Session 599
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Alignment With Mass Belief Systems


“Alignment With Mass Belief Systems”
“Your Behavior Shall Bear You Out”

Sunday, April 9, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Lissette (Roi).
Elias arrives at 10:37 AM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

LISSETTE:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  We meet again!

LISSETTE:  Yes!  I have some questions for you.

ELIAS:  Very well.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  The last time we talked, you said that I repeated a pattern so I could study a problem from all different angles, and I wonder if these women I’m seeing are other focuses of mine, and are part of what you were talking about.  I see a woman in India, and she has gotten away, apparently, from her abusive family situation, but she’s sort of wandering around, not really being a part of anything, but free from the abusive relationship she was in.  And then I see a Polynesian woman or a woman from Thailand or something, and I also see a Chinese situation.  Are these other focuses of mine?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.  Each of these individuals are other focuses that you hold in this dimension, and you draw these focuses to yourself, that you may allow yourself to view their experiences and correlate the similarities in your movement and the movement that they are creating.

Be aware that your situations that you create and your movement may objectively appear differently, for you may be creating different types of imagery objectively, but underlying, you are all addressing to similar beliefs and situations within each of your focuses.

LISSETTE:  Okay, that’s what I don’t like about what I’m seeing.  I see the similarities, and I don’t like the way they go, and that’s what I want to break; I want to break that pattern.  So, that’s what I was wondering about.

I also opened up a business with very good expectations, or I am happy about it, and I am very calm about everything.  It’s going alright, but many weird things are happening, and I am taking them with a very unusual calm and equanimity in me.

I wonder why all these things are happening, what I’m doing to make them happen, and if I’m moving in harmony with my intent.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you first of all, yes, you are moving in harmony with your intent.

LISSETTE:  In harmony?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Now; in this, firstly I shall express to you that within this time framework, there are many, many energy surges occurring in relation to this shift in consciousness, as you are inserting this shift into your objective reality presently.

This action may be quite likened to the physical action of birth.  It is an emergence, and therefore, there are also thrusts of energy to be moving the subjective knowings, remembrances, and allowances of actions and creations into your objective reality and awareness.

Now; the reason that you may view within your perception that you are not moving within harmony in your intent is that you are noticing areas and situations and creations that you draw yourself to or that you create or that you participate within that appear to be conflicting or difficult.

These types of creations are the presentment of challenges, and in actuality, you present yourself with quite familiar and what may be commonly termed in your societies as usual difficulties, that you may allow yourself to view them as challenges, and that you may recognize realistically that you do hold choices.

Now; at times, these challenges may be presented within your reality as frustrations, in a manner of speaking, for as you are viewing your ability to be altering your perception, you are also merely beginning in this alteration of perception, and in these beginning stages, in a manner of speaking, you are practicing.  Therefore, in the practice, there are also many time frameworks in which you observe yourself slipping into automatic responses.

But the encouraging aspect of all of this movement is that you are allowing yourself to notice, to recognize, and to view that regardless of your movement into automatic responses, you also may validate yourself that you are not continuously moving in the expression of automatic responses, and you validate your movement as objective evidence of the harmony that you ARE creating in allowing yourself to view, more and more, your ability to be drawing yourself to situations and interactions that previously would have been addressed in automatic responses and quite influenced by strongly held belief systems, whereas now you are allowing yourself movement with less conflict, with little trauma, and with much more clarity.

I shall also express to you that in this particular situation with you individually, you are experiencing an aspect of impatience also, (laughing) in which you wish to be accomplishing this movement much more rapidly, for you ARE allowing yourself to view your accomplishments.  You ARE allowing yourself to validate your trust and your acceptance within yourself.  You ARE offering yourself evidence of the differences within the expression of your perception, and you simultaneously are experiencing an element of anxiousness and restlessness, that you wish to be reaching your finish line, so to speak! (Laughing)

LISSETTE:  Yes, that’s definitely true!  That’s how I am! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  This provides you with a tremendous element of motivation!  Let me also express to you, there is no finish line! (Laughing)

LISSETTE:  Yes, I’ve been reading about that, and it’s been an eye-opener.  But you still want to move!  You want to keep finding more things, and just move!  You want to manipulate your energy, I guess.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  You are correct, and in this, let me present to you hypothetically the notion of what you shall be accomplishing if you WERE to be creating a finish line, so to speak.  What challenge would you present yourself with?


ELIAS:  And I may express to you, you might be quite bored with your reality were you not to be offering yourself the opportunity to explore and to BE challenged!

But the trick in this situation, in manipulating your energy, is to be discovering how to be altering your perception in a manner that continues to be creating the challenge WITHOUT the conflict and WITH the incorporation of continuous fun! (Chuckling)

LISSETTE:  Well, that’s what I want to find out!

ELIAS:  You are already moving in this direction.  You are already offering yourself evidences of this, and you offer yourself also the opportunity to extend this expression into all areas of your focus.

But be remembering in this, there are many mass belief systems which hold enormous strength in energy, and moving outside of these mass belief systems is a challenge in itself, for the manner in which you move outside of the influence of the mass belief systems is to allow yourself the action of more and more familiarity with yourself and how you align with these mass belief systems, for you are responsive to your individual beliefs.

In this, let me express to you clearly, you shall not be tremendously influenced and responsive — within your perception or how you create your reality — to mass belief systems if you do not align with those mass belief systems, and you may quite easily view objectively those beliefs that you do not align with en masse and those that you do, regardless of your identification within your thought processes, for your behavior shall bear out what you genuinely do hold in beliefs.

LISSETTE:  So what you’re talking about is, the way I act or what I choose to do, besides what I feel is my belief, will lead me to what you call discovery, or...?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LISSETTE:  Is that it?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Let me offer you a very common and quite simple example.  There are many, many, many individuals presently that offer themselves information and have adopted beliefs in the philosophies of metaphysics.

In this, many of these individuals shall express outwardly to other individuals — and shall express even to themselves quite definitely — that they have moved away from religious belief systems, and they shall express quite definitely that they are not affected by the mass belief systems in the expressions of religious beliefs.

Now; these same individuals shall also be expressing behavior quite similarly to individuals that openly align with religious belief systems that are expressed en masse.  Their behavior is the same.  Their expression in words and thought is that they do not align with these belief systems and therefore they are not affected, but they are.  For in this, they may be creating the same types of behaviors in judgments, in expectations, in interactions as other individuals.

They merely couch it in different terms, and in this, they camouflage the expression of their own beliefs that they align with, and delude themselves into the thought process that they are not being affected by mass belief systems.

LISSETTE:  Yeah, which is worse.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is different.

LISSETTE:  Yeah, okay.  They also do it with food, with all kinds of things.

ELIAS:  You are quite correct.  I have merely offered you one example, but this occurs within very many expressions.

LISSETTE:  I guess we all do it, to one extent or another.

ELIAS:  You are correct, and this is the reason that you are experiencing what you are experiencing now, for as you ARE inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality now, you are also realizing in objective terms the action of widening your awareness and what this is in actuality — that you are becoming more and more familiar with yourself, with your beliefs, with your behaviors.  You may not address to your beliefs if you are not recognizing what they are!

LISSETTE:  Exactly.

ELIAS:  Therefore, you present yourself with many different scenarios, with many different situations and interactions, and you draw many different types of energy to yourself, that you may allow yourself to view and to recognize your own expressions, your own behaviors, and therefore recognize the influence of your own beliefs.

Once you have recognized your own beliefs and your own automatic responses, you may present yourself with choices, and this is the key that alters your perception, and as you are aware, your perception is the tool which creates your reality.

All of these actions move together in an expression of harmony, and they are evidences to you objectively — not subjectively — that you ARE moving and that you ARE widening your awareness and that you ARE allowing yourself to be creating your reality much more intentionally objectively.  And not merely you shall be noticing; other individuals shall notice also.

LISSETTE:  Yes.  This makes me think that sometimes I sort of work backwards, (Elias grins) because I don’t see a belief, but I see that I am not seeing the choices, and what I do is, I ask for the choices to come to me, and they do, and I apply those choices and it works out, but then I hit myself with the same stone because I’m still not seeing the belief that’s holding me back.

ELIAS:  Now; allow yourself to stop and to view the efficiency of your own action, for in this, I have been expressing recently to many individuals this very concept.

You are all so very familiar with complicating your reality.  You all move so very automatically into the expressions of analyzation and of the dissection of yourselves and your beliefs.  You focus your attention at times so very intensely upon these bird cages and the examination of each individual bird that you are forgetful that the point of viewing these birds is to be opening the door of the cage and releasing them.

LISSETTE:  So what you’re saying is, maybe I don’t even have to see the bird?  I just have to let it go?

ELIAS:  At times, yes, although let me express to you once again, how may you address to a belief if you do not have an awareness that the belief exists?

LISSETTE:  That’s my question!

ELIAS:  Now; what I am expressing to you in this is, let us look to the bird cage once again.  You recognize that the bird cage exists.


ELIAS:  You may turn your attention to viewing the number of birds that are confined within this cage.  You may also allow yourself to recognize which birds appear to you to be affecting of your perception, but it is unnecessary for you to continue to hold your attention upon the bird itself.

It is unnecessary for you to be examining in tremendous detail this bird, for the effect of the bird shall automatically be presented within your reality in many, many, many diverse expressions, for you shall automatically present this to yourself without thought, without objective intention.  You shall merely create imagery within your focus day by day, in a manner of speaking, in which you find yourself viewing the influence of this particular bird once again.

Let me offer you another example.  Hypothetically, let us express that you are presenting to yourself that you choose to be addressing to your behavior in what you identify as an expression of temper, in your physical terms.

In this, initially you do not express to yourself a thought process: “I shall now address to the bird of temper within this particular bird cage, and therefore I shall present myself with many scenarios in which I shall engage this particular aspect and this element of my behavior.”  No!

You begin noticing, in your very physical terms, that it appears to you, within many of your interactions with other individuals or with situations, that you appear to be creating a behavior that involves a temper.

Once you have created several scenarios and examples of the expression of this temper, you begin questioning your behavior and your creations, and you notice: “Ah!  I am engaging my temper quite often within this time.  Therefore, I must be presenting myself with this issue and attempting to be addressing to this situation.”

Once you have allowed yourself the recognition objectively of what you are presenting yourself with, this is not to say that you shall cease to present the imagery.  You may continue to be presenting this imagery to yourself, and you may continue to draw to yourself situations and interactions in which you engage your temper.

Now; in this example, it is unnecessary for you to be continuously examining and analyzing and creating dissection of this particular bird.  You have already noticed.  You have already recognized.

In this, as you allow yourself the presentment of your situations, and you are NOT concentrating your energy upon the bird itself, so to speak, you shall also loose your hold upon your energy, and this is what you have been presenting to yourself recently in evidence of your ability.

LISSETTE:  Could you talk to me a little bit about my intent, or are you going to leave me to fend for myself? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  We have spoken of your creation and action in your intent in your interaction with other individuals, which first of all, I shall be acknowledging of you objectively in your creation of your acquisition of your new business venture, so to speak, (chuckling) for this moves quite in conjunction with your intent.

You choose in this focus, in your participation in this shift, to be moving within the expressions of some mass belief systems, and offering the example — and partially information through that example to other individuals — that the action of this shift concerning beliefs, and even the expression of mass beliefs, is not to be railing against these beliefs, but to be allowing yourselves an acceptance, which allows you to move within them freely and offers you the freedom of choice.

Now; in this, we have spoken previously of your direction within the mass belief systems incorporated in this time framework of the health benefit, so to speak, in the consumption of certain foods, correct?


ELIAS:  And in this, you even identify certain foods as “health foods.” (Chuckling)

LISSETTE:  Yeah, but I see also that it’s all in your head.

ELIAS:  You are correct, in your common vernacular, and I shall express to you that as you are already aware, this is a mass belief which has been acquired.  This is not to say that this is wrong.  It is a choice and it is an expression of a mass belief.

But you may be incorporating movement within that mass belief, but not aligning with it.  You may be allowing yourself to be moving in the flow of a mass belief system AND you may be creating acceptance of that, in which you no longer are expressing judgments concerning any of the aspects of that belief, and simultaneously, you may be creating your own expression of creativity even within the belief.

In this, in very physical terms, incorporating your individual example, you hold an awareness that the idea or the concept of certain foods holding healing qualities is a belief, or that certain foods are more healthy than other foods or are more beneficial to your physical body than other foods, and you recognize that these are beliefs also.  But you choose to be involving yourself physically, objectively, within the production of this very expression.


ELIAS:  In this, you offer yourself and other individuals a very objective opportunity and example, in relation to the little sapling, to be viewing that it matters not.

You may choose to be participating in the consumption of what is identified as health foods, or you may not.  You may be consuming these types of cuisines, so to speak, and you may be incorporating that into your energy manipulation if you are so choosing, and you may specifically direct the energy of these food substances to your benefit, and it matters not.

The point is that you recognize that this is your choice, and that this choice is not good or bad or better or worse than any other choice.  It is your preference, and preferences are not good or bad.  It is merely what you choose.

Therefore, why shall you not create your movement and your expression of your creativity within this particular direction, regardless that it is expressed as a mass belief system?

There is a difference in perpetuating the energy of a mass belief system in participation with it, and participating in expressions concerning mass belief systems in the acceptance of those beliefs.

The perpetuation of a belief, individually or en masse, incorporates judgments.

I have expressed many times, you may be accepting of a belief and this is not the elimination of the belief, nor is this the expression that you shall no longer incorporate an opinion or a preference or even feelings and emotions with regard to that particular belief or expressions of it, but you are not creating a judgment.

Therefore, you create a free flow of energy and an allowance of your own expression, and the allowance of other individuals’ expressions and choices and preferences also.  Are you understanding?

LISSETTE:  I guess I’m working towards it.

ELIAS:  Yes, you are, and I am acknowledging of you in this.  Therefore, recognize that you ARE moving into a balance, you ARE moving into the creation of harmony, and you ARE, very much so, moving in your intent in harmony and creating quite efficiently presently.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  I have one more question, and it concerns my daughter, the middle one.  What would be the best way for me to approach her attitude (Elias grins) in a loving, helpful — if she wants to accept it — way?  What’s the most helpful approach to her apathy with everything, and her fear of trying anything, and just sitting there?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Now; I shall express to you quite simply, and I may also express that many other individuals may be benefiting from this question presently also.

In this, the most helpful expression that you may offer objectively is to not be reinforcing of your own judgment, and therefore also not offering the payoff which is being received by the other individual.

Recognize that you are viewing the creation of this individual through your perception and through your beliefs, and in this, you are creating a judgment, which may be expressed in concern, it may be expressed in lovingness, it may be expressed in exasperation or frustration — it matters not.  In actuality, what is being expressed is a judgment — that you are uncomfortable with the choice that this individual is creating.

This is not the choice that YOU would be choosing.  This is not your preference, and therefore you are creating a judgment in relation to the other individual, but they are creating their choices in the most beneficial manner to themselves.

In this, she is creating this situation and what you identify or perceive as “attitude,” (laughing) although she does not perceive this as attitude! (Chuckling)

LISSETTE:  No, she just wants to have fun.

ELIAS:  And in this, she also receives a payoff from you in continuing in this type of expression, for you continue to be responsive!

LISSETTE:  Yeah, because I see that she wants to do many things, but she’s so fearful that she doesn’t do anything, so she just stays home and has fun.

ELIAS:  And this is her choice.

LISSETTE:  Yeah, I know, but it does exasperate me!

ELIAS:  Quite!  But this, once again, is an expression in which your behavior shall bear out your alignment with mass belief systems.

LISSETTE:  You’re right, and the answers are coming to me clearly, and they’re so different from what I believe I should do that I am just resisting this information that I am getting!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  For the behaviors and the beliefs are quite familiar!

LISSETTE:  Oh, definitely!  And physical!

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  HA HA HA!  And in this....

LISSETTE:  It’s not very funny to me! (Laughing)  Okay....

ELIAS:  I am recognizing....

LISSETTE:  How would you explain, Elias, all of these little animals I’m creating in my business and machines not working and all of that? (Elias chuckles)  And a robber came in, and he opened every gate and broke them open and everything.  He came in, walked around, and left!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And this is what we have been speaking of previously this day, in that you are presenting yourself with quite common expressions in objective imagery, and in these expressions of imagery, you are offering yourself the opportunity to view the alteration in your perception and how you are altering your behavior.

LISSETTE:  Oh yeah.  That’s definitely true.  I just don’t want to see any of these things happening anymore. (Elias laughs)  I’ve had enough in two months, one behind the other, all at once!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  And I shall express to you that as you genuinely create a fatigue of your continuous creation and presentment of these types of elements, and also your participation with your daughter and her “attitude,” (laughing) as you genuinely tire of these elements, you shall discontinue your creation of them or your participation with them.

LISSETTE:  Okay, they must be leaving then, because I am genuinely tired and bored of the same thing!


LISSETTE:  Well, is there anything else you can tell me that would help me on my journey?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you a recognition of your frustration in certain situations which you are drawing to yourself.  I offer to you an expression of energy in encouragement, and I shall continue to offer you my expression of energy that may be helpful to you.

In reminder, other individuals create their reality, and you hold no responsibility in this.  Their reality is not broken.  Therefore, it needs not be fixed.  Turn your attention to self and concern yourself with what YOU are creating, and allow other individuals to be creating what they will.

LISSETTE:  I will.

ELIAS:  Very well.

LISSETTE:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  I offer to you great affection, Roi, and I anticipate our continued interaction.  Be upon your lookout, in a manner of speaking, for my expression of my energy to you! (Chuckling)

LISSETTE:  Thank you.  You’re not the one that has been giving me electric shocks, are you?

ELIAS:  HA HA HA!  And....

LISSETTE:  It’s very annoying! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And, I may express to you a slight tingling which you may be noticing of! (Chuckling)  Very well.  I shall discontinue attempting to be gaining your attention in annoyance. (Grinning)

LISSETTE:  Oh, thanks!  Not that way!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  Very well.  I shall be compliant.

LISSETTE:  Make it nicer! (Elias laughs)  Okay, bye.

ELIAS:  To you, in lovingness, au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:29 AM.

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