Session 190

A Wave in Consciousness


"A Wave In Consciousness"

Sunday, July 6, 1997 © 1997 (Group)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Norm (Stephen), Gail (William), Drew (Matthew), and Reta (Dehl).
Margot's note: I almost called this "The Sober Session." I kept straining to hear a pin drop! Never heard this group so quiet!
Vic's note: I am editing game entries, whenever possible, to family, category, and entry, for the purposes of conciseness and clarity.
Elias arrives at 6:37 PM. (Time was twelve seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, we shall begin with our game! I shall offer to Dehl and Stephen: Steven, Sumafi aligned. Beverly, Sumafi aligned.

RETA: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: Okay, I'll go. For Elizabeth: Zuli, rituals, earth magic.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: For Darrick: Vold, sports, snow boarding.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Close; less probable.

CATHY: Vold, architecture, Indonesian.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: And he would like to open up a new category of felines.

ELIAS: Express to be examining this category, and expanding this within the context of which he desires to be entering.

CATHY: I'll give him that message.

ELIAS: He is incorporating only one species. Express that he may be looking to expand the category to be including all of the species within the manifestation that he is thinking of.

CATHY: Okay. Also for Darrick: Zuli, movies, Legend.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Okay, for myself: Paul (Gramada), places, the stream.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Connecting essences, vibrational tone qualities, the pyramid with Ruburt and Joseph.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: I'm done.

VICKI: Okay. For Michael: Connecting essence families, occurrences of nature, all of the essence families with the Ice Age.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Zuli, fictional characters, the Easter Bunny.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For myself: Sumafi, fruits, orange.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Sumafi, minerals, carbon.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Okay. Tomkin (Milumet), poets, Carl Sandburg.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Vold, mass events, the shift.

ELIAS: (Laughing) We are incorporating cheating! (Group laughter)

RON: Cheating? I call it easy!

ELIAS: Although, I may express to you to examine your alignment!

RON: Oh, so that's not right?

ELIAS: Another essence family is involved with this shift.

RON: Borledim?

ELIAS: Therefore, what may you enter?

RON: Connecting ... no, wait a minute. I'll come back to that. (Elias chuckles)

RETA: I thought you told us once before that Borledim was involved.

ELIAS: Correct. (Grinning at Ron)

NORM: Borledim, cities, Paris.

ELIAS: (Accessing) I suggest that your location is within relative close proximity, although the city is presently not Paris.

NORM: London is very close. I'll have to think about it. (Pause)

ELIAS: (To Ron) Shall you re-enter?

RON: Isn't there a connecting essence families category?

ELIAS: Yes. (Ron was a little "scattered" tonight!)

RON: In that category, Vold and Borledim with the shift. (category of mass events)

ELIAS: One point! (Grinning)

RETA: Very good! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: This evening I shall address to your questioning, as we shall begin subject matter at our next meeting which shall be continuing.

CATHY: I have questions for Mary. Is the dispersal of essence more common in the Milumet family?

ELIAS: Within those essences choosing to be part of, so to speak, the Milumet family, yes, this would be more common than those belonging to other families, although essences choosing to be aligned with the Milumet family may display this also. In this, essences choosing to be aligned with the Milumet family holding this quality of essence choose to be focusing as aligned with Milumet, in your terms, many times; experiencing this alignment as they are dispersed. Therefore, they also incorporate alignment with other families within one focus.

CATHY: Here's another one: Is Lazor one of the twelve essences that are incorporated with this phenomenon? (

ELIAS: Hmm! In your terms, much time framework has occurred to be connecting with information previously offered! Yes, although not in connection with our game.

CATHY: Okay. (To group) I can't help it! We've been indexing and going over all this old stuff!

VICKI: Can I insert a question here? What's the difference in the interaction with an essence such as Lazor, as compared to the essences that are interactive within our game?

ELIAS: As to interaction, there is no difference. As to a choosing to be participating within representation of our game for your identification and your allowance of becoming familiar with other energies, you may consider a difference in action; for some essences are choosing to be representing families in our game, also choosing to be allowing a more identifiable incorporation of energy for you to be accessing within physical focus; allowing you also, within the context of our game, to be identifying subjective movement and information. This is not to say that other essences incorporated within this exchange are not interactive with you. They only choose to be interactive differently. They are all incorporated within the action of this exchange.

VICKI: Are they all incorporated within the action for the purpose of the shift?


CATHY: Was Lazor the one who caused the static on session #175?


CATHY: Was it one of those other twelve that we're not familiar with yet?


CATHY: Are the seven essences that we know of in our game all fragmented of Otha and Ordin?

ELIAS: The seven, yes. (Rose is not of this fragmentation)

CATHY: Are the other four essences in the twelve also fragmented of Otha and Ordin?


CATHY: Some other essence, obviously!

ELIAS: Correct. (Grinning)

CATHY: Are we sharing???

ELIAS: You may be investigating and you may share with this essence, in concert with your game!

CATHY: Okay, we'll do that! (With a hint of sarcasm) Okay, I'm done for now.

NORM: My wife and I were walking on a nature path in Big Sur yesterday. We were towards the top of a hill and noticed, maybe one or two miles away on the top of a forested hill, an unusual building. And we would walk a little bit further and look at it again, and that building seemed to have, to me, an intuitive ... I had an intuitive idea that the building has something to do with this forum. Is that a possibility or a probability?

ELIAS: This would be an identification in symbolism, suggesting to you a quality which is present within your city.

NORM: Within the city?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: So you look at the quality of that building and it's within our city? The city???

ELIAS: The city that you are creating.

NORM: Oh, I see!

RETA: Okay, I forgot about that. Sorry.

ELIAS: Therefore, you may be recalling what you have allowed yourself within information and bleed-through, and connect with this and offer yourself information of your city.

NORM: Interesting. Our city is well-developed subconsciously?

ELIAS: And in reality! (Grinning)

RETA: Got to get it on the map!

ELIAS: It exists already!

RETA: It exists already. Okay....

RON: I have a question. Where did the twenty dollars come from?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall be offering to you to be investigating of this occurrence within playful essences!

Vic's note: This was merely a practical joke initiated ... and continued for some time, to be quite honest ... by Mary and myself, as Ron took the bait hook, line, and sinker. I think we almost had Ron convinced that the twenty dollars materialized out of thin air!

DREW: I have a question. It seems like every week I'm having new kinds of imagery! For the past few weeks, I've had the interesting experience of ... I'm not quite sure how to describe it ... of reconciling the scale of things. For example, when I look at you sitting in that chair, I can spread my fingers apart and fit you into this space. As I sit here and look at you, it's hard for me to understand or perceive that you're actually larger than this. Or when I'm driving and there's a car in front of me and the rear end of the car, to my perception, is an inch, and yet I have a hard time perceiving or understanding or realizing that the car is actually bigger than that. Scale seems to be kind of a strange thing for me right now, the past couple of weeks, and I'm wondering if you can enlighten me.

ELIAS: I have suggested to you all that you engage your inner senses and be recognizing of these and attempting to be manipulating your own inner senses. You offer yourself, in response, the recognition of altered perception. Elements within your reality are a perception. They are reality, but their reality is not absolute. It may be altered through your perception. You may perceive any object and you may alter its form or its qualities--its size, its dimension, its color, any aspect of the perceived object--and it may appear differently. In this appearance, it is also reality. Therefore, you are offering yourself the viewing of different realities.

DREW: What's strange about this is that at any time in the past it would be normal to look at you and see you as about this big, because in terms of perspective and how far away I am from you and the angle I'm viewing you, that looks right. But in the past I would be able to somehow process that and understand that you're not actually that big. It's making that leap that I'm having trouble with right now.

ELIAS: For you are attempting to incorporate new information. In what you term to be the past you are rationalizing your perception, therefore only allowing the incorporation of your officially accepted reality. You now present yourself the opportunity to be viewing differently. In this, you engage your inner senses, which create the reality. Therefore, in your thought process this becomes confused, for it is unfamiliar to you to be incorporating both elements as reality.

You look to your perception and you express, "This is only a perception," although you may express any perception is only a perception and may be altered, but this does not diminish its reality. Therefore, all of your perceptions are reality. What you find confusion within presently is incorporating the idea that all perceptions are reality; for there must appear to be one reality, and other viewings of that one reality are merely perceptions which you differentiate from reality. It is all reality!

You are offering yourself the opportunity to be viewing this and accepting that as this physical form appears to your perception to be merely inches tall, it is ... in one perception of reality. It is unnecessary for you to be denying of this and rationalizing, expressing that this may not be. It is! You view objects within your perception visually continuously differently. You rationalize and accept that your perception is colored or altered and unacceptable and unreal, that there is only one reality. Therefore, you place your interpretation into this one official reality, and rationalize or excuse away all other perceptions as non-reality. They are not non-reality. They are equally real. They are only not accepted as real.

Although you may not view yourselves to be intentionally engaging subjective activity from an objective standpoint, and you may not view yourselves to be accomplishing or recognizing subjective bleed-through, you are moving within this direction of attention. You are allowing yourself alterations of your perceptions that you may not necessarily fit into your accepted reality quite so easily. The reason they are not fitting into your accepted reality is that you are allowing yourself to be recognizing the reality of other elements which are incorporated within your reality, that you choose not to be noticing of normally.

DREW: So this experience I've been having the past couple of weeks is sort of a crack in the door to the inner senses and subjective reality? I seem to be able to have some control over this particular phenomenon. I can kind of turn it on and off, although sometimes I can't turn it off, which is a little disconcerting! But if I want to explore it more deeply and open that door even wider, should I just continue to be aware of it? Or is there another level I can take it to, the same phenomenon, and somehow use it as a wedge, if you will, into....

ELIAS: You may allow yourself an acceptance. Recognize that these activities hold no hurtfulness to you. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be incorporating fear, which shall be blocking of this activity. (Intently) You shall not be hurtful to yourself.

DREW: At the same time, and I don't know if it's related to this phenomenon or not, but the past couple of weeks I've been kind of scatterbrained, and.... (Elias begins laughing)

NORM: You're not alone! (Laughter)

DREW: Well, I've been doing things that ... I was doing a wedding yesterday. This never happens to me. I had the wrong kind of film in the camera for a period of time. I'm just kind of being ... I want to use the word dizzy, but not in the sense of being physically dizzy, just being kind of not really very, if you will, focused.

ELIAS: Quite! (Norm's still laughing)

DREW: Yeah! What's that all about? Is that all part of the same phenomenon, or is this a different.... Are several things going on at once?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. This presently may be identified as "a wave in consciousness." This same activity or action has been incorporated within mass. Many individuals are experiencing this same type of action, which seems to them to be inconsistent with their normal behavior. It is an indication of the movement within consciousness, which is unfamiliar to you, which is involving your shift.

I have expressed to you many times that you all shall be experiencing many elements of action of this shift within yourselves individually. You do not understand what you are incorporating. Therefore, you become confused; this being why I have offered you information, to be looking and noticing of these elements and differences in behavior and perception and actions; for they shall be occurring, for you have chosen to be opening to subjective activity. In this, at times you may incorporate bleed-through subjective action which may appear to be exaggerated, as in examples I have offered that an object within your objective viewing may change shape or may become a different object, but there are many elements of movement which are to your perception appearing much more subtly, but are also actions of this shift in preparation for more intensified movement.

You are all allowing yourselves, as I have stated, to be moving in increments slowly initially, that you may acclimate yourselves to unfamiliar behavior and perceptions. This shall continue and increase, within your choice to be continuing within the action of this shift. Therefore, I have also expressed to all our favorite word, of "noticing" these actions and elements of perception. In accepting these elements, you may more easily move with the action of the shift, which you have chosen. If you are continuing to be resisting objectively and reinforcing your fearfulness, you shall also be experiencing more conflict and confusion. As I have stated, this being why I offer you this information, that you may recognize the movements.

It is also, as I have expressed to you many times, important that you exchange with each other. Interaction is to your benefit. In this, as you exchange with each other, you may also reinforce yourselves that you are not experiencing singularly. You offer yourselves information that you may identify the movement of the shift, for you shall recognize many other individuals incorporating similar actions.

DREW: You said this is a wave, which implies.... My understanding of a wave is a swell, and then a crest, and then a dropping. Will this drop off over a period of time, and if so, how long? You said it's being experienced in mass and I'm wondering, what's that related to? Is it a time of year? Why, in mass, is this wave happening now?

ELIAS: Within consciousness, within certain time periods by your choosing within mass consciousness, you choose to be experiencing similar elements of action or events within the same time framework, that you may reinforce each other within consciousness subjectively and objectively. The actual choice of time framework is unimportant. It is merely an agreement collectively to be actualizing an action within the same time framework. It may be incorporated within your present now; it may be incorporated within your framework of time in your next year. It matters not. It is merely an agreement collectively to be experiencing similar actions within the context of the movement of your shift, for your own noticing and reinforcement. You lend energy to each other in your experiences. This also lends energy to you objectively, to be helpful to your understanding. Therefore, in these actions you may look to the experiences of many individuals, and you may offer yourself the acceptance of this commonality and recognize the action as a movement of the shift. It is all about you.

You choose, within your time frameworks, many different collective waves. Many of the waves that you experience are examples to you of the movement of the shift. Not all waves within consciousness are examples of your shift, although in one respect they may be, for they may be offering you this information merely in your noticing of the collective wave, but the expression may not be concerning itself with the movement of the shift per se; as many individuals within your society may be choosing, in one time framework, to be objectifying a wave of illness collectively. This would not be a movement of your shift in its furthering for accomplishment, although within your noticing of the commonality you are also offering yourself information of collective movement, which is a part of your shift.

VICKI: Can I stick a question in here? I have interacted with quite a few people regarding this present movement, or whatever it is. I've been noticing a lot of affectingness in myself, and receiving a lot of confirmation from other people I've interacted with that they're also experiencing very similar things.

ELIAS: And recognizing of this wave.

VICKI: And verbalizing it. One of the questions I have about it is what we talked about this afternoon. It kind of seems like, for example, that some people choose not to ride this wave, so to speak. Ron and Mary made a comment that maybe they just hadn't chosen to align with this particular mass movement. Is this just a perception or a difference in the way they interpret their experience, or are they choosing not to align with this particular wave?

ELIAS: This is in actuality an interesting question, Lawrence, for as this movement presently within this wave is directly associated with movement of the action of this shift, many individuals experience these same similarities within their objectification of this wave, and these individuals objectively are creating of this for very similar reasoning. Michael incorporates a limited amount of this same action, although not to the degree that you have experienced or many other individuals have been experiencing. These individuals of Michael and Lawrence, and also of Shynla at times, presently, are objectified in what seems to be a contrary movement presently. It is subjectively a recognition that presently, within this wave, it is unnecessary to be participating.

Within this present now, within this particular wave movement, individuals are allowing themselves to be partially connecting with subjective bleed-through, but are also incorporating resistance. There is a reluctance to be moving into the action of this shift objectively. There is an underlying fearfulness which may not necessarily be objectively viewed or felt; but underlying belief systems are being addressed, which is conflicting, therefore also creating an element of fearfulness. Be remembering, this may not necessarily be objectively felt in feelings, but within this incorporation and recognition of fearfulness, there is resistance. In this resistance, you partially allow subjective bleed-through; but as you are resistant, you also become confused. In an effort to not be quite so confused objectively, you merely alter your action and allow yourself to be expressing differently. You may express in lack of motivation or lack of energy-feeling, or an inability to speak efficiently. These are merely objective symptoms, so to speak, of movement which is occurring. This shift holds many elements that shall be allowing surfacing of fearfulness in the recognition of belief systems. I have stated to you from the onset of these sessions, this shift shall incorporate trauma if you are not allowing yourself information to be helpful. Therefore, do not think to yourselves that you shall not incorporate any element of confusion or conflict merely for the reason that you do offer yourselves information. You merely lessen your conflict, that you may not be experiencing trauma ... which is quite exaggerated from conflict! Trauma, you view as extreme. Conflict, you may be dealing with, so to speak.

Within this present wave in this present now, these three individuals merely do not identify with the same objective which is being addressed within consciousness. This particular element of fearfulness is not incorporated with these individuals and many other individuals presently. This is not to say that these individuals may not be experiencing the same type of wave within a different time framework which addresses to different elements of fearfulness and belief systems. It is merely unnecessary, within consciousness presently, for these individuals to be objectifying this wave.

VICKI: Well, who do you mean when you say "these individuals?" I'm very confused.

ELIAS: Shynla, Olivia and Michael, and many other individuals, but these being to your immediate company.

VICKI: So what you're saying is.... My question originally was, when there is a wave or a movement, are there some individuals then that choose not to ride it? And I'm still not clear on what....

ELIAS: Which I am expressing yes ...

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: ... but not for the reasons which I have offered you previously within these sessions. At times, individuals may be choosing not be incorporating the action of a wave, for they are choosing not to be lending energy to this wave. Or, they may be choosing to be lending energy to the wave, but not incorporating the action. This present wave certain individuals choose not to be engaging, for it is unnecessary.

VICKI: So me and Drew are just kind of like out in left field and clueless in Seattle here!

ELIAS: Not quite.

VICKI: Well, I don't understand! (Laughing).

ELIAS: You are addressing to belief systems. You are moving and incorporating an allowance of subjective bleed-through.

VICKI: But we are very much unaware that it's not necessary for us to do this?

ELIAS: For you individually, it is necessary. This is not to say that every individual occupying the space arrangement of your planet incorporates this action as necessary, for you all incorporate different movement within different time frameworks. You are addressing to different elements within you each subjectively, and attempting to be incorporating these also objectively. Therefore, it is dependent upon what you are choosing to be addressing to. You are not "in left field." You are not "behind." You are not "less than" or accomplishing any less or worse than other individuals. You are merely choosing, within concert of many other individuals, to be addressing to similar belief systems in an allowance for these to be objectively surfacing, in your terms. Other individuals are not dealing with these particular elements within this present framework of time. Therefore, it is unnecessary for their participation within this wave. Let me offer you a very small example. You and Matthew and Stephen and Dehl may be choosing to be subjectively focusing upon a common belief system. In this common belief system, you may each be incorporating an aspect of fearfulness very similarly. In an effort within consciousness to be lending energy to each other helpfully, you create a wave which allows you to begin to be addressing to the belief system. You may not necessarily identify the belief system objectively yet, but you have chosen similar actions with similar objectives and similar fear elements.

In this, in the particular given belief system and fear element which it incorporates, other individuals as Shynla and Olivia and Michael may not hold this element of fearfulness within the particular belief system. This is not to say that they may not hold the same belief system. They may only not hold the same fearfulness within the belief system. Therefore, it is unnecessary for them to be participating within this wave, for the objective is to be addressing to the fearfulness aspect of the belief system, which they do not incorporate. Therefore, their objectification within your waking reality may appear differently. As I have stated, this is not to say that they also may not incorporate alignment with an action of another wave, to be addressing to issues that they hold within their own belief systems which are common to many other individuals. In this, you may not be choosing to be experiencing in like manner.

VICKI: Okay. I don't want to take up everybody's time here. But so these waves of movement quite often are indicative of the mass dealing with a specific belief system?


VICKI: What belief system are we dealing with here?

ELIAS: This belief system incorporates your ideas of change, and unfamiliar elements within change.

VICKI: Okay....

ELIAS: The underlying element, within the duplicity of the issue, is your attachment to good and bad within the action of change, and your resistance to accepting of unfamiliar change. Are you understanding?

VICKI: Yeah, better than I was.

ELIAS: Very good. I shall break briefly, and you may very well continue with your questioning, Lawrence, and not be concerning yourself with your occupying of time framework in your questioning.

BREAK 7:35 PM RESUME 8:01 PM (Time was five seconds) ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause)

RETA: We were reading today in the Seth material about finding methods to allow yourself to go through different layers, to touch on different dimensions of yourself and maybe learn how you're put together, more or less. I guess the suggestion was using hypnotism rather than meditation. I know some people in meditation can go outside of themselves and look inward and can do a great job, but the suggestion was that hypnotism would allow you to more or less peel layer by layer down and experience those different layers and look at them better. What do you think on that subject?

ELIAS: You may choose this method to be allowing yourself a connection with other aspects of yourself. Many individuals, being unfamiliar with meditation, may allow themselves more easily a trust within the action of hypnosis. In actuality, it is the same; but within your belief systems you may allow yourself the interaction, as you believe you relinquish your control within the state of hypnosis, although you do not, but you believe that you do. Therefore, this being your reality, you may find that you allow yourself more of an ease to be trusting and connecting with other aspects of self if you are choosing this action. I express to you that this is quite acceptable and encouraged, for any method that you choose to be offering yourself information is beneficial.

RETA: Of course the main thing would be to come back knowing and remembering those things or experiences....

ELIAS: Yes, for you believe that the individual which is facilitating will offer you a suggestion that you shall be remembering, and within your belief system that they hold temporary control, you acquiesce to their suggestion. In actuality, you need no suggestion, but you may be offering yourself the ability to be remembering elements of your experience that you might not allow yourself to be remembering, if uncomfortable, without the incorporation of the suggestion; but as you believe in the method, you also align with its actualization. Therefore, as the facilitator suggests to you that you shall remember all that you have experienced regardless of its uncomfortableness, you shall allow yourself to comply with this suggestion.

RETA: Sounds good. I've found in talking with those who meditate versus hypnotism that they meditate only on what they've sort of decided to beforehand. Where those people who have been hypnotized, like you say, allow themselves to go more or less where the controller is, but they also allow themselves to deviate and find things that are different and new. And then, like you say, they remember. So, the experience I have of just talking with people is that hypnosis takes them further with better remembering.

ELIAS: For this is aligned with your belief systems. Within your culture that you have chosen to be manifest into presently, you do not incorporate the action of meditation continuously from small children. Therefore, you do not practice this action and you may view yourselves as not being very accomplished at this action, believing that you need be accomplished to be effectively engaging the action of meditation. This is part of your mass belief systems within this culture. Therefore, it is quite reinforced. You hold different belief systems within the area of hypnosis. Therefore, there is more of an allowance.

Within meditation, you believe that you must be quite practiced and accomplished at this engagement to be allowing yourself the same connection or activity as you would be within the action of hypnosis. This is not in actuality correct. Many individuals engage the action of meditation within your culture and may not be viewed in your estimation as quite accomplished, and may also be trusting enough to be allowing themselves the same type of experiences. This--you are correct, though--is not the mass.

NORM: Would there be a good enough analogy as the person that is being hypnotized to actually speak out loud as he is experiencing inner action, or should the person wait until afterwards and recall?

ELIAS: You may engage either scenario; although within your belief systems, as you believe that the facilitator temporarily holds the control, you also comply with the suggestions which are offered to you. Therefore, if this facilitator is suggesting to you that you may speak your experience, within the experience you shall find yourself communicating your experience. This may be difficult within certain situations and certain allowances of the experience. This is not to say that you may find difficulty vocalizing, but you may be confused in your speaking and whom you are speaking to. This is dependent upon the allowance within trust for the experience.

If you are allowing yourself a trustfulness within the experience, you may in actuality, in reality, temporarily exchange with another focus; therefore becoming the other focus. In this, you may be forgetful of this focus and you may not understand to whom you are speaking, for you do not visualize the voice. (Mary does this. It can be difficult to explain where the voice is coming from!)

Many individuals accomplish this action. It is merely a question of allowance of your objective awareness to shift in mergence with subjective awareness. As you allow yourself the accomplishment of this action, you may be exchanging with another focus or aspect of your essence. You may be exchanging temporarily with any aspect of your essence. If you are accomplishing a mergence, your reality shall appear to become the reality of the other aspect. Therefore, your attention is no longer held within this focus. It is exchanged. Therefore, to your perception and within your attention, this reality may appear to no longer exist, and you may be incorporating hearing little voices within your air, within your reality in that present moment; to which I suggest to you that if you are hearing little voices within your air presently within this focus within your directed attention, you shall be quite confused and denying of these voices, expressing that they must be imaginary or you must be delusionary! It is no different if you are exchanging with another focus or aspect of yourself, for you shall be that focus.

NORM: You almost have to experience this to be able to control it and know it, but if you have the idea that this can occur beforehand, you should be able to realize of the possibility of it occurring.

ELIAS: Quite, although you concern yourselves with this belief system of control, which is unnecessary. You are not out of control and you are not in control. You merely are.

NORM: Right. I had an experience in Mary's first session outside of this forum here, in a building not too far away from here, that during the time that you were engaging or beginning the energy exchange with Michael or Mary, that I seemed to go outside of this objective focus. I felt that I was ... for a few seconds there I had a very ... I felt like I was falling, yet I knew I was not falling. I didn't really know where I was. That must have been a beginning of an experience for me to recognize that this sort of thing would happen when you are becoming subjectively aware of your inner senses. Would that be a true statement?

ELIAS: You do not necessarily need to be incorporating this particular action; although within the temporary acceptance and trustfulness of energy and self, and desire within yourself to be connecting within energy of this essence, you allowed yourself a partial incorporation of objective noticing of what you may term to be a very brief out-of-body experience. You do not recognize the action of what you term to be an out-of-body experience within your waking state. Therefore, as you experience this objectively, it may appear to you to be quite strange and at times even fearful initially. This may continue until you choose to be allowing yourself permission to be trusting of self, and recognizing that no harmfulness shall befall you in your allowance and acceptance of self and your experiences. (To Gail, who just arrived) Welcome, William.

VICKI: I'd like to ask another question about this mass movement. The belief system of fear of change, I understand this. This makes sense to me. I've been observing Ron for many years and I'm quite aware that we hold very different belief systems in this area. First of all, I'm assuming that a mass movement in consciousness would incorporate the majority. Would this be a correct assumption?

ELIAS: Within your immediate terms you may viewing in this manner, although the term of majority at times is quite relative.

VICKI: So a wave such as this may not necessarily be experienced by the majority of the people on the planet?

ELIAS: Correct; although presently within this particular wave, you may be expressing that a majority of individuals are experiencing this action to some degree.

VICKI: Okay. I'm also interpreting that this fear of change with this particular movement would be connected with the tremendous change involved with the shift.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: So that would be where that's coming from.


VICKI: The other day we had some information from Paul, in which he used an analogy of going up and down hills and the differences in energy that we use in different actions, of going up a hill or being on top of the hill or going down the other side of the hill. (I will attach Paul's analogy at the end of this session)

ELIAS: May I interject? (Pause) One clarification, for you have misinterpreted one aspect of this information. There is no difference in the energy. There is only a difference within your perception of the action. The energy is the same within all of the movements.

VICKI: We would just be responding differently?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Alright. So I guess my question is, I'm trying to correlate the analogy to what we've been talking about with this particular movement, and I'm not real clear on how it correlates.

ELIAS: As I have stated to you this eve, Lawrence, individuals move differently. All of the balls are not rolling upon the hills within the same position at every moment. This is not to express that any position in movement is better or worse or ahead of or behind any other movement or position upon the hills. They are merely different positions offering different perceptions.

VICKI: So the people that are experiencing this particular wave, are they basically in the same position on the hill?


VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: In your perception, you may view the ball to be moving up the hill, for within your belief systems you believe that the incorporation of energy moving up the hill is more difficult. Therefore, it incorporates more friction and may be objectified in your perspective as more confusing or more conflicting. The energy is all the same. The positioning may be different. Presently, the individuals that you view not experiencing this wave, you may place them within the position of the crest, allowing themselves to be incorporating a different perception.

VICKI: And would the movement down the hill, so to speak, be incorporating another type of wave? I mean, it makes sense to me that there's no difference in difficulty moving up or down the hill. I kind of understand that. I'm just trying to understand these mass movements in general here, and how they work.

ELIAS: You may incorporate the movement down the hill as another wave, although it may also be interpreted in your terms as the diminishing of the wave, allowing for a relaxation for a time period before engaging another wave.

VICKI: Kind of like when you feel like you're experiencing a lull in activity?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: This would be a very good analogy; for as the ball may be rolling flatly, also you may be experiencing your lull. You may be experiencing a relief within your rolling down of the hill, and your lull may come as you smoothly continue within flatness. Within the position of the crest, you may be experiencing some exhilaration or acknowledgment of self within accomplishments, and noticing of more elements around you in not feeling as you are struggling, therefore allowing yourself to be viewing elements around you that reinforce your accomplishment as you have moved through your wave.

I shall express to you that the individuals that you view not being engaged within this present wave have previously, quite recently within your time framework, experienced this same wave within a slightly different direction, with the incorporation of our recent engagement of larger forum. These individuals engaged a different action but a movement in a similar type of wave, engaging elements of fearfulness; therefore within this present now rest upon the crest and allow acknowledgment of accomplishment. (Pause) Be remembering, there is no difference in accomplishment. No one lags behind or leaps forward.

VICKI: Yeah, I think I understand that. It's just to think about this particular.... In my perception this particular wave, being attached to a belief system of fear of change within this action of the shift, which is a really, really big change, it's kind of scary to think that this wave could last a really long time! (Can you tell it's been a heck of a week?)

ELIAS: It shall not.

VICKI: Well, then it must be going to recur. I mean, it must!

ELIAS: This, you may be choosing; and within probabilities, I shall express to you that it is most probable that you shall be re-incorporating this type of wave many times, although it may take different forms objectively. But you shall be incorporating this type of wave many times.

VICKI: So we're not going to be on this one particular wave for the next ten years or anything, right???


VICKI: Good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: In your terms this wave, as most of your waves within consciousness, shall appear within your perception to be relatively short. These waves that you create within consciousness you do not incorporate for long time periods, for it is unnecessary. You shall recreate another wave. You are not wishing to overwhelm yourself and create trauma. Therefore, you allow yourself increments which are relatively small.

NORM: Have waves been created by mass consciousness or gestalts of consciousness for reasons other than the shift?

ELIAS: Quite.

NORM: Then it could have happened at the beginning of the religious era?

ELIAS: You create waves in consciousness for many reasons continuously, as I have been expressing to Matthew. You create waves within every year of your focus seasonally. You create your seasons to be objectifying illnesses. Within mass, many, many, many individuals choose to be creating illness within the same time period. You label this as your extra seasons--your flu season, your cold season--which are not incorporated within your nature as you view it, but you have created new seasons to be incorporating these waves.

There are many waves in consciousness that you align with and you objectify, although they may not all be directly related to your shift in consciousness. They are related in your noticing and your understanding of the movement of mass consciousness, but their expression may not be objectified for the reason of the accomplishment of the shift. This is quite familiar to you within objective actions, to be manifesting waves in commonalities of consciousness.

NORM: It's a method of communication other than telepathic.

ELIAS: It is an agreement for accomplishment within certain areas. As I have expressed to these individuals previously, within your "cold season" you are in alignment with each other, creating a wave in consciousness to be accomplishing certain acts, to be collectively acknowledging of each other of your weariness physically and your reluctance temporarily to be continuing within your mundane expressions, and also to be contributing to different areas of your economy that you may not be contributing to within other time frameworks of your year, which may deplete those particular areas of your society. Therefore, in generating energy to be continuing certain aspects of your society and your chosen occupations and creations of products, you create a reason within mass to be using these products, which lends energy in many other ways than you think of. You are contributing energy to many aspects of your own society.

DREW: One of the reasons that we have this cold and flu season is to objectively share our weariness and our dissatisfaction, if you will, with our mundane experience? Is that pretty much how you expressed it?


DREW: So most of us see our existence as mundane?

ELIAS: Ah, you are misinterpreting! You express this word as boring or negative. I do not incorporate this definition with this word. This word merely is your everyday activities. This is not to say they may not hold excitement or that they are necessarily negative or boring. It is just familiar activity that you incorporate on a daily basis.

DREW: Routine.

ELIAS: Yes. You may choose to be incorporating this season of activity for you may view yourself to be overwhelmed with the amount of activity that you incorporate, and you may be choosing to allow yourself an excuse for restfulness for you believe that you are needing of restfulness. Therefore, you create a reason for this, for you also believe that you must always hold a reason for all action! You may not incorporate an action merely in that you wish to be creating this. You must have a reason to create this! If you are wishing to be restful, for this is within your belief systems that you are needing of restfulness, you shall create a reason, for you shall not allow yourself permission to merely experience restfulness with no reason!

NORM: And we would actually create a virus from our DNA so that we would have a cold or flu.

ELIAS: You create the interaction. The virus exists.

NORM: In the DNA.

ELIAS: The elements exist already. You create the allowance within the structure of your RNA interaction to be creating of the illness. You also further your explanations to yourselves at times by expressing that you acquire illness from other elements--insects or vegetation or substances or air-borne bacterias--many different elements that you objectively incorporate as your reasoning for the manifestation of the illness. The illness appears as you choose to manifest in this manner, as your reason for disengagement of certain activity and also for your incorporation of lending energy within your society and generating revenue. It is all quite efficient in your manifestations.

RETA: Can you have a more efficient way to generate new revenue?

ELIAS: I shall be suggesting that you be discussing this situation with Lawrence, for he is quite accomplished at not aligning with the generating of revenue within this area and he shall be offering acknowledgment of this, except within the area of truths! (Laughing) In this, you may also be offering explanation of alignment with mass belief systems and expressions although and in spite of your objective choices to not be aligning with! (

Mass belief systems are very strong. I have expressed to you previously that you have lent sufficient energy to mass belief systems as to allow them to hold their own reality within energy independent of your lending. They have already, within the links of consciousness, been lent enough energy to be almost, in your terms, entities within themselves; although this is figuratively speaking.

VICKI: I have another question. We had a small gathering last night. For some time there were six of us attempting to engage in conversation, which was not going so well! It seemed to me that there was obviously some sort of other interaction going on, some sort of subjective interaction happening which was affecting of our objective ability to converse in what we call a normal way, and I'm curious if you have anything to offer about that.

ELIAS: I express to you that this is a perception. Not all individuals within the time period of your expression were experiencing difficulty in exchange.

RON: But everybody was so quiet!

ELIAS: And in your belief systems this suggests that you are at a loss for language and interaction and that this shall be unusual, although this is only one perception. Not all individuals within that forum were experiencing this same element. Several individuals within your forum were experiencing no conflict or loss for objective communication interaction, William being one. It was an ease within company, and no necessity felt to be objectively communicating. Shynla being another; Michael incorporating the same action. Therefore, you are merely holding to a perception that if you are gathering, you must be interacting objectively within your language and that there may be a lack of ease if you are not interacting, although individuals do not always experience a lack of ease as coupled with a lack of objective communication. But presently, within your inability or your perception of inability to be interacting objectively, presently your perception moves in this direction, objectifying and projecting that all individuals must be experiencing this also.

RON: Well, I didn't have a problem with it because I really like it when people don't talk, but with this group it was really unusual!

ELIAS: Quite! Although it may occur infrequently, may it be! Express, Shynla! Were you expressing discomfort in silence?

CATHY: No, not at all!

ELIAS: William!

GAIL: No, I rather enjoyed it.

VICKI: I didn't feel uncomfortable. I just thought it was unusual.

ELIAS: As expressed by Olivia, within the forum of these individuals yes, unusual, but it may occur, for you all exhibit a comfortableness within each other's presence. Therefore, there is no demand for objective communication within your language continuously.

VICKI: Bob will be glad to hear there's not something "more to it!"

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Although there is something "more to it," for if you were not experiencing this ease and comfort within the forum that you engaged, you would be expressing a feeling of need to be occupying your time framework with language and communication objectively and entertainment of each other.

RON: Can we pause for a tape change?

ELIAS: You may, and you may break, and we shall incorporate much fun non-physically in expressing to those physically-focused individuals continuously, (whispering) "There is more to it!" (Laughing)

BREAK 8:51 RESUME 9:10 (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue.

VICKI: I have just a few questions for some other people. The first is from Sena, who has a very large fascination and focus right now on the subject of counterparts. Her question is, "How many counterpart relationships do I currently have, and is that pretty typical?"

ELIAS: (Laughing) Innumerable! And yes, this is quite typical.

VICKI: I think she's trying to figure out just how all of these things work in affectingness. For example, she also was wondering about her counterpart action with Mary. She has some information about the counterpart action from her to Mary, but not of the reverse action, if there is any; which if I'm understanding correctly, there isn't always.

ELIAS: You are correct, although these individuals do share counterpart interaction with each other. In this, their action is quite similar in lending energy and experience, not only to each other but to individuals that they are independently counterparts of; as you are not counterpart of Sena, but Michael is. This individual incorporates another individual in similar capacity with a similar action in reverse, so to speak, although all counterpart action is not necessarily incorporated "flip-flopping," so to speak. You may be counterpart to an individual and they may not be counterpart to you. It is not an absolute. Not all of your counterpart action shall be objectively noticed. You hold innumerable counterparts. Therefore, you would be confusing yourself if you were allowing yourself a noticing of all of your counterpart action objectively. You allow yourselves presently to be noticing those counterpart actions which may lend to your understanding of consciousness and connections and affectingness of each other.

VICKI: So when you're talking about lending energy ... for example, I lend energy to the counterpart action between Sena and Michael?

ELIAS: True.

VICKI: I'm not quite sure what that means. What does that mean?

ELIAS: There is an exchange within consciousness of these four individuals. This crosses over within experiences. This also crosses over not in experiences, but in a lending of energy for each individuals' experience. Therefore, you may not experience the same or opposite action as one of your counterparts or one that you lend energy to, but you are lending energy to the accomplishment of their experience, which adds to your experience.

VICKI: Okay. It's just really hard to understand. I don't think I really get it.

ELIAS: You are singularly focused in attention. Therefore, counterpart action is a difficult area to be exploring, for it is unfamiliar to you that you may incorporate all experience. You do not feel this objectively and you do not recognize within your behavior the action of the experience that you incorporate, for this is incorporated subjectively. You do not allow a bleed-through in many, many aspects of this action, for this would be confusing to you within your singularity of attention; just as you do not allow yourself the viewing of essence, for this also would be overwhelming and confusing to you within the context of your singularity of attention.

VICKI: Okay, one other thing. Sena and I have been exploring what seems to be a remembering of a focus together in Germany, and within that particular investigation, I had an impression the other day that sounds kind of nutso, but it's still an impression ...

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence!

VICKI: ... and it is that one of the tiles in the city has a swastika symbol on it, or what we view as a swastika.

ELIAS: Very good!

VICKI: And would this be connected with the Vold family?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence! Yes, although the meaning of the tile is not the same as the symbol which represented a certain meaning within your history. You may enter this into your log also.

VICKI: The next thing to do would be to connect with the meaning of the symbol.

ELIAS: Quite. This may also present you with an example of your noticing of the creation of these tiles within different time frameworks, which are all incorporated now.

VICKI: Okay, just one other thing for Vivien. She's been exploring her research (inaudible) back problem, and I think we've already kind of realized that part of this has to do with a connection with Mary. (This was strange. Usually I can at least figure out what I was saying! Margot heard the word "subliminal," but this word isn't in my regular vocabulary at all. Objective imagery of ...?)


VICKI: She's also curious, though; does she have her own issues tied up in this in which she's holding energy in this area? And she is having a hard time identifying any belief system that might be attached to that.

ELIAS: Partially; this also being a holding of energy in not allowing a release in the area of personal responsibility. You may think to yourself that the suggestion has been planted with the acceptance of the energy within connection to Michael, which has manifest in sparking the same action. This would be in your terms the expression similar to a small one stomping in their puddle, and another small one viewing this and expressing, "Oh, I may be engaging this also!" It is unnecessary, but it has been incorporated. You may express, this is a choice and it may be released. (Pause)

GAIL: I have a question about a couple of dreams that I need help in explaining to myself. The first one I had was like a week ago, and it was ... I believe it was myself that looked like myself, and then there was a person in front of me who was smaller that I identified as Mary, and then two other people sitting at a table that I identified as Vicki and Cathy, and what I was bringing to them was a little bundle which I wanted identified as either male or female. And I was wondering what that was about or why I wanted that.

ELIAS: This would be, within the first layer of symbolism, your expression to yourself in identifying differences of issues or belief systems being attended to presently. You objectify this in the incorporation of gender, viewing gender as being quite different in quality, in a recognition that the issues being addressed within these individuals are quite different, although incorporating the same action within the same time period. In this, you are attempting to be offering helpfulness in explanation of identification of the differences of actions incorporated with these individuals. (Pause) You are not understanding.

GAIL: I'm understanding about the male/female issues that I have, but I don't understand how this....

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GAIL: No? Okay. ELIAS: This is not a situation of male/female issues. It is merely a symbolization of differences in quality of belief systems presently being addressed by these other individuals. You identify, as do you all within mass, the genders of male and female as holding very different qualities objectively. Therefore, within your symbolism of different issues held by these other individuals, your most efficient symbol to yourself for the differences in what you may think of as extremes of these issues, you objectify in the symbol of genders. The issues hold no bearing with gender. They are merely paralleling the difference, as your ideas of male and female ... as red and blue. They are different qualities that you view bear little resemblance to each other in qualities, but recognizing that they are also the same as intensity of issues and importance to the individuals. Therefore, your action in presentment is your symbolization to yourself of a desire to be helpful in recognition of different issues being addressed, but holding the same qualities of importance or intensity to the different individuals. Are you understanding?

GAIL: Uh-huh. The other one was, I was very aware of myself in the dream and I was aware that someone was with me, but I can't identify who it was. I was standing, looking at a mound of people that were dead, and I wasn't really shocked by it. I sort of understood it, but I still questioned it, and I'm wondering what that was about.

ELIAS: This would be a symbolization to yourself of the difficulty that you foresee in the presentment of this expansion and information to the mass and their lack of understanding, therefore viewing the mound of dead. Non-acceptance, non-incorporation, lack of understanding of the mass, and no ability within your symbolization to be reviving of this dead mound, although no feeling of a necessity to be reviving of these individuals that you perceive to be dead. This is a symbolization of the acceptance of the perception of these individuals in one respect, but also viewing the lack of understanding and acceptance simultaneously.

GAIL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: I'm a little curious about the little airport scenario I created this morning. I couldn't hook up with my friend before she got on the plane. I mean, I was running through the airport trying to figure out where she was, and as I was running through the airport I'm thinking, why am I drawing this experience to myself? Why am I creating this? I mean, to me I could have explained it if it was someone that I didn't want to take to the airport and I was doing it in conflict. Then that would make sense to me, but that's not the case here. And then, with the information you gave earlier, I thought maybe it was this wave I jumped on for a second and then jumped off. Can you help me??? (Laughing) ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would not be an incorporation of jumping on the wave! (Chuckling again) This would more be an incorporation of shared experience. This individual experiences much confusion presently. Therefore you, in acceptance, agree to be experiencing in this type of action of counterpart, to be helpful in alleviation of some confusion and scatteredness of this individual.

CATHY: Gee, that's nice! I was glad to do it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Were you?! (Humorously)

NORM: Within the last five or six months of this forum, you have indicated to several of the members that they were not going to remanifest. I remember that when that issue came up, I felt that I surely was going to remanifest, and now I'm not so sure anymore! Can you help me out there?

ELIAS: Within your present choices and probabilities, the choice is to be incorporating remanifestation; also with Dehl. Matthew continues to be indecisive! (Grinning at Drew)

NORM: How many times have I have been different genders? I have been different genders, of course.

ELIAS: Shall you not investigate this? You hold the ability to offer this information to yourself! I offer a suggestion of incorporating our new game, (a TFE, which involves "hypnotism") and you may be accessing this information.

RON: I'd like to ask a question. I'm a little confused as to certain statements that were made by you to a certain individual in a private session this week. My perception of these statements was that of leading towards predictions and strong advice, which I was under the impression that you do not give.

ELIAS: This is quite correct, and I have also offered to this very individual repeatedly within that particular session the information, which is all within the context of probabilities and those probabilities which have been chosen within this present moment, which also may be changed, and this was offered also. Choice was expressed repeatedly to this individual. I expressed merely within the understanding and acceptance within this present now, of the language that this individual may understand.

I have incorporated choice and probability to this individual, and they hold little understanding presently. Therefore, the statement of what you view to be prediction is merely an acknowledgment of a probability which is presently chosen, therefore offering information that this individual already holds.

RON: But I feel sorry for him because he doesn't get it. Should we be like trying to help him get it?

ELIAS: He will, and you shall be helpful.

VICKI: I have concerns about stuff like that too, like with this particular individual, like you just said, not really having a clear understanding of a thought process about choice and probabilities and misinterpreting some of the information offered.

ELIAS: It shall become clear. This essence incorporates great ability to be instructional and helpful, and is recognizing of each individual's acceptance and each individual's understanding within each individual's interpretation of language. Therefore, it may appear to you that there was an offering of prediction, for you are understanding of probabilities and of the language which I incorporate with you. This individual is not understanding presently objectively of much terminology. Therefore, allowances are made within what the individual may understand.

Some individuals may hold extreme belief systems within the area of karma. I shall not be expressing to these individuals, "There is no karma," although I shall ease these individuals into a recognition of no karma, as I have eased all of you into a recognition of many elements that you were not aware of objectively previously.

RON: So the thing about Dave to begin with was not really a prediction? It was just a probable probability that actually was....

ELIAS: (Interrupting and actually talking over the top of Ron) It was an explanation in dream interpretation of a probability which was chosen already and not changed. You incorporate a time framework. Therefore, you view in successive moments. You do not quite understand the concept of probabilities to this present now, for they are not created ahead of you. Therefore, the probability is created now, although then was now and is now, for there is no other but now. In this ... (grinning at Vic and chuckling) face-rubbing! ... this was not a prediction either. It was explanation of information of probabilities which was connected to within dream interaction and an interpretation of that dream action.

RON: And it was said to us in a language that we could understand at the time.

ELIAS: For the probability was chosen and actualized. Therefore, it has actualized to you presently.

VICKI: I don't agree that it wasn't a prediction.

ELIAS: This is your choice. VICKI: I know! There's a lot of probabilities, if you can look at everything in simultaneous time, that are actualized presently, but you normally don't state what they are.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: So what was the difference here?

ELIAS: Each situation with you all is individual. Each situation is approached differently. Within the beginning throes of our sessions, this expression of probability served a purpose; for within the offering of this probability and the allowance for you to view its actualization, you receive your "parlor trick" without the incorporation of levitating tables; which although you believe it is unnecessary for you to be offered parlor tricks, this is not entirely truthful, for you doubt and you do not trust. This offers you the ability to trust yourselves. I do not request of you, nor have I within this forum let you look to this essence for all of your answers or your trustfulness or your belief or acceptance. I express to you to look to yourselves, but you do not trust. Therefore, you view these elements as validation of elements that you do not understand. Therefore, if these be real, the possibility of that which I speak to you of you may also be real.

VICKI: Well, I do understand the concept. But on the other hand, for example, Ron and I kind of view it as the opposite of validation.

ELIAS: This is your choice. It matters not. I may express to you also that had this probability never in your terms materialized, you would view this the same way.

VICKI: Actually, I was already beginning to view the possibility that the probabilities had changed.

ELIAS: And years from this present now, you would be questioning, for this is your nature.

VICKI: So, do we engage counterpart action???

ELIAS: Within this present now, no ... although we engage within essence your objectification of the thorn in the side! (Laughing) And you may refer to your Seven and your Cypress and their interaction, for it is quite paralleling! (I just hope I'm equally as much a thorn in your side as you are in mine, Elias!)

Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

GAIL: Well, I have one. Is the baby named David? (Referring to the baby in the dream discussed on page 24)

ELIAS: (Pause) No. (Pause, and to Vic) Shall you continue?

VICKI: No, I'm not going to tonight.

ELIAS: Very well. It matters not! We shall be disengaging this evening, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. (To Vic) And I may be engaged if you are so choosing, for it matters not!

I express to you all quite affectionately ... (to Drew) and do not fear!

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:48 PM.

Note: For those of you who don't know, Paul (essence name Patel) delivers information through interaction with Ron via writing. This began in June, 1996. There are thirty-three transmissions to date, in addition to quite a few conversations via "live" computer chats.

Paul's analogy, as referred to on page 19:

Concerning this shift of energy that is being felt, so to speak, by you all, this is within alignment with a mass movement occurring within this present now. You may look at this movement as you would a large ball on a range of hills. As you roll the ball it initially begins, so to speak, with a great amount of velocity, as you have given it this. Within your rolling, this ball shall roll smoothly for some distance, only slowing to a small extent as long as it rolls upon flat ground. When the ball reaches a hill, it may need to use a bit more energy to thrust itself up and over this hill. As it reaches the top of this hill, the ball upon reaching this top shall relax, so to speak, within its energy instantaneously, until the ball begins its descent down the other side of this hill. Upon reaching the other side of this hill, this ball may now be redirecting this energy which it has used in one way to reach the hill, in another way to climb the hill, in yet another way to rest upon the crest of this hill, and still another within its descent. Within this descent it shall be storing, so to speak, this energy for the ascent up the next hill.

In this expression of storing, definition must be offered, for this expression is not the most explanatory term. This action of storing this energy would seem to be, within your objective image of gravity, a task that would be considered quite effortless, for your gravity shall be helping it along. Subjectively this would not be the case, for going up the hill is no different than going down, for there is no up or down! I only use this analogy for clarification, in your terms. This ball, as it descends the other side of this hill, shall be using the same energy within the same amount as did it climbing this hill, only it shall be using it within a different manner, as it did approaching the hill and also cresting this hill. This expression of descending the other side of this hill is what is being experienced en masse at this present time, so to speak. Within agreement it has been decided to descend this hill, and within the storing of this energy upon this descent for the journey to the next hill as well as the ascent up the next, you shall be expressing differently, so to speak, than you may be accustomed to, in your terms.

Be noticing of these expressions for they are all about you presently, and are also being noticed by individuals who up to this present now were unaware of any movement within consciousness, within objective knowing. This shall be sufficient information for the present. However, there shall be more to come.

Until we next speak, ta!


(1) Early on in the sessions, Elias said there were twelve essences interacting and lending energy in helpfulness to the accomplishment of this energy exchange. Within the development of our game, we have identified eight by "name." Each is Sumafi, but is representing another essence family within the action of the shift. They are as follows: Tomkin, Milumet; Patel, Gramada; Ayla, Vold; Otha, Ilda; Elias, Sumari; Twylah, Tumold; Ordin, Zuli; and Rose, Borledim.

(2) The last time I had a cold, I argued with Elias about this concept of creating a cold to be contributing to the economy. I don't use cold medication of any type. His comeback was to point out how many "truths" (tissues) I had been using. Whenever somebody asks a question about truths, Elias starts in with the box of tissues--pulling them out one by one, tossing them around, and creating quite a mess! He finds this extremely funny!

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