Session 576
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Tolerance Is Not Acceptance


“Tolerance Is Not Acceptance”
“Physical/Nonphysical Veils”

Tuesday, March 7, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).
Elias arrives at 11:31 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Castille!

LETTY:  Good morning, Elias!  How are you?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling) As always, and yourself?

LETTY:  Well, I am doing much better, but I have been very creative!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha! (Letty laughs)  As always!

LETTY:  As always, exactly!  I want to start my session with what just happened last week, which is interesting because this session has been postponing itself, so now I can really ask you about what happened, what I was going through.  Last week, I ended up getting food poisoning for the first time in my life, not really knowing what it was, but definitely feeling it, with a combination of headaches and a pain in my right leg, which I don’t know if this has something to do with it, but I’ve been trying to think that it has to do with this menopause thing that I’ve also created in my physical form.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are inquiring as to what or why you have created this?

LETTY:  Well, why.  I know what — pain and discomfort!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  I may express to you that you, in part, already have offered yourself an explanation as to why you have created this action, and I may further that explanation that you have offered to yourself by expressing to you that the reason that you incorporated this type of severity is that it has provided you with an adequate excuse for your dismissal from the interaction with another individual, and also, it has provided you with an acceptable excuse, for individuals objectively shall be quite understanding if you are incorporating illness and need be dismissing yourself from their company.

LETTY:  Hmm! (Elias chuckles)  Oh yes, very clear! (Laughing)  Okay!  Now, what about these headaches that continue?  I mean, I’m pretty much alone on that one, because it’s a very, very definite pain that I get, a definite type of headache that’s continuing.

ELIAS:  This partially may be associated with what you have created previously, but it is not singularly associated with that interaction and your removal from that interaction.

In this, you have created this particular physical affectingness within your head to be offering you an opportunity to be noticing when you objectively are straining and struggling to be forcing your energy to be moving in a direction that is unnatural.

Let me express to you, you are moving into the action of acceptance, and in that action, there is an action of acceptance in relation to other individuals, but the acceptance which is created in relation to other individuals may not be forced.  This is a natural flow of energy.

You may be creating a temporary action of tolerance, wishing to be expressing acceptance, but in actuality, you are not expressing acceptance, for to be accepting of other individuals, you also must be accepting of self first.

Therefore, as you attempt to be forcing an acceptance of other individuals, you also create a type of tension which you feel physically in the affectingness of your head, and the reason that you place this energy in the area of your physical head is that in your attempt at acceptance of other individuals, in forcing that energy, you are offering yourself much thought in the attempt to be justifying your movement into what you THINK of as acceptance.

Acceptance is not merely the discontinuation of interaction or communication, or holding yourself in quietness.  In actual acceptance, there are no expectations, and in the expression of genuine acceptance, there is no judgment projected.

Now; be understanding, this is not to say that you may not incorporate feelings or emotions.

Your emotions, your feelings, and your opinions are not disengaged merely for the reason that you have created an acceptance.  You may continue to hold an opinion, and you may continue to exhibit or create emotional expressions or feelings in relation to those elements in your reality — or individuals — that you are accepting.

In this, as you move yourself into the expression of tolerance and confuse that action with the identification of acceptance, you also create much chatter within your thoughts to yourself, for you are attempting to be offering yourself reasons why you SHOULD be accepting of a situation or another individual, and you are struggling with what you feel, which may be contrary to what you express within thoughts.

Now; as you attempt to offer yourself reasons why you SHOULD in these situations, you are automatically looking outside of self, you are automatically discounting of self — for you are not paying attention to what you are creating within you — and you are placing a judgment upon self.

In this, as you create the struggle, you also create an element of tension, and you place this energy in an expression of affectingness within your head, for you associate your thoughts with your brain, and this is the location of your physical brain.

LETTY:  Hmm!  Well, yes, I can see myself going through that process.

ELIAS:  In this, recognize that this may have been sparked in part by the encounter and interaction that you engaged with one individual, in which you created a responsiveness physically in a type of extreme to remove yourself from the interaction.

But you also continue, as I have stated, with this affectingness within your head and the physical expression, for you create this action of tolerance in replacement of acceptance.

In this action of tolerance, you create a temporary expression of a type of allowance with another individual or a situation — a limited allowance — and an expectation that you attach to the situation or to the individual, that beyond this temporary, limited time framework, the situation or the individual needs be altered or changed, and THEN you shall be accepting.  Are you understanding?

LETTY:  Yes, I think so.

ELIAS:  This is a struggle that you are creating within you.

Now; you may be affecting of this struggle by turning your attention to self, regardless of what your expression is.  It is unnecessary for you to be objectively in agreement with every other individual or every situation.  You may be accepting of the reality, and you may also hold a difference of opinion.

LETTY:  So basically, I’m trying too hard.

ELIAS:  You are attempting to alter your expressions — your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts — for you are placing judgments upon those elements which you create.

Now; in some situations, you may be inquiring of yourself as to why you allow yourself to be affected in certain manners, and in these inquiries, you may identify certain belief systems which are influencing you.

Therefore, you may recognize why you are becoming triggered, so to speak, by situations or by other individuals, recognizing that you yourself are creating the actual affectingness within you, or the responses that you hold.

But at times, you may be allowing yourself to hold your opinion and your thoughts and feelings, and these are not necessarily what you would term to be negative and are not necessarily placing a judgment upon another individual or situation.  You may be accepting of a situation or an individual, and also simultaneously hold a difference in your perception, in your creation of your reality.

What you are attempting to be creating in this time framework is an alteration of yourself that shall hypothetically or ideally create this expression of continuous harmony of agreement, in objective terms.  You shall blissfully move through your focus in agreement and harmony with every situation and every individual that you encounter.

And I shall express to you that within the design of your physical dimension and your physical reality, this is quite unrealistic.  You hold counterparts that shall repel you!

There are situations and individuals within your physical dimension that you shall not be responsive to in what you identify objectively as being harmonious, for you may not necessarily objectively be in agreement with their perception, which is their reality.  This is not to say that you cannot be accepting of that, or that you cannot be accepting of yourself in your expression.

LETTY:  And that’s what it comes down to, accepting myself.

ELIAS:  The harmony is expressed in the recognition and the knowing that all is flowing in the manner of its design naturally, and that you need not be forcing any movement or attempting to be altering any perception of other individuals, and you may be allowing yourself to be accepting of your perception concerning other individuals and situations. (Pause)

LETTY:  Well, I think you answered about three of my other questions, Elias! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Okay.  Well, thank you.  Yes, that’s exactly it.  I think I had a misconception of the acceptance, and trying to accept people and trying to keep it harmonious, and so I think I was forcing myself to be somebody who I really am not.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Castille, this is a confusing area for many individuals presently.  As you begin inserting this shift objectively into your officially accepted reality, these concepts are moving out of the realm of concepts and into the actualization of reality.

Therefore, individuals, yourself also, are experiencing difficulty and conflict and confusion, for there is a necessity to be redefining your terms as you are redefining your reality, and allowing yourself to view in actuality what you creating and how you are creating, and turning your attention to self, recognizing your perception and that your perception creates your reality and allowing yourself permission to be accepting of self, for in this, you also eliminate much of your tension that you experience in your attempt to be accepting of other individuals, for as you are turning your attention to self, you no longer concern yourself with what other individuals are creating.

LETTY:  Two Saturdays ago, I had a conflict with a person I work with, and I just kind of kept going over and over it throughout the day.  I tried to force myself not to do it because I understood that it really didn’t matter, but somehow I kept coming back and thinking about it.  That night, my humidifier started leaking.  It’s a brand new humidifier.  It’s never leaked before, and all of a sudden, it’s leaking.  I had to jump out of bed and take care of it, and therefore I had to shift myself to the action right there instead of what I was doing.  Or was that you?  It WAS an electrical appliance!

ELIAS:  This was not my interference.  Ha ha ha! (Letty laughs)

This is your offering to yourself to be diverting your attention, for you had already attempted to be diverting your attention, recognizing that you are merely perpetuating your own conflict, and you are also merely perpetuating your discounting of self in your continuous re-playing within your thoughts of your experience and your continuous re-evaluation of how you may have or should have expressed yourself differently or better, and this merely perpetuates the discounting of self, and in this action, you have merely allowed yourself a reminder to be holding your attention with self in the now.

LETTY:  Okay, yes.  Also, I had a dream about an earthquake.  I was in a department store, shopping, and it seemed to be like a pretty big earthquake, but I wasn’t upset or scared.  Is this something to do with the shift?

ELIAS:  This is imagery that you are presenting to yourself, yes, in relation to this shift in consciousness in this time framework.

There is what you would term to be great upheaval in energy which is associated with this shift presently, and in this, as you allow yourself to continue focusing upon self and allow yourself to be affording yourself calmness and not reaction, you shall also incorporate much less conflict as this surge of energy continues in relation to this shift in consciousness.  Much action is occurring presently.  This is a tremendous thrust of energy which is being created to be inserting this shift into your objective reality.

LETTY:  Hmm!  Well, I think I feel that one! (Elias chuckles and Letty laughs)  Is that like ... you made a comment about interacting with less conflict.  I often dream of conflict, and I continue some of my conflicts in my dream state.  Is that to like help myself in releasing some of that subjectively rather than objectively?

ELIAS:  Yes.  You also allow yourself an interaction within dream imagery, that you may view what you are creating in a different type of angle, so to speak, which offers you a type of reinforcement within your waking state.

As I have stated, your dream state and your waking state parallel each other, and each move quite in harmony with each other.  The actual formation or creation of the imagery may appear different, but you are creating the same type of movement subjectively as you are objectively, and therefore, your dream imagery also parallels your waking imagery.

LETTY:  So, last night I had some imagery I’m not sure I understand.  I was with a very good friend of mine from childhood who passed away.  Her name was Letty also, and we were at a church and she was crying a lot, like for somebody that had passed away, that had died.

ELIAS:  This also moves in relation to the energy which is being projected in this shift presently.

There are specific veils which are presently being pierced and are being dropped, which begin to create quite a difference within your officially accepted reality.  One of these veils is that which you have created between what you view to be life and death.

In this, as you offer to yourself this imagery in your dream state, you are in actuality creating two messages, so to speak.

One is the message of what has been created to this point in separation, in the placement of this separating veil between physical focus and nonphysical awarenesses, and the recognition in a type of sorrow that there has been this veil.

As you move in the action of inserting this shift into your objective reality, there shall be a transitional period in which individuals may be reflecting upon the veil that has been, and experiencing a type of regretfulness, as they pierce that veil or drop that veil, that they had not allowed themselves to be accomplishing that action previously, although they view themselves to have held great desire previously to be interactive with individuals that they assess to be what you term as dead.  Are you understanding thus far?

LETTY:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Therefore, there is a type of sorrow that is expressed objectively, in what you shall naturally view as “lost time” within your experiences.

Now; let me express to you, this is quite a temporary transitional period, and shall pass quite quickly.  But as you all incorporate such strength in duplicity in this particular physical dimension, you do also automatically move in these types of expressions.  Rather than merely welcoming this new expression of your abilities in excitement and adventure, you also incorporate the regret that you have not created that action previously.

In this, you also allow yourself in this dream imagery the recognition of the incorporation of interaction with those individuals that you deem to be dead and are engaging nonphysical transition.  For although you are incorporating this shift in consciousness within this physical dimension, the action of transition continues to be incorporated in much the same manner, for the action of transition is to be shedding belief systems.

Now; this action may incorporate what you identify as less time factor, in your terms, within the incorporation of this shift in consciousness.

But the action of transition continues regardless that you have incorporated this shift in consciousness, and some of the actions that occur subsequent to that emergence into nonphysical — or what you term to be death — shall also be the same in many expressions.

There are some individuals — in actuality, many individuals — that at the moment of disengagement instantaneously begin creating objective imagery that appears to them to be the same as your physical reality.  Therefore, they may not be incorporating the objective information that they have disengaged.

Now; the reason that you incorporate some element of grief or sorrow in this dream imagery is that as you are moving into the action of this shift objectively, you also are allowing yourself to be recognizing that individuals may be disengaging physical focus prior to their allowance of their own acceptance of belief systems, regardless that you incorporate this shift now.

There are many individuals that are disengaging without incorporating the action of acceptance of their beliefs, and this creates certain struggles, so to speak, with some individuals in the action of transition, for before they may be shedding their beliefs, they need be recognizing that they hold them. (Pause)

LETTY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Just as individuals create actions and incorporate scenarios within physical focus that you within your beliefs deem to be negative scenarios or painful situations, they also create those types of scenarios in nonphysical areas of consciousness in which they have not disengaged the objective awareness. (Pause)

LETTY:  Yes, I can see that, especially with this friend of mine.  She did have very strong belief systems and very strong judgments.  Well, thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

LETTY:  It’s a great lesson.

ELIAS:  These do not disengage merely for the reason merely for the reason that you have disengaged physical focus!

LETTY:  No! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

LETTY:  Thank you, Elias.  I have one last question pertaining to Leezar and this situation he finds himself in, as he continues to create a conflict with a company that he’s working with, or at this point that he wants to work with.  My question is more specifically about this new company that’s trying to get set up, and has invited him to be part of it.  It’s starting out slow and he gets frustrated with it.  I really don’t care about it.  It really is one of those times that I hope I’m doing right in staying away from adding any energy to it.  My question to you is, in today’s probabilities, will this company that’s being formed succeed, or is it going anywhere?

ELIAS:  Within the probabilities that are being created presently, it continues its movement and it continues to be created.  It is not disassembling itself, in a manner of speaking.

Let me express to you, these are volatile times.  This is not to express that the cooperative which is creating what you identify as this company may be fluctuating, for it is not presently, in the action of probabilities that it is creating presently.

What I AM expressing to you is, the incorporation of questioning presently as to what you view as future probabilities or directions becomes more and more difficult to assess, for within this time framework, the energy which is being expressed is quite changeable and is quite volatile, and may move in one direction and may alter its direction of movement, in similar manner to your tornadoes that you create physically that may alter direction instantaneously.

There is a tremendous surge of energy which is occurring presently, as I have stated.  This energy may be contributant to any direction that any individual or group of individual[s] may choose to proceed within.

Therefore, as I expressed to you within the end time framework of your previous millennium, and in more increase in the beginning of this millennium, what you choose to move into, you may do in tremendous ease of expression.

If you are choosing movement into what you assess to be negativity, you shall allow yourself to accomplish this quite easily and quite intensely in conjunction with the energy which is being expressed presently.  If you are choosing to allow yourself movement in expressions that you identify or deem to be positive, you shall create the same.

Now; you shall also create even more of a strength in energy as you allow yourself to move outside of either of those judgments.

LETTY:  Yeah.  So definitely, a trying time for us with our wonderful belief systems!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha! (Letty laughs)  You are presenting yourself with tremendous challenge presently.  But I also express to you, look to this time framework as a tremendous adventure!  You are creating a new reality!

LETTY:  Well, it’s been wonderful, as always, Elias! (Elias chuckles)  I’ve got a lot of assimilating and work to do, on acceptance without so much effort.

ELIAS:  Not so much work! (Chuckling)

LETTY:  Yes.  I’ve enjoyed this very much.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  You may express my greetings to Marta and Isabel.  I express tremendous encouragement to you, Castille, as always.  I offer to you affectionately this day, au revoir.

LETTY:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:22 PM.

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