Session 3069

Genuine Passion


“Genuine Passion”

Friday, Oct. 21, 2011 - In person

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ann (Vivette), Ken (Oba)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KEN: Morning Elias how are ya!

ANN: Hi Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha, and how shall we proceed?

ANN: Well I’ll have a couple of quick questions then basically I just have kind of a comment that maybe you can comment on or not then I’m going to hand it over to Oba for a little bit. One question, am I Oscar Wilde’s son Vyvyan?

ELIAS: Observing.

ANN: And then, my friend John, is he Sumafi / Ilda?


ANN: Oo good, I love it when I get them right. Is he Political?


ANN: Oh, good. And this one I’m kind of going back and forth. Intermediate or Common?

ELIAS: Intermediate.

ANN: Oh my God, I got all that right!

KEN: Good job!

ANN: I love it when my impressions are right! And what is his essence name?

ELIAS: Lonn, L-O-N-N.

ANN: And then I have some questions for Arthur from some of the forums. He would like to know his stats and he thinks he is Common, Thought, Sumafi / Sumari.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANN: And his essence name?

ELIAS: Roth, R-O-T-H.

KEN: Oh that’s a nice essence name.

ANN: Oh you know what? I think that’s one of.. oh well. And is he, he thinks he’s a final focus but he may be altering his choice?

ELIAS: Continuing.

ANN: So was he a final focus and he altered it to continuing or has he always been continuing?

ELIAS: Altered.

ANN: Oh so he did alter it, ok. And then he, is he the same essence as, is he Steve Jobs?

ELIAS: Observing.

ANN: Observing, ok, and did he splinter from him?


ANN: And then he has a question. He took one of your quotes, and the only part of the quote that I wrote down is when you said your attention is no - you being you Elias - your attention is no longer held in this dimension. His question is then: what are we interacting with? However you want to answer that.

ELIAS: Myself.

ANN: Where.. ok, hee hee hee hee!

KEN: You as essence, would that be correct?


KEN: Ok.

ANN: Yourself.

ELIAS: My attention is no longer in this physical dimension which means I no longer incorporate physical focuses, in this particular reality.

KEN: But you have some fragments in the future, is that correct?


KEN: Ok.

ANN: Ok. Well that’s his questions so he will have to delve into that further. (Elias and Ann chuckle).

ANN: And then we are wondering, Archer had a little baby boy Charlie, and what’s his essence name?

ELIAS: Joffrey, J-O-F-F-R-E-Y.

KEN: Awesome!

ANN: Cool! And I didn’t get any impressions..

KEN: Ok, I didn’t think Common myself. I was thinking either Soft or Intermediate.

ELIAS: Soft.

KEN: Soft!

ANN: Oh he’s got a Softie for a baby!

KEN: Archer gets along well with Soft orientated people so that’ll work out really great, I think, in my opinion. Oh, his focus type, Charlie?

ELIAS: Religious.

KEN: Just like Archer,

ANN: Wow, cool.

KEN: Cool

ANN: (to Ken) do you have family, essence family or alignment? I have no Idea.

KEN: Oh, no, I didn’t, that’s funny, I didn’t even think of that, I was just.. Ah, let me.. I almost kind of get a Zuli vibe. For the main.

ELIAS: Belonging Sumari,

KEN: Ok.

ELIAS: Aligning Gramada.

KEN: Ok ok, this is probably what I was basing.. This little baby looked like he was so frustrated being contained, he wants to get up and run around and move and be mobile - and he’s like: But I’m a little baby, I can’t do that yet! (Ken and Elias chuckle).

ANN: And I just have one little, like noticing, I’m not sure if I have a question with this or not or if you have any thing to comment on it, but, I had a.. when I was, like as I go about my life and I’ll listen to music or I see books and I feel they like, give me clues and kind of like lead me places. And just the other day, or a couple of weeks, I was listening to a song on the radio thinking, when the past I would have thought it was maybe giving me a message knowing which it possibly could for myself, but I kind of shifted a little bit into realizing I had this moment that I was actually - the song was coming from me instead of to me for the first time so I thought that was kind of cool - and that the song was reflecting me and like I was creating the song from how I, where I was at that moment, that’s what, it wasn’t like coming to me - from me, you understand that?


ANN: So, I guess I kind of have a question and I don’t even know, the lines get all blurred, how the, you know how like you’re creating from inside: outside, and I guess it’s all happening at the same time, and I don’t even know if I have a question but if you would like to expand upon that or anything that would be great.

ELIAS: Congratulations!

ANN: Thank you! I thought it was kind of cool when I had that. I was like: I kind of am getting this, how it’s come, how it’s me.

ELIAS: This is the first step.

ANN: I’m so excited I got that!

ELIAS: The formula for creating your reality is: You project energy. You reflect that projection. And you either react or engage choices in relation to the reflection. Generally speaking, if you are not aware of what you’re doing you project energy, you reflect energy and you react to the reflection. When you are aware of what you are doing you incorporate choice rather than reaction. In this, what you have presented to yourself is a significant step. This is the beginning step in the movement into genuine recognition of your genuine self and in that the beginnings of genuine recognition from genuine self of how you create your reality; therefore the formula. In this the two most significant aspects are there is no separation between the inside and the outside. There is none.

You all for millennia have generated the perception that what you express inwardly and what is expressed outwardly are two different separate things so to speak; very similar to how you perceive the objective and subjective awarenesses as being two separate things and they are not. But in this your outward reality is not separated from you it is you. This is what is meant by: It is an extension of you for it is an outward projection. It all begins with your projection of energy.

In this as in the example of your song, what you begin to notice when you begin to become aware and many of you are beginning this now as prompted by this particular wave but you are in the beginning throes of it. In this you create two versions, so to speak, of reality. You create the periphery version and you create the personal version. Whatever you yourself actually engage in your experience in your lifetime you have personalized to generate your own personal configuration of that aspect of reality. Now, I have recently offered a general example of this; that you may reside in a particular area and in that area there may be fifteen parks in your surrounding area and you may be aware of all fifteen parks. That is your periphery reality. They exist, they are real and they are a part of your reality. You may visit one of those parks. That one you personalize. That one you will create much more specifically. In a manner of speaking figuratively it is as if the other fourteen parks are somewhat of a blur and the one you interact with is crystal clear. Now in this, when you visit that one park you have now personalized your creation of it to the tiniest detail, to every configuration of every blade of grass, to what type of soil, to what exists in that area, to each tree, to each leaf, to every aspect that is configured in that reality of that park, you have personally created that. In a manner of speaking you have stamped it with your personal signature. This is your design. And before you ever engaged that park you have already projected the energy to create it.

Before you ever listened to that song you already projected the energy that configured it. Therefore you are correct; instead of the song coming to you, you created it, it sprung from you. This is not to say that aspects of your reality do not already exist. They do, just as the parks. They are existing but when you actually personally engage any aspect of your reality, even if it is a picture, or say that you engage a book and you view a picture of Japan. In that moment you are personally creating that aspect of Japan with your personal signature and in that it becomes a part of your personal individual reality. Now, that individuality and that personal reality mingles and mixes with other individuals realities for you are all interconnected but it will always incorporate that aspect of your personal signature that will be slightly different from any other individual’s signature.

ANN: It’s kind of like we’re the story, right?


ANN: And then.. yeah, ok.

ELIAS: It all springs from you. What you will [be] beginning to recognize; some individuals are already recognizing and questioning and even to an extent incorporating some aspect of conflict and I will be expanding upon this subject also, but another facet of this in the recognition of your genuine self a significant change will involve goals. For millennia you have generated a reality that is based upon outside goals. What is meant by that is you are motivated by anything, any manifestation, any concept, any idea that you seek to attain. Whether it be a physical manifestation or knowledge it matters not. There is this factor of seeking to attain. That is very much related to attachments. In expressing and being genuine self you are no longer generating or functioning from the perspective of attachment. Therefore what you are accustomed to in the expression of your passion will change and in that it is not that passions are no longer, although for a temporary time framework it may seem to be for you are accustomed to your passions being driven by outside goals. Even your monks and holy men in your Eastern religions are motivated and express passion in relation to outside goals; nirvana, enlightenment, heaven. These are outside goals. They are to be attained therefore there is a perception that they are not already possessed. You must attain them.

Expressing from genuine self there is a knowing that you already possess all. It is merely a matter of manipulating your attention in specific manners to tap into whatever it is in which your passion lies. Therefore your passion is motivated differently and as this is such a deep seated perception with all of you, this goal orientation, when you do begin to express moreso from genuine self it may initially seem that you have lost all of your passions, that all that was, that all that you recognized as a passion previously seems to hold little importance to any longer. For all of the passions that you are recognizing for the most part are very strongly influenced by attachments therefore are outside fueled. This is not to say that some of your passions are not sparked by a genuine inner expression but they are very much covered by attachments. That is what you are familiar with for even those passions that are expressed from genuine self temporarily may seem insignificant and not so much of a passion any longer. But, this is a transitional expression as you move more into the expression of your genuine self, knowing that there is no separation between the inner and the outer. Whatever exists in your world, whatever exists in your perception, has been placed there by your projection of energy or it would not be. In that, as you become more familiar with this lack of separation and become more aware of your genuine self your awareness of passion will change and will be much more satisfying for it will always be being expressed rather than waiting for it to be expressed when you attain the goal. Even if the goal is very short term: My goal is to generate this action tomorrow, or accomplish this action tomorrow. There is no wait time with genuine passions for it already exists. It is already present and in that you can manifest it in whatever manner you choose. And this is not to say that you will no longer be motivated or spurred to move beyond or to do more or to express more. That is the unfolding of any passion and therefore that continues but in a very different perspective. And what you have done is allowed yourself to take that first step, and in that first step you touched your foot into the shore of the ocean. You touched the water. In that once you have touched the water it is merely a matter of moving further into it until you allow yourself to swim and become a part of it.

ANN: Wow. Aaah exciting!

ELIAS: Therefore I say congratulations.

KEN: Good job!

ANN: (sings) It’s exciting! (E chuckles) So, well thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

ANN: That was nice, I liked everything you said about it.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

ANN: Really good, I need to get a recording of this one. I want to listen back.

KEN: Yeah! Oh, you gonna ask about the new baby in your family?

ANN: Oh! Thank you for the reminder.

KEN: You’re quite welcome.

ANN: My brother just had a new baby born, yesterday I believe. And I just wanted to know, a baby girl, her essence name? Serena is her name name.

ELIAS: Essence name Jon, J-O-N.

(Ann and Ken say: ”Interesting” at the same time).

ANN: That’s all I’m gonna ask about.. You can go.

KEN: You sure?

ANN: Yeah, no, go.

KEN: Ok, well I’ve a few little doodles here, (my notes) so I’ll just dive right in. As you had confirmed for me I am Leonardo da Vinci’s.. a focus of Oba is Leonardo da Vinci’s mother and so I’ve been very interested in reading up on all the.. I guess little is known of her historically so there’s a lot of speculation as to, you know, sleuthing, you know, trying to find out what was she all about, she’s so mysterious etcetera etcetera. So anyway I’m just basing this on things that I read that resonated with me so I’m curious if.. she is considered.. some consider her to have been an indentured servant or slave. Others say that she was a very wise, educated and worldly innkeeper. Is the innkeeper correct?


KEN: Ok, thats what I thought. And that.. was her father an alchemist?


ANN: Cool.

KEN: Was she schooled in the ways of alchemy herself?

ELIAS: (nods)

KEN: Ok.

ANN: Cool.

KEN: Got that right, that is awesome. I feel better because some people said oh my goodness, Leonardo’s mother was a slave and felt so bad for her too - even though that would have been a choice - it’s nice to know she had that status rather than. Was she.. some think.. was she Arabic in origin, race origin?

ELIAS: A mixture.

KEN: Ok, ok, and this is one of my favorites here. Many, many people think the famous Mona Lisa painting is actually a painting of Caterina. Is that correct?


KEN: No? Interesting.

ANN: Who is the Mona Lisa?

KEN: Yeah would you.. (Ann cracks up laughing) A little hint, how about a little hint. A composite perhaps?

ANN: I thought maybe we could slip one in!

ELIAS: (speaking in, what else, a misterioso voice!) A mystery! (Ann cracks up again).

KEN: Ah a mystery, ok how about, even if you don’t say who the person is, would the portrait be a composite of more than one person, perhaps?


ANN: That’s a mystery!

KEN: That is a.. that is still one of the great mysteries! Ok.

KEN: When I asked, I was curious, well my daughter Macey. Marilyn, Macey essence name, she was curious about her notoriety or famous focuses. One you said was a dancer in the early twentieth century. We didn’t look into that one yet. I was going to ask, could you say gender for that one, or should we keep that in the investigation?

ELIAS: Male.

KEN: Oh, ok, I kinda thought, ’cause at first I thought for some reason immediately what comes to mind is a female dancer then I thought: Wait a minute, maybe that was a male. Ok. That was actually my impression but I haven’t mentioned this to her yet so I’ll run that by her and see what her impression is so I’m not spoiling her [investigation]. And then the other one is actually.. we’ve come to the impression based on info I looked up and ran by her and said: What do you think of this, does it resonate with ya? That Macey was the sister of Amelia Earhart?


KEN: Perfect. She.. ’cause when I read.. There were certain things about the personality of Amelia Earhart’s sister when they were children that reminded me so much of Macey when she was little. She was like really rambunctious, total tomgirl (I meant tomboy) she was always like covered in bruises because she loved to play rough and wild when she was a kid and that sounded like a description of the way Amelia and her sister played together when they were children. I thought that might have been kind of bleedthrough or some kind of characteristic that was..

ELIAS: Not bleedthrough.

KEN: Not bleedthrough?

ELIAS: I would express that just as essences choose a general physical appearance in a particular physical dimension, one that is preferred, which varies but generally speaking there is a choice of a particular appearance. There is also generally a choice of a particular personality type with their..

KEN: Ok, ok..

ELIAS: [inaudible, manic Ken talks over Elias, sorry].

KEN: I recognize the connection there. Ok, ok. I have.. I’m asking a question about Vivette here and.. Did Vivette have focuses in ancient Persia, one or more focuses in ancient Persia?


KEN: And also the ancient Greek colony of Olbia which is up in the Ukraine, did she have a focus there?


KEN: There ya go.

ANN: Cool.

KEN: Cool, and alright, let’s see, I’m just divin’ right.. Ok, ok, This has to do with time travelers. First I need to ask you if I should describe the person that I think is a time traveler because I don’t want to interfere with any thing that at any time, no pun intended, could cause a problem with this person being recognized. So should I just allude to a person I think is a time traveler or..

ELIAS: It matters not.

KEN: Ok ok, I just wanted to check. Ok, there’s this lady, this is a few years back. There’s a lady who I just.. She had.. I think you had mentioned before that sometimes time travelers will take on the persona, ah not the persona but the guise of a homeless person or perhaps somebody that is mentally, considered mentally challenged because they’re very common to be seen in society and somebody wouldn’t take notices like.. would want to pry into what they’re doing because they’re just part of the scenery, you know, homeless people and or schizophrenic people walking down the.. and she, this lady, I would see her in the oddest places but that seemed to fit in with what I’d refer to as my daily appointed rounds. She had, she was, had long either, like, I can’t remember, like white or silver hair. She was always dressed in black. She was very, seemed to be, in very good health ’cause on the hottest miserable humid summer days down in Florida she’d be walking all over the place. I would see her like, one time I saw her like two thirds of the direction out to where I’m living with my relatives at the Area Of Enchantment. I saw her walking out in that direction, it was just so strange, along you know, this highway with nothing else around. And one time when I was on my way to go work at the boatyard, ’cause we, when I was working on the tour boat we’d do annual maintenance and there’s this rough and tumble old, you know, road that leads to the boatyard and I see her walking along there. And I keep, and I was thinking like, I kind of feel like this, is she cataloging me, or aware of me? ’Cause it seemed like there was some kind of connection.

ELIAS: Aware.

KEN: Oh, ok, she was aware of me or something. So this was based on historical (I pronounced it ”hysterical” lol) reference from her future time point of being aware of me and..ok. I’d just kind of be kind of, not, not that I’d say like it was her sole purpose to catalog me or may.. perhaps maybe it was. who knows. Well you’d know! And you’re not gonna tell me. (Ken and Ann crack up).

ELIAS: It was not.

KEN: Ok, it was not but it was part of the..


KEN: She, I assume, when someone is gonna go to a grand endeavor like traveling through time they’re gonna have a big agenda with a lot of things they’re gonna do.


KEN: But that was kinda like: Hey, Oba’s around here I’ll see what he’s up to, perhaps? Ok. (Elias chuckles) Ok that makes sense. So she was aware of me.


KEN: ’Cause I was sayin’ this is just too, too synchronistic in a sense that I was like, I see her in this odd place and this odd place, it’s almost like, She’s kind of like, almost like she knows my schedule or something, you know.

ANN: Is she another focus of Oba?


KEN: Oh! Interesting question, ok.

ANN: I was just curious.. [inaudible, manic Ken talks over Ann, sorry].

KEN: How about how far in the future?

ELIAS: Late twenty third.

KEN: Late twenty third!

ANN: Wow!

KEN: Interesting.

ANN: She’s from.. [inaudible, manic Ken talks over Ann, sorry].

KEN: And ah, really interesting, you know ’cause I.. originally I just noticed her as someone I assumed was perhaps schizophrenic or just a homeless person wandering. After a while I said: No, there’s something too purposeful in what she’s doing and I picked up on it and I noticed the connection.

KEN: Ok, interesting, ok. Here’s another, I’m just flipping around through these [my notes] not in any particular order: The artist Albrecht Durer, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly, [is] Mary / Michael a focus of, I mean, is Durer a focus of Mary / Michael?

ELIAS: Observing.

KEN: Ok, ’cause one of the interesting.. ’cause I saw Mary hold up, haha [inaudible] I’m looking at Mary, yeah I know I’m talking to Elias, but Mary held up her hand in such a way that so reminded me of a self portrait of Durer that I just said: There’s some kind of connection there.


KEN: Ok, ok it was just another one of those things like we were talking about with Macey, a certain gesture of hand that just really struck out at me.


KEN: Ok, this is an interesting question that Tracy / Rafeala came up with: Are there any.. Ok we talk of different blinks of Earth. Are there any pre - Earth blink or you know, let’s say before this particular Earth blink, are there any pre - Earth blink, meaning man made archaeological artifacts in existence presently within this, what we’d call this blink?

ELIAS: From a different blink.

KEN: Yes, yes. I know man made could be kind of a tricky thing ’cause it could be just a rock someone picked up and attached significance to as a, part of a belief or something as opposed to working it as an artifact or something, but yeah.

ELIAS: (Elias had closed Mary’s eyes and began to move Mary’s head from side to side, scanning, quite fascinating to observe!) In a scan of your physical planet, yes, very few.

KEN: I would imagine very few. Would they be readily recognizable or would it almost take some..


KEN: No, ok. Any hints on where to investigate? Or could they actually fluctuate where they’re..

ELIAS: I would express that you would not find them.

KEN: Ok, ok.

ELIAS: They would be so imbedded in your Earth that you would not discover them.

KEN: Ok. Imbedded, you mean like literally down in..

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

KEN: Ok, ok interesting.

ELIAS: Much farther than you would..

KEN: Yeah, not in my little humorous diggings, would come across any.

ELIAS: No, and much farther than you would venture to explore in depth.

KEN: Ok, is there any potential in the future that, that would be referred to as an accident coming across ’em or anything like that? Of course it wouldn’t be an accident.

ELIAS: At this present point, no.

KEN: Ok, That’s interesting, ok thank you. Did the ancient Maya explore Florida? The Mayans that down in, you know, In Mexico, you know, in that part of the Americas. Did they ever, like, venture and maybe coming around the land mass and make it into Florida or did they venture out from the sea?

ELIAS: Not quite that far.

KEN: Not quite that far. Cuba perhaps?

ELIAS: Briefly.

KEN: Right briefly, ok, ’cause that’s not too far from Cozumel, ok.

KEN: Alrighty, oh, my brother David, essence name Thad, has a good friend named Pete and he was very curious to know how many focuses he shares with Pete.

ELIAS: Sixtyfour.

KEN: Sixtyfour, he’ll get a kick out of that ’cause he always felt that they really knew each other when he, you know, when they became friends.

KEN: Oh this is one that Kimi, I don’t know Kimi’s essence name but you probably know who I’m talking about. Kimi was curious, we were talking about Dimin who I fragmented from. Could you tell us who Dimin fragmented of or from as they say?

ELIAS: Dimin’s fragmentation does not incorporate focuses in this dimension.

KEN: Right, of course, I know Dimin is otherdimensional.


KEN: Yeah.

ELIAS: Those focuses would be Aunn, A-U-N-N.

KEN: Uh huh, got it.

ELIAS: And Zaul, Z-A-U-L.

KEN: Interesting, thank you, I appreciate it, I had never considered that before. Ok let’s see what we’ve got here. Oh, here’s just a curiosity; Atlantis is always associated with.. yeah which we.. according to.. is not in this dimension, with a slim potential to be inserted at a later date but not.. the collective hadn’t decided upon that yet, correct? At this point?

ELIAS: Correct.

KEN: Atlantis is always associated with, or is commonly associated with, the Atlantic Ocean area. Is that in association with the Bermuda Triangle because Atlantis was always accessed due to the Bermuda Triangle in that area?

ELIAS: The reason you associate Atlantis with that particular area of the Bermuda Triangle..

KEN: Yes, right.

ELIAS: .. Is that, that area is a vortex so to speak..

KEN: Understood.

ELIAS: ..And there is considerable myth and mystery associated with Atlantis and also with that particular area of your planet and therefore they match..

KEN: Ok, ok. That makes sense.

ELIAS: ..But not that it is actually associated with that particular area.

KEN: Oh, ok. That’s what I was wondering. I was thinking like, well people obviously, people were picking up on, you know, that, that, people knew of Atlantis even if they didn’t know where it was. And I always thought that maybe they were envisioning it through the, through that, through the Bermuda Triangle or something like that. But it’d be more like maybe Regional Area 3 is where they’re accessing it from or, or the knowledge of it per se?

ELIAS: More the knowledge of it.

KEN: Ok, ok, gotcha, ok.

ELIAS: I would express that if there were a physical location..

KEN: Mhm.

ELIAS: ..That it would be attributed to, it would more likely be the Mediterranean.

KEN: Aha! Aha.

ANN: Mmm.

KEN: That would fit in with the Ancient Greeks knowledge of it too from their locale.


KEN: Excellent, thank you, that’s a, that’s a cool clue. I love these clues you know [inaudible].

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

ANN: (chuckles)

KEN: I [inaudible] you, I’ve never.. this just now, it’s not even written down, this never occurred to me. When I first, the first time I ever talked to you I just said: I assume my intent is artistic creativity and I know that’s.. but I wonder if it’s really more.. it isn’t just artistic or you know, writing and music and art, I mean visual art, That maybe it’s being kind of a monk or historian myself who’s actually like a historian of the Shift, - ’cause you had mentioned one time: What will you (the pioneers so to speak) leave for your future time to look back to - if I’m one of the people that tries to, maybe if I’m only doing it non physically; I’m not sitting down writing down stuff all the time but I’m one of these people that’s trying to gather up the energy of what’s going on now, that could be tapped into from the future as, as, by that I’m trying to take part in history like a Herodotus of this age.

ELIAS: But that is artistic also.

KEN: Ok, so that is, [inaudible] so that is part of my artistic intent, correct?


KEN: Ok, cool.

ANN: Cool.

KEN: Ok now I’m saving this for last, my favorite subject: I have been, moreso than ever in the last few years, completely utterly obsessed with extraterrestrials, and you.. and of course that even tied in with when I was asking about my, or actually Viv asked for me about my fragmentation, no no that was me, I’m sorry, I asked about and you said that, you know, gave me the clue that led to Dimin. (Ann asked in her session for me about my Dimin impression which E confirmed. Thanks Ann!) Funny thing though. You don’t do parlor tricks but you sneak in one when one’s not expecting it (Ann chuckles) ’cause I found out a few years ago I totally forgot that I actually, on a message board, I mentioned something about thinking, or, wondering if I fragmented of Dimin, completely forgot that, literally completely forgot that and when I asked you the question (about my fragmentation) you gave me the clue that led to Dimin. (Elias’ particular clue showed he knew, even though I’d forgotten, that I’d considered Dimin previously!) So, (Ann chuckles) you were actually slipping me a little parlor trick. As you said you’ll do it when people are least expecting it, Right?

ELIAS: Correct.

KEN: Ok, thanks, I thought so. I appreciate that. Ok so anyway, so the thing with the aliens, and as you said and I took note of this, and I remember at the last group session you said it wouldn’t be so much a case of first contact of all the aliens coming here so to speak, but us, you know, expanding outward. So I wonder if my.. but I still have that.. really really, you know, I just like: I want to see.. you know I know they are other focuses of us, and other dimensions and whatnot but I assume also in this dimension there’s..

ELIAS: Yes there are.

KEN: Many many many.. [unintelligible].

ELIAS: There is a difference between extraterrestrials and otherdimensional beings. There are extraterrestrials..

KEN: Yeah and that would fit this dimension correct?


KEN: Ok, gotcha. And I so much wanna, you know, I was like: I want to meet one. I want to see one. I’m just like, you know I just love the, all the things about flying saucers and all that stuff. Even though I know what I’m seeing is not what they look like in their, well the otherdimensional ones. But I guess probably in some parts of this universe and as you said they’re not really particularly more advanced than us as some people think they might be grandly more advanced but I guess some of them have figured out how to travel through space as opposed to..


KEN: ..And have an interest that would, you know, just like the time traveler in a sense, you know, cataloging, that would have a look see at the development of this planet just for fun I guess, you know?


KEN: For curiosity or exploration.


ANN: Have you met one yet, an extraterrestrial?


KEN: Ok, that’s what I thought. I remember when we were asking about extraterrestrials among us but you know there’s [unintelligible] almost like, I guess they keep a low profile (Ken chuckles) so that we don’t really notice them.

ANN: Can I ask one?

KEN: Absolutely!

ANN: I had this very odd, I don’t even know if it’s a memory of not having a memory but I was talking to Azura on the phone and she mentioned something about ETs and I had a memory that maybe I thought I had seen one or a triangle or ship, but then it doesn’t seem like it was a memory? Was something going on there? Was I having a memory or was I just like completely..


KEN: A projection perhaps?

ANN: Wait a minute, I was having a memory?


ANN: Oh cool! (Ann and Ken high five!)

KEN: Cool!

(Ann and Ken high five and chuckle!)

ANN: I don’t know what I was having a memory of, it was so weird but I was..

ELIAS: Remember..

ANN: ..Having a memory.

ELIAS: ..Memories are experiences..

ANN: ..In the moment.

ELIAS: ..That are held in the body consciousness.

(Ann and Ken say: ”Oh!” in unison).

ELIAS: Are stored.

KEN: It could be a future memory, or, no?


ANN: No no no the memory’s stored.

KEN: Oh of course, it would already be [inaudible].

ELIAS: They are stored in the body consciousness and for every experience that you have generated..

ANN: I can [inaudible].

ELIAS: .. Is stored within the body consciousness and you can access any memory.

ANN: So let’s just say my memory, which isn’t necessarily that great, but what I can remember.

ELIAS: Objective recall.

ANN: Ok, thank you.

KEN: Ok, excellent [inaudible].

ANN: Good distinction. So my objective recall compared to my actual body memory, how.. what percentage.. is that like a fraction of even one percent of what I actually can recall versus my body memory storage?


KEN: I’d say it varies.

ELIAS: I would express that you do incorporate a fair percentage, that is not to say that you necessarily choose to access every memory but of memories that you actually could easily access merely by recalling I would express that approximately seventy..

ANN: Wow cool.

ELIAS: ..To seventy six percent of your experiences you incorporate the ability to easily objectively recall.

ANN: So if I want to recall this I bring [inaudible].

ELIAS: And I would express yes it does vary with every individual.

KEN: Ok, and then it has to do with noticing the amount you access then or depending on how you fine tune your own noticing?

ELIAS: Define that.

KEN: That, let’s say that there’s a [unintelligible] they say there’s this percentage but it would depend, you know, that the information would be there but you wouldn’t catch it but if you were like working on. you know like, as if one was schooling one’s self one could decide: Ok I endeavor to notice more and when I notice more I can access more memory?

ELIAS: Theoretically yes. Practically speaking perhaps..

KEN: Ok, ok.

ELIAS: ..But perhaps not.

KEN: Ok.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual..

KEN: Of course.

ELIAS: ..And some individuals generate a choice to lock that access to certain aspects or percentages of memory and therefore..

KEN: It would suit a persons intent.

ELIAS: ..To an extent even if they were attempting to objectively recall that is not to say that they would necessarily be successful.

KEN: Understood, ’cause that perhaps, like, conflict with other agendas of an intent perhaps, or?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. No.

KEN: No, ok.

ELIAS: That is an issue of.. this delves into a subject once again of the genuine self but in the capacity of protection of the genuine self and what an individual perceives as a significant to the genuine self in experiences that have been expressed in their lifetime and they may choose in many different capacities to lock some of those memories in an action of protection of the genuine self.

KEN: Oh, understood.

ANN: Protection. I would think it would be more protection of the ego than the genuine self.


ANN: No? interesting.

KEN: I guess it it has to do with separation.

ELIAS: For the threat is perceived to the genuine self..

ANN: Oh, interesting.

ELIAS: ..And therefore now I will express those memories can be unlocked. They are much more difficult to unlock than other memories but once again it depends upon the individual and whether they actually move to a point of awareness in which they recognize that that threat no longer exists..

KEN: Ok, ok.

ELIAS: ..Which some individuals may and some individuals may perceive that that threat continues to exist throughout their lifetime.

KEN: Ok, ok.

ANN: So was my little memory of my non memory of this little ET encounter, does that pose a threat to my genuine self if I were to try to remember that?

ELIAS: No, not any longer and this is the reason that you have tapped into it.

ANN: So cool, so how if I want to get more, what did you call that, conscious recollection or what did you call that?

ELIAS: Objective recall.

KEN: Yeah I was thinking, just think of like: O.R..

ANN: O.R..

KEN: O.R. like Operating Room.

ANN: Could I do something to get more objective recall of that? Meditating? Or, I’m not a meditator, or.

ELIAS: You can, or you can visualize.

ANN: Ok.

ELIAS: And in that you can even incorporate props.

ANN: Ok.

ELIAS: At times props can be very instrumental in generating recall for memory recall in like manner to associations and old feelings are triggered by senses.

KEN: Ok.

ELIAS: Therefore if you are inputting the senses it can stimulate triggering objective recall. Therefore props such as pictures or objects can prompt..

KEN: A mnemonic sort of thing.

ELIAS: ..The recall or it prompts the body consciousness as to allow that memory to be triggered.

KEN: Why focal points work so well, correct?


KEN: Ok, ok. So based on that.. can I throw in my imagery?

ANN: Yeah. hop on in.

KEN: Its a.. well I had.. you know, depending on how the time goes I’ll try not to get too carried away. This one I had fairly recently, a really, really intense dream where I woke up like: Wow! Ok in this dream I remember actually the directions of north, south, what.. I was facing west. It was dusk. There was a shopping mall of some kind and a railroad track near it. I was in a vehicle, I don’t remember who with, and I looked up to the west and it was becoming dusk and I saw a flying saucer type ufo but instead of flying horizontally it was flying vertically moving like this. (Ken makes a hand gesture of a craft flying on its side) Then all of a sudden there was a glow over in.. oh this.. the railroad track and the other side of the railroad track were woods and the railroad tracks ran north to south and there were woods but I could see a glow in the woods and I knew this craft landed there. And then all of a sudden I’m into.. and it was kind of swampy and I was putting on boots and I was suddenly in the vicinity of.. there was an American special forces agent, I mean, a soldier, and he looked up and this is.. you know, I was surprised ’cause I consider these fighting men who fear nothing and he said.. he was kind of.. he goes: This is kind of weirding me out. You know I guess he was kind of looking at it as almost a supernatural kind of thing and I was thinking like: Wow thats.. I wouldn’t think a special forces guy would be afraid of anything. And ah, I said: You know what? I just said: I gotta find out what this is all about and I was puttin’ on boots and I was getting ready to trek out into that swamp and go out and get right up next to this vehicle and see what it was all about and then I woke up and it was [an] intensely intense dream, almost like one of those, like, projection dreams. Can you.. you got a comment on that, with that one? Is that just ’cause [of] my love of exploration, or?

ELIAS: It is very much connected to your curiosity..

KEN: Ok, my curiosity.

ELIAS: .. And your desire.

KEN: To, like I was saying earlier. I want to, just want to see what that’s all about.


KEN: I so want to see what that’s all about, you know, and see for myself.

ELIAS: It is a validation to you that that is possible to do.

KEN: Ok.

ELIAS: But it is also very much connected with that tremendous curiosity and desire which the the dream imagery is a reflection of that.

KEN: Ok, and another one, this might possibly connect to Vivette here. I dreamed, and all of a sudden there was this spherical ufo; translucent, pink, like it was glass but it had like white, ah, almost like cake frosting in various little patterns on the outside of it. Most unusual ufo I could ever imagine. It comes flying in close and I went up close to it and I looked and I said: Oh, you can see inside. The next thing you know I could.. I was inside and there was a pilot, it was a female pilot who later reminded, made me think of Viv here. A female pilot who was dressed in kind of a fluffy white, like a coat, almost like a fur coat and it was fluffy and white. And she took me for a travel, you know, a travel or for a ride in the craft and then brought me back. Does that just fall into the same.. was that, was that, is Vivette an ET pilot in another focus?


ANN: Was that me, in his dream?


(Ann and Ken laugh exuberantly and high five!)

KEN: So cool, so cool. It didn’t hit me at the time but later I thought..

ANN: Ohhh that’s soo fun!

KEN: ..Wow that really looked like Vivette because Ann has a.. a.. [an] avatar picture on one of the message boards. And when you posted that avatar pic I said: You look like the lady pilot out of the spaceship!

ANN: And you know what’s so cool is Jennifer last night was saying this fluffy white.. she saw that about me, this fluffy, remember?

KEN: Yeah, pickin’ up.

ANN: And that reminds me of Jennifer describing, Jennifer is going to be drawing Mary an ET picture? Or did she say that last night? Some kind of a picture? Or was it a dragon?

KEN: I thought she was gonna draw a dragon.

ANN: No, it was a dragon that had electric glowing lines or something. Is that somehow connected? Jennifer’s picture that she’s gonna draw Mary? With glowing lines? I don’t know but.


ANN: It feels like it’s all connected somehow. Oh this is so much fuuun!

KEN: I can, I can tell you this because Mary’s away for the moment. Jennifer came up with a really neat idea to present like little gestures of appreciation for Mary. Mary, as you know I mean like, Mary you know, one of the most important people in my life, [inaudible] life changing influence on me. But Jennifer came up with the idea for gestures so what I did is I drew. I mean I took an envelope, I sealed the envelope, it’s empty inside but where the stamp goes there’s a little tiny portrait in place of where a stamp would be.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

KEN: Of course she won’t see that till tomorrow or the next day but I think she’ll get a kick out of that.

ELIAS: Ha ha.

KEN: And that’s in honor of Mary pushing the envelope.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

ANN: Ah very nice. I have a couple more quick questions..

KEN: Cool, I’m all good, thanks.

ANN: ..Susan from the forum. What’s her essence name?

ELIAS: Arrya.

KEN: Oh, that’s pretty.


ANN: Great, and then one last thing, you said Arthur’s essence name is Roth. Is that my dad? Is that the same essence as my dad?


ANN: It’s a different one.


ANN: I guess we’re done. God that was so much fun Elias.

KEN: Oh is this still like the minute’s time, I can throw in one last little quickie? There’s our friend Alexi had a curiosity question. She wanted to know if anybody could ask: It’s a curiosity about fluoridation in water, if that would affect the pineal gland and possibly affect shifting.


KEN: Ok.

ANN: Ok.

KEN: That’s cool.

ANN: Elias muah muah muah love you!

KEN: Bravo bravo bravo!

ANN: Yaaay thank you!

(Ann and Ken applaud).

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you both in tremendous encouragement. Go forth with my tremendous affection.

ANN: Thank you muah!

KEN: Thank you very much, same to you!

ELIAS: Au revoir.

ANN and KEN: Au revoir.

Copyright 2011 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.