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Books and Chapter Focuses


"Books and Chapter Focuses"
"Agreements in Creation"
"Redefining Gratitude"

Sunday, March 11, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Xutrah)
Elias arrives at 12:40 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) How shall we proceed this morning?

PAUL: As always!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

PAUL: Of course, I have questions. Let's see ... it's good to be objectively interacting with you once again.

ELIAS: And you also.

PAUL: My granddaughter, I believe that she is Tumold/Sumari and she's common. Could you tell me her essence name?

ELIAS: You are correct; essence name, Minaa, M-I-N-A-A (MEE nah).

PAUL: Very good. I'd like to confirm some focuses of mine; it's been quite a bit of fun. Another current time framework focus, I believe his name is Marcus; he is in Italy and is a street person who cleans windows of cars. (Pause)

ELIAS: In this present time framework, yes, you are correct.

PAUL: An Egyptian priest focus, I believe his name is Shree An. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may confirm this focus and identification, but not within THIS time framework.

PAUL: Oh no, I believe it's part of the Egyptian chapter.

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAUL: Yes. This is an interesting one here: Anton Schindler who was secretary to Beethoven. I watched a movie at Lawrence's recommendation and had a very strong connection to him. At one point I thought that he was a focus of mine, but Lawrence said that he is a focus of his. I'm confused.

ELIAS: I may express to you, many times individuals may experience strong associations with certain focuses, which is not necessarily to suggest that the individual actually incorporates a particular identification of another focus, but that they may be associated with the individual they are connecting to in that focus, and this creates a similar type of association and draw as would be experienced in relation to identifying your own focus in that time framework.

I may express to you, you do participate in that focus, and you do hold association with that individual, but that is not a focus of your essence.

PAUL: Okay, the other association I made was to the - I can't remember her name - the countess with a cane who spoke with Schindler.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you have interacted with and hold associations with this individual also, but this is also not another focus of your essence.

Therefore, I shall be encouraging of you to continue your investigation, for you are allowing yourself to recognize that you do participate in this particular focus, and you hold a recognition of these individuals that you ARE creating an involvement with these individuals, and therefore I am validating of your allowance thus far in your associations with this particular focus.

PAUL: In that case, I shall be investigating.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well, my friend!

PAUL: Okay, I have a couple more focuses. This relates to a current fascination, shall we say, within the group with the sixth chapter in our book. I had a connection with the personage of [name omitted]. I believe that that is one of my focuses. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may confirm to you that this individual is a focus of your essence. I may also express to you that I have not expressed this particular focus to be the sixth chapter in this particular book, so to speak.

PAUL: Okay. (Laughs) We're still searching in that case, I guess. (Elias smiles) Another impression is that as a child [name omitted] was known by the name of Marie, because I got that name. Could you confirm that?

ELIAS: Only in association with certain individuals.

PAUL: Okay. Her method of disengagement ... objectively I've looked into that a little bit, and I get an impression that that was not her method of disengagement, that it involved a firearm administered, shall we say. (Pause)

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAUL: Yes. It seems like I have been getting all the hard questions lately, at least from my perspective ... was the essence of Elias the "all terrorist Adolph?"


PAUL: Pardon me?

ELIAS: No. I may express to you, this question has been presented previously, and I have expressed that the final focus of this essence was experienced within your 19th century and disengaged at the onset of your 20th century, at the beginning throes, so to speak, and onset of this shift in consciousness.

Now; I may also express to you that this essence expressed a future focus which continues in this physical dimension presently, but not as an aspect of this essence any longer but as an expression of fragmentation and the creation of a new essence. This particular focus presently is known to individuals within this forum.

In actuality, you may inquire of Lawrence as to the identification of this particular focus, but I shall be reminding you, this is not a focus of this essence any longer for fragmentation has occurred. For at the disengagement of the final focus of this essence, there was created no more attention in this particular physical dimension in physical manifestations.

PAUL: Yes, I do believe that I understand the difference in focusing of attention between the final focus and how that shifts the direction of attention of an essence.

ELIAS: Correct. This is not to say that there may not be future focuses that are manifest at the time of the disengagement of the final focus. The final focus is not necessarily expressed as the most future of all of the focuses within your linear time framework, but within that time framework in which the final focus disengages, the other focuses of that essence, in your terms past or future, either shall disengage also or shall be creating an action of disengagement and removal, in a manner of speaking, in attention from this physical dimension.

Within that expression, this essence did not participate in that particular experience and time framework. In actuality, this particular essence does not focus future focuses beyond your identification of your 21st century.

PAUL: Oh! Does the essence of Elias have a focus in the City?

ELIAS: I may express to you, as this is a chapter focus within this particular book, there is interaction but not physical manifestation.

PAUL: Interesting! As long as we're into chapter focuses at the moment, if I may express my understanding and you can confirm that, a book relates to a single essence and an essence may have many books, but a single focus would be participating only within one book, and the interaction of many focuses could be likened to a shelf in a library, that these books are next to each other.

ELIAS: Let me clarify. Many essences participate in each book. Essences may be participating in many books simultaneously. Essences may incorporate several books with many of the same participating essences, and may incorporate some books with different essences.

If an essence is participating in chapter focuses of any particular book, they shall be participating in manifesting focuses in ALL of the chapters. Therefore, as example, if you are participating in this particular chapter of this particular book, you also are participating in all of the other chapters of that particular book.

Now; this is not to say that every individual manifest within this time framework is participating in this particular book.

PAUL: I understand.

ELIAS: Therefore, in allowing yourself to identify an impression that you are participating in THIS particular chapter focus, your confirmation of that identification shall appear in information that you offer to yourself concerning the identification of another chapter focus of this same book.

Now; you may also simultaneously be participating with other groups of essences that create OTHER books and other chapter focuses; and you may simultaneously be focusing attentions in time frameworks and focuses that are NOT participating in ANY chapter focuses of any books.

PAUL: Okay. So that means that I, in this focus, could be participating in more than one chapter of more than one book ... no, let me clarify. I could be participating in more than one chapter in other books, one chapter per book.

ELIAS: No. If you are participating in one chapter, you are participating in all of the chapters of each book.

PAUL: Yes, but ... from the standpoint of the book, yes.


PAUL: I believe that I am involved in this book, because I have found other focuses that relate to this book.

ELIAS: You are correct.

Now; I may express to you, you hold MANY focuses of attention. Therefore, you as essence may be focusing an attention in this time framework which participates in ANOTHER book simultaneous to YOUR participation as one focus in THIS book.

PAUL: So, for example, my focus of Marcus could be participating in another book?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Yes, okay. Oh, I have one more focus to investigate here. The singer George Harrison, is he belonging to the essence family of Borledim? (Pause)


PAUL: Okay. Oh, a question from Lawrence - he made the connection with [name omitted]. Could you confirm that? (Pause)

ELIAS: As a focus of his essence?

PAUL: Yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: Confirm.

PAUL: Thank you!

Moving on to some other things that have to do with blueprints, a few months ago I had a very interesting experience. As I was walking into work, it was like a portal opened up, and I could visualize myself and my wife in what I believe was Regional Area 2 agreeing to disagree. (Laughs) We were having an argument, and I could see how it was being coordinated in what I believe is Regional Area 2. Could you confirm that experience?

ELIAS: Yes, I shall confirm.

PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: Be aware that this action that you view occurs simultaneous to its creation...

PAUL: Oh, yes!

ELIAS: ...not prior to its creation within Regional Area 1.

PAUL: Oh yeah, that was actually the next thing I was going to be talking about. In a dream of a couple days ago, I was participating in a meeting, and the person who was going to be speaking at that meeting asked me to lead it. I had the same sort of experience within that dream, that I recognized the agreement was being made in Regional Area 2 at that moment to participate in a creation which both of us created from our own individual standpoints for our own individual reasons, but yet we agreed that that would occur. Later on within context of the dream I recognized that he was altering the format of the meeting from what I was used to in that meeting, and it caused a fair amount of consternation on his part.

So what I'm leading up to is blueprints and how I attach myself to somebody else's boat, to use your analogy, in the creation of my own reality. No specific question ... well, yes, there is, I take that back. I'm asking for some confirmation that my understanding of how the agreements made in Regional Area 2 come into existence here in Regional Area 1.

ELIAS: I may express to you, in relation to the freedom that you hold in choice and the lack of absolutes, you may be engaging agreement with other essences within Regional Area 2 as you are creating choices within Regional Area 1, but there is, in a manner of speaking, expressed the agreement in potentiality but not in absolute, therefore allowing the openness in freedom to be expressing the agreement in a myriad of manners and in each individual's expression of creativity.

In this, as agreements are not absolute either and as you do continue to incorporate choice, the agreement may be altered in each moment also. But even within the choice to hold to an agreement, that may be expressed within your physical manifestations and objective imagery in countless choices and expressions, which offers you a very wide berth in how you may be expressing the agreement. Are you understanding?

PAUL: Yes, I think so. Yes, I am creating my own reality, and in that, if I make an agreement to cooperate or - I won't use the term co-create - but participate together in an agreement, I can change and alter that at any time, and I can choose many different ways of expressing how I meet that agreement.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: That implies by extension here that I am not necessarily in communication through Regional Area 2 when I choose a particular path. The imagery that I have in the dream and also in waking life is that there is a particular moment when the agreement is made, and then I sort of detach from that and ... I always operate autonomously, but it is not in conjunction with the other essence.

ELIAS: Yes and no. Each movement that you create, each choice that you create, each action that you incorporate in creation within your physical expression is being created by you and through the mechanism of your perception. But this also is being created through an assimilation of many, many, many, many avenues of communication that you are offering to yourself within each moment. One of those avenues IS an interaction within Regional Area 2.

In this, I may express to you that as there is in actuality no separation of essences and consciousness, you are, in a manner of speaking, incorporating a cooperation with other essences, not in the manner that you associate objectively but in what may be termed as an intertwining of essences and a lack of separation.

You are not in actuality singularly creating any expression within your physical focus. This be the reason that I have expressed previously, as you create any movement you are also affecting of every other essence participating in this reality, and they are also affecting of you.

What you create in relation to another individual, you create in relation to yourself. What you create in relation to yourself, you are also creating in relation to all other individuals. This is the aspect of no separation.

But I am recognizing this is a difficult concept within your objective understanding, for you have created a blueprint for this particular physical dimension that expresses separation in all of its manifestations.

PAUL: Yes, it's that veil between this focus of essence that I recognize as Paul and All That Is.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Yes, I believe I'm understanding.

ELIAS: I may express to you also that in actuality, within consciousness, every moment that is experienced within your creations in Regional Area 1 is also influenced within your interactions of Regional Area 3.

PAUL: Oh, I haven't looked at Regional Area 3 too much yet. (Elias chuckles)

Okay, let's get back to Regional Area 3. I have a quick question here about a dream I had a couple nights ago. I haven't a clue as to what this is about.

As I was dreaming, I recognized that my physical body ... there was a surge of adrenalin. I recognized within the dream state that this is a surge of adrenalin that is going through my body, and why am I going through this? I tried to examine why within the dream state, and I came up with no idea what was going on there. Can you shed a little light on that?

ELIAS: First of all, express to me, what is the nature of your concern in association with this experience?

PAUL: Well, it's not a nature of concern, because I recognized it as just merely a physical reaction. I was mostly interested in what the trigger for that was. Obviously, it was for my noticing, but I'm not quite sure what that would be.

ELIAS: Now; I may express to you in this present now the identification of an example of what you objectively view as an "accident." In this present now, in this discussion, you have expressed to myself in relation to Regional Area 3 and have proceeded with the identification of a dream experience which also was an expression recognized in objective terms, so to speak.

Now; in this example, subsequently you may be listening to your recording of our conversation and recognizing or noticing that dream activity has been associated with Regional Area 2, and therefore you shall automatically create an association that you have expressed a comment to myself which was a mistake and an accident in identifying Regional Area 3.

Now; I may offer to you an example of how there are no accidents. (Smiling)

PAUL: How did I know you'd tie this together?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) For in what you have expressed to myself in this identification of this experience, you have allowed yourself the incorporation of an experience involving Regional Area 1, 2, and 3.

PAUL: Interesting.

ELIAS: For in this experience you have allowed yourself to be interactive with your subjective awareness in a dream experience, which you allowed yourself to tap into a moment of experiencing the energy of the collective, so to speak, within Regional Area 3, and allowed yourself to filter that experience through the dream interaction in Regional Area 2 AND further filter into your objective recognition in Regional Area 1 - translating an experience of a moment in interplay of the collective consciousness, so to speak, through the dream experience and into an objective expression, creating your translation of the feeling of that interplay within Regional Area 3 into a surge of energy which you translate within your physical body, Regional Area 1, objectively as a surge of adrenalin.

PAUL: As you were speaking of that, I reminded myself of a dream that I had perhaps a year ago or something. Fascinating dream - thank you for bringing it back to mind - in which I actively participated in that process of watching information gathered in Regional Area 3 as it filtered through to Regional Area 2, and how a concept which I grasped in perfect clarity eroded as I moved further and further towards objective realization.

ELIAS: Correct. For as you filter this energy through different regional areas of consciousness, you create translations that allow your objective awareness a recognition in what is known within Regional Area 1, therefore allowing the experience or the expression to fit within Regional Area 1.

PAUL: Yes. It was a fascinating process to go through because it certainly shed light into how we focus our attention differently.

ELIAS: Correct. (Chuckling) It also allows you some understanding of what is in occurrence in filtering energy and reconfiguring energy through different areas of consciousness to be expressed in a manner which shall be cohesive in the actual expression of any particular reality, any particular area of consciousness.

In relation to physical dimensions within consciousness, there are specific configurations of energy that are filtered through different areas of consciousness to configure that energy in the design of the particular physical dimension.

PAUL: Okay, I can understand that one.

In the program that I participate within we're taught, or remembered, that gratitude plays a very important part in life. In that program, gratitude is usually ... or the way that it's designed is that gratitude should be expressed to some entity outside.

In speaking about this, gratitude to myself is no different from an expression of gratitude to something, quote/unquote, "outside of myself."

ELIAS: You are quite correct. Although this is quite forgotten many times, is it not?

PAUL: Indeed it is, because once I accept and fully put my arms around the concept that I AM part of All That Is, it's perfectly acceptable to be grateful for what I am just because I am. That's a hard one to put my arms around sometimes.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, this is an aspect of emergence also, the emergence of yourself in creating a recognition of your expression of your relationship with yourself, which incorporates the entirety of your world and your universe as aspects of yourself.

In this, the actual definition of gratitude is merely a recognition of appreciation.

Many times gratitude is expressed within your physical focuses, within your physical dimension, as an offering of an individual, as you have stated, to another individual within the perception that another individual has granted to you or given to you or offered to you some element or some expression that you did not already hold.

Now; in that association, you camouflage the expression of gratitude and view this as an expression of humility and of appreciation, but this is the camouflage that is expressed in what you are actually projecting in energy. You view this to be a good and positive expression, and in actuality, my friend, I may express to you it is a discounting of yourself.

PAUL: Once again!

ELIAS: Genuine gratitude is merely a recognition of appreciation of all that you are and all that you hold, which may be acknowledged in relation to what you perceive as offered by another individual through an expression that they may create, but in recognition also that within reality you have created that offering yourself and have presented it to yourself in the form of another individual, but you already expressed and held that quality, that information, that expression within yourself. You have merely chosen a particular avenue to objectively express it to yourself and recognize it, and therefore, the expression of gratitude is created in mere recognition and appreciation of your own qualities, your own being.

PAUL: Thank you very much. That was, again, very well put.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are welcome, my friend.

PAUL: I loved what you said; it was an "ah-ha" moment. When I view things outside, I am viewing merely other aspects of All That Is, other aspects of me.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: That is an extremely broad concept! (Chuckles)

ELIAS: Quite! For you have created a quite extensive and intricate reality in this physical dimension, and have created countless manners in which you may reflect yourselves.

PAUL: It continues to be too much fun! (Elias laughs) And I again count this interaction with you amongst that.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And new explorations that you are continuously creating and new excitements in your emergences and discoveries.

PAUL: Indeed.

ELIAS: A great adventure, is it not?

PAUL: Oh, I must agree with that. (Both chuckle) There were times when I thought, "Oh, this is getting a bit tedious," but those times have passed.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I may express to you, my friend, quite literally, as you continue to explore self and you continue to turn your attention to self, you open VAST areas of new universes to be explored further and create wondrous expressions of curiosity and excitement, but also incorporate tremendous more capacity within your objective expressions for genuine gratitude in relation to yourself and also tremendous opportunities for the sentimentality of self.

PAUL: I like it. (Laughing) I shall be conversing with Zacharie!

ELIAS: Ah, and you may share the appreciation or the gratitude that you express to yourselves in the wondrous expressions of your sentimentalities.

PAUL: (Chuckling) Another delightful focus of essence there! (Elias laughs)

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in all this objectively, because I recognize that subjectively I've been doing this for a while. I even found the introduction that you, that the essence of Elias, made to me a few years ago, the collection of blue spheres next to each other. (Elias chuckles) Yes, we've been doing this for a while. I like it.

ELIAS: Have we not! Ha ha ha!

PAUL: (Chuckles) Well, I guess this is adieu until next time.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. We shall continue to be interactive, and I shall continue to be encouraging of you.

I shall express to you - as this is in its genuineness not actually an expression of emotion - this gratitude IS expressed in other areas of consciousness, and I share this expression with you.

PAUL: Very nice.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:37 PM.

() In these paragraphs, "this essence" refers to the essence of Elias.

(2) "This particular book" refers to the Shift book of chapter focuses. "The City" is a future chapter of the Shift book. Here is a brief explanation of the concept of books and chapter focuses from Session #464.

TOM: Okay. Let's see. You had mentioned chapter focuses. Could you explain somewhat what a chapter focus is?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall express to you that a chapter focus is that in which the focus moves in the direction of a specific expression in conjunction with other focuses.

Now; in this, in like manner to a story in a book in which there are segments of the book that are divided into chapters, one chapter follows another chapter and is a continuation, so to speak, of another chapter.

In like manner, there are at times focuses created by essence which move in the same direction. Essence creates a series, so to speak, of focuses to be accomplishing a specific direction which may not necessarily be accomplished in the linear time framework of one focus. Therefore, there are several focuses that are designated to be accomplishing a specific direction, so to speak.

(3) Paul's Note: I meant to say Regional Area 2.

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.