Session 346
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Fear of life


“Fear of Life”
“Blinking In and Out”
“Substance Use/Marijuana”
“Focuses vs. Aspects of Self”
“Dolphins & Whales as Essence”
“Murphy’s Law: You Manifest What You Expect”

Wednesday, December 9, 1998  © 1999 (Group/Vermont)
Vic’s note:  Some list, eh?  And it’s only partial!  I include titles as an attempt at a partial index of subject matter.
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Erik (Mosten), Jennifer (Margarite), Michelle (Sebata), Nathan (Robertt), and Richard (Zephel).
Elias arrives at 7:35 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Smiling)

GROUP:  Hello!

ELIAS:  We meet again!  And you have inquiries this evening?  I shall open to your questioning, if you are so choosing.

RICHARD:  I have a couple of questions in reference to the use of marijuana.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  One person I know has pointed out to me that the use of it opens up 4th dimensional ... or it makes you susceptible.  Somebody told me that it makes you susceptible to demons that could take advantage of and alter and sway your consciousness, and leave you susceptible to negative forces.

Another aspect of that question is, does it block your spiritual development?  If you’re on a path of spiritual growth and expansion, does it block your crown chakra?  Somebody else pointed out that it blocks the above-the-head area.  Does it interfere with the opening up of the crown chakra?

And for how long do the effects last?  If there is in fact a negative aspect, how long do those effects last?

ELIAS:  First of all, this in affectingness would be dependent upon each individual.  It is not uniform or a rule with all individuals.  Some individuals may be responding quite differently from other individuals.

Your own belief systems in this area are also quite affecting.  If you believe that you shall be affected for extended time periods and if you believe that you shall be affected negatively, you shall draw that to you.

As to the substance itself outside of the effects of your belief systems, participating in the use of this substance WILL create a type of thickness of energy, and this shall be affecting of your perception.  But let me also clarify to you that this be the reason that I express that it is an individual situation, for you may use certain substances that you have developed through your organic plants, and if you are engaging these substances in a certain manner, you may also be opening yourself to other areas of consciousness that may be beneficial to you.  Therefore, how you approach this usage of these substances is quite influencing of the effects that you shall attain in the usage of these substances.

This particular substance facilitates a relaxation.  In that, you may engage this particular type of substance, and if you are directing your attention in certain manners, you may allow yourself to be opening to other aspects of consciousness that you may not necessarily allow yourself to tap into within what you term to be your normal waking state, in like manner to the experiences that you may choose within out-of-body states or within your dream state, which neither of these states are harmful to you, and I may also express that the engagement of using the substance is not harmful to you either, but it may be harmful to you if you believe that it shall be harmful to you.

In this — addressing to the opening to negative energy — if you are directing your attention in that manner, you may attract this type of energy, although let me be reminding you that in actuality there is no evil or negative energy, but there is mischievous energy which is projected by essences which may be focused within transition.

In this, as you allow yourself to be within a relaxed state, yes, you may open yourself to interaction with this type of energy, and if you are directing your attention in this manner or [are] fearful that you shall attract this type of energy, you surely shall draw this type of energy to you, but it is not necessary, and you may also direct your consciousness in quite beneficial areas engaging these type[s] of substances.

I may also express to you that [in] engaging in this type of activity outside of the belief systems that accompany this engagement, you may choose to be participating in this type of activity as pleasure.  In this regard, pleasure lessens the thickness in energy.

Therefore, now you may view how it is very individual and how your belief systems may be quite affecting, for the substance itself is outside of the realm of belief systems and is not harmful, but may be inducing, so to speak, physical responses within you that you may choose to manipulate in the direction that is beneficial to you.

As to the affectingness within what you term to be long-term effects of chemical reaction, your belief systems create the chemical reaction, which appears to linger for this extended time period.  In actuality, the actual interaction of chemicals of the substance and your physical body chemicals interact merely for your time framework of one week, but you manifest the signs, so to speak, of this interaction for much longer, for you accept the belief system that it is affecting for much longer.

As to your physical affectingness beyond chemical interaction or what you view to be a relaxed state, or with other like kind of substances a hallucinary state, this in actuality is only affecting for several hours, not continuing within what you designate to be your 24-hour day. Therefore, it matters not that you engage this type of activity.  It is merely a question of your own belief systems and whether YOU are accepting of this activity and how it shall be affecting of you.

Even in this opening of relaxation and the knowing within your perception that you may be more open to other areas of consciousness and to tapping energy of other essences, you may manipulate that within your consciousness also intentionally and use this type of open state to be accessing information within energy deposits in Regional Area 3, which would be that which is designated as the collective consciousness of this particular dimension, and in this it spans all time periods.  Therefore, you may access energy in this area — which you may term to be world views and the like — that shall offer you areas of direction that you seek.

So you see, you may be engaging this type of activity beneficially, or you may be engaging this type of activity and not be benefiting yourself.  It is merely dependent upon your perception, your belief systems, and how you are engaging this activity.

It is not affecting of what you term to be your spirituality.  You may be engaging the use of these types of substance[s] and opening to consciousness, or you may choose not to be engaging the use of these type[s] of substances and open to your consciousness regardless.  It is simply a choice.

If you are engaging this activity and you are holding negativity within you, you shall create a thickness that shall surround you in energy, and this shall cloud your perception and you shall not view different elements of consciousness as clearly.  But if you are engaging this activity and you are opening to your awareness, realizing that this is pleasurable and is offering you an avenue, so to speak — or a method, for you are so very fond of methods — to be accessing other elements of consciousness, then you shall lessen your thickness in energy and allow yourselves the opening.  It is your choice.

RICHARD:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

JEN:  Let’s see. I’m trying to come to some understanding of what the next path is for me work-wise, and we had a large discussion about it, I remember, at the house, and it was a very emotional one.  There’s a couple of things that came up, and you had said something along the lines of waiting till a year from now to make a decision because you never know if you’re gonna be here next week, and I think there was a part of me that really felt that holding onto this role, even with all the travel that it seems to have brought me, that it keeps me here, on some level.  There was almost a sense of wondering whether or not I knew on some level that I wasn’t going to be here in this physical form that terribly long, and I wonder if we’re able to know that consciously?

ELIAS:  You are inquiring in the direction of your knowing of your disengagement — quite!  You EACH, you ALL hold an awareness of your choice to be disengaging.

It is a choice.  It is your choice individually.  Each of you chooses how and when you shall be disengaging in physical focus.

In this, some individuals offer themselves this information objectively moments previous to their actual disengagement physically.  Other individuals offer themselves the knowing objectively much time framework before the event.  Some individuals lend much energy to their disengagement of physical focus in concentrating upon this event and choosing an actual time framework, and they shall disengage within that time framework.

Now; let me also express that this is not to say that individuals that hold a thought process occasionally of disengagement are planning or choosing their disengagement for a specific time framework!

I have expressed previously that within physical focus, all of you hold more fearfulness of life than you do of death, for death — in your terms — is a return to the familiar.  Life — as you term it to be within your physical focus, your choice in this dimension — is unfamiliar.  Objective reality in this dimension is an exploration, and is quite unfamiliar!

You are explorers moving through uncharted territory.  Therefore, this holds much more fearfulness than the concept of death.  In this, at times that you may feel disquieted, conflicted, or what you term to be unhappy, you allow your thought process to move in the direction of disengagement, for this is comforting.  It is familiar.

JEN:  God, it seemed like the opposite!  It seemed like it was ... because I know I’m not gonna be back here in this physical form, it seemed more like sadness, like a sense of tragedy almost.  I know I’m not coming back here.  Maybe it’s too much thinking in terms of....

ELIAS:  Ah, but this is the attachment of the aspects of belief systems, how you view disengagement — that this is a parting, a separation, a tragedy.  It is very sad and disquieting to you.  In actuality, it is, as I have stated, merely moving from one country to another country, and the country that you move TO is the more familiar.

I also express to you that you are not “plotting” your disengagement presently, but you have allowed yourself to be viewing many different aspects of reality and how you are creating your reality.  What I was expressing to you at our last meeting — in that statement of “Why shall you wait?” — was an invitation for you to offer yourself the opportunity to view your reality slightly differently and to offer yourself the trusting of self.

You create your reality in fulfilling your expectations in physical terms.  You fulfill what you trust.

Now; if you are trusting self and holding the knowing within you that you may truly create whatever you choose to create in whatever manner, and if you are not doubting of this and merely opening yourself to your own abilities, to your own consciousness, you shall manifest all that you desire, for this shall be fulfilling of your expectation.

But if you are not trusting of self, you shall be trusting of your officially accepted reality and the mass belief system ... and what shall we view?  Murphy’s Law!  And you are quite trusting in this!  And placing the trust in these areas, you manifest what you EXPECT.

JEN:  If you don’t have a clear vision of what you think you want in your life or what you want the next step to be — I’m not sure what the next step is for me — then how do you manifest that happening?  It seems to me that you need to be clear, at least somewhat in your mind, as to what you want, and throw that out there, put the energy in that direction and let it go, and it seems that it will create itself.  It will manifest itself.  But if you’re not clear ... in my case, I’m not clear as to what I want my work to be.  I’m starting to learn what I don’t like!  I’m not too psyched about the way work has been, and I know I need to change.  It’s been ten years, a long time, and it’s time to move on, but not knowing what that next step will be, I’m really just trying to be open to whatever seems to come.  But I wonder, is that enough in terms of moving me on my way to creating my expectations into reality?

ELIAS:  This is your beginning, and yes.

JEN:  It’s pretty trippy!

ELIAS:  I express to you that the mass belief system expresses that you MUST hold a direction.  You MUST know objectively which path you shall take.  I express to you, you may quite efficiently be creating your reality and hold no path!

JEN:  Cool!

ELIAS:  And be creating quite effortlessly and joyfully!

In being open to what you present to yourself and in trusting yourself, knowing that as you allow yourself to relax and trust that you need not hold a specific direction, you shall CREATE a direction, if you are allowing yourself to be open to yourself, and in this openness you shall communicate to yourself.

You are already communicating!  It is merely a question of whether you are LISTENING to your communication.

And in this quietness and openness and not holding to “I must have a direction,” you offer yourself the opportunity to listen to YOU, not to all of the influences of outside, which I have expressed to you previously that you have looked MUCH to the influences of outside, and NOW you move in the direction of looking to self.

I express to you each also, this is a very large element of this shift in consciousness.  You are very familiar within physical focus with looking to other individuals for your direction.  It is very UNfamiliar for you to lead yourselves and for you to trust yourselves that regardless of what you choose, you shall be creating your most perfect path.  This is unfamiliar.  For centuries you have looked to other individuals, to other entities, other creations, to be offering you your directions.  This shift in consciousness moves you into the area of creating your OWN directions, and knowing that YOUR direction is efficient and not wrong.

JEN:  Thanks.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RICHARD:  I guess I have a question about incarnations or parallel realities.  Do humans experience focuses as other species, and specifically dolphins?  ‘Cause I had an experience with a powerful hallucinogen at one time, that I was actually remembering of a time when we were all — or I and other people that I was with — dolphins.  I mean, it sounds crazy!

But then as I’ve been reading about it, I heard about this tribe in South America, where you mentioned I had a previous focus.  It’s an area where there are these pink dolphins that actually are said to be able to shift their body structure.  It sounds crazy, but I’ll just throw it out there anyway!  They change their appearance and come out of the water basically, and then go back.  The tribe that lives there protects these dolphins.  If anybody goes anywhere near them trying to harm them, they will kill them, and it’s out of love, not anger.

I’m just very intrigued by this particular species of dolphins.  I’m just wondering, ‘cause I really had a close ... I mean, I had an experience where I thought I was breathing ... I mean, I was under the water in a hot tub for five minutes!  So it was just because of my belief system, maybe, that I was not needing to breathe air anymore? (Pause)  I guess that’s a question! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Very well.  This ... you may not be discounting yourself in this in your questioning, and not holding fearfulness with myself that I shall view this as an inconsequential question, for in actuality, this is an interesting question.

Early within the onset of these sessions, I offered information to this particular species, and that species which you term to be whales in this physical dimension.  I have expressed that creatures within this dimension do not hold essence, but are created by you, which IS essence, although they are consciousness.  But I have also expressed previously that these two particular species of creature within this dimension have moved into an area of assuming essence.

Now; at the time framework that I was discussing this physically with individuals previously, this action had not yet occurred, but was very close, as I was expressing.  Within this present now, this is accomplished, that these particular creatures are also an expression of essence, and choosing to be manifest within this dimension NOT in the physical form of your species.

Now; as to the addressment of these particular creatures in this area of South America and your myths surrounding these creatures, these are not myths, they are not stories, and they are not what you term to be imagination.

In the experimentation of manipulating consciousness to be creating of essence, these particular creatures engage the action altering form, allowing the connection of the physical manifestation of essence within this dimension to be holding an accurate understanding and empathic sense of your species and to be creating of a connection physically, a knowing, but also recognizing that the choice is not to be manifest as essence in the form of your species, but to be manifest in this other species.

Now; within this present now, all of the species of this particular creature — dolphins, and also your whales — are manifestations of essence, unlike all of your other creations of creatures within this dimension.

This opens the window for much misunderstanding.  Therefore, I shall clarify, for this is not to say that your creatures are lesser than you.  They are different, for they are a creation of you.  They are not essence.  They are your creations, but they also are, in a manner of speaking, a part of you, just as your finger is not your entire body, but it is an element of you.  Your dogs or your elephants are an extension of you.  They are a creation of yours.  Your dolphins and your whales are not.  They are their own expression.  They are their own essences.

RICHARD:  And now, they’re creating their own realities.

ELIAS:  Correct.

RICHARD:  So then that has come about recently and will be a notable, dramatic change.

ELIAS:  Correct.

In this, you have allowed yourself a similar experience in allowing yourself to empathically experience these other manifestations of essence, allowing yourself the experience of the dolphin in like manner to those particular dolphins which have offered themselves the experience of your species.

RICHARD:  But when they did that, that experience, that was before they were essence.  Wouldn’t that be a creation of our consciousness at that time, that caused them to take on a human form?

ELIAS:  No!  This has been their choice as consciousness, moving in the direction of creating essence for themselves within consciousness.

In that, they have created their experimentation with form within this dimension.  This was an element of their choice, to experiment in their exploration of whether they shall participate within this dimension in similar form to you, or continue to manifest within the form they have chosen but incorporating essence.  Therefore, there has been a time framework of experimentation of shifting shape.

Now; within this present now, this continues, but not for the same reason.  This continues occasionally as a playful act, for they hold the knowing — unlike yourselves — objectively that they hold the ability to shift shape.

You also hold the ability to be creating this, but you do not offer yourselves the objective knowing of this.  Therefore, you do not manifest this.

RICHARD:  How?  How do we do it?

ELIAS:  Ha ha! (Grinning, and laughter)

You allow yourselves to become more familiar with you and your own consciousness, and you allow yourselves to begin to accept and trust — genuinely trust — yourselves, and in this you also open to more of your own communication of essence, and as you allow more of your own communication, you also open yourself to more of your own abilities.

I have expressed from the onset of these sessions, there is no thing that you may not accomplish within physical focus!  It is merely your belief systems and your lack of trust within yourselves that prevent you from accomplishing and limit your abilities.  Within this very present now, if you are choosing to be moving your physical form through objects of physical matter, you may.  It is your choice, but you do not believe this! (Here, Nathan and Michelle enter the room)

Welcome!  We shall break, and you may continue, and we shall interact with our new friends also!

BREAK   8:18 PM
RESUME  8:36 PM (Arrival time was seven seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing!  (To Nathan)  And you have inquiries also?

NATHAN:  Oh yes!

ELIAS:  As always! (Chuckling)

NATHAN: I was wondering if you could tell me a story!  I’d like to know a story about myself, as far as these alternate focuses and bleed-throughs that I’ve personally been feeling and experiencing, and I’d like to know if you could give me a little more insight about what I’ve been experiencing. (Brief pause)

ELIAS:  Are you inquiring of other focuses or of other aspects?  For there is a difference.

NATHAN:  Could you explain the difference?

ELIAS:  Other focuses are those manifestations which you in physical focus term to be past or future lives, which are all simultaneous.

Aspects are all of the you’s of you within THIS focus.

You view yourselves to be very singular.  You view yourself to hold one body, one identity, one self, one consciousness.  In actuality, there are countless you’s that are continuously interacting within what you think of as your one form.  Even your one form is not one form!

I have offered information in depth of this subject matter, but I shall briefly touch upon this now, that you may hold some understanding of the difference.

You already hold an awareness of the identification of other focuses, those that you deem as other lifetimes, which are you as essence but are not you, for you also are a focus of essence, a focus of attention, but each focus holds countless aspects of itself.  Your physical form is continuously altering and changing.  This is an aspect of the interaction of these different aspects of you.

Now; I have created a comparison of aspects of self to your emotions, for you may identify with your emotions.  These are not physical elements that you may see or touch, but you hold an awareness of their reality and their different expressions and their affectingness.

In this, as you hold the emotion of sadness, you do not hold the emotion of happiness.  You do not express both of these emotions simultaneously.  You do not express angriness and joyfulness simultaneously within your objective expressions, but all of these expressions are you.  You are not a different individual as you express different emotions.

In similar capacity, you are you, but you hold countless aspects of you.  In this, some of the aspects of you hold objective memory of other objective aspects of you.  Some aspects of you do not hold objective memory of other aspects.  Let me clarify.

As you are engaged in the emotion of anger or fury, you do not in that moment hold an objective memory of calm and peacefulness, for the emotion of fury does not hold that memory.  It is a very different expression, and in that extreme of differences, they do not hold objective memory of each other.

This is not to say that memory is not held.  It is subjective and it may be tapped, but it is not automatic.

In like manner, some aspects of you hold objective memory of other aspects and therefore exchange positions easily, and there appears to be a flow and no interruption, and you, within the whole of your consciousness, do not notice the exchange.

Other aspects do not hold objective memory, for they are quite different.  This creates the situation within an individual focus of lost memory, so to speak, which you all experience — a time framework as a child, some within adolescence, some within adulthood.

There are time periods here and there, so to speak, that you may not objectively recall, and you express to yourselves, “I do not remember this particular year.  I do not remember this particular age.”

Some individuals do not remember large portions of their childhood.  This is not necessarily in alignment with your psychology, that expresses that you may have experienced some trauma which has blocked your memory.  This is incorrect.  You, during that time period, have been expressing within one aspect of self, and within a particular time period have chosen to exchange with a different aspect of self which holds a very different quality and does not hold the objective memory of the other aspect.

But your psychologists are correct that this memory is not lost and may be tapped, for you DO continue to hold the memory of ALL of your aspects and all of their experiences subjectively.  It is merely unnecessary for you to hold the memory of some of the events of some of the other aspects of self.

Therefore, you may view that there is a difference between other focuses of essence of you and other aspects of you.

In this, either may bleed through, although I do not term exchanges with aspects as bleed-throughs, for this is a continual action, and you may be experiencing unusual elements within your focus at times, and this may be another aspect expressing temporarily.

All of your aspects hold different qualities.  The one aspect that is expressing in any given moment holds dormant qualities; all of the possible qualities that may be expressed within physical focus.

Each one of your aspects holds dormant qualities also, but they each express different qualities that may be dormant in another aspect, but are not dormant in themselves.  Therefore, each aspect offers the fullness of experience in whichever quality they express as not dormant. (I think my brain is dormant at this point!)

In this, at times you may be experiencing knowing that you are you, and moving through your day and feeling quite strange and expressing that you do not feel quite yourself, but you realize that you ARE yourself, but all that you feel and are experiencing seems rather odd.  This is an expression of another aspect of you that is exchanging with the aspect that you are familiar with, and allowing a new expression and a different PERCEPTION.

This becomes more and more common within the action of this shift as you allow yourselves to become more aware of consciousness and of yourselves and of the multi-dimensionality of yourselves, and that you are not so singular as you appear to be.

Now; bleed-throughs of other focuses hold a slightly different quality.

You may be experiencing very strong draws to certain events, certain locations, certain time frameworks.  You may experience very strong draws to certain individuals within a temporary time framework.  These are bleed-throughs of other focuses.  You may experience irrational fears, unexplained elements that may appear within your experiences, draws or repelling of certain elements within your experience that you may not offer yourself an explanation to.  These are bleed-throughs.  You may experience unusual and repeated dream imagery.  These are bleed-throughs of other focuses.  Some individuals are very, very drawn to situations or concepts or locations upon your planet.  These are indications of bleed-throughs affecting your objective awareness within this focus.  You may also encounter another individual, as you open your awareness more, and be quite drawn suddenly to that individual.  Now; let me explain.

You may hold an interaction with another individual, and let us term this individual to be in this focus an acquaintance or a friend, and suddenly your perception of this individual may change, and you may be exceedingly drawn to them or very repelled by them for no apparent reason, and this may become quite confusing to you, for this is not a stranger!  But you suddenly view this individual quite differently, and your feelings and your emotions shall appear to be quite intense.

THIS is a bleed-through of another focus, a recognition momentarily of the interaction that you hold with this particular individual within another focus which is occurring now, and the bleed-through is precisely that — a bleeding through of energy and of experience.  Therefore, the energy is piercing the veil between the focuses and affecting you within your experience in like manner to the experience that is occurring in that focus, but it does not fit in THIS focus, for it is not the experience of this focus.  Therefore, it is creating of confusion.

These occur more often as you begin more and more to widen your awareness and open yourselves to your own consciousness.  You begin to experience these bleed-throughs more intensely, but you also may recognize that these ARE bleed-throughs, for they do not fit within this objective reality.  There shall be indications to you that these actions, these feelings or emotions, even thought processes, are not in conjunction with this particular focus of attention.  They shall seem to you out of place.

But in this, I also express to you that as you experience these bleed-throughs, this is a window, a window to another focus.  Within those moments that you are experiencing bleed-throughs of other focuses, the veil is very thin.  The energy is very strong and is piercing through the dimensions of time.

In this, it offers you a wondrous opportunity to be accessing more easily information and the experiences of these other focuses, for the energy is high, so to speak, and the veil is very thin.

MALE:  And if you had another focus within this time dimension, would it seem like those energies would be more intense to you?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Each of you holds other focuses within this time period.  You are not singular upon this planet in this time framework.  Your essences manifest in multiples, but within one time period, you may actually experience more difficulty accessing the experiences of other focuses within this now than you may in accessing other focuses in other time frameworks.  The reason for this situation is that you do not confuse your identity.

MALE:  So it’s very possible that we run into ourselves quite often?

ELIAS:  No.  You may run into yourself quite often with your aspects, but not necessarily with other focuses.  This is not to say that you may not experience actually objectively, physically meeting another focus of your essence within the same time framework.  This is quite possible, but it is not an often occurrence.

For the most part, generally, essences shall choose to be focusing different focuses of their self within the same time framework in different areas or locations of your planet.  Therefore, the objective meeting within probabilities is unlikely, but it is not impossible.

MALE:  Is that to widen the span of information that essence is receiving, or is it designed....

ELIAS:  Of experience, yes.

JEN:  Are Miora and I of the same essence?

ELIAS:  No, but you are fragmented, as I have expressed.  If you are holding the same essence, you shall also hold the same essence name, for you shall hold the same tone.

JEN:  So we are fragments of the same essence ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

JEN:  ... in this particular focus.  In each of our particular focuses.

ELIAS:  No.  You are — each of your essences are — fragmented of the same essence.  This is not an expression of the focuses.  The focuses are the choice of the particular essences.  This would be a different action.

MALE:  That seems to clear things up a little bit more.  Thank you.

JEN:  I was curious about ... there’s different qualities that people hold, like some people seem to have a boisterous aspect to them or some people might have a great sense of fun, and I wonder if there is a certain set or number of those qualities, if you will, that we can sort of look to define.  Maybe there’s 10 of them, or 20 or 100, and that person holds 4, 5, and 6, and that person holds 7, 8, and 9, and maybe that’s just too much of a particular intellectual desire....

MALE:  Quantitative....

JEN:  Quantitative, and categorized.  But I was curious because I see some of the same things in people.  It might not be the exact same thing, but she might be really fun-loving and I see that quality, and I wondered if that was actually a part of the fragmentation?  I think my sister and I hold some sort of aspect of fun, or there’s a bubbly-ness or something there that it seems we hold, and we share that, and I started to think about those qualities existing in different ways.

ELIAS:  At times.  This also, be remembering, is a choice.  At times the choice of fragmenting essences may be quite similar, and in this they may be choosing very similar types of manifestations, but they also hold all other qualities.  It is a choice of which qualities they are choosing to be expressing and manifesting.

In this, certain essences magnate to certain types of expressions, in like manner to ... think of your musical instrument of your piano.  Upon this instrument, there are many different keys.  There are 88 notes.  Each individual of 88 different individuals may hold an attraction to the tone of each different key, and this shall be the one key that they shall play repeatedly, for this particular key attracts them.  This is not to say that they do not have access or the ability to play upon all of the other keys before them, but they are attracted to this one.

In like manner, essences may choose to be manifesting in similar expressions, for this is attractive to them, and enjoyable.  It offers that essence pleasure to be experiencing in that particular expression.  It holds all of the other expressions and qualities, but it chooses to be expressing in that one.

Just as I have expressed to you previously that many times within any given physical focus, an essence quite often shall be leaning in the direction of manifesting a physical expression in like manner in many, many focuses, for they like that appearance.  Therefore, it is creating of that physical appearance repeatedly.  There may be slight alterations, but generally speaking, it shall create that particular expression which is pleasing to it.  It holds the ability to create any expression it is choosing, but it chooses to be manifesting what is pleasing to it.

RICHARD:  I’ve got a question.  There’s this rumor, or actually it’s a very ancient text, of the 12th planet called Marduk that is said to be coming back towards us.  It has an elliptical orbit that stretches far out of our solar system, and it’s coming back towards us.  I wanted to know what you knew about this, if there’s a date when this planet is anticipated to be returning, and when the last time this planet was within vicinity, because it’s said that when it is within vicinity, the beams come to the earth and go back and forth at those times.  So, what do you know of this 12th planet?

ELIAS:  I have expressed previously that your planet, in like manner to yourselves, blinks in and out.  In a manner of speaking, your planet is within what you may term to be a “blink in” presently, for it is blinking on for your reality.

In this, I have also expressed that in linear terms, this particular planet and solar system and universe in physical terms is very much older than your scientists understand or may measure.  The reason that they are limited in their measurement is this blinking on and off action.

Now; in that, the planet and the manifestations of your solar system, your physical universe, may appear differently in these blinks.

This is how you acquire these pieces of information that appear to you to be myths or legends or stories, which I have expressed are not necessarily myths or stories.  They merely are not expressed accurately, for it is not accounted for that your planet and your physical universe blinks in and out.

In this blinking, the dimension changes.  It occupies the same space arrangement, but the dimensional quality changes.  In this particular dimensional quality, the blink does not provide for the manifestation of that particular planet, but you are altering the entirety of your reality in this dimension with this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, futurely you may incorporate allowing elements of the blinks, which you would term to be the “blink out,” to be entering the “blink in” of this dimensional quality.

Therefore, there is a probability that this planet may be inserted into this dimensional quality.  It interacts with this solar system and this planet, this physical reality, but as I have expressed, there are many dimensions within dimensions in this dimension.

This dimension, as with all dimensions, is continuously blinking in and out.  YOU continuously blink in and out and are interactive with other dimensions, other focuses of your essence that are within other dimensions that you would term to be quite alien to yourselves.  They are not expressed within your objective knowing.  This is not to say that you are not interactive.  You merely do not hold an objective awareness of these blink-outs.

There are many elements with this planetary system that also accompany blink-outs that you have not accepted into this particular blink-in, but shall futurely.

As to your time framework, you may express that one-half million years before your sciences express the age of this particular planet (Earth) is the time framework of the participation of that planet (Marduk) within this physical dimension, in objective terms, during the time framework of the blink-out.  But be remembering, this continues to be the same space arrangement, the same planet, the same physical matter.  It is merely a different quality of the dimension.

Futurely, it shall hold the probability of entering into this physical blink-in that you may view in objective terms, for you allow yourselves more of your awareness in consciousness in this dimension.  Therefore, you also offer yourselves more of a viewing of many more elements that you have created previously.

You shall also hold the ability to pierce the veil of dimensions and reconnect yourselves with those areas that you hold knowings of now that you term to be Atlantis, which does not occupy this dimension, but the veil of the dimensions is very thin, and you may pierce through this quite easily within the action of this shift.

You may be noticing more planets — and also more solar systems — within your physical universe as you allow yourselves to widen your awareness.

As I have expressed previously, to this point within your history, you have been moving through your physical creations in this vision (holding up his hands as blinders), not viewing all that lies beyond, and now you open to your periphery (opening the hands) and you may encompass all that you are creating, and you may view what you HAVE created previously that exists, that you merely do not view!

Is this helpful?

RICHARD:  Yes.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

MALE:  Could you tell us what dimension Atlantis is resting in?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Shall it hold a name?  And what is the name of YOUR dimension?

MALE:  I’d say it’s the 3rd?

ELIAS:  Ah!  A number!  Now we move to the numbers of dimensions!

Let me express to you that dimensions do not hold numbers and they do not hold names.  They are all sideways to each other.  They are not higher or lower than any other.  They are all simultaneous and they are all side-by-side.

MALE:  Would it be true that some hold different vibrations, though?

ELIAS:  They each hold different vibrational qualities.

In this, I do not express this type of numbering to you, for this reinforces your belief systems that certain dimensions are holding more advancement or lower advancement than yourselves, which is very incorrect!  They are merely choices of different experiences, but no higher or lower than yourselves.

This particular dimension of which you speak holds very similar complexity to THIS dimension that you experience, which I have expressed previously, this particular dimension holds one of the most extensive and diverse complexities of ALL physical dimensions.  It is not higher or lower than others, but it is a choice for experience in extreme complexity, and that particular dimension also holds extreme complexity.  But it is closely associated with this particular dimension, for the manifestations of that dimension are very similar.

Other dimensions are far removed in their manifestations and would appear very unfamiliar to you.  That particular dimension would appear very familiar to you, for they manifest their reality in very similar manner. (Pause)

MALE:  This shift that we’re experiencing right now, as far as geographical locations, are there safer places to be?

ELIAS:  Safer places to be! (Grinning)

I shall express to you that you shall place yourself in the physical location that shall align with your expression.

I have expressed previously, individuals that occupy areas that experience shaking ground with earthquakes express this type of energy collectively within themselves, and therefore they manifest this within their environment.

Individuals that experience convolutedness within themselves collectively, and violent disturbances, shall be creating of their whirlwinds or their tornadoes.  These are collective expressions.

Individuals that find themselves in areas that appear to be quite calm and mundane, this is the energy that they project, a lack of need of drama.  This area that you occupy presently in this physical location holds a calmness, and it is unnecessary for the individuals collectively to be expressing great disruption.

You may view also that within your very physical location, you have collectively been quite efficient in your creations of your physical environment, expressing quite pleasantly, have you not?  Even calmer and milder than you have expressed previously, for you allow yourselves to be moving more into balance.

I have expressed to you previously as to this physical location and its becoming an energy center physically, which it gains in momentum, and in this it is quite interesting how efficiently you are creating, and your physical environment reflects you collectively and what you are creating. (Chuckling)

We shall accept one more questioning, and I shall be discontinuing for this evening, and I anticipate meeting with you once again.  (Looking at Michelle)  And??

MICHELLE:  I was wondering, we all — Nathan, I, and Rich — live in three different locations and homes, and I was wondering, perhaps there is like an ideal intent that we could all carry and perhaps deposit in our land, or if there would be something of that nature which would aid in, say, community communing or things becoming.

ELIAS:  You may collectively focus your energy, and you may in actuality physically create an energy deposit holding the collective intent that you choose.  I offer an example.

Individuals pastly have collectively projected energy into a specific physical area of ground, and in their collective intent of their energy have offered to that physical land a yielding quality, and within that particular space there continues to be an abundance of growth, for this is the energy deposit which has collectively been offered and placed in physical terms in conjunction with the physical location.  You hold this ability, and you may collectively be accomplishing this.

You may also, in your great creativity, create an energy center in any specific given location which shall be holding your collective intent, that upon entering this particular area, you shall automatically be experiencing another focus bleed-through.

You may express collectively your energy and place your energy deposit within your corner of your room, and each time one of you individually enters that particular area, you shall be affected with this energy deposit and be experiencing the intent, which would be that of allowing bleed-through of another focus.

You may be creating of whatever intent you are desiring, and collectively you may be creating of an energy center in whichever area you choose, and it shall hold that intent and it shall lend to the accomplishment of whatever you have projected into it.

I am quite encouraging of your participation in this, for as you ARE creating of these types of energy deposits, other individuals also participate, for you draw individuals to you and they shall experience also, and in this experience they shall be depositing energy also, and it shall grow. (Brief pause)

To you this evening, I offer you each much affection, and I am quite encouraging to you each in your endeavors and your accomplishments.  I also express to each of you that I am with you and I continue to be with you within my energy, and I am encouraging to you regardless of our objective interaction, and I shall be allowing you the confirmation of my presence, that you may know I continue to be playful with you!

JEN:  Not with computers, please!

NATHAN:  No, not the computers! (Laughter)  The bluebird was cool!

ELIAS:  Ah!  You are not appreciating of electrical playing?  It is so very efficient!

JEN:  I know, I know!  Been there, done that!

NATHAN:  The birds!

JEN:  Birds are great!

ELIAS:  Ah!  (Humorously)  You are desiring more in what you term to be nature areas ... very well.

NATHAN:  No mice!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling deviously)  This may be quite fun!  (Laughter)

I anticipate our next meeting.  I express quite lovingly to you all, au revoir!

JEN:  Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:35 PM.

Vic’s note:  Again, I have done a lot of guessing as to who is asking questions.  If I have mis-identified anybody, I apologize.

As to the comment of “No mice!” you may be sorry you said that.  Why, just this morning I had a cute little mouse face under my computer chair — that’s it, just a face.  Normally I hold my cats responsible for these “gifts,” but this one just might be a “cosmic prank!”


(1)  I’m not sure if “Marduk” is the correct spelling.  I was unable to find this word, or any word like it, in researching information about the 12th planet.  However, I did discover that Marduk is a god in our mythology, so this is the spelling I have used.  This was pronounced mar’duke in this session.

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Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.