Session 333
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Addressing to Contradictions


“Addressing to Contradictions”

Monday, October 19, 1998  © 1999 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Bobbi (Jale), and Frank (Christian or X-tian, depending on the moment!)
Vic’s note:  This is the first real chat I’ve had with Elias since Mary moved to the east coast in February, 1998.  It begins on Mary’s front porch.  The rain was pouring, the wind was howling, there was thunder and lightening ... it was very cool!
Elias arrives at 10:59 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)   

ELIAS:  Good morning! (Grinning)

GROUP:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

VICKI:  Outside! (Elias chuckles)

FRANK:  Fresh air!  Framework 1!  Regional Area ... excuse my Sumari reference.  I have attachments! (We’re already cracking up)

ELIAS:  Be remembering the Sumafi and the least distortion element! (Chuckling)

FRANK:  The LEAST distortion ... oh, okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And you may present your inquiries, if you are so choosing.

VICKI:  Okay, I’m going to start here.  I have some questions that I’ve been curious about for a long time, basically based on what I see as some very interesting contradictions in the material, actually blatant contradictions that to me are more black and white than ever existed before, since the sessions started.  I’m not sure exactly how to approach this, so I’ll use the last three examples I’ve noticed.

One was regarding essence names and families for a couple of friends of Vivien’s.  Forrest asked some questions about them, and then she asked them later in her session, and all the answers were different.  One of the other ones was this whole deal with the essence name of Bistell versus Bissell, which was quite clear on the tape but was offered differently at different times.  And the third one I thought was actually quite interesting, in one of the most recent transcripts I transcribed, with you seeming to get the Acceptance 101 and 102 backwards, as far as acceptance of self and acceptance of others, and switching them in your definitions in that session.

It seems to me that this is imagery of something.  I don’t know if it has to do with the actual phenomenon itself, but that’s my feeling, that there’s information about the phenomenon in this, and so I’m curious what you would have to offer about that.

ELIAS:  This would be an element or what you may term to be an aspect of the action of this phenomenon within itself, although within the translation of essence names and essence families, there are alterations in these areas that essences are engaging.  Therefore, within different time periods there may be offered difference in information concerning the tone of the essence, and not only the tone but also the families and alignments, depending upon the mergence of that particular essence in an action with other essences.

In this, this may seem to be inconsistent, but be remembering that essences are continuously in motion and continuously altering aspects of their reality, and in this action, as I have presented you with information concerning the essence of Rose as an example, this is not unique to that one essence.

In this, as each essence chooses to be interactive and merging with other essences, this is altering at times of their alignments and of their belonging to any specific essence family.  These are not elements that are set definitely or absolutely.

This is a different type of action than that which you would identify as a particular essence creating its own choice to be altering its family alignment or moving into belonging to a different family.  It is an automatic action that would be occurring in the mergence of several essences, creating new tones for certain aspects of the essence; not necessarily creating a new essence, which would be in the direction of fragmentation, but temporarily altering the tone and also altering the family involvements with those particular essences.

All of the essences involved in those mergences would be altered temporarily, and would be focusing their attention or their intent in different manners.

This is a temporary action.  Therefore, at times you may be receiving different information as to families and essence names.

This be the reason also that you may receive certain information from other essences identifying an essence family and alignment for one certain individual within physical focus, and you may later, so to speak, receive slightly different information or entirely different information from another essence.  It is not that they are tapping into different information.  They are merely identifying, within the now, the alignment and the belonging to of that particular essence within your present time framework.  This is a changeable action.

Now; I have expressed to you previously that individuals and singular essences do not commonly change their essence family, or within a particular focus it is not common for them to be changing their alignment either.  It is an occurrence, but it is not a common occurrence.

In this, I am expressing to you that it is not common for an individual essence to be altering of their essence family and altering the alignments of different focuses permanently as they continue to be within a particular physical dimension, but this action of mergence with other essences is a continual action that is altering of intents and of tones temporarily.

This also is the reason that certain individuals at certain time frameworks are designated with more than one essence family alignment in one time period.  This also, as you have observed within this forum, appears to you within your physical focus and your understanding to be unusual.  This is not an unusual action, that an individual may fluctuate with their alignment within a specific time period.

This is not to say that they continue this action throughout their focus, but within that particular time period that you identify in time within your linear time framework, there is an action of mergence occurring with that essence and other essences which merges in different intents and that shall be expressed through certain focuses.  Not all of the focuses of each essence shall be affected, but certain focuses of the essences shall be affected, and certain other aspects of those particular essences shall be affected.

Therefore, this is the explanation for this seeming inconsistency within identification of essence names or families.

As to other actions or information which is offered within this forum, you shall be receiving at different time periods elements of information that you shall perceive to be quite inconsistent or contradictory.  These shall be few, but I have stated to you that within any energy exchange, there is an element of distortion.

Each time we enter into a new phase, so to speak, of this energy exchange, there are alterations that are being accommodated, and in this, the energy moves in a different manner.  Therefore, the translation is also altered and adjusted to be accommodating the energy, and within certain time periods there shall be certain elements of distortion.

Now; in this element of distortion, as you yourself have stated, you shall hold the ability to identify quite clearly an element of distortion.

Many individuals, within their thought process, look to this energy exchange and many other energy exchanges in the manner of attempting to identify bleed-throughs of belief systems, which I have expressly explained to you, within this particular phenomenon there is very little of.  This would not be the concern of the distortion element within this particular energy exchange, for within the agreement of this particular energy exchange, Michael has been in agreement to be subjectively removing and therefore not influencing in the area of distorting through belief systems, allowing a clearness within the information.  But as different aspects of this essence move in and out of the translation element of this particular energy exchange, at times you may be noticing obvious inconsistencies.  This is merely an element of translation.

I have offered you little information in this area, but I have expressed to you that there is a very intricate process, so to speak, that is engaged in filtering the energy into formation through layers of consciousness to be creating of this particular type of energy exchange.  The energy exchange is different in this manner than many other energy exchanges that you may experience, as we have discussed within our discussions of different essence families and their expressions in like manner.

In this, there is a function, so to speak, of manipulating energy through different layers of consciousness and constructing that energy into the form of language.  Within this particular process, there may be at times elements of distortion in this area.

As I have expressed to individuals previously within this forum, the energy is not constructed in the manner of communicating with you in thought patterns.  I do not communicate to you within the construction of thought.  Therefore, the energy is not being configured within your physical dimension as thought, as YOU construct energy to be communicating with each other.  You initially create a thought process, which is actual constructs of energy, and this is manipulated into your language.  There is a different action which is occurring.

This be the reason that I express to you also that I am not engaging in telepathy with you as I engage you within an objective manner, although individuals within physical focus move automatically into those areas that are known to them.  Therefore, you think in familiar terms.  You think to yourselves that I may be connecting with you and answering you by reading your thoughts, and I express to you that this is not the action that I engage.  I engage an action of connection with your energy, which offers me the information in a subjective manner.  What appears to you as an objective interaction within language and physical movement, as I have expressed previously, may be considered almost an illusion.

This may be placed in a very similar type of idea for each of you, as what you now know to be as a hologram within your technology.  This is a projection of energy.  It is a manipulation of your construct of energy that you may understand within familiar terms, for my energy holds a very different type of construct, in very similar manner to the explanation that I have offered you previously of what you view to be your extraterrestrials.  Their actual form or communication is very different from your physical dimension.  Therefore, within the translation, YOU create a translation that you may identify with in agreement with this other dimension, that you may understand the communication which occurs.

These other focuses that you hold within other dimensions do not communicate with you telepathically, but you interpret the communication that you engage and you receive as being a telepathic communication in your language.  They do not speak another language to you.  They speak to you in the language that you shall understand.  Therefore, individuals that encounter other focuses of their essence within another dimensional focus are quite understanding of the communication that is being engaged.  My communication with you filters through a physical form, but I am not engaging the same type of energy manipulation that you engage within physical focus.

This also be the reason that there is an affectingness of physical form in conjunction with Michael’s removal of his own subjective interaction with the physical body consciousness.  The energy which is exchanged with this physical body consciousness is entirely different.  It is not as you may think of, as myself being a ghostly image (grinning) that “pops into” Michael’s body and “fills” Michael’s body in a similar form, and manipulates the energy of the body consciousness in the same manner as you manipulate your body consciousness.  This is an entirely different type or expression of energy which filters through the physical form, facilitating language and a type of communication that you shall identify with.  In this, the body consciousness IS responsive and rejecting of this type of energy, for it is entirely unfamiliar to the physical form within a physical dimension.

In conjunction with this, I have expressed to all of you many times that you are not singularly you.  There are countless you’s that exist simultaneously with you.  These are the aspects of you that are continuously interactive and exchanging with you.  This is a very difficult subject for you to assimilate within physical focus, for you view yourselves to be one physical form.  You view your one physical form to be the same throughout the entirety of your focus, and in this you watch your one physical form grow and develop, within your terms — alter its shape and its appearance — but continuing to be you singularly.  I have expressed to you many times, this is NOT the situation!

This is what you objectively view, but in reality, this is not the occurrence.  There are COUNTLESS you’s that are continuously exchanging.  You merely notice infrequently, at brief time periods, that you may be expressing yourselves in manners that appear to you to be unusual, and in these expressions you express to each other, “I do not feel myself today.  I have moved in unusual manners today.  I have been creating unusual behavior today.”

FRANK:  And sometimes not being accepting of yourself, more so than other days?  Like sometimes you’re fine, but you say, “This is not right.”  You just feel like a non-acceptance of yourself?

ELIAS:  Yes.  These are all expressions in objective, more extreme, obvious terms of this interaction of the exchange of the countless you’s.  There are also other obvious expressions of these exchanges, for at times ... and I AM moving to a point! (Grinning at Vic)

At times you may also experience unexplained memory lapses within your physical focus.  You may, in different expressions, hold memory lapse in some areas.  Let us provide the example of, you enter into your physical focus.

You are born, so to speak, into your physical focus.  You hold a memory for a time period, to the age of 5 years, and between 5 years and 9 years, you hold a complete memory block and you do not hold a memory of that time period, and your memory returns at 9 years and continues, and within the years of 20 and 22, you hold another memory block.  Within your psychology, you shall attribute this to trauma that has occurred within certain time frameworks of your focus, that you have created a block within your memory.  Very incorrect!  It is not necessarily an expression of trauma, for you may be experiencing no trauma and this shall occur.

You may also experience within certain individuals an entire lack of memory within a block of time framework.  Some individuals experience this within their entire childhood, so to speak, from birth to a certain age.  Other individuals incorporate different segments of their childhood — or adolescence or adulthood — that they hold these memory lapses, so to speak.

In actuality, what is occurring is an exchange of position of different aspects of you, where you have designated one aspect of you to be the main framework of attention, that which you identify as you; that element, that elusive, nondescript part of you that you may not identify to yourselves as being the you of you; that which you know is yourself.  It is not your thought process; it is not your emotion.  It is an elusive element that you may not necessarily define yet.  This is your consciousness, your awareness, and your FOCUS OF ATTENTION.

In this, the focus of attention exchanges with different aspects, and as it allows a focus of attention to exchange entirely and move into different positions, this would be figuratively what I have expressed to you of the many you’s of you; that if you are figuratively viewing this action, you may view countless physical forms of you simultaneously existing within this space arrangement.

One is designated as the focused attention.  All of the others are continuously moving in and out and influencing, but one continues to hold the focus of attention. As you exchange and move into positions, another may move into the position of the focus of attention.

Now; each focus of attention holds its own memory.  This is not to say that that memory is not accessible to all of the focuses of attention.  All of the aspects are of the same focus.  Therefore, they are all simultaneously one.  They are aspects of the same focus.  Therefore, they all share the memory and the experience, but their attention is focused differently.

In this, your psychology also moves in the direction of expressing its success in moving in directions of incorporating your exercise that you term to be hypnosis, and then the individual may access the memory that is supposedly hidden from them, for they hold the memory, but they objectively are focusing their attention differently.  A different aspect is engaging objectively.  The memory exists and is available, and it is not necessary to be engaging hypnosis, for the action of hypnosis is merely the action of relaxing your focus.

FRANK:  Relaxing?

ELIAS:  As you relax your focus, and you — in figurative, objective, physical terms — allow your vision to blur and are not holding so very intently to one particular focus of attention, you allow your awareness objectively to float and to drift from one aspect of self to another, and in this, as an individual directs and facilitates your attention, you allow your attention to drift into other aspects of yourself and access the information of the memory.

It is not hidden from you, but it is not perceived objectively by all of the aspects simultaneously, for you have created this dimension to be viewing singularly, slowly and singularly, that you may be experiencing the fullness of each experience.

In this, I offer the analogy, as I have offered previously — which you are not understanding of — of the comparison of your emotions, for you understand your emotions and may objectively identify these elements of yourself.  They are not elements that you see.  You may not touch them; you may not hold them.  This presents a very good correlation in the area of comparison of aspects of self.

You may hold an emotion of anger.  At the moment that you engage the emotion of anger, you are not engaging the emotion of happiness.  You are not experiencing an emotion of giddiness.  You are experiencing an emotion of anger, and that shall be the focus of attention, and within that time framework you may engage the emotion of anger for ... let us express three hours.  Within that three hours, you shall not express giddiness.  It shall not be within your attention.

This is not to say that you do not hold this emotion and that you may not express this emotion, and as you move out of your expression of your emotion of anger and you experience the emotion of giddiness, the emotion of giddiness holds no memory of anger.  They are different.  One does not hold the memory of the other, but they are both held by you, and you identify them all and you are familiar with them all and you may access them all.  Therefore, you may also access the memory of them all, but you shall not be experiencing the memory of one within the action of another.

In like manner, you may be moving into different positions with different aspects of self, and within the experience of each aspect, within that focused addressing to attention, you shall not be engaging the memory of another aspect.  It is available to you, but it shall not be objectively experienced within the time framework of the exchange of position of different aspects.

Now; in addressing to your question, this may offer you more of an understanding and a base to build your objective understanding upon, in the direction of conceptualizing the exchange of energy within this particular energy exchange.  There are countless aspects of this essence that is exchanging with Michael.  The presentment of the configuration of energy, which is filtered through layers of consciousness and expressed in an objective manner through the physical form of Michael, is manipulated in a manner that it may be presented to you in a consistent form.  Therefore, you allow yourselves a trust and an allowance and an acceptance of the projection.  If it be continuously altering, this would be unfamiliar to you, and in this you would not be as accepting of the expression, for you magnate to what is familiar.

Also, as I have expressed to you many times, you create fearfulness in elements of unfamiliarity.  Therefore, if the expression is presented with MUCH fluctuation, this would be influencing in the area of your own fearfulness, for you do not remember the energy of essence.  You are within an unfamiliar area of physical focus.  This lends itself to your creation of fear, for you are moving within an unfamiliar area of consciousness, but within this unfamiliar area, that which is known is also unfamiliar, for you have created a veil to forget, but you allow yourselves the ringing true, and this is your knowing.

In this expression, there is a constant exchange of aspects of this essence, for this essence occupies non-physical areas of consciousness and has removed the manifestation within physical dimensions.  Therefore, it also is not confined, so to speak, in the expression of energy of singularity, and in this lack of confinement and lack of time element, which is also very influencing in the manipulation of energy, there is a free-flowing, constant exchange of countless aspects of essence moving through very different types of expressions.

At times within this energy exchange, this becomes quite obvious objectively to you, and you objectively may even experience physically a difference within the energy itself, which has been identified to you previously as an action of a different aspect of this essence manipulating energy through the energy exchange.  There is an attempt by this essence to incorporate few of those expressions, but they shall appear, for there is a continuous exchange.

Michael and yourselves are choosing your time frameworks to be engaging this energy exchange.  Therefore, dependent upon the time framework — within YOUR linear time — that you are choosing to be engaging this energy exchange, you may be tapping a different aspect of this essence.

In this, let me also express to you, this is not to say that you are generally, continuously engaging the same aspect for the most part, for you are not.  You are engaging the similar tone of the aspects.  There are many aspects that hold similar tone.

VICKI:  In difference to a more unfamiliar tone.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Therefore, in this — for the most part, in your terminology — you access the area of consciousness of this essence that holds similar tone; many, many different aspects of it.

This be the reason also, I shall share with you within this present now, that you may experience less obvious expressions of differences within this energy exchange.  At certain time frameworks, you may experience an energy exchange that I — that you identify as Elias — may be translating and speaking to you much more rapidly, and other time frameworks, the expression within language, within words, may appear to be more labored or slow.

This is a translation of the energy vibration of those particular aspects.  They hold very similar tone, and therefore your objective identifications shall seem the same.  It shall be familiar to you.  This shall be the presentment of your friend Elias, the personality that you are familiar with.

In actuality, it is an exchange of many, many different aspects of this same essence, and therefore you engage many different expressions in slightly altered areas.

The vibrational quality of one aspect may be more rapid than another.  Therefore, the translation in energy which filters through these layers of consciousness may appear, in physical terms in your language, as speaking more quickly.  Some aspects of the essence may hold more difficulty in manipulating the energy through these layers of consciousness to be creating of the translation into objective physical words in language.  In this, there may be what you term to be stumblings.

I have expressed previously, there is energy interference.  This is not necessarily to express to you that another essence is interfering, so to speak, with the energy exchange.  There may be an interference with this energy exchange, but it is not necessarily another essence.  It is the exchange of energy, within a translation, of different aspects of this one essence, and certain aspects may not be focusing their attention so very directly.

Michael expresses a knowing of a difference within the energy of this exchange, within his experience of this energy exchange, and expresses to you in physical terms of, “This time framework is more directed.  This time framework is more scattered.  This time framework is more intense.”  These are different expressions of different aspects, and he is experiencing the difference in the directedness of the energy exchange, and there ARE different expressions of this energy exchange.

In this, as you infrequently identify certain obvious contradictions within the information, at times this may be attributed to the translation by another aspect.

The information is constant.  The information is the same.  The manipulation of energy into actual language and words may become distorted, for the energy, as I have stated, is not being filtered through thought processes.  Therefore, it is not that the essence is “channeling,” so to speak, energy through layers of consciousness, accessing Michael’s physical brain, creating of physical thought processes and physical impulses within brain patterns, and then translating into words.  This particular element is bypassed, for it is inefficient and also quite slow.  It is merely another area of consciousness that would be engaged to be filtering through another aspect of translation, which would be incorporating of more distortion.  Therefore, there are certain elements of the translation that are eliminated or bypassed to be filtering out elements of distortion, for within the intent of this essence, it is to be presenting within the least amount of distortion.

This be also why I have expressed to you that there is no energy exchange that incorporates NO distortion.  This would not be an action that you may be incorporating in this type of situation of energy exchange.  Just as within your physical languages, which is a mirror image of consciousness, you may not entirely, literally, without any element of distortion translate one language into another language, I may not translate energy into your language without any element of distortion.

Now; it IS clarifying for you to be inquiring in these areas, for not all of these appearances of what you think of as distortions ARE in actuality distortions.  Some of these are purposefully stated.  There are time frameworks — that I have noticed (grinning) — with yourself, Lawrence, that you may be engaging your transcribing, and you are holding questionings as to my choice of words in certain areas, and in certain areas those particular words have been chosen purposefully and are not what you may term to be a mistake, and are also not a distortion.  But there are other time frameworks that you may notice certain aspects are less adept, so to speak, at manipulating words, and may be stumbling quite often, within one engagement of one session repeatedly, of physical words.  At other time frameworks, there may be no mistakes, so to speak, incorporated at all.

The overall expression is consistently the same, with the exception of very infrequent exchanges of certain other aspects holding an obvious difference in tone, and this shall be quite obvious to you all.

VICKI:  Which I have experienced.

ELIAS:  Yes, and in this, you each shall quite obviously hold an awareness that there is a very different aspect in tone expressing through this energy exchange.  For the most part, there is a purposeful expression in offering a consistency in tone that you may identify with, for this, as I have stated, offers you a familiarity, which creates a trust and an acceptance of what is being offered to you.  And in this area — within the objective, within the agenda, and within the offering of this information — it is of importance that you ARE accepting of the information, for you have asked for this information.  It would be defeating of the purpose, so to speak, to be offering this information in a manner that would be presenting fearfulness to you.

VICKI:  So this Acceptance 101/102 thing falls into this category?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  One question I have about this is, the people that are objectively engaging you, do they have a part in this at times?

For example, I’ve noticed a consistency in a certain type of interaction with you and certain individuals.  I’ll use Forrest for an example.  It was real obvious, to me in my perception, that there was ... well, I’ll term it an aspect now, that was not real familiar to me, but there was a consistency in your interaction with him; very unanimated, far less vocal inflections.  Is there a part that the individual plays in which aspect interacts?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you once again, for clarity purposes: there is not one aspect that consistently interacts with you that you recognize as Elias, and another aspect here and there that moves into position.  It is a CONTINUOUS altering.  It is a continuous movement of continuously exchanging different aspects.  Therefore, it is not the situation, as you are speaking in this particular circumstance, that one particular aspect shall be drawn or summoned to this one individual and exchanging with this one individual, as opposed, so to speak, of another aspect being summoned to be engaging with another individual.  There is a CONTINUOUS, CONSTANT exchanging of aspects.

Therefore, you may or may not be engaging the same aspect within any of your objective engagements.  You may engage this action of energy exchange for 20 of your physical years, and you may be exchanging frequently upon what you term to be a regular basis interval, and you may never access the same aspect ... but you may.

In this, the expression that is created with certain individuals is influenced by the energy of those individuals, but the aspect — whichever aspect is exchanging through and translating — shall recognize that energy and shall be responsive in a very similar manner.  Therefore, it matters not which aspect you are engaging, unless it may be an aspect — as you have held experiences with previously — of a more different tone, and in this, the entirety of the expression would be altered and would be appearing quite differently.  But as I have expressed, for the most part, generally speaking, each aspect that holds similar tone that engages this energy exchange, in the familiarity to you all, shall be responsive in a very similar expression and manner to each individual’s energy.

Therefore, as what you perceive to be myself, as I engage you or you or you (looking at each one of us) or Ellius or any other individual, I shall appear consistently to engage each of you individually in a very similar manner, and this is a responsiveness to your energy.  How you interact and project energy to me and how I am subjectively interactive with your energy within a physical focus is very influencing of the objective expression, and shall be quite consistent in that area.

VICKI:  This continuous exchange of aspects, does it happen within the context of even one session?

ELIAS:  At times, yes.  Within the energy exchange, within one time framework of what you view to be one session, you may also be noticing an exchange, a difference.  This held an occurrence quite often in what you view to be the early throes of our engagement within this forum.  You may be noticing, if you are choosing to be re-accessing those particular sessions, within the initial time framework of each session, a much slower and even pace, so to speak, was expressed, and within the second portion of each of those sessions, there appeared to be more of a rapid motion and engagement, in your objective translation of language.  This would be the continuous action of the exchanging of aspects.

As your time framework moves forward, in your terms, this action appears to be less frequent, for within the beginning throes of this energy exchange, as I have expressed to you previously, the energy has been expressed in a more scattered manner.  Therefore, the allowance of the continual expression of movement has been incorporated into the energy exchange.

As the energy of the essence acclimates to the functioning and the manner of exchange — the filtering through — there becomes more and more of a directedness in the energy exchange.  This be what Michael identifies as becoming stronger and stronger.  In his perception, it IS becoming stronger and stronger, for just as I have expressed to you our analogy of our x-rays, the focus of the energy becomes more and more narrowed and directed to be focusing into a beam, and as it focuses more and more into this beam it becomes more and more dense, and in that denseness it creates more of an intensity, which you interpret as strength.

In this, as the energy creates more of a directedness, it also filters out more of the expression of exchanges within one session.  One aspect may hold more efficiently for more of a time framework.  This is not to say that you continue now to not experience an exchange of aspects within one session time framework, for this is occurring still, but it is not occurring as frequently, and as the energy becomes more directed, this action is filtered out more.  But you also may notice obvious small distortions as one moves into position, exchanging from another.

This would be your situation of what you view as an incorrect identification of our Acceptance 101 and 102.  An action of exchange has occurred and the same subject matter is continued, but the acclimation to the physical language within that moment may be interrupted, and therefore there may be a distortion element.  These may be addressed to and they may be corrected, and for the most part you shall notice that in any area of these distortions, they are not large distortions.  They are obvious and they shall be easily corrected, and they are not influencing of the information itself.

VICKI:  No.  Okay, I have another specific question in this area, along the same lines.  Within the same time frame basically, you told Forrest that his family information was Sumafi/Sumafi.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  In the same frame, somebody asked Patel about this, and he delivered an answer. (This exchange occurred in a computer chat with a group of people)  He said that Forrest had been Sumari/Vold, and had recently changed, by choice....

ELIAS:  To Vold/Vold. (Grinning)

VICKI:  Exactly, and I’ve been curious about this since then.  I’m curious about, you know, you have two Sumafi energy exchanges with two different sets of information in the same time framework.

ELIAS:  And this would be the same action that I was expressing to you previously, which we began our session this day with.  In the action of a mergence of several essences, you may be receiving different information from different essences, depending upon what they are accessing and what they are viewing.

I may be turning attention, within one aspect of this essence, to be viewing another essence to be accessing information to offer to you at your request of the identification of essence families, and as I turn my attention to view another essence, I may be viewing an area of consciousness of the mergence of those essences within that moment, or what you identify to be that moment, and in the angle, so to speak ... these are quite physical terms, I am reminding you, that you may attempt to be understanding.  But within that angle of my perception, within my viewing within the moment of the mergence of those essences, the most predominant expression within that moment may be Vold/Vold. (Vic starts to interrupt)  Let me express to you, think to yourselves of a fire within physical focus.

You may look physically at a fire burning.  There is an action occurring within this burning.  The fire is a thing in itself, but it is also in continuous motion.  It also is altering itself, for it is incorporating other elements.  It is MERGED with other elements.  Other elements of your physical existence incorporate into a fire, for the fire is not singular.  It incorporates mergence with matter and with air, which are also things in themselves.  But within the action of fire, it has merged other elements to itself to be creating of itself.  And as you physically view fire, within one moment you may physically look to your fire and view red color.  Within another moment, you may look and view your fire and it may appear yellow.  Within another moment, you may look at your fire and it may appear blue, for within that moment, that is the predominant color.

It is the same element.  It is the fire, but within each moment, its appearance and its expression ... for it is not merely an appearance, but it is also its expression, for the vibrational quality is creating of the appearance of that color.  The color does not appear by itself without the vibrational quality.  Therefore, the vibrational quality of blue is different from the vibrational quality of red or yellow.  In this, there is an entire alteration of what you are viewing.  It is a mergence, and the expression is different.

In very like manner, incorporating several essences simultaneously in a mergence, the appearance of the expression of that essence which is merged — for they are no longer one essence individually creating several essences, or they are not several essences together, but they are now one essence temporarily, for they are all merged — in that expression, dependent upon which moment you are viewing the expression of that essence — which is now one essence, for it is merged — it may appear and BE in actuality Vold/Vold, Sumafi/Sumafi, Sumari/Vold, for it is the combination of the elements merged that creates that expression within that moment. (Vic sighs)

This is not inconsistent information.  It is correct, and it is not distorted information either.  It is merely the viewing of one essence, as Patel or myself, within different moments, viewing the expression and the choice of intent of either the individual essence or that of the essence which is merged, and the expression and intent shall be different within different moments.

And as I have expressed within this session, this may also be an occurrence and the reasoning that I express to you infrequently — within a particular moment of the inquiry that an individual [is] inquiring, “What is my essence family and alignment?” — that within that moment, as I access that information, dependent upon the essence itself or the action of its mergence, I may express, “Your essence family is Sumafi aligned with Vold and Zuli.”  You are not holding necessarily entirely through your focus as aligned with these two families, but within that moment of the inquiry, I have accessed the information for you for the response and your answer, and if you are receiving more than one essence family of belonging to or essence family of aligning to, you within your essence ARE within an action, in that moment, of mergence.

One of those families may be expressed consistently through your focus, although at times the expression of mergence may be held in an intensity that it may move in the direction of what appears to be a singularity.  It is an overwhelming experience of one particular expression and intent.  This be the reason that there shall be expressed, in a situation such as Ellius, Vold/Vold, Sumafi/Sumafi.  Those are the temporary expressions, for those are the merged expressions.

This is not to say that a merged expression shall always be in the direction of the singular double, so to speak, belonging and alignment, but as you are offered certain expressions in which one essence shall be expressing a double in one area and another essence shall be expressing of the same individual a double in another area of families, this shall be an indication to you that those particular responses — not the changed response of Sumari/Vold — those double responses are the responses in answering you within the moment that that particular essence is experiencing a mergence and moving singularly in their intent and expression.

VICKI:  So then in an overview, this individual is Sumari/Vold?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Really!  You know, that just makes it all so big, though.  That makes it really big!  It’s hard to think about it that way.

ELIAS:  It IS very big! (Grinning, and laughter)
VICKI:  And this particular mergence you’re talking about, this would be the same type of mergence you were speaking to Paul about — Caroll — in his question about the Sumafi/Sumari thing?  You went into this area of mergence and I didn’t really understand it at the time, but this would be the same type of mergence you were talking about?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This would also be the action that the essence of Rose has engaged, which I have offered as an example of the diversity of essence, for I have offered you information of Rose purposefully, to be altering your perception.

You move in the direction of thinking of essence as this constant, one element, and it is not.  Therefore, as I throw to you the ball of Rose, you become confused, for this is inconsistent with all that you think, but it offers you the example of many different actions that essence holds, which is FAR wider than you allow yourself an understanding of.

As I have expressed recently, this essence [of Rose] moves into a position presently of the action of fragmentation of all of these manifestations, which are not fragmented yet within your linear time framework, but all hold different essence families and alignments, which THIS you do not question!  I have expressed to you that your essence holds the essence family — the focuses hold the alignment — but you do not question that I have expressed to you also that each manifestation, each focus of Rose belongs to a different family and aligns with a different family, but is the same essence.  This is the diversity of essence, and the “beyond” your physical thought processes and concepts.

And you are quite correct — all of this IS very much larger than you understand or allow yourselves to view!  It is INFINITELY bigger. (Grinning)  The word infinite means nothing to you.  You do not comprehend the VASTNESS of infinite, and even the word vast means nothing to you!

VICKI:  It’s almost like you get to the point where ... you know, like my thought process right now is like, why even try to define anything?  The next time somebody asks me to define anything, I’m just gonna tell them it’s really big!

ELIAS:  Quite!  And this would be accurate! (Chuckling, and laughter)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

FRANK:  Real quick, before you go, just on a note of mergence, is that reflected in the relationship between Forrest and Michael, why they went from one extreme to another?  The change in Forrest’s focus, the Vold/Vold, and the relationship between Forrest and Michael objectively, how it went from one extreme to another over a very short period of time?  Am I getting too personal for Michael?

ELIAS:  This situation holds many aspects of influence, being influenced by not only this particular focus with both of these individuals, but also as being influenced by other focuses.

These two individual focuses of these essences have been within what you may term to be many different focuses in conjunction with each other, and within physical terms, many of those focuses would be considered in YOUR assessments as being quite positively connected.

I have offered information in this area to Ellius, which he has chosen not to be offering to other individuals within physical focus, but I shall offer to you an explanation in the area that you think physically to yourselves — and quite romantically! (grinning) — of soul mates.  Your idea of soul mates moves quite singularly in the area of positive romantic expression.

I may express to you that within your agreements of essences manifesting into a particular physical dimension, you may hold several of what you term to be soul mates, and within your agreements and your connections within physical focuses, you may be creating of many focuses together in harmony.  But each of these agreements to be what you term as soul mates also generally agrees to be creating of one focus, at very least, that you shall be interactive with each other and countering each other within your physical manifestations — and also be quite repelling of each other — for that incorporation of the fullness of the experience between the physical manifestations of focuses of those particular essences.

If you are choosing to be creating of an agreement to be what you term to be soul mates, you shall be manifesting a physical manifestation where you shall hold a very similar type of action and response to each other as opposite counterparts.  You may not be engaging opposite counterpart action, but the action that you engage with each other within your physical expression shall be quite similar, and you shall engage a very similar expression as the magnets pushing. (Slapping hands together and then apart)

In this, I have offered information which may be helpful to individuals within physical focus in this subject matter in this area, which I shall offer now also, for the reason that Ellius has not shared this information, but it is beneficial.

In this area, the action that occurs is that there IS an identification of these focuses, that there is a draw initially and this draw shall objectively appear to be quite strong, for there is a subjective remembrance of the agreement and the connection held, but subsequent to the initial meeting objectively, the extreme opposite is occurring in their creation, as does occur within your identification of soul mates.

Individuals identify soul mates in the action that they are objectively meeting and they are immediately, instantaneously recognizing each other and their connection and that they “fit together” as your “split-aparts.”  This is one side of the experience that you offer to yourselves in one direction, one expression.

In the other expression, which within balance you choose also to experience, these same essences may focus within physical manifestation, hold the recognition, hold the draw in like manner, but move in repelling direction once they allow themselves the opportunity of physical objective meeting, and their expression shall be equally as extreme as the expression in the romantic area.

This is all for what you term to be the purpose of the fullness of the experience, and offering the essence, within its choice of physical experience, a balance in their experience.  This type of balance is chosen by the essences themselves as opposed to being chosen as experience to be incorporated through counterpart action, for it is more direct, in a manner of speaking, and offers the essence itself its own balance within its own energy movement, therefore not creating an imbalance in the expression of the particular essence.

This be the action that Michael has engaged with Ellius, and also, within the choice of their individual expressions within this particular focus, Ellius, as I have expressed, engages also a very opposite type of expression to Michael.

Objectively, Michael engages this energy exchange and offers himself the movement, in actual physical terms, of removing subjective interaction and therefore not incorporating the distortion of belief systems in this energy exchange.  Although holding belief systems within his own focus, he has chosen to move in a direction of allowance of the lack of belief systems, therefore facilitating this energy exchange.  Ellius, within this particular focus, has chosen to move in the direction of holding very tightly within his expression to very physically focused belief systems.  They are creating of opposite expressions, which emphasizes the connection.

This would be the expression, which within this particular focus — although I have not expressed this objectively in explanation to them each — this is creating of confusion and a seeming of inconsistency or contradiction in their idea of soul mates and the function of soul mates and their individual expressions, for I have offered the information that they DO engage this action of what you term in physical focus to be soul mates, and this appears to be inconsistent with their individual relationship, but it is not inconsistent.

Now we shall break, and you may continue if you are so choosing.

BREAK   12:50 PM
RESUME  2:12 PM (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

Vic’s note:  We took a long break, as we decided to continue the session in our hotel room, but I must say, it was quite interesting transcribing the first part of this session — lots of good Vermont rainstorm sound effects on this tape!

On a side note, we were in room 207.  Our last (and only) session in a hotel room was in Elmira in June of ‘97 ... in room 106.  So, if any of you find yourselves in room 308, I would be paying attention!

The participants are the same — Bobbi, Frank, and myself.

ELIAS:  Continuing.

BOBBI:  I have a question about an experience I had last spring.  Vivien hypnotized me and told me to go to a place ... I believe she said that I needed to go, and I was expecting an other-focus experience.  As it turned out, I wound up in a place that was like viewing huge petals of flowers, or a cloud.  It was various shades of blue; very beautiful, very huge.  I was kind of floating in towards it, and as I got more towards the center, little gold squiggly things were coming out of the middle.  At the time, it was difficult for me to convey.  She was asking what was I experiencing, what was I visualizing, and I’ve had a lot of confusion about exactly where I was in that experience.

ELIAS:  In this state of relaxed focus, you are offered directions by the individual that is facilitating, which you shall be complying with as you choose to be relaxing your focus of attention.  But in certain situations, the direction that you are being offered may be left to your interpretation, as it is not specifically designated.  Within the action of allowing you to choose your own direction, at times there is also a confusion of the language while you are relaxing the attention of the particular focus.

As you enter into this area of relaxing your attention, the individual may express to you that you may be moving into an area that you “need” to be focusing upon, but within your interpretation of this, you may move in the direction of an area that you WANT to focus upon, for the word “need” does not translate well within subjective areas of consciousness, for in actuality, there is no element of need.  This is an aspect of belief systems which is recognized by your subjective awareness, that even within your physical manifestation, there is in actuality no actual need of any element, action, or direction.

In this, you automatically translate into a more subjective language and reconstruct this particular instruction into more of an area of a want — what you choose to be focusing upon.  Therefore, this opens your window of movement into many different directions, for it is merely dependent upon that moment and what that particular aspect of yourself chooses to be viewing, at their choice within that moment.

In this, your choice within the moment was to be merely viewing to yourself the lack of separation between yourself as you view yourself objectively and that which you create objectively, knowing that in actuality there is no separation, but also continuing to focus your attention within physical elements.

Therefore, you have chosen to focus your attention in the area of presenting yourself with imagery that is of physical creations, but slightly different, for within the lack of separation, the appearance of these links of consciousness that pull together to form your physical creations are not as tightly bound.  Therefore, they appear differently within your visualization.  You offer yourself a truer visualization than what you physically view with your vision.

Within your physical vision you view objects, and these objects appear very sharp and clear to you, holding very distinct colors and shapes.  In your allowance of viewing within this type of relaxed focus, you allow more of your subjective awareness to be entering into your objective viewing.  You continue to hold certain elements of form in what is familiar to you, therefore you identify certain shapes, but you also hold a knowing within you that your identification of these shapes seems inadequate.

You view an object, and you express to the other individual in response that this object is a cloud or this object is a flower, but as you are viewing within the experience, the term flower or cloud does not seem quite adequate to be describing what you are actually viewing, for they do not entirely fit what you view within physical focus.  In this, what you ARE viewing is more of the lack of separation of yourself and these elements.  They are not what they appear, just as you are not what you appear, as we have stated previously within the context of this session.  They are elements that are projections from you.  Therefore, they are essentially what you may term part of you.

They are not separate entities.  This be the reason that they seem clear, but slightly unfocused.  They seem within your visualization to hold a crispness and a vividness, but they also simultaneously seem unfocused.  They do not hold the solidity that actual objects hold, but they also hold more brilliance.  This be the quality of vividness that you offer yourself in these types of visualization.  In this, this is allowing yourself to view other elements of yourself, knowing that these elements are parts of yourself or aspects of yourself that you may also choose to be exploring.

Now; this shall lead us once again into the area of viewing the aspects of you.  We have discussed all of the you’s of you, which are aspects of you, but there are more aspects of you than merely the you’s of you, for as I have stated previously, all that you view within this physical dimension is a projection of you.  There is no separation.  It merely appears in your perception, within each moment of linear time, that you are separated and that you hold distinction as entities, separate and apart from any other type of entity.

The vastness of what you are, in many respects within physical focus, is incomprehensible to you.  This is also the reason that within the early throes of these sessions I have been encouraging of individuals to be engaging their conceptual sense, for this shall lend more of an ease in understanding to you of many of the concepts that I present to you, remembering that all that you designate as concepts are in actuality reality.  They are merely not a reality to you within your perception.

Let us view the workings of consciousness — what IS consciousness — and the distinctions of essence and consciousness.  You may notice throughout this information that I express a distinction between essence and consciousness.  Essence is consciousness, but there is consciousness that is not essence.  Essence is also unlimited.  This be the area that is very difficult for your understanding within physical focus, for you are so very accustomed to thinking in singular terms.  All that you create within your physical dimension moves in this direction.

You create things.  You identify things.  Even things that you may not see you classify as things, and this creates great difficulty within your thinking and your imagining of how there may be an element that is not a thing and that may be some quality in itself but unbounded simultaneously, that may be thought of in the manner of a distinction but not separate, (to Bobbi) which this is directly correlating to your experience.

In this, I have spoken previously of links of consciousness.  Links of consciousness are not things either.  They are elements of consciousness, but they hold no form.  They are not within what you term to be a time framework, although they may be inserted into a time framework, but the time framework itself is comprised of links of consciousness, and these links of consciousness have no necessary space arrangement.  They exist within all space arrangements simultaneously and within all time frameworks simultaneously.

Now; links of consciousness may group together, and in specific types of groupings together create a tone, and they may choose collectively to be creating in conjunction with that tone what may be identified as personality.  The personality is a specific organization of movement within a vibrational quality of a collective expression of these links of consciousness, which in this type of configuration is creating what we term to be essence.

(Intently)  Essence is not separate and apart from consciousness.  There is no separate and apart from consciousness.  There is no boundary to consciousness.  There is no limit to consciousness.  Therefore, there is no thing, no element, no action outside of consciousness, for there is no outside.  Within consciousness, the configuration of these links of consciousness creating personality tone is the designation of essence.

These configurations are not separate and apart from each other, for be remembering that I have expressed to you, each link of consciousness occupies all space arrangements and all time frameworks and all of consciousness.  Therefore, one link of consciousness may be an element that is within the configuration or grouping that comprises itself to be creating of your essence, and simultaneously, that same link of consciousness occupies all other essences. (Pause)

Let me express to you, you hold many different qualities.  Each of your qualities are your qualities.  You hold preferences.  You express a perception.  Your perception is unique to you.  Where is your perception?  What is your perception?  Think of any quality of yourself.  You are an individual that expresses gentleness.  This would be a designation of a quality that you exhibit.  Where is this quality?  Present to me your gentleness! (Holding one hand out, palm facing upward, staring at everybody)  What is your gentleness?

VICKI:  It’s just expressed in action.

ELIAS:  Form this to an object.  It is not.  It is a quality.  It is a thing, in a manner of speaking, for it is a projection.  What it is, is energy.  What is energy?  Energy is not a thing.  Energy is movement.  It is a motion, an action.

FRANK:  Of what?  Of consciousness?

ELIAS:  It is an action of links of consciousness.  Energy itself, as you identify as a thing, is an action.  It is not a thing, although you identify energy as a thing.

The links of consciousness are not a thing.  They are an existence, but they are not an entity.  They are not a thing.  You may not touch them, you may not hold them, you may not see them.  They merely ARE.

I have attempted to be discussing in this area previously with individuals, and as this has been presented within this very session, Ellius has attempted to be moving in the direction of this subject matter, but THIS subject matter is quite difficult for you to be understanding and you are very resistant to this subject matter, for you think in terms of things and absolutes, and within the very construct of your language, your very words are contrary to the explanations themselves.

I have expressed previously that within consciousness, which is ALL, there are no absolutes, and I have been presented with the statement, “But this statement is an absolute!”  Your language does not facilitate any type of conceptual words that may adequately offer you these ideas.  Within my very statements to you, they shall appear inconsistent, for your language is based upon what you know within physical focus, what you create within physical focus, what your perception creates within physical focus.

Therefore, I may express to you in truth, “There are no absolutes within consciousness.”  No is an absolute.  Absolute is an absolute.  Yes is an absolute!  I may present to you that energy is an action, and you may express to me, “An action of what?”  The what is a thing.  You may assimilate that energy is a motion, but it is quite difficult for you to assimilate that it is a motion of nothing!  There is no thing that it is a motion of.

In this, as you move through the creations of consciousness, consciousness is directing of itself, but essence is directing of itself, but consciousness is directing of it, and it is directing of consciousness, for they are the same, but they hold configurations of distinctive groupings that appear different.  There is complete mergence, complete harmony.  There is no separation.

The closest expression that I may offer you within the confines of your language is to be incorporating the word of mergence, for within this word of mergence, you develop an idea within you of more than one thing absorbing into each other, and this presents you with a very small concept of a lack of separation.  But even within the mergence you hold separation, for you hold that there are several things that are coming together and absorbing together, and there are qualities of these individual things that shall be distinct as they are merged.

In this, if you are moving to the direction of one singular link of consciousness — which is not a thing — one expression of energy, how may that one expression of energy occupy all space arrangements, occupy all time frameworks, and be all of consciousness and all of all essences simultaneously if it is a thing?

You express to me, this is very big.  These concepts presented to you are presented in very small manners, in very small measure, but these concepts are far vaster than you comprehend, and you move not even close to actualizing their reality in your reality.

This be the reason that I express to you of skipping shells, for I hold the awareness that you may not understand information that I may offer you, but of what use shall this information be to you within your reality?  For you may not be applying this information to be beneficial to you within your physical reality, for you may not even conceive of its reality!

FRANK:  Do we need to?

ELIAS:  No.  This be the reason that I focus my attention with you upon your physical reality and what you create within your physical reality, and how to be manipulating energy within your physical reality more efficiently and moving into areas that you have chosen to be creating within this physical dimension with more effortlessness and less trauma.  I am quite understanding with no doubtfulness that this type of information may be fascinating and quite interesting to be listening to within physical focus, but it is not useful to you in many areas within your everyday movement.

FRANK:  At this time?  Will there be more of a need after the shift?

ELIAS:  There are elements of this information that I have presented to you this day that you shall find helpful and useful to you futurely, for you shall offer yourselves more of an understanding of what you are creating, and within the action of this shift, as you are accessing other areas of consciousness, you may find this helpful in your manipulation within energy also ... and remembering that energy is not a thing!  It is a movement, a motion.

In actuality, as I have expressed within the beginnings of our sessions, in expressing to you — within compliance of your very tightly held belief systems within that time period — of your concept of God or your Creating Universal One And Whole, and expressing to you that this is not an entity but an action ... which none of you held an understanding of!  [You] were accepting of my statement but not understanding, and now we return to this concept within a further manner and I express to you the same concept, that this is not the situation of entities, but of action.

All of consciousness is an action, not a thing.  Therefore, it is motion ... without the thing creating motion!  And YOU are motion, without the thing creating motion.  You are action.

FRANK:  So as action, what about the concept of identity/personality then?  That’s action too?

ELIAS:  Correct.

FRANK:  Intangible.

ELIAS:  Correct.

FRANK:  Probable selves....

ELIAS:  All of these are manifestations.

Now; this is not to say that all of what you create is not reality!  It is NOT what you term to be an illusion.  You physically, within physical form, are not an illusion!  You are reality, and all that you create IS reality.

Every expression of energy, every movement, is reality.  It is a different expression and configuration of energy, of the motion, and in different combinations it is creating of different expressions of reality.

Time is an expression of links of consciousness grouped together to be creating of a thickness which facilitates physical creations.  Time is the factor that facilitates the creation of your physical dimensions: matter.  Without the configuration of time, you also may not be creating of physical expressions, physical matter.  But time is merely another expression of consciousness, a configuration of links of consciousness grouped together in a different organization than essence to be creating of an action that shall facilitate physical manifestations.  Physical manifestations grouped together with time are the links of consciousness that are creating of certain cooperative organizations with the organizations of time, which create physical manifestations.

I have offered an analogy in this area to Stephen recently, which you may be soon, in your terms, objectively connecting to within our transcribing of this information, which may be helpful in objective terminology to your understanding of how you create these manifestations that you view physically; this solidity (pounding on the floor), these elements that appear solid (pounding on the wooden footboard of the bed).  This is a perception.  This is IN MOTION.  This is A MOTION. (Indicating the footboard)

You within physical focus attach a partial understanding of this, in your investigation of your molecules and atoms and what you term to be subatomic particles.  As they are in motion and as they configure themselves in cooperation with each other, they are creating of a solid mass.  But you offer yourselves only part of the explanation, for you do not offer yourselves the part of the explanation of what is creating of those particles.  How are those particles appearing within your physical dimension to be creating of any of your physical objects, any of your physical thickness?

These are directly directed by YOU, for within the configuration, the cooperation and organization of links of consciousness that create tone, which creates personality, which is your identification of essence, essence is directing also of links of consciousness through different motions and configurations of organizations, which create all of your physical dimensions.  And in this, THIS (smacking the footboard) is not separate from YOU.  YOU ARE THIS (pounding on the wood with each word).  Your perception, within a singular focus of attention of one aspect of self within physical dimension in the slowness of time, creates a thickness and a viewing of perception that appears that THIS (smacking the wood) is separate from THIS (slapping Mary’s leg).

FRANK:  So we are manipulating links of consciousness to do that?

ELIAS:  Yes.

FRANK:  That’s our interaction, where we play in.

ELIAS:  Within your choice to be physically manifesting.

FRANK:  So after the shift, we’ll perceive things differently?

ELIAS:  Now; I have expressed previously that certain elements of your physical reality shall be much altered and shall appear much different, but I have also expressed that within physical terms, the appearance of your physical objects and yourselves shall not be altered.  You shall continue to appear, to yourselves and to each other, as physical individuals; this species; human beings.  This wood (pounding on the footboard) shall continue to appear as wood.

Your abilities that you allow yourself within this physical manifestation shall be altered, and you shall incorporate more of your own creativity, which shall allow you to manipulate more within this physical dimension.  Therefore, although this may appear as it appears presently, you also shall hold the ability to merge with this within links of consciousness, and understand this, and how it is not separate from you. (Pounding on the wood throughout this sentence)

VICKI:  Aren’t we already merged with it?

ELIAS:  Yes, but not within your objective perception.  In reality, yes, there is no separation.  But within your physical reality, you have created the perception of separation, of separate entities and things.

VICKI:  So when we accomplish something like putting your hand through a piece of wood or levitating the bed, say, are we just setting aside that perception of separation and recognizing that mergence in that action?  Is that what’s happening?

ELIAS:  Correct.  I have stated many times, you amaze yourselves with what you think of as the parlor tricks of other individuals infrequently within your physical dimension.  An individual may walk through a solid mass.  This is incomprehensible, for this is impossible, and if being accomplished before your very vision, you hold an inability to assimilate this information within physical focus.  Your Philadelphia experiment!  This is not possible, and in viewing these infrequent actions, you puzzle and you marvel, for this does not fit within the construct of your physical dimension and how you have created it.  Within the action of this shift, you have chosen to widen your awareness within an objective manner, an objective expression.  Therefore, within this choice of configuration of links of consciousness, you have chosen to expand its motion and not limit its motion in the same manner.

This is not to say that you shall not continue within this physical dimension of limitations of physical energy, for it is a physical dimension, but in widening your awareness and offering yourself more of your own abilities in the area of creativity, you shall offer yourself in objective terms the ability to be creating the actions that within this present now, you continue to marvel at!

VICKI:  I still don’t know how we tipped the table! (Elias grins)  And in attempting to do that again, it hasn’t been successful, and that’s confusing to me because the belief systems are all the same.

ELIAS:  It is not quite so dependent upon your belief systems ...

VICKI:  Well, that’s become clear!

ELIAS:  ... as it is dependent upon your action in relaxing your attention.  You allow yourself the singularity of thought.

Let me express to you, within the teachings within your physical dimension of the action of meditation, as you begin to learn to incorporate this action of meditation, you are instructed to focus singularly upon one object, upon one thought, upon any one element.  The reason that you are instructed to focus singularly upon one element is that you are directing your attention in one area and not allowing distraction in any other area, and this offers you a facilitation in the area of relaxing your focus, relaxing your hold upon your focused attention.  Your attention begins to relax, and as your attention begins to relax, you allow for the incorporation of other aspects of your reality.  You allow yourself your periphery.  You allow yourself to engage more of YOU than merely one focus of attention. (Here, the phone rings, and Frank answers it)

You need not necessarily be moving in the direction or action of meditation.  This is merely one direction of attention, but you may be incorporating this relaxation of your attention, and you may be incorporating more of your reality and viewing.  Therefore, you view the particles of this table separating, and not so very much of the solidity.

VICKI:  But the confusing thing is....

FRANK:  I have to interrupt.  I think Mary needs to take a break.  She has a phone call from Sandy that sounds like it’s urgent.

ELIAS:  Very well.

Vic’s note:  We had planned to finish this session later in the day, but this didn’t happen for various reasons.  So, the third part of this session was held the next morning, with just Bobbi and I.

BREAK   3:13 PM
RESUME  8:49 AM, the next day. (Arrival time is 30 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning! (Grinning)

VICKI & BOBBI:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  In continuing our discussion of late, let me offer you what you may consider an element of imagery that may futurely offer you information in the area of how you move together within subject matter in what we term to be waves, and that you may validate to yourselves that as you concern yourselves with certain subject matter, other individuals within many other areas are concerning themselves with the same questions of information.

Within our recent three previous session time periods, the same subject matter has been addressed with each individual that has been engaging these objective session times.  I have offered you yesterday an extensive explanation of aspects of self, which shall be valuable to other individuals, which I have touched upon this subject with but have not offered detailed information.

Our session time framework of yesterday with Marta was concerning this same subject matter, involving aspects of self and what we were discussing in example of missing time — missing memory of certain years within an individual focus — in the area that another aspect of the focus exchanges positions with a different aspect or the existing aspect which holds the attention, and in the difference in tone, this creates what you view objectively as a loss of memory, although there is no loss necessarily of memory.  It merely moves into a subjective position, which you may access.

Now; in further discussion of this, let me offer you an example of comparison that may be a clearer explanation of this action, that you may be understanding what is occurring in this exchange of different positions of aspects of self — all of the you’s of you — which also shall lend to your understanding as to your questioning of this phenomenon and this energy exchange.

I have offered to you the example of your emotions in comparison to the idea or concept of aspects.  Now let me further this example, that you may hold a clearer understanding.  Let us return to the subject of emotion and let me present to you the emotion of anger, once again, and a slightly different emotion of irritation.  These are different emotions, but they hold similar expressions.  Therefore, you may be experiencing the emotion of anger for a time period, and you may be moving out of the experience of anger and you may be moving your attention into the emotion of irritation.

Now; given that these two particular emotions are closely related in quality, the emotion of irritation holds an element of memory of anger, and the emotion of anger holds a quality that allows it the memory of irritation.  Therefore, as you interchange with these two emotions, as they are closely related within quality, there is an allowance in that expression that you shall hold the objective memory within the experience of the other emotion.  As you move away from these particular emotions and you move your experience into an emotion of gleefulness, this particular emotion does not hold similar qualities to those previous emotions.  Therefore, objectively it holds no memory within the experience of those emotions.

You shall not be offering yourselves the experience of anger or irritation in the midst of the experience of gleefulness, for it does not hold the same quality.  Therefore, it does not hold the memory.

In like manner, throughout an individual focus, aspects of self are exchanging and interchanging continuously, but in like manner to this energy exchange, the aspects that are interchanging and exchanging positions hold like quality tones.  In this, there may be slight differences in quality tones which shall not allow the entirety of memory of the other aspects, but shall offer you enough memory of the other aspects which hold similar quality tones that it appears to you within your focus that your memory is unbroken and constant.  This also involves your choices of probabilities and an element of your blinking in and out, for many times within certain blinkings you shall be also exchanging with another aspect, but the memory which is unavailable to you objectively is so slight that it is unnoticed by you.  You may hold certain events or small time frameworks — minutes or hours, even days — that are not objectively remembered to you, but within the whole of your focus, this objectively goes unnoticed.

You notice breaks.  If the memory holds extended time frameworks, if you are experiencing what you term to be a block in memory for an extended time period, this shall gain your attention and you shall hold wonderings of this.  Individuals have held wonderings of this action for much time period, and this also has been an element of the development of your psychology science, to be investigating these types of actions within individuals that are unexplained.  In this, you have offered yourselves the information that this memory IS easily accessible.  It is not lost.

Now; let us turn our attention also to the question of certain individuals that may be experiencing trauma, which within your psychology is the explanation of memory blocking.  This would be a different type of action, in part, from the mere exchange of aspects which is causing of what you term to be a memory block or loss, for at times individuals within physical focus are choosing within certain experiences, or soon after certain experiences, to be exchanging with another aspect of self which holds very different quality tones.  This is not to be escaping the experience held or to be covering the memory of the experience held, but many times within physical focus, one aspect of self shall choose to be experiencing some event or events in intensity, allowing that particular focus to hold the intensity of experience within given situations.  Once these types of experiences have been accomplished, as they ARE held in such intensity, the focus may turn its attention to another aspect of self that may offer a very different type of experience.

It is not for the reason of blocking or covering the previous experience.  It is merely that the individual has offered themselves an extreme in intensity of a particular experience, and in this, in conjunction with all of the subjective experiences which are gained through counterpart action, it is unnecessary for the focus to be continuing in any similar manner of expression.

You have each held experiences within your focus that have attained your fascination that may not be of a traumatic nature, so to speak, that you within your identification of these experiences have built in momentum to a certain experience, and once you have accomplished that experience your expression is, to yourself and to other individuals, “Oh.  I have accomplished this experience.  I am done with this.  It is unnecessary for me to be repeating this same experience.”  And your attention turns, and you do not occupy your attention any longer with that particular experience.  You term this to be “moving on,” and within pleasurable experiences or merely curiosity experiences, you do not move in the direction of offering yourselves explanations that you must be forgetting this experience or covering this experience, but you may find that within years future you are not remembering of that particular experience that you had held such fascination with within that particular time period.

I express this to you to emphasize that this is an area that your science of psychology moves into an incorrectness with, in their assessment that individuals are creating of traumatic experiences or are victims of traumatic experiences, and that your brain automatically is protecting of you and covering these experiences in such manner.  This is not the case.  It is merely a choice of experience, be it in your assessment and belief systems good or bad, and in this choice of experience, once experiencing the fullness and intensity of such types of experience, you merely move your attention to another aspect of self which may hold a very different quality tone than the previous aspect, and in this, that quality tone aspect shall briefly, initially hold a remembrance of the previous action of the other aspect, but this shall quickly move into a subjective area, almost within your thought process as a holding area of memory, for it is unnecessary to be objectively holding the memory, for this would be influencing of the new experiences.

Now; there ARE individuals that may be exchanging with another aspect of self, and in this exchange they may choose to be exerting the energy required to be objectively continuing the memory of a different quality tone aspect, but these individuals are creating of this action purposefully in alignment with their particular intent, for retaining the memory of certain events and experiences within their focus, which will be influencing of their future probability choices, is beneficial to the movement within their particular intent and their chosen line of probabilities, their pool of probabilities.

This be one of the reasons that you may encounter an individual that has held some extreme experiences in what you term to be negative areas, and they may move through their focus and appear to be very sour, for they carry the memory of the other aspect of self, which is influencing of all of the other aspects of self that exchange.  Therefore, it colors the experiences of any other aspect of self.

As I have stated to you yesterday, these are all aspects of YOU.  They are ALL YOU.  Not one of them are NOT you.  Just as with our comparison of emotions, you hold many different expressions of emotions, but they are all you.  You do not separate your expression of emotion from yourself.

In like manner, you may also express the example to yourselves that if you are allowing yourself to be experiencing what you term to be a negative emotion of anger or sadness, and you are allowing yourself to continue within its memory within all of your newly created experiences, it shall be influencing and coloring of your experiences.

In like manner, you may be choosing quite pleasant experiences and holding the memory of these, and exchanging with another aspect and carrying the influence of that aspect through the expressions of other aspects.  This would be your opposite, in your terms, type of expression, of [an] individual that you view to be always optimistic regardless of the situation, the individual that within trauma may find the silver lining in the cloud, for they have offered themselves the exertion of energy to be holding the memory of another aspect which has been experiencing of those types of quality of experiences and carrying the influence throughout all of their other exchanges and experiences.

Now; this, for the most part, is also a similar action within this energy exchange.  Aspects of this essence are chosen to be lending themselves in availability to this energy exchange, but as I have stated to you previously, this is also dependent upon the time framework in your dimension and reality in which you access this essence, and dependent upon the directed attention of this essence within your time framework, you may be happening upon an aspect of this essence which holds a very different quality tone, which shall be quite obvious to you, for the expression shall be quite different and the energy projected shall appear quite different also.  Is this helpful to your explanation?

VICKI:  Yeah, just curious about the “happening upon.” (Elias grins)

ELIAS:  As I have expressed to you, essence is continuously in motion.  Think to yourself of your roulette wheel.  Although within this area of consciousness that I occupy there is no time framework, within your dimension and your physical reality you DO incorporate a time framework.

Now; turn your attention slightly from the expression of what you think of as time, and alter this into a position.  Create in your thought process and your visualization the idea of time being a position, and not a movement of moments.

Now; in this expression, we stop time.  In stopping the time and placing it into an idea of a position, I occupy an area of consciousness that does not incorporate a time framework.

Place myself here (indicating a spot directly in front of him on the floor).  All of the aspects of this essence are accessible to you through here.  They do not all occupy here, but they are all accessible to you within this area.  You are here (indicating another spot on the floor).  Now; dependent upon your time framework, you position yourselves, in your stream of energy to access this essence, in different positions (indicating different spots on the floor).  This is your time movement, and as your time moves, it moves into different positions or angles of accessing THIS area of consciousness (indicating the original spot).

Just as you may stand before a circle upon your ground, and viewing yourself as the element of time, as your time framework moves, you move to different positions around the circle.  Each movement that you create around the circle shall access a different angle of the circle.  In this, you access within your time framework different aspects of this essence, and within certain time frameworks you may be, within that moment — as your roulette wheel — you may be the ball that has stopped before an aspect that does not hold similar quality tone to those which you are familiar to.

It is not necessarily chance — although I am aware that it appears in this manner — for the motion of essence is continuously moving and exchanging.  Therefore, the positions are continuously moving, and the essence is aware of the aspects that are familiar to you.  This also is not accidental, that you may access another aspect which is unfamiliar to you.  It is a choice of essence, in like manner to our analogy of your stick and your ball.  The essence holds the choice to move that aspect and also move the familiar aspect into position, that you may access, and at times it may choose not to manipulate its energy in this fashion, and allow that particular aspect to express.

This also is purposefully chosen to offer you differences and variety in small quantities, offering you the experience that shall not be fearful to you, but shall offer you the information that there are many more expressions and aspects of essence than you are familiar with.  This is offered in small increments, that it may not be invoking fearfulness within you, or confusion, for you shall in small increments be accepting of these differences.  But this also purposefully lends the experience to you that will offer helpfulness in your understanding of yourselves, that you also are not singularly what you think you are or what you appear to be, and as you view that another essence holds many different qualities and expressions but is the same essence, you also begin to assimilate into your objective awareness that you also hold these same qualities.

I have expressed to you that you, regardless that you focus your attention within a physical dimension, are no different from this essence.  The only difference that is held is that I hold the remembrance and you do not, but your qualities are the same.

VICKI:  So just briefly, just to see if I understand, these other focus aspects you’ve been referring to ... these are other focus aspects, correct?  These exchanges that we....

ELIAS:  Not necessarily!  Let me be clear within our terminology, for if you are moving in the direction of expressing the terminology of focus, you shall be confusing yourself and other individuals.  The FOCUSED ATTENTION within ONE focus.

VICKI:  I don’t think I phrased that question right.  My question is, these other aspects you’re referring to, they are aspects of, say, the focus of me.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  And would this be similar to what you’ve been referring to as probable selves, alternate selves?  Are these all these types of aspects?

ELIAS:  Let me clarify in this area also. Probable selves are a different expression from aspects. (Vic starts laughing)

Now; I may express to you that all of the expressions of you are aspects of essence, but we are directing our attention specifically to ONE FOCUS, not incorporating any other focuses or the whole of essence, merely one expressed physical focus: YOU.  In this, you individually hold countless aspects of you, which are the you’s of you within this one focus.  In this, probable selves are a different expression.  They are a creation.  They are an intentional expressed action of creation that you project from yourself.

You, with all of the aspects of you ... (Elias stops and grins).  Let me place this in figurative terms in your linear time framework, and this may be slightly easier for you to understand.  Let us limit our thought process to beginnings and endings.

You begin a physical focus as you are born into it, in your thinking.  As you begin as physical focus, as you enter into the manifestation of a physical focus, there is the existence of countless you’s which make up you, or what you identify as the singular you.  There is a continuous exchange of all of these you’s throughout your focus.  These are already in existence.  They are an automatic manifestation of the whole of essence filtered into a focus of essence within physical dimensions.

As you move through your physical focus, you create probabilities.  In this, you create choices, and as you create choices, at certain times you also, in the action of creating certain choices, are creating probable selves.  These were not, in your terms figuratively speaking, in existence before.  Just as your probabilities do not lie before you — they are created and chosen within the moment of the action — the probable selves also are not created before.  They are a creation which springs from the action of choosing probabilities.  Therefore, this is a very different action and expression.  As you choose certain events within your focus, it moves you in different directions, and each direction that you choose creates an offshoot of a probable self, which also creates an element of a probable reality.

You do this individually AND collectively.  You do this individually and in conjunction with other individuals, for you are not only creating the probable self, but you are creating the probable reality where the probable self shall reside.  This you do not always create singularly, individually.  You create this in conjunction with other individuals also, and in this it is a different expression from your individual focus, for these aspects of self are all the individual aspects of the individual focus.  They are not interconnected, in a manner of speaking — merely physically speaking — with other individuals.  Just as you view your physical self, your physical form, as not translucent and moving in and out of another individual’s body.  In this same manner, the aspects of self that we are speaking of are all YOUR expressions.  They are all of the you’s of you, which are not a creation of you.  They are all OF you.

Just as within physical focus, you may physically create a box of wood.  It is an expression extending outward from you.  It is not you, but you have created it.  In like manner, probable selves are an expression of your creation.  In this, they also differ, in like manner to the box created of wood.  Once they are created, they are no longer you.  They hold their own choices, and from that point of creation are independent of you — are creating of their own probabilities, of their own direction, of their own creations, and hold their own free will and choice.  You may be influencing, as you are influencing of all consciousness and it of you, but you are not choosing their reality.  They are creating their reality, in like manner to you creating your reality.

BOBBI:  We’ve got about ten minutes.

Vic’s note:  Boy, do I remember this moment!  Bobbi and I had to get to the airport as we were flying home that day, but I had so many more questions in this area!  Oh well, another time....

BOBBI:  I have a quick question.  Am I a thought focused person? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You are, but you also move in the direction of more of a balance, in incorporating more of your emotional qualities and allowing a freer expression of these emotional qualities than many thought focused individuals, which within this time framework of this shift in consciousness, individuals expressing thought OR emotional focus shall be moving into this area more and more, of a balance between these two expressions, continuing to hold a leaning in one or the other expression, but creating more of a balance in this area.

BOBBI:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

BOBBI:  I have one more quick one.  I had asked last fall if I was fragmented from Rose, and you responded yes.  Is that all there is to my fragmentation, or is there more?

ELIAS:  This would be an action of mergence also, which has created this expression of fragmentation.  The essences that have created this mergence within that expression are objectively unknown to you, although if you are so choosing, you may be accessing this experience — not merely the information but the experience — of this action of fragmentation by allowing yourself to relax your focus and move into the area of connecting within consciousness to Rose, which shall offer you the experience of the action of the fragmentation, which may be helpful to you and to other individuals within physical focus in explanation of the movement and the action of fragmentation, for this is a subject matter also that is quite difficult for you all within physical focus to be assimilating and understanding, for you think in the terms of pieces, and it is not an action of pieces.

Therefore, think to yourself also that [in] the action of mergence with Rose, to be offering yourself the experience and therefore offering yourself the understanding of this action of fragmentation, all you need be turning your attention to is self and your own essence, for your essence holds all of the qualities and all of the experiences and all of the information of Rose.  They are not separated.  Therefore, you need not move outside of your containment of yourself into another “thing” to be accessing this experience and information, for it is contained within you, and this may be a beneficial exercise for you to be engaging.

BOBBI:  That’s interesting. I’ll definitely attempt that!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  And I am quite encouraging of your movement in this area!

VICKI:  Okay, the only other thing I really have, just to finish our conversation yesterday, back to the table tipping!  We accomplished this twice.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  We attempted it way more than twice.  In my perception, there wasn’t much difference in all of the attempts.  So my question is, what was the difference in the accomplishment?

Vic’s note:  And here, we run out of tape!  Elias talked about how actions such as table tipping aren’t necessarily a matter of beliefs but of allowance, but I don’t want to paraphrase any more than that.  Sorry, folks ... but I guess there are no accidents, eh?

I must say, it was a real pleasure to talk to Elias in depth again after eight months.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mary, for your continued engagement of these sessions.  I don’t thank you often, but I really appreciate all that you do, and more importantly, who you are.  Love, Vic

The tape ends at 9:45 AM, and the session was finished by 10:00 AM.


(1)  I have removed the word “as” in the following sentence: “Now; I may express to you that all of the expressions of you are aspects of essence, but AS we are directing our attention specifically to ONE FOCUS ...”

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