Session 1700
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What Is Restricting You? You!


“What Is Restricting You? You!”
“Interacting with Other Individuals’ Energy”

Wednesday, January 26, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous

(Elias’ arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

ANON: I’m good. Mary and I had a lovely chat. I’d like to start our session with specifics for a friend of mine, please.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANON: Her name is Laurie, and I’d like her essence name, family and alignment, orientation, focus type and number of focuses. (16-second pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Swyte, S-W-Y-T-E (SWEET). And your impression?

ANON: I think there might be Ilda in there somewhere and Sumafi or Sumari. I’m not sure which.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Belonging to Ilda, aligned Sumari.

ANON: Is she soft?


ANON: And thought focused?

ELIAS: Political.

ANON: I knew the head was in there somewhere. (Elias laughs) I don’t know her number of focuses.

ELIAS: Numbering of focuses, 931.

ANON: The last time I forgot to ask my nephew’s essence name, Christian. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Neele, N-E-E-L-E (NEEL).

ANON: Great. We’ve been going back and forth about my names, my brother and brother-in-law, and to confirm, my brother’s name is pronounced Cock-et?


ANON: Can you give me the spelling again on that?


ANON: Can we change our essence names in our lifetime?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

ANON: Mary and I were talking about some things, and what I am trying to do in this session is be less ridged in terms of asking specific questions. I want to be really open to your information. But I want to tell you that what’s happening is I’m getting a much better sense of my own information, where before I would look to you for answers. Actually, I’m feeling like I’m collaborating with you more, where I’m not negating my information, looking to you for information over and above my own.

ELIAS: Which is the point.

ANON: Yes. I really appreciate how you encourage that. So, I think whatever I was looking for, answers from you, I felt that you were being evasive towards me. (Laughs) It really pissed me off! But at the same time, it really encouraged me to look to my own information. The result of it is great, so thank you.

ELIAS: Ha ha! You are welcome, and that IS the point. In your terms, individually, this would be the goal, would it not?

ANON: Yes, not that I’m goal-oriented at all! (Laughs with Elias) Mary and I were talking about this earlier, that I do a lot of my own writing and processing of my own information. I get information when I am sitting in those places. I call them “ah-ha’s,” or I just see it very clearly. But then I go out in the world and it’s almost like being woken up from that state of awareness. I’m understanding the importance, and rather than resenting it, I am actually understanding the interacting with others to... Is that a process where we’re trying to not solidify but bring that more into a conscious place of being all the time?

ELIAS: It is a matter of implementing. You offer yourself information, and you generate a knowing. Once you have presented the information to yourself, you thusly move into the action of implementing that information in the moment, in each moment, in each situation.

ANON: I’ll give an example from last week — actually, over Christmas. I went to my brother’s. He has three little kids, and I learned so much from those children, just watching them. Then I came back, and it was almost like within that week I had to assimilate all of the information. It was amazing! That process was that I have been afraid, like in the business that my brother and I were doing, afraid to just dream and put out ideas, because I would always attach a right or a wrong to the idea. But after I assimilated all this stuff from the kids, I realized that being spiritual doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own determination of being. What came up for me really, really strongly was my desire, as a being, to explore. I feel like that is part, a really big part, of my natural flow of energy.


ANON: But I lost it for a long time; I ignored it for a long time. Then I went into wanting to travel and explore all over the world, and you run into practical aspects of that, like when do you know when to follow those impressions. For example, I have the opportunity to go Egypt in March, and I’m not getting really clear direction on it. I’d like a big arrow going “Go here! Go here!” but that’s not what I am getting.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am aware of what you want as a direction or a directional point, but you are correct. That is not generally the manner in which you offer yourself information. It is a matter of trusting yourself, genuinely listening to your communications to yourself and listening to your impressions, paying attention and evaluating in moments that you are questioning what is motivating that questioning.

(Pause) Do you want to engage this trip?

ANON: I really want to explore the world, and this is the one that keeps coming up for me as the most imminent. It seems to be a safe way to be exploring that part of the world, anyway.

ELIAS: And what do you view as a question or a restriction?

ANON: Well, it costs a lot of money to do this, so the word “responsible” comes up, whether or not I should be doing this and whether or not that’s...

ELIAS: THAT is what you may be evaluating, the shoulds and the should-nots in association with what you want, and evaluating what you are expressing to yourself, what expectations you are expressing of yourself in the shoulds and the should-nots and what restrictions you are generating in association with those shoulds and the should-nots. Shoulds and the should-nots are expectations of yourself. Expectations of yourself limit you.

ANON: I know part of that is happening, and actually, the past number of months has been about dealing with all the shoulds and the should-nots. There is a knowing inside of me that money is not really an issue in my life, it never will be, and I will never go to the point of being destitute. It will just be there. I can’t rationally say how. I just kind of know that that’s it. But I guess I’m looking for a little bit of...

ELIAS: And that is the point. That knowing within yourself is your expression of trust of your self. In that, it is unnecessary to be directing your concentration to money, for that is not the issue. The issue is whether you allow yourself your expression of freedom in generating what you want, or whether you restrict yourself in association with your expectations of yourself of what you should or should not do. You want to explore; you want to engage trips to other locations. What is restricting you? You!

ANON: I don’t actually feel a huge restriction. I feel like I don’t have any expectations on this trip, where before... I’m really acknowledging and appreciating the difference in me and my safety, my ability to even contemplate this. I feel like I should just go, not should but that I really want to go. To not do it would be like closing myself in a closet again. I don’t know where it’s going to lead. I don’t have any expectations. But if I don’t take the steps, I’m never going to find out, either.

ELIAS: And my expression to you would be to go, to give yourself permission to express your freedom.

ANON: In whatever form that takes. How do I know... Is it just listening to impressions about what we want to do?

ELIAS: Yes. Listening to yourself and generating an openness to what you may present to yourself.

ANON: As each day unfolds.


ANON: I know I’ve got less and less of an agenda going on. All these things, I’m seeing how interconnected all of them are. Where I would segment everything before — business is here, relationship is there — they are all connected for me. I’m seeing that now.

With the business, this may not be posing a problem, but I kind of have the feeling of the energy of the goal. It’s not a goal — it’s kind of what it is; I feel it as it is. The company or companies that I am doing, logically taking steps, doing a business plan and doing all that stuff, I feel like I am being called not to do that, that this is about being open to things every minute of every day, and those inspirations will lead to the next steps.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You are correct. It is not a matter of black and white, as we spoke previously. It is not a matter of either/or.

As I expressed with your sibling, it is not a matter of moving in one direction or another direction. All of your actions, all of your directions move in conjunction with each other and enhance your experiences. Therefore, you may continue to move in the direction of generating your company and also allow yourself the freedom to be traveling, and one may enhance the other.

ANON: That was the actual vision that I saw, the way it worked out. It was actually very interesting, because as soon as I felt so strongly that I needed to explore and go and talk to different people, because I felt that our company would be two dimensional without a little bit more... All of my skills and capabilities were from an old framework, the shoulds and have-to’s, where now that I am loosening that framework or putting another foundation in place, I feel like there is another foundation in place for me anyway. That is inviting new experiences for me to engage in, which kind of breathes life into the company. When I was speaking to my brother about it, I felt very compelled to go and explore. By the end of the conversation, I realized that in speaking with him, it didn’t mean they were mutually exclusive. We could still do the business and I could still explore. But before going into the conversation, no, I am just going to be exploring before I could do the business.

ELIAS: Correct. I am understanding. This is the element of allowing yourself not merely the freedom to implement what you want but also allowing yourself to engage your communication of imagination, which generates new and amazing inspirations.

ANON: So, allow the freedom to just imagine. When do you ever get to the doing, though? (Laughs)

ELIAS: You are doing. And in the action of the travel, you are doing.

ANON: So if I had asked you, Elias, should I go to Egypt on the Egypt tour, you would just have said to me that’s your choice.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: And it doesn’t matter one way or the other; there is no right or wrong. I’m still seeing where I am clicking into the right or wrong.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of listening to yourself and allowing yourself the freedom to generate what you want. In that expression of that freedom, recognizing that that movement is interconnected with the other directions that you choose. They are not exclusive. They are intertwined. The allowance of yourself to create your travel may allow you a new avenue in which you offer to yourself new inspirations and listen to your communication of imagination, for you are engaging a new adventure.

ANON: I do have an adventurous spirit. I guess I am getting to know who I am in all of this, what I really like to do, and not to put that in a closet anymore. Because I have very big energy.

ELIAS: And that is the point.

ANON: So if other people are intimidated by my energy, that’s my perception and it really is none of my business. That’s their perception.

ELIAS: That also is not mutually exclusive, for you are interactive. As we have discussed previously, it is a matter of recognizing your energy but also allowing yourself the freedom to be expressive in what you want and your preferences, and in that, to be allowing your energy without restriction but also recognizing that you are interactive with other individuals. If other individuals are reflecting to you a discomfort with the volume of your energy, it is significant that you evaluate within yourself what aspect of that energy YOU are not comfortable with or that you are not trusting or that you are suspicious with.

ANON: It’s not about apologizing to them for my energy; it is about me paying attention to that communication.

ELIAS: Correct. It is not of apology; it is merely a matter of paying attention to what you are generating within yourself in association with the expression of your energy. What element of your energy are you expressing skepticism of, or that you are doubting, or that you are questioning in how it is being expressed? If it is being expressed powerfully, what are you questioning within yourself that you doubt concerning the powerfulness of that energy? Not that you doubt its power, but what do you doubt or what do you hold in skepticism as to how that energy may be affecting?

ANON: Affecting the other person, or just in and of itself?

ELIAS: In and of itself. Many individuals recognize that they incorporate a powerfulness in their energy but they also incorporate a fear of allowing the expression of their energy, for they are unsure as to how to effectively direct it, and that involves issues of control.

But what I am expressing to you is that if you are expressing within yourself a comfort with yourself and a confidence with yourself and an acceptance of yourself, it matters not how powerfully you express your energy, for it shall not be intrusive or irritating to other individuals. In actuality, it shall produce the reverse reflection in an attraction with other individuals. If YOU are appreciating of your energy and the expression of it and the strength of it and the powerfulness of it, and you are not fearing of it, you shall be projecting it in a manner which other individuals shall reflect in appreciation also, and shall view it as attractive rather than threatening.

ANON: Very interesting, because I just had a big realization over the past month. I cannot even tell when these realizations come about. They just happen, and it’s like when did that happen? That is the importance of other people. I have always thought that if I do my meditations, my “I get it,” “ah-ha’s” and all that stuff at home, then that’s it. But it isn’t. It doesn’t mean anything, actually, until I practice it out in the world. It isn’t realized, I guess. It’s realized through the experiences.

ELIAS: Yes. Correct.

ANON: So, rather than seeing or thinking that I don’t need people or that other people won’t help, I am actually seeing how other people... It’s fabulous actually, how important it is for that interaction.

So, in what you are saying, I’m working through this, I’m talking, and what you are saying is I’m never intrusive to another person. They create their reality, and if I’m reflecting back their discomfort, it isn’t about me going oh well, that’s their perception, that’s their problem. It’s about me going this is a communication, an invitation from me to look at where I’m not comfortable with that energy, for example, and have a look. So I am standing in an appreciation of them for reflecting that back to me, and I pay attention to the communication to myself or the reflection of the mirror or whatever.


ANON: That’s actually very beautiful. It’s like this dance we all do together.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. You are continuously interacting with other individuals’ energy. Whether you are actually physically interactive with them or not, you are continuously receiving energy from other individuals, and you are continuously projecting energy, which other individuals receive. This is an action that occurs continuously, for you are not actually separated. You ARE interconnected.

ANON: I’m not quite clear that part, that strictly as consciousness we’re all connected. A visual on that’s really hard for me! (Both laugh) I understand that, I know that, I feel that as a being, but in terms of putting a physical piece on that, it is very hard conceptually. I don’t even go there, because I understand underneath that that’s true, so I don’t need to figure it out.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well.

ANON: Unless you have some insight on how to... Like I’m sitting there and thinking of a friend, and that’s interconnecting with them.


ANON: So there are no secrets.

ELIAS: Correct. And you may not necessarily even be engaging the thought process in association with another individual, but you are continuously projecting energy outwardly. Other individuals draw certain expressions of your energy to themselves, dependent upon their own direction and their own situation and what they are engaging. But you are constantly projecting energy, and other individuals are constantly projecting energy also.

And you are receiving energy continuously. You filter that energy in association with your own, and you configure it in whatever you create in your reality. But there is always an interaction that is occurring within consciousness.

ANON: So, as an example, I was realizing how interconnected all of these things were, the people and appreciating the different people in different scenarios, and business and how my brother was actually helping me to understand issues of trust with relationships and things like that. Well, anyway, it involved a big realization of how everything was interconnected. Relationship was also in there.

I feel very ready to have a relationship, a relationship with a partner again. I don’t feel desperate to have one, but I keep feeling this energy of this person. I don’t know if it is my energy I am feeling, or if I’m kind of projecting out there something. Can you help me with that piece? Is that me projecting or...?

ELIAS: It is you projecting energy, and it is also you engaging an action of beginning to draw an energy to you — not specifically yet, but allowing yourself an openness to draw another individual to you in their energy in a similarity of expressions. In this, as you continue to allow yourself to express your freedom in exploring and in adventures, you generate more of an openness. In that openness, you create more of a potential to draw to you other individuals that may be generated potentially into a relationship.

ANON: So that potential is not very strong right now? Or is it a probability?

ELIAS: It is becoming stronger. What I have expressed is that you have begun to project that type of energy. You have begun to express more of an openness and therefore allow yourself to draw to yourself other individuals that may generate a potential for relationship. You have not generated a specific draw, yet, of one individual.

ANON: Do we do that? Do we get that detailed?


ANON: I’m very fascinated by this. So for example, we generate an openness and in our becoming... But for me, I didn’t want a relationship or I wasn’t ready for one until I knew myself. I didn’t want to use the relationship as a battering ram for my learning. I kind of wanted to do my own learning in my own way. It’s not like I’m at an end point when I generate this relationship, but I want it to be about a certain thing, about exploring and enhancement of each other, not about fixing each other. I don’t want that. Anyway, I think I’m getting off topic.

As I’m becoming more the person that I want to be, not that I’m not good now, but I feel like there’s a huge amount of my energy that I still hold back that I want to allow. I want to feel comfortable in being in that energy all of the time, the bigness of it, the feeling of it, whatever it is, exploring that, too. So, as I’m doing this, I’m projecting out in all of the connectedness of other beings and feeling out other beings in that process?

ELIAS: Yes. There are no accidents.

ANON: That is so cool!

ELIAS: You specifically draw individuals to you in different scenarios for your own reasons, but each individual that you draw to yourself you have precisely and specifically drawn to yourself.

ANON: Is there an agreement with that other individual about the type of interaction?


ANON: So they’re agreeing as well.

ELIAS: Yes. They are also drawn to you. They are attracted to you.

ANON: It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, that is going to happen whenever it happens?

ELIAS: That is what you choose. It is not fate, and it is not destiny.

ANON: If it’s fate and destiny, then there is no creating your own reality.

ELIAS: Correct. But it is quite precise.

ANON: The beauty of when we talk and reading your material and all of that stuff, all of your material, is that it really comes down to with ultimate freedom comes your responsibility. If you create all of your reality, then you are completely free.


ANON: There is no restriction or limitations.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: The mechanics of how that actually happens is a little bit... We’re trying to understand that because it is very different from physical reality. Physical reality seems very limiting compared to what you’re... I know there is no separation; I understand. I’m going to talk myself into a hole here, so I’m going to shut up! (Laughs) I understand.

That actually came to me last week, actually yesterday, when I was writing about two litigations. I was so appreciative of how much I have learned from the scenarios and how similar they were with my ex-husband and this last client. The parallels were just mind-blowing. I looked at my ex-husband for the first time as this being who has come together with me to help me in service. He did a fabulous job, and I was very appreciative of him. I feel like I can just let him go now: “Thank you, I don’t really need the attraction anymore.” Am I making that movement with him?


ANON: There’s a lot of old things I feel need to be cleaned up. There’s a litigation with our divorce that’s still outstanding with him, and I’d just like to let it go. Am I making movement towards that?


ANON: I know it’s preferable to have specific questions, but because of the volume of information I’m giving myself, can I ask you to give me any words of wisdom or advice or whatever that would assist in the process and what I’ve been working on? I feel like things are shifting so fast that I don’t even know myself anymore.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you merely to allow yourself to relax and not overwhelm yourself, but remember to pay attention to your own communications and offer yourself permission to follow your own energy and to create the freedom within yourself to generate what you want.

I may express to you that your direction of your traveling may be quite beneficial, and may, in actuality, open some new windows of your own freedom. It may be a manner in which you may introduce yourself to new adventures and incorporate different manners of associating with yourself, with other individuals, with your world and your directions and your endeavors. In this, it may be quite inspiring, and it may also encourage you in a stronger manner to be engaging playfulness and fun more consistently, and less seriousness.

ANON: I’m still doing that. I know I am.

ELIAS: Which may yet again open a new door to your own expression and your own allowance of yourself to engage playfulness and fun and not be engaging such seriousness. That may be...

ANON: I thought that seriousness was a more learned behavior than a natural flow.


ANON: One of the shifts that I am working with now is the difference between creating what I want or what I think I want and pouting about not getting what I want. I don’t know how to explain it. I say that I want to do it, that I want to create something, but I don’t create it. I create something else — but I want to get what I want. I’m sorry; I can’t really describe what it is. Maybe an example: I had a business meeting last week, and there was an agreement that we had... This was where I volunteer as a board member for a nursing home. Can you tell me in situations like that whether it is me creating it or us jointly creating the situation as well?

ELIAS: Both. You are not co-creating, but you are directly interacting with each other’s energy. Each individual is creating their individual reality in the scenario, but you are also cooperating with each other in exchanging energy and directly interacting with each other’s energy.

ANON: In this meeting, we had an agreement with this company, the architect, and they didn’t follow through on anything. I was so angry. I couldn’t go there — I guess I wasn’t at the point, yet — I could see myself doing it, but I couldn’t change anything in that moment. I was angry, and the energy got fed back and forth. Was that me demonstrating to myself what I project and what I get back?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

ANON: What else was going on in that? I felt really bad afterwards because I didn’t do it the way I wanted to do it.

ELIAS: This is a situation of automatic responses in relation to expectations and differences and absolutes. You project expectations and a lack of acceptance of difference, and you also project a defensiveness, for you are generating anger, which is an expression of not viewing any of your choices in the moment and not seeing that you have any choices in the moment. Therefore, you generate an expression of defensiveness, which creates the signal of anger, which in that, you are offering yourself the message that you are not viewing any choices available to you in that moment.

ANON: Except what I thought I wanted.

ELIAS: And being non-responsive or non-accepting of differences and holding to your own absolutes, and therefore not generating a cooperation with the other individuals but an opposition — which is what I have been discussing with many individuals for an extended time framework in what you view as this previous year, for this is being expressed quite easily in association with this wave addressing to truths. There is tremendous potential to be generating opposition and polarization. This is the reason that it is important and significant that you pay attention to what YOU are doing and what type of energy you are projecting.

ANON: I’m just not clear, then. If you have an agreement with someone, like you sit down and you verbally agree that they’ll do something and you’ll pay them this much for it, and they don’t do what they say they are going to do, then I guess there is an expectation... Are you saying we should not have expectations that they would fulfill what they say they are going to do? I understand on the larger scale that we’ve come together and agreed somewhere that yes, we’ve got this agreement in physical, but we’ve also agreed that he’s not going to fulfill his things, and so on. There is bigger play going on here than just the agreements.

ELIAS: Correct, for you may generate an agreement, but dependent upon what energy is being expressed by each individual, that may be a moot point. Or you may THINK you are generating an agreement, and you may not necessarily be actually generating an agreement.

ANON: You are, in black and white, but you’re not in energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So, it’s all about what the pay-off is for each of us, what we’re learning from this. To me, I learned how very strongly I looked to people to fulfill agreements.

ELIAS: Which is generated into an absolute: “This is what you should do.” It is an absolute expectation. In that, there are absolute associations with it. If you engage an agreement, you are obligated to fulfill that agreement, and if you do not, you are wrong and there is no excusing the non-fulfillment of an agreement.

ANON: In this case, he didn’t fulfill the agreement, but we didn’t fulfill our side. We said, “You didn’t fulfill yours; therefore, we’re not going to pay you what we agreed to, either,” because it’s just not worth it. I felt really clear about how much value or how much we were prepared to pay for the service, but I didn’t deliver the message really well. I got into blaming. I didn’t intend to, but I went there, anyway.

ELIAS: And that is what is significant to pay attention to.

ANON: I got what I wanted, but it didn’t feel good. It didn’t matter that I got what I wanted in terms of the amount that we ended up paying, because I felt the process by which I went about it was not... I wasn’t paying attention to myself or to him.

ELIAS: Yes. In that, you may have generated what you wanted superficially, but you also matched energy.

ANON: Yes, we did. It was a very, very interesting dynamic, very clear. I could tell that it was happening, but I just didn’t have the objectivity in that moment to pull myself out of it right exactly then. I am looking at it now.

ELIAS: Which is significant.

ANON: I’m going to look to my own answers and try to get some answers and feeling tones and that. There’s still a bit of confusion in my stomach, so I’m not quite clear on it yet.

Last week, after I went through the shoulds and have-to's for the exploration and stuff like that, I ended up developing a really bad infection again, and that kind of stopped me cold. Am I creating these infections just to get my attention in a very drastic way?

ELIAS: In an equally as dramatic expression as the energy of your shoulds. As strongly as you express the shoulds, the expectations of yourself, you are generating an equal expression of energy in creating a dramatic physical expression to allow you to genuinely view how strong those shoulds are and how limiting they are.

ANON: As soon as I noticed that, I allowed myself to just relax — as much as I can relax — just to not have to do anything. Then I was beating myself up for not... I wrote about it, that “that’s the most ridiculous thing, you said you’d take the day off, but now you’re bugging yourself for not doing enough. It doesn’t make any sense.” I’m really quite amusing, actually!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Quite!

ANON: Now, in the spleen area, there seems to be huge pain coming in the spleen and stomach area. Is that related?


ANON: It seems to come up when there’s anxiety or fear or something.


ANON: I actually did a visualization, and it seemed a new spleen was given to me. Is there anything I can do, or just pay attention?

ELIAS: Pay attention, and in those moments, you may also choose to be, in your visualizations, creating an inner landscape.

ANON: Another thing that is happening in my dreams is that my dreams are becoming extremely intense. I believe I am going to other dimensions. The other night, I had a dream about some other planet, some ice planet. I knew what was going to happen, that I had been there before and I had this dream before. But when I woke up, I never had that dream before. It was very weird. Last night, I was in a very deep place. I get to the place in my dreams now where I think I am awake, and I’m observing it and interpreting the dream, and it’s like this is really important to remember. But when I really wake up, I realize I wasn’t awake at all.

ELIAS: (Laughs) This is merely another avenue of exploration, allowing yourself new adventures in this time framework in actually projecting to other locations, and incorporating the objective awareness within the time that you are engaging the projection. This is not actually dream imagery. It is actually projections.

ANON: What does that mean, “projections”? Like I’m imagining it?

ELIAS: No. You are projecting your consciousness, your objective and subjective awareness, to different locations.

ANON: The one that happened last night was the weirdest thing. I can’t even remember it, and I thought it was important at the time. And my cat showed up again, my other cat. So that is actually occurring in some reality somewhere?

ELIAS: Yes. You are actually projecting yourself to other realities and allowing yourself to observe.

ANON: That’s kind of fun. That’s a very inexpensive way to explore! (Both laugh) We’re out of time. Can I just ask quickly, my cat keeps coming up over and over again. He died a few years ago, and I was devastated by the loss. I guess I was feeling why would he want to leave. Can you give me some insight into him? His name was Raptor.

ELIAS: The reason that you are incorporating that association or the insertion of that creature into your dream imagery is that you are reconfiguring that energy. You are generating a process of reconfiguring that energy and entertaining the potential of reinserting that energy into your physical reality in another form.

ANON: That wouldn’t be a partner form, would it?

ELIAS: No. It would be in another form of another creature. You are engaging a process of reconfiguring that energy and reinserting it into your physical reality.

ANON: So he’s not already manifesting?

ELIAS: No. You are engaging a process of reconfiguring that energy and reinserting it into your physical reality.

ANON: He left of his own accord? Did I do anything to cause him to disengage?


ANON: But he disengaged anyway.

ELIAS: That is a choice.

ANON: (Sighs) I’m almost out of time. I didn’t think I’d have many questions, but that was great. I went with the flow a little bit more this time.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, and perhaps you may allow yourself even more in our next conversation.

ANON: Yes. I’m looking forward to it.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I offer to you encouragement and supportiveness as always, and in this ending of our conversation, I express a special supportiveness in your new adventures and great encouragement for new avenues of playfulness.

ANON: I didn’t think it would be so traumatic! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: To you great affection, my dear friend, au revoir.

ANON: Ciao for now!

Elias departs after 1 hour, 2 minutes.

(1) The original spelling given for this essence name is C-O-C-C-E-T-T, from Session #1111, 6/12/02.

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