Session 300

The Not-So-Private Private


“The not-so-private Private”

Tuesday, July 21, 1998   © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Carter (Cynthia), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), David (Mylo), Paul (Caroll), and Jo (Tyl).
Vic’s note:  Carter hails from Kentucky, but this “private” session was held during his visit to Castaic.  Carter didn’t have many questions, so the rest of us took advantage of the opportunity.  Hence, this not-so-private private session!
Elias arrives at 12:12 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

PAUL:  Good morning!

CARTER:  Good morning!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Ah!  I see we are still focused within physical linear time frameworks!

PAUL:  Quite!  (Laughter, and Elias chuckles).

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this day?

CARTER:  Yes.  Good morning, Elias!  Cynthia here.  Greetings from all focused essences from the Bluegrass State!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And greetings to you all also!

CARTER:  Thank you, Elias.  I have a few questions, the first being, if you could share, what are the essence name or names that Mordow, Zephell and Joseph are fragmented from?

ELIAS:  You are wishing for the tone of these essences which have been fragmented.  This is correct?  (Pause)

JO:  Yes.  (Here, there is conversation about stopping the session because we are having difficulty hearing Elias)

ELIAS:  These would not be essences in conjunction with our game and therefore would be unfamiliar tones to you in your objective awareness, but if you are wishing for these tones in words within your language, I may be offering of this information.  Excuse momentarily.  (Here, there is a 30-second pause during which Elias goes into “access mode” and we continue to discuss our lack of ability to hear)

The first tone for the first essence would be that of Mandell.  The second essence tone would be translated as Zee.  The third tone would be translated into your language as Astel.  (No spellings given)

VICKI:  Elias, we’re getting a really bad connection here.  We can barely hear what you’re saying.  Maybe we need to bring Mary back and readjust our equipment.

ELIAS:  Very well, as this be your choice.

MARY:  What happened?  Were we having a pop-in or something?  (Here, we spend 8 minutes discussing the audio problems)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  And have you adjusted your equipment?

PAUL:  Yes, we have!  (Elias chuckles)  Continuing, Carter!

CARTER:  Elias, I wondered if you would share the essence name, the essence fragmented from, and family belonging to and aligning with for the following individuals, beginning with my wife Debra.

ELIAS:  Let me inquire of you, what be the significance within physical focus of your inquiring to the fragmentation of these individuals?

CARTER:  I’m just putting together a family tree, Elias!

ELIAS:  Ah, I see!  Very well.  Essence name, Sopier; S-O-P-I-E-R. (so-pee-ae’)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold; fragmentation, Zachet; Z-A-C-H-E-T. (zatch-ae’)  Let me express to you that there shall be pauses as to the fragmentation, for I shall be accessing this information.

CARTER:  The second individual is my daughter Reid.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Belue; B-E-L-U-E. (bel-you’)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold; fragmentation, Canntu; C-A-N-N-T-U.

CARTER:  The third individual would be my daughter Sarah.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Lydia; L-Y-D-I-A.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet; fragmentation, Sill; S-I-L-L.

CARTER:  The next individual is my son Nathan.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Norr; N-O-R-R.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi; fragmentation, Lexa; L-E-X-A.

CARTER:  And the final individual would be my daughter Ellen.
ELIAS:  Essence name, Wu-ni; W-U-hyphen-N-I. (woo-nee)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold; fragmentation, Zai; Z-A-I. (zee)

CARTER:  Thank you, Elias.  My next question is in reference to a dream.  In the dream I saw two women, one that I feel is of Japanese nationality who was ice-skating, and as I was viewing this, in a very loud, booming voice I heard the word “grananhura.”  It awakened me, and I recorded this.  Is this a focus of Cynthia in what we would term our present time?

ELIAS:  (Accessing)  No.  This would be a previous focus, so to speak, that of last individual given for essence name.  (Here, the group explains this answer to Carter, as he didn’t hear it clearly)

CARTER:  Shall I continue?  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  You may.

CARTER:  Elias, would any change in the physical proximity in which I presently reside be aiding in the movement of this group’s agenda?

ELIAS:  This would be your choice.  Many individuals believe that they may be more helpful and efficient if they are incorporating physical proximity to each other in conjunction with this agenda.  At times this may be helpful, for within physical focus you do lean in the direction of functioning objectively more efficiently if you hold objective communication within physical proximity to each other.  You view yourselves to be less efficient in your movement and your affectingness if you are merely being affecting within consciousness, which is quite amusing to us!  (Laughter)

But as I have stated, within physical focus you do hold belief systems which are influencing of your functioning and your efficiency within your focus.  Therefore, as stated, I may express to you that this be your choice, although you may be effectively helpful and lending energy in efficient manners by remaining in the location that you occupy presently.

CARTER:  Alright, and my final question is, is there anything that you would like to offer that will assist me in expanding my awareness?

ELIAS:  As I have stated previously with all other individuals, presently within this time framework the focus moves in the direction very strongly of being attentive to self and addressing to one’s individual belief systems and moving into the direction of acceptance of self in these belief systems, which shall be helpful in the area of accepting of belief systems.  This be the main focus, so to speak, of the movement within consciousness in this present time framework.
In the present now, as to addressing to specific belief systems, which I shall be addressing at our next forum within physical focus, the movement within a consciousness wave presently is to be addressing to the belief system and all the aspects that accompany the belief system of relationships presently.  Therefore, this particular belief system is and shall continue to be for a time framework surfacing, so to speak, en masse with very many individuals in their own different expressions of it.

In this, I shall address to you also to be recognizing of all of the situations within your own focus that this particular....

CARTER:  Thank you very much, Elias.  I appreciate it, and I’ll pass the mike.  (A funny little grin from Elias here)

Vic’s note:  What happened here is that we didn’t hear the last three words Elias said: “that this particular.”  So, it appeared that he was finished after the word “focus.”  This is because of the type of speaker phone we were using.

JO:  Elias, Tyl here.  Hello!  I sense that Cynthia and Tyl have many focuses together, and I had a dream about a man who taught me the ways of the marketplace, and I wonder if this represents a focus of Cynthia’s?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JO:  And is our impression also correct that there is a focus that Cynthia is my mother?

ELIAS:  In one focus.  (Here, there is a 16-second pause because we also didn’t hear this)

Let me express to you an awareness of this process that you engage presently, for you have not connected with the responses that I offer to you.  This “method,” so to speak, that you are engaging presently is highly inefficient.  (Referring to our speaker phone)

JO: Okay, understood.  I’d like to ask about another dream impression.  Do I really have a drive-by shootist focus in the late nineteenth century, or was this imagery to myself to not put much more energy into connecting to my focuses during that time?

ELIAS:  This would not be imagery to yourself to be not concentrating upon different focuses and the exploration of them.  It is merely an offering to yourself of one focus in which you occupy the role, not in that which you identify presently in your objective understanding, but closely related in what you may now term to be gangsters.  (Chuckling)

JO: What about my impressions of other focuses during that time that were contemporaries of Mr. Wilde?

ELIAS:  And what shall your inquiry be in this direction?

JO:  I’d like to know if Aubrey Beardsley is a focus of Tyl’s.

ELIAS: (Accessing)  No, but this individual holds a dear friend which is a focus of Tyl.

JO:  Thank you.  And Vyvyan Wilde?  Is he a focus of Tyl’s?  Is he the focus that you speak of?

ELIAS:  No.  This also would be a similar situation that the individual holds a close relationship with another individual of which my focus holds an awareness in that particular developmental focus.

JO:  Okay, and one more dream impression.  The other parts of that dream sound ludicrous!  Oscar turned into a leg of breaded chicken with thigh, and there was a wonderful image of “look for the white on black,” and a child’s footprints appearing in white powder on a smooth black floor, and I’d appreciate you telling me about this.

ELIAS:  The imagery that you offer to yourself as to your breaded chicken is imagery of a severing temporarily of the focus from the communication or the awareness of the communication of essence, and the covering with camouflage within that particular focus.  But the movement into a new awareness which was establishing of a remembered communication of essence and the allowance to be moving more effectively into the area of transition, this would be the imagery that you offer to yourself of the action that that particular focus which I held within that time framework was moving into and experiencing.  In this, the powder and the footprints are imagery suggestive of ghost images which are presented, in a manner of speaking, within the area of transition, which was being accessed partially for a brief time framework nearing the disengagement of that particular focus.

JO:  The disengagement of my focus?  Oh, your focus.

ELIAS:  Correct.

PAUL:  Elias, I have a question for you this morning.  Back in Elmira last June, you told me that I held a belonging to the Sumari family and an alignment with Sumafi.  And then in our private session in October, I think it was #224, in an answer to a question I had about a dream with red ball imagery, you mentioned that I offered myself information in the context of belonging to the Sumafi family.
So my question for you is -- doing my noticing and solving this puzzle, perhaps, of my belonging to -- do I hold a double belonging to in this focus, or has something changed since that time?

ELIAS:  No.  You do not hold a belonging to and you have not altered your family or your alignment, but your essence moves into areas temporarily of investigation of two other essence families, moving closely into communication and mergence with other essences belonging to these two essence families, that being of the Sumafi and of the Milumet.  In this you allow yourself information to be filtered through to the focuses within this particular dimension, which shall be helpful to those focuses which hold alignments with those particular families.

This is not entirely an uncommon action within essence.  This is not to say that you shall be altering of your choice to be aligning with or belonging to any particular essence family, but that in certain time periods, essence moves into a mergence with these families and is experiencing the intent of those families, that it may offer itself a clearer definition and understanding to be translated into the physical focuses to be more beneficial and helpful.  This is dependent upon the action that the individual focuses choose to be manifesting in alignment with their intent, and as you move into the area of certain actions within this particular focus physically, you also allow yourself the opportunity to draw more upon information which is in conjunction with the intent of the Sumafi family.

You now move physically into the objective space arrangements to be surrounding yourself much more with individuals belonging to the Sumafi family, and you also engage active participation objectively in the action of this agenda in conjunction with this forum.  Therefore, you allow yourself the opportunity to be accessing more information within alignment of the intent of the Sumafi family, allowing yourself a clearer understanding of that intent, which is not only teaching, but the presentment of that teaching within the least amount of distortion.  Are you understanding?

PAUL:  Yes, I am.  Thank you.  That makes perfect sense to me in decisions that I’ve made in the last year and such.  You mention that it’s not uncommon to do this.  I’m just wondering, with other individuals with other intents in other families, that they would make choices similar to the manner that I have in terms of drawing themselves perhaps to an area with individuals that they are not belonging to the same family in that intent, or even aligned with.  I’m just thinking of all of the seven billion of us physically focused presently, that within that context this kind of action must happen frequently, drawing oneself to other intents, and then this merging that you’re talking about, and learning more about those intents without changing your essence tone or belonging to a family.

ELIAS:  Absolutely.  You are correct in this understanding, for this offers individuals within physical focus a clearer understanding of the action and intents of other essence families.  Many times also, individuals shall be moving into the direction of this mergence with the family that they themselves align with within a particular focus.

But you are, as I have stated, correct that essences commonly choose this action of physically engaging focuses that are of different families and then merging with those family intents to be offering themselves a more efficient manner of engagement with these individuals.  This also offers another type of empathic action, which is filtered into the individual focus, allowing for more efficiency in their interaction.  You shall also notice that this action shall be occurring more and more futurely, as you move more objectively into the action of this shift in consciousness.

PAUL:  Thank you.  I have another question on another topic.  You’ve delivered a lot of information on different actions such as fragmenting and splintering of essence and focuses and such, and you’ve used two terms, aspects and facets, and recently you’ve not used the term facets at all, I believe.  So my question is, what is the difference, in your terms, of using the term “aspects” versus “facets” of essence?

ELIAS:  Within the time period that these terms were offered, the engagement was with these individuals of what you may express to be our initial forum.  These individuals held very little objective understanding of many of the concepts which have been offered within this forum, and for clarification reasons I was offering of certain terminology to be more clearly expressive of certain concepts, and in this, separating for them different types of actions and manifestations, that they may more clearly understand all of the different aspects of themselves, of essence, for these are difficult concepts.  (In other words, we were clueless!)

As we move more fully into more of an awareness within this shift in consciousness, individuals are not needing of such separation within language for their understanding of these concepts.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for myself to be separating aspects and facets and probable selves and splintering in these manners, but for understanding purposes previously, it was more efficient to be offering such terminology.

Facets are those aspects of self, as you are aware, that manifest into focuses, but all elements of essence are considered to be aspects.  This term is encompassing of all of the elements or creations or manifestations of essence, physical and non-physical.  This concept is becoming more easily assimilated by individuals presently.

As I have expressed to you previously, this shift in consciousness escalates now and is moving more rapidly in the area of individuals’ objective awareness.  Therefore, many concepts and clarifications that have been offered previously are unnecessary to be offering presently or continuing for the understanding of the forum within this present now.  They have already engaged elements of their periphery.  It is unnecessary to be offering extensive explanations to them as to the actions and abilities of self, for they have engaged this already.

These individuals that were in attendance of previous sessions at the onset of this forum held very little awareness objectively in these areas, but have quite efficiently moved into an expansion of their awareness and have opened to their periphery, which I offer my acknowledgment in this to them all.

PAUL:  So are you saying, Elias, that you will no longer use the terminology of facets then, in the way that you did at that time, and that you will then use the term aspects in its place?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  There are individuals which shall present themselves in drawing themselves to this forum, and within probabilities, at those time periods I may be returning to certain terminology for clarification and for their understanding.  But for the most part, this is unnecessary and shall not be incorporated into our discussions, for as I have stated, individuals drawing themselves to this forum presently have already opened to their periphery to an extent and already hold an understanding objectively of that which I speak.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to be so very clarifying in the terminology.

PAUL:  Understood.  Thank you.  Another question in this area -- it’s a question about this aspect of Dream Walker that you’ve talked about and delivered a lot of information about.  I guess my question is -- I’ll frame it in terms of Elias -- this essence of Elias, does it hold an aspect of Dream Walker?

ELIAS:  Yes, although this essence of Elias is not a Dream Walker, for this essence has chosen to be physically focused, and these Dream Walkers are not choosing to be physically focused, with the exception presently of that essence of Rose, which I have recently delivered information in this direction that you shall be objectively and subjectively connecting with.  But this essence of Elias has chosen manifestation within physical focus, therefore would not be classified as a Dream Walker, but does hold that aspect, and therefore is Seer.

PAUL:  Okay, I’ll mull that over some more.  (To the group)  Does anyone else have questions?

VICKI:  Elias, I have a couple of questions.  But first, I would like to supersede our agreement temporarily, that we won’t talk on the telephone.  Is this acceptable?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Quite!

VICKI:  For the last week, I’ve been experiencing a lot of physical affectingness in the left shoulder and the left arm, which is very unusual for me, and it’s lasted way longer than it should, and it’s creating a lot of emotional and mental trauma.  I haven’t been able to really connect with what’s going on, and I wonder what information you have to offer me about that.

ELIAS:  Tsk tsk tsk, Lawrence!  I hold disappointment in your abilities to be connecting with your imagery, for you are so very accomplished in this area, are you not?  (Chuckling)

Let me express to you that this action is quite simple.  Although you do not hold physical proximity presently with Michael, your connection and your interaction as these twins continues equally as intensely as it has ever.  Therefore, this painfulness that you experience and the tension that accompanies this is energy that you hold within this particular physical location, which also involves your emotional state, as you are engaging certain aspects of empathic connection with Michael.  He is experiencing what you may term to be anxiety and emotional affectingness in the area of our agenda presently, and you empathically allow yourself to move into this direction also.

Now; let me also offer you another element of information, Lawrence, that although you do not engage physically within physical location with Michael, you continue to hold an interaction within this forum and participate within this energy exchange.  You have removed an element of your participation, for you do not hold the physical location, and in this there are underlying affecting belief systems that create an automatic withdrawal in the area of some of your participation, but there are other elements of your participation which automatically engage within the action of these sessions and this energy exchange.  This be partially the reason that you may hold an objective awareness of some imagery or feelings or impressions within time frameworks that this energy exchange is occurring.  You also at times hold an awareness of action which is occurring that is not in connection with these sessions, but holds another element of energy exchange.  You exchange in this energy exchange also, as you have an awareness of and have held an awareness of nearly from the onset of this forum.  Therefore, as Michael moves into the area of emotional anxiety in conjunction with our forthcoming sessions, you also hold an affectingness and emotional expressions in this same manner.

VICKI:  So then would this be a simple matter of releasing that energy and thus affecting my physical body?

ELIAS:  You may move in this direction, but I shall also express to you that you BOTH move into this expression, as you are affecting yourselves in the manner in conjunction with issues that continue to be held presently that have been held from the onset of this forum.  Although you each have allowed yourself much movement through many elements of this particular issue, there are issues -- aspects of issues -- that continue within this present now, those being certain issues that you each hold in the action of this agenda which I have set forth.  In this, regardless that you have moved through much of this situation, which I am offering my acknowledgment to you both in this area, I also express to you both that you may be offering yourselves information that there continues to be held energy in these areas, that you block certain aspects of the movement of this agenda.

VICKI:  Okay.  Just to run an impression by you, I had some interesting imagery a while back that had to do with some dead birds, and my initial impression was that one of the nine babies had croaked, and I’m just wondering now, is there an action of fragmentation going on with some of these babies?

ELIAS:  You are correct in this impression.  The children are continuing within physical focus and are not moving in the direction of disengagement.  They continue to experience and enjoy in your terms fine healthiness, but this essence IS moving into the direction of fragmenting these focuses, these manifestations of these nine small ones.  As I have stated, this essence of Rose is a Dream Walker, and although it has chosen partially to engage the action of moving into physical manifestation, it shall be moving into this area differently than other essences, in that each of these nine manifestations shall be fragmented, therefore returning, so to speak, the essence of Rose to its original state of not being physically manifest.  I have begun offering information in this area of Rose and simultaneous time which is pertaining to actions that Rose engages and also to these nine manifestations, and I have begun offering information in the area of fragmentation, which I shall be continuing subsequently.  But although the awareness of these young Sumafi is open to many of these concepts, this particular action holds difficulty for individuals within physical focus and their assimilation of the information objectively.  Therefore, we shall be moving slowly into the explanations in these areas.

VICKI:  Another question about imagery:  A while back I had some imagery regarding a book, and you were inside of my head pretty strong for a couple of days, I must say!  (Elias grins)  I’m wondering now if most of that imagery had to do with the events surrounding the disengagement of James.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Partially, but this is not the main focus of this energy direction, so to speak, for I choose at times to be engaging yourself in a knowing that within physical focus, there are many times that your particular focus of these twins may objectively be a little more receptive to the engagement of my energy.

Michael moves in the direction of allowing himself to be quite receptive to myself in conjunction with other individuals, but as you hold an awareness, he is not always so very receptive to my interaction with himself as pertaining to himself, or as pertaining to this agenda.  Therefore, I choose at times to be engaging you, with the understanding that you shall move into more of a receptiveness in this area and hold much influence objectively within physical focus in the area of engaging Michael.

Although these actions of books are your choice and they are being accomplished within your own time frameworks and as you see fit to be accomplishing of these actions, I shall express to you that as you move more intensely into this action of this shift, this energy exchange creation and agreement within physical focus shall become more common and more frequent, offering more information to many more individuals in conjunction with this shift.  But as you each are Sumafi and hold an understanding of the least amount of distortion, it may be quite helpful in the area of lessening the action of trauma in this shift if you are offering information in the direction of this energy exchange.

Also, let me offer to you that once again, although this be your choice, I am encouraging of your encouragement in the area of helpfulness in facilitating a connection between Tyl and Cindel in conjunction with another creative expression.

VICKI:  Okay.  So partially what you’re saying is, the imagery of the book had to do with this ongoing project that Mary and I have not worked on for quite some time?  (This is in reference to a book about the energy exchange that Mary and I began a few years ago)

ELIAS:  Correct, and also the engagement of a connection with Cindel and Tyl.

VICKI:  Okay, will do.  I only have one last question, and it has to do with some transcribing I did yesterday.  You made a statement: “Why shall you murder someone for an experience if you hold no belief system in this area?  Why shall you create the agreement?”  This particular piece of information and the information surrounding it was really confusing to me because it almost leads one into a direction of thinking that when this shift is accomplished, so to speak, we will no longer hold belief systems or create experiences simply for the experience.

ELIAS:  There are certain experiences that you shall discontinue your creation of, for you have offered yourselves the experiences within all of your other focuses which are occurring simultaneously.  Therefore, within the action of this shift and the accomplishment of this shift, it is unnecessary to be continuing in these certain areas.  Certain experiences are very heavily influenced by your belief systems.  This is not to say that your belief systems do not influence all of your experiences within physical focus, but the motivation for certain experiences are more heavily influenced by your belief systems and the mass belief systems.

As I have expressed to you previously, certain belief systems en masse hold so very much energy that they acquire a quality, so to speak, of ALMOST becoming an entity within themselves, separate and apart, so to speak, figuratively speaking, from yourselves within physical focus ... although they are not separated from you.

But in this, just as you may be creating through your own energy a projection from self in what you may term to be another entity, which creates the belief systems or the understandings that you hold of possession, you may also be projecting energy so very strongly into certain belief systems en masse that these lean in the direction of taking on, so to speak, qualities that ALMOST are creating of an entity merely by the projection of mass energy in these belief systems, and in this area, these particular belief systems are very affecting in your creations and very influencing in your creations for certain experiences and the perpetuation of certain experiences and the repetition of certain experiences, which is unnecessary.  You already hold certain experiences that you view to be negative, and although there are no negative or positive experiences, be remembering that within physical focus you DO create a reality that is expressive of positive and negative.

DAVID:  Can I ask one question?  Elias, I have one question.  For the last couple of months I’ve been experiencing a lot of undercurrented feelings of movement and changes, within myself, in location, in my work, with people around me.  It’s been like a domino effect.  I’m also having a lot of dream imagery of returning to England.  It’s in my dreams constantly, every day.  I’m kind of confused where this is leading me to.

ELIAS:  You are offering yourself imagery presently of tremendous movement that is occurring en masse, and also with yourself individually.  Imagery of movement in changing physical locations is suggestive of powerful movement in the area of subjectivity.  Each time individuals offer themselves the objective imagery of actual physical movement of location, they are also offering themselves the imagery of much movement that they are accomplishing subjectively, simultaneously.

The draw that you hold to your return, so to speak, to this country of England is a movement in the direction of an inner knowing, which you are connecting to, which is in conjunction to your parent.  This is not to say that it is necessary for you to be creating of an actual physical move to this location or that you need be engaging physical movement temporarily to this location, although you may be choosing to engage that action.  All of these elements shall be your choice, but what you are connecting to in this particular area is a probability that has been set in motion, and has not been chosen to be altered yet within this present now, of a tremendous affectingness in the area of your parent and your draw to be supportive to this individual.  Therefore, you image this in the draw to be moving to this physical location.

I may also express to you that within your movement yourself, you are allowing yourself much more openness within consciousness objectively and subjectively, and you are allowing yourself much more movement into the action of this pyramid and your connection with those other points involved.  This creates another element of movement which you shall be objectively imaging to yourself.  There are many directions of movement that are occurring presently with each of these points.  They are each, yourself also, creating of certain movements which are very significant in addressing to individual belief systems and also mass belief systems in conjunction with those individual belief systems, and in this movement, much energy is being lent within consciousness to the easement of addressing to these same belief systems en masse.  I have expressed many times that your movement shall be quite affecting in consciousness subjectively, and the energy projected through the pyramid in their addressing to issues and mass belief systems is funneling presently into a directedness of certain belief systems and offering almost pinpointed energy in the direction of mass belief systems, to be helpful in this area.

DAVID:  I find myself moving closer to Castaic.  I mean, I get a feeling that this next move is only temporary, and there’s going to be another move even closer still after that.  Is this correct?

ELIAS:  You are, as I have stated, offering yourself objective imagery as to your movement closer into the action of the mergence of the pyramid and identifying yourself more fully in your connection and interaction in this area and allowing yourself to move closer into the awareness of the affectingness of this pyramid.

Let me express to you that each of the points of this pyramid have offered themselves time frameworks of physical proximity within location which has served to be helpful to you all, to you each, in establishing more of an understanding and powerfulness within your actions and interaction with each other in conjunction to this pyramid.

DAVID:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

I shall be expressing to you a disengagement of this session for this day, for although Michael chooses not to be attentive to certain physical aspects of this energy exchange, I am not choosing to be intrusive in this energy exchange, and although he creates his choice to be engaging this action, I may also be choosing to disengage, as not being taxing upon this physical form.

Therefore, I shall be offering my acknowledgment to you each and also my affection to you all, this day and always, and my encouragement to you to be continuing within your movements and your projections of energy in conjunction to this agenda, which you are accomplishing quite well subjectively in addition to your objective expressions.  Therefore, to you this day I express much fondness, and au revoir!

Elias departs at 1:47 PM.


(1)  There was a small amount of additional information delivered here that has been withheld from this transcript for the time being, at Elias’ request.

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