insignificant and therefore you do not pay attention. You express what we may identify as automatic pilot. You generate actions and movements in each moment of your day, and for the most part you are objectively unaware of what you are actually doing, for you are merely creating the motions but you are not paying attention.

Now; in all of these mundane, insignificant actions that you incorporate throughout your day, each moment is influenced by a belief. Each action is influenced by a belief, which is influencing of your perception.

Now; the same beliefs that influence most of your actions throughout your day are those that influence experiences that you deem to be significant or conflicting or confusing. The significance of paying attention in the now to yourself is that you begin to recognize what beliefs are being continuously reinforced. Therefore, in a moment in which you may be generating what you deem to be a significant experience, you may recognize, “Ah, this is what I am generating. This is the belief that is influencing. These are the automatic responses that I express. These are the triggers that generate an action of influence of certain beliefs which I automatically express response to.”

In recognition of all of these actions, in paying attention to you in the now to what you are actually DOING — for what you are actually doing is what you are choosing, regardless of what you are thinking. For if you are not paying attention to yourself and to your communications, you are not offering your thought mechanism accurate information. Therefore, it is translating generally and it is not offering you an accurate translation of yourself or of what you want, which generates confusion.

But in this, as you allow yourself to be paying attention to what you are actually doing, what your communications are, what you are choosing, and evaluating what influences these choices, you offer yourself freedom. For once recognizing what influences your choices, you discontinue expressing automatic responses and you offer yourself greater choice.

Now; this is not to say that in many of your actions and many of your experiences that even in the recognition of what influences those actions that you may not choose to continue to align with the influences of those beliefs. You may, but YOU are choosing.

GINA: I see what you’re saying. So it kind of neutralizes them once you recognize.

ELIAS: Yes, for this offers you choice.

Now; in association with your dream activity, if you are paying attention to what you are presenting to yourself, you may be paying attention to what you feel in association with the imagery and thusly turn your attention to your objective expressions and evaluate within yourself what the similarities are. Remember, objective imagery is quite abstract. Therefore, any one action that may be generated subjectively may be created in countless manners in objective imagery.

GINA: I want to write down what you just said after that so I can remember. You said objective imagery is quite abstract. What did you say after that?

ELIAS: Any one subjective action may be expressed objectively in countless different expressions of imagery.

Now; in this, it is associated with dream imagery also, for imagery is an objective expression. Therefore, if you generate actual imagery in dream state, what you are doing is engaging your objective awareness to be creating imagery associated with the actions that you are creating subjectively.

Let me express to you, you are all aware of the abstractness of dream imagery. I may express to you, although it may not appear so to you, your objective waking imagery that you create in every moment is just as abstract.

GINA: Interesting, very interesting! Oh, one more. Vince’s famous focus as a Japanese emperor, was it Meisho?


GINA: What about my dream about the mud bath? I think it was maybe Spain or Italy or something like that, and I was with a couple other people. We were in this beautiful mud bath and were just covering ourselves with all this mud and stuff. What was that significant of?

ELIAS: Offering yourself imagery in association with comfort and your desire to be expressing that.

GINA: Was that just a made up thing in my head as far as the location, or was it actually in a physical location? Or does it really even matter? It was just the point that it was for comfort?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay. What is Roger’s essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Boaw, B-O-A-W (BOW).

GINA: And what is his family alignment?

ELIAS: And your impression?

GINA: Gramada or maybe Ilda. Ilda/Gramada?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Trying to think of what else now; I’ve pretty much asked all the questions. But I’m really interested in this one, the one with the hundred focuses. So you said it’s a potential, it’s not really a probability, it is a potential?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: And this person lives in the United States, he just happens to be out in another country right now?

ELIAS: Correct. Let me also express to you, do not assume that you may automatically express an affinity for another individual that you have expressed many focuses with, for it is dependent upon the directions that each of you are choosing now in this focus. You may express an allowance and knowing of familiarity in another focus and not necessarily in a different focus. Are you understanding?

GINA: Yes, but my problem — I’m not going to say it’s problem because nothing can be a problem — I don’t know how... I mean, Mikah can do it, William can do it. A lot of people can do it that I talk with. I have a hard time connecting with my focuses. It’s only been recently that I’ve been having names come through my head, stuff like that. I don’t know how to go into and investigate these focuses because I don’t know how to do it.

ELIAS: First of all, I may express to you that you may be experiencing challenge in this expression, for this is yet again another distraction. Inwardly, within you, you are expressing a genuine desire to be knowing of you and to be offering yourself more of your own expression of freedom and not holding yourself captive to yourself. Therefore, many of these types of actions may be more challenging.

In this, it matters not, for this does not necessarily offer you information concerning what you are doing now. As I have expressed previously, I do encourage individuals to be allowing themselves to investigate other focuses that they incorporate, but MERELY as an action of allowing themselves to view themselves and perceive themselves as more vast than one attention.

But some individuals generate this type of action for it is merely an expression of fun. Some individuals generate this action for they are attempting to offer themselves information in association with THIS focus. But offering yourself information in relation to other focuses does not necessarily offer you much information concerning what you are creating now.

GINA: Well, I’ll try to work on that avenue. Maybe I’ll try doing the candle thing or something. I know that’s how Mikah has done a lot of his, using the candle and just focusing on that. Maybe I’ll try that more.

Do you see any probabilities — I have been having this thing, it’s been going for a long time and I think I might be getting closer — but do you see any lines of probabilities of me permanently moving out of the country in the future? That is a desire of mine.

ELIAS: You generate a potential, but once again this is a choice.

GINA: I think it was last session we talked about energy surges. Is that because of the fragmentation that’s going on? Sometimes I get so super, super hot and then I get these massive headaches. Are those energy surges or is that because of the fragmentation? Or is it both?

ELIAS: No, it is not associated with fragmentation.

GINA: What is all that about? Because it used to really irritate me to the point where it would like, you know, irritate me. But now I’m so used to them because I get a lot.

ELIAS: This is a movement of energy. As I have expressed previously, energy shall be expressed and may not be entirely contained. You express a tightness within your energy and hold to your energy, and in that action the energy that you generate within your energy centers and your energy field expresses automatic releases. In a manner of speaking, it is...

GINA: Are they like sparks? Because I feel like they could be like sparks emanating from all over the top of my head.

ELIAS: It may be likened to a pressure valve.

GINA: Yeah, exactly! Is that because of my smoking? Yarr said yesterday that there was a constriction of oxygen and also said that I should quit smoking. If I was going to go ahead and quit smoking, would that be very helpful? Maybe that’s what it is.


GINA: Because I usually have a pretty free flow, but at times I’ll be sitting looking at something — I think it’s just like an automatic thing — that I’m concentrating so much that I hold my breath.

ELIAS: It is not associated with smoking.

GINA: What is it associated with?

ELIAS: What I have expressed to you, holding your energy tightly. As you hold to your energy quite tightly, it generates its own release.

GINA: Is that just from not breathing correctly? I don’t understand how I can hold my energy. I don’t understand that.

ELIAS: Allow yourself one day of noticing how often you generate tension within your physical muscles and bones. This is an indication of restricting your energy flow. In that restriction, the energy is confined. But you may not confine energy. Therefore, it shall express in some manner. Generally speaking, in these types of expressions, the energy expresses a release through the physical body consciousness.

GINA: Interesting. I don’t realize that I’m doing it.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: So that’s why I get the headaches too?


GINA: I get headaches all the time. I know you said last time it was because of what was going on with the fragmenting and then I noticed as of late... Because I haven’t had these things happen for a while. But I really got bamboozled the other day. I was like, damn! This is just like whoa, okay! But it wasn’t really that bad. It didn’t irritate me, but I got a really super bad headache from it.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

GINA: I guess that’s about it. So just keep working on my blue and my yellow, correct?


GINA: I’m going to go see Yarr Tuesday, so I’ll just ask him if I can go back on the machine. But my blue probably mostly, because of the fact that the political, being that for the moment I’m in the political mode and information is processed through the blue?


GINA: Is that where a lot of the constriction is coming from?

ELIAS: No, no.

GINA: Not at all?

ELIAS: I may express to you that you are expressing more of an interruption of the yellow.

GINA: Okay, so work on the yellow then. Yellow is the emotions, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Partially.

GINA: So where is most of the blockage or whatever? What can you see? Is it because of mostly the emotional or what else is it? I know it’s intestines and what else? So it’s some emotion?


GINA: And the intestines?

ELIAS: No. For the most part it is associated with emotional expression and not listening to those communications.

GINA: So you’re saying that I should release... When I feel like I want to cry or if I feel like I want to get really pissed off, to let it out?


GINA: So not listening to...

ELIAS: Emotional communications.

GINA: So basically I should start letting it out instead of holding it in, because I think I do have a tendency to hold a lot of my stuff in. So I should just start letting it out.


GINA: I guess that’s what I’ll do, because I’ve been that way a lot of my life. I’ve been better with a lot of it. Yarr did say that I would probably experience a lot of that. I have been, actually, over the last six months but I’ve been holding it back.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

GINA: Okay. Well, I got that validated! That makes me feel better! (Elias chuckles) All right, I guess that is it for now. I told you Candace said to say hello, too.


GINA: I will go ahead and extend your greetings to her, too.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: Is there anything else that you want to add?

ELIAS: Merely to continue to be allowing yourself to notice.

GINA: And to listen to the emotional communication to self, right?


GINA: I will do that.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: And I will talk with you soon.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

GINA: Be lending of energy too, okay? (Elias chuckles) I could use it!

ELIAS: Very well, I shall express it to you. In friendship and affection, au revoir.

GINA: Okay, bye-bye.

Elias departs at 1:22 PM.

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