Session 403

Aspects/Who Is This Person?


“Aspects/Who Is This Person?”
“Suicide/Where You Are, You Are”

Wednesday, May 26, 1999-1   © 1999
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Jen (Margarite).
Elias arrives at 11:46 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Greetings! (Smiling at Jen)

JEN:  Hello!  It’s nice to be with you, Elias, and it’s always nice to be with Mary as well — with both of you, I guess. (Elias chuckles)

Let’s see.  I wanted to acknowledge the energy that you’ve been sending to my sister, which I think has been quite helpful in helping her reduce some of the trauma she’s been going through as of late.

ELIAS:  Individuals objectively many times do not realize that as they project energy and are requesting helpfulness, they shall receive.  In this, we are quite accommodating and responsive to you all.  As you ask, we are responding.

JEN:  So, I’m curious as to how I might be able to — in trying to send my sister energy — help her see a little bit more light than darkness.  How can I be a little more focused on sending that energy to her, maybe not in knowing, but in the hope that she’ll receive it?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that your most efficient action of helpfulness and supportiveness is to be focusing upon self and acceptance, and recognizing that within your acceptance of another individual, you are recognizing that their choices are their reality, and recognizing — in focusing upon self — the areas that you place judgment upon another individual’s choices.  For I am aware that I express to you all many times that your most efficient expression is to be focusing upon self, and I am also aware that you are not necessarily always understanding how turning your attention to self may be helpful to another individual.  But this type of situation presents a very good opportunity to be an example in what I am expressing to you.

Let us view this situation presently.  Miora moves in a direction of extreme confusion presently, and in the whirlwind of this confusion is not viewing her choices and is limiting her choices more and more, closing in the energy more and more.  In this, there are expressions in the direction objectively of many elements of reality which are unacceptable and in which other individuals, holding strongly in alignment with mass belief systems, place much judgment.  Certain behaviors are not acceptable within your officially accepted reality.

In this, as she moves within her confusion, she rails against the mass expression, and in this railing against the mass beliefs, she also is accomplishing quite efficiently what she seeks.  She holds within this now a great lack of acceptance and trust in self, and therefore she seeks to be reinforcing this through outside elements, and in moving into the direction of opposing mass belief systems and rocking the boat, so to speak, she also accomplishes receiving the reinforcement that she seeks.  She already feels and believes that she is inadequate and is making wrong and bad choices, and reinforces this by expressing the potential for creating MORE choices that shall be viewed as bad and wrong....

JEN:  By herself, or....

ELIAS:  And by other individuals!

Aligning with mass belief systems, most individuals shall offer her the response that she seeks if she is expressing to them, “I wish to disengage intentionally.  I wish not to be continuing within this focus.  I shall be committing the act of suicide.”

And the response from other individuals shall be, “Oh, no!  Do not be engaging this action!  This is unacceptable!” and this shall provide her with the reinforcement that she seeks.  She already is viewing herself within her choices as unacceptable, and in presenting herself in unacceptable manners to other individuals, they shall also reinforce this unacceptability within her.

Within her interaction with myself, I have offered acceptance in these movements and have expressed to her — as she is very aware — that if she is choosing to be engaging this action, it is merely a choice, but that it shall be providing her with little difference, for she may be choosing to engage her challenges within physical focus and her movement into acceptance of self within physical focus or within nonphysical focus, but where she is, she is.

JEN:  I understand.  Okay, I had this meditation experience maybe a month ago, and when I looked down — I was sort of stretched out like this — and when I looked down, my legs had hair on them, and a hoof, and it looked like an animal’s legs, but I don’t think the rest of my body was an animal.  Not that I got that far, because when I saw my legs, I was just a bit freaked out!  Snapped myself right out of that meditative state!  I was curious if you could offer some insight into that little experience that I shared with myself.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I shall express to you, be not worried!  You are not occupying the form of a creature or what you term to be an animal within another focus, for within the choice of essence, you do not choose to be manifest as a creature within physical focus.

But what you have presented yourself with in this experience is the beginnings of offering yourself a genuine empathic experience, exercising your inner sense — your empathic sense — and allowing yourself to be merging with another element of your reality, a creature, and allowing yourself the experience of that.

As you are aware, I have offered exercises in the area of engaging your empathic sense objectively in mergence with any other element within your reality.  Creatures, objects, plants ... it matters not, for all of these elements hold consciousness.  In those experiences, you allow yourself to explore more, not only your abilities, but also more of your reality, for all of these elements are part, so to speak, of your reality.  You are creating of all of them.  Therefore, they are elements of you, and this offers you the opportunity to explore more of you.

It is amusing within these experiences that you begin this mergence, and you view quite realistically, objectively, your mergence with another element of consciousness, and you become frightened and pull back.  I express to you that these are all creations of your own and are elements of yourself.  Therefore, you may easily merge with them and not be moving into the area of fearfulness, for you shall not be harming yourself, and you also shall not lose yourself! (Chuckling)

JEN:  Okay.  Then yesterday I did this hypnosis thing, and I’m not quite sure.  What I originally saw ... the first thing I saw was a guy — I don’t know, maybe he was in his thirties or forties — and he seemed to be like from a Grecian time, like he was wearing ... not a robe, but it was a robe, but it didn’t come down past his knees, and he had some sort of crown thingamabob on his head, and I’m not sure if that was me or not.  I seemed to be on this hill — maybe it was England or someplace green, and I know there’s other places that are green besides England — and looking down at something.  But then from that, I seemed to ... when I started to figure out where I was as a kid in this particular focus, it was more related to a castle, and in this castle was me as a young boy, and as the young boy grew, he was this king, and he was kind of a jerk — he was definitely a jerk — but whatever.  I’m not quite sure ... I’m looking for a little validation or verification about that.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I am aware that within the beginning throes of your investigations within physical focus into these areas of consciousness, it is unfamiliar and therefore holds an element of being suspect to you.  In this, I shall validate to you that you have accomplished viewing momentarily another focus that you hold of your essence, which is also you ... although as you are aware, it is also not you.  In this, you have offered yourself an experimentation in allowing yourself to touch your foot into the water, and you have allowed yourself a moment of peeking into more of your reality.

This is your beginning point.  Now that you have accomplished this action temporarily, you may be allowing yourself more relaxation in this area, knowing that you ARE accomplishing.  This is not what you within physical terms express as imagination.  It IS reality, and you ARE viewing another focus.  You also allow yourself the opportunity to view the ease in which you may access this information and these experiences.  It is not difficult, and you may be allowing yourself quite efficiently to be sliding into these experiences quite easily.

As you move into viewing and exploring these different focuses, be remembering, first of all, this type of experiencing is fun!  And also be reminding yourself to be aware that these are choices of experiences of other individuals and they are not right or wrong or good or bad, and although you place judgment upon them within your individual beliefs, all of these experiences lend energy to your own experiences.  In some, as another individual may be viewed as a scoundrel, that focus provides the output of energy that you need not be creating, for it is already being experienced within another focus, therefore allowing you the liberty to be exploring experiences in different areas.

JEN:  Right.  So, one thing I got from that little journey yesterday was this little ... well, it wasn’t so little, but this wave of sadness almost, and it wasn’t necessarily that I was feeling sad for this individual.  It was just a sadness that seemed to certainly embrace a little bit of that particular focus, and it also seemed to be a part of other focuses.  I’ve noticed it in this focus that I’m in currently, and whenever I’ve done therapy or whatever, I’ve paid attention to that, but I’ve also known that it’s much more than just this particular focus.  It has a lot to do with other focuses, and I’m wondering if you can offer me any insight as to what that might be about.  Maybe I’ll find it when I do hypnosis, but I’m curious.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, what you are noticing presently is a commonality in energy which is expressed in several focuses that you hold.  Now; in this noticing, I express to you also that you are offering yourself information as to the workings, so to speak, of focuses of essence.

I have expressed many times that you are affecting of all of your focuses, and all of your focuses are affecting of you.  There is an interplay and exchange of energy which occurs continuously, but within a particular focus, you may not hold an objective understanding of the workings of this interplay.

As you begin to explore other focuses, you also allow yourself the noticing of the commonalities in the experiences and the feelings of these focuses, and you draw to yourself the noticing of energy which is expressed in other focuses which is similar to your own.

The reason you magnate to these focuses is that they are lending energy to you, and it is not being reconfigured by you in a manner to be beneficial to you in any other direction.  It is being accepted by you in the manner that it is expressed, and the reason you accept it in this manner is that you identify with that expression, in a manner of speaking.  It is familiar to you.  You are understanding of that energy already, and therefore you are not reconfiguring that energy, but merely allowing yourself to draw to yourself that sameness in energy.

Now; I have also expressed previously that in viewing and exploring other focuses, in noticing these commonalities and these similarities in expressions, you offer yourselves the opportunity to be reconfiguring that energy, for many times the energy that you allow to be not reconfigured lends to an intensification of energy that you view as negative or conflicting or lending to what you identify as unhappiness.

Now; once you have identified your “dead mouse playing,” you shall also realize that many times within physical focus, as you do hold a fascination with conflict and drama and all of those elements that you label as negative, it is quite common that you be magnating to accepting energy that shall perpetuate those types of experiences.

In this, the reason that you are noticing within this focus is that you are turning your attention objectively in this focus to self, and you are allowing yourself to be moving through certain issues and moving yourself more fully into an expression of acceptance and trust of self in a genuine manner.  In this, you emphasize certain areas of your experience that gain your attention, for they are uncomfortable.

In this, you have addressed to elements of your focus within your reality that you create frustration within.  You have occupied your attention for a considerable time framework in addressing to this creation of frustration, and you have allowed yourself quite efficiently to be moving through much of this issue which creates your expression of frustration and conflict.

Now you move into more of a quietness and a calmness within your focus, as you HAVE moved through much of your frustration creations.

JEN:  Right, and the calmness is ... I wonder, is it ... I know it’s genuine ‘cause I can feel it, but then I also worry.  It’s like the calm before the storm or something, you know?


JEN:  Which I know I’m not trusting self if I’m thinking that, I suppose.

ELIAS:  Let us continue within this examination.

In this, be acknowledging to yourself that you ARE accomplishing and that you HAVE accomplished greatly in this area, but you have chosen to be moving in directions singularly, choosing one area to be addressing in each time framework.  You have addressed to the area of frustration and have allowed yourself more of a calmness, and now you move yourself into addressing to deeper issues of acceptance and trust of self, in which you now identify certain feelings of sadness.

These are deeper areas within self in which you address to certain separations that you have created within your focus — within self — in the areas of not accepting certain elements of self.  You are beyond the frustration now, and you are moving yourself into the expression of looking more fully to self and your expression.

JEN:  So does the hypnosis, this looking at past focuses, lend helpfulness then in this current project?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JEN:  Hmm.  Okay.  The calmness is wonderful.  I feel like it is definitely creating a little bit more connectedness, and that is my hope and my intention, ‘cause it feels like there’s been quite a bit of conflict or trauma in my life to this ... I don’t know, maybe up to the last couple of ... the last year or so, and I need to trust that.  I want to trust that.

ELIAS:  Ah, but look to yourself and offer yourself the reinforcement and the validation!  You have moved quite efficiently, and you occupy an expression of a very different energy now than you were experiencing previously within our interactions, are you not?

JEN:  Oh, our interactions?  You mean a couple of years in my time?  Yes, that’s true ... that’s true.  It’s nice.  It’s exciting!

I remember reading a transcript about you describing different aspects of self that — in your particular case — would come through, some stronger, some not, and recognizing in my own self what seems to be different aspects of self.  There’s honestly some aspects that I don’t really like very much, that I wonder “who is this person?” and whether it’s just negativity or an intensity or meanness or just bitchiness or whatever it is, and I feel like I want to run away from this aspect of who I am!  (I know this feeling, Jen!)

It’s not there all the time, but it’s been something that I’ve been noticing more, you know, like I’m not necessarily comfortable in my own skin at times — not all the time, but just certain times.  It’s strange.  It feels like it’s very different aspects of me.

ELIAS:  Quite, but all of these aspects of you provide you with different types of experiences and different types of expressions that within any one particular aspect may not necessarily be expressed, and may hold latent qualities that are expressed within a different aspect.

Let me express to you that each of these aspects present themselves, as they are all elements of you.  But within your beliefs, which are quite strong, you look to certain aspects and certain expressions that you are creating and you express to yourself, “These are acceptable, these are very good, and these are very beneficial,” and you look to certain other expressions and you create judgments upon them in expressing that they are not acceptable.

JEN:  They seem more difficult.  They just seem not calm, not easy.  I’m sort of fighting myself when I’m in those places, versus flowing.

ELIAS:  Ah, but you are also offering yourself the opportunity to incorporate balance, and to be recognizing that you may incorporate all of these different aspects and different expressions and you may incorporate a flow within them all.

If you are choosing to be creating of a focus in which your only expression is to be calm continuously, I shall be suggesting to you that you be associating yourself with a monastery, (chuckling) which you have not incorporated into your probabilities within this particular focus!  What you have offered yourself within this focus is not to be limiting yourself, but to be incorporating all of you, all of the colors of you that create the entirety of your picture.

You are moving in the direction of allowing yourself acceptance.  In this, you hold no difficulty in accepting the acceptable areas of yourself.  Therefore, you begin to draw your attention to those areas that you view to be unacceptable, and this becomes forefront in your attention, and you begin to notice more and more these expressions within those areas that you view as unacceptable.  But what you are attempting to be accomplishing is to be reining in those areas and to be altering them and fitting them into the other expressions.

“Let me hold anger and sadness and restlessness and place them into the box of calm.”  But they are not calm!  “Let me place the storm that creates lightening within the sky and rains heavily upon the earth and place it into the box of sunshine.”  But look to your expression of your creations within your weather.  Your storm is creating of wondrous growth!  The electricity which is generated in your lightening, which is quite dramatic, also stimulates certain elements within your physical environment, producing a chemical reaction in stimulating certain elements of nitrogen within your earth, which projects your plants to grow more efficiently.

Therefore, each holds purposefulness in its expression.  Therefore, why shall you box certain expressions into other expressions and deny the fullness of all of your expressions?  Incorporate them all and be accepting of them all, as you are accepting of yourself in balance and in its entirety, not merely sections of yourself.

JEN:  Okay.  I think the aspect of restlessness, of fear, of what I will do next in work and so forth, is one that I’m a little scared to give a lot of attention to when I don’t have so much of a plan, and I guess I don’t want that feeling to become so overwhelming that it paralyzes me or that I force myself into doing something that maybe isn’t what is most beneficial only to satisfy a short-term feeling or a reaction to an emotion. (Pause)

ELIAS:  I have expressed to you many times to be attending to the now, for you lean in the direction of projecting yourself....

JEN:  I’ve been doing a good job of staying in the now!

ELIAS:  Quite, and I am acknowledging of this!  Therefore, I am expressing to you, do not move yourself once again into the projection of worrying what shall be.

JEN:  Yeah, okay.  I will do my best. (Elias chuckles)

There’s a lot going on right now with work and a possible site here in Brattleboro, something that I’ve wanted for many, many years, and in many ways it seems that things are aligned in a manner such that it would seem rather easy for it to take place right now — finances to a degree, a site, a landlord.  I’m not sure how much to push it because I want it very much to happen, but I want it to happen naturally in the right way, not me pushing it or me making it happen only because it satisfies some desire on my own part to help this community, and maybe it won’t help this community.  I haven’t been pushing it too much, I don’t think, but I’m just not sure whether I should just let it go.  This is sort of the week where we need to either decide to let it go or decide to keep pushing.

ELIAS:  I express to you, you have created a confusion in yourself by moving yourself into a direction of right and wrong, and identifying ease or effortlessness with no action.

I express to you that effortlessness is not the incorporation of no action.  It is a joyfulness in action.

Therefore, I express to you that you may easily access your answer in this area within this present now.  Look to your own expression — what you want and what you desire and your motivation — and in this, not placing judgment upon your ACTION.

You have confused yourself merely in the direction of expressing to yourself that if an element is “supposed to be,” it shall occur effortlessly, and effortless is synonymous with no action.  It shall merely appear, and it shall appear naturally.  I express to you, in part, you are correct.  In part, you have neglected to be including the action.  In this, you may be incorporating expelling energy and action to be accomplishing your desire, and this is NOT the lack of effortlessness!  You have already begun creating your effortlessness in this very respect, but you are looking to the materialization of certain elements with no action.  I express to you that you may be incorporating action, and this may be following with your intent and your desire.

Vic’s note:  Here, the bird is squawking, the dogs are barking, and people are yelling.  What happened was, one of Mary’s dogs got loose and there was a lot of commotion outside, including a dogfight.

JEN:  Okay.  Gee, there’s lots of things happening outside right now.  I’ll try not to focus on it.

Well, one thing that I have not been too clear on, and maybe I will get greater clarity, is that there’s a part of me that has a lot of energy and that spends a lot of time with that energy doing things, needing to do things, whatever, and there’s another part of me that LOVES to do nothing.  I don’t want that to create conflict, so I’m not focusing too much on it right now, but it is something I’m aware of ... and how to balance all of this energy on one level, which I’ve put into this company for the last ten years, and yet another desire to not expend a lot of energy, just to be.  Some part of me is tired, you know?  And that’s kind of when I know that this is probably my last focus, and that’s an okay thing.

ELIAS:  Quite, and this is experienced quite commonly with many individuals that are designated as a final focus, but you may be incorporating both.  You are offering yourself the opportunity to be incorporating balance, as I have stated.

JEN:  Thanks.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JEN:  Well, I guess I don’t have any other questions, unless there’s anything you want to offer me.

ELIAS:  I express encouragement in the direction that you have been incorporating and continue to be incorporating, for in this movement, you are offering yourself a continuation of validation in your abilities, in your accomplishments, and also in a recognition of more of your own trust of self.

In this, be remembering that this is not the elimination of your emotional involvements within yourself — or expressions — and it is not the creation of complete neutrality, but is the offering of wider awareness, greater abilities within your experiences, and the freedom to be expressive of yourself within your acceptance and trust.

You already are beginning to be acknowledging this accomplishment to yourself, for you have viewed within yourself the dramatic effects that you may be creating within self in offering yourself this trust and acceptance.

You may now move into the area and direction of recognizing how very helpful you may be to other individuals through your expression of trust and acceptance, for as an automatic byproduct of looking to self, you also begin to be accepting of other individuals, and THIS is the expression of the straight little sapling.

JEN:  Yeah, that’s a good story.

ELIAS:  And in this, you are more affecting than you realize.

JEN:  That’s nice.  It’s funny.  I think sometimes, with our egos in this focus, we want to be validated by helping others, whether it’s in a therapeutic role or ... and I know I’ve asked you a couple of times, “How can I be helpful to others?”

ELIAS:  By being helpful to yourself. (Chuckling)

JEN:  Yeah, it’s kind of funny.  It’s nice.

ELIAS:  In this, as I have stated, I offer acknowledgment to you in this and a continuation of encouragement.  Worry not for Miora; I am interactive.  Concentrate your energy upon self, and this shall be the most efficient direction in supportiveness.  I express to you this day great affection, and anticipate our next meeting.

JEN:  As do I.

ELIAS:  And you may offer my objective expression to Miora also.

JEN:  Okay.

ELIAS:  To you this day, I bid you a very loving au revoir.

JEN:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:36 PM.

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