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Rape, Murder, and Belief Systems


“Rape, Murder, and Belief Systems”

Thursday, September 2, 1999 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).
Elias arrives at 10:35 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

JOE:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

JOE:  Yes, sir! (Elias laughs)  Elias, in this session, if you’d be willing, I’d like to basically dissect an event and evaluate the outcome as to the belief systems that affect and are affected by this event.  Basically, what it is ... I meant to make an outline of this, but I didn’t get to it.  But anyway, I think you can follow along, if you would.

There was on “60 Minutes” the other night a program, and as I watched that program, I kept thinking, this would be an excellent example for me to ask you about, and to kind of take it apart and take a look at it, because there were two opposites — and I mean opposites — in the evaluation of the performance of these individuals that were involved in this.  Would you be willing to go through this with me?

ELIAS:  Very well.

JOE:  Okay.  Here’s what it was.  At Berkeley, in California, there were two students.  They were in their late teens, and they were out on the town one night.  They went to a casino, and one of these students picked up a little seven-year-old girl.  He took her into the bathroom, and the other one followed him.  They were playing around a little bit, and then the one guy took this little girl into a stall, and the other guy went into the other stall and looked over the top of it and said, basically, “Be careful what you’re doing,” because he didn’t like what he saw, and he left.  And then the other guy came out twenty minutes later or so, according to the security cameras.  But anyway, he had raped and strangled the little girl.

Now, the guy who had observed it never said a word to anyone, and he defends his position to this day.  And in what I’ve been studying through the transcripts and through Seth and everything, that there are no victims and all the rest of it, I can kind of understand what he has done, but public opinion is so against him.  The students at Berkeley were so against him that they did not see that any type of belief system could play into this.

Now, it was a horrible crime, even though there’s basically no good and bad, but it seems to me that this is a good example to kind of dissect and get a better understanding of belief systems and how they work and how they are so affecting of everyone.  This guy who kept silent has basically been ostracized, but he also said that he felt there was going to be an understanding that justice was done because the person who actually hurt the little girl was arrested and will probably be spending the rest of his life in prison.  Can you comment on that for me, please?

ELIAS:  And which direction would you be wishing to begin with this subject matter?

JOE:  Okay.  Basically, what I would like to do here — and I should have had my outline presented, but I don’t — is to take a look at the mass belief system as it affects this instance, and the individual belief system of the person who did not say a word but allowed this to happen silently.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that in this situation, as in any situation similar to this situation, there is a tremendous expression of the influence of mass belief systems.

Now; in this also, the individuals participating in the event also align with the mass belief systems.

You collectively have formed an officially accepted reality within your society, and in this, there are projected directions in energy that create mass belief systems that you, for the most part, identify with and align with collectively, and in a situation such as this that you have presented, even the individuals that are participating in this event align with the officially accepted mass belief system within your reality.

The individual that you identify as the perpetrator of the offense, in your terms physically, identifies with the mass belief system and incorporates this mass belief system.  The behavior may not be in alignment with the mass belief system, but he also recognizes that within the dictates of the belief system itself and within the expression of the belief system of duplicity, he identifies that the action that he is incorporating is wrong.

There is no question, within his evaluation of his own actions, that he is creating a type of behavior that he identifies as wrong.

Now; be remembering, I am not expressing that this is right or wrong.  I am expressing what YOU all believe within the mass belief system, and that this individual identifies with that same mass belief system also.

The individual that witnesses the partial creation of this event also is in alignment with this mass belief system.

Now; what occurs within this particular situation is that both individuals choose to move outside of the expression or the dictates of the mass belief system and create a choice to participate in an event that is not in alignment with the mass belief system partially, for as I have expressed previously, there are many, many different types of expressions that may be created within your physical reality that ARE in alignment with mass belief systems, although you do not identify objectively that they are in alignment.

I have expressed previously that there are certain expressions that may be incorporated within the mass belief systems and the alignment of those mass belief systems, and other individuals may not be engaging that type of behavior, but they also are not necessarily moving outside of the mass belief system in their expression, and therefore they also are lending energy to the perpetuation of the mass belief system.

Now; in this particular situation, in one area, both individuals chose to be moving outside of one particular aspect of the mass belief system, in how they shall be directing their behavior in an acceptable manner.  This is the element of the belief system that they moved outside of, but in another aspect of the belief system of duplicity, both of these individuals participate in this behavior in the perpetuation of the expression of duplicity.

Therefore, it also is, in a manner of speaking, bringing to the attention of the mass the concept of acceptable and nonacceptable behaviors and the aspect of duplicity which is in play, so to speak, in this type of expression.

Let me also be offering a reminder to you that although I express to you that within consciousness and within the reality of expressions of essence and consciousness, there is no good, bad, right, or wrong — all that you create is merely a choice of experiences — this does not negate that within your physical reality, the belief system of duplicity has been incorporated.  It is exceptionally strong and it IS your reality.  Therefore, regardless that within consciousness there is no right or wrong, within your physical expression of your reality, there IS right and wrong and good and bad, and it is quite real.

I offer you all the information of this as a belief system, that you may recognize the influences and the affectingness of your belief systems within your physical reality, and that beyond your physical reality, these elements that you hold to as absolutes are not necessarily relevant and are NOT absolutes.

This allows you the opportunity to question, to look to self, and to evaluate your belief systems and how they dictate your behavior to you, and therefore offers you the opportunity to be widening your awareness and addressing to these belief systems and moving into the expression of acceptance.

But returning to our scenario that is presented, within the mass belief system, there is a reality of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable behavior within your societies.  There is also a very strong aspect of the belief system addressing to cause and effect.  If you are choosing to be engaging certain behaviors, you shall anticipate certain consequences that shall accompany those behaviors.

Therefore, you allow yourselves to view many different aspects of these belief systems.

Now; these types of expressions have been created throughout the entirety of your history.  This is not a new creation, in a manner of speaking.  The difference is held within the time framework.

Within the time framework that you express now, you are incorporating the action of this shift in consciousness, which draws your attention to belief systems and the expressions of belief systems and your individual movements into acceptance of belief systems.

Therefore, although these types of events, actions, behaviors have been created many, many, many times throughout your history, you offer yourselves the opportunity now to view them differently, to alter your perception in these types of creations, recognizing that in your creations of judgments of any of these expressions or behaviors, you are also lending energy to the perpetuation of the very expressions and behaviors that you view to be offensive and unacceptable.

This particular type of situation offers a very clear picture, in objective terms, of this action of which I am speaking, for if you are viewing within the expression of mass belief systems and the collective, not merely the individual, individuals lean in the direction in viewing, through mass expressions, a depersonalization, in a manner of speaking.

What I am expressing in this is that they may look to this type of expression of behavior, and within their assessment of it, they do not view their participation, for they view themselves to not be directly involved, in a manner of speaking, with the actual creation of the action and the behavior.  Therefore, they separate themselves, remove themselves, and view these types of expressions as an element that they are not participating within.

But I express to you that you are ALL participating in ALL of the events that are created within your physical reality, and your expressions and your responses are affecting.

In this, the individual that chose to not be incorporating the actual act or the actual perpetration of the behavior, but merely observed, was a key participant in this scenario, for this individual is the representative of the mass which does not necessarily participate in certain actions, for within the mass belief system, it is dictated that certain actions and behaviors are wrong and are unacceptable within your reality, and therefore they view themselves to not be participating, and JUSTIFY themselves and their actions and their behaviors as not necessarily good, but not bad.

(Firmly)  They also identify themselves — you all identify yourselves — as NOT perpetuating the action or the belief system, NOT involving yourselves, NOT lending energy to these types of expressions, for you are creating what YOU term to be a conscious choice to walk away and to not physically participate.  This is also a very strong expression of an aspect of the belief system of duplicity that deludes you, and offers you all a very neat and complete camouflage to yourselves that your expressions are good and that you are not lending energy to these types of behaviors, and offers you the justification in your expressions to be condemning of the choices of other individuals that engage in this type of behavior, for all of YOU are not participating in this type of behavior!

But I express to you, yes, you ARE participating and you ARE lending energy, in the same manner of the witness in that very scenario, for as you choose to be allowing these types of expressions and you choose to move in the direction of judgment — which IS your allowance of these types of expressions, although you view this to be the reverse — you are merely lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief system, which lends energy to the objective expressions of the behaviors that move in conjunction with the belief system.

More simply, what I am expressing to you is that the individual that created the action that you identify as a perpetration offers you the example of an individual that in part, in behavior, moves outside of the dictates of the mass belief system, but in part aligns with the mass belief system, and therefore is creating of the actual action.

The victim provides you with the example of how you believe that you do not create your reality individually, that other individuals or circumstances may be overriding your ability to be creating your reality, that there are certain times and situations and circumstances in which you do allow yourself to be directing your reality, but within other situations and circumstances, you are not directing your reality.

Therefore, she allows for the example of the perpetuation of this same aspect of the belief system in which there ARE victims within your reality, which reinforces to all of you that view this type of action that each of you hold areas of vulnerability that you assess to be negative, that each of you holds the potentiality of being a victim, and that all of you do not create all of your reality.  This is a very strong belief system!

The individual that observes is the example of all of you that do not actually participate in the behavior or the actual action within the scenario, but all of you that judge the behavior and the action and the choices, and therefore lend energy to the continuation of the belief system and its actualization in behaviors within your physical reality.  Are you understanding?

JOE:  I don’t understand it all, and I don’t pretend to; I’m trying to.  What I did was, as I was watching this ... I’ve been trying to increase my awareness and I’m trying to be nonjudgmental and I’m trying to understand alignment with belief systems, and I’m watching this act unfold on the television screen before me, and I just kind of felt that this particular scenario was a very, very good example.

My understanding of the event, as it was played out by the actors ... I was trying to understand the interplay of the belief systems, but also what was in fact actuality and not simply a play or an alignment with the belief systems.  I kind of watched this thing, and I felt that I understood that there was an agreement between the predator and the victim.  I also felt that the person who did not say anything ... was in fact not saying anything.  He didn’t lend energy, but he didn’t help, within my own belief systems, which I would abhor such an action myself.  But I was trying to understand this as it unfolded in actuality, and not necessarily with the lending of thoughts based on the belief system.

So with the fact that there would’ve had to be an agreement between the predator and the victim, and knowing that there was an alignment with specific belief systems here ... I’m not quite sure I understand the duplicity here, but knowing that good and bad in these particular situations does not exist in actuality, I was kind of hard-pressed to see the basis for the moral condemnation of the guy who did nothing.

Could you comment on that, just the way that I seemed to look at this thing quite differently than the authorities looked at it or that the other Berkeley students looked at it?  I was trying to look at it as I saw it being played out in actuality, as a play on probabilities.

ELIAS:  But you yourself have expressed, within your very words of your language, that you abhor this behavior of this individual to not be interceding and to merely be walking away.

JOE:  That’s true.  Basically, I couldn’t help it.  I also felt that this was a morally bankrupt action, to stand there and allow a little girl to get killed.  But yet I was also trying, by the same token, to see past that alignment with that belief system.

ELIAS:  Correct, and your confusion enters into your thought process as you view the responses and the reactions of masses of individuals that also are in agreement with yourself in your expression, that abhor this behavior that this individual would not be interceding, and in this, what they are expressing is a responsiveness to a mirror action.

Now; in this, I am not expressing that any other individual may have chosen to be creating the same type of objective response.  Many individuals may have chosen to be interceding.  But it matters not, for what individuals are viewing in this type of situation is a mirror action, a recognition subjectively that they also are participating in other areas within their focus in any type of expression in which they create the same type of expression — in which they may not be in agreement with the actions of another individual, but they do not express objection — and this, within your mass belief systems, is very strongly held as wrong.

It may not be expressed in the extreme of the behavior of a violent action that you identify as this particular scenario, but you ALL participate in actions within different scenarios throughout your focus in which you may not be in agreement with another individual in alignment with the mass belief system, but you choose objectively not to be interceding or you choose not to be interacting, and there is a subjective recognition in that choice of how you are lending energy to the perpetuation of the expression of the mass belief system.

Therefore, although individuals do not objectively recognize what they are responding to, they merely identify that certain behaviors are right and certain behaviors are wrong, and therefore they are responding in this manner: “This is a wrong behavior.  The individual should have been creating a different choice which would be acceptable, and the individual was choosing not to be expressing in that manner.  Therefore, the rest of the individuals are justified in their judgment.”  This is the objective assessment of this scenario.

The subjective motivation in these expressions is the recognition of the mirror action, in viewing these types of scenarios, that you ALL participate in this type of action within your focuses.  It may not hold the extreme in your expression, but you all are participating in the same types of behaviors.  You merely identify them differently objectively.  But subjectively, in essence, you recognize that the degree or the measurement of an expression objectively matters not.  The expression of the belief system is the same.

Regardless that you objectively identify as a large expression or a small expression, within essence, they are all the same. (Pause)

JOE:  In viewing this, in what way would there be no lending of energy to the action or the belief system which more or less motivated the action?  Total viewing with nonjudgment in any particular way?

ELIAS:  An expression of a non-lending of energy in this situation first of all would move in the direction of engaging your empathic sense and your sense of conceptualization in recognizing the choice of other individuals and the purpose, so to speak, of the choice of these other individuals, for many times, what you view to be devastating events or very bad events within your reality may be very beneficial to many individuals, and may be in actuality an offering of the participants for the benefit objectively of other individuals.

In this, I explain to you that a lack of lending of energy would be the recognition of what is being objectively expressed and the creation of a choice within yourself — holding no judgment, as you have stated — to be interacting or not interacting dependent upon your direction in recognition of your intent within your focus, but key is the element of no judgment.

When I am expressing this to you, I am not expressing to you that the “right” expression or the expression of essence is to be interceding, but I am also not expressing to you that the right expression or the expression of essence — which are not synonymous — is the expression to be not involving yourself.  I am not expressing either direction to you.  This is an individual choice, and this choice is influenced by your desire, your intent, your recognition of the situation as it is occurring, and your direction of judgment within your individual responsiveness.

Now; what I AM expressing to you is that in acceptance of belief systems, there is no judgment, and in the expression of no judgment, you are not lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief system, and in not lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief system, you also contribute, within the collective consciousness, to the lessening of the very expressions of behaviors that you now deem to be unacceptable.

Individuals move into these types of expressions for the reason that there IS so very much energy which is lent to these belief systems.  The expression of the objectification of these types of behaviors may be much less within your objective reality as there is not such an intensification of energy which is projected into the reinforcement of these types of behaviors.  The more you are reinforcing these behaviors, the more they occur. (Pause)

JOE:  So in actuality, this play was actually presented, played out among the actors — victim, predator, the person who did not try to stop the predation — in agreement.  For whatever their own reasons were, they opted to go through with these choices and act them out in objective reality.  In observing these without judgment, without the alignment of the belief systems that obviously affected this whole event, I do not lend energy, and it is absolutely my choice as to whether there is any lending of energy or not, and that in being nonjudgmental of these actions, I am in no way insuring or in any way helping to see that they happen again, as it is an individual choice.  Correct, not correct?

ELIAS:  Correct, if you are accomplishing the actualization of acceptance and if you are in actuality not creating a judgment in relation to this scenario.

JOE:  It really is an exercise in seeing how very, very strongly belief systems are affecting of thoughts and actions and impressions.

ELIAS:  Quite, and I have been expressing this to you all for much time framework.  I am not expressing figuratively in this area, but quite literally, that your belief systems are extremely intense.  They are very strongly held, and your movement into acceptance of these belief systems that you hold IS quite difficult.  I have been expressing from the onset of this forum and these sessions with all of you that you shall be experiencing trauma in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and I am not expressing to you a figurative term of trauma!

The difficulty that you hold in moving into this unfamiliar area of acceptance of belief systems and all of the aspects of all of these belief systems IS creating of trauma within individuals, for these belief systems hold tremendous energy and are automatic within your responses and your reactions and your perceptions.  Therefore, in viewing the tremendous strength of these belief systems, you may also realistically present to yourself the tremendous difficulty and confusion which is experienced in your movement into the expression of acceptance.

The mere identification of the term of acceptance creates tremendous confusion within individuals, for you move in automatic directions, within the belief system of duplicity, of viewing your reality in either/or, black and white, right and wrong terms.  Acceptance does not fall into the area of these opposites.  Therefore, you within physical focus would turn your attention into the area — and DO already — of the concept of eliminating belief systems or changing belief systems much more easily.  This type of expression is much more acceptable and understandable to you objectively than the concept of acceptance.

This be the reason that you ARE experiencing great confusion and that many individuals ARE experiencing trauma within the movement of this shift in consciousness, for you are moving into an area of actualizing a new expression of reality within your physical dimension that is entirely unfamiliar and moves into the expression of a concept that you objectively do not even hold an identification or an understanding of.

This be the reason that you avail yourselves of information in many directions, and avail yourself of information that I also offer to you.  All of these avenues of information are presented to you within this time framework in response to your collective outcry, so to speak, within consciousness for helpfulness in this massive undertaking that you are creating within this shift in consciousness.

You are moving into the direction of creating a global mass event, which is the insertion of the expression physically of a source event which has been created already within consciousness.  This is a grave undertaking and is the expression of tremendous energy, and therefore there is also tremendous responsiveness to this movement of energy.

Now, these individuals, I shall express to you, have not created this particular scenario for the benefit of the masses in conjunction with this shift in consciousness as their purpose, so to speak, in their individual creations.  They have created their participation in this action for their individual reasons, but within the movement of collective energy within this shift in consciousness, you now move into the expression of evaluation of these types of creations in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, the viewing of these types of expressions now moves to the expression of your responsibility in how you shall receive the information in those expressions, in the demonstration of these types of behavior, and — within your responsibility of your creation of your reality — how you shall direct your attention in conjunction with your individual belief systems and your acceptance of them.

JOE:  Elias, I think you’re exactly right.  One more thing: if I had viewed this ... and even right now, within my own awareness, this seems a little bit outlandish, but I’m starting to accept it.  If I had simply viewed ... are you there?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JOE:  Okay.  If I had simply viewed this as interplay between three individuals for their own reasons and with an agreement between them as to the experience, would I be much closer to understanding the actuality of this event, like within or incorporated within the lessons that are being learned within this shift in consciousness?

ELIAS:  In the acceptance in viewing this behavior, yes, in a manner of speaking, for within the expression of acceptance, you also incorporate more of an understanding of the movement of consciousness and the choices of essence, recognizing that within your rational thought process, you may offer to yourselves that all that you create within physical expressions in physical dimensions — or within all of consciousness — is an experience, and that this is an element of exploration, of being; that there is, outside of your physical dimension, outside of your physical belief systems and perceptions, a recognition that there are no judgments concerning ANY choice of ANY creation throughout consciousness.  It is created as an experience.

Now; I shall express to you, once again, there are situations in which individuals collectively may be choosing to actualize certain expressions to be gaining the attention of the mass within your physical dimension to bring attention also to expressions which are perpetuated in certain belief systems and lending energy to the acceptance within those belief systems, but within the “big picture” of consciousness, even those expressions are merely explorations of experiences.

JOE:  Would an example of this be like one of the major religious plays — Buddha, Jesus, Brahma?

ELIAS:  Yes, these are examples of these types of expressions, and also your creations en masse of mass events in the areas of wars, dis-eases ... different types of mass movements are creations of these types of expressions many times to be offering expressions within mass consciousness, gaining the attention of masses of individuals objectively to be addressing to certain aspects of belief systems and allowing you to move into the acceptance of those aspects of belief systems.

Presently, as I have stated previously, you create a mass expression in dis-ease in the area of what you identify as AIDS.  This is a mass expression to be gaining the attention globally of individuals throughout your dimension, addressing to the aspect of the belief system of sexuality and lending energy to the identification of differences in orientations and choices, and therefore lending energy to the movement into acceptance of differences within perceptions, differences within choices of preference, and differences in the expression of orientations.

JOE:  Would the stigma that’s attached in some people’s minds, in the abhorrence of those folks who objectively show signs of AIDS, be an example of the trauma that you speak of in this ongoing shift in consciousness?

ELIAS:  Partially.  It is dependent upon the individual in actuality.

Many expressions of trauma shall be a tremendous expression of turbulence and distress; dissatisfaction within self; an objective recognition of the lack of acceptance of self and the tremendous conflict that this is creating in conjunction with your belief systems.

In this, as you are experiencing trauma in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, although there are expressions of mass trauma, there are also always expressions of individual trauma, and this is the spring from the lack of acceptance of self, and therefore the recognition of the lack of acceptance of the belief systems that the individual holds. (Pause)

JOE:  Okay.  Well, that today was certainly a lot that I have to think about.  I know when I get this transcript, I’ll be using the highlighter.

ELIAS:  HA HA HA!  And we may continue in this subject matter quite extensively, for we have merely touched the tip of your iceberg in this area!

JOE:  Yes, I think it’s absolutely fascinating.  I just wish I could assimilate it faster, but it’s a time thing, and I can assimilate only so much at a time.  It takes time to adjust the alignments with the belief systems and the understanding and all the rest of it.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you shall!

JOE:  Again, I want to thank you, and until next time, take care.

ELIAS:  And to you I project great affection, and I shall be awaiting our continuation of our interaction and our discussions.  I offer to you this day, quite lovingly, au revoir.

JOE:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 11:47 AM.

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