Session 398

Redefining Effortlessness


“Redefining Effortlessness”
“Efficiency in Distraction”
“Back to the Shoe Analogy”

Tuesday, May 18, 1999-2 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).
Elias arrives at 1:32 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good day, Mikah!

MIKE:  Good day! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  I have many more questions for you.

ELIAS:  As always!

MIKE:  Yes! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Do any of the focuses that I share with you overlap with the ones that I share with Patel? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, but within different focuses of the same time framework.

MIKE:  Could you give me some examples of some of the relationships I held with Patel in some of the focuses I shared with him? (Pause)

ELIAS:  First of all, I shall offer to you that you may access this information directly within interaction of Patel, if you are so choosing.

MIKE:  Okay.  Now, how do I go about doing that?

ELIAS:  You may be interactive with Olivia, and you may be requesting audience with Patel.

MIKE:  Well, I tried that one time already, and he never answered!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Elusive individual! (Still chuckling)

Very well.  I shall offer to you briefly some information pertaining to focuses shared with Patel, and if you are so choosing, you may be accessing more information directly.

You hold one focus in the physical location of southern Africa with this individual within the time framework of 943; relationship held as what you term to be friends within the same tribe, not holding family relationship but a closeness in the manner of family, which would also be common to the culture within this tribal existence.

You also hold a focus with this essence in the physical location of Japan in time framework fourth century BC.  In this focus, you hold relationship in family of brothers, in the capacity of warriors.

MIKE:  Okay.  Thank you very much for that.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

MIKE:  Okay.  So all I have to do is ask Ron, or Olivia, and Patel will answer me?

ELIAS:  If Olivia is in agreement to be interactive within the energy exchange.

MIKE:  Okay, then I shall do that.

Do I share focuses with Joanne and/or Paul, and if so, could you give me an example of each?

ELIAS:  You hold one focus with the essence of Tyl in the physical location of what is identified presently as the country of Brazil.

MIKE:  What was that?

ELIAS:  The physical location which is now known as Brazil, within a time framework of sixteenth century midpoint; relationship, siblings, both female.

MIKE:  Okay, and I only hold one focus with her.  Is that what I heard you say?

ELIAS:  No.  I am merely offering you one focus as an example.  You may look to this particular focus in your investigations, for the individual within that focus of the essence of Tyl holds similar issues in discounting of self.  Therefore, the objective outward expression of that individual in certain areas is quite similar.

MIKE:  Okay, and Paul?

ELIAS:  You hold one focus with this individual in the capacity of friendship partially, which also incorporates later within the friendship a parting in disagreement, holding much conflict.  This would be expressed in northern area of location known to you as Russia.

MIKE:  Russia, okay.

Okay, you said that I share focuses with the essence of Archer.  I was wondering, would one of them be as brothers or siblings? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.  Alright, I will leave that one at that.

The focus that I share with Candace in Egypt, is that the same focus where I hold the position of a priestess?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, so is that also the same focus for Candace, in which she was cousins with Jene?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, what time period was that focus?

ELIAS:  This would be, in your terms, third century BC.

MIKE:  Third century BC.  Okay, alright.

Do I hold a focus as a blacksmith and/or some sort of weapons designer? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Gunsmith.

MIKE:  Say that again?

ELIAS:  A gunsmith, manufacturing what you term to be Gatling guns.

MIKE:  Gatling guns, okay.  Interesting.  Alright.

Okay, in another physical dimension, do I hold a position as a manufacturer of some sort of energy devices — weapons, vehicles — something using forms of energy that aren’t necessarily accessed here? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within another dimensional focus, you hold what you would translate into this focus as an occupation which manipulates energy, but is not produced in the manner of what you term to be weaponry, although within your translation into your known reality in this dimension, I am understanding how you are translating in this manner, for within your physical dimension, you would be equating this energy manipulation with what you term to be weaponry, for the closest approximation to the manipulation of energy which occurs in that focus, translated into this focus, would be the production of your nuclear weaponry.

MIKE:  Oh, fascinating!  Okay, alright.

Okay, the dream that I asked you about in my last session, in which you told me that I was viewing another focus of myself, and also the one Jene was connecting with, which she had some very interesting imagery on her part, I was wondering, is that a focus that I share with Jene?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  What was the relationship held? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This translates differently, you are aware.

MIKE:  Why does it trans....

ELIAS:  The approximation would be comrades.

MIKE:  Comrades?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Joseph, my New Zealand focus, is he still engaging the probabilities of drawing himself to this information?

ELIAS:  Yes, partially, although he is quite efficiently engaged in distraction also!

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Is he accessing yet the probabilities of furthering his acting career in the area of TV or movies?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that presently within the probabilities created by this individual in this efficiency in distraction, there is a creation of a lack of motivation in the area of pursuing these types of engagements, for the attention is focused more in the area of social experiences and altering of perception through substance.

MIKE:  Ah, a substance user, huh? (Elias chuckles)  Is this the focus that ... does he use opium?

ELIAS:  At times.

MIKE:  At times, okay.  So is that what Mary, Carla, whatever her name is, when she told me that I had a focus as an opium user, is that the focus she was looking at?

ELIAS:  Correct, although I would be expressing to you that this is an occasional engagement, and the individual magnates more commonly to fermented substances.

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Is he in his early thirties, age-wise?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, I’ve been trying to do some more investigating of him.  Does his last name start with the letter G? (Pause)


MIKE:  Okay, can I take a crack at it?  Would you confirm it for me?

ELIAS:  You may.

MIKE:  Is it something like Jiacona, Jiaconda, something like that?

ELIAS:  Ah!  You are close in your translation — Jiovana.

MIKE:  Ah!  Jiovana?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  This one is an either/or.  Do I hold a focus as a boxer, and/or is Joseph a boxer?

ELIAS:  This individual does not engage this activity in seriousness, but merely as recreation.

MIKE:  Okay, so he does.

Okay, is Santiago in his later thirties or early forties? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Chronological age, 42.

MIKE:  Forty-two, okay.  Let’s see.

Now, this one’s kind of a parlor trick question, but I have done my research on it, and I can’t find anything.  What did Stefan George die of?  In the books that I’ve procured from places, they talk of an illness he had when he was younger which went away, and then he died of it when he exiled himself, but they never say what it was. (Pause)

ELIAS:  This illness within early time framework was not entirely identified, although you would be terming this presently, within this time framework, to be what you term as encephalitis.

MIKE:  Okay.  Can you say that one more time?

ELIAS:  Encephalitis.

MIKE:  Okay.  Okay, thank you for that.  Let’s see.

Do I hold, in linear terms, a focus in between myself and Stefan, within the 53 of my personality tone?


MIKE:  No, okay.  Okay.

We ended — I ended — the last session with my lineage.  In my lineage of those essence that I’m connected with, is there anyone that I’d be familiar with? (Pause)


MIKE:  What’s the tone of the Dream Walker that I’m connected with?

ELIAS:  Are you wishing for a translation into physical word?

MIKE:  Yes, please.

ELIAS:  Very well. (Pause)  This essence tone translates into physical word as Josiah.

MIKE:  Josiah?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Is this a Sumafi essence? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Correct, okay.  Josiah, interesting.

Okay, Zolar — is this essence still interactive with me at all?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Mikah, that these essences are continuously interactive, for there is no separation.  It is merely a question of your awareness and your allowance for your objective interaction or awareness of the interaction.

All essences are intermingled or what you may term to be overlapping with each other, and those essences which are figuratively, in your terms, holding lineage with each other are sharing of certain aspects of consciousness that are continuously merging and re-merging with each other.

Therefore, as to your question of continued interaction, yes.  In the manner that you hold awareness of within physical focus, no, for this may not be directly influencing of experiences within physical focus, for these actions are occurring within other areas of consciousness.

In this, essence is affected, but this does not necessarily translate directly to individual focuses of essence, although indirectly, all action is affecting of all other action.

MIKE:  Okay.  Zolar — is he a Seer essence? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Speaker.

MIKE:  What?

ELIAS:  Speaker.

MIKE:  A Speaker essence?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  So you can be Sumafi and hold an aspect of Speaker?

ELIAS:  No.  This would be an alteration in re-alignment of tone, and choice nonphysically of interaction and mergence of a different intent.

MIKE:  So he’s not Sumafi any more?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Well, that’s interesting.  Okay, was he Seer before this happened?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Am I a Seer?

ELIAS:  You hold an aspect of this, correct.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.  He’s a Speaker.  That’s fascinating!  Okay.

Can you give me some examples — I mean, I can come up with a couple myself, but in my focusedness, I’m sure I would miss some — but some examples of which you mentioned to me last session, of expressions that are being blocked within the context of what we were discussing? (Pause)

ELIAS:  As I have expressed to you, you move in the direction of holding your attention quite singularly and concentrating quite intensely in one area, and in this, you are also creating a limitation in blocking of yourself, for you are not allowing an openness to other actions and probabilities which may be accessed.  We have spoken of this quite detailed.

MIKE:  Well, can you give me ... I mean, I know the one action that we were speaking about was a very large portion of my expression which is being blocked.  But you also said that was just one of some other of my expressions that are being blocked, and I was wondering, what are some of the other expressions?

ELIAS:  In this, you limit your creativity, which also limits your motivation.  Notice your motivational factor, so to speak, and how it may fluctuate within certain moments.  Momentarily you may be quite motivated in certain directions, but for the most part, you are also experiencing a lack of motivation to be moving in any particular direction or to be creating of any particular experiences other than the movement within your mundane activities.  The reason that you are creating this type of action is that you are blocking your openness to your own creativity.

In this, you also have created a time framework in which it may appear outwardly to other individuals that you are being lackadaisical.  I express to you that you have allowed yourself this time framework to be relaxing and not necessarily distracting yourself with many different activities, that you may be open to discovering more of your own creative abilities.  The situation in this, which you are experiencing, is the element of the blocking in the area of the motivation.

In this, you have become accustomed to this situation of relaxation and have moved yourself into another area of distraction, and in this, you move not necessarily in the direction of your desire to be discovering more of your creativity, but merely to be moving into distraction more efficiently, and not offering yourself the viewing of any of these particular areas.

Now; this moves you into a position of alignment with a very strong mass belief system which is held presently, and this also is an area in which you block your creativity.  This aspect of mass belief system is that which attends to the concept of attaining gain without effort physically.

Now; as I express to you that moving within your intent may be producing of all that you seek effortlessly, the term that I offer to you as “effortless” is not the same as the lack of action or the lack of exerting energy.

As I speak to you of effortlessness, what I am expressing is that in your creativity and within your intent, as you are following in those movements and you are creating within acceptance and trust of self and you are incorporating fun within your creativity, your action and expelled energy shall be effortless and shall be producing the sensation of joyfulness.

Now; this is not to say that your creation in this manner shall not be requiring of any movement and manipulation of energy or action, for it shall.

I am not expressing to any individual — in actuality, quite the contrary — that they may be sitting upon a pillow throughout their focus, and all that they desire shall merely appear before them!

But within this present time framework, there are misunderstandings which are occurring within individuals in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.  Their interpretation moves in the direction that within this shift in consciousness, all of your reality shall be altered, and therefore you shall not be required to exert any energy or action in any direction to be accomplishing what you seek.

I am expressing to you that this is a misconception and a misunderstanding, but it is creating of a new aspect of beliefs, that individuals may be focusing upon self, moving effortlessly — which in your terms means exerting no energy or action — and that they shall be acquiring all of the financial and material gain as to which they seek.  In your very common physical terms within your language, we may express this new aspect of beliefs, which has gained energy to mass proportion, as being acquiring wealth and riches with no effort.

I am expressing to you that this quite is a misunderstanding of the information offered, but this aspect in mass belief system lends much energy to individuals such as yourself, in the manner that it is creating a lack of motivation to be moving into implementing your creativity and your abilities, for you perpetuate the belief system by not engaging action and continuing to be anticipating and waiting for your heavens to drop within your lap your abundance!

I have not expressed to any individual that you may be acquiring all that you seek without action.  I AM expressing to you that your action may be effortless, but this is not expressing to you that you may not engage any action at all, for this is how you have created this physical reality, that you engage action, and this produces a thing.  You seek a thing, and in the production of that thing, you must be implementing action.

This is not to say that you may not be implementing action which is effortless to you and which is expressive of your creativity and fun.

MIKE:  Okay.  Did I hear you say at the beginning that I’m moving into an area of distracting myself from finding my own creativity?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  How am I distracting myself?

ELIAS:  In moving into the direction of aligning with this aspect of mass belief.

MIKE:  Okay.  Now, what am I distracting myself from?  What has come before me that I’m not ... what is being presented to me that I’m not paying attention to?

ELIAS:  You are not being presented, for you are not presenting to yourself, for you are not noticing.  You are distracting.  In this....

MIKE:  I’m what?

ELIAS:  You are distracting.

MIKE:  Oh, distracting.  I thought you said slacking!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I am not expressing to you or any individual that you are, in your slang terms, slacking!  Ha ha ha!  This is quite amusing!

MIKE:  Okay.  That makes a lot of sense, because yeah, I have a conflicting definition as to the word “effortless,” one being what you just described, as something that you don’t put effort into, but it doesn’t mean that ... yeah, everything that you said, but I also believed somewhere in there that it meant no action and whatsuch, so that clears a lot up.  So now that I’m realizing of this, doesn’t that kind of poof it out?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily!  You may be realizing and recognizing of certain behaviors that you hold and actions that you engage and experiences that you create and belief system that you align with.  This is one element of your process, so to speak.  You may be noticing and you may be identifying, but the noticing and the identifying is not the addressing to.

MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  You may be distracting yourselves and not choosing to be engaging the actions of addressing to issues and beliefs and movement, knowing objectively and subjectively what you are viewing, but also choosing not to be engaging those beliefs and issues or movements and continuing to not be creating what you are seeking.

Noticing is important — identifying is important — for this affords you the objective ability to be addressing objectively to these areas, but noticing and identifying are not addressing to.  They are not engaging the action of altering the behaviors and the situations that you have already created.

MIKE:  Okay, um....

ELIAS:  This is also coupled with your belief system with regard to effortlessness.  “I shall notice, I shall identify, and POOF!  My beliefs shall fly away, and I shall not be engaging any action in this area, for it is effortless.” (Chuckling, and Mike cracks up)

MIKE:  Oh gosh.  So basically, by addressing to this new aspect and whatsuch, I’ll start presenting myself with areas to be moving into that won’t be distracting myself?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.

Let me express to you, Mikah, that noticing is very intricately involved in this process that you have designed for your widening, for even within the action of addressing to situations, belief systems, experiences — all of your creations and issues — you continue to be noticing all of your own created behaviors, all of your responses to not merely your behaviors and creations but to other individuals’ behaviors and creations, for this offers you information also, and to be noticing all of the imagery that is presented to you daily, which also offers you more information as to your own movement.

I may not be repeating of this to you enough, and I continue to repeat this to you and shall continue to repeat this to you, to the point that you genuinely understand and begin implementing this type of action.  Within this present now, you continue to not entirely objectively understand what I am expressing to you.

Your thought process moves in the direction of expressing to you, oh yes, you do understand! (Mike cracks up)  I express to you that I may access your energy and subjective movement, and I may express to you that objectively, oh no, you do not entirely understand what I am expressing to you, which I understand that you do not understand, and therefore I continue to offer to you repeated statements, for as you continue to objectively receive this information, you shall allow yourself to assimilate this information.

One of your most important actions is to be noticing, noticing all that is within your reality — your behavior, other individuals’ behavior, your creations, your lack of creations, your imagery that is presented to you through yourself, through other individuals, through your world.  All about you continuously, you are presenting yourself and drawing yourself to imagery that speaks to you in a constant manner.  You are merely accustomed to ignoring this information and not noticing.  You have placed yourselves upon automatic response, and in this automatic response, you do not notice all of the information that you offer to yourselves.

You do not even notice your OWN creations, your own behaviors.  You automatically create behaviors; you automatically excuse behaviors; you automatically justify behaviors.  THIS is the area that I direct your attention to, to be noticing and to be identifying WHAT you are noticing.

Once you have noticed and identified, you continue to be noticing, and in your noticing, you also begin addressing to what you are noticing while you continue to be noticing in an ongoing manner within the time framework that you are also addressing to the situation.

Let us look once again upon our shoes.  I have offered the analogy of the shoes and widening your awareness.

Now; let us look to the shoes.  As you place the shoes upon your feet, you are noticing that they are holding tightly to your feet.  They are creating uncomfortableness upon your feet.

You are noticing.  You notice that you are uncomfortable.  You are identifying that your feet are uncomfortable.  You are identifying the reason that your feet are uncomfortable — the shoes press upon them tightly.

Now; in this, you implement action.  You do not merely concentrate upon the shoes and poof them away!  You implement action, and you engage acquiring another pair of shoes.

In this, you experiment with the new shoes, and you place them upon your feet.  You are continuing to notice whether these new shoes shall be creating comfort or discomfort, and if they are not entirely comfortable, you shall discard them and you shall engage another pair of shoes, and you shall continue to be engaging more pairs of shoes until you acquire the pair of shoes that affords you the freedom of movement with no restriction.

In this — the acquiring of the new shoes and the exchange of shoes and the action that accompanies putting the new shoes upon your feet, experimenting with the new shoes — all of the actions that you engage in conjunction with each pair of new shoes is addressing to the situation.  But throughout the action of addressing to the situation with the shoes, you are also continuously noticing and identifying.

It is not a situation of one follows the other, and once one has been accomplished, it is disengaged.  You are continuing with all three throughout your process.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yeah, I’m trying to assimilate it.  It sounds logical.

ELIAS:  Once you have acquired the pair of shoes that you may place on either foot, regardless of left or right, and it shall be worn comfortably with no restriction — you may wear them backwards and forwards, you may wear them sideways, you may wear them on your right foot or your left foot and vice versa — once you have acquired THAT pair of shoes, then you have accomplished the widening.

MIKE:  Okay. (Sighing)  Notice, notice, notice.  Okay.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  And we return to the onset of these sessions within physical focus, in which I expressed that very statement to our initial group of individuals — notice, notice, notice!  And I continue to be expressing of this same word now — notice, notice, notice! (Chuckling)

MIKE:  Speaking of noticing, I had a rather interesting experience when I was leaving the other day.  My neighbor came up to us in the car as we were leaving, and she offered me a job from somewhere, and I was shocked.  I did not know how to react, and I noticed — see, I was noticing! — how uncomfortable I got.  I started getting confused as to why I was doing this, because when the word “work” or “job” comes up, I suck in, my energy contracts, and I know it’s ‘cause I hold some issues in there that it’s bad or uncomfortable ‘cause it’s unfamiliar to me.  I was wondering if the whole thing of the offering of the job was to be noticing that aspect of duplicity within myself.

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.

ELIAS:  This was your opportunity to view your responsiveness.  I am acknowledging of you in this situation with your noticing, for this you have offered to yourself to be noticing your triggers, to be noticing your automatic response, your automatic retreat and restriction within yourself, and your automatic behavior in this area.

This also — now, let us view this — offers you the very information that I have been expressing to you.  It offers you information not merely of your triggers or of your automatic responses or of your behaviors, but also of your beliefs.

For in this, as you engage conversation or interaction with another individual with regard to this one action — work or job — both of these words create very strong response within yourself, for you hold very strong judgment in this area; great negativity in this area.  You associate these physical terms as distasteful, bad, stifling of your freedom, stifling of your creativity, and unproductive to your spirituality.  My, my, my!  These are very bad words, are they not?

This, I express to you, offers you the opportunity to examine these beliefs, and examine within yourself your automatic responses and your motivation and lack of motivation in these areas.

What you seek is elusive for the reason that you hold an element, first of all, that does not believe that you may be creating your reality with no action.  But you tug-of-war back and forth because you also express to yourself the aspect of effortlessness, and your definition of effortlessness is no expelled action.

MIKE:  So basically, by holding that definition and sticking with it, I’m limiting myself from even a job that I may even consider, that I wouldn’t find intrusive.

ELIAS:  Quite!

MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  You may be exerting your creativity in many different areas and offering your expression in many different manners, but you limit yourself in this as your automatic responses take hold and you allow yourself to be moving into your areas of your objective triggers, which you view automatically into your negative expressions of your beliefs and your rejection of all that may be offered to you, for you have already automatically placed a judgment upon the situation, that your individual expression of freedom and creativity shall be stifled and squelched.

MIKE:  Okay, let me ask you this then.  Maybe this may jolt me into ... ‘cause I get so fearful when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Am I creating within my probabilities a job within near future time?

ELIAS:  You are creating the presentment of these jobs, so to speak.  I am not expressing to you that you are, within your probabilities, creating a job that you may necessarily engage.

This is not to say....

MIKE:  Okay, so basically, the whole thing of offering myself these jobs is to be noticing my triggers and whatsuch.

ELIAS:  Both.  They are the presentment of a job that you hold the ability to be engaging and that you may be choosing.

What I am expressing to you is that you ARE presenting yourself with opportunities.  You are presenting yourself with these jobs.

Now; it is also your choice as to whether you engage these opportunities or not.

Do not be misunderstanding me and misconstruing what I am expressing to you in the direction to offer yourself an excuse to continue in your distraction by expressing to yourself, “I need not engage any action, for I am merely presenting myself with the opportunity to be noticing, and therefore I may stay as a knot upon my log, and I may offer myself the excuse to move in no direction and implement no action, for my action merely entails noticing.”

I am not expressing that to you.  I am expressing to you that you are presenting yourself with the opportunity to be noticing and to be identifying and to be altering, and also to be implementing action.

MIKE:  So, if I were to be accepting of a position in one of these opportunities I’m offering myself, it would not be a distraction?


MIKE:  No, okay.  Alright.  I’ll keep that in mind then.

Okay, this is good one to ask right about now.  When connecting with our inner voice, our impulses and whatsuch, besides the fact that it would place no judgment and that it may be the softest voice, what are other ways to distinguish it, especially if you engage confusion and inner arguments?  Now, like you say my inner voice says this, and then it says, “No, I said this, and no, I said this.”  How do you get yourself out of that?  How do you distinguish which one was yourself speaking to you, and not judgment and beliefs and whatsuch?

ELIAS:  I express to you that as you quiet yourself and are listening and discerning within yourself, knowing that all of your actions that you engage within physical focus are in some aspects influenced by your belief systems — for you do create your reality through your belief systems — you may also look to self and look to trusting self in offering yourself your least-conflict scenario.

In this, you may experience temporary time frameworks of uncertainty objectively, for you are not accustomed to creating your reality entirely through your no-conflict scenarios.  You are accustomed to creating your reality through expectations.

But in this, as you are listening to this inner voice, this small inner voice, and you are identifying of your beliefs that are in conjunction with all of your information, you may be remembering that you also shall not betray you.  And in this, if you are quieting yourself and allowing yourself to be not reacting, and relaxing with your inner voice and remembering your no-conflict exercise, this may be helpful in your discerning which voice to be listening to.

MIKE:  Okay, um....

ELIAS:  In this, Mikah, be remembering, many of your beliefs move in the direction of expectations — what you expect of yourself and what other individuals expect of you.  Expectation is not necessarily your most efficient movement.

MIKE:  So basically, when I engage confusion or I say, “Okay, what am I trying to tell myself?” I get like a hundred voices at once telling me something.  Should I ... not should I.  Would it be efficient for me to distract myself momentarily, to quiet myself down so I can try it again?

ELIAS:  You may, if you are so choosing.  Each individual may be choosing a different method to be allowing themselves this quietness.

All of this chatter that you experience is your battling through beliefs and your rationale, which is not the communication of your impulses and your impressions.  It is merely banter that occurs in distracting you.

Therefore, you may engage any method that is efficient for you within the moment to be relaxing and quieting yourself and allowing yourself the moment to be evaluating and sifting through, so to speak, those voices that are the rational voices, those voices that are the influence of your belief systems in judgments, those voices that are expressing to you the anticipation of other individuals’ expectations and also your own expectations of yourself, and once you have sifted through the elimination of all of these, you shall also hear the tiny voice underneath all of these shouting voices that whispers to you the no-conflict choice.

MIKE:  Okay.  I’m assuming that I’m still engaging the probability of doing my travels, the probabilities of my travels.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  I have an impression that the opportunity, as it stands now, is gonna come in a very unconventional manner.

ELIAS:  You are correct also.

MIKE:  Okay.  Is this time period of travel like far-removed from this present time period, or is it coming ... well, obviously it’s coming closer.  But I mean, is it near?

ELIAS:  It is not far removed.

MIKE:  Okay.  Lately, actually for a long time, I only get little snippets of my dreams, like the dream I had with myself with long hair, which I know that one was very purposeful, as are all dreams.

But why haven’t I been remembering my dreams like I used to?  I used to remember like three or four dreams, like the whole or most of the scenario.  Now I only get maybe like an image or two out of maybe one dream that I have, and I was wondering why I’m not remembering.

ELIAS:  You are creating this situation for the reason of your distraction.

To this point presently, you have been distracting yourself, that you may not necessarily view those areas which you wish to be addressing to, for subjectively you choose to be addressing to belief systems and moving into a wider awareness and more efficient expression, but objectively you also battle with this, fearing that you may not necessarily approve of yourself in true depth of exploration.

Your dream state is your communication from essence to focus.  It is your communication with self and offers you much imagery that is pertaining to your reality, and many times addresses to the issues that you are addressing to and engaging within your objective waking state.

In this, you are choosing presently not to be holding the memory objectively of your interaction within this dream state, for you are not necessarily wishing to view what you are communicating to yourself, for what you are communicating to yourself in much of this dream interaction is very much in like manner to the information that I am offering you presently, to be noticing and to not be distracting yourself.  But within objective expression, you are quite pleased with your distractions, and this is offering you a temporary comfort and fun, which you interpret as freedom.

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Oh boy!

ELIAS:  I express to you that this type of freedom may be more restricting than you realize.

MIKE:  Yeah, I’m becoming more aware of that.

I have purchased some materials to be helping myself quiet down, and I was wondering if and will this be indeed helpful, like I’m looking for it to be. (Pause)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And your ride is not efficient enough?

MIKE:  What?

ELIAS:  Your ride physically is not efficient enough? (Pause)

For it is not spiritual enough!

(Humorously)  Horrors, that we engage a bicycle ride and physical activity within pleasure and fun within your countryside, for this is not a spiritual activity in seriousness, and shall not quite be as efficient as other spiritual manifestations!

I express to you that if you are so choosing, you may engage in these methods, and if you are lending yourself to them, you may be accomplishing in this area.  You may also temporarily be experiencing frustration, for your physical thought process leans in the direction of distraction and chatter, does it not?

MIKE:  Yes!

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  And shall you not accept that the great and powerful Elias is holding an awareness of this inner chatter that you create continuously, and has offered to you an efficient method that shall quiet this chatter?  Ah, but it is not the spiritual, Tibetan offering of the monks that clink cymbals and burn incense and meditate for great enlightenment.  Very well! (Mike cracks up)

You may engage your equipment and you may engage your methods, and subsequent to these methods, you may attempt your ride and you may compare, and you may offer to me what direction is more efficient.

MIKE:  Well, from that, I’m taking a guess that the bike ride would be more efficient!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Give me no credit for knowing of the energy that I read within you! (Chuckling)

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Okay, um....

ELIAS:  I am not expressing to you that you may not be engaging these methods if you are so choosing.  They may be helpful to you, although I am merely offering you cautioning to be anticipating and not surprised if your inner chatter continues, and you engage frustration in attempting to be engaging this quietness without distraction.

MIKE:  Maybe I should try the bike ride before I try this!

ELIAS:  It matters not!

MIKE:  Oh boy!  Let me see.

When I am working out and doing what I do in the gym, for the past week or so I have been getting the most annoying twitch on the left side of my neck when I’m lifting the more heavier poundages, and it tightens so much, to the point that it almost feels like it’s gonna pop out of my skin.  I was wondering, why am I doing that to my neck?

ELIAS:  You are offering yourself physical responsiveness to be discontinuing.

MIKE:  What?!  To be discontinuing my weight lifting?

ELIAS:  To be discontinuing within that moment.

MIKE:  Oh, within that moment, okay.  Okay, that’s interesting.  So just stop then, huh?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, here’s one.  I didn’t see anything peculiar about it until Candace brought it up, about how much it annoyed her, which I didn’t let it affect me too much, but then I started noticing — maybe it was bleed-through action or maybe it was something from another focus — a habit of mine in which I always have to be chewing ice when I’m drinking something.  I always have to get the ice out and chew on it, and I was wondering, what is that?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This offers you a distraction in the area to be quieting yourself.  Now; look to this action that you create, and let us return to our discussion which we have engaged just prior to this questioning, in our discussion of your other methods or your bicycle riding.

In this, as you engage a physical activity that requires no thought process but offers you movement and stimulation of physical senses, it offers you enough distraction that it allows you the opportunity to quiet yourself and to be paying attention to another element.  It may be being attentive to another individual or to a programming, to musical engagement.  It may be merely to be observant of the environment around you.  But it is a physical action which engages physical senses, which provides just enough stimulus to allow you to be directing your attention in other areas and not battling the banter.

MIKE:  Fascinating!  I never thought of it that way!

ELIAS:  This requires no thought process of yourself.  You are engaging this activity with no thought, and automatically.  This is an automatic physical response that you have created that releases your thought process and allows you not to be engaging your chatter.

This be the reason I have offered the suggestion of the bicycle ride, for this engages physical senses that require no thought process, but provides you with just enough distraction and physical stimulation that it shall free your attention to be engaged in quietness and shall allow you to be attentive to a singular direction.

MIKE:  Okay.  I have like three more questions for you.  Okay, this has been staring me in the eye here.  That focus that you said that Jene and I were comrades in, did you mean comrades as in friends, or comrades as in like marriage?

ELIAS:  Friends.

MIKE:  Friends, okay.  Alright.  Let’s see.

In a recent transcript, you told an individual that was viewing two choices, of whether or not to be remaining in her location for a certain occupation or to move to France for whatever reason she had, and the answer you gave her was quite interesting, and I was curious to know if that was a way of looking at similar situations, that the option of moving into the unfamiliar would be the option to be more leaning towards more of an efficient experience.

ELIAS:  At times, this would be the situation.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.  At times....

ELIAS:  It is merely dependent upon the individual and their expression of trust or lack of trust and acceptance of self.  At times this may be much more efficient to be engaging this type of action, for it offers an objective validation and example to the individual of trusting self.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright.  This whole thing with the dolphins and the whales and their choice to be assuming essence, I’ve been trying to comprehend this within simultaneous time.  Does that mean now that every whale and dolphin that we now view as pastly contains essence, or just from the point in linear terms that they chose the experience and forward?

ELIAS:  Both.

MIKE:  Both?  So now, all the ones that we viewed pastly?

ELIAS:  Within linear time framework, no.  Outside of your linear time framework, yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, so basically, just from a point in linear terms, just from a point that they chose and forward?

ELIAS:  Within linear terms, within your physical dimension.  Outside of linear terms, within simultaneous time and consciousness, it would incorporate all.

MIKE:  All, okay.  Let’s see.

I’m going to ... if you would indulge me, please.  I don’t want to sound like I’m asking you to tell me what my creativity is, as I am aware of some of my creativity, but I hear you say that all the time, becoming aware of all your creativity and whatsuch, and I struggle with that because I don’t view myself to be ... I mean, I view myself to be creative, but I don’t view myself to be like someone with all different kinds of talents and stuff in creativity.  I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of noticing some of the areas that I’m discounting of myself, in which I do hold creativity.

ELIAS:  You are looking to the word creativity as physical, in terms of artistic abilities, and I am not expressing that creativity holds this meaning.

Creativity is the ability to be expressive of yourself in many, many different manners; anything that you may be creating of that holds an efficient and beneficial aspect, not merely to yourself, but to your world.  Therefore, it is not merely influencing of yourself, but it is influencing of your world.  Your offering, your expression, your contribution in physical terms is your creativity.

In this, it is not necessarily an expression of artistic qualities, although many, many individuals equate the term creativity with artistic qualities, and they are not synonymous.

I shall offer you a clue.  Look to your interaction with Archer, for you are offering an expression of creativity in interaction with this individual.

MIKE:  Okay.  So you’re hanging around when I’m talking to him?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I engage presence with you each many, many, many times.  I am interactive with you much of the time, in your terms.  You merely do not allow yourself an objective awareness of my presence and interaction, although I am expressing to you that I am not spying upon you!  I am merely lending energy and offering supportiveness to you.  In this, I may be also encouraging to you, and noticing that you are creating of your own natural creative expression in different interactions.  Therefore, notice your interaction with Archer, as you offer yourself in the capacity of a big brother, do you not?

MIKE:  Yeah, I suppose I do! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are offering to this individual not merely information, but you offer more.

MIKE:  Okay, so that’s part of my creativity, when you use the term creativity?

ELIAS:  Quite.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  That clears up a lot, ‘cause you automatically assume ... when you hear creativity, you think of artistic stuff.

I think that’s about it, and I shall say thank you, and adieu ...

ELIAS:  Ah!  Incorporating....

MIKE:  ... and I shall be anticipating our next meeting!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  And now you incorporate OUR responses!  Ha ha ha ha!  I offer to you acknowledgment in this area!  Ha ha ha ha!  I am appreciating of your expression! (Chuckling)  Therefore, it is unnecessary for myself to be offering the same expression, as you have already offered it for me!  Ha ha ha! (Mike laughs)  HA HA!

Therefore, I express merely my acknowledgment and my encouragement to you, my friend.

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  And I express to you in my affection, au revoir!

MIKE:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:13 PM.

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