Session 358

Weight, Shyness, and Mirror Actions


“Weight, Shyness, and Mirror Actions”

Monday, February 1, 1999  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Bobbi (Jale).
Elias arrives at 1:42 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds)

ELIAS:  Bon jour! (Smiling)

BOBBI:  Hello, Elias!  It’s nice to talk to you!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  We meet again!

BOBBI:  Well, I have some questions today that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while, and I’ve managed to confuse myself pretty well about them, (Elias grins) and so I was hoping for your input.

My first one would be in the direction of, I’ve had an issue with my weight for most of my life, and I’m really tired of thinking about it, and so instead of thinking about dieting and all that stuff again, I would just prefer to be accepting of self and accepting what I’ve created here, but that’s not been particularly easy either.  I know there’s imagery presented in the body type that I’ve created, but I would like to know what exactly the issue is in my case.  I’ve identified many of the beliefs I hold about it, but in accepting it and understanding it better, I’d like to understand what exactly it is I’m accepting!

ELIAS:  What you are offering yourself the opportunity to view is an expression in objective terms of the acceptance of self, and in this, you present yourself with an issue that you have held for much time framework.  The issue of physical form — and aligning with the mass belief systems as to aesthetic beauty concerning physical form — is that which is creating of the belief system, as you are aware.  But within this time framework, you are moving in the direction of the realization that in addressing to this issue, it is not necessarily the presentment to yourself to be altering your physical form, but rather to be accepting what you have created and moving yourself outside of the mass belief systems.

This is an element of what you may term to be the process of accepting aspects of belief systems, allowing yourself to move outside of the influence of these mass belief systems and the officially accepted reality, for in moving outside of this, you no longer allow the influence of energy for yourself in these areas, and this allows you to be liberating of yourself in allowing yourself to be accepting of your own creations regardless of your choice in how you are creating them.

Let me express to you that I have recently offered information to other individuals in very similar manner in this same subject matter.

In this, the base line of the acceptance is to be recognizing all of the aspects of the belief system which you are involving yourself with, and in this, as you recognize the aspects of the belief systems, not to be placing judgment on any of the expressions, but rather to be moving in the direction of acknowledging your own movement, your own alignment with certain aspects of the belief systems, and recognizing that you are much more affecting as you allow yourself to be accepting rather than forcing energy in what you term to be “against” certain aspects of the belief system.

Let me offer you an example that I have offered to other individuals also.  If you are holding an aspect of the belief that certain elements that may be consumed shall be creating of weightiness within your physical form, my suggestion to you is not to be moving yourself into a thought process of denial of that alignment with that aspect.

Such as:  If you view that sausage shall be creating weight within your physical form if you are consuming this element, addressing to this efficiently would not be to view this aspect and express to yourself, “This is merely an aspect of the belief system and it matters not,” for underlyingly, you are aligning with that aspect.

Therefore, as you fight with that aspect, you merely lend energy to its perpetuation.  Therefore, if you are consuming of this sausage, it shall be producing of weight, for this is your expectation, regardless of what you are expressing to yourself objectively within your thought process or within your language.

You may express to yourself and to other individuals, “I do not believe that this holds truth, and I shall view myself in the mirror, and I shall will myself to be holding a thin physical form,” and you shall continue to create the physical form that you hold presently, for your underlying expectation is not in alignment with your thought process.  In this, as you allow yourself an acceptance and not the judgment of your alignment with certain aspects of these belief systems, they become less and less affecting and less and less important, for you are lending less and less energy to them.

What I am expressing to you is that each time you are concentrating upon the issue of the weight — each time that you are moving in the direction of attempting to be altering this situation objectively without acceptance of self in this area — what you are accomplishing in actuality is perpetuating the creation that you have already chosen.  You are reinforcing the aspects of the belief systems and lending energy to them.  You are also reinforcing your own expectations.

But as you allow yourself to relax your focus and your hold upon your energy in this area, and therefore allow yourself to be accepting of your creation without judgment — for in actuality, it matters not — subsequently you may be altering of your physical form, or you may not be, but it shall in reality matter not to you, for you shall be accepting of your own choices and creations ... and you shall not be placing judgment upon yourself, and in that, also reinforcing your own duplicity.  Are you understanding?

BOBBI:  Yes.  So, I would guess or I would imagine then, as I am accepting of this and issues come up, then I would just deal with those one at a time, those beliefs, and move through it that way?

I was wondering if there was one particular belief that was ... I guess I’m looking for the key to the whole thing.  I don’t know that there is one particular issue that I have with this that’s sort of the basis of the whole thing.  I guess that’s what I was wondering.

ELIAS:  The key is what I have expressed to you.  The basis of the situation and the key to this creation is the expression of lack of acceptance of self, in whatever you are choosing to be creating.

You are placing judgments upon your creations, and this is creating conflict.  If you are accepting of your creation, then it shall matter not the physical appearance, for you shall be accepting of that also, in recognition that however you choose to be physically manifesting yourself is worthy, adequate, and glorious!

It matters not that it does not fit into the officially accepted reality and the confines or the narrow parameters of your societal beliefs.  These are merely the perceptions en masse that are lent a tremendous amount of energy, but I express to you that although perception may be projected en masse and this IS creating of mass realities, they are all influenced by individual perceptions.  Let me express to you that perception itself is highly individualized, and each of you is creating of your reality as through your perception.  In this, it is greatly influenced in how you view yourself and if you are accepting of yourself and if you are not accepting of yourself.

I have expressed this many times, and individuals — and yourself — continue to not quite understand that this is the base line to all of your creations and all of your conflicts in every area, involving every aspect of every belief system.  The key is to look to self and to allow yourself to begin the acceptance of self in every area of your expression.  In doing this, it shall matter not, and you shall eliminate your conflict.

BOBBI:  Well ... I do understand that.  It’s just difficult putting that to work sometimes.

ELIAS:  Quite!  This be your most difficult task, so to speak, is to be accepting of self.  Individuals are inquiring and questioning of me continuously to be offering them a method of what you term to be easy routes, so to speak, in accepting belief systems, but the key is to be accepting of self FIRST, and subsequently you shall allow yourself to also be accepting of belief systems.  But this is the area of the most conflict and the most difficulty, for this is quite unfamiliar to you all in acceptance of self.  Although you objectively offer yourselves information and express to yourselves and to each other that you are quite accepting of yourselves, in actuality, you are not!

BOBBI:  Yes. (Elias chuckles)  My second question will probably have about the same answer!  This is dealing with, again, a lifelong issue of my shyness or quietness or whatever it is.  This is something else that I’ve thought, “Well, this is just a matter of acceptance of self, and I want to address this and work through it.”  Of course, I’ve brought a lot of imagery to myself in that — people actually coming forward to me and telling me how I should be dealing with this problem.  I’m trying not to see it as a problem, but they’re telling me what my problem is and how I should fix it, and addressing to it as if there was something wrong.

So I understand I’m drawing this to myself, but again, I’m wondering, as I accept this ... I feel that I have sort of a natural ... I am not a talkative person.  Am I accepting that, or am I hiding out?  Is this just like another place where I’m not expressing, or using this to hide out because of lack of acceptance of self? (Elias is smiling)

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that there are some individuals within physical focus that express themselves in this manner, in the very action that you are speaking of.  They camouflage themselves in this expression of what you term to be shyness to be protecting themselves, so to speak, and to allow them the excuse to not be interactive with other individuals.

Within your situation and your creation of your focus, this is not the case.  You have chosen to be expressing yourself in this manner, but once again, you face yourself with the expression of mass belief systems and the officially accepted reality, which you have chosen to express outside of.  Therefore, there is an automatic and immediate judgment created en masse that your expression is unacceptable.

Each time any individual is expressing outside of the officially accepted reality — which narrows continuously, allowing for less and less acceptance of any expression which is viewed to be outside of the norm — but as any individual is expressing outside of these parameters, so to speak, it is automatically not accepted, and there is an expression projected that it needs be altered or fixed.

You view this expression continuously in individuals that create within their reality differences which are labeled as illness, physically or mentally.  There is a lack of acceptance en masse of these types of choices and these expressions, and they are viewed as bad.  This is a very strong expression of duplicity.  Certain behaviors are acceptable and good, and certain behaviors are not acceptable and bad, and if you are displaying behaviors that are bad, you need be altering of them, that you shall be in compliance with the mass and the officially accepted reality.

I express to you to be listening to self, and allowing yourself — within your own acceptance of self — the comfortableness of realization that your expression is what it is and needs not be altered.  It merely is your choice of how you shall be expressing yourself within this focus.

It is not an expression of hiding, so to speak, behind false shyness.  It is merely a choice of quietness, which offers you the ability to tune into your own listening abilities more efficiently.  This is not quite accepted and understood by many individuals within physical focus.  (Ain’t that the truth!)

Now; let me also express to you that as you become accepting of your own expressions, you also project that outwardly within consciousness, and other individuals begin to become more accepting of your choices also.  But as you are not necessarily accepting of your own choices, they shall reinforce this with you and shall not be accepting of these choices either, for you shall draw yourselves to individuals that shall reinforce your own beliefs and issues.  This provides you with the opportunity of the mirror action, and also the opportunity to be viewing these areas that you are creating conflict in and to be addressing to these areas and aspects of belief systems.

BOBBI:  Thank you.  That is very helpful.  I wanted to make sure I was not ... hiding.  I just don’t want to be hiding from something, or reacting out of fearfulness.  So, thank you.  That’s very helpful.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BOBBI:  I have a question about an experience I had a couple of weeks ago.  I was sort of waking up and still sort of in a sleep state, and noticed I was having this mergence with my mother.  Well, I have been looking at my relationship with her and wanting to understand more of my feelings in that relationship, so I was really glad that this was occurring, but it seems like as I drew close, I was like bounced off.  Instead of some kind of a mergence occurring, I was repelled, almost like a magnet, bouncing off like that.  And so I was very surprised because I was looking forward to this action, and tried it again in that same time frame, and the same thing occurred.

Now at the time, I thought that maybe she was blocking that action, but I’ve had some other dream imagery that tells me we’re probably engaging a mirroring action, and so that makes me think that maybe it was me that backed away in that imagery.

So anyway, I would like your input on that situation, and I was also ... I do think I have some kind of a mirroring action going on with my mother, but I’m having a hard time identifying what is being mirrored back to me that is making me so uncomfortable.

ELIAS:  This also moves in the same direction of the subject matter that we are addressing within this session.

In this, it is a cooperation and a joint action of repelling.  You are correct in both areas.  There is an aspect of yourself that pulls away in not entirely wishing to be viewing the mirroring that occurs between yourself and this individual, and also, there is a repelling from this individual in not entirely being responsive to accepting your energy, for in the acceptance of your energy, this creates the mirror action in reverse.

BOBBI:  Hmm.  That was my other question, if a mirror action works both ways.  It can be just one way, then?

ELIAS:  It may be noticed and an awareness may be held by one individual, and not necessarily by the other individual.  It is quite dependent upon what each individual is allowing themselves to be presenting themselves with.

In this situation, there is a recognition that in acceptance of this energy mergence, the mirror action would be manifesting itself to both individuals, and in this situation, there is a repelling action, for there is an unwillingness upon each individual’s part, so to speak, to be engaging the depth of that particular type of mirror action.

You are expressing specific action of mergence.  In this, the action of mirroring shall occur within awareness to both individuals.

Now; if you are not necessarily engaging mergence, this may be a different situation, and one individual may offer themselves information concerning mirror actions, and the other individual may not necessarily allow themselves an objective awareness of this same action.

But within a mergence, there is an agreement between both individuals to be interactive, and also to be complying with each other and to be creating of this viewing together.  Therefore, the action of moving away from this creation is expressed by both individuals.

In this, let me express to you that there are certain expressions that that individual may be offering that you hold responses to within you.

Now, be understanding: you may not necessarily objectively respond in words or your language to this individual as they may be expressing of certain directions that you are not within agreement of, but regardless of your outward expression, your response within you is that which offers you the information of the mirror action.  In those areas that you hold a difference of opinion that may stir irritated or agitated responses and feelings within you, those are your gauges that you are presenting yourself, within those moments, the very mirroring that you are seeking.

In this, if you are addressing to self and questioning how you are receiving this mirror, your own expression may be quite different, but the underlying base expression shall be the same.  It may be expressed outwardly quite differently and this may create the confusion, for you camouflage expressions in different disguises, but essentially, they are the same.  As I have stated, the gauge in this action is your own response as the other individual is expressing of themselves in certain directions.  Are you understanding?

BOBBI:  Yes.  I think I’ll have to investigate that a bit more before I can come up with what exactly the issue is that specifically is so irritating.  It seems like I’ve found this person to be irritating generally for quite a while, and I’m having trouble finding specifically what the issue is.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that you may be offering yourself an exercise presently, temporarily, in a very simple expression.  Each time that you are engaged with this individual, be noticing each time you twinge at any of her expressions.

Now; as you are noticing your response of your twinges at any of her expressions, note to yourself what is being expressed; not necessarily noticing or noting concentratedly the questioning to yourself of how or why you are responding, but be noticing of the expression itself that is being offered, and noting your twinging in response.  As you allow yourself to view these expressions, you begin your identification of this mirror action.

You have created a situation that you have generalized, so to speak.  “This individual is irritating to me in general, overall manners.”  This is quite vague, so to speak, and this offers you the opportunity and the excuse to not be addressing to self, for you may express to self, “I am aware that there is a mirror action occurring, but it is quite so broad that it is impossible for me to be identifying what this mirror action entails.”

Therefore, in this, if you are allowing yourself the expression of noticing your own response — and the subject matter or the tone or what you term to be the attitude of the other individual — you may create your own individual file, so to speak, within you of these expressions, and as you allow yourself to view each of these expressions, you also shall begin to specifically identify those areas which you are allowing to be affecting of you in this mirror action.

What you are in actuality expressing to yourself are the very areas that you are not accepting within yourself, for each time that you are not accepting of another individual’s expression, what you are expressing in actuality is a lack of acceptance and trust in self, which you are viewing in mirror action within another individual.

BOBBI:  I see.  When you engage in mirror action, is that usually with a counterpart, or is that something separate?

ELIAS:  You may be engaging mirror action with counterparts quite often, but it is not necessary.  You may engage mirror action with any individual, and with ALL individuals.  It is merely the choice that you present to yourself in the area of addressing to your own belief systems, and your own openness to be viewing the aspects of these belief systems.

As you allow yourself to become more and more open in this area and to widen your awareness, you shall also allow yourself to view this mirror action within many more individuals, for you allow yourself the feeling of safety within this expression as you become more accepting of self.  You do not automatically move so quickly into your own expressions of duplicity, and as you do not move so quickly into your own duplicity, you also present yourself with more mirror actions that shall allow you to objectively view the aspects of your belief systems that you choose to be addressing to.

BOBBI:  I understand.  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

BOBBI:  I have another question.  When I sit quietly and ask myself a question, I get answers that I write down, and usually it’s quite helpful.  I think when I’m doing that, I’m probably interacting with an aspect of my essence.  On a couple of occasions, there’s been a sentence or two that is like a different voice.  It doesn’t sound the same.  I was wondering about that.  Would that be a different aspect of Jale, or another essence?

And also, there are times — and certain questions — that I simply don’t get any answers.  What would that be about?

ELIAS:  The interaction is another aspect of you.  Be remembering that each focus holds countless aspects.  There are many you’s that comprise you within this one particular physical focus.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that the interaction that you are becoming aware of is not necessarily with another focus of essence or another aspect of essence that is not necessarily in conjunction with this particular focus, but that this is another aspect of you that is lending energy to you in certain qualities that you hold — that the expressed aspect of you holds — that are latent.

Therefore, another aspect of you, which is not the main expressed aspect, in a figurative manner of speaking, offers you expressions and lends energy to you, that you may accomplishing more efficiently.

As to the situation of not offering yourself answers, so to speak, this once again returns us to the key in the acceptance of self.  You are looking for what you term to be your shortcut: “I shall present myself with imagery and questioning and I shall anticipate an answer and this shall offer me the correct direction, and subsequently I shall move in that direction and I shall be creating quite efficiently.”

I express to you that initially, you shall be addressing to self and the acceptance of self, and as you practice in this area more and more, you shall remove the blocks which are veiling your own answers to yourself.  You are creating frustration in certain areas, that you may allow yourself to pay attention to yourself more. (Pause)

BOBBI:  Okay ... okay. (Pause)  I’ll have to think about that answer! (Elias chuckles)  So I guess actually it’s like ... well, it seems like a smarter part of me that’s answering.  I get those answers.


BOBBI:  Or a more relaxed part of me, or something.


BOBBI:  Anyway, it’s quite calming.

ELIAS:  Listen to your expression in this!  Whichever direction you choose to be expressing of this aspect, you are affording attributes to it in the judgment of MORE, and you are expressing of yourself — or that aspect of yourself that you hold your attention within objectively — as LESS.  Therefore, this be a very large element of your key, of WHAT you are expressing and HOW you are beginning to attain your attention, in not allowing yourself necessarily to access the information that you choose to be accessing.

THIS is your area of blockage, that you are continuing to be placing the judgment upon yourself that you are less than adequate in comparison to any other aspect of self ... and you are not!

BOBBI:  Well, you got me!  (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

BOBBI:  I have another question about some imagery I’ve been getting for quite a while, of three repeating numbers.  Usually they’re even numbers, like two, two, two, or four, four, four, or six, six, six, and they seem to happen a lot, all over the place.  Lately it’s been a lot of two, two, two.  Is there anything to that?

ELIAS:  These numberings that you are offering to yourself once again may be attributed to the particular situations that you present to yourself within given time frameworks.  Each individual within physical focus moves into directions of offering themselves triggers, so to speak, or gauges, or what you may term to be indicators.

Now; some individuals are not paying attention to their indicators.  Other individuals allow themselves to notice and shall become aware of these indicators.  In this, they may gain your attention — as with yourself — in appearing in what seems to be random fashion and for no apparent reasoning, but they are quite precise.

Now; as you offer the repeated number of 2, also look to the events and the issues that you are presenting yourself with within the present now.  Many of the situations and the issues and the aspects of belief systems that you offer to yourself for viewing presently also involve this mirror action with this individual of your mother.

In this, your indicator is your number 2, for it is expressing to you that indication that you are addressing two elements to yourself; the mirror action; two individuals, yourself and this other individual.

As you allow yourself the presentment of other repeated numbers, you may also look to your immediate events and your immediate attention and the actions that are occurring within your focus within that present, and you shall offer yourself the viewing that the same number of focused attentions are occurring as the number that is presenting itself to you in repetition.

What I am expressing by “focused attentions” is, the area that you place your attention to be addressing to different aspects of belief systems or different issues within that moment.

Are you understanding?

BOBBI:  Yes, I think so.  That’s why two is so predominant right now.

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Okay....

ELIAS:  Many times, although not entirely — therefore, do not be confused — but many times you offer this indicator to yourself in numerical form as you are choosing to be addressing to that number of individuals, which includes yourself.

Therefore, if you are presenting yourself with the number 4, you may look to your interaction and you may view that you are attending to issues or aspects of belief systems that involve yourself and three other individuals.

As I have stated, this is not entirely the situation, for at times you focus this number merely on the issues that you are presenting yourself with.  But generally speaking, you have created this numerical system with yourself to be your indicator as to your involvement with a number of other individuals.

Presently you involve yourself with two: yourself and your mother.  At other time frameworks, you involve yourself with four: yourself and your children and your partner.  At other time frameworks, you may be presenting yourself with dealings with six.  This may involve any combination of different individuals, and not necessarily those that you identify as family members, although generally speaking, you do move in this direction more often than not.

BOBBI:  Okay, I understand.  That’s really interesting!  I have kind of been exploring focuses and stuff, and I was wondering, is one of the current focuses of Jale a man in India who’s probably slightly older than I? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within this present time framework.

BOBBI:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Okay, and I also had an impression — within this present time framework — of a young, rather fragile-seeming Asian woman. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Tibetan.

BOBBI:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  Tibetan.  The woman occupies the physical location of Tibet.

BOBBI:  Oh, okay.  My question also about that is, as I objectively offer myself this information about the shift and acceptance of belief systems, is that helpful to them as well?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This also lends energy in consciousness, not merely to all other individuals, but to the other focuses of essence within this time framework, that they may also be expressing within consciousness a lending [of] energy to this shift in consciousness.

BOBBI:  That kind of sharing of information, does that occur easier in focuses that are occupying the same time frame?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily, for within the focuses that you share within the same time framework, there are differences of individual focus personality tone qualities.  I have expressed this also recently with another individual, which I shall offer to you presently.

As you allow yourself to be investigating of other focuses within other time frameworks, you shall notice that for the most part, each time framework that you allow yourself to be viewing or connecting with, you shall magnate to one particular manifestation, one particular focus.

This is not to say that there may not be many physical focuses within that same time framework, but generally, you shall magnate to one, and if you are allowing yourself to be repeating this action of connecting with that same time framework, you shall automatically magnate to that same focus, and not necessarily be connecting with a different focus within that particular time framework.

All of the focuses within that time framework, as with all of the focuses in this time framework in relation to you, are all focuses of your essence, but each time framework holds focuses that hold more similar tonal qualities to each other.

Example:  If you are hypothetically expressing that within this time framework, your essence holds four physical manifest focuses, and within the physical time framework pastly in another physical location, your essence holds another four physical manifestations or focuses, each of these four — in each focus, in each time framework — shall hold a similar tonal quality, so to speak, as one in the other time framework.

There is a type of paralleling between these different time framework focusings.  This be the reason that you shall automatically magnate to repeatedly viewing one particular focus of essence in each time framework, for that shall be the focus of essence that holds the most similar tone quality to you.

Therefore, you may magnate to one focus in another time framework, and your Tibetan focus within this particular time framework may automatically magnate to a different focus within that time framework.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that for the reason of the difference in tone quality of those focuses within one time framework, you may find that you hold more of an ease in accessing and lending energy to — that shall not necessarily be automatically reconstructed — other focuses of your essence within other time frameworks rather than those which are expressed within this same time framework, for those focuses within this time framework shall generally, although it is not a rule, but generally they shall automatically reconstruct the energy that you are offering to them within consciousness to be beneficial to their own intent and movement, which may not necessarily bear resemblance to your own.

Now; within the subject of this shift in consciousness, you, in your expressions of movement into this action, automatically lend energy to the other focuses in this time framework also, in helpfulness to their awareness.

This is a different action [than] that [which] occurs [with focuses] from different time frameworks, as they are not involved in this particular action of creating this shift in consciousness.  Are you understanding?

BOBBI:  Yes.  I have some other questions here.  Is my friend Diane’s essence name Anna or Ann? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Anita.

BOBBI:  Anita!  Okay, and is she Sumafi/Ilda ... aligned with Ilda?

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Okay, thank you.  Are colors part of essence tone?  I’ve been thinking about essence names, and I see the name Jale as kind of a pinkish, orangey, yellowy color.  Is that accurate?

ELIAS:  You may be associating color vibrational qualities with the tone of essence, for this is another aspect of consciousness and another truth within consciousness, and all truths are incorporated within essence.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you may be offering yourself objective terms of color vibrational qualities in association with your essence tone qualities, and this may offer you more of an expanse objectively in identification of your essence.

I shall be acknowledging, yes, that the vibrational qualities of your essence may be, in a manner of speaking, translated into those color vibrational qualities.  And you may also notice, if allowing yourself to be viewing your energy field or allowing another individual to be viewing your energy field, that these colors are expressed within your particular energy field dominantly.

BOBBI:  Hmm!  Okay.  Would that be part of, then, my attraction to the color yellow?  I love yellow!

ELIAS:  Partially.  As I have expressed, at times you may be quite magnating to a particular color, as you do resonate with that particular color.  In this situation, you are correct.  This is influencing of your objective identification with this color.

BOBBI:  What would be the rest of it, then?

ELIAS:  These are qualities that are held and expressed through [the] vibrational quality which is creating of that particular color.  In this, these other colors express what you may term to be qualities of gentleness and quietness, which also are facilitating in areas of healing.

Now; I am aware that this is not your intent within your focus, but these qualities are accessed many times with individuals that do bear that type of intent within physical focus.  You manipulate the expression of these qualities, not necessarily in a healing aspect, but to be maneuvering, so to speak, within your focus more efficiently, and this lends energy to you in creating less conflict.

BOBBI:  Oh!  Okay, thank you.  (Here, there is a 22-second pause in which there is some static, and Bobbi’s voice is inaudible)

ELIAS:  Ah!  And we are experiencing your technical difficulties once again!

BOBBI:  Okay, I think that was my fault.  Is this my daughter Melissa’s final focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

BOBBI:  It is.  This is not my final focus, is it?  I don’t feel that it is, but just checking!


BOBBI:  Okay.  I have a question also from Kristin — Stephonee — who is wondering about her extremely severe allergy to dairy products ... if you could give her some information on that?

ELIAS:  This also is an underlying aspect of belief system as to what shall be acceptable and what shall not be acceptable to be consuming.  This particular expressed element of a creature is viewed to be — within underlying aspects of belief systems with this individual — as unnatural, and therefore unacceptable.

As you within your species hold the ability to be providing and creating milk, so to speak, for your own species, there is an underlying aspect of belief system that she views [as] the wrongness of incorporating milk products of another creature to be offering to individuals of your species, as you hold the ability within yourselves to be creating of these products yourselves.

Therefore, it is a rebellion, which is expressed outwardly in creating a repulsion to these particular products, which manifests in what you term to be an allergy.

BOBBI:  Well, this seems to be something that she was born with, so would these be belief systems from another focus?

ELIAS:  They are influenced by another focus, carried into this focus, but they are also held within this focus.

Be remembering that as you are entering into physical focus, you are not what you express to be these shiny, clean plates!  These are your religious belief systems — that are expressed — in play.

You may be holding some elements of belief systems immediately as you are entering into physical focus.  You are not acquiring all of your belief systems as you move through your physical focus.

You do acquire some, but you are accepting of certain belief systems instantaneously as you choose to be manifest within this dimension, for these are elements of the base line of creation within the reality of this dimension.

This particular dimension is based in belief systems, and as I have expressed previously, if you are eliminating of your belief systems in conjunction with this particular dimension and reality, you also shall be eliminating of this particular reality.  Therefore, as you enter into manifestation within this dimension, you automatically assume belief systems.

Many of these belief systems are influenced by other focuses, for one focus only is designated as the beginning focus, so to speak, although these are quite linear terms.  But even within what you designate as the beginning focus, there are assumed automatic belief systems that are incorporated immediately upon choosing to be manifesting within this physical dimension.

BOBBI:  Okay.  Getting back to Kristin’s specific difficulty with her allergy, she also wonders, is there anything she can do about it in this focus?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Now; this may be addressed to by addressing to the belief system — the aspects of the belief system which I have expressed to you already — and also in conjunction with connecting to another physical focus which holds very strong energy in opposition to the incorporation of these particular creatures, what you term to be cattle.

In this, the individual holds another focus in which there is viewed interaction and treatment of these particular creatures which is viewed as unacceptable, for it is viewed by that individual as cruel.  Therefore, it is quite influencing of that individual’s belief systems, and that is lending energy to this focus and the responses in the creation of the allergy within this focus.

BOBBI:  Okay, I see.  I’ll relay that to her.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BOBBI:  I also have some game connections here, if that would be acceptable.

ELIAS:  You may proceed, and subsequently we shall be discontinuing.

BOBBI:  Okay.  For myself, I’d like to open a new category of numbers; the number 7 with Sumari.

ELIAS:  One point.

BOBBI:  Okay.  For Shynla, I have a category of prehistoric animals; T-rex with Sumari.

ELIAS:  One point.

BOBBI:  Okay.  For Lawrence, I have a new category of condiments, and under the physically focused connections would be the focus of Cathy with mustard.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I shall express, within this present now, acceptable ... although I shall also qualify that this is temporary!  (Still chuckling)

BOBBI:  (Laughing)  Temporary!  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BOBBI:  Okay!  Thank you very much, Elias.  It was great speaking to you again!

ELIAS:  And I am acknowledging of your movement, and I shall be encouraging of you and lending energy to your continuation in your investigations and your quest. (Chuckling)

BOBBI:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  To you this day, I offer great affection, and a very loving au revoir.

BOBBI:  Good-bye.

Elias departs at 3:05 PM.

© 1999  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1999 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.