Session 321

Time/Creation of Physical Mass


“Time/Creation of Physical Mass”
“Intent vs. Intention”

Sunday, September 20, 1998  © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).
Elias arrives at 11:22 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)  

ELIAS:  Good morning!

NORM:  Good morning, Elias!  How are you?

ELIAS:  As always.

NORM:  As always.  Okay.  Reta is here too, and we really appreciate the ability to talk to you this morning.  I would like to discuss with you a few things in regard to “the thing time” and consciousness and some experiments, and Reta would like to talk to you about some dreams that she’s had.  Would you like to go first, Reta?

RETA:  How about you tell us how you’re doing?

ELIAS:  As always! (Grinning)

RETA:  As always.  We haven’t visited with you in quite some time!

NORM:  It’s very enjoyable doing this, and we certainly appreciate the opportunity!   Your little discussion the other day in regard to the thing time was really educational to me, and of course I’ve attempted to explore that, and I would like to ask you some questions about that.  The ability of time to take thought patterns and put them into objective material things is really a beautiful thing.  In other words, from my understanding of what you said in that little paragraph — you were discussing things with Tom and Sena, this is where I got that information — the ability of time to do this is not only true in this particular dimension, but also the same thing, time, is universal in all of the parallel dimensions and other dimensions wherein thought patterns result in objective mass.  Is that true? (Pause)  So my question is, is that same thing, time, universal in all objective dimensions?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes, for the time element adds a thickness to the physical dimension, and in this it creates the ability to be manifesting physical mass in what you term to be matter.  This would be the process of introducing different elements in energy of consciousness into the thickness of the time framework, and as it is entering into the time framework, it acquires solidity and thickness in quality, and therefore is creating of physical mass.

NORM:  Okay.  I have a question in regard to myself as a focus.  Do all of my thoughts objectively realize in matter somewhere in some dimension?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Thought does not always materialize into what you view as matter or solid objects, although many times it may be creating of solid objects in matter within physical dimensions.

There ARE certain thought processes that DO materialize into physical matter within other parallel realities or probable realities that may not objectify themselves within this particular reality that you hold your attention within, but all thought is not necessarily projected into what you think of as physical mass, into an object in matter.  Although I shall also express to you that any thought process that is verbalized DOES acquire a physical type of reality, for there is a chemical alteration within physical dimensions that occurs in a very minute type of expression.

Therefore, there is what you may term within the scientific community as a chemical reaction that occurs as you verbalize thought, and this creates an actual solidity in your atmosphere, so to speak, in like manner to the element of your air, which holds somewhat of a solidity, for it does materialize into actual molecules which are physical.  Therefore also, your verbalized thought patterns change from what you may view as electrical energy patterns into physical formations chemically which are expressed within your physical dimension.

NORM:  For years, I have had dreams and mental development of my retirement yacht.  At one time it was a catamaran, and for the last three or four years it’s been a trimaran.  Most of my discussion of that was purely mental, although I have described it to others.  One of my curiosities is, is there an alternate dimension somewhere in which the yacht is a reality?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Now; within certain thought processes of choices that follow your desire, you do in actuality create these probabilities in alternate realities or probable realities.  Therefore, they are expressed and they are manifest.  This is not to say that you may not be also creating of this same physical element within your own physical reality, for you may be creating of different aspects of the same thought process within several different alternate or parallel realities.

In this, I am expressing to you that as you may be creating of some element physically within another dimension or an alternate reality, this is not to say that this shall be the only area within consciousness that it may be expressed and created.  You may be creating of a very similar reality within this particular dimension.

But as to your inquiry of the actualization of this physical form within another reality, yes, you have created a projection through your thought processes of the actual materialization of this creation already, and you may be moving into the direction of creating this also within this physical dimension.

As I have expressed previously, as you express these thought processes verbally, you also lend energy to their physical creation within this dimension.  This is not to say that you may not be creating of any element physically within this dimension without verbalizing your intention and desire in this area, but you acquire much more energy as you do verbalize these thought processes, for you begin the probabilities into an actual physical manifestation, for the very language that you express within creates a physical response, and physical elements are being created.

NORM:  The actual verbalization of ideas has an interaction, then, with the thing time that is different than the thought process?  In other words, the verbalization, is that because of the fact that I am living molecules now?  That as I speak, the thing time can encompass the thought, and the thought is like the mold, in conjunction with time, is the thing that will actually objectify the thought energy?

ELIAS:  Let me offer you an example.  First of all, I shall express to you, yes, as you verbally express, there is a different interaction within the interaction of time than the expression of a thought process.  Now, let me offer you an example in visual terms that you may be understanding.

Within consciousness, visualize your thoughts as merely waves within your air.  They are within the time framework within your physical focus.  Therefore, time is affecting of them and they are affecting of time to an extent, but they are as air waves that may be to your viewing invisible and floating within your air, as your air may be the expression of the time element itself.

Now; introducing into this air, you may view the expression of verbalization as a chemical reaction within your air.  In this, you may look to the reaction within the air as a sort of condensation, in a manner of speaking, to which certain molecules may be collecting together, as you are instructing the links of consciousness to be coming together to form an actual solid object, in a very similar manner to molecules forming together to form water droplets that may become rain or mist.  There becomes a thickness of these molecules that you may actually physically view.  Apart from each other, you may not necessarily view the actual physical form of water.  Within your air, as the molecules are more farther spread from each other, you may feel the effect of what you term to be humidity, but you do not see within your air the actual droplets of water.

In like manner, thought processes are in existence within your physical consciousness within physical dimensions, but they are not necessarily acquiring physical form and thickness within your dimension, for they have not been directed in this manner.  The links of consciousness are not being directed to be moving together to form an actual solid object or form.

In the expression verbally within your language, you lend more energy to the creation of solidity within your time element.  You create a physical interaction with your time framework and the energy expressed of your desire and your thought process.  Therefore, your impulses of your thoughts move into a physical interaction with your time framework, and this is creating of a new direction with the links of consciousness, moving those links of consciousness, which are the thought processes, into more of a thickness.

In this, it is quite similar to the action of the humidity within your air, that you feel but you do not see, moving into a collectiveness of the molecules coming together and bonding themselves into actual water droplets, becoming an actual physical form that you may in actuality view physically and you may touch, and this interacts with all of your physical senses, for it now holds an element of solidity.

This is the action of your time element upon the creation of instruction of links of consciousness to be moving together to form physical mass.  Are you understanding?

NORM:  Yes.  I would like to ask a question then, because of the fact that recently I had read something in regard to an act by a swami or a yogi that had the ability to physically form objects.  It appears to me, in your previous discussion here, that the intention that I give to the mental thought and the intention that I give to the spoken thought would make a difference in regard to the links of consciousness following that intention, as well as the form of the thought or the mold of the thought, so to speak.

Previously, maybe about a year ago, I asked you a question in regard to man-made quartz and the ability for it to have certain psychic capabilities.  Your answer at that time was that the intention of the production of the man-made quartz was not along those lines, and of course the intention of those man-made quartz crystals was for the element of production of time generation and computers and so on.

So, it appears that the intention of my thought processes will make a difference in regard to the links of consciousness, how they will form, and perhaps they could be so instructed by my intention that they would actually produce a physical object.  Am I interpreting the entire set of ideas correctly there?

ELIAS:  You are correct in this statement, for your intention and your intent are very affecting of what you are creating within physical mass.  It is also very affecting in what you are creating in other expressions, but within the creation of physical matter, this is quite influential.  For there are situations that you may be expressing a want to be creating of a certain physical element within matter, and you may hold a thought process in this direction and you may also express verbally in this direction that you are wishing to be creating a certain physical element, but if this element is not in agreement and harmony with your intent within your physical focus, you may not be actualizing into this particular physical area of consciousness the actual materialization of this physical matter.  You shall be materializing this element within an alternate or parallel dimension, for you have created the line of probabilities and therefore have actualized the probabilities, and in this you may be creating of actual physical mass within an alternate reality, but this is not to say that you may always be physically creating of every element that you want to be creating within this particular physical focus if it is not in alignment with your intent.

Now; I may also express to you that you may be experimenting with many different creations within physical focus that may not entirely be in alignment with your intent within this physical focus, and you may be successful in creating physical matter, but the quality of that physical object shall be different from the quality of the object that you may WANT to be creating, for it is not following within alignment to your intent.

Therefore, in this, your intent and also your intention — for these are different words expressing different definitions — but in these two words within your language, if your intent and your intention within creating of any physical object is in alignment and harmony, then you shall be creating of your physical desire, which is also different from a want, and this shall be expressed physically within your dimension.

NORM:  The key ideas here are the parallelism of the intention and the intent.  The intent, to me, is a deep-seated psychological area of my focus, whereas the intention is the current thought processes that I’m going through.  Would that be a correct interpretation of your usage of the words intent and intention?

ELIAS:  This would be a close interpretation to your manner of thinking, so to speak, for your intent is your overall direction, so to speak, within the lines of probabilities that you create within any given physical focus, or within ANY focus of essence, physical or non-physical.  The intent is the direction of probabilities in the potential of its creation.  It is the direction of your desire within any particular focus of essence.

Your intention is more immediate.  Your intention moves more in the direction of your physically focused wants.  Therefore, your intention is the momentary movement in any given situation and your ideas and your feelings in regard to any of these given areas, which are affecting of your creation of your probabilities, but they are different from your intent.  Your intent is the overall direction of your desire within a given focus.

NORM:  The intent that Stephen and I had at the beginning of my particular focus, was that interactive with the mass consciousness as to what is happening in this era of time?

ELIAS:  Yes, for within your particular intent within this particular focus, you move in the direction within your desire to be lending energy to this shift in consciousness, and in this, lending energy in a manner of paving, so to speak, a direction in areas of your scientific movements, in combining the thought processes of the concentration of physical exploration, incorporating into this the exploration of consciousness.  For as I have expressed previously, futurely, as this shift in consciousness moves more fully into its expression and its completion, so to speak, there shall be movements in the area of your sciences that move more fully into the direction of what you view to be your science fictions presently, and in this there needs be an incorporation of consciousness into your sciences, for your sciences are limited in their direction of accomplishment if they are not incorporating the element of consciousness.  They may only move so far, so to speak, in a physical direction without incorporating the element of consciousness.

In this, you have moved through your physical focus in the direction of lending energy to this incorporation of the physical and the non-physical aspects of consciousness and merging these together, and as you continue within your particular experimentation, you may not necessarily be the singular individual that is penetrating the veil between these two aspects of consciousness, but you are being quite instrumental in your movement and your lending of energy to this breakthrough, so to speak, within the areas of your sciences.

I have expressed many times that your sciences have moved into the position of becoming your new, more powerful religion, in a manner of speaking, for individuals look to your sciences as their new god and for their directions within physical focus.  Therefore, these sciences hold great power and great abilities in manipulating much of your objective reality, but they have not yet moved into the area of incorporating all of reality and all that is available to them, for they are not incorporating the massive element of consciousness and all of the windows that may be opened for the expansion of their creativity in their incorporation of consciousness and investigation of links of consciousness and different elements of your physical reality.

There is much of your physical reality that continues to elude you, for you continue to look merely in physical terms and not incorporate all that is available to you as to the aspects of consciousness that are also a very intricate element of all of your physical reality, but you lend energy in this direction within your experimentations and within your desire.  Therefore, you are moving efficiently in the area of your intent.

This be the reason that I have been encouraging of you previously within all of your movements in your experimentations, for they are quite in alignment with your intent and your intention, and may be in actuality physically expressed within this particular physical dimension, for you are offering yourself the ability to manipulate consciousness and express direction to these links of consciousness to be lending energy to your experimentation, and directing this through your physical time element to materialize that of your desire within your intention within your physical focus.  Are you understanding?

NORM:  Yes, and I certainly appreciate that discussion.  It was most enlightening, and I may say that I understand that there are many scientists that are, quote, “closed-minded,” but I and perhaps several other mavericks (Elias grins) are quite interested in the area of consciousness.  Others are probably more devoted to it than I am because this is more or less a part-time or spare time activity with me.  However, I am starting to position myself so that I can spend more and more time doing it.

The ability for me to think, as I have been (inaudible).  Let me repeat this, or say it a different way.  In my understanding of physics, I like to have a mental activity simulating reality as best that I can do it, and of course I have been attempting to have a mental thought process, such as a link of consciousness has, so that I can repeat mentally what a link of consciousness would do in any particular environment.

The links of consciousness appear to have, from the collections of ideas that you have presented, the ability to interact with other links of consciousness and form a gestalt of links, such as your over one million links forming an electron.  They also can interpret, as you just said, my intention, and if it is in alignment with my intent.  Therefore, they have abilities to look at my total, quote, “psychological” viewpoint, and then actualize and objectify a different result.

The links of consciousness evidently have the ability to combine in infinite ways.  This is one of the most beautiful of creations.  It is the pervasive element throughout all of creation.  Am I interpreting what you have said previously correctly there?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are offering an adequate interpretation of what I have expressed, for these links of consciousness DO hold the ability to be interpreting your intent and your intention, and they also are moving together in what you term within your language to be a certain type of gestalt.  Therefore, I express to you that your interpretation of this information is quite adequate.

I shall be offering to you a slight correction, in that the links of consciousness do not hold thought processes as you hold thought processes.  An actual thought process is a combination of links of consciousness.  Therefore, they do not hold a thought process, but form a thought.

In this, as you are attempting to be interactive or connecting with a link of consciousness within your psyche, so to speak, or within an event of your own creation, be it within a meditation or an altered state, so to speak, or a dream state, you may be in actuality offering yourself information of these links of consciousness, but I express to you that the connecting with these links of consciousness to be understanding of them within your objective understanding would be requiring that you allow yourself to be letting go of all that you know and understand within your objective awareness, for they do not fit within your objective understanding.  Therefore, they are entirely unfamiliar to you.

I have expressed to you that these links of consciousness do dream, but even within the expression of the word dream, the action that they are accomplishing in this dream state is quite different from your understanding of a dream state, for the translation is very different.  You translate dream imagery and activity into objective terms.  In this, links of consciousness do not necessarily translate at all.  They are translating of directions as they are connecting with you, with your intent and your intentions, but they are not connecting with you with your thoughts.  They are connecting with your energy impulses and they are communicating with each other through impulses, which I have expressed to you previously, impulses are not thoughts and are also not emotions or feelings.  They are different.  In this, this would be the mode of communication that is expressed between links of consciousness.  They are interpreting the impulses of energy that you project, and in this they form together to be creating of your thought process, of your actual thoughts.

This be the reason that I and other teachers have expressed to you that thoughts are reality.  They are not merely elusive elements that you may not attach any significance to.  They are actual forms.  They are reality, for they are an accumulation of links of consciousness that form together in responsiveness to the impulses that you are projecting to be directing of them, in like manner to the molecules forming together to be creating of a water droplet.

This be quite a creative process, and quite intricate, that you have developed within this particular physical dimension.  Other physical dimensions create some similar interactions, but this is not to say that all physical dimensions are creating of this same process, so to speak.  I have expressed to you that this particular dimension holds tremendous....  (Here, Elias stops talking)

NORM:  Hello?  Hello?

ELIAS:  Excuse.  I have experienced a slight interruption in energy, but we shall be continuing presently.

NORM:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Other dimensions do not necessarily express the intricacies of this particular dimension, and in this you have created an availability within this dimension for tremendous usage of consciousness to be introduced into your physical dimension and introduced into actual physical matter.  You may be manipulating of energy quite efficiently within this particular dimension, with very many aspects of creativity at your disposal, in a manner of speaking.  This be the reason for your shift in consciousness, to be opening a new door to your own aspects of creativity within physical focus.

NORM:  Very, very interesting.  I would like to sort of shift the ideas to the interaction in this dimension that time plays.  Time, from your discussions recently, appears to have a very, very important role to play in the development of this particular dimension and the characteristics of this particular dimension.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:  Therefore, the characteristics of time in this particular dimension, or the thing time displays in this particular dimension, can be different than other dimensions.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:  The thing time, does it have thought processes?  I guess that’s gotta be answered.  Apparently it has been created to respond in different ways, in very creative ways, but not necessarily that it has its own thought processes.

ELIAS:  Correct.  It does not hold its own thought process.

NORM:  And it has the ability to interact in Regional Area 2 for the objective Regional Area 1 to be materialized?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:  And perhaps in relationship to Regional Area 3, it has a much more minor affectingness?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Only in certain areas of Regional Area 3 may it be affecting.

NORM:  Right.  Evidently, there can be bleed-throughs between Regional Area 3 and Regional Area 1, from various ghost stories that you hear about.  Would that be the region for those appearances?

ELIAS:  There is an element of your time which is interactive within the Regional Area 3 which is connected to the action of transition.  There is also other areas of Regional Area 3 that may be interactive with time, but only those areas of this regional area of consciousness that are interactive or influencing of physical focuses.  Other elements of Regional Area 3 which are not involved or directly interactive with physical focus are not affected by this time element.

NORM:  From what I am seeing now, time as a thing has receptivity in regard to individual intentions and intents.  Would that be a correct statement? (Pause) It can interpret individual intentions and intent?

ELIAS:  No.  Time does not interact within the interpretation.  It is the links of consciousness that are interactive in the area of interpretation, but they are interactive with the element of time to be creating of certain physical elements.

NORM:  Another question in regard to time. It appears, even in one dimension, that time would have an infinite set of facets, more or less a facet with respect to every focus that is within this Regional Area 1 dimension.

ELIAS:  You are correct, for it is interactive with perception, and your perception is influenced by your belief systems.  Therefore, each individual holds different perceptions, and their interaction with the element of time is also slightly different.  Although you generally, in a manner of speaking, may be experiencing what you think of as the same experience of time in linear fashion, in actuality, each of you experiences a slightly different aspect or expression of the element of time, for it is quite interactive with your perceptions.

In this, you may be following the same linear calendar and you may be setting your clocks and creating of certain rotations and orbiting to be creating of days and months and seasons, but your moment-to-moment linear perception of time varies slightly with each individual, and your interpretation of time may be quite different from one individual to another individual.

In this, you also hold the ability to be manipulating the element of time and to be experimenting with the element of time, dependent upon your awareness and your allowance with yourself to be open to the exploration of this particular element.

NORM:  Parallel dimensions are closely related in the element of time and its characteristics of blinking.  Am I stating that correctly?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:  It’s my interpretation that the objective material that is presently in this moment of time, so to speak — of course, there’s been hundreds of millions of blinks that occurred within the last sentence — that the material in this dimension actually will move and change and form to material that is in the parallel dimension, and therefore the experience of all of the links of consciousness that is materialized here is greater, is maximized by having a switching from, an experiencing from one alternate dimension to another to another to another, and then back to this dimension.  This is a viewpoint that I have been looking at recently.  Does that appear to be close to the truth?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that all of these realities are occurring simultaneously.  Your attention may blink from one to another, but as it blinks, the one that you have blinked out of does not discontinue or disappear or move to another.  The links of consciousness are infinite.  Therefore, there are different links of consciousness that are creating of different realities.  They are not necessarily moving from one reality to another.

Now; do not misunderstand.  This is not to say that links of consciousness do not hold the ability to move from one dimension to another, for they do, just as physical elements within your physical dimension hold the ability to move from one dimension into another and return to their original dimension, so to speak, as within the situation of your experiment.  But in the situation of blinking in and out, you are simultaneously occupying different areas of consciousness, different dimensions, and interactive within all of these dimensions.  It is merely a question of the direction of your attention, but you are not necessarily entirely moving from one dimension to another, leaving one dimension, so to speak, and entering another.

This has recently been addressed in other sessions in the experiences of certain individuals within the action of transition in physical focus, for they have allowed themselves an awareness of experiencing two different realities, or experiencing these experiences simultaneously and holding objective awareness of both in what you may term to be equal proportion, (intently) at the same intervals.

In this, it is an offering of the experience of the simultaneousness of time, and in objective expressions, the awareness that these experiences are occurring in conjunction with each other and within different areas but simultaneously, not that you move from one to another and discontinue the one that you have moved from, but that you continue within both.  Your attention within your objective awareness merely is not allowing you to hold the awareness of the interaction of both experiences simultaneously, for you focus your attention singularly.  You are now moving into areas of your experiences to be allowing you to be viewing more than one experience simultaneously and hold the objective awareness of these experiences.

NORM:  This is very enlightening, very enlightening!  I have many problems with my ideas as to ... for example, parallel universes that are very close to this particular universe, and the ones that, for example, I have probable selves in.  Let me kind of reorganize my thoughts and ask a question here.

You had indicated earlier that I have a vase artist self that stayed here in California some 52 years ago, and that he was the probable self that stayed here.  I’m reinterpreting the points and the awareness that I have.  That vase artist self is really me and I am really him, in that I am aware of my life and he is aware of his life, but at some level of consciousness, we are really one?  Am I interpreting that correctly?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NORM:  Ah!  Isn’t that beautiful!  That is magnificent!  That is magnificent! (Elias chuckles)  All of my probable selves then are really a gestalt that is really one, and then there is another gestalt of focuses of essence — for example, one of them you have indicated to be presently in the area of Indonesia — and all of those in this particular dimension, we all are aware subconsciously of each other, or at some level of consciousness we are aware of experiences.  Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.  You are all one.

NORM:  Oh, isn’t that fabulous! (Elias chuckles)  That makes me so much more than I thought I was!

ELIAS:  Absolutely, and I have expressed this many times previously, and you now move yourself more into an area of allowing yourself to assimilate this information and offer yourself an understanding of this information.  You ARE much greater and vaster than you allow yourself to perceive, for you view yourselves within a very singular manner, but you are extremely greater and immensely vaster than you perceive yourselves to be!

NORM:  The activities in the shift are going to be incredible in relationship to this era of experience.  I can see that!  One of my desires in the last three or four years, because of the awareness of this information, is that I have intended — at least my intentions, and I don’t know if that’s in line with my intent — but my intention is that I am becoming physically capable now of living, I believe, until the year 2075 if I so desire, and this is magnificent!  I believe that I’m going to very greatly enjoy the experience of this dimensional shift, and it is up to me, I believe, to carry out that intention if I so desire.  Am I stating that with agreement from you?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct in your statement that this would be your choice and would be your creation of your desire, and you do hold the ability.  It is merely a question of your belief systems and their limitations upon you within your creations and your expression of this type of action.

Now; let me express to you that I shall be allowing for you to be expressing of two more questionings, for I shall be disengaging as to not be wishing to be taxing upon Michael, as he is choosing to be engaging of this energy exchange quite frequently recently.  Are you understanding?

NORM:  I understand.  I have recently been attempting to make a decision as to whether or not I would choose to experience the shift as a new focus, and I believe I have made the decision that I will continue the current existence as the focus that I’m in.  In the last two or three weeks, I have gone through quite a few questionings as to what would be more experiencing and perhaps more fun, to do it as a new focus or as the focus that I currently am, because I feel that with the information that I have, I could go quite rapidly through Regional Area 3 and reemerge in Regional Area 1.  I also feel that this is contingent upon my ability to be accepting of my belief systems, and I believe that I am accomplishing that intention of acceptance and awareness of belief systems.  I am attempting to get behind those belief systems that you need to get behind so that you can see those belief systems that are behind and are hidden, and it is of great interest for me to do that.  Would you have any comments or suggestions in regard to the statements that I have just made?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that within this present now, you have created two lines of probabilities; one line that you shall continue within this physical focus for a time framework to be lending energy in the action of this shift in your scientific areas in the extension of your physical occupation of this physical focus, for this shall lend energy to the movement of this shift in consciousness in offering other individuals validation that you may be accomplishing of many elements within physical focus that their belief systems restrict them in the area of their creations with.

Therefore, I express to you that you may not necessarily be creating of extending your present physical focus to the actual year of 2075, but you shall be extending your physical focus for what individuals now term to be an unusual length of your time framework, and this shall be expressive of your abilities to be creating within physical focus.

The second line of probabilities that you engage presently ... which I express to you are probabilities.  Therefore, they may always be altered, in either line of these probabilities.  But the second line of probabilities that you engage in creating presently is to be remanifesting, in a manner of speaking, that you may be experiencing the accomplishment and the completion of this shift in consciousness, and that you may experience physical focus once this shift in consciousness has been completed.

NORM:  Well, thank you for the information.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

NORM:  I am sure that I have a probable self that is in the process of traveling this earth in this creation of a trimaran that I have dreamed of for so many years, and I wanted to experience the total gloriousness of the beauty of this particular dimension, this earth.  There must be a probable self that is in the process of doing that.  Am I stating that correctly?

ELIAS:  You are correct, and I may express to you also that you hold the ability to be connecting with this probable self and engaging interaction with this probable self, therefore offering yourself an objective experience in alignment with this probable self.

NORM:  This is magnificent!  This is really beautiful!

ELIAS:  I am encouraging of you both, Stephen and Dehl, to be experimenting with your out-of-body experiences, for this shall offer you the opportunity to validate yourselves and this shall be your practice to offer you more mobility within consciousness, and as you continue in this area, you offer yourself more of an ease in movement into the investigation of other areas of consciousness in the direction of investigation and interaction and experience with probable dimensions and probable selves, which shall also lend energy to your creations within this particular objective awareness within your dimension.  Therefore....

NORM:  I want to thank you very, very much, Elias.  I only have one last little question.

RETA:  And then I have a dream I want to ask about.

NORM:  The question is, the ability to see blue and purple.  As I was reading one of your transcripts the other day, certain words became blue, and I was so astounded that I almost lost my train of thought, and afterwards I wanted to connect those blue words together to see if they had a special meaning.  Was that any interaction with you?

ELIAS:  Yes....

NORM:  Well, thank you very much.  I will experience it differently.  It was so much of a shock that I became emotional about it rather than, as I should have, look at it in a more rational way, I suppose.

ELIAS:  Ah, do not be discounting of yourself!

NORM:  Well, thank you very much.  Will you allow Dehl to have a couple of questions?

ELIAS:  You may inquire of your dream interaction and imagery, Dehl, and subsequent to this, I shall be disengaging, as I have expressed.

RETA:  Okay.  Well, in the last two months, Norm has been partially retired, and in this, his desire to go all these different ways is very predominant, and in this, it weighs heavily on me.  I think that I had this particular dream many, many times in several weeks, and I don’t know what it means, really.  Most of the dreams were beautiful to start with, but they had elements of warnings and messages from my inner feelings about what we were doing.

I put myself in a small town, and it looked like I was on top of a mountain looking down at a winding road, way down a mountain trail, and the people that we seemed to be interacting with were Asian or Malaysian or Persian, and we were in this great big beautiful house on top of a hill.  In some ways, I think of it as that big beautiful building we saw on top of Big Sur.  We always wanted to be there with this group of people, but it seemed like it was a precarious trip to get there, and it was very difficult to get up to that last ridge.  I could see vegetation and beauty below, but on top it was more like rock.  We were staying at times with them in this particular room that they always put us in, and this room was beautiful, the interior, and of course it had blue because I love blue, and we always heard things in the walls, and I heard things in the floors.  And finally, over a period of time, we moved the furniture out, and I just sat there and watched because I was the only one that seemed to be sure there was something happening, and I could see the carpet bubbling underneath and moving, and finally I could see the shape under the carpet, of heads coming up through a tunnel or through the carpet.  I pulled back the carpet, and all I could see was a very skinny, tiny little tunnel with cables coming up through it.  Can you give me an idea?
ELIAS:  This imagery that you have presented yourself presently is an offering to yourself of the movement that you anticipate engaging presently and futurely, but more in the area of future movement.  It is expressive of your desire to be moving in the area of what you THINK of, or your translation of, spirituality.  Therefore, you image this to yourself as being placed upon this hill within this mansion, and occupied by hospitable but unfamiliar individuals.  This would be your imagery to yourself of essences that are welcoming, but unfamiliar.

In this, you hold a desire to be entering into interaction with these individuals, although you view this to be a difficult trip, which is significant within your imagery of the difficulties that you hold in addressing to your own belief systems in conjunction with the movement that you and Stephen desire to be entering into.  Therefore, you also create imagery of difficulty, and you express that you are confined to one room of this particular location.

This be the reason that you have offered imagery to yourself of your own limitations in this area.  It is not that all of the location is not available to you, but that you are being confined in one area of this structure.  This is your imagery to yourself of the influence of the belief systems.

Within this location that you are confined to, you also image that you are hearing sounds and that you view movement beneath your floor, so to speak, or within your walls.  You are also aware of movement within sound.  This imagery is the presentment to you that although you may view yourself to be confined within limitations of your belief systems, you continue to hold the ability to access outside information, in YOUR manner of thinking, for in actuality, it is not outside information.  It is held within you.  But within your imagery in alignment with your belief systems, you image this to be outside of yourself; the presentment of movement and elements that are attaining your attention outside of yourself.

In this, this particular dream image creates an element in one direction of curiosity, but in another direction it is creating of the feeling of anxiety in certain time periods.  The reason that you view this to be a feeling of anxiousness or anxiety is that you hold an awareness of movement that Stephen is creating, and within your own discounting of self and lack of acceptance of your own movement and of yourself, and continuing in your own direction of judgment upon yourself, you do not view that you may be moving in the same direction or at the same rate, so to speak, as is Stephen.

Therefore, there is an element of fearfulness that is created, that you may be limiting of yourself, and this shall be creating of a rift, in a manner of speaking.

Let me express to you that you hold the ability to be creating within harmony of each other.  You merely need be addressing to your own acceptance of self and allow yourself your own trustfulness in self, and that shall be quite influencing of you and helpful to you in not discounting of your own movement, and it shall also move you more easily into the area of addressing to your own bird cages and all of the birds that are held within them.

I am expressing acknowledgment to you, Dehl, and much encouragement, and shall be lending energy to you in this encouragement of your movement and in the area of helpfulness to be accepting of self, and this shall be singularly the most affecting and influencing in your own movement in the area of addressing to your own belief systems.

RETA:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I express great affection to you both this day....

RETA:  We’ll visit you again shortly.

ELIAS:  I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and we may continue within these discussions, for they may show themselves to be quite interesting and helpful, not only to yourselves but to many other individuals also, in providing an access to certain areas of information that many other individuals hold inquiries of, but have not allowed themselves to move into the direction of posing these inquiries with myself as of yet.  Therefore, I am acknowledging of your direction this day, and am encouraging of your continuation in this area.  You hold my acknowledgment, Stephen, and my encouragement to you.  I shall offer objective connections to you within different time periods to be acknowledging of you, and you shall be connecting with this color of blue that you shall recognize as a validation to you that I am acknowledging and lending energy to your movement.

NORM:  I want to thank you very much.  It’s beautiful, and I love it!

RETA:  Very encouraging!

NORM:  And it’s very encouraging, and I want to thank you very much.  It’s been a most interesting session this morning, and I love it!  Again, thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I express much affection to you both, and I shall be bidding you this day a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 12:58 PM.

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