Session 828
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The Milumet


"The Milumet"

Wednesday, April 25, 2001 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Jen P (Margarite), and Ann (Shea)
Elias arrives at 11:46 AM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Bonjour!

JEN: Bonjour.

ANN: Bonjour.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) We meet again!

JEN: Yeah! More recently than I thought we'd be, but that's okay! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: And what shall we be discussing this day?

JEN: Well, we thought we would like to discuss aspects of the Milumet family, which we both were told we're a part. Could you define the aspects?

ANN: Characteristics, traits, things that might bond a family, things in common - things that our family might share in common.

JEN: And some of these things that might be helpful to us in terms of our own paths of exploration.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer specifics, other than the generalities that have been offered in explanation of the qualities of the Milumet family previously.

JEN: We haven't had much success in finding those qualities. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: And your direction of interest in the expression of the Milumet is?

JEN: The direction of the expression of the Milumet family?

ANN: I think for me, personally, what I would be interested in hearing about is the path that I choose in my life, now and in the future, how might that be partly directed by my choice of physical manifestation, if that's even correct, with my alignment with the Milumet family? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Ah. Yes, I am understanding of your concern and your confusion.

Let me first of all express to you that the families that you belong to and align with are not necessarily directing of what you choose within this physical manifestation. In a manner of speaking, the alignment with a particular essence family creates a type of tone or coloring of your direction. You choose a direction of exploration within a particular physical focus. You choose an intent, which is the expression of that general direction.

Now; there are qualities that are expressed in the alignment family which shall, in a manner of speaking, color or influence the MANNER in which you pursue your intent and your exploration, but that alignment or even the belonging to family does not dictate the direction itself.

In expressing the Milumet family as an example, if an individual is aligned with the Milumet family, their expressions of their choices shall be colored, in a manner of speaking, by the qualities of that family. This is not an expression that the Milumet family shall dictate the direction that you choose to be exploring, but that the manner in which you explore shall be influenced by that alignment.

There are qualities of the Milumet family that are more overtly expressed. As an example, aligning with the Milumet family, you may choose any direction of exploration. I may express to you, you may choose a type of business endeavor. In this, an individual aligning with the Milumet family may express that business endeavor in a manner in which the individual shall view the whole of the situation concerning the business endeavor. For one of the qualities - a strong quality - of the Milumet family may be identified as spirituality.

Now; this is not a term to be defined in conjunction with religion. It also is not an expression of separation of some cosmic expression versus physical expression. The genuine expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of your reality, the physical and the nonphysical; in a manner of speaking, it is a viewing of the big picture.

Therefore, regardless of what you choose to be exploring or creating within your focus, you shall approach that choice in the manner of viewing the big picture, in a manner of speaking. You shall not merely concern yourself with yourself individually as not being an element of the whole. There are other essence families that do create qualities of more of an expression of singularity in relation to the individual. This particular family does not express that type of quality, but there are also underlying expressions of this interconnectedness, so to speak, that show themselves, in a manner of speaking, in all that you do, in all that you create, and in all of your associations.

Individuals that are aligning with or more so belonging to this Milumet family generally express a leaning or a tendency, so to speak, to not create involvement of themselves with organizations, and if the individual is involved in established organizations, generally speaking these individuals may create more tension and what you term to be stressfulness or conflict...

ANN: Internally?

ELIAS: ...correct - than other individuals may, for the expression of the whole of the spirituality moves contrary to segregation of organizations. Are you understanding?

JEN: I think so. I think I understand.

ANN: I think I do too.

JEN: Basically staying away, generally speaking, from an established business or organization.

ANN: Would it partly explain, or is it merely coincidence, that Jen and I recently have cut ties with organizations that we were very closely aligned with and identified with - I'm assuming; I know I did for a long time - because it just didn't seem to fit. It felt like I always was wearing two left shoes. There was just something that was not comfortable about my work life any more. For me, personally, I quit because it wasn't satisfying, and maybe there was something else out there for me. My work life was actually getting in the way of my being able to explore whatever that other thing was, although I had no idea what it was.

ELIAS: Correct. I may express to you, individuals that are aligning with this family may be involving themselves in certain organizations or institutions in alignment with the dictates of mass belief systems and each individual's expectation within themselves as to what they should be creating within your society, but you shall also notice - as you have - that your expression does not quite fit, and there is an underlying struggle or conflict and tension within your expression of energy during your involvement with certain organizations and establishments within your society, for this creates an implication of segregation.

ANN: That's the part I don't understand, the segregation. What are you meaning by that?

ELIAS: An organization or establishment, in your terms, is focused upon a particular theme or expression. Generally speaking, established organizations direct their movement and their energy singularly, and there is an expectation expressed that all individuals participating shall move singularly in that expression, the chosen theme, the chosen direction.

Religions are organizations, establishments within your communities, that express specific directions. This creates an aspect of segregation, for there is an exclusion. The thought direction is expressed specifically, and there is a closure, so to speak, as to your allowance to be incorporating other expressions.

I may express to you, in other types of organizations, there are organizations that are created in relation to research. Individuals may become involved in the expression of these research organizations, but each is expressed in one singular direction and does not allow for the inclusion of any other direction.

Businesses, not all, but many ... a bank: it is an establishment that creates a movement in a particular direction. Its theme, its focus, is concerning money. It does not concern itself with other expressions. You shall not involve yourself in the transactions and movements of a bank if you are choosing to be focusing your attention upon family, for the direction of the establishment of the bank is not concerned with the subject matter of family. It is concerning itself with one direction - finance. This may be applied to many, many, many expressions within your society.

Generally speaking, individuals that are belonging to or aligning with the Milumet family create conflict and tension in involvement or alignment for extensive time frameworks with any type of establishment or organization.

JEN: Well, what if Milumet - and I wonder if this is true for many non-Milumet people as well - look to themselves in figuring what feels right for them, and then create a situation that is maybe part-time in hours?

I'm thinking specifically for myself, because I'm taking this job that is a part-time job. It is in a situation where there's socially responsible practices, so it somewhat aligns with what I'm viewing as the aspect of myself that is entwined with spirituality. Recognizing the importance of that and the powerfulness of that aspect in me, I then try to be very aware of that in how I'm placed and working in this part-time establishment, or if I should start this little yoga thing I'm thinking about.

For right now, for me, that seems like the best way to try to combine both of those aspects. But I also wonder if there's a lot of people out there with similar feelings, like they don't want to work nine-to-five in a bank everyday. I wonder if that's something that's going to be shifting in our society.

ELIAS: Let me clarify. As I express to you that individuals aligning with or belonging to the Milumet family do not create an ease in involvement with an established organization, I am not expressing to you that these individuals, such as yourselves, do not move in expressions of particular employments or exclude certain types of employment in recognition that it may be an expression of a particular organization. This is not what I am expressing to you.

It matters not what you choose to explore. What I am expressing to you is that generally speaking, you would not express in your particular focus a founding of a bank. You would not be creating the establishment of the bank. This is not to say that you may not choose employment within that structure, allowing yourself to be incorporating other expressions and allowing yourself to incorporate your natural movement of energy in viewing the big picture.

JEN: Well, it sounds like for us, as Milumets, it would be much more beneficial to live what I would term to be an artistic life-style that's not necessarily aligned with an organization, that offers a life style that's what we consider more flexible, varying schedules, different times of working in the mass, more focus on the artistic side. It doesn't necessarily need to be painting, but a recognition of the spiritual side.

ELIAS: Not necessarily artistic, but you are correct in your recognition of the flexibility. It is not necessarily more of an expression artistically per se, but allowing yourself an expression of movement which incorporates an association with what you term to be natural elements may be much more befitting, incorporating movement in interaction with other individuals or creatures or elements in relation to your planet, your earth, expressions that you define as nature, which allows a free-flow of your energy, for this incorporates a natural movement in the expression of the whole, which is the expression of spirituality.

Individuals that are belonging to or aligning with this family automatically magnate to and hold an affinity for all that you define in your physical reality as natural.

ANN: Do our orientations as individuals - and I'm not talking about just Jen and I - but do our orientations as individuals and how we view the world subjectively, I would imagine, also play a role in determining what we as individuals choose to do for work or not do for work in our expression? Some people express inwardly; some people express outwardly. Is it a piece of this whole, as far as people's personalities?

ELIAS: It is influencing. For in a matter of speaking, it is the lens through which you view your reality. It is not, once again, directing of what you choose. It is the manner in which you shall express what you choose, and how you may be responding to situations and your own expressions and those of your world, so to speak.

Your orientation shall not dictate to you or influence WHAT you choose. It shall influence HOW you perceive what you involve yourself with.

ANN: Could it influence how you perceive what your involvement should be with?

ELIAS: Yes. In relation to your beliefs, yes, and also in relation to your societies.

Individuals that are incorporating the orientations of soft and intermediate may be, at times, creating expectations within themselves of what they "should be" expressing as they compare themselves with the common expression, for the common expression is precisely that, common, and is generally the widest expressed orientation. Therefore your societies, generally speaking, follow the expression of the common orientation as the official expression, and at times individuals holding the orientation of soft or intermediate may be confused in the identification of their natural flow and the expectation of how they should create their reality in conjunction with the mass expression.

Now; in this, I may express to you and to any individual holding either of these two orientations, it is quite significant and beneficial that the individual allow themselves to genuinely become familiar with themself and their natural flow of energy. In creating that movement and paying attention to yourself and accepting your natural expressions, you shall allow yourself much more freedom, you shall create much more ease in your movement, and you shall allow yourself to not create the comparisons. The comparisons create much conflict and a tremendous expression of tension in one's energy field.

JEN: Comparisons can also be self-doubt, too, right? I mean, in that it has the same effect as comparisons.

ELIAS: Yes. They are linked. I may express to you, a natural flow of energy and expression of individuals holding the orientation of intermediate is to merely move and not necessarily offer themselves an objective explanation of how they are moving or what they are creating.

ANN: Can you speak more to that? I don't think I'm following you, but it interests me.

ELIAS: In this, you may recognize - in like manner to other individuals holding this orientation - you may be creating movement within your particular focus, and subsequent to your movement objectively, if questioned your response shall be that you do not know how you have created a particular expression; you merely have.
Individuals holding this particular orientation do not always hold an objective explanation for what they create, but this particular orientation creates an ease in knowing inwardly.

Now; I may also express to you, a commonly expressed direction in association with Milumet with individuals within this physical focus moves contrary to the natural expression of the intermediate orientation.

Now; this is commonly expressed, but it is also an aspect influenced by beliefs.

Now; in this, individuals that are associated with the Milumet family very commonly doubt their abilities, very commonly question all of their movement, very commonly express harsh expectations in relation to themselves and strong associations in striving. Those expressions are quite influenced by religious beliefs. It matters not that the individual is participating with any expressed religious beliefs or not. They are mass belief systems, and there are underlying associations and alignments with them.

This creates a conflict with individuals associated with the Milumet family, and they express a tremendous expectation and striving within themselves in the expression of better, better, better, better. This creates an expression of doubt of your abilities. You are continuously questioning your abilities in the striving for better, better, better.

Individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate express a natural flow of energy to not be doubting. Ah, the conflict! For individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate question their movement less than other individuals. They merely create what they create, and do not concern themselves with how they have created what they create. The conflict is expressed in relation to that orientation and the family association, for with the influence of beliefs the family association expresses the doubt.

Now; in allowing yourself to become familiar with your own natural flow of energy and relaxing within yourself, allowing yourself to move in the manner which is comfortable within you, you may also allow yourself to cease the doubting and expectations that are created in relation to the family association.

These doubts are not a quality of this particular essence family. As I have stated, they arise in conjunction with the mass belief systems and your alignments with those mass belief systems in relation to spirituality - your definition of spirituality, which is askew for it is quite influenced by religious beliefs, and religious beliefs are not an expression of spirituality.

JEN: So, you've already gone over a lot of these characteristics. When have you done that, so I can hunt down that transcript?

ELIAS: You may inquire of Michael, and he may be identifying that transcription for you. (Chuckles)

JEN: So is it a fair assessment to say that Milumets in general gravitate toward things of spirit? Meaning for myself, I've found an intense desire to pursue spiritual knowledge, whether it's talking to you or other channelers, or in reading, or in the people that I gravitate towards and the types of discussions that materialize. Is that a fair assessment of Milumet? Often when Ann and I get together, our conversations run that way, without us really being conscious of it.

ELIAS: Quite. I may also express to you that individuals associated with this particular family may direct their energy and interest in involvement with creatures.

JEN: And that includes nature as well, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: And that is ... in your words, empathic?

ELIAS: Empathic, yes.

JEN: So an empathic understanding of consciousness in other things?


JEN: People, places?


JEN: And that is definitely something that's specific to the Milumet family, then, a melding, so to speak, or empathic understanding of consciousness in other things, or is that for all of us?

ELIAS: You are, in a manner of speaking, more disposed to this type of expression. All individuals hold an empathic sense, but you do create an ease in exercising that sense in what you may term to be a natural expression of your energy. It requires no practicing. You may express this automatically.

JEN: Are Milumets typically individuals who have manifested many times in physical manner?

ELIAS: This is not necessarily associated with any particular family. This is the choice of each individual essence in how many focuses they may be choosing in any particular physical dimension. It is dependent upon the interest, curiosity, and perhaps fascination of a particular essence in relation to any particular physical dimension.

ANN: How does that feed into what we as individuals within this physical focus, not necessarily how we perceive or how we view, but how ... does it guide us? Is there somewhere deep inside ... if you have manifested physically previously, is there a knowing, and sometimes you have the ability to touch pieces of that knowing? Or do some individuals not even acknowledge that they have, or maybe some individuals have not ever, maybe this is the first time they've manifested physically?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you once again, all of your physical manifestations in this dimension are simultaneous. Therefore, it is not in actuality a question of time duration, so to speak.

Although as I have also offered previously, individuals, as they are manifest within this physical focus, do hold an objective knowing of their position as an individual focus of attention. There is a designated beginning focus and a designated final focus of each essence. This is not an expression in relation to time. It is a designation of position and action.

In this, a beginning focus is the designated focus which initiates the involvement of all focuses in the particular physical dimension. The final focus is the designated focus of attention that creates the disengagement of that essence from the physical expression within this particular physical dimension.

Therefore, the beginning focus is a position. At the choice to enter physical manifestation, all focuses enter. The final focus is a position, a designation; as it disengages from this physical focus, all focuses disengage.

JEN: Of that essence.

ELIAS: Yes. It is the attention which is designated as the marker, so to speak. At its disengagement, this is the signal that this essence chooses not to be participating in physical manifestation within this physical dimension from that point, so to speak.

But you each within physical focus objectively recognize whether you are what may be considered in your terms as a continuing focus or a beginning focus or a final focus. You know within you. It matters not your associations through your beliefs that you may be an old soul and therefore this is the ending of your cycle, or that you are tired of physical focus and are not choosing to be remanifesting. These are expressions in association with your beliefs, but they are indications of your knowing of your designation.

Individuals that are continuing focuses do not express these types of explanations to themselves. They continue to express a zeal for their exploration and a continuation of fun within their exploration of this physical dimension. Some final focuses do allow themselves to be engaging fun also, but they also generally express some other aspects of associations.

Beginning focuses express tremendous enthusiasm in relation to their manifestation within this physical dimension, tremendous curiosity and excitement.

JEN: I read a transcript the other day about a murder that took place a couple of years ago, and in it you were discussing the victim, perpetrator of the crime, and what I would call the conspirator, accessory. And you talked about neutralizing beliefs or really having no judgment in this situation, and in doing so, that would lessen the mass beliefs that are so intense surrounding this particular situation, or any murderous situation of which we hold large beliefs.

But then you also talked about that a lot of times we hear about a situation like this on the news and we depersonalize from it, we sort of check out, which in my interpretation that's still further perpetuating the mass beliefs. So, in everyday situations which occur all the time where you might differ from someone's beliefs, I'm just wondering about this fine line between depersonalizing, which is saying I don't care or I hold no belief about it, versus this empathical connection with the victim: maybe this was something the victim choose, and trying to come from that perspective. I'm understanding that that perspective then leads to this neutralization of beliefs or minimizing the judgment one would have, which would then result in less perpetuation of the mass beliefs. Am I getting that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Then this fine line between depersonalizing and not accepting the judgment, or not judging?

ELIAS: I may express to you, as you create a genuine expression of acceptance, you do not create a depersonalization. This is inconsistent.

JEN: Because you still hold your beliefs.

ELIAS: You shall always within this dimension continue to hold belief systems, but your expression of them as you accomplish this shift in consciousness shall be quite different, for you shall not be subject to them.

JEN: So they wash over you, then?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, presently - and previously - the affectingness of your belief systems has grown to extreme, for you have created such an intensity of energy in relation to your beliefs and have created such an association of absoluteness in relation to your beliefs that your beliefs are expressed automatically and unquestioned, and as they are expressed automatically, there is an elimination of choice. You no longer open yourselves to choice. You lock your perceptions in specific directions and expressions, and in doing so, you perpetuate the strength of the expressions of your beliefs.

You have created this type of expression in such intensity that your beliefs dictate to you your movement, rather than you choosing your movement in relation to your beliefs. Beliefs in themselves are neutral, but your expressions of duplicity in relation to all of your beliefs is created in such intensity that you have eliminated many of your choices, and you move automatically in the cycle of perpetuating many of the expressions that you now view as unacceptable or as unnecessary.

In this, as you become genuinely familiar with your own communications that you offer to yourselves, as you genuinely become familiar with you, as you pay attention to yourselves and all of your automatic responses, as you begin allowing yourself choice, as you discontinue creating the expression of victim within yourselves, you also contribute an expression of energy to not be perpetuating these expressions within your world. For you are all interconnected, and each movement that any one individual creates in acceptance and genuine paying attention to self ripples out throughout consciousness and contributes to the lessening of these automatic responses and the dictates of your beliefs.

In this, let me also express to you, contrary of the expressions of your beliefs, in actuality as you genuinely move into acceptance within self, you create more of an intensity of compassion and understanding in relation to other individuals. You do not become depersonalizing or desensitized. You become more open in compassion in genuineness with each other, for you recognize the interconnectedness, and therefore you recognize that the other individuals are also you.

JEN: And that those are simply choices that they're making.

ELIAS: Correct. And as I have stated previously, I do not say to you that futurely, as you accomplish the entirety of this shift in consciousness, individuals shall not be creating actions that you identify as violent; but the expression of this violence that you view now shall be tremendously lessened, for it shall be chosen only in situations of intentional participation, objective choice, with the knowing that it is a choice for a particular experience.

JEN: For that individual.

ELIAS: Correct, and shall not be expressed as victim.

JEN: Now, just one other quick thing here. You said something about "You are moving into the direction of creating a global mass event, which is the insertion of the expression physically of a source event which has been created already within consciousness. This is a grave undertaking and is the expression of tremendous energy, and therefore there is also tremendous responsiveness to this movement of energy." What is this source event?

ELIAS: This is the shift in consciousness, and now, as I have stated to you, you move in your new millennium and you change its direction. You are inserting it now in objective reality.

JEN: Why is it such a grave undertaking? Because it's so intense?

ELIAS: View your reality, Margarite, and view the tremendous expression of your beliefs and your automatic responses to them. I have expressed to you quite definitely, you are redefining ALL of your reality. You are changing.

JEN: I guess for me, from my personal standpoint at least right now, I have gone through a lot of turmoil; but at this present time it's feeling like a lot less, and I can see a little more of the light at the end of the tunnel.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: And so for me it didn't seem so grave as...

ELIAS: I am expressing this statement in relation to the mass, the entirety of your globe. Some of you move in different layers than others of you. You are all moving in the same direction, so to speak, but some are allowing themselves more of an objective awareness more quickly than others.

A tremendous thrust is to be accomplished within three-quarters of your years of this century to be altering the entirety of your reality: your governments, your currency, your expressions to each other, your travel within space.

JEN: Pretty cool.

ELIAS: There is much to be expressed and accomplished in the insertion objectively of this shift. View your previous century and the tremendous movement that has been expressed in that, and this movement overtakes that movement.

JEN: It's a relatively short period of time.

ELIAS: Yes, you are quite correct. It is relatively a minute time framework to accomplish such great movement. (Chuckle)

JEN: Any more questions?

ANN: I think I have enough information right now to sift through. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckle) You are very welcome. I may express tremendous enjoyment of our conversations together.

ANN: I look forward to it again.

ELIAS: I offer you each tremendous encouragement, as always, and great acknowledgment also of the movement that you have each allowed yourselves. In great affection, as always, to you both, and in anticipation of our next objective meeting, au revoir.

JEN & ANN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:52 PM.

(1) This was originally expressed as, "Now; in this, I may express to you and to any individual holding either of these two orientations, it is quite significant and beneficial that the individual allow themselves to genuinely become familiar with yourself and your natural flow of energy."

(2) As a starting point, refer to Session #67, 1/21/96, pages 2 and 3.

(3) Refer to Session #463, 9/2/99.

(4) This quote is from Session #463, 9/2/99, page 10.

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Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.