Session 1832

Dream Imagery


“Dream Imagery”

Thursday, September 1, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus)

(Elias’ arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Hi, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAUL: I’ll say the same. How’s that?

ELIAS: Very well!

PAUL: Hey, you were in my dream last night. What were you trying to communicate as a message to me by your appearance in my dream?

ELIAS: No message. (Chuckles)

PAUL: We were talking about some of the questions I had for today, but I didn’t get a clear response; so, maybe we’ll talk about that when we get to those questions. There was one that I have to ask you about. You were talking about some names, and you mentioned my dog’s name, Lucky, and it was in reference to something associated with horse betting, I think. Were you telling me to bet on a horse named Lucky?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! No, but this may be YOUR imagery.

PAUL: My imagery of what?

ELIAS: Offering yourself information in an unusual manner that may be an avenue for you to practice trusting yourself in different types of actions and that would be evidence that you actually are creating your reality.

PAUL: Oh, you mean like actually betting on a horse named Lucky and seeing him win?


PAUL: That kind of makes sense, I think. One of the dreams I had — which you mentioned in my dream last night, also — was a scene where I befriended a large white falcon and fed him, and he rested on my arm. What was that imagery?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: I knew you were going to ask that! (Elias laughs) The impression is it’s a sign of my further development with my freedom and strength, associated with my overall movement toward the Shift.

ELIAS: Yes, and also an expression of gentleness, allowing yourself to be expressing the gentleness with yourself that you also would express with the bird. The bird is powerful, and your impression is correct, but another element is how you interact with the bird, and the gentleness that you express as the bird rests upon you.

PAUL: Am I on the path of highest potential to creating the stock St. Elias Mines going up to something like nine or ten dollars a share by the end of this year?

ELIAS: That would be your choice.

PAUL: What does it look like I’m choosing? (Laughs) I think I’m choosing movement along those lines presently.

ELIAS: Presently, yes, but that also can change. My suggestion to you is to pay attention to yourself in being flexible. The flexibility that you express and the cooperation that you express shall increase the potential for what you want to create.

PAUL: I had a dream where I was meeting this individual from what seemed like a Lord of the Rings type dimension. He was from a kingdom called Glennoe, a soldier, and when I met him, he drew maps for us of the surrounding kingdoms. We were going there to get help for this one place that was under siege. Was that a focus of mine?


PAUL: I must have had several focuses there. I knew I had focuses there, I just couldn’t remember the names of my focuses there.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAUL: Why did I present that dream to myself?

ELIAS: As a presentment of another focus. And what is your impression beyond that?

PAUL: That’s why I asked you. He kept telling me to avoid these balloon monsters along this one road, and I never saw them because we obviously avoided that. When I went to this hotel for a work conference, they had papier-mâché balloons in the lobby. What was going on with that comment about balloons?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

PAUL: I don’t have any idea! Something that was dealing with inflating or other-dimensional movement or something.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In actuality, the correlation of these imageries is to be aware, not necessarily “beware,” but to be aware of what you present to yourself that is right before you, to pay attention to obvious imagery.

PAUL: So, since I was at that hotel for the conference, I should be aware of... I don’t understand. The comment in the dream was beware of the balloon monsters, like avoid that path, and I was at that hotel for the conference. I don’t understand the relationship.

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you. In the dream, you are presenting imagery to yourself to warn you concerning manifestations that may be dangerous but would be presented obviously. In the objective imagery, you are presenting obvious manifestations to yourself. Therefore, what you are actually expressing to yourself is not necessarily concerning some expression or manifestation that you should be wary of or should not be wary of, but more to be paying attention to what is obvious, for many times the obvious can be overlooked.

PAUL: Well, I saw the balloons right away and I drew the connection pretty quick that they were balloons associated with imagery in my dream. But beyond that, I didn’t understand the meaning for the balloons being in that hotel.

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you. It is not a matter of analyzing what other meaning is presented with the balloons. It is merely imagery that you are presenting to yourself to pay attention to the obvious.

PAUL: I think I did that, because I was quite aware and made note even in my dream journal about seeing the balloons in the hotel.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but you also were attempting to attach some other meaning rather than merely noticing the obvious.

PAUL: That was enough, then, right?

ELIAS: Yes. At times you confuse yourself, for you begin generating this action of analyzing and attempting to present to yourself some cosmic reason for the imagery that you may present yourself. Many times the imagery is merely to be noticed for the obvious.

PAUL: I understand. I had a dream about talking with you about the South Atlantic portal configuration, and you were saying something about the orientation of a dimensional plane, that it made no difference what orientation it was. Is that true about the orientation?


PAUL: I had another dream about, I thought, two female focuses of mine. Their names were Lorelei and Lellyn, in King Arthur’s time. They had something to do with time travel. Could you explain? Were they two focuses of mine, and why were they trying to communicate time travel to me?

ELIAS: These are not actual focuses. This is imagery that you generated yourself in your own type of investigation of this subject matter, for this subject matter generates somewhat of an intrigue with you. In that, you have created this imagery in an attempt to be exploring different types of methods to engage that action.

PAUL: Was the reason I saw King Arthur having a blow to his head, an injury to his head, does that correlate with my belief that sometimes if I have some type of other dimensional travel in my dreams, I wake up with a headache?


PAUL: That makes sense. Here’s anther dream that I didn’t fully understand, but I know it’s full of imagery. We were in England with my brother and some other people I knew from the Elias group, and you were handing out checks for $65,000. Why did I present that imagery to myself of you handing out checks for that money?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: The simplest thing that hits me is that that relates to the stock that I bought called St. Elias Mines.

ELIAS: No. It is associated with value.

PAUL: Oh, and the information that we have is of great value.


PAUL: I agree! (Elias laughs) A friend of mine whose name is Eva, what’s her essence name? She’s an online friend of mine. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Raand, R-A-A-N-D (RAND).

PAUL: She’s a much younger individual than I am. Why is she apparently so interested in chatting with me?

ELIAS: What is your confusion in association with age?

PAUL: Just that. She’s half my age, and I can tell from the picture she sent me, very pretty. Even though I’m a big source of science and Elias-type information, I’m wondering why that appears to be the big excitement and interest on her part, if that’s just all it is, that she likes me for my knowledge, truthfully.

ELIAS: And perhaps also is attracted to the energy that you are projecting.

PAUL: So, she’s attracted to my knowledge and my energy?


PAUL: So this is sincere on her part, then.

ELIAS: Yes. And what are YOU questioning, and discounting yourself?

PAUL: Yeah, I was doing a little bit.

I had a dream of being in this house and the power went out, and I had to sing this motivational song to keep up my courage and confront whatever energy or force was penetrating that barrier. I felt that other-dimensional force or focus of mine coming forward possibly to meet me, and then suddenly I had this wave of fear that took me right out of the dream and I woke up. I remember I was upset with myself that I expressed that fear, and I couldn’t reconnect with that energy or focus. Was that another focus of mine?

ELIAS: Yes. Also the experience that you allowed yourself to generate in this dream imagery is significant, for at times, as I have expressed previously, individuals allow themselves to experience certain actions in dream state which thusly they allow themselves to somewhat bypass within waking state. If you are recognizing within the dream state that you are experiencing a significant fear, and within your waking state you generate the evaluation that you are more curious than actually afraid, that allows you to move beyond the fear subsequently, in which you shall allow yourself more of an openness to actually experience an interaction.

PAUL: I’ll try that, then.

ELIAS: I would express to you, it is quite likely within objective waking awareness if you presented an actual physical manifestation of another focus that is an other-dimensional focus, you would express considerable fear and overwhelmingness. But if you have generated that experience and allowed yourself an evaluation of that experience within your dream imagery, that allows you to dissipate that fear and generate more openness to creating an actual interaction with another focus that may occupy another physical dimension.

PAUL: What was that focus’ name?

ELIAS: I shall encourage you to attempt to investigate and reestablish contact.

PAUL: I’ll take that challenge! (Elias laughs)

There was a dream I had where I was talking to this scientist at the blackboard, and we were working on some type of formula. It probably either dealt with either time travel or dimensional travel, I’m not sure. I remember on one side of the equation we had negative infinity, and the other side of the equation was positive infinity. Somewhere in the middle, we had the speed of light that was not a constant, it was a fluctuating number, but we knew something was missing with the formula. What’s the missing part of that formula? Why did I present myself with that imagery in the dream?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: The other person at the blackboard may have been a focus, I’m not sure. It may have been just lending supportive energy to my quest for understanding the movement between dimensional boundaries.

ELIAS: Yes. Not another focus, but your evaluation of the other individual is correct and...

PAUL: The other individual was not another person; it was just imagery, right?

ELIAS: Another aspect of you, yes.

PAUL: So, you’re asking me what else did I think about the formula?


PAUL: I know it’s missing something associated with the speed of light not being constant, but I don’t know what else is missing.

ELIAS: Time. Time is the element that creates physical manifestation or facilitates any creation of physical expression. Therefore, it would also be a factor in traveling, so to speak, between physical dimensions. It would be a factor in how you bend time to allow you to move from one dimension to another.

PAUL: And the fact that time is not necessarily the same...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: ...between dimensions, so it should be some type of variable in the equation.

ELIAS: Yes. That shall offer you a direction to playfully investigate!

PAUL: (Laughs) I’ll have to put on my thinking cap.

ELIAS: Ha ha! An avenue for you to be generating your analyzation, which you are so very fond of.

PAUL: Yes, you are correct.

I had a dream, it was pretty long, but it was meeting this individual in this garden area. Near the end of the dream, she grew angry with me and said she wanted to see me dead. I thought in the dream her name was Amy. What was that? Was that another focus of mine and was her name Amy? Why did she say that?

ELIAS: This is not another focus of you. This is your imagery that you are presenting to yourself, in conjunction with yourself at times, to illustrate to you the strength of your own expression with yourself at times of your frustration with yourself, and even at times your own anger with yourself. In time frameworks in which you are discounting yourself and generating frustration or anger with yourself for you are expressing within yourself that you are not accomplishing well enough, you generate a strong energy, and in that, this imagery was merely emphasizing to you the strength of your own energy, and how at times you incorporate that strength in a direction of discounting yourself.

PAUL: Wow. I wasn’t expecting that one. I should be more relaxed with my movement.

ELIAS: And also, once again, remember the flexibility.

PAUL: Why am I... I’ve been going through the last few months an action of physical exposure, almost like getting naked, for other individuals. Is that sort of my objective movement of my belief system of exposure and vulnerability that I’m moving through or making progress with that belief system?

ELIAS: Generating progress, yes.

PAUL: It’s almost like a good thing?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

PAUL: Is that also why you were dressed in that sheer blue outfit in my dream last night, to say hey, you could do this and it’s no big deal?


PAUL: I kind of figured that one out!

When I meditate, I’m having these images of these moving shapes, and every time I try to move them toward me so I can use them like a portal to other focuses or aspects, I can’t seem to quite get them. They’re still just beyond my reach. Is there some kind of other action I can take to move through those images? I can’t seem to get all the way to them. I’m just short.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to relax. You are striving. That generates tension, and that creates an obstacle or a thickness. Allow yourself to relax and generate a free flow of movement. That may allow you to easily flow into contact with them.

PAUL: A friend of mine, Evelyn, says hi to you.

ELIAS: And you may offer my greetings also.

PAUL: Is there any type of comment you want to make about our developing friendship?

ELIAS: Encouragement and also, again, remember flexibility.

PAUL: I’ll have to think about that one. (Elias laughs)

Last question and then our time’s up. My friend Ayl wanted to confirm focus names of Victoria, Grace, Jonathon and Arthur or Arty.

ELIAS: Of other focuses?

PAUL: I assume so, yes. (Slight pause)


PAUL: Well, I just looked at the clock and our time is up, Elias, so unless you have a last comment for me...?

ELIAS: My comment is be flexible and be appreciating, my friend.

PAUL: Thank you. I will, Elias.

ELIAS: I am encouraging of you in your new investigations, and perhaps you shall, once again, meet this other focus that appeared so terrifying. (Laughs)

PAUL: I’ll try to be as open as I can for that focus.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, my friend.

PAUL: I’m noticing you almost on a daily basis, which is nice.

ELIAS: Ah! And I am always present.

PAUL: Thank you. I appreciate that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

PAUL: Bye, Elias.

ELIAS: To you in great friendship and affection, au revoir.

Elias departs after 35 minutes.

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