Session 332
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Acceptance & Trust of self


“Acceptance & Trust of Self”
“You Shall Be Accomplishing!”

Saturday, October 17, 1998  © 1999 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Dale (Jene), James (Chui), and Vicki (Lawrence).
Vic’s note:  Another session with a bouquet of leaves in Mary’s hair!  This is just TOO FUNNY, observing Elias with leaves in his hair!  (Yes, I’m easily entertained)
Elias arrives at 11:13 AM. (Arrival time is 32 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning! (Smiling)

DALE & JAMES:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this day?


JAMES:  I was wondering if you could tell me my alignment and family and essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Chui; C-H-U-I. (pronounced shway)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.

JAMES:  Thanks.

DALE:  I’d ask the same for me and my son Spencer. (Pause)

ELIAS:  And why shall you inquire in this direction? (Grinning)

Vic’s note: Elias had offered Dale’s name and family info previously.

DALE:  Making sure that what I think is true, or what I’ve been told previously is still the same.  And for my son, curiosity.

ELIAS:  You may hold to information that you have already received, for you have not altered in this area, and you may confirm to yourself that your family information is correct, as you have already offered yourself imagery in this area, with your undesirable colors! (Grinning)

DALE:  Okay! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  How about Spencer?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Me Ling; M-E-L-I-N-G; two words. (pronounced may ling)

DALE:  M-E, then....

ELIAS:  Correct.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

DALE:  Thank you.

JAMES:  I was assuming that my alignment was Milumet because of all the Watcher connections that seem to crop up in my life.

ELIAS:  Individuals may oftentimes, in familiarizing themselves with this information of essence families, misinterpret and express identifications with certain family qualities with themselves, although within the actual intent and the direction of the intent of each family, you may present yourself with imagery that aligns with different families, and this does not necessarily designate that you are aligned with that particular family.

Many individuals may offer themselves imagery that aligns with the Milumet family, in collecting objects or aligning themselves with what they term to be natural elements within this particular manifestation, but this is not to say that they may necessarily be aligned with this particular family.  You offer yourself imagery, that you may be noticing those elements of qualities that are in conjunction with other families.

As I have stated previously, you shall hold qualities of all of these essence families, but your intent shall align with a specific one.  But you do manifest within physical focus offering yourselves qualities that at times may seem quite pronounced of other essence families, and in this, at times you may also be confusing yourself in your identification of which family you actually align with.

Within yourself, you hold the intent and the qualities of the Tumold family, in the direction of returning elements to their natural state.  This is not necessarily a physical action that is expressed within physical focus.

Individuals have created misunderstandings in their identification of this particular essence family and the alignment to it within physical focus, for individuals automatically move in the direction of identifying this particular family in the area of their belief systems of healing, and although many individuals aligning with this particular family in physical focus do choose the direction of expressing actions of healing elements, this is a very limited direction in movement within physical focus and is also a limited identification of the intent in this family, for your ideas or your concepts of healing within your thought processes are very limited and very narrow, and this particular family enters into many different expressions as that being its underlying intent.

As I have expressed previously, it matters not your choice of occupation or your objective direction in your physical expressions as you are aligned with this particular family, for you may be quite affecting and following your intent and very expressive within that intent in ANY area, for your objective within this intent is not necessarily to be manipulating energy in the area of what you think of as healing.  Many different expressions may fall into this category and may not appear objectively quite so obviously, but may be quite affecting.

The very energy projected, your very presence, lends itself in this area; a calming element of energy that is received by other individuals physically around you.

In this, you couple this with your underlying intent of the Sumafi to not be distorting, not other individuals’ expressions but your own expression of your alignment within this family of Tumold, holding to your calmness in your energy presentment within your energy field, which allows other individuals an automatic response of calming within their energy field.  Your very presence within physical expression lends an energy which is affecting of other individuals’ energy centers.

As you physically move into a proximity of any other individual, the action that you have created within your own energy field extends to other individuals, lending direction in communication to their energy centers — which are affecting of their energy fields — and in this action you lend a calmness to other individuals within their energy fields and energy centers.  This is another expression, in a natural form, of this family of Tumold.

JAMES:  Okay, thanks.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

JAMES:  There seems to be a lot of connections in my life with Simon Peter.  Does that connect with what you were saying in some way?

ELIAS:  In certain aspects, for the expression of energy has been quite similar.  Therefore, there is what you may term to be an automatic recognition and identification within you subjectively, of this interconnection of energy expression.

JAMES:  So, are you saying there’s a similarity between me and the individual who stands behind the myth of Simon Peter?

ELIAS:  Correct, in the expression of energy and the expression of the projection of energy.  This is known to you within your subjective awareness.  There is a recognition of this.

This would not be a different expression from any other individual that identifies within a fascination or a very strong draw to any other aspect personality within your dimension.  You hold a recognition subjectively which you allow to bleed through to your objective awareness, and in this bleed-through you also manifest your expression in the direction of holding your attention to certain individuals or certain personalities or certain situations, objects, creations, be it whatever you choose.  But in your identification of knowing certain elements within consciousness and your viewing of the similarities, you manifest objectively fascinations in these areas that are also translated into strongly held draws to these different elements.

JAMES:  Okay.  Is there any particular reason why I identify with Simon Peter as opposed to some other personality who also might have had a very similar energy?

ELIAS:  This is a good question!  Interestingly, individuals DO, within physical focus, single out, so to speak, certain personalities and move in the area of identifying more strongly with certain personalities than they may with other personalities holding the same intents, but it is not only the energy expression and the intent which you draw yourself to within identification, but within your subjective awareness, you hold access to all of the different qualities within consciousness that may be expressed within physical manifestation.  You hold more knowledge than merely this, (grinning) but we are speaking of this particular subject.

In this, you allow yourself to access the information of a certain personality that you are drawn to, in recognition of their similar expression within energy to your own.  You move beyond this identification and you explore other identifications of qualities of that particular personality, and as you align yourself with those other qualities you also identify with that personality, and that particular personality becomes more of a fascination to you, in your knowing of your very similar expression.

Let me offer you a very small example.  Visualize to yourself a board with many holes within the board, and upon a table you may place a great number of these boards, with these holes within the boards in many different patterns.  Many of the boards may hold very similar patterns, but as you move one board in alignment with all of the other boards, and you move your one board containing all of its holes within its particular pattern over the top of all of the other boards, as you view the pattern of the holes, you may approach another board which holes appear very similar to the holes within your own board, and as you place the board on top of the other board, you may align many of the holes that you may peer through from yours to the other board.  In this, your patterns match.

There may be a few holes within the board that are within a different alignment of pattern, but for the most part, the pattern of the holes match, and in this you are identifying many of the same qualities of expression within that particular personality expression that you hold quite similarly, and in that identification you draw yourself to that expression in your identification, knowing that you match.

DALE:  Speaking of wood, can you give me some insight on this dream that I had last night, of the wood specks going into Mary’s eyes, and the pecking, the pecking sound, and me offering a Kleenex?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Interesting imagery that you present to yourself!  This imagery would be imagery that you have offered to yourself in identifying certain elements within a clouding of vision, a blocking of vision, for the vision itself is projected outwardly.  This is an outer sense that you have created specifically to be viewing outwardly.

In this, what you have created within your own symbolization is to offer yourself information of this movement or action which is engaged, of the individual viewing outside and attempting to be gathering information from outside.  The specks are the blocking elements in the attempt to be blocking the outside vision to offer the information that the viewing is moving in a inefficient direction, and as the specks are offered to cover the vision or to block the vision, it offers the opportunity to look inward, and in this acquire the information and the answers that are sought.  But as the vision continues outwardly, the action which is engaged is merely a blocking of information and a perpetuation of confusion, and as the imagery is received to block the outward vision and turn this to self, the inquiries may be answered in the efficient manner of offering information to self, in not concerning self with outside, but concerning self with within.

DALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

DALE:  I think I’m going to have to read that over though, too! (Elias chuckles)  Kind of a follow-up for that, realizing that we are all our own channels feels very important to me.  Will you give me some insight on Wider Dale, my choice of that name, and how I may allow a clearer connection?

ELIAS:  As we have spoken in our last meeting of yesterday, your attention within the action of this shift moves in the direction of focusing upon self, and in this focusing upon self, you are offering yourselves — and yourself — the opportunity to be trusting and accepting of self.  In this action, you are creating many actions.

You are automatically lending yourself in the direction of acceptance of belief systems of other individuals and opening your periphery and widening your awareness, and as we spoke of spirituality, this is the point, to be offering yourself the wholeness of self.

This is what is becoming your new expression of spirituality, to be accepting of all of the aspects of you, and in this action, you are also widening your awareness.

Your expression is Wider Dale, which is your imagery that you present to yourself of your movement into this area of engaging this action — widening your awareness and opening to your periphery, allowing yourself objectively to be open to all of the imagery that you present yourself with, and to be noticing — and in this you also offer yourself the opportunity to access your natural abilities, to interpret what you are noticing and what you are creating.  The key in all of this action is to be accepting and trusting of self.

I am quite aware that individuals grow weary of my continuous expression in this area, over and over, in this acceptance of self!  And I shall continue to be repeating of this concept until the point that each of you converts this concept into an actual reality, that you recognize that you are not creating this acceptance of self, and that within the actual action of widening your awareness and accepting and trusting of yourself, you are automatically creating of new, amazing liberation, that you shall actually experience in what you attain to experience now!  But you SHALL experience and amaze yourselves in each movement that you allow yourselves in the area of the acceptance and trust of self.

All that you may imagine within your physical focus, of your spirituality or of your playful creations, may be actualized in reality within your physical dimension, merely in the action of trusting and accepting self.  But this continues to be merely a concept within you that you attain to, and you have not realized that there is no attaining to this.  You already hold it.  You need merely discover what you hold!  But you have blanketed this with your different aspects and expressions of your belief systems.  Therefore, you are covering your own awareness and your own periphery, but as you peel away all of these blankets, you allow this shining ability, and you amaze yourself with your own creativity.

The word “creativity” means little to you each, for you do not understand the implication of what you may create in allowing your creativity.  You do not understand the ability that you hold within your expressions.  You fascinate yourselves with the miraculous expressions of certain individuals throughout your history, within this dimension, that possess strange and wondrous abilities to alter physical reality in amazing manners, but you ALL hold this ability.

You ARE your own channel, so to speak, for you may channel your energy in any direction that you are so choosing, and your physical focus is not so very limited as you view it to be!

(Humorously)  You BELIEVE that your physical manifestation is quite limited, for you of course are within a working, learning dimension upon a working, learning planet upon a working, learning plane, which shall we not forget is a very lowly plane, that you need be learning your lessons quite well, that you may attain to your higher planes and move into your greater abilities with your “higher self.”

You do not hold a higher self!  You ARE your higher self!  You are your highest expression!  You are all that you may be, and your physical dimension holds the ability to accommodate much more of your expressions and your creativity than you allow yourselves to view.  You may channel energy through your physical self, through your physical expression, in countless different directions that you do not even allow yourselves to imagine.

DALE: So for me personally, what is this huge blanket I hold up to myself, that I will not allow myself to know this already?

ELIAS:  Your expression is quite similar to many, many, many other individuals within physical focus.  For yourself individually, I shall be repeating to be focusing your attention upon the acceptance of self, WITHIN REALITY.  You may move throughout your focus continuously, and you may express to every other individual that you physically encounter upon your planet that you are a wondrous, glorious being: “Look to me!  I shine like a star!  I am a glorious being, and I adore myself!” (Laughter)  And you may project this false personification, but in actuality, as you quietly, individually turn your attention inwardly, the star becomes quite dim.

DALE:  We have an amazing belief in practice makes perfect!

ELIAS:  Ah, for you are not perfect!  You are flawed!  And you have created mistake after mistake after mistake within your physical focus, and you also are the victim of your very self and your mistaken creations! (Grinning)

DALE:  I’m my own worst enemy!

ELIAS:  Quite! And suddenly, this bright, shining, glorious star becomes this black hole of inverted energy that you are lost within, screaming to yourself that you may not find the light! (Grinning)

DALE:  (Laughing)  Yep!

ELIAS:  And THIS is the blanket that you cover yourself with!

I am not expressing to you that your practicing within your outward expression may not be influencing, for within your physical expressions and creations within physical manifestations, you DO allow yourself to assimilate information that you repeat to yourself, regardless of your belief within it.  Therefore, this be the reason that many essences and many individuals shall express to you that you affirm to yourself some element that you do not believe over and over again, and you shall believe this.

In part, there is validity to this action, and I myself have offered this suggestion to certain individuals in certain situations, knowing those particular individuals, and in this, knowing their acclimation to this type of action. This is not an action that all individuals within physical focus shall allow themselves an acclimation to, but there are some individuals that respond to this particular type of action quite efficiently.

With yourself, this may not be an efficient expression, for you may move about your day and you may express to yourself ten thousand repetitions that you are a glorious being, and you shall merely be expressing physical words and you shall continue within this expression of the words, but the belief does not accept the words.  “I am a glorious being.”  “No!”  “I am a glorious being.”  “No!”  “I am a glorious being.”  “No!”

DALE:  Yes, but I can use that to make it so that I don’t spend time actually going inside and thinking about it!


DALE:  Ah!  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Therefore, you may distract yourself!

DALE:  It’s a wonderful tool!  Yes!

ELIAS: And you may offer yourself a different direction within your distraction, which is quite efficient in NOT occupying your attention with self and the acceptance of self, but distracting yourself in another area, that you may not occupy your attention with those elements that you look to as unpleasant or distasteful.

What is so very awful of yourself?

DALE:  God knows!  (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS:  This be YOU!  Therefore, answer MY question! (Grinning)  I express to you, God, how are you such a terrible little devil?  For obviously, God is creating of the devil also!

DALE:  Hmm!

ELIAS:  And as you are God, where be your devil that you are so displeased with?  And what may you possibly create that is so very black — I am quite fond of black! — that may not be viewed?

Be remembering, there are no secrets within essence.  There is no element of you that is unknown within consciousness.  Therefore, you delude yourself within your thought process that you may be hiding so efficiently behind your camouflage.  You are accepted within all of consciousness, so why may you not accept yourself?

DALE:  This is my fascination with this whole original sin concept in the Christianity era.

ELIAS:  Quite!  But you may also be noticing your own imagery within your dream state, and how you present your imagery quite in alignment with your Christian religious belief systems. (Pause)  You offer yourself this type of information over and over, that you may allow yourself at one opportunity to stop and to view this imagery, and to accept what you are presenting yourself.

And I may express to you also, as I have expressed to other individuals previously, this may be your most difficult word within your objective language, of acceptance, that this be the reason that I express this concept over and over, that you may each understand the grave importance of this one action.

And within the action of this shift in consciousness, you ALL within this dimension ... every individual physically focused upon your planet is within agreement to actualize this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, this action SHALL move, and you SHALL be accepting of belief systems!  It is merely a question of how.  Shall you be accepting them within trauma, or shall you be accepting them without trauma, within ease?  And this be the reason that I speak to you, to be helpful in lessening the trauma associated with this acceptance.  And I say to you, there is grave trauma that may be associated with this action.  It is unfamiliar to you within physical focus.

You have created your physical focus within this dimension from the onset in the direction of moving through, holding to, manipulating around, and changing belief systems, not accepting belief systems.  This is an unfamiliar action; a chosen action, but an unfamiliar action within your objective creating within this particular dimension.  You move into an entirely new expression of this physical dimension, and in this, you are altering your reality.  You may physically appear visually the same, but all your reality shall be different.

You may engage your imagination, which is also reality, and you may imagine to yourself of the trauma associated with this type of action.  Think to yourself of your own experiences.  This is quite similar to a physical birth, as I have expressed previously.  You are within your labor within the action of this shift, and you are pushing to be giving birth to a new expression.

DALE:  Breathe!

ELIAS:  And relax!  And as you tense, you create painfulness.  As you hold to energy, you create conflict and trauma.  As you relax, you also ease your painfulness.  As you let go of your energy, you create easement and no conflict. (Pause)  And you shall be accomplishing!

DALE:  (Laughing)  Thank you!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

(To James)  And you shall be accomplishing!

(To Vic)  And you shall be accomplishing ... although we shall continue to be pounding in this direction!

DALE:  I’ve got kind of a quick question.  Can you give me some insight into Spencer’s abandonment issues?  I think it’s a quick question!

ELIAS:  This you may be investigating together if you are so choosing, which shall be helpful to you both and offer you much information in an easement of this particular situation, for this is an affectingness of bleed-through action of another focus held.

In this, actions physically created within that focus are bleeding through into this particular focus.

Let me express briefly also to you, in the area of bleed-throughs, you purposefully choose certain focuses to allow energy to bleed through in specific manners and be affecting of you within another physical focus.  They are not random, and they also correlate to certain lines of probabilities that you create within your individual focuses.

You do not draw energy to you or allow specific projections of energy of other focuses to be translated in the same manner that they are being experienced if they are not in some manner beneficial to you within this focus.  If it is not correlating to the expression that you create within this focus, you shall reconfigure the energy as it is projected to you, and you shall assimilate that energy in the most beneficial action to your particular focus.

Therefore, in this expression, you may investigate that particular focus in which that individual is creating of the experience of aloneness, which....

DALE:  So it’s not a shared focus of ours?


DALE:  No.  It’s his, but I also am drawing it to me because of my own issues around it?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DALE:  Okay. (Pause, and then to James)  Jump in!

JAMES:  I wonder if you’d like to talk about some of the past lives in which Dale and I have known each other?

ELIAS:  Now; I shall present to you both the challenge to be investigating of these other focuses between yourselves, for this in itself may be an exercise for you, to be offering yourselves the validation of your own abilities to manipulate within what you already hold.

You view other focuses of essence conceptually as an element of you, but within your objective awareness, within your objective perception and reality, you also view these other focuses as being quite removed and inaccessible to you: they are different time frameworks, they must be within different elements of dimensions, they are veiled between yourself and themselves, and they are quite untouchable.

In this, I am expressing great encouragement to you both to be moving in the direction of creating an exercise for yourselves, in allowing yourselves the ability to access other focuses that you hold together, and in this action, in your very exercise, you shall also validate to yourself your ability to manipulate within consciousness in a physical manner.  You do hold this ability, although you question your ability in this area.

I shall offer you clues that shall steer you, so to speak, in certain directions and offer you your beginning points, and in this, you may use these beginning points and move from those points into your own explorations.

(Firmly)  I purposefully express this to you in more of an emphasis than I may express to another individual, for you each hold a similar lack of trustfulness in this area within this particular focus, not acknowledging to yourselves your own abilities.

You may express to yourselves that you believe that OTHER individuals may be creating of this and OTHER individuals may be moving in this direction and may be accessing this information, but not yourselves, for you are not as accomplished and you are quite not as spiritual, and therefore you may not be creating of the same expressions that other individuals within physical focus may be creating.  This is very incorrect!  You do hold this ability, and this be the reason that I purposefully express this to you so very strongly.  In this, I shall offer you two directions of beginning points of clues that you may use as your springboard into your new adventure of your own investigations.

I shall offer to you one focus that you hold together, (to Dale) as male, (to James) as female.  In this focus, you occupy a physical location in the area that you term within this present now to be China.  In this, you are each what you may express to be intimately involved with each other within relationship, and you focus your attention within this relationship quite strongly in areas of religious belief systems, focusing your attention in the desire to be influencing of children, to be moving in the direction of what you now term to be spirituality in the area of monks, not yourselves as the monks, but influencing of children in this area.  This be one focus that you may be investigating your time framework within your sixteenth century physically.

One other focus that you share — be mindful, these are not the only focuses that you share, but the only focuses that I shall offer you springboards for — in the physical location of what you term to be northern Africa.  In this location, you are not what you would term to be native Africans.  You both hold another intimate relationship with each other — ah! — as “other” (chuckling) within your sexual preference (chuckling) within your physical manifestation of both male, and you may classify yourselves within your racial designation presently of Caucasian, being born in this area of physical location Africa, but not, obviously, being native to that continent.  This be, in the physical linear time framework, eighteenth century.

In this, you face yourselves with many challenges, as you have chosen to be physically manifest within physical expressions and preferences, so to speak, as you term these to be, that are not aligned with the mass belief systems.  And also, in this particular focus, you each hold very tightly to your individual energies.  This particular focus is also influencing within this present focus that you each hold, but within that focus, although you hold to your individual energies quite tightly, creating of a very conflicting situation, you also lend much energy to each other in supportiveness.  There is much fearfulness held within that particular focus, and this may be helpful to you in your investigation, in offering you more information which correlates to this particular focus.

JAMES:  Could you say whereabouts in north Africa? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This particular area you originally have located, within younger years, in the area that you designate to be Saudi Arabia, which you also, within later years in that particular focus, move slightly south of the border of that physical country, but remain within this area.

DALE:  Well, Mary’s got to go, but I have a million more questions!

ELIAS:  I am always at your disposal and I am continuously offering of my energy to you within helpfulness, and you may call upon me as you are so choosing and I shall be responsive.  And you may also, although you may not be entirely BELIEVING of this presently, engage myself within your dream interaction and also objectively, for I shall be responsive within energy to you at your requesting.  And if you are allowing yourself your Wider Dale, (grinning) you may allow yourself the opportunity to engage this energy and notice the presence, for I shall be interactive.

DALE:  There are times that I’ve thought you’ve been interactive, but of course I would DOUBT it!

ELIAS:  Of course!

DALE:  You were!

ELIAS:  Quite!

DALE:  So it’s a me thing.  It’s a me, me, me thing!

ELIAS:  And a very efficient, continuous action of discounting self, which you are quite accomplishing within!  Therefore, I express to you, very, very good!

DALE:  Thank you! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  I offer to you each great lovingness, and I extend to you the invitation to be engaging with each other once again.  I express to you affectionately and anticipate our next meeting, and am encouraging of your accomplishing until such time framework, and I shall be checking upon your progress! (Chuckling)  To you each this day, I bid you a very fond adieu.

DALE:  Adieu.

JAMES:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:27 PM.


(1)  The reference to “Watchers” has to do with the essence family intent names that Elias has offered.  They are as follows:

Milumet — Watchers
Gramada — Formers
Vold — Hearers
Ilda — Tellers
Sumari — Speakers
Tumold — Readers
Zuli — Imagers
Borledim — Bearers
Sumafi — Seers

More info on this subject may be found in and .
(2)  This sentence was originally stated as such: “In part, there is validity to this action, and I myself have offered this suggestion to certain individuals in certain situations, knowing those particular INDIVIDUALLY, and in this, knowing their acclimation to this type of action.”  I have changed the word “individually” to “individuals.”

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